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June 21st until further notice

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Cancer: May 16th until further notice

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Cancer: May 9th – May 16th 2017

New opportunities can come your way regarding your children, your love life, your business, and your creative abilities! The more determined you are to focus upon what you want, the more positively motivated you will be towards taking the right steps towards your personal success! The Full Moon in Scorpio on Wednesday shines her bright light into the area of your life that represents your own creativity! You can use your creative mind to Rise Above challenging situations and positively focus on your most important hopes, dreams, wishes and goals for your future! The more grateful you feel for what you already have, the more new doors of positive possibilities will open for you! If you felt delayed, for any reason, it will be through your own new beliefs in yourself (like “YES I CAN DO THIS!”) that will lead you towards those new opportunities that you’ve only been dreaming about! If you worry too much about getting others to cooperate with you (friends/family members/coworkers/neighbors) you would be wise to stop worrying. It will be through your own efforts that you will achieve. Stop waiting for someone else to give you permission to live your best life. It’s time to become your own self-promoter and take action upon what means the most to you. The more you believe in yourself and all that you do, the more others will desire to be of assistance to you!

Cancer: May 2nd – May 9th 2017

The Moon is growing brighter each evening, which should have you feeling happier and more enthusiastic! Situations may not be perfect, but you’re beginning to feel more hopeful! Feeling hopeful is a step in the right direction towards attracting better opportunities into your life! This weekend is the perfect time to spend quality time with the ones you love and/or for working on important projects around your home. The more comfortable you feel within your personal environment, the happier you will feel when you step out into the world each day. In regards to your career situations will begin looking up, once Mercury moves back into direct motion on Wednesday May 3rd. From this point of time onward you should begin to feel a grander sense of appreciation for all that you do. A possible promotion of some kind may be coming your way soon. Others will desire to buy what you are selling! Your social life will also begin to flow more smoothly. You can begin to attract more like-minded people into your life very soon! Keep your faith strong Cancer. Know what you desire. Very soon you will receive the cooperation that is so important to you right now.

Cancer: April 25th – May 2nd 2017

You have some wonderful ideas that you would like to use towards creating a better life for yourself. Your ideas are inspiring! What you really desire is for others around you to cooperate with you and assist you in bringing your dreams into reality! Luckily for you the New Moon in Taurus, which takes place on Wednesday April 26th, sends some wonderful energy your way! You will begin to see others becoming more cooperative with you! Much good fortune is on your side! You will attract more like-minded friends, and groups of important people, who will desire to be on your team! The real key to your success is to ‘ask’ for what you desire; even though you may wish that others would intuitively know what that is. The people around you can’t read your mind. They will assist you, but they need to know what you want before they can figure out what they need to do. If you can try to communicate just a little bit better, not in a complaining way but in a more positive enthusiastic way, with a few compliments thrown in for good measure, then you will be amazed at how much cooperation you will receive. The people who know you intimately know that you are a dedicated person towards them. Your good deeds towards others can return to you 10 fold IF you give others a chance to prove themselves to you. If you assume that situations will remain difficult then you must know that you are absolutely right! But, on the other hand, if you believe that others DO desire to be kind towards you, then you are right again! The Moon moves into your sign on Saturday evening, April 29th, where it will remain until Tuesday morning. This is an excellent time for you to align your mind with your deepest feelings so that¬†you can FEEL clearer about what it IS that you desire the most! Focus your attention upon your most important hopes, dreams, wishes and goals! Write them down so that the next time someone asks if they can help you, you can say, “Oh yes, here you go…I’ve got a list!”

Cancer: April 18th – April 25th 2017

You can so easily and intuitively FEEL the vibrations within and around other people. Sometimes you may wonder IF your feelings are your own; or if what you are feeling belongs to someone else. You will begin to receive more clarity regarding this issue and be able to set up strong personal boundaries starting this week. It’s not that you are not compassionate towards what is happening in the lives of others, but now comes an important time of your life where you are ready to become more dedicated to what you want and who you are! Starting on Wednesday the Sun moves into the sign of Taurus which will help you receive more clarity in regards to your own hopes, dreams, wishes and goals! On Thursday Mercury retrograde moves out of the sign of Taurus and back into the sign of Aries which can bring some misunderstandings into your life in regards to your career. In this area of your life you would be wise to focus your attention upon being more mindful about what you are doing so that you won’t have to go back and redo your projects all over again. Don’t rush into anything that you don’t want to take full responsibility for. Also on Thursday Pluto moves into retrograde motion in your opposite sign of Capricorn until September 28th; this is re-evaluation time in regards to your personal commitments and relationships. On Friday, April 21st, Mars enters into the sign of Gemini; which may have you feeling like someone just pulled your energetic plug! Take it easy Cancer! There is no rush for you to do anything important right now. You would be wise to focus your attention upon simplifying your life and counting your blessings each day for everything that you enjoy that is going right! Once your attention is upon your blessings, and you are in a good mood, then you can build upon your hopes, dreams, wishes and goals with a positive attitude!

Cancer: April 4th – April 11th 2017

A very personal focus is taking place for you this week. Situations relating to your personal creative talents, communication skills, home and family situations, children, entertainment, love and romance should all be on your agenda. Whether you are personally involved in these activities, or you’re just dreaming of the day when you can obtain what you need, either way this is a good week to put your ideas into action and help others enhance their personal lives as well. Some Cancerians may be learning a new skill while the Moon is in the sign of Virgo this weekend. Starting on Sunday, April 9th, the Moon will move into lovely Libra at 8:34 am EDT and this is when you will really begin to focus upon your home and family! The Full Moon in Libra arrives on Tuesday, April 11th at 2:08 am EDT. She shines her Bright Light into your home and family situations to show you all of the beautiful reasons you appreciate your life so very much! Situations that may have felt challenging before will be infused with a grand new sense of appreciation! You may have some ideas on how you would like to expand your residence in some new ways, or even expand your family! Mercury will also be in retrograde motion from April 9th through May 16th which gives you an opportunity to review your own personal hopes, dreams, wishes, goals and desires! Try to focus your emotions on what brings you the greatest amount of happiness Cancer! As you become more mindful about what brings you joy then other situations around you will become easier and more abundant for you too.

Cancer: March 28th – April 4th 2017

You may desire to work on projects that you enjoy. Even if you have other work that you have to do, you will find some way to make those daily tasks enjoyable. Your temperament is calm and lovely. Others do notice. You may also feel a bit more introverted now and desire some quiet and peaceful time to yourself. You are also being given some new inspiring ideas on how you can improve your career choices. If you’re going to use your time to create an income for yourself then you desire to do something special where you can use your creative talents and feel appreciated for them. You will find your mind and heart focusing upon your most important hopes, dreams, wishes and goals while the Moon begins to grow a little brighter in the sign of Taurus from Wednesday morning through Friday afternoon. Starting on Friday afternoon, 12:40 pm EDT, the Moon will shift into the sign of Gemini until Sunday afternoon. You may find yourself having a huge desire to rest your mind, or to meditate and ponder over days gone by. Thinking about how much you’ve experienced in your life, and all of the good and not so good times that you have experienced thus far, and also dreaming some big dreams that you desire to achieve in your future, will come to you naturally under this Gemini Moon. Starting on Sunday, April 2nd at 2:27 pm EDT, the Moon will move gently into your sign of Cancer; bringing you a more harmonious balance between your mind and your feelings. You will have a greater ability to focus on these NOW moments of your life, while taking positive steps towards healing the areas of your life that have been giving you grief. Mind, body, emotions and spirit your desire to bring your dreams into your reality will begin to get stronger. Even if situations may not seem perfect at the moment, and you know that there is always room for improvement, you will begin to feel healthier and happier and that is something wonderful to look forward to.

* For more information regarding this week’s vibrations and what they mean for you, sit back, relax, and enjoy my Astro Weekly Report (click here)

Cancer: March 21st – March 28th 2017

Undervalued and unappreciated you may be feeling. It may be a little bit difficult to receive the cooperation that you desire, in order to achieve what you set out to do for yourself and for others around you. Your intentions are good. That’s what matters the most. Try not to allow delays you experience to make you feel depressed. A lot of people around you have their own agendas going on. You may desire more quality time with your friends and family members, but they may seem too busy or distracted. You may desire to speak up and let them know how you’re feeling, but there is a stronger part of your personality that desires to maintain your relationships with as much harmony and peace as possible. What’s most important for you right now is for you to focus on taking good care of yourself, your life, and whatever means the most to you. You are a naturally nurturing person, this is true, and sometimes it is easier for you to take good care of someone else more than it is for you to take good care of yourself. The time has come for you to take a good look in the mirror and realize what it is that you need most within your own life. You may desire others to instinctively know what you need. Sometimes they do, but often they don’t. All you sincerely desire is to be treated as well as you treat others; to be appreciated, nurtured and genuinely loved in return. The New Moon in Aries arrives on Monday March 27th at 10:57 pm EDT. The New Moon energy will open new doors of opportunity for you to begin to see and feel more harmonious situations taking place within both your career and within your own home. As time moves forward you will notice that others will give you the attention, appreciation and love that you desire the most!

Cancer: March 14th – March 21st 2017

You may feel a little bit fed-up with some people around you if they continue to expect you to be at their beck and call. You’ve been doing your best to keep harmony and peace within certain situations, but you do desire to have more quality time for yourself. These people who are annoying you may not even realize that they are doing so. You may need to speak up and let them know how you feel, or choose to sneak away somewhere to create your own sacred space where you can rejuvenate your energy. You can choose to feel angry or you can take the positive path by venting your frustrated energy through exercise! Even doing some early spring cleaning can help to clear the air and make you feel that you are more in control of situations around you. From Wednesday morning through late on Friday evening your creative energy is soaring! You really do desire to have more fun in your life! These are the best days/evenings this week to focus your attention upon doing something that ‘you’ want to do! The energy over the weekend will bring you back to basics when you will realize that ‘you’ need to take positive steps and get some real work accomplished. Starting next week, as the Sun moves into the sign of Aries on Monday March 20th, your attention will shift a bit towards having a stronger desire to bond closely with someone you love. There may be someone at a distance from you that you have been missing lately. A joyful reunion can happen for you both in the not too distant future.