6 or 12 Month Transit Reports!

This special report will let you know what planetary vibrations are around you now and over the course of the next 6 months. This is an excellent report that will give  you the start dates and stop dates of EVERY important transit/aspect that is moving through your natal chart and sending vibrations into your life. This report is a personal horoscope that is created just for YOU (or for the person that you desire to purchase this special report for). Each and every transiting aspect will be described to you in detail which will help you to know exactly when positive vibrations, and challenging vibrations, will be around you. You will be able to understand more clearly why you’ve been feeling a certain way and how to handle these vibrations more joyfully. Also, you will see when the positive vibrations will be around you so that you can make the most of them! There will be certain periods of time when challenging vibrations will be going on during the exact same time more positive ones are happening. The important thing is to keep your heart and mind focused on the ‘good vibrations’ while understanding and learning what the more challenging vibrations are all about. This is an exceptionally helpful report indeed! #1 Best Seller! Aprox. 75+ pages of excellent information. If you desire a more extended report, a special 12 Month Transit Report, I can create this for you too so that you will know exactly what will be going on around you for the next year! The 12 Month Report is aprox. 150+ pages of incredible and helpful information.

After making your payment please send me your birth information in the following format:

Full Name:

Birth Date:

Time you were born: (if you know this information – please check your birth certificate)

City/State/Country where you were born:

City/State/Country where you live now:

After receiving the above information I will email you promptly to make certain that the information that I have is correct. You can expect to receive your special report within 7 days; sometimes much sooner if time permits. I look forward to creating your special report for you!

Length of Report