Cancer weekly horoscopes

Cancer: 10/20 - 10/27/2014

You should do what you love and love what you do! After all if you don’t then why do anything at all? You may feel that you HAVE to do something because someone else expects you too, but in all reality it’s really up to you to choose to do what you want to do! Your emotional focus may be on your family for the beginning of this week. Starting on Thursday the Sun, Venus and the Moon will move into your sister water sign of Scorpio! You, more than any other sign knows how to use the energy of Scorpio to have fun and rise above the challenges! The New Moon/Solar Eclipse will take place on Thursday evening which may bring to your attention that “All work and no play isn’t a good thing for you!” When you are happy then the people around you are happier too AND you are much more organized and productive in all areas of your life! So instead of thinking that you HAVE to do things that you don’t want to do, you are coming into a very creative period of time when you can do what you need to do and enjoy yourself too! Many special opportunities are coming your way! If you can conceive a positive idea, regarding something that you really want, then you can be assured that you are more fertile than ever! The seeds you plant now will bloom and grow more abundantly than ever! What area of your life do you desire to plant some new seeds? “If your mind can conceive it and you believe it then it’s more certain that you will achieve it!” Love and Passionate Romance are highlighted for you, starting this weekend and over the next 4 weeks too! All you have to do is push your worries aside. Put your trust issues away for now. You don’t need them during this very joyful and creative period of time!

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Cancer: 10/13 - 10/20/2014

The Moon moves into your sign on Monday evening and will remain in your sign through Thursday morning. This is a wonderful period of time for you to focus on attracting more Love into your life! “How can I do that?” you may ask me. Well it’s easy enough! All you have to do is focus on the people and things that you love the most! Don’t waste your time dwelling on what you feel that you do not have yet. Focus only on what brings you the greatest sense of JOY into your heart! What you focus on most will attract more of the same vibration of situations into your life. If you focus on the depressing stuff you will only be wasting your time. Pick yourself UP, use your positive intention to focus ONLY on what makes you happy and brings your heart pleasure! Starting on Thursday morning the Moon will move into the sign of Leo, where it will remain until Saturday evening. During this phase of time you should focus on using your personal talents so that you can share them with others, and possibly attract more money into your bank account! You are an exceptionally creative soul Cancer! If you put your talents to use, for the good of all, you will be surprised at how much money you can earn! Even by doing things in charitable ways, you will attract more of the supplies that you need to make the charity flourish! When it comes to your home and family there is a generous amount of love around. Energy from the Sun and beautiful Venus are shining their loving *Light* into this area of your life! Mercury in retrograde motion is helping you to ‘intuitively’ know what you need to do; to beautify your home with some possible remodeling and redecorating ideas, and to help you know exactly what your family members need the most. Your radar is ON when it comes to those who are closest to you! Starting on Saturday night, at 7:08 pm EDT., the Moon will move into the sign of Virgo which will enhance your healing and loving energies even more! The ideas that you come up with this weekend will be good ones for sure! You are ready to enhance your life in a special way. Let your ideas flow and be ready to take action when a good opportunity comes your way!

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Cancer: 10/6 - 10/13/2014

Surprises, of all shapes and sizes, are heading your way. You may feel a little bit ‘out of sorts’ on Wednesday morning when the Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse takes place (6:51 am EDT). You may feel extra sleepy and have a hard time waking up, but if you can sleep through it OR just take your time doing whatever you need to do then you will be alright. This particular Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse vibration can make you feel moody and emotionally distant from the people around you. This phase will pass. Please take your time readjusting. This vibration is asking you to focus ONLY on what you HAVE to do, and nothing else. A lot of Cancer’s may desire to take the day off of work completely and spend quality time resting and relaxing as much as possible. If you push yourself too hard then you may resent the work that you need to do. This is not a good time to quit your job just because you’re feeling tired. Go slow. Take it easy! If you can remind yourself that what you are doing is for the good of everyone involved then you can feel proud of yourself and do your job well! You should begin to feel a little better on Thursday morning when the Moon moves into the sign of Taurus. Plan on doing something calm and relaxing over this weekend. Again, take it easy Cancer. It’s time to nurture yourself as well as you naturally know how to nurture everyone else.

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Cancer: 9/29 - 10/6/2014

Situations around your home, and with your family, can be loving and beautiful! Energy from Venus is enhancing your appreciation for the people in your life. If you are blessed to have children around you can relive your childhood with these special little people by playing games of all types and having fun with them. If you are single then you may be working on remodeling and redecorating your beautiful home environment. Close relationships are highlighted for you this week. Starting on Saturday, when Mercury goes into retrograde motion, you may desire to communicate stories about your own childhood. A sense of nostalgia may overcome you. You can relive the good times of your life by sharing your personal stories with the people around you. This particular Mercury retrograde won’t bother you as much as others. You may find that you’re actually quite lucky during this phase of time. A person that you had a friendship and/or relationship with before may cross your path again to rekindle the flames during this phase of time. (October 4th - October 25th) If you can focus on doing things that you enjoy, and surrounding yourself with people who enjoy these things too, then everything will work out in your favor. It’s time to slow down and relive some good moments from the good ‘ole days in your life once again. An old hobby that you once enjoyed, but felt that you didn’t have time for anymore, can be picked up on once again and enjoyed even more! Have Fun!

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Cancer: 9/22 - 9/29/2014

Energy from the Sun and Mercury in Libra may have you a little bit frustrated at the beginning of this week; because you are trying to make some plans and situations around your home base may seem a bit out of order and hectic. Try to remain calm and put your plans aside for Monday and Tuesday. Once the New Moon in Libra arrives, early on Wednesday morning, all of those ‘new’ situations that you are planning will begin to fall in place much easier for you. There’s no need for you to worry about anything. In fact, the more you worry the more frazzled your nerves will become. Relax and try to bide your time for just a little while. Put your positive faith behind the fact that situations WILL begin to work out for you in the not too distant future. Another important lesson going on for you during this phase of time is for you to learn how to ‘accept’ help and assistance from those around you! Not everything needs to be perfect, in fact situations may seem as far from perfect as you can imagine, but you do have control over how you feel and how you choose to react. Stay calm, stay calm. Yes situations may seem a bit hectic for this week, but starting next Monday - when beautiful Venus moves into its natural sign of Libra - there will be much LOVING energy around you! Have Fun!

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Cancer: 9/15 - 9/22/2014

Don’t give up hope, just when you need it the most! The Moon will be in your sign starting early on Tuesday. You may feel a bit more emotionally sensitive during this phase of time, but situations will begin to turn around for you as early as Thursday morning! It’s time to pick yourself UP, dust yourself off, and wake up each morning with a positive intention! Focus on what brings you a strong sense of inner happiness! When you know that your efforts are being appreciated, even in the smallest of ways, you won’t mind doing what you have to do in order to take good care of your daily duties in the most positive ways! It’s only when you feel down, grumpy and moody, that you feel stuck and unhealthy. Listen to what your body and emotions are telling you. Pay attention to your own inner needs. Be good to yourself! If someone happens to wander into your life with a negative opinion, don’t take what this person says and does to you so personally. You are learning that it’s your own opinion, of yourself, that matters the most! It’s time to give yourself a BIG pat on the back for all of your hard-earned accomplishments! Romantic situations are also improving for you, slowly day by day, so that you can take your time and choose, when you desire, to spend quality time with a special someone who genuinely makes you smile!

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Cancer: 9/8 - 9/15/2014

Take extra special care of yourself this week. Your emotions may be easy to read, but you will feel that no one can possibly ever understand exactly how you are feeling. These emotions will be UP and sometimes you’ll feel down, sometimes you’ll feel ecstatically happy and other times you won’t feel like talking to anyone. The Harvest Full Moon in the sign of Pisces on Monday will set the emotional tone for the rest of this week. This is a very Beautiful Full Moon indeed which asks you to reap the emotional benefits from everything that you’ve unconditionally done for others. Your belief in yourself should be exceptionally strong! Your belief in a Higher Power flowing through your life, creating positive Synchronicity experiences, can be wonderful! The key to your personal happiness is in knowing what you desire and feeling worthy enough to except the experiences when they come along. It’s time for you to feel spiritually grateful for your life and for the people are attracted into it that desire to help you. If you find that you have some emotional trust issues that you can’t seem to overcome then this is your week to figure out why you have these feelings and learn how to heal past them. Pay close attention to the people around you who you do admire and love! Spend more time with these people. Allow their unconditional love for you to warm your heart and then with gratitude you will begin to positively move forward, in many abundant ways, once again! Put your past behind you, you don’t live there any longer, and begin to focus forward on a much brighter future for yourself and everyone you love!

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Cancer: 9/1 - 9/8/2014

If the world was falling apart at the seams the people in your life know that they can count on you to make things better. You are a true nurturer who cares about the feelings of others. You often figure out ways to make everyone feel better. For everyone else of the zodiac, the current Mars and Saturn in Scorpio energy is making many people very depressed. On the other hand, for you Dear Cancer, this energy can be uplifting and stimulating your creativity! You are being called upon to help others to ‘lighten-up’ and realize what is really important. You can teach them, like little children, that they can have their toys ‘after’ their work is done and that earning rewards is good for the soul and much better than receiving rewards for no particular reason. You can be just as tough as you are gentle. You can heal others with your words, or you can scold them. Either way when you have something to say people are going to listen! This is a week where your most personal relationships will be your most important focus. If you are happy then they will be too, but if you are not they had better watch out! For the most part you should be in a good mood, unless someone annoys you with their own negative attitude! Try to be compassionate and realize that you are a very special soul, who has an ability to creatively and compassionately help others overcome their sense of personal depression with your healing touch and beautiful smile!

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Cancer: 8/25 - 8/31/2014

The New Moon energy on Monday afternoon will begin to open new doors of opportunity for you in regards to having better communication with the people around you. You may also feel enthusiastic about learning something new that can help enhance your finances in a positive way! The next few weeks are very important ones for you. Vibrationally speaking you are evaluating your life and trying to figure out what ‘you’ want to do so that you can have more FUN in your life! A happy social life is a must for you! If you feel that you are working too much and not enjoying your life enough then you may become quite a crabby Cancer person indeed! Before you begin to feel depressed try to figure out what it IS that you desire more of. Be cautious of the desire to over-medicate yourself through the use of drugs and alcohol. You will feel quite sexy, but even in this area of your life you’re going to have to make sure that you don’t overdo it! A healthy balance in mind, body and with your emotions is what you desire the most. You are a very creative soul indeed. You can be quite sexy and romantic when you want to be. Watch out for the temptation to over-eat in order to feel better for the moment. Mars and Saturn in the sign of Scorpio can bring temptations into your life to do things that you wouldn’t normally do just to have some fun. A momentary good feeling can be quite tempting, but you’ll have to deal with the consequences of your actions…no matter what you are doing. The key to your personal success and happiness is to “Think” twice before taking action. Being overly spontaneous now may lead you towards doing something that you’ll regret later. You can have fun. Just make sure that whatever you are doing that you are conscious of WHY you are doing it and that you feel good about your choice before you make a decision.

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Cancer: 8/11 - 8/18/2014

“Like attracts Like” in both Physics and Metaphysics. When it comes to your most personal relationship, or lack of one, you must give yourself credit for the type of people you attract into your life. It’s through your emotions that you will either attract needy people or brilliantly creative ones! The waning moon moves though the signs of Pisces, Aries, Taurus and Gemini this week; bringing to your attention your emotional need for good friendships. There is also a strong desire, especially mid-week, to work on a project that you feel is satisfying for you. Friday and Saturday are excellent for spending quality time with some fun-loving friends. Starting on Sunday, under the Gemini Moon, you’ll desire to take it easy and retreat a little more. This lazy type of energy will remain into Monday and Tuesday of next week, but by early on Wednesday morning, when the Moon moves into your sign Cancer, you’ll be ready to become emotionally re-energized once again!

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