Personal Natal Chart and Report $25.00

I will create your Personal Natal Chart and Report that will tell you all about yourself (or you can order one for someone you desire to learn more about). This chart and report is packed full of personal information about how the planets have been vibrating all around you since the time you were born. You can learn about your inner personality, talents, and what obstacles you came here to overcome. You picked your personal chart before you were born, now comes the perfect time for you to learn what it’s all about! By understanding your natal chart better, and the vibrations that were around you at the time of your birth, you will begin to understand your own personal self and your life path with more insight and positive motivation towards making good choices and better feeling decisions. After making your payment for your special report please email me directly at: with your birth information in the following format:

Full Name:

Birth Date:

Time you were born: (If you know this information – please look on your birth certificate)

City/State/Country where you were born:

Once I receive your birth information, or the birth information of the person you desire to receive a special Natal Chart and Report for, I will email you promptly to confirm that I have the correct birth information. You can expect to receive your Natal Chart and Report within 7 days; sometimes much sooner if time permits. These charts and reports are very special indeed! Feel free to order one for every member of your family and for all those you love! I look forward to creating your Natal Chart and Report for you soon!

Natal Chart and Report