Cancer weekly horoscopes

Cancer: 4/4 – 4/11/2016

Monday through Wednesday you may desire to be on the go! You may desire to connect with people who live far away from where you are. You may desire to travel, or watch movies of romantic far off places. You have a dreamy romantic desire to be somewhere other than where you actually are. Your focus will shift, starting on Wednesday, towards taking care of your home and any work duties that have been piling up around you. Wednesday may be your most challenging day. The more you accomplish the happier you will be! The New Moon energy on Thursday morning will bring new and much better opportunities to you in regards to your career. A new infusion of ideas will attract the opportunities that you desire! No matter how frustrated you’ve been, in regards to your home life and/or career (or both) this new energy will give you the boost of energy that you desire to attract much better circumstances and opportunities into your life! Starting on Friday your social life will pick up some steam. A desire to spend quality time with those who make you feel happy will come into view! Say YES to any social events that are taking place this weekend. You deserve to let your hair down and enjoy yourself! Sunday morning may have you feeling a bit sleepy and dreamy. That’s perfectly okay. Go ahead and sleep in! Keep your schedule light for this day. If possible keep your schedule as light as possible for next Monday too!

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Cancer: 3/21 – 3/28/2016

If you could change just one thing about your life what would that be? Try not to allow your mind to wander back into the past to try to change something there. The change needs to be in the Here and Now of your life. What about your life ‘right now’ do you desire to change for the better? Once you know the answer to this question then keep your mind focused upon the positive results that you desire most! Make an effort each day, even in the smallest of ways, to begin to take baby steps in the right direction towards creating this important change! The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse has taken place within an area of your life that has to do with your home and family situations. What positive change do you desire to see happen in this area of your life? You know, without a doubt, that LOVE is the healing energy that can make the improvements, especially when it comes to home repairs and having better family relationships. Focus your attention on who and what you already love and then extend your feelings and thoughts towards, “I would Love to do this or that, or have this or that, happen within my home!” Once you know what ‘this or that’ actually is then you’re on the right path indeed! Some Cancer’s may actually be moving into a new home in the near future, while other Cancer’s will be working on some home repairs and redecorating projects with the help of their loved ones by their side. Keep focusing on what you desire the most and then begin to make plans to bring your desires into your reality! Those that assist you will be very blessed! Those that resist your positive changes are being selfish (a red flag sign for you to walk away from their negativity). What you resist will continue to persist. What you bravely face you will erase and create more space for more positive experiences. With the Sun and Mercury now in the sign of Aries…you are braver now than you have been before! Much success can come your way in the area of your career; especially if your career is a stay-at-home Mom or Dad raising your children and/or grandchildren, or if you have a home-based business which you pour your heart into. Much success is coming your way! This weekend is excellent for taking the time to tap into your creative energies to create some important changes! Go for it Cancer! Do what you feel enhances your life towards more peaceful success that makes you feel more in charge of the type of life that you desire to live!

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Cancer: 3/14 – 3/21/2016

No one can tell you what to do. You need to be able to FEEL your way towards what’s right for you! Your intuition is keen right now. Your dreams are strong and vivid. You are becoming more aware of what you desire! The Moon is in your sign from Tuesday evening through Friday morning. This is a wonderful period of time for you to focus your attention on what means the most to you! There is much creative energy around you. You may desire to communicate with others far away from you, travel to distant lands, or learn something new! Whatever was bothering you before will be put behind you. You’re ready to begin a new phase of your life. Try to put yourself in the center of your own life Cancer! What personal needs do you have that you desire to be fulfilled? Forgive those, especially from your past, who were not as supportive towards you as you desired them to be. It’s now time for you to become more independent! You will begin to feel this motivational drive once the Sun moves into the sign of Aries on Sunday, March 20th. From this point of time forward your focus should be more towards your career and your public reputation. Even if you felt limited in some way in the past, those days are over now. It’s time for you to move on-wards and up-wards towards what you feel most passionate about! You are truly the King/Queen of your own life! If you desire something then very soon you’re going to passionately go after it, receive it, and achieve it! There will also be some very wonderful people along the way that will give you a helping hand and all of the encouragement you need in order to do your best. Be brave and have fun!

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Cancer: 3/4 – 3/14/2016

You are exceptionally creative right now Cancer! You can accomplish anything that you set your mind upon doing! You may desire more loving support, but if you don’t receive it that’s perfectly okay because you’re becoming more independent day by day! When those around you do nice things for you then you are very appreciative, but if they don’t that’s just fine because you will find a way to make things work out well for yourself. The New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse will take place on Tuesday March 8th (8:54 pm EST) in an area of your life that has to do with your own personal beliefs. Something you had believed in before may not be what you believe in now. In other words you may have believed that you weren’t good enough, or that you didn’t have it in you to accomplish what you desire, but once this eclipse takes place you will begin to see that you have more courage, determination and talent than you had believed that you had before! Any situations regarding important paperwork, publishing, legal matters, higher education, long distance travel and communication will begin to work out well for you. There may even be a little miracle in the making that will happily surprise you! You don’t need to compete when you are genuinely unique! Start giving yourself credit for who you are and everything that you do so well! You are an amazing soul indeed! Situations will begin to improve for you very soon! Be willing to say, “YES” to any situations that come your way which can bring improvements into your life that you only dreamed about before! You really do have the Midas touch now! If Good Fortune is what you desire most then all you have to do is believe in yourself and accept it. If you gratefully appreciate your life now, just as it is, then you’re going to be pleasantly surprised as you begin to see positive improvements happening in your life in the not too distant future!

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Cancer: 2/22 – 2/29/2016

The Full Moon vibration in the sign of Virgo on Monday shines her bright LIGHT into the area of your life regarding how you perceive your life! Any negative misconceptions that you may have had before are now been healed and deleted from your mind and heart to make room for some vast improvements! The key to your success this week is in learning how to relax. Try to focus your mind and heart on the things, people and situations that make you feel happy! Take some time to exercise, meditate, practice yoga and stretch your body! The more flexible your body is the more flexible your mind and emotions will be too! Stretch Cancer Stretch! Stretching will help you in more ways than you can imagine! You will then begin to feel very good! If your body is feeling tight and tense then your mind and emotions will be tight and tense too. Get up and get moving! If you desire your life to grow in many abundant ways, then it’s time to try something new. It’s time to expand your beliefs Cancer. You can accomplish anything that you set your creative mind upon doing!

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Cancer: 2/15 – 2/23/2016

The energy from your ruling Star, the beautiful Moon, is growing brighter each and every night and giving you the emotional power to reflect how you are honestly feeling out into the world! Monday through early Wednesday afternoon you may find yourself to be in a very quiet and introspective mood. Starting on Wednesday at 2:24 pm EST the Moon will move into your sign of Cancer, which means that her beautiful bright energy is reflecting down upon YOU! Much good fortune can come your way, especially on Friday when the Sun moves into your sister water sign of Pisces! Get ready for your faith to strengthen up quite a bit! What felt hopeless to you before will begin to magically turn around in your favor! The energy this weekend is perfect for you to begin to feel much better about yourself and who you really are! Your personal talents can come shining through! People will want to purchase what you are selling! Try to focus your mind and feelings towards what you feel most grateful for. The first step in being Great is being Grateful!

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Cancer: 2/1 – 2/8/2016

Everyone you run across is like a mirror reflection of you. When you notice something about someone that you don’t like then that is a sure sign that you need to take a good look in the mirror. If you don’t like someone talking bad about you, then make sure that you are not talking negatively about anyone else either. On the other hand, when you run across someone who has beautiful personal traits that you admire then that is a sure sign that you may have these same amazing personal traits too! Give yourself credit for who you are! Give others credit and the benefit of the doubt without judgment. The kinder you are towards others the more kindness and understanding you will receive in return. This is not a good week to be bossy with anyone or your own bossiness may end up backfiring upon you. Try to pick the attitudes and moods that you desire others to have. You can’t expect others around you to be kind to you if you are not being kind to them. If you desire to live a happy, healthy and abundant life filled with much love and success then now is the time to be very supportive and help others to become successful. Your main key theme right now is to ‘give towards others what you wish to receive in return’, this may be as easy as a smile towards a stranger or a big helping hand towards someone who needs you. You can choose to focus on what feels most stressful OR you can choose to transform the stressful energy into more positive energy by focusing your mind and heart upon how you desire your life to become! Always try to reach for a better thought and a better feeling! The energies this weekend can instill a feeling of more hope within you. Situations can begin to turn around in your favor early next week.

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Cancer: 1/25 – 2/1/2016

Your main focus should be towards your most personal and intimate relationships. Who are the people who are closest to you and mean the most to your heart? The more you can show your honest appreciation the more love and cooperation you will receive. You realize now who is on your team and who isn’t. Don’t waste your time with anyone who doesn’t desire to honor who you are and respectfully desire to be on your team. If you’ve felt intimidated, because of past trust issues, to align your energy with someone who desires to be in a relationship with you, now is the time to get over your commitment issues and let this person know that you care too! The past is over! Your future will be determined by the mood that you are in right now! Do you enjoy your life just the way it is? If so then this is a good time to create some positive improvements! If you don’t fully enjoy your life as it is then right now is a good time to create some positive improvements! Always put your attention towards moving forward. Don’t look backwards, those are just memories. It’s time to get moving in a positive direction towards what is most important for your future! You are a very creative soul indeed! It’s time to feel inspired! Once you feel inspired to create positive change then the right people, at the right time, will show up in your life to help lead you in the right direction! Do you know what you want? Can you feel what you desire? Okay then Cancer keep on positively focusing your mind and emotions towards your goals!

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Cancer: 1/18 – 1/25/2016

This is a week when you will begin to understand just how important you are! There are people coming in and out of your life that truly adore you! The more of a host/hostess you can be, the happier you and everyone will be! On Wednesday the Sun will move into the sign of Aquarius and stimulate the area of your life that has to do with giving and receiving. What you give to another, you also give to yourself. You may be asked to search your heart and forgive someone who has been frustrating you. You may be asked to trust someone that you may have had trust issues with before. You may be asked to lend someone something and you’re not sure if you will have it returned. Whatever the situations are, try to treat the other person as you desire to be treated but also know that you must also have some personal boundaries that must not be broken. If someone asks something of you that you don’t feel comfortable giving then you have every right to say, “NO!” but just make sure that you are saying no for all the right reasons. Your life is transforming in many ways now Cancer. It’s important to focus your feelings on what you desire most! The FULL MOON energy on Saturday evening will help you to feel really good about yourself! What you respect most about yourself others will too! Feel free to show off and have fun this weekend! There may be some people stopping by that you haven’t seen for awhile. It’s time to have fun and enjoy your life! Those around you desire to see you laughing and smiling and having a really good time with them. The happier you are, the happier everyone will be. Focus your attention on what makes you feel the most joyful!

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Cancer: 1/11 – 1/18/2016

Working on fun projects with your mate, your close friends, or even with your coworkers can bring you a sense of appreciation and delight, especially when everyone feels productively abundant! Starting on Tuesday evening there will be a very positive shift within the way that you feel about your self and your life! The more optimistic your beliefs are the more abundance you will enjoy! This good feeling energy will continue to be around you until the Moon shifts sign on Thursday evening. Starting then and over the course of the weekend your intentions may be to ‘get back to work’ and take care of those projects that you may have been procrastinating upon. For those of you who are seeking a new job this is a good time to put in your application. For those of you that just want to get certain things done around your home, you should be able to take care of these daily tasks in an easier manner. When you get things accomplished you really do feel quite good within yourself! Give yourself credit for everything that you do so well! For many Cancerians there will be many fun little journeys that you can take. Traveling to and fro, running errands, visiting friends, and just being out and about can bring you much success! You are exceptionally creative and intuitive right now too! Put your energy and attention towards being playful and spending time working on those arts and crafts projects. You may even enjoy just snuggling up with someone you love (your child, your mate, your pet, or even your favorite pillow) and together watching some fun movies all weekend long!

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