Cancer weekly horoscopes

Cancer: August 22nd – August 29th 2016

You are so wise when you listen to your intuition and follow the guidance that it gives to you! Your intuition is never wrong. You can FEEL what the right paths are to take and which ones to steer away from. You can be exceptionally protective over your loved ones and those you hold dear to your heart. This is why your natural radar is ON most of the time so that you know exactly what is going on. Trust that your intuition will let you know when something, or someone, needs your attention. In the meantime give yourself permission to feel calm and happy more often! Much Good News is coming your way very soon! A situation that you’ve been worried about will turn around in your favor. You can thank your lucky stars that situations are not as chaotic as you had worried about them becoming. In fact situations can turn out even better than you had hoped for! Wednesday evening through late on Friday is the best time for you to relax your mind. Let go of thoughts and feelings that have been bothering you for such a long time. On Friday evening, 11:06 pm (eastern time) the Moon will move into your sign of Cancer and will remain there all throughout the weekend! It’s your time to enjoy your life in ways that make YOU feel good! When you are happy then you will allow everyone to really be themselves and feel happy around you!

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Cancer: August 15th – August 22nd 2016

You are known to be the nurturing confidant that others can turn to in times when they are feeling down and their lives are filled with turmoil. You, more than others, have a natural ability to feel empathetic to what others are going through. This is a natural gift and an admirable trait, but the real question is “What are YOU receiving in return?” If you feel that you are being genuinely compensated, in all the right ways, for being the person that others can turn to then you will feel a grand sense of appreciation for your friends, and for who you are, during the course of this week! But if on the other hand you feel cheated in some way, and often your own feelings and needs are not being fulfilled too, then this is the week that you will choose to set more personal boundaries around what you will accept and what you won’t! The FULL MOON energy on Thursday morning will shine her bright light in the area of your life that represents the ‘give and take’ type of situations that go on in your life. You will become more aware of what you are giving and much more aware of what you desire in return. When appreciation and rewards do come your way you will feel very appreciative and grateful. This FULL MOON asks you to focus your emotional attention towards those in your life who do genuinely appreciate you! Often you may say, “No, that’s okay. I don’t need to receive anything in return.” and yet, when you do, there is a nagging part of your heart that says, “Hey that’s not fair! I want to be appreciated too!” Okay then Dear Cancer the time is NOW for you to say, “YES!” and allow yourself to receive even more! Anyone who does anything nice for you will be blessed 10 fold for their honesty, love, support, kindness and compassion!

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Cancer: August 8th – August 15th 2016

The Moon is growing brighter each evening which is helping you to get back in touch with your feelings. Your focus should be on home and family matters on Monday and then shifts towards your own inner creativity, children, playtime flirtations and having some fun Tuesday through Thursday. Starting on Thursday afternoon, you may get an urge to start taking care of your personal duties and figuring out some new ways that you can increase your income. Try not to overwhelm yourself. Instead try to take care of your daily duties in a manner that can help you to feel good about yourself. Your efforts will begin to pay off once the Moon moves into the sign of Capricorn on Sunday morning and remains in this sign until early next Tuesday. Those around you, especially those in authority positions, notice the efforts that you put forth. Keep on trying to do your best. The rewards you desire will begin to come your way in the very near future.

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Cancer: August 1st – August 8th 2016

You start this week off right with the Moon in your sign. You may feel a little bit emotionally numb, not like your normal self. Hang in there Cancer because on Tuesday, August 2nd, there is a New Moon in the sign of Leo that will bring NEW opportunities into your life regarding your personal income! The lack you’ve experienced was only temporary. In this new month of August you can see your finances increase abundantly! Those of you who own your own businesses, or desire to make a profit through a talent you possess, should definitely promote your personal skills now! The personal success you desire is close at hand! You won’t mind doing the work when you know that you are appreciated and being financially compensated! Good communication will flow your way this week. Just be a little bit careful over the weekend when you may notice other people around you being a bit cranky. If anything is said to you that makes you upset, try not to take their words personally, try to argue back. If you can feel a little bit detached, and wait for this phase to pass, then your understanding of the situation will bring you much good luck. Put your attention towards what is MOST important to you. This can be a good week when you will see that your hard work and effort can bring you many special rewards.

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Cancer: July 25th – August 1st 2016

Maybe you can and maybe you can’t…don’t push yourself so hard. You don’t have to meet up to the expectations of others. What you need to do is pay more attention to what YOU want. Are you feeling fulfilled within your career? Are you feeling fulfilled with your home life? Are you feeling fulfilled within your personal relationships? Are you feeling fulfilled within yourself? Are you allowing yourself to enjoy your life exactly as it is, or are you spending too much time fretting over what you feel that you’re lacking? The Moon, your ruling planet, is waning – growing darker each evening – which means that you may feel a bit emotionally overwhelmed or possibly even numb. You may move through the circumstances of your life, but you may not be feeling the passionate emotions that you once felt. Hang in there Cancer. A new day will dawn soon where you will feel much better! Until then, and especially over the course of this weekend when the Moon is in your sign of Cancer, try to focus your attention and emotions upon what IS going well for you in your life. What makes you feel happy? What brings a smile to your face? What do you feel most grateful for? If you can focus your mind and emotions on something good (how about some ice cream?) then you’re on the right path. Hang in there because once the New Moon in Leo arrives next Tuesday afternoon you WILL begin to feel more enthusiastic, passionate, prosperous and optimistic regarding your future!

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Cancer: July 18th – July 25th 2016

The Full Moon in Capricorn took place on Tuesday evening and shined her beautiful BRIGHT LIGHT into the area of your life that has to do with your most personal relationships. Were you feeling a great sense of gratitude for the people in your life who mean the most to you? If you were then you may see a lot of nurturing support being given towards you on Wednesday and Thursday. There is a strong sense of give and receive during these special days. What you give will return to you 10 fold from others. The energy on Friday and Saturday is vibrant with opportunities for you to receive even more! Accept the kindness, generosity, love and support that others desire to give to you now. As you receive, you should begin to really FEEL your own sense of self-esteem growing stronger. When you feel really good about who you are then the sky is the limit on what you can accomplish! Much Good News is coming your way! A project that is important to you can begin to receive rave reviews from others. Others will desire to purchase what you are selling, especially if what you are selling is very creative and enjoyable for them. It’s time for you to stand up tall and say, “Yes!” to your own personal success! When it comes to your love life that is also being enhanced too. Why? Because you are finally beginning to love yourself like you should!

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Cancer: July 11th – July 18th 2016

You may have felt a little delayed within certain areas of your life for quite some time, but be assured that you are on the right path towards accomplishing and receiving more than you had anticipated. Opportunities are coming your way that can enhance your financial outlook. Keep your eyes on the prize. Keep your mind and heart focused upon your most important hopes, dreams, wishes and personal goals. This is also a wonderful time of life for you in regards to children, creativity, romance and fun! When you are feeling happy and playful is when many positive opportunities will come your way. Are you feeling shy or can you say, “YES!” to your own personal happiness, good health and financial success! When it comes to your love life it’s the small things that matter the most to you right now. If you are in a committed relationship then it’s all about who is cooperating with you so that you can feel more comfortable within your own home environment. If you are single and desire to meet someone new, make sure that you are willing to leave your home so that you actually can meet someone new. It may be at your job, or around your neighborhood that you could bump into someone special. The main thing for you is that your significant other is not just a lover but also your best friend.

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Cancer: July 4th – July 11th 2016

Vibrant energies from the powerful Sun, beautiful Venus, messenger Mercury and the past New Moon in your sign are ALL indicating that this is YOUR TIME TO SHINE! The past is over. It’s your time NOW to really enjoy your life to the fullest! What new opportunities do you desire to come your way? What personal wishes do you desire to have fulfilled? The more and more you can positively focus your attention and energy on what YOU truly desire…the more apt you will be to see Synchronicity in motion bringing your fondest hopes, dreams and wishes into your life! Energy from the Sun is strengthening your inner will power, which will help you to better choose what you really desire! Energy from beautiful Venus in the sign of Cancer desires you to look and feel beautiful, financially stable, and also harmonize your most personal relationships for the better! Mercury in your sign is stimulating your mind to help you focus on new thoughts and ideas that can enhance your life! The New Moon in your sign has opened some new doors of opportunity for you! What opportunities? The answer to that question depends upon what you think about most often and what is MOST important to you! Do you desire a new job then you can spontaneously obtain one! Do you desire a new relationship or a better relationship with someone already in your life? Okay, no problem, get ready to shower some loving attention upon someone who makes your heart sing! This is a VERY CREATIVE period of time for you now Cancer! Each day, no matter what else is going on around you, try to enjoy your life to the fullest!

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Cancer: June 27th – July 4th 2016

Powerful and Beautiful energy from the Sun and Venus are being bestowed upon you! You’re looking good and beginning to feel very creative! Situations are greatly improving for you! Some very good news can come your way once Mercury moves into your sign on Wednesday! Also on Wednesday energy from Mars will go back into direct motion! If you’ve been feeling creatively motivated and yet feeling delayed on your progress, maybe other people’s pressures and demands had been taking up too much of your time, then starting on Wednesday you’re going to feel the “Green light GO” energy of more personal motivation! Get ready to have some real FUN in your life too! Could things get even better? Oh yes they can! Your New Moon in Cancer will arrive on Monday July 4th at 7:01 am EDT! What new beginnings would you like to see happen in your life? What new experiences would you like to enjoy? What new projects do you desire to begin? And yes…much love and romance are also highlighted for you!

Cancer: June 13th – June 20th 2016

Have you been feeling a bit under the weather, more stressed out, emotional, allergies bothering you or just feeling a bit more fatigued than usual? The Sun will move into your sign next Monday will which bring you some positive energy and relief. Until then though, for this week, your main focus should be on your home, your family members, and doing what you can to organize these areas of your life. Take it easy, take it slow. Time flies by so fast (as you know). It’s the simple things in life that bring you great joy. Try to focus on your blessings instead of what you’re so stressed out about all of the time. It’s so easy to feel stressed out when you’re tired. Give yourself permission to rest more often. There need not be any rush. In fact if you find yourself in a hurry, to do something or get somewhere, you’re only going to end up being delayed…so take it easy and keep your faith strong. Synchronicity is on your side. Try to remember some special times in your life when you were at the right place, at the right time, and the right people showed up to assist you. That happened before and it will happen again, especially when you stop stressing out about things before they happen. Worrying is such a waste of your imagination and your energy. Take a deep breath, breathe out…relax. Do it again…and this time allow yourself to really relax. The calmer you are, the better situations will work out for you. The Full Moon energy, you will feel all weekend, but which really takes place early Monday morning of June 20th, will shine her bright light into the area of your life that has to do with your daily duties and personal health. The more positively you can focus on what you do feel is good about your life…the more blessings will come your way in the very near future!