Cancer weekly horoscopes

Cancer: 7/27 - 8/3/2015

You always like to have fun while doing your daily chores. It makes you happy to know that whatever you do that it will always enhance the lives of those closest to you. You may not be the most organized sign; you like to do things in your own way, in your own time, and spontaneously flit from one task to another. That’s perfectly okay because you are so creative and you need to FEEL enthusiastic…otherwise you can easily feel unappreciated and exhausted. Sometimes you have to allow other people to help you out too! They want to! Let them! Working together as a team is a good thing and can be a lot of fun too! The Full Moon on Friday will bring to your attention the amount of appreciation you have for the support from other people. The more you show your appreciation, the more these people will desire to do even more wonderful things for you! Even strangers on the street will desire to be nice to you! You are learning now about Self-Worth, Self-Love and Self-appreciation! You are not the same person you were. You are so much wiser and even more uniquely talented now! When it comes to love, oh yes love, romance and passion are highlighted for you! Of course you need to be in the right mood…and in the right mood for some playful fun you should be in for this upcoming weekend!

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Cancer: 7/20 - 7/27/2015

You are being asked to play a leadership role! Energy from the Sun and Mars and Mercury are ALL in your sign giving you the abundant energy you need to get any job done! It’s through your own attitudes and actions that others can become inspired! They are looking towards you for guidance. Now is the perfect time! Pay attention to how you are honestly feeling inside of yourself. If you don’t like a certain feeling then try to Rise Above it by choosing a feeling that really FEELS better for you! It’s perfectly okay to feel a little more self-centered right now. In fact you should, for sure! This is not selfishness…this is powerful Self Awareness that you are going through! By being more AWARE of your own personal needs, wants, desires and attitudes, the more you will be able to move your life in a direction that is for your own Highest Good! And remember that when you are feeling Good then the people around you will feel Good too! Your life is changing on a very deep level, but you shouldn’t feel more stressed out…you should actually feel more joyfully abundant! Positive financial opportunities will begin coming your way once the Sun moves into the sign of Leo starting on Wednesday! You have a lot to look forward to Cancer! But the first step in the right direction is by becoming more AWARE of what really makes you happy!

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Cancer: 7/13 - 7/20/2015

The improvements you desire to see may be closer than you think. The first few days of this week may be exceptionally challenging as your true emotions seem to come up to the surface. If you try to repress how you’re truly feeling please be extra careful! You could be prone to having an accident. If this happens then this is a reminder to you that you are more valuable than you have been giving yourself credit for! Be wise and find healthy ways to express how you’re feeling. If you feel that no one is listening, or that no one cares, or you feel too shy to express your true emotions then at least write in your personal journal how you are feeling. With energy from the Sun, Mercury, Mars and on Wednesday evening the New Moon in your sign…this is a very special time of life for you to positive focus on what you honestly and truly desire! Create a Focus list or a Wish list for yourself on Wednesday evening! Put this special paper where you can view it often. FEEL within you what it will truly FEEL like to have these wishes manifest into your life! It’s through your most truthful FEELINGS that you can attract, and will attract, what you desire! Pay close attention to your intuition and your dreams. You are being lead in the right direction, a much happier and successful direction than ever before! You just have to first forgive and then forget the emotional baggage from your past and then focus positively forward! You have the energy! You are brave! You now know what you desire most! As the weekend approaches you should begin to see that your perception of life is brighter! It’s time for you to enjoy your life Cancer! This special New Moon in your sign is amazingly energetic and vibrant! Those old days of feeling ’stuck’ are over! You are more than ready to pave a brand new loving, successful, prosperous, healthy creative, fun and positive path into your future!

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Cancer: 7/6 - 7/13/2015

Powerful energy from both the Sun and Mars have been moving through your sign for a little while now. How are you choosing to use your Vibrant Energy? Have you been feeling productive, or just confused and a bit grumpy? Starting on Wednesday, when Mercury moves into your sign at 2:52 pm EDT, you should begin noticing that your mind feels clearer! New ideas, better ideas, great ideas, fantastic ideas will abundantly begin to flow your way about who you are and what you desire to DO with your life! Instead of feeling a bit ignored and desiring to stay quiet about it, you will begin to find your voice and speak in ways that others desire to listen to! Your life is transforming in many powerful ways! You may really begin to FEEL this when the Sun opposes Pluto on Monday at 10:11 am EDT and throughout the next few weeks. These personal  changes can be quite positive! Stay focused on what you desire most, what makes you feel productive and on who and what makes you feel happy and grateful to be alive! It’s your time now to grow and thrive! You can do it Cancer! You are important! Your feelings DO Matter! Many people will desire to be around you because YOU have the emotional power NOW; to not only transform your life but also the lives of the other important people around you! In the best ways possible try to, “Be the change you desire to see in the world!” It’s time for you to set your life as a positive example for others to follow! You Can Do It!

Cancer: 6/29 - 7/6/2015

The power of the Sun and energetic Mars are both in your sign giving you the drive to accomplish anything that you set your mind and heart upon! The Moon is your ruling planet and at no other time is it more important for you to understand, on any given day, what sign the Moon is currently flowing through. You start this week off with the Moon in Sagittarius, growing brighter and brighter each evening. This Moon in Sagittarius is shining her Light into the area of your life that has to do with your daily duties and your personal health. If you’re feeling great then you’re on the right path! If you’re not feeling well then that’s a sure sign that you need to be more gentle with yourself and RELAX! The Moon moves into the sign of Capricorn on Wednesday morning at 5:11 am EDT. This is a very special Capricorn Moon that will be very BRIGHT with LIGHT when it reaches its FULL MOON point of time at 10:20 pm EDT! This particular FULL MOON shines her *LIGHT* on the area of your life that has to do with your most personal relationships! The stronger you value yourself - and who you naturally are - the more honesty, love and respect you will begin to receive from others! Your most personal relationship is going through a HUGE and DEEP transformation so that you both can understand each other better with a stronger sense of true friendship and deeper compassion! It’s possible that if you’re in a relationship that isn’t good for you that you may completely release this relationship this week. But, on the other hand, if you are in a relationship that IS for your Highest Good that you will begin to really notice many positive shifts and joyful changes taking place within it! If you are single and desire to meet someone new, the energies this weekend are PERFECT for you to meet someone really special under the influence of the beautiful and sociable Aquarius Moon. Starting on Sunday morning, under the beautiful Pisces Moon, you will begin to feel your positive personal beliefs getting stronger and stronger. Much Love, Healing and Hope is on the horizon for you! Financial abundance is also coming your way! Happy Happy Birthday to ALL of you wonderful Cancer Souls! May this New Cycle of your life BE your BEST ONE YET! The past is over; those are only memories that you are hanging onto. It’s now time to focus forward and FEEL your way towards making your grandest hopes, dreams, wishes and goals your reality!

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Cancer: 6/14 - 6/23/2015

Hi Friends and devoted readers,

I am on a family vacation from June 14th through June 27th. I will be away from my computer and the horoscopes etc won’t be updated for this period of time. But Please feel free to send me e-mails and put in your orders and requests for me to answer your special questions on my website here under My Services for You page. I will answer your questions once I return from our family vacation. May the New Moon in Gemini open new doors of opportunity for you in regards to enhancing your social life in a positive manner!

Many Special Blessings to you and all of your loved ones! ~ Michelle Anne Cox-Lomas Ph.D.

Cancer: 6/8 - 6/15/2015

Your home and family mean the world to you and YES they should come before anything else in your life that you may think is important. Situations there may not be perfect, yet, but the appreciation and love that you share is becoming more abundant every day! Your energy is treasured by the people who know you. You are important! Your energy is very calming and healing towards those who love you. This is a very good time for you, while energy from the Sun, Mars and Mercury are all traveling through an area of your life that represents retreat, for you to take all of the time you desire to relax and heal your mind, emotions and body. Much Good Luck surrounds you, more than you may realize. Many new beginnings are going on around you and you will begin to see even more new wonderful beginnings taking place once the Sun moves into your sign on June 21st. For now, for this week, pay close attention to your dreams and intuition. You are beginning to understand how important your life really is, for yourself and for your family members. You are the nurturing compassionate caretaker that they can’t live without. You are protective towards not only your close family members, but also towards your extended family members and your close friends. Sometimes you may feel that you have to sacrifice a lot of your time, energy and money in order to help others to have a happier life, and while this may be true a lot of the time…your Good Karma will return to you just when you need it the most. This is an excellent time to strengthen your faith and know that whatever is meant for your Highest Good will be coming into your life very soon. This is an excellent week to appreciate who you are and to show your appreciation towards all of the people in your life that have helped you along the way. This is also a very good time to release and let go of any past emotional baggage that you have held onto for far too long now. When you have emotional intimate trust issues, with anyone, you can become quite moody and crabby! Try to focus on what makes you feel happy! When you smile everyone around you is happy!

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Cancer: 6/1 - 6/8/2015

You may be feeling a bit misunderstood; but if those around you would only take the time to appreciate you a bit more and show you how much they honestly care about you then your natural optimistic attitude could easily come shining through! It’s very important that you try to not be so hard on yourself. You may feel that if you were a bit MORE of this, or that, then others would appreciate you more. You are perfectly fine, just the way that you already are! It’s just that you are such a kind caring and nurturing person that others often take your kindness for weakness. It’s not until the other people in your life need your tender loving care that they desire to be around you, but their lesson is to learn that YOU need and deserve some tender loving care too! Until they realize this, this is the perfect week (under the influence of the Full Moon in Sagittarius) that you make it a point, a new habit, to take better loving care of yourself. You Are Important! You DO Matter! You are an exceptionally wonderful Soul who often sacrifices what you want for the betterment of others! Again, make it a point this week to do something extra special for your self! Let this be a new habit of yours to do something special, each and every day, that helps you to relax and feel happier! The energy from beautiful Venus in your sign says, “It’s time for you to LOVE your Self!” On Friday Venus moves into the sign of Leo which will help to enhance your natural talents, strengthen your self esteem, allow you to do what you love and love to do…and earn you extra personal income! People will begin to admire your creative talents and desire to pay you handsomely for what you can do! The energy this weekend is excellent for setting aside your daily duties and enjoying your time with someone special who means a lot to you! An intimate trust issue you may have had before is healing and repairing over this weekend. You still may be a bit skeptical, but what the heck…if this other person wants to have some fun then go for it!

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Cancer: 5/25 - 6/1/2015

Out of all of the zodiac signs, you will be the least affected by the current Mercury retrograde in the sign of Gemini. In fact you might find that you are more intuitive and creative than ever before! There is a very nice balance between your mind and your heart! There may be some issues going on where you are releasing some emotional baggage from your past. Forgiveness is the key to releasing these issues so that you can finally put emotional trust issues behind you. Pay close attention to your dreams, they can be quite revealing now! The energy this weekend, under the Scorpio Moon, can be a fun and romantic time for you! Enjoy it!

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Cancer: 5/18 - 5/25/2015

Beautiful Venus is radiating the energy of LOVE all around you! You are looking good Cancer! Allow yourself to enjoy this special time of your life! Out of all of the zodiac signs, you are blessed with this energy in your life the MOST! This is all about Beauty, Love and Financial Abundance at its BEST! You may find that you just ‘think’ about something that you desire and it magically appears in your life now! Venus will continue to be in your sign until June 5th which gives you plenty of time to focus on what you really want! Last Monday’s New Moon in Taurus opened doors of opportunity for you to focus upon your most important ‘hopes, dreams, wishes and goals!’ Keep on doing this, in the most positive way, and you will begin to see your dreams turning into reality! Starting on Thursday, when the Sun moves into the sign of Gemini, and over the next 4 weeks, you would be wise to lighten-up your personal work schedule and get plenty of sleep. With energy from the Sun, Mars and Mercury retrograde all flowing through the area of your life that represents ‘retreat’ sleeping and dreaming will make you well rested and very happy! Listen to your own intuition for the guidance you seek. Your creative intuition will be very sharp and keen! Keep you faith strong and know that you’re on the right path. The right people, at the right time, will show up in your life to help you!

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