Psychic Tarot Session with Me!

1/2 hour $75.00 or a 60 minute plus session $150.00

Some of my personal clients, from all around the world, aren’t so much into astrology as they are into finding out what their special Spirit Guides and Angels desire them to know. They enjoy me being able to tap into the psychic realm of Spirit Guides and Angels for them They really enjoy my special Tarot Sessions! You can receive your very own special Tarot Session too! I do these special sessions in a variety of ways: by phone, through yahoo messenger chat, through using Skype or Facetime, or even without direct contact from you but through a written email session. You choose which way you will like to receive your session. Any of these methods works wonderful for me! You can choose to have a 1/2 hour session for only $75.00 OR choose a 60 minute plus session that can often go over the time allowed, but there is no extra fee for the additional time we spend together if you choose this option for only $150.00.

We can discuss your experiences from your past to create more understanding and healing regarding your experiences. Issues regarding your Past, Present and Future will be revealed to me so that I can help you to focus on living your life in the most positive way possible. You may find this reading quite mysterious, but to me it’s as natural as breathing. If you choose to have a special Psychic Tarot session with me then I can promise you that you’ll definitely feel happier and more enlightened!

Once you make your payment below, we will both receive an instant PayPal receipt of your order. The next step is for you to email me directly at: and let me know that you are ready to set up your appointment. Please put the word “Appointment” in the header of your email to me. I will see your email more quickly this way. I will then send you a list of my available appointment dates for the near future and you can choose which date will work out perfectly for your own personal schedule.

*Special Note: Once your payment has been made there are no refunds. Once we set up a special appointment date it’s very important that you keep your appointment. I understand that sometimes a situation may come up where you need to reschedule. That’s perfectly fine. If this happens please send me an email at least 48 hours ahead of time (or as soon as you possibly can) with the title of your email being “I need to reschedule” I will then honor your request and email you with a new appointment date and time that will work out better for you. Thank you for understanding these important rules and I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Blessings Always and in All Ways!

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Once payment has been made there are no refunds. Please allow up to 7 days for an email response if you ordered a Tarot Email Reading Report. Thank You!