November 28th – December 5th 2017

 “Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams of your heart.” ~ Roy T Bennett

 Hi Dear Friends and Devoted Readers,

Here we are in Sagittarius season, but there are two conflicting energies going on that won’t allow the more optimistic side of Sagittarius to shine forth! First we have the ruling planet for the sign of Sagittarius, Jupiter (the planet of beliefs, good fortune and expansion) in the more grim sign of Scorpio. And, secondly, the planet Saturn (the ruling planet for the sign of Capricorn, which is all about restrictions, karma and hard work) is currently in the sign of Sagittarius until December 19th!

Then add to this that the energy of the powerful Sun and Mercury (which is in shadow of going retrograde on Sunday December 3rd) are both in the sign of Sagittarius right now and we have a huge set up for the feelings of dissatisfaction and depression, instead of our usual “Happy Holiday’s” sense of optimism that should be occurring at this time of year.

Even if situations are flowing quite nicely in your life at the moment, have you noticed feelings of uncertainty rising to the surface? There’s a feeling of “When is the other shoe going to fall?” being asked by many of my personal clients and friends.

Well, you know me quite well, if you’ve been reading my column here for many years, that there is always an upside to every situation. WE CAN try to pay attention to what we appreciate the most with a grand sense of gratitude in these right NOW moments of our lives and make the best of everything! Oh yes, we can do this and it would be the right thing to do, but also try to be more aware of your genuine feelings too. You are important! Your feelings DO matter!

Which leads me to the next topic of how the energy of Mars is acting these days in its current sign of Libra! Mars is an action planet, a take-charge planet, and often the energy that can be reactive. With Mars currently being in the sign of Libra (the sign that rules over all relationships) it is very easy to feel ‘out of balance’ within these important relationships in our lives.

Have you felt angry lately with your loved ones because you desire more easy-flowing cooperation? Or have you noticed that they seem angry at you because they desire something more from you that you can’t give, or you’re unwilling to give to give to them right now?

First and foremost let us understand what anger is and why people become angry in the first place. There are only 2 reasons why anyone gets angry. Every emotion and reason for feeling angry will fall into 1 of these 2 categories:

  • Pain (defensiveness/desire to heal)
  • Selfishness (lack/fear/ego compulsions/addictions/desires)

Let us explore the emotion of anger a little bit more. Mentally, emotionally, physically and/or spiritually IF a person feels in pain, for any reason, they will either react with anger or suppress this emotion which will then lead into depression. What is a better way to handle this emotion? Instead of reacting, or suppressing, it is better to ‘talk’ about ‘why’ you feel this way and how you’re honestly feeling. Using words like, “I feel in pain, I feel frustrated because___” is much better than lashing out at someone you love. If you feel that your words are falling on deaf ears and the other person (who also has his/her own issues going on) isn’t listening, then now is the perfect time to talk to a dear friend or a counselor who can help you to understand your feelings so that you can move through them without hurting yourself or anyone else.

In regards to selfishness, think of it this way, people desire ‘things’ and people to behave in a certain way. If they feel that their needs are not being met, they are not receiving what they desire most, then that person can easily become angry and throw a huge temper-tantrum!

It doesn’t matter if it is a child or an adult (who can do worse damage than a child ever could) it is very important to ask this person “How are you truly feeling? Why are you so angry over this situation?” and then listen.

If you just give in and just give that person what he or she wants, to curb the anger in the moment, you’re not getting to the true root of the issue; which more often than not that person desires to feel loved and appreciated.

So here we are, in the last powerful and rebellious degrees, of the planet Mars being in the sign of Libra for this week! This can be a tense time. Relationships can feel very overwhelming indeed! Whether it is a relationship with Self or another, it is important to ask yourself (if you feel angry) “Am I in pain, and if so how can I heal this?” OR “Am I just being selfish and if so what IS IT that I really want?”

LOVE is the cure for everything, but what is Love actually? Venus and Neptune (a higher vibration of Venus) are the planetary energies that bring good feelings of love into our existence. Without these vibrations situations would feel very grim indeed! Venus represents beauty, love, comfort, and the urge to be in good relationships. Neptune is a grand vibration of Divineness, the ability to love and sacrifice for another in order for everyone to feel in Divine Unity. Some people believe that this vibration can’t exist, but yes it does through the vibration of Neptune!

There is a wide range of loving feelings on the love spectrum; from a feeling of detached sense of appreciation for someone….all the way to having a very deep soulful connection with another. Take a moment to turn your attention to your heart and FEEL where each of your important relationships are on the love spectrum within your life. Do you desire to turn up the dial of appreciation and love for others OR do you feel angry and desire to dial it down?

Venus is currently in the sign of Scorpio (which can also bring feelings of dissatisfaction, quite passionately, to the surface of your heart). Venus wants what Venus wants and in the sign of Scorpio she desires nothing but grand attention, appreciation and everything from the other…like a Queen on her throne! If she doesn’t get what she wants she can easily say, “Off with their heads!” and move onto another, or something else that she desires more!

On Friday, December 1st, Venus will move out of the sign of Scorpio and into the sign of Sagittarius. Venus in Sagittarius can be more playful, desires more sporty contact and connection with another. In the sign of Venus she can be fickle, but she will enhance the feelings of more optimism in your relationships that are flowing well.

Starting on Friday we will begin to have an alignment of the energies of the Sun, Mercury (almost in retrograde motion), Venus and Saturn all in the sign of Sagittarius; asking all of us to ‘re-evaluate’ and ‘realize’ what relationships in our lives are healthy and which ones are not.

All of our relationships can feel very karmic for the next week or so, because the energy of Saturn is also involved. Saturn is in the last degrees (the rebellious degrees) of being in the sign of Sagittarius until he moves into the sign that he rules, Capricorn, on December 19th.  Both Mercury and Saturn are joined together (conjuncting) each other quite tightly; which can mean that conversations take on a more serious vibration and all conversations, but personally and through social media, will seem more serious indeed!

In the meantime, try to pay extra attention to how the energy flows within all of your relationships – with friends, with co-workers, with your family members, with your neighbors, and especially with yourself. Are there ways that you can feel more friendly and joyful within these important connections that you have? “Give what you wish to receive in return” is the perfect motto that can help you during this phase of time. It won’t always be easy, but at least if you try then you know that ‘you’ are on the right path even if others around are not.

Pay extra attention to what you are doing, try to drive with caution, when on Friday the energy of Mars in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries starting at 5:05 am. Here we go with the energy of Mars opposing the energy of spontaneous Uranus! This can be a very intense day where what I talked about above, regarding anger issues, can come into play. Try to do your best to remain calm. Being calm is better is than being reactive. Keep in mind that the energy of Neptune in Pisces is always available so that you can tune into it and no matter what the circumstances are you can choose to be as compassionately understanding as possible. Not easy to do within a heated moment between two people, but you are wise…take a few deep breaths…you can do it!

Starting on Saturday, December 2nd, the Moon moves into the sign of Gemini – growing brighter and brighter until its FULL MOON point of time on Sunday, December 3rd at 10:47 AM Eastern Time (adjust for your time zone).

Starting on Saturday, December 2nd, you may notice that most people will be in a hyper/overwhelmed type of mood. You will see many people rushing about. If they have a good plan then much can be accomplished. If they do not know exactly what they are doing, or where they are going, but feel more on an auto-pilot type of mode, then it’s possible that people can act more reactive than proactive!

This can be a lovely day though with many A-HA moments taking place. Pay attention to the conversations going on around you. You may hear something that can inspire you! A lot of people can be in a kind and generous mood, if they choose to be.

We also have a tense vibration taking place in the evening when the Moon in Gemini opposes Venus in Sagittarius starting at 7:37 pm! This is a vibration where you desire to do one thing but your partner, or friend, desires to do something else. This Full Moon in Gemini desires to be active, but you may desire to stay home and be playful with your partner instead. Watch out for feelings of suspicion, jealousy, or just misunderstandings that can lead towards unnecessary arguments and angry feelings.

On a higher vibrational note it is very possible to tune into grander feelings of romance and appreciate the good experiences together.

Luckily, right afterwards, starting at 9:19 pm, there is a beautiful vibration of Jupiter in Scorpio trining Neptune in Pisces! Here we go again with the energy of Neptune coming to save this evening and put back some good feelings into situations. Unconditional love and understanding are the highest vibrations of creative and divine Neptune. On a lower vibration Neptune in Pisces can cause the imagination to run rampant with expansive (Jupiter) type of feelings. What type of feelings do you choose to tune into, ones that feel bad or ones that feel good? You always have the free will to choose. The trine vibration is a blessing so tuning into the good feelings can come easier with a little desire, focus and effort. When choosing to tune into the best of this vibration you can actually experience wonderful little miracles!

On Sunday, December 3rd, the most powerful day/evening of this week, we begin this day with Mercury in Sagittarius moving into retrograde motion until December 22nd. Mercury begins its retrograde motion at 2:34 am. The very beginning of any retrograde is always most potent. You can expect this to be a VERY TENSE day/evening. The aspects taking place are incredibly vibrant!

Mercury has just moved into retrograde motion – then at 6:44 am the Sun in Sagittarius squares off with Neptune in Pisces! This is a vibration of discord. The Sun in Sagittarius says, “I believe this” and Neptune in Pisces (the more loving vibration) says, “No that’s not right, that’s not healthy for you, let me show you a better way!” and the Sun in Sagittarius says, “NO!!!”

Now WHY would the normally playful Sun in Sagittarius, who can be oh so wise, desire to be so combative now? The reason we SEE this is because the ruling planet for the sign of Sagittarius, Jupiter, is still in the sign of Scorpio; and Sagittarius feels the weight/pressure of the energies of the planet Saturn too. This year, because of the combinations of vibrations, Sagittarius feels held back, held down, depressed and a bit hopeless that situations can turn out in a better way in the future. Neptune has come along to give some loving and healing support, but Sagittarius says, “I’ll believe it when I SEE it” and Neptune says, “Believe it and then you will SEE it!”

10:31 am the almost FULL MOON in Gemini also squares off with Neptune in Pisces! You’ve heard the word ‘looney’ before, well you can expect most people, in general, to be acting this way today! Be cautious of making any large purchases because the Moon in Gemini has a desire for many ‘things’ and doesn’t always think things through before purchasing them. Neptune in Pisces says, “Does it have long lasting value? Do you LOVE it? If not, then put it back!” On a brighter note, this is a good time to be charitable towards others who have less than you do. Putting a smile on the face of another can actually help you to feel really great about yourself!

At 10:47 am on Sunday, December 3rd, we have our FULL MOON in Gemini taking place! This is a SUPERMOON because it is closest to the Earth which amplifies the energy quite a bit. This Gemini FULL MOON takes place at 11 degrees (a higher master number of service towards others) 40 seconds (4+0=4 is the number of building more solid foundations). Many people will feel that it’s “party time” because the playful Sun in Sagittarius is shining his LIGHT onto this “I just want to have FUN” Moon in Gemini!

As with any planetary aspect, like a FULL MOON, there are always higher and lower vibrations going on. On the lowest vibration, especially with Gemini’s ruling planet Mercury now being in retrograde motion, there can be looney types of talks and reactions going on. But on a highest vibration this can be a time when you feel new doors of opportunity are opening up for you. You can release the past and put your mind towards creating a new and better future for yourself! This FULL MOON in Gemini energy can give you the power to create wonderful changes in your life, but first you must ‘know’ what changes you desire!

Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius can help you to gain higher wisdom from within. Over the next few weeks it is very good to take some time to meditate each day and write in your journal so that you can freely receive new inspiration and validate your thoughts and feelings on paper. There is something magical about putting your pen to paper and writing out your thoughts and ideas. The magic happens when you take your thoughts and bring them into your reality (our 3D Earth realm) by writing them down in your special journal. You can learn many things about who you are and what you honestly desire by doing this process. A lot of people I have talked to say to me, “I don’t know how to write in a journal, can you help me?” Writing in a journal is an easy process. Just put your pen to paper and write down your feelings and thoughts. Whatever comes into your heart and into your mind, write it down. You will soon see that you receive a precious “A-HA” moment when you feel truly inspired! By doing this you may say, “I never thought I felt that way!” or “I never knew what it was that I truly desire but I do now!” Just easily go with the flow. Try to spend 15 minutes to ½ hour alone with your pen in your hand and your journal in front of you. If something comes to your mind write it down; if nothing comes to your mind that is okay too because you just used this special contemplative time for a different type of meditation. Either way your time has not been wasted. You’ve either come up with some new great ideas, or you’ve taken some emotional baggage out of your mind/heart (you didn’t need it anyway so better to write it all down and get that stuff OUT of yourself), or you’ve just taken the time to relax your mind thinking about nothing at all and allowed yourself to relax. The process is different for everyone. Your experience will be magically unique for you too.

Another wonderful thing about this FULL MOON in Gemini is that you can release from your mind what no longer serves your highest good. You can tell yourself, “I don’t want to think about THAT anymore” and choose to release whatever has been bothering you. Just let it GO! All Full Moon energies are very good for releasing what has been bogging you down – energetically, emotionally etc. but you have to choose what ‘that’ is. With this being a Gemini Moon, ruled by Mercury, from this moment onward it would be a good practice to choose to have more positive self-talk and good communications with others without taking ‘words’ being said, or even intuitively unsaid, too personally. Choose thoughts and words that are a positive alignment with what you desire.

A good quote during this phase of time comes from Steven Redhead when he said, “The beliefs you hold strongly in your mind will become your dreams and in time become your reality.”

I absolutely LOVE the most blessed energy that is going on in all of our lives while the other more challenging ones are taking place – now through August 2018 – which is the beautiful trine energy between Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces! I highly suggest that you do some research (which is a priority during any Mercury retrograde, especially this one in Gemini) of what Jupiter in Scorpio trine to Neptune in Pisces is all about! By knowing this information you can easily choose to ‘tune into’ this beautiful vibration no matter what other challenging energies are taking place within you and around you. You can also look to the area of your chart where the signs of Scorpio and Pisces are and then you will know that these areas of your life are being infused with much expansion and divine unconditional creativity and love!

As we move our attention into the vibrations of next week, starting on Monday December 4th, the Full Moon in Gemini energy continue to bring us much inspiration starting at 7:37 am with a nice sextile to Uranus! Are you ready to begin your new week with more inspiration and positive energy? This Full Moon in Gemini also nicely trines (which is always a blessing) Mars in Libra starting at 10:57 am! This can be a lovely “kiss and make up” vibration, where if you had difficulties within a relationship earlier in the week there can be a strong desire to more kindly communicate.

The tension arrives in the afternoon, starting at 12:46 pm, when the Moon in Gemini opposes Saturn; which may bring you thoughts of “Am I speaking my truth about how I feel within this relationship?” and opposes Mercury retrograde starting at 2:13 pm; which is a ‘debate’ type of vibration.

But hold onto your hat, we’re not done yet, because the Moon moves into its natural sign of Cancer (intense feelings) starting at 3:37 pm. Honesty is the best policy where it comes to feelings. It’s important to validate your own feelings, and needs to be nurtured, just as much as you are willing to listen to what the feelings of others are and how they desire to be nurtured by you.

With the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon now moving through the sign of Cancer, expressing your feelings, or someone expressing theirs to you, can feel a little scary but can lead towards a deeper sense of intimacy. It truly is the ‘give and take’ within a relationship, in the most passionate and truthful ways, that can create a deeper bond and a longer lasting commitment of appreciation for one another.

*Side note: The Moon will remain in the sign of Cancer until Wednesday afternoon, December 6th, when she will move into the sign of Leo starting at 3:37 pm.

Tuesday, December 5th – Finally, oh finally, Chiron in Pisces goes into direct motion starting at 4:47 am! For all of my Pisces Sun sign readers, and those of you with your Moon in Pisces or your Ascendant in Pisces, or those of you with a lot of Pisces energy within your natal chart…the time has come for you to begin to FEEL a lot better! Everyone has the sign of Pisces somewhere in their natal chart. Take a good look at yours. Where the sign of Pisces resides is where you will begin to feel less wounded and oh so much wiser! The mental/emotional/physical/spiritual wounds you’ve obtained (usually from doing much selfless service for others without taking into consideration what your own boundaries and needs are) are about to be healed once and for all!

There will be 2 beautiful trines taking place on this day with the Moon in Cancer trining Neptune in Pisces (lots of nurturing and love energy available) and the Moon in Cancer trining expansive Jupiter in Scorpio! “What you give, especially emotionally, is what you WILL receive in return!” Treating another as yourself, as you desire to be treated, also helps to heal you of your own internal wounds. Much empathy and compassion and nurturing should be going on…in the most positive ways that can help to heal everyone! When you do something good for another, without feeling that it’s expected or that you really desire anything in return, but you do something nice just because you ‘want’ to…then the joy you will feel in your heart will return to you 10 fold!

8:07 pm the Moon in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn. An opposition is just a bridge between to planets that asks you to figure out a ‘happy medium’ where you can enjoy both vibrations. The Moon in Cancer is very creative and nurturing. Pluto in Capricorn desires deep positive transformation. Between these two planets I can feel the conversation goes like this, “How can we have more wonderful days like today? We enjoyed bringing joy into the lives of others and to ourselves, so let us make a plan to be more mindful about doing what we did today more often!”

May the energies this week bring you much positive inspiration!

Big Hugs and Lots of Love!

Michelle Anne Cox-Lomas PhD 


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I like

Very Good Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius quote above! Be good to yourself and deeply appreciate all those who are genuinely good to you. As for the others, the ones who frustrate you, their actions and words speak more about their character and personality…not yours. Love yourself and be happy for who you are and bless them anyway with the words that my friends in Texas say so well, “God Bless Their Hearts!” then let it go. Their problems are their own…not karmically yours to take on. Just bless them and hope that one day they will understand your good intentions were always for their benefit.

November 21st – November 28th 2017

 The brightest stars are the ones that shine for the benefit of others!

 Hi Dear Friends and Devoted Readers,

Here we are in Thanks Giving week. What do you feel most thankful for? Will you allow yourself to give many special thanks towards the people in your life who you feel most grateful for and let them know exactly why you feel this way? The more easy-going and easy-flowing conversations can be, the better this week will be for everybody! Be wise and allow yourself to dish out the compliments! Give to others what you desire to receive in return.

Often times within relationships people can take each other for granted, and often they will complain more than they give compliments. It’s the expectations that everyone has for others that create the most suffering. The world would be a much better place if everyone could just accept themselves, and others, just as they divinely are – right at this moment – without feeling that someone needs to change in order for one, or the other, to feel better.

Unconditional love and acceptance (Neptune in Pisces) along with joyful enthusiasm (the higher vibe of Jupiter in Scorpio) are the right vibrations to positively create the types of relationships that can be so great!

Unfortunately there has been a clash of perceptions, beliefs and priorities going on that won’t allow everyone to just BE who they naturally are! And as such many people feel a sense of suffering, neglect, abandonment, sadness and uncertainty about who they are and who they are meant to be; so they go looking for another to mirror reflect back to them their awesomeness that they can’t see!

When relationships go awry, especially when one of the partners expects more than the other partner is willing to give (or can’t give) then disputes take place which leads towards a great emotional sense of dissatisfaction with self and the other.

“Why can’t (s)he BE the person that I desire her/him to be, because if only that would happen then I could be happy!”

I hear the above statement quite a bit! The answer is that the true love that you’re seeking must first come from within! When a person feels happy and whole within themselves then that inner light radiates outwards. This type of person would know how to just accept others as they are without needing to have expectations in order to feel better.

Do you accept yourself just as you are, or do you have challenging expectations for yourself that you find it hard to meet up to? Can you allow yourself to just BE who you are in the most self-loving ways possible? If so then others can love you this way too!

Anger issues often come about from having unfulfilled expectations of what you desire from another that you’re not receiving. What IS it that you desire the most within your most personal relationships? Are you asking something from another that you feel that you can’t give to yourself, or even give back to another if they asked it of you?

Inner peace begins when you take the time to shower yourself with an abundance of self-love! If you desire to feel more inner-joy and peace then the first step is to start thanking yourself, and all of life, for the beautiful life that you’ve been given and are living!

Try not to worry so much. Try not to sweat the small stuff (and it is really all small stuff in the reality of the bigger picture of life!) Whatever you are going through try to keep your faith strong and know that even the most difficult of situations can turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

I bring all of this to your attention because we are moving out of the Scorpio season and into the Sagittarius season where you can become wiser and enjoy your life more often. The only challenges, as you will see, is when disagreements come to the surface between yourself and what you believe and another and what they believe.

A belief is a thought that you think about over and over again until it becomes a deep part of your personality. For example, if you believe, “I must not be worthy of a wonderful relationship and to be loved in ways that I desire, because over and over again I feel neglected from the people in my life who should love me unconditionally!” If this is what you believe then that is what will be true for you! You will SEE people acting this way to confirm your belief!

But, on the other hand, once you really begin to love yourself unconditionally then you won’t take others words and actions so personally…in fact whatever they do, or don’t do, won’t upset you at all – you will be able to unconditionally love them because you compassionately know that they are going through their own negative self-talk.

The sign of Sagittarius has a motto that says, “I SEE!” which means that beliefs can be cultivated and strengthened by what you see happening around you. But do your beliefs serve you in a joyful ways that help you to feel better about who you are and the life you are living?

The sign of Sagittarius has been going through many challenges while the planet Saturn has been moving through this sign for the past 2+ years. While we are in this Sagittarius season it is important to know that we begin this season with the energies of the Sun, Mercury and Saturn all in this sign. What does this mean? It means that more Power (Sun), communication (Mercury) and discipline (Saturn) are required in order to create better beliefs and relationships!

Try to use the energies this week to become more thankful for who you are and for the people in your life. You can transform old beliefs into new better ones IF you choose to observe your life from a more positive perspective!

Listen to your heart and what it is telling you? Your mind can easily give you reasons why you are dissatisfied, but what is your heart telling you?

Many people can look at the same object, or person, and each will have a different perspective. What are your perspectives because that is all that matters when it comes to being in charge of your own life. Are your perceptions about most situations basically good? If so then you’re on the right path towards creating even more and better opportunities!

With the vibrations of the Sun, Mercury, and Saturn all in the sign of Sagittarius there will be a great divide between those who choose to communicate with others in a negative or positive way. What is the main lesson from these vibrations? To be more mindful of how you think, how you talk to yourself, and how you choose to communicate with others. With Saturn involved situations can become very karmic indeed. Be careful of not saying something that you may regret later! Think only thoughts and speak only words that you desire to attract more of. Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter; which will expand and abundantly attract more of what you communicate about into your life!

On top of all of this we are moving into the ‘shadow period’ of Mercury going into retrograde motion; which means that it’s your own thoughts that will rule over your communication! Again I want to emphasize that a belief is a thought that you think about over and over again! With Jupiter being in the sign of Scorpio it is very possible that your ‘fears’ may create false beliefs, which will turn into thoughts, which can create miscommunication and bad decisions.

I would highly advise not to make any major life-changing decisions until after Mercury moves back into direct motion on December 22nd – and then give it a couple of weeks to really move into full motion just after the New Year of 2018!

You can look to the area of your natal chart where the signs of Scorpio and Sagittarius are to understand more clearly which areas of your life will be most affected; where you need to create a stronger sense of self-confidence and eliminate beliefs that work against you and not for your highest good!

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Now let us move on to the vibrations for this week and how we can rise above the challenges with more ease and joy in our minds and hearts. All times given below are Eastern Standard Time so please adjust for your own time zone.

Tuesday, November 21st – The Moon moves into the sign of Capricorn at 2:14 am, which should feel pleasant enough for a Capricorn Moon. The first aspect we receive starts at 6:29 am when beautiful Venus in Scorpio sextiles Pluto in Capricorn! These two signs get along quite well. This vibration is about recognizing new ways where we can more easily transform our relationships. Just a little “Thank You” and “I love you” can go a long way towards everyone feeling good. This IS the major vibration for today so try to become more aware of how you can choose to kinder and nicer to others around you.

8:57 pm – the Moon in Capricorn sextiles Jupiter in Scorpio! This is a karmic vibration, with Capricorn being ruled by Saturn that is asking you to pay attention to your thoughts and your feelings in regards to situations taking place around you. For some this can be a dramatic period of time where feelings of depression can surface, but for others this can be a vibration of appreciation and gratitude!

10:05 pm – the Sun moves into the sign of Sagittarius! Are you ready to face and erase those old beliefs and transform them into more joyful ones! Are you ready to say, “I SEE that my life is amazing indeed!” instead of saying “I hate my life! I wish it could be different!” But even if you do say the negative statement that is okay because IF you truly desire your life to be different you can start right now to Rise Above those negative feelings and ‘choose’ thoughts and feelings that are healthier for you!

This is a wonderful evening to write in your journal about how you truly feel and how you desire your life to become from now on!

Wednesday, November 22nd – The Moon in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces at 1:33 am; which means that you can actually FEEL more unconditional love and healing coming your way! You may find that your dreams are very lucid and vivid. Try to wake up slowly on this morning so that you can linger within your dreams and notice what your inner-visions are trying to tell you. Dreams are wonderful and can help you to SEE that what you have been feeling, subconsciously, can be healed with a new sense of inspiration! (I do offer a dream interpretation service; see left side menu where my services are if you need assistance interpreting your dreams).

9:21 am – Neptune in Pisces goes back into direct motion! Hooray for all, especially Pisces people and those of you with a Pisces Moon, Pisces Ascendant and with lots of Pisces energies within your natal charts! Neptune back in direct motion will help us to bring our dreams into reality! Where you felt before that you had a big dream, a personal vision of a goal that you desire to succeed at, but you had felt that it was only a dream and there was no way that it could be true for you…well, get ready, you CAN begin to baby-step your dreams into your reality! With lots of unconditional love and creative inspiration you CAN achieve what you believe in the not too distant future!

You will notice too that other people won’t be so shy about sharing their feelings of unconditional love with you IF you will only accept it!

2:00 pm – The Moon in Capricorn joins together oh so nicely with Pluto in Capricorn! Let the dedicated hard-work of the heart begin! The energy of Pluto is a deep soul vibration, ruled by the sign of Scorpio, and is a higher vibration of the planet Mars…which means that NOW is the time to put ‘Soul Energy’ into transforming your thoughts and your feelings! It will take some soul-searching, facing your shadow feelings, to KNOW that you desire to Rise Above them in positive ways! Some people may just be reactive, or desire another to do the work for them, but this vibration asks us all, individually, to choose which feelings we desire to have.

5:41 pm – The Moon in Capricorn sextiles Venus in Scorpio! This vibration can feel very passionate and possibly even a bit dramatic! Venus in Scorpio dives deep into our psyche to show us what we love and what we don’t! The Moon in Capricorn asks us to be positively motivated towards doing the hard-work, which is sometimes painful, but to be honest with our feelings so that we can more easily trust ourselves. Honesty is the best policy with this vibration. If you feel a certain way, recognize it, acknowledge it and then if you choose you can transform and heal it. “What you face you erase” with this vibration! Luckily Venus does choose to feel good, but she may also act a bit mean towards others who do not please her.

6:16 pm – The Moon in Capricorn squares off with Mars in Libra! Oh No, not easy, not at all. Mars in Libra wants to take ‘action’ towards whatever she feels is ‘unfair’; while the Moon in Capricorn wants to be dedicated. These two vibrations clash hard with each other! Within relationships, for some but not all, you may notice that 1 person is being dedicated while the other is complaining quite loudly! Try to keep your cool on this evening. Remember it’s always up to you to keep the peace with others and within yourself.

Thursday, November 23rdThe moon in Capricorn sextiles Chiron in Pisces starting at 3:50 am. 5:33 am this Capricorn Moon squares off with Uranus in Aries! The Moon also begins its void of course motion; which means that there is a lull in emotions; a feeling of ‘whatever’ as the kids say that continues until the Moon moves into the sign of Aquarius at 3:14 pm. This is Thanksgiving Day and you may feel a bit numb for the morning hours and into the afternoon; just going about your daily duties until the Moon moves into the friendly and sociable sign of Aquarius! From 3:14 pm onwards the energies are awesome for the rest of this evening! The more family and friends you have around you the happier you will be!

7:05 pm – the Moon in Aquarius sextiles the Sun in Sagittarius! This is an excellent evening for a party! Let the fun begin! Don’t worry about the creative chaos that may be taking place. You can leave those dirty dishes in the sink until tomorrow! Focus on being entertaining and being entertained! This is an evening where good memories are made!

Friday, November 24th – This looks like a challenging day, but a day where you can get a lot accomplished! The only aspects taking place on this day are 2 important squares. The first at 9:53 am when Mercury in Sagittarius squares Chiron in Pisces; which is a vibration of “I don’t want to do anything that isn’t fun!” but Chiron in Pisces knows that a little sacrifice goes a long way towards getting the job done! 10:56 am and for the rest of this day the vibration of the Moon in Aquarius squares off with Jupiter in Scorpio! The more you can set a good example, and try to have some fun while you’re doing your duties, the more others may want to join in and help you! I do say may but if they don’t try not to throw a tizzy-fit over the situation. It’s going to be through your thoughts and words again that others will either help you or hinder you. It could be easy to criticize someone on a day like today, but is it really worth it? You may desire others around you to compliment you for a job well done, but you would be wiser not to expect that but instead give yourself the credit you deserve. It’s possible you may have delays, or others get in your way. Try not to take other people’s attitudes or words too personally on a day like today.

This is also a day we call “Black Friday” where many people go out shopping for bargains. If you are the type of person who enjoys doing this, try to be nice to others and exceptionally patient because you may find that others are not being very nice and are acting quite impatient indeed! Also be extra careful while driving because more vehicles will be on the road. I know that I am not going shopping this Friday, with the vibrations being like this, but instead I suggest that you stay home and do your shopping for bargains over the internet! But again, if you are an extremely patient person, and you don’t mind crowds of people with attitudes, and your willing to give pleasant compliments to the people who are working so hard within the stores, many blessings to them, then maybe you can set a good example of your behavior for others around you…and that would be a good thing indeed!

Even if you do stay home, which is what I am going to do, then also be extra careful about how you handle the attitudes of the people within your home life too. This is just a testy type of day where much can be accomplished, but try not to be in a rush about anything but instead try to pace yourself in a more comfortable tempo.

Saturday, November 25th – Now this seems like a much more pleasant day where people can get along a lot better! Starting at 5:56 am Mercury in Sagittarius trines Uranus in Aries; great for feeling inspired! 10:05 am the Moon in Aquarius trines Mars in Libra; a great vibration for cooperation! 1:12 pm the Aquarius Moon squares off with Venus in Scorpio…again a tense feeling but this will pass soon enough. This is a vibration where you feel inspired and you want to do something your way, but someone comes along and desires you to do things their way. Compromise is the key with this vibration! 5:35 pm the Moon sextiles Uranus in Aries; okay now this is better for that compromise that you desired earlier today. 6:32 pm the Moon sextiles Mercury in Sagittarius; a very nice vibration for good conversations. 9:37 pm the Aquarius Moon sextiles Saturn in Sagittarius – these two signs get along quite nicely – this being the last aspect with this Aquarius Moon is asking us all to enjoy our evening more pleasantly. The Moon also goes void of course at this time, so relax and take it easy.

Sunday, November 26th – The Moon moves into the sign of Pisces at 3:04 am. The first aspect to this Pisces Moon takes place at 12:03 pm when we have a square to the Sun in Sagittarius! This vibration can feel a bit frustrating because you may want to do something enjoyable (Sun in Sagittarius) but instead you are asked IF you will do something for another that you would rather not have to do; or possibly you have an obligation on this day that you would rather get out of doing. But the Pisces Moon is usually very kind, lovable, helpful and desires others to be happy. Self-sacrifice comes easily to a Pisces Moon; but that doesn’t mean that this Pisces Moon is feeling happy about it! 4:22 pm Venus in Scorpio trines Chiron in Pisces; there is much love available. Just pay attention to what DOES feel best for you and try to make the best of a challenging situation. Know in your heart that you are appreciated for anything kind to that you do for another. 10:52 pm the Moon in Pisces trines lucky Jupiter in Scorpio, so know in your heart that you are divinely rewarded for a job well done throughout the day. You may also be surprised when someone around you says, “Thank You!” or rewards you unexpectedly in some way! By the end of this day you should feel good in knowing that you brought some joy into the lives of others around you.

Monday, November 27th – Oh here we have another wonderful early morning where dreams can be VERY vivid! The Moon in Pisces joins together perfectly with Neptune in Pisces starting at 1:08 am! This vibration will last throughout the day, even while other aspects are taking place. In your waking hours you may find yourself feeling quite day-dreamy and your intuition is heightened. This is a wonderful vibration for creative people and artists! 12:54 am the Pisces Moon sextiles Pluto in Capricorn. What do you wish to creatively transform? You can take a good look around you and feel inspired to move your furniture around, or create better energy around you in some other way. The main thing is that you will want to FEEL good and you will want whatever you are changing and/or transforming to continue to feel good to you for a long time to come. Turn on some music that feels good to you. Put items away that you don’t want to dust off anymore. You will intuitively know what feels good and what doesn’t. Whatever doesn’t needs to be removed, or given away, needs to go so that you can pay more attention to the items around you right now that you enjoy! This could be a good day where you do some major housecleaning and put up your Christmas decorations! Pay attention to what mood you’re in and then turn up the volume on your own positive vibration! If you can do this then you will begin to feel and see some healthy transformations taking place within you and around you starting today!

Tuesday, November 28th – The Pisces Moon conjuncts Chiron in Pisces at 1:11 am. I don’t know about you but I’ve been seeing lots and lots of 1:11’s and 11:11’s in my daily life over the past 2 months. There’s a feeling in the air that some deep spiritual changes are taking place that can help us to feel less wounded and so much wiser! The early morning hours from 1:11 am through 6:55 am are very nice. I won’t go into the details of all of the aspects, but this is another wonderful early morning for night owls to be in a very creative mood! Starting at 6:55 am the Pisces Moon squares off with Saturn in Sagittarius! It’s time to get our butts moving and focus on our duties of the day! 7:09 am the Pisces Moon squares off with Mercury in Sagittarius; here’s where we really need to pay attention to our beliefs because our beliefs can actually come into our reality quite quickly! You actually can SEE outward situations mimicking your beliefs! Example: “I believe that I am going to have a bad hair day today” then you look in the mirror and yes you’re right! OR, “I believe that my boss is going to be in a grumpy mood today” then you get to work and yes you’re right again! But you can transform those beliefs and even if your boss is in a grumpy mood you can smile and say, “Have a nice day because I AM going to!” and oh boy that can make a world of difference on how your day can more easily flow today! It’s up to you to create the vibration of your day by first creating a good vibration within yourself! At 11:30 am the Moon moves into the sign of Aries – which represents how you choose to use your thoughts and your actions to create new beginnings in your life. If you don’t like what you SEE going on around you, then you choose to write your script of your day differently. J

May the vibrations this week bring you much inspiration and happiness!

 Big Hugs and Lots of Love!

Michelle Anne Cox-Lomas PhD



November 16th – November 21st 2017

 If someone or something seems to make you upset first consider the source then ‘refuse and defuse’ your angry feelings by uplifting your mind in a new direction where you can become more proactive and solution-orientated! By doing this your peace of mind can be regained and more easily maintained.

 Hi Dear Friends and Devoted Readers,

The quote above says it all about some situations I’ve personally been through over the past week. How have you been feeling lately? Are you ready to regain your peace of mind and begin to feel more independent?

As you may have noticed my Astro Report page here has a new title: The New Astro Weekly Report. Why this new title? Because my WordPress program that I use to update our website here had a very mysterious glitch! After I posted up last week’s report, then went back into my program to fix my typo’s (of which I always can have a few when my mind is in the creative zen mode and my fingers are flying across my keyboard)…but going back into that particular page in my WordPress program it showed me 0 word count (as if that page had vanished!) More mysterious still is the fact that it was still published on our website! Hmmm…no logical explanation for that!

But there may be an astrological explanation with the fact that Uranus, whose energy is in charge of electronical equipment, and who always desires us to ‘upgrade’, for the betterment of ourselves and all of humanity, is in retrograde motion!

With Uranus retrograde, in the sign of Aries which represents ‘new fresh beginnings’ creates an unexpected wonky electrical glitch then that is a sure sign to wrap your mind upon ‘upgrading’ that device, that website, or even just that page on our website!

So if your phone, tablet, computer, TV or anything else electrical has been going wonky lately then you may want to consider upgrading that product! You will definitely be happier if you do!

Speaking of upgrading a website, in the very near future I will have 2 astrological websites ready for your viewing. This one that you enjoy so much AND a brand new one at

Everyone who knows me, especially since my 1st grandson was born 8 years ago, knows that I love being called Nana! I was thinking of starting a channel and Dayton, my grandson, said, “Yes! Call it AstroNana!” So indeed that is also something that I am thinking about doing in the very near future. I have already created my youtube channel and will hopefully be putting some very cool astrology videos on there very soon. I will keep you posted.

So, after upgrading this page – and a few other upgrades I’ve been through this week – it’s time to update you on the amazing astrological vibrations that will be taking place for the remainder of this week and into early next week. Okay, are you ready? Here we go! (All times listed below are Eastern Standard Time; please readjust for your own time zone)


Thursday, November 16th: The Moon entered into the sign of Scorpio at 3:19 am. The moon is growing denser and denser in light. This moon in Scorpio asks us all to ‘face and erase’ what bothers us; to take a good look at the shadow side of our personalities and then very soon we can begin to rise above our uncertainties.

Luckily for us this is a beautiful day and evening. The aspects taking place are very pleasant indeed. Venus in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces, the Sun in Scorpio trines Chiron in Pisces, and the best vibe yet is when the moon in Scorpio joins together beautifully with lucky Jupiter in Scorpio starting at 7:02 pm!

This is a day and evening when you can more easily and creatively feel solution-orientated! What you face you can easily erase on this day! Or better said, “No hurries…no worries! No dramas…no traumas!” The energies of unconditional love and creativity rule over this day! Pay attention to any “Ah HA!” ideas that come to your mind! You may find that a situation that previously seemed threatening or baffling can easily be transformed into a more productive, truthful, and peaceful experience.

By the end of this day you may say to yourself, “I now have the correct heart-felt answer that I needed all along.”

The Venus/Neptune trine on this day may have you revisiting previous relationship issues to bring more clarity and healing into them. Disagreements can be taken too personally and cause deep emotional wounds so try to be cautious of taking situations way too personally.


Friday, November 17th: This day is also a nice day with only very positive aspects taking place. The moon in Scorpio conjuncts beautiful Venus in Scorpio starting at 3:17 am. Very lovely and passionate indeed! This energy will remain for the rest of today and into tomorrow. What do you love? What do you feel most passionate about? What do you desire to passionately think about? Can you rise above your doubts and become more trusting in your own personal talents and within your relationships?

9:24 am Mercury in Sagittarius sextiles (positively motivates) Mars in Libra! This is a day to talk about what your beliefs are, regarding your closest relationships, towards the people in your life who mean the most to you. For some this can lead to long conversations about feelings of dissatisfactions and/or unmet expectations. For others there can be conversations that are very complimentary and which draw both people closer together. Either way this energy will motivate conversations towards understanding the people in your life better. What do you desire most within your relationships? How do you feel that you’re not getting your personal needs met? Do you have solutions about how the other person in your life can more clearly understand what you need and what they can do to become in a more harmonious relationship with you? If it’s not you doing the talking then you may find that others around you desire to talk ‘to’ you about their feelings.

It’s best not to talk ‘to’ another person but ‘with’ another person; where both people involved feel that they are being genuinely listened to.

Because this aspect appears before the New Moon in Scorpio (which will take place on Saturday) many may feel a bit fearful, or possibly even attacked, within conversations. Try not to take what is being said too personally, but instead try to really listen to what the other person is saying. This is a very passionate aspect, but if used correctly can bring more compassionate understanding, clarity and harmony into the relationship.

By the afternoon, starting at 1:15 pm, the moon in Scorpio sextiles Pluto in Capricorn. Within relationships people will desire to ‘know’ how to transform a frustrating relationship into a more dedicated and passionate one. I am sure that the energy of intensity will rise under this vibration. If someone doesn’t feel that they are being respected then they may blow up, walk out, and not look back! But on the other hand, if there can be a genuine respect between both people then this is a vibration of reconciliation, respect and progress.

When I speak of relationships remember that you have many of them. Anyone who you are close to, or you see on an almost daily basis, is someone that you have a relationship with. It doesn’t have to be your spouse that you have deep conversations with on this day, instead it could be a friend, a coworker, a boss, a neighbor, or even your dog. Just watch out for feeling upset with someone. If you feel this way then ask yourself “WHY” you feel this way and be completely honest with yourself.

*Side note: Be careful of saying something that you might regret later.


Saturday, November 18th: We start out this day very aware of how much we have sacrificed within our lives. Our past experiences, especially the most difficult ones, are right on the forefront of our minds – starting at 3:00 am. The very best thing to do is to talk to someone you trust, or write in your journal about how you are feeling. It is good to validate what you have been through and not push down your feelings like they don’t matter. The more you push down your feelings, or hide them, the more they will bother you or aggravate you on a cellular level. Writing in your journal can be a great outlet. Validate how you feel then allow the healing to begin!

6:42 am the New Moon in Scorpio arrives! Just in the nick of time! You can use this beautiful energy of the Sun in Scorpio conjuncting the moon in Scorpio to transform your life in a more proactive way! You can get rid of the old and enjoy the new vibrations! Like a snake shedding its skin, or a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, you too can begin to feel beautifully renewed!

Do you know what areas of yourself and your life that you desire to see positively transformed? If you’re unsure then look to your natal chart for where the sign of Scorpio resides! The house, and the planets within it (and any personal aspects that you may have to the planets and area of your chart there) will definitely show you the area of yourself and your life that is going through a very deep and positive transformation.

*If you are unsure of what area(s) of your life this is for you, but you want to find out, feel free to use my “Ask me your questions via email service” here on our website. Order a 1 question service and send me your birth information. I will then be happy to create your natal chart, send you a copy of it, and let you know exactly what area(s) of your life will be positively transforming under this Scorpio New Moon Energy! (Priceless information indeed!)

1:59 pm the moon will begin to slightly grow in light as she moves into the sign of Sagittarius! The Sagittarius moon can slowly begin to help you feel more in touch with your personal beliefs -especially regarding your self-esteem, personal values and how you desire to go about increasing your personal income over the next few days.

You should begin to feel more mentally clear about what you truly desire from this point forward.


Sunday, November 19th: We have only 2 challenging energies on this day! The first starts when Mars in Libra squares off with Pluto in Capricorn at 7:15 am. This can be a feeling of lack, which can lead towards anger; especially regarding the loving attention and financial prosperity that you feel that you need, but you may lack. This can be a depressing energy, but keep your faith strong! This is a passing phase to help you to understand more clearly what you desire ‘more’ of within your life.

This can also be a vibration of ‘risky business’ so be extra wise and don’t sign anything, or agree to anything, that may cost you more than you bargained for.

12:51 pm the Moon in Sagittarius squares off with Neptune in Pisces. This can be a vibration of disillusionment, where you wanted to ‘believe’ that what sounded too good to be true could actually be very beneficial for you. Again, don’t sign anything on the dotted line today. If something sounds too good to be true, even if you really want to believe that it is true, then you can be rest assured that it’s not good for you on this day!

Basically this is a day of great caution; to be aware of what you desire but baby-step your way towards what you want. If something is offered to you too quickly then there must be a catch-22 in progress! Don’t let your desires over-rule your good sense of judgment. Focus on what you desire, but wait for another day to make any long-lasting commitments, choices or decisions. What you desire today may not be what you desire tomorrow.


Monday, November 20th: We have now entered into Thanksgiving week. With the Sun in process of moving into Sagittarius on Tuesday we have much to look forward to. Neptune is also moving into direct motion on Wednesday which can help to lift our spirits with greater hope for our future.

For this Monday our focus should be on aligning our thoughts with our beliefs. The Moon in Sagittarius sextiles Mars in Libra and conjuncts Mercury in Sagittarius. Are your thoughts in alignment with what you truly desire? If not then make them so for a brighter future!

You can feel quite inspired when the Moon in Sagittarius trines Uranus in Aries starting at 4:43 pm! Pay extra attention to any new bright ideas you receive, starting now and throughout the evening.

7:26 pm the Sagittarius Moon joins together tightly with Saturn in Sagittarius. Again this vibration is asking you to pay attention to your thoughts. Saturn is a very karmic planet and as such is saying, “What you ‘choose’ to think about most is what you WILL receive; so are you willing to pay the price, do the work, be dedicated, also allow yourself to receive what IT IS that you believe?” If so then you’re on the right path. If not then NOW is the time to change your thoughts to ones that FEEL much better for you!

What does this mean? Would you like an example? Remember that this is the last day that the Sun will be in Scorpio so it’s very easy for emotional fears to rise to the surface.

Example: let’s say that you’re thinking about all of your bills and how you don’t have enough money to pay for them. You’re dwelling upon lack, feeling depressed, and with the knowledge that the holidays are coming up you’re wondering how you could ever feel anything other than depressed! If you believe that you are lacking then yes it will be so, but if you choose to change your thoughts and say, “I AM abundant! I BELIEVE that everything will flow abundantly in my life! I AM grateful for all that I already have and I KNOW that I will SEE positive progress in my life soon!” then that will also be very true for you! Which thoughts feel better for you? What do you desire to attract, more lack or more abundance?

This is a simple example regarding finances, but you may be thinking about other topics. Whatever topics you find yourself thinking about the most is an indication to you where you need to begin to think more positively! You can also look to the area of your natal chart where the sign of Sagittarius resides to get a better indication where this energy will take place; and what this energy means for you personally.

It’s very important that YOU think your thoughts, that you choose which ones you desire to pay the most attention too and don’t allow your negative thoughts to control you!

This theme will continue to be very important as the Moon moves into the sign of Capricorn tomorrow. Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn! Saturn rewards those who work hard to try to improve their lives, even in the smallest ways your efforts will be rewarded.


Tuesday, November 21st: The Moon moves into the sign of Capricorn at 2:14 am, where it will remain until Thursday afternoon. Remember that the sign of Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, so the more dedicated you are towards what you’re trying to achieve the better your experiences will be!

We have some wonderfully motivating vibrations taking place on this day, starting in the morning with Venus in Scorpio sextiling Pluto in Capricorn starting at 6:29 am. This is a vibration where you can creatively focus your attention upon what you feel is most important to you. Venus in Scorpio can be very serious, but is a little fickle and a bit outrageous. You may have some big plans on this day, but Pluto in Capricorn asks you to slow down a little bit and plan accordingly for the best results. Make a ‘to do’ list and check it twice. Work on big projects first and then see if you have the energy to do the rest, or put some things on the back-burner for another day. You may feel that you desire to say, “YES!” to everything, but there are only 24 hours in the day so it may be better to just say, “Maybe” and see how you’re your day flows for you.

8:57 pm – the Moon in Capricorn sextiles Jupiter in Scorpio; these two signs actually get along quite well – as long as they both respect the tempo of ‘time’ and how long it actually takes to do things well. Capricorn understands this better than Scorpio. Actually Scorpio would like Capricorn to do all of the work. The Moon in Capricorn thinks quite slowly and efficiently. Jupiter in Scorpio desires everything to be done NOW and yesterday and even quicker if possible! This energy can feel depressing or very positive! In fact you may find yourself feeling quite optimistic and then feeling a bit mentally wearing if you take on too many things. Balance is the key! Stay positively motivated, but also know that you don’t have to be in a rush for anything or anyone! Take your time. Try to enjoy your life a bit more. No matter what you are doing you CAN have fun while you’re doing it!

10:05 pm – The Sun moves into the sign of Sagittarius! Sagittarius is a FUN playful sign that desire to ENJOY whatever it is doing! Yes, Saturn is also in the sign of Sagittarius but we can actually have more fun in our lives in a responsible way!


If you stayed with me this far into this week’s report, you deserve something wonderful from me. For those who have read this far I AM offering you a FREE 1 month transit report! Send me an email to with your birth information (Full name, birth date, time of birth, City/State/Country where you were born, City/State/Country where you live now) and put “Free one month transit report” as the header of your email to me. Once I have your email with your full birth information I will email you a special 1 month transit report that will describe to you all of the most important planetary movements that will be taking place within your life over the next 30 days.

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May the energies this week bring you much happiness and inspiration!

 Big Hugs and Lots of Love!

 Michelle Anne Cox-Lomas PhD


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