Cancer weekly horoscopes

Cancer: December 6th – December 13th 2016

Those of you who have projects that you’re trying to accomplish need to understand that you don’t have to do everything by yourself. There is much love and support available for you now. A situation that you thought was going to be challenging may actually turn out to be quite fun! Try not to fret because when you do then you have less energy to accomplish what is most important to you. Career and personal situations can begin to improve once you feel a new source of energy and inspiration. Your friendships will also be a source of support for you now. But it is important that if you need anything that you ‘ask’ because your friends can’t read your mind, nor do they know how you are feeling, so it’s important that you communicate to others what your needs are. Yes it is true that you like being independent and that you don’t want to bother anyone with your personal issues. But now comes a really wonderful time of giving and receiving. When you allow yourself to receive what you need then you will be giving others the opportunity to feel happy because they are helping you. You desire others to feel happy right? And also, you can be the most grateful sign of the zodiac when it comes to letting others know how thankful you are for anything and everything that they do for you! Focus your mind and heart upon the words, ‘mutual support’. What others do for you, you would also do for them. It’s a win/win situation when everyone works together as a team! Try to focus your mind and emotions upon what makes you feel happy! With a big smile on your face everyone should enjoy being around you this week!

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Cancer: November 29th – December 6th 2016

You may need to step up your energy just a bit to take care of important projects, especially related to your family. The more effort that you put forth the more rewards will come your way. It’s useless to worry about someone you care about when you know that you can take a step forward, take positive actions, to make sure that this person is okay. If the other person is resistant to your assistance then at least let this person know that you are willing to help if it’s needed. It’s also important that you are choosing to take good care of yourself too. What do you feel that¬†you need more of in order to feel happier and healthier? There is much healing energy that is taking place within you now; and all around you with the important people in your life. It may take courage to face certain situations so that you can erase the tension, but once you do then these situations can become so much better. The energy over this upcoming weekend asks you to choose to spend quality time doing something that YOU enjoy doing. If you can arrange it so that others can also be a part of your activities then your natural sense of creativity and optimism can easily rub off on them. The more you can Rise Above your worries and concerns, by choosing to focus your attention upon what makes you feel so much better, the happier and healthier you – and everyone else around you – will be!

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Cancer: November 22nd – November 29th 2016

Work on important tasks one step at a time. The turtle will win the race for you right now. You may desire to rush like a rabbit to the next exciting adventure, but with the Moon growing dimmer each evening you would be wise to bide your time and once again work on your projects one slow step at a time. Once the New Moon energy arrives on Tuesday, November 29th, THEN you can push forward and begin to see your goals manifesting more quickly. For now, for this week, try to place your attention upon your home and with your family members. Someone around you, or maybe a few people, may be feeling more tense than usual. Being the emotionally intuitive person that you are, you will be able to feel their tension too. The best thing that you can do is to bring a sense of calm and peace into these situations. Your calm loving energy is very healing and helpful towards the people around you. You may feel that you have to sacrifice something important that you are doing for the well-being of others around you right now. But that’s perfectly okay because very soon you will begin to see your loving patience pay off in a big way! Remember: Don’t be in a hurry, don’t be in a rush (even if you feel really excited about some project that you are working on right now), but instead try to bide your time by paying loving attention towards the people in your life who mean the most to your heart!

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Cancer: November 15th – November 22nd 2016

The Full Moon in Taurus that took place last Monday, November 14th at 8:52 AM Eastern Time, brought much beautiful energy into your life which is still helping you to focus on your most important hopes, dreams, wishes and goals. The ideas that you have been receiving can work out quite well for you over the next 2 weeks. On Wednesday, November 16th at 7:57 PM Eastern Time, the Moon moves into your sign and will remain in your sign until late on Friday night. During this phase of time you would be wise to focus on how YOU are feeling about yourself and your life! What do you desire MORE of within your life? What do you feel would make you even happier than you are now? Don’t fret over what you feel that you are lacking (you would be using this beautiful energy in the wrong way), but instead focus your feelings and thoughts upon what makes you happy now and what you feel would make you even happier in the future! It’s through your thoughts and feelings that you CAN create a happy future for yourself. With an attitude of gratitude for what IS already working out well in your life and then being creative by positively focusing on what you personally desire, then you can allow yourself to accept good fortune because you will know that your prayers are being heard and answered quite wonderfully! The energies over this weekend can give you the motivation to work on a project that is important to you. There is much love and support around you now. When it comes to your love life, try to be nice because situations may seem a little bit tough. Either you, or someone around you, may be feeling resistant to make the commitment that is important to both of you. Try not to misread the situation, or get into an argument that could cause further distractions, but instead try to open your heart, with compassion, towards allowing a more positive balance of love to flow naturally.

Cancer: November 7th – November 15th 2016

Your personal beliefs create a new awareness that allows your own inner authority and will power lead you towards your personal success! What do you believe about who you are? Do you give yourself credit for the wonderful person you are? Energy from the Sun and Mercury are asking you to speak your personal Truth (with a capital T), even if you’re only voicing your compliments towards yourself in your own mirror. Others around you will desire to compliment you, but are you too shy to receive these compliments in an easy manner? There is much creative energy flowing through your life right now Cancer! Are you allowing yourself to have some FUN? Or are you spending too much of your time fretting and worrying? If so then try to Rise Above the aggravations and frustrations you are feeling by focusing your attention upon what you feel most grateful for! By counting your blessings your life will improve! Each evening this week the Moon is growing brighter! There is much love and support available for you now. The Moon will move into the sign of Taurus on Saturday evening; growing brighter and brighter until it reaches its Super FULL MOON point of time early on Monday morning. This Super FULL MOON energy shines her bright light into the area of your life relating to your hopes, dreams, wishes and goals. For some what you desired before may not be exactly what you desire now. For others you may find that an important project comes to completion in a very successful way in the very near future. Also for many Cancerians you will find that there is much love and support available for you now. Allow others to lift you up and help you towards your personal success. It’s the smile on your face that they want to see! Try to slow down, even when the world seems like it’s spinning so fast, and choose to spend quality time with those who make you feel happiest!

Cancer: October 24th – October 31st 2016

The Moon is your ruling planet, as you may already know. As the Moon changes signs, so too you will notice how your own moods change. As the Moon grows and wanes during the month so too do your own emotional moods grow and wane too. This week the Moon is waning, growing darker, and so you may have more of an “I don’t care” type of mood going on. You’ll do what you feel that you need to do, but not much more, and if anyone says anything to you that would usually make you upset…this week you’ll feel more like saying, “Whatever! Go away! I’m not allowing you to bother me at all right now.” You have more productive things on your mind. The last thing that you will allow is for anyone to push your emotional buttons right now. On a very good note we are now in Scorpio Season; which means for you that you’re ready to allow the fun-loving creative side of your nature to come out and play! You’re super smart Dear Cancer! Your mind is very creatively intuitive! You know when someone is telling you the Truth and when someone is not. You dislike confrontation, you desire harmonious relationships, but if someone tries to pull the wool over your eyes you will turn your head and walk away! The old days of feeling impatient because someone is not cooperating with you are over! You’re more than ready to do things that YOU ENJOY and make other people take care of their own responsibilities. The New Moon in Scorpio on October 30th is going to bring you the fun-loving and creative energy that you’ve been waiting for! From October 30th, and into your future, you’re going to begin to see some new wonderful changes taking place in your life! Your mind and heart are fertile with new creative ideas and energy! If something feels good to you then you’ll know that you’re on the right path! The key to your success is to focus your mind and heart upon any person or situation that makes you want to say, “Yes!” and Smile!

Cancer: October 11th – October 18th 2016

As the Moon waxes and wanes and moves into a new sign every 2+ days, your choices/decisions/desires can easily change. Your moods can also change with the tides of life and the changes in the Moon so try not to make any life-changing decisions until you feel in a positive alignment with your own feelings. The energies this week are asking you to celebrate your life and allow new feelings of inspiration to motivate you. Any new projects that you desire to launch can turn out to be quite successful for you! The hard-work that you have been putting towards any important projects can turn out to be quite profitable for you in the very near future! Also when it comes to your most personal relationships it’s through your sense of honest dedication towards others that will create the long lasting type of relationships that you desire the most. Always when you put another’s feelings before your own and you honestly give of your compassion towards another, for all the right reasons, you will be rewarded. Your good karma will come back to you 10 fold! But if, on the other hand, you desire another to put your feelings before their own most of the time and you demand situations to be totally under your control, without thinking about the other person’s feelings at all…then that relationship will crash and burn in a way that will make you wonder why you were ever in that relationship at all. Cancers are the intuitive nurturers of the zodiac and it’s up to you to compassionately nurture another person’s feelings so that they can return to you what you have given first. If you find that you are doing this but the other person is being totally selfish then that is a sign for you that you are giving too much and that you need to step back and honestly think about your own feelings and what is best for you. This may all sound a bit complicated, but soon you will see that when you listen to your own intuition and you are completely honest with yourself THEN you’re on the right path indeed towards nurturing the right relationships with important people who will appreciate you, respect you and desire to bestow upon you the true love that you need. If you are already in a marvelous relationship then you’re on the right path! The Full Moon on Sunday, October 16th at 12:23 am Eastern Time, will help you to celebrate your good relationships and lead you towards more personal success!

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Cancer: September 27th – October 4th 2016

The more effort you put towards your daily tasks, the happier you will feel about yourself at the end of the day. There is much good fortune around you now when it comes to situations around your home and with your family members. There is also much positive energy when it comes to your most personal relationships! How you interact with others is transforming in so many positive ways! Everyone will enjoy your stronger sense of confidence that is shining through you now! If you felt stressed out over the past few months (or possibly the whole year so far) get ready because situations are about to turn around in your favor! Friday, September 30th, IS the day when you should begin to really FEEL quite amazing! At 12:54 PM Eastern Time the Moon in Libra joins together with lucky Jupiter in Libra in the area of your life that represents the foundation of your life. This foundation can be your home, family members, ancestors, which all relates back to how you FEEL about yourself! You may be asking yourself questions like, “Who AM I really? Where did I come from? Where AM I going?” Questions like this can be very inspiring for you. You should begin to feel a grand sense of gratitude for who you are and your family heritage! Would you really like to be someone other than who you really are? Of course not! You are THE BEST and MOST MAGNIFICENT YOU (just the way you are right now)! With this clearer understanding of who you are, and with feeling quite blessed within yourself, situations can only begin to improve even more once the NEW MOON in Libra takes place at 8:11 PM Eastern Time! This New Moon in Libra will help you to focus upon creating a more balanced and happier life filled with much love and prosperity! As your new month of October arrives you can definitely look forward to situations becoming more joyful in your life!

Cancer: September 20th – September 27th 2016

A brand new season is on the horizon! Are you looking forward to it? Have you been feeling a little bit stuck lately, like a feeling of being in an uncomfortable rut, especially when it comes to your career and your personal love life? Get ready Cancer, situations are about to turn around in your favor! Any misunderstandings that have been going on will begin to wane. Those moments when you thought that you had to keep quiet and not say how you are feeling in order to keep the peace are about to come to an end. You will be very happy once Mercury moves back into direct motion once again starting on Thursday morning! Hooray! Are you ready to feel more appreciated? Oh yes you are! Situations around both your work life and within your home life are about to improve 100%! When it comes to your love life you’ve been extremely patient. Certain situations may have had you wondering WHEN, if ever, you would begin to receive some real love and romance in your life once again. Starting on Friday, when the Moon moves into your sign at 4:33 AM Eastern Time, your focus should be on yourself and what YOU really want! Pay attention to the desires that flow through your body and mind. “If your mind can conceive it, you can achieve it, and also receive it abundantly!” There is much Good Fortune coming your way, especially in regards to anything that has to do with your home environment and real-estate! Are you wanting to improve your current surroundings? Do you desire to move to another home? Do you desire to surround yourself, in the comfort of your own home, with the people whose company you enjoy the most? Many good times are on the horizon for you! Plan on doing something really FUN this weekend too!

Cancer: September 13th – September 20th 2016

It’s not so much about how others communicate with you, but about how YOU choose to communicate with others. If someone has said something to you that has hurt your feelings in some way, this is the week to spread kindness and forgiveness towards everyone! When you treat others as you wish to be treated, even if they don’t treat you in ways that you appreciate, you’re the better person for having done so and you can feel really good about yourself for that! Sooner or later these people will come to their senses and they will know, without a doubt, that they can (and should) trust and respect you. Then you will be in the perfect position to receive the caring support that you’ve desired for so long. The energies this week are making you aware of the false beliefs that you may have had in regards to your own education and talents. You may have been thinking, “I can’t do this” when in all reality you are exceptionally talented! The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse will take place in your fellow water sign of Pisces on Friday afternoon at 3:05 PM (Eastern Time). This Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse will help you to become more aware of what a truly awesome and wonderful person you really are! New opportunities are on the horizon for you Cancer! All you have to do is believe in yourself and say, “YES!” when these new opportunities come along! What areas of your life would you like to put the energy of “YES!” towards? Focus your positive attention upon these areas of your life now!

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