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Pisces Men
Ruled by Neptune; element Mutable Water; known as The Fish

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This male fish swims through life using his intuitive abilities to stay away from trouble. He is highly sensitive and can be either a whale of a good time, a dolphin of spirituality, or a little goldfish in a beer-filled fish bowl. He doesn't always care what's right or wrong for he "feels" his way through life and doesn't really care what other people think about what he is doing. They don't pay his bills so why should he care about them.and often he is right. Life is supposed to flow smoothly for him. He believes that his luck will change when the time is right.and it usually does. Some Pisces males like to wriggle themselves out of their relationships because the responsibilities seem to weigh too heavy on them. They can either wriggle themselves out by saying good by and just leaving, or if they are with a head strong mate they will get themselves buried in alcohol or other drugs in order to escape. But, there are some well-grounded Pisces males that love being in a good relationship and will do everything they can to make sure that their families and loved ones are very well taken care of. Sometimes these Pisces males have a "holier than thou" attitude, but that is only because they work so darn hard and care so darn much! In many ways, for all their efforts, they are "holier than thou!" Pisces men are very attractive in many ways. They have beautiful eyes and they wear their heart and soul on their sleeves. But, they have to be careful of giving all of themselves away at the first glance of another beautiful person. As they get older they learn to set important boundaries and they usually learn to take better care of themselves. Pisces men are great watchers of life. Some of them find it truly exhausting to talk and thus don't communicate their feelings very well. They envision their life as an open book for all to see.so why explain themselves? Hidden feelings constantly course through their lives. You can look far and wide and not find someone with more compassion for your problems and worries. Your Pisces man can have faith in you that moves mountains. Pisces Males do believe in Soul mates and that is exactly what he is looking for. If he believes that you do not believe in soul mates then he will be your friend and even your lover but don't expect him to commit himself to you. Pisces men are known for one thing that the other men of the zodiac signs seem to be missing.the deep ethereal sense of soul to soul contact. This Pisces man has a real romantic imagination!

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