Cancer weekly horoscopes

Cancer: 1/19 - 1/26/2015

If you could change just one thing about your life, what would that be? The New Moon in Aquarius asks you to focus on this question, come up with a positive answer and then focus passionately on the new transformation that you desire to see! Once you have the answer, turn your energy towards your heart. With all of the passion that you can muster visualize yourself ‘already’ having what you desire in your life! Use your imagination to FEEL how happy you can be! If you can stay focused on this new course of your life then you will be joyfully surprised when opportunities you desire begin to come your way! Of course you have to be ready, able and willing to take positive action when they arrive! But the first step is the most important…answering the question above and KNOWING the answer! You can take your time coming up with the answer that you desire. Mercury moving into retrograde motion from January 21st through February 11th will help to inspire you through your intuition! Pay attention to your gut instinct. Try to avoid the negative inner ego conflicts you may feel that may tell you that you’re not worthy, in some way/for some untrue reasons, and keep your heart and mind focused only on what is most important to you! Day by day, night by night, situations can become much easier for you; especially when you keep your heart and mind positively focused on what you desire most! If your desires and goals are for your Highest Good and the Highest Good of the people in your life then you will be amazed at the amount of opportunity, success and abundance that can begin to flow into your life now!

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Cancer: 1/12 - 1/19/2015

The beginning of this week has you focused on your home and family. Starting on Tuesday evening, as the Moon moves into the sign of Scorpio at 6:44 pm ET, your focus will begin to shift towards doing activities that you enjoy which stimulate your creative imagination! The energy from Tuesday through early on Friday morning are your best days, and nights, for allowing yourself to focus more on having fun, being happy, enjoying creative hobbies, and even enjoying more passion and romance in your life! Starting on Friday morning, as the Moon moves into the sign of Sagittarius, your emotional focus will shift towards taking care of your daily duties. For you, Dear Cancer, the more FUN you can have while you’re taking care of your daily business…the more successful, healthier and happier you will always be! Give yourself credit for everything that you accomplish in a joyful manner! If you feel that you have to struggle through anything then that’s a sure sign that you’re on the wrong path. Now that the energy of Mars has moved into your fellow water sign of Pisces, you can really begin to BELIEVE that you deserve to live a happier life in the specific ways that you desire! Your energy is beautiful and vibrant indeed! The kindness and love that you’ve shined onto others in the past, and continue to shine onto others now, will bring you the good luck, the good karma, and the positive opportunities that you desire! All you have to do is pay attention to your inner passions, try to enjoy your life more often, and BELIEVE that what you desire most is on its way to you in the not too distant future!

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Cancer: 1/5 - 1/12/2015

You start this week off right with the Full Moon in Cancer shining beautifully on You! Are you ready to start this New Year of 2015 with a sense of personal passion that this IS going to be your best year yet? Of course you are! More than any other zodiac sign you realize that your personal relationships need to be very honest and secure! There is always a feeling of Fate/Destiny/Synchronicity when it comes to your most personal relationships. For better, or worse, you can easily attract people into your life who you feel MUST have been with you in some past life experience too! It’s at this time of year, with the Sun in the sign of Capricorn, that you realize this the most! Focus positively on your own sense of personal commitment towards enhancing the relationships with the people you love the most. Respect is the key word for you within these relationships. The more you show your respect towards others, the more they will show their appreciation and respect towards you! Those relationships and/or friendships in your life that are not for your Highest Good will slowly begin to fade away during this period of time. Try not to cling onto them too strongly. When you release someone from your life then you are creating the space for someone new, someone more on your own personal vibration, to enter into it. Now is the time to release the past, look forward to your future, and enjoy the special NOW moments of your life! The more you value who you are…the more that others around you will value who you are too!

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Cancer: 12/29/2014 - 1/5/2015

The Moon is growing bigger and brighter each night towards its FULL MOON point of time on Sunday, January 4th 2015, at 11:53 pm ET! As you move through the energies of this week, your positive focus should be on your most personal relationships! Energy from the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto are all helping you to use your personal power, creative mind and loving heart to create deep and profound changes within these important relationships. The more quality time that you spend with the people who are important to you, the more wonderful memories you create - that you will remember and they will remember - for the rest of everyone’s life! When we leave this Earth plane, the only ‘real’ thing that we take with us are our precious memories. NOW is the time to have a good time together and create these special memories! NOW is the time to celebrate our lives together! No matter what situations are taking place around you, NOW is the time to realize how important your caring and loving energy really is to the important people in your life! This is an important Theme that you will be taking with you into the New Year of 2015! The more you genuinely ‘give’ of your self, your energy and your time towards others…the more you will Receive! The FULL MOON energy on Sunday evening will shine her beautiful bright *LIGHT* on YOU! This beautiful Cancer FULL MOON can help you to really realize your own inner beauty and how much your beautiful inner energy reflects back upon others. You intuitively know what other people need the most. If you desire the people of this world to become more caring, loving, nurturing and compassionate towards one another…and you know that you do…then the change that you desire to see begins within YOU! It’s time for you to allow your inner beautiful *LIGHT* to Shine, without worrying about how other people will accept it. It’s time for you to step into the New Year of 2015 and set your life as a positive example for everyone around you!

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Cancer: 12/22 - 12/29/2014

The social Aquarius Moon will put you in a very good mood throughout most of this week! Try to be as flexible as you can be. Try not to allow the delays from others to bother you, annoy you, or frustrate you in any way. Try to slow down and enjoy the holiday festivities now. Everyone around you will be flexible with their time and you need to be flexible with their time too. As long as you can try to stay in a positive mood then everything will definitely turn out in your favor! In fact, the more relaxed you can be…the happier you and everyone around you will be. Try not to dwell on what you desire to be different; just try to enjoy these special moments of your life to the best of your ability! If you can do this then you will see that situations will work out even better than if you had planned everything more perfectly! There is much love, happiness and good communication all around you. Stay focused on what makes you feel happiest in any given moment. With an attitude of gratitude you will see that this holiday season may actually be your best one yet!

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Cancer: 12/15 - 12/22/2014

You may feel a little emotionally under the weather this week, but if you can focus on the people you love and the situations that make you feel most grateful for being alive then everything will work out just fine. It’s time for you to realize how important it is for you to try to enjoy your life more often. When you are happy, especially emotionally happy, then you are healthier too! Your good health is directly related to how you feel in your heart. Pay attention to what your feelings are telling you! The NEW MOON energy on Sunday evening starts a new chapter in your life regarding your most personal relationships. From 8:36 pm ET and onward into your future, situations regarding your most personal relationships can greatly improve for you! If already in a committed relationship the Holidays are going to be very special for you this year. If you are single then this is the perfect time to get out there and mingle. There is a special person waiting to meet you! Either way you should put your dancing shoes on and enjoy your life to the fullest!

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Cancer: 12/8 - 12/15/2014

A situation that has been bothering you for some time now will come to a head so that you can take care of the situation with more self-motivation! You are going to want things to work out well this week and if you have to do things yourself, to get things done right, then so be it! You are beginning to feel that you are truly the captain of your ship. If certain people desire to sail along with you in your life then they have to respect that this IS your ship and your rules that they need to follow. If they don’t like it then they can choose to find another ship to sail on. You desire only friendly folks to sail along with any how. You are beginning to realize how important your emotional health is to your total well-being! If you have been the one who has been cranky - thinking negative thoughts to yourself - then this is the week when you will desire to stop doing this and start being a more positive thinker within yourself! The more you value who you are the happier you will BE! There is a strong desire within you now to perceive your life in a more joyful, but also logical manner so that you can be both happy and productive! No longer will you allow negative people to zap your beautiful emotional energy. These people can either respect you enough to treat you well or choose to leave your life altogether. You have a strong desire to do what you love and love what you do…with a group of people around you who love you and what you do too! This IS beginning to happen for you Cancer. You’re life is transforming in many splendid ways now. You just have to agree to choose only the best for yourself - best jobs, best friends, best lovers, best mates, best hobbies, best food and treat yourself right! Is your perception of life a negative one Or do you desire to transform your perceptions into become much more positive, creative and hopeful for your future?

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Cancer: 12/1 - 12/8/2014

This can be a very busy week for you, even though you may desire to just sit back, relax and let go of everything. You can be quite productive this week, surrounded by many people who are counting on your assistance. You have to be able to do things in your own time. If you feel rushed in any way then you may just give up, but if on the other hand you can pace yourself slowly (and enjoy what you are doing) then you will be amazed at how much you can do! The Taurus Moon on Wednesday through early on Friday morning will help you to focus on your ‘hopes, dreams, wishes and long term goals.’ People around you will desire to assist you to. Remember to ask other to help you if you need them to. Once the enlightened Moon moves into the sign of Gemini, early on Friday morning, it will continue to grow brighter and brighter until it reaches its FULL MOON position on Saturday morning at 7:27 am EST. During this FULL MOON point of time you may feel both wired, and tired, at the same time. Your emotions will swing back to the past and then swing way out to the future. You know where you have been in life - and you know where you really want to be - but it is very important that you give yourself credit for where you are NOW in your life too! Emotionally you may not feel very satisfied, even if you normally do. You need to remind yourself that this is just a passing phase. If you can gratefully celebrate your life, right now, just like it IS already then you are on the right path. The Moon will move into your sign early on Sunday afternoon at 12:34 pm EST. This is the perfect time to give yourself credit for all you have done and all you have given to everyone! Remind yourself that you are WONDERFUL…just like you are! The more you can positively align your mind with your passionate heart…the more successful you will be in every area of your life!

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Cancer: 11/24 - 12/1/2014

You should find yourself happily busy taking care of yourself and your daily duties. You can do things at your own pace, and in your own way, which will help you to get a lot accomplished while you’re dancing and singing along the way. When you can do what you love and love what you do then you won’t feel as pressured as you’ve felt over the last few months. Your creative energy continues to soar free! The people around you realize how beautifully creative you are! Many people desire to be around you now, especially your closest friends and family members, because your energy makes them feel inspired! The Moon will be in the sign of Aquarius from Wednesday afternoon through Friday evening, giving you a feeling that you are lovingly supported by the people who mean the most to you. Starting on Friday evening, and through most of the weekend, the Moon will be in the sign of Pisces which will bring you a strong sense of belief that your life is improving in many wonderful ways! Pay attention to your intuition, it will help guide you in many ways. Your desire for an easier life, a more fun-filled life, really begins to manifest into your life starting this weekend!

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Cancer: 11/17 - 11/24/2014

You start this new week off right with the Moon in Virgo, which stimulates your mind towards getting many important things accomplished correctly. On Monday afternoon your emotional attention turns towards your home and family members. Whatever challenging situations you may have going on at home you can easily handle these situations with creative determination and love. You desire comfort and peace within your home life. This is where you keep the love fires burning the best! When you feel happy and comfortable then everyone else around you will feel this way too. It is very important that you realize this and put your needs ‘first’ before everyone else. Once you feel energized and joyful then you can use this healthy energy to get a lot accomplished! Starting on Thursday morning there may need to be some compromise between yourself and someone else who is important to you in your life. Working together as a team can bring you both a lot of happiness indeed! Situations can flow easy for you if you are traveling, especially to see other family members and/or good friends over the course of this weekend. Speaking of the energies of this weekend, the New Moon in Sagittarius is excellent for you to focus on doing things in new ways where you can begin to have more FUN in your life! Situations are expanding around you. A new chapter of your life begins at the time of this New Moon! Starting on Saturday, and over the course of the next 4 weeks, your main focus should be on doing what you enjoy more often! If you feel that you have to do something that you don’t enjoy, and you begin to feel a bit crabby, try to turn the situations around by finding ways to enjoy what you’re doing in a different way. It’s your own perspective about situations that will determine if you’re enjoying your life, or if you’re not. If you’re perspective is one of feeling crabby then lift yourself and do something that will make you feel happy! As you begin to practice doing this then you will begin to see situations really beginning to turn around in your favor!

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