Have you heard about The Universal Law of Abundance? The Law states absolutely – “If you give a financial tithing to the person or place where you receive your spiritual enlightenment and positive energy for your Soul, that financial gift will return to you in miraculously abundant ways.”

Miracles are created out of the love that we have for each other. When we share of ourselves through good intentions and the love in our hearts – miracles happen!

I created this section of my web site in order to allow you to tap into The Universal Law of Abundance and see how well it can work in your life. When you give a donation, of any amount, to this spiritual website, you are helping me to keep on doing what I do best – sharing the inspiring information that I receive with you and our brothers and sisters all around the world. Your help will help me to continue on my mission of keeping this website the most truthful and enlightening source of information on the internet.

Most importantly though, when you give from your heart, because you enjoy astroenlightenment.com, your love and financial donation will begin the miracle of love – not only in my life – but back into your life as well.

Let us keep the circle of love flowing. From you to me and me to you and all around the world. May the flow of love and prosperity fill your life abundantly!

It’s very easy to donate, any amount that you wish, by using the donate button below:

You can also type me a special note in the message box. When sending donations, you don’t have to have a paypal account. You can use your credit card, debit card, or any other form of payment. I have used paypal for years and it’s a totally reliable and secure website. I encourage you to join their free service. It’s an excellent way to purchase anything you need on-line and also to send charitable donations to those websites where you receive your spiritual enlightenments. They will send you an immediate receipt of your donation to your e-mail box. PayPal will send me one too letting me know of your special donation. Once I receive this special receipt I will personally send you a special Thank You e-mail!

Also, below, you will see a comment box here where you can leave me a special message and put your name, city, state, and country. Your name will appear under Supporters there and will continue to stay on my site here as a contributer to my website. Your name being there will be very blessed and I will keep you in my dearest prayers each and every day. If you have a special prayer that you would like to be said for yourself, or for someone you deeply care about, let me know that too. People who read this section of my site will also send their most positive prayers to you.

May The Law of Abundance bless your life and all those you love. I am very happy that you enjoy my website and remember, it’s not just my website – we are all part of a very important spiritual family and this website is also your home – and as a home – you are welcome anytime. Come here often, sit back, relax, and allow the positive and loving energy of this website to also belong to you.

Thank you!

Michelle Anne Cox-Lomas Ph.D.


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  1. 1 James C. Lomas Jr

    Good Luck my wife in all you do.
    I support you throughly and I will love you always.
    Your Husband,
    James C. Lomas Jr

  2. 2 Kathy

    Dear Angel Sis,
    I am blessed you were brought into my life. I support all you do and am grateful for the information you share with others.
    May God Bless You and Yours Always,
    Your Spiritual Sis,
    Kathy Baker

  3. 3 stephen

    God Bless you Michelle you have been so helpful.
    Thank You for all your help.

  4. 4 Tina

    Thanks Michelle for all you do! You are a talented reader that cares so much about helping others. I always enjoy your bubbly and positive personality!

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  6. 6 Angelina

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    Thank you!

  7. 7 Sophie A.

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  12. 12 Frank J. Aquilina

    Hello Everyone Again,

    If you go to my comments regarding Michelle’s Numerology Report. This is the perfect place to make your Universal Abundant Karmic Tith. This is so true for I’ve Tith and The Law of Abundance will always reward you many fold. Especially when it’s done from your heart.

    I have and will always be a supporter to my Sister. For Michelle has enlightened me on my many spiritual talents and believe me when I say what I’m going to say.

    The many spiritual fans of the world know our Earth-Angel Michelle and one morning Michelle will call Pay Pal to make sure that there was not an error in her account’s balance for it will overflow. When this day happens many a people will benefit from Michelle’s personal Abundant Universal Tith.

    May Your Horn of Plenty become overly Abundant so you will do what you’ve always wanted to do for the many who need the many blessings from all of us who are fortunate and blessed to make a difference.

    Your Big Brother Frank

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    Bright Blessings Michelle, thank you for sharing your gifts!

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  39. 40 EDUARDO

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  40. 41 Eric Hunt

    I am glad that you received my donation.

    Thank you for letting me know.

    I hope that Lightworkers benefit.

    I also hope that this Site and that you will benefit.

    Thanks for your work.

    By the way I know that my small donation will return to me in an abundance that I believe is out there for me and for my charities.

    Thanks for being here Michelle.

    Love Ya.

    God wants us to be all He intended for us.

    You know I know that. I know you know that.

    So, I pray we both shall always let go and be positive and that we will become all that He intends.


  41. 42 Keone Glaser

    Hello, out of all of the websites that give me the similar message of light. Yours complied me to come to this point, I’m not sure why but it was strictly intuition that made me donate. I’m very happy to! I was already on the verge of purchasing a natal chart that will soon follow. But something complied me to donate….. I believe it has to do with my firm belief of an abundant future I project until I get dizzy everyday. Somehow I see this as a step towards the right direction or perhaps, a random event to bring abundant light.

    I hope you’re well, a couple of your articles have brought me joy & I hope this humble donation can bring you some good ole 3rd dimension fun :)

    bless us! bless you!

    – love


  42. 43 Michelle

    Thank you so much Keone. Your words have touched my heart. I’m very happy that you are enjoying my website here at: http://www.astroenlightenment.com. Sometimes I get a little behind, a bit overwhelmed with all I need to get done, but then a special person comes along, like you, who does something special for me…which makes me very happy and inspires me to keep on doing my best for you and for everyone all around the world.

    Thank You very much! I look forward to receiving your donation and your order for me to do your Natal Chart and Report!

    May your own good karma return to you 10 fold!

    Blessings Now and Always!
    Michelle :)

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