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Scorpio Women
Ruled by Pluto; element Fixed Water; known as The Scorpion

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Sexy. Reliable. Tempermental. Introspective. Compulsive. These are the best descriptions of a Scorpio woman. She is extremely unpredictable and that is just the way she likes it. He moods can be extremely stormy. She holds things in and will never let you know what she is thinking until its too late. These moods seem to be a self-survival ritual of the Scorpio woman. She loves intimacy and she loves sex. Just try to let her be in charge and never, ever, tell her what to do. She is extremely independent and even if she is wrong about doing something she doesn't want you to tell her so. She has a hard time getting close to people, even her own children, but she does love deeply. Her secrets are the essence of her power. A love-hate relationship with a Scorpio woman is common. This is a passionate woman - make no mistake about that! Her anger may be conveyed as a cold quiet glance that cuts through you. Her hypnotic scorpion eyes can cause you to become addicted to her. Watch out. She seems to have x-ray vision that can see right through you. She can be extremely possessive, jealous, and once you are hers she will never let you go - unless she says so. Extremely bewitching she can cast spells to get what she wants out of life and out of you.

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Michelle Anne Cox-Lomas, PhD
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