Solar Return Report $30.00

Is your birthday coming up? Has it already passed? Do you desire to read all about what the “Theme” of this new cycle of your life is going to be all about? If so then you will definitely want to purchase a special Solar Return Report for yourself! This report will describe to you the important theme of your current new cycle of your life, which begins either on your exact birth day or just before it – when the Sun of the current year is in the ‘exact’ same degrees that it was at the moment you were born. This report will describe to you what your main concentration and focus should be for this particular cycle of your life! This is an excellent report to purchase for yourself as a birthday present, or as a special birthday gift for someone special. This is also an excellent report that can help you to understand more clearly how to focus on the most productive vibrations that are going on for you. Very insightful and informative! This special report can help you to align your mind and your heart with the very best vibrations that can help you to have more peace of mind and a motivating productive focus for this new and important cycle of your life!

After making your payment please email me directly at: with your birth information in the following format:

Your Full Name:

Your Birth Date:

The Time you were born: (if you know this information. Please check for it on your birth certificate)

The City/State/Country where you were born:

The City/State/Country where you live now:

After I receive the receipt of your payment and your email message, I will then send you a return email to confirm that the birth information that I have received is correct. I will then get to work on creating this very special report for you. You can expect to receive it within 7 days; sometimes much sooner if time permits.

I look forward to creating your special Solar Return Report for you!

Solar Return Report