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Taurus Women
Ruled by Venus; element Fixed Earth; known as The Bull

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Taurus women are extremely sexy and sensual but are also known for their ability to play hard to get. Their friends and mates have to prove to them why they should have them in their life…what qualities do their friends and lovers have that will add to the quality that their life is already. If nothing will be added then the friendship, or love affair, will not be necessary and may even take away from what they have accomplished in their life so far. This is one of their greatest fears, to love the wrong person and end up backtracking in their life instead of moving forward. These are very head strong and independent women indeed. They can run businesses and take care of their homes and families all by themselves. When they do have a partner in their lives and they feel that it is worth the effort to compromise, they can be very loving and dedicated partners indeed. The Taurus woman can be very possessive and sometimes demanding, but usually she is quite fair. Lying to her would be a tragic mistake. If her partner is unfaithful to her she will have no problem showing him the door and will never open it for him again. Be gentle to her – she expects this. Be reasonable and she will trust you. Be generous and she will love you forever.

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Michelle Anne Cox-Lomas, PhD
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