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Thank you for your appreciation and loving support ~ Michelle

Welcome to “Michelle’s Circle of Friends”

Together we can make a positive difference in our world!

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14 Responses to ““Michelle’s Circle of Friends” Membership”

  1. 1 Frank J. Aquilina

    Little Sister, Michelle this not only “BRILLIANT”, this is “INGENIUS”!

    Michelle you have always dedicated; not only your Unselfish LOVE, your Inspiration and Generous Blessings. Your HEART, BODY, MIND and SOUL to your passion regarding our Astrological n Metaphysical Sciences of your Spiritual gift from our Heavenly Family, but you have allowed us the many who like you are Positive, Loving, Nurturing the oppertunity to be able to be a part of this Wonderful Membership Club.

    Because of you, you have not only guided me Spiritually, but, you also unselfishly taught me and made me aware of my Spiritual gifts.

    The price that you are asking for is not only generous on your part, but also very afforable which you have allowed others to be able to afford and enjoy the HONOR of enjoying the Magical Blessings of KARMA flowing into their Lives.

    To me it would be worth it and an Honor to pay 4 times the price that you are asking for, because everything that you do comes from your Heart, Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul for we go back since 1995 and those that have had the Honor and Priviledge to first hand experience your gift knows that everything that you teach us comes from you and not a generated computer program.

    This is fantastic and very exciting and I look very forward to being a Member of Michelle’s Club.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Years Grandma Michelle

    Love, Hugs n Kisses

    Great Uncle n your Spiritual Brother Frank

  2. 2 John Gwynne Prosser II

    Magnificent! What a value. Michelle thank you for sharing your wisdom and carrying the torch of enlightenment. You are a great source of inspiration.
    I am wishing you all the very best!

  3. 3 Molly

    Thank you for being there with renewed commitment to your wonderful website. Looking forward to more positive future words from you. Thanks again.

  4. 4 Raphael Spurrier

    Having been just browsing for pertinent blog posts intended for a project research when My partner and i happened to stumble on yours. Many thanks for this practical info!

  5. 5 Yvonne

    My dear spiritual sister, I send gratitude your way for your angel way of being. The wisdom and advice you share sheds light on the ego and gives discernement to what is going on with the planets and how to make the best of what is !

    I truly appreciate your dedication to making my path a much more enlightened one with much joy, humour and optimism.
    I always look forward to the wisdom you share with us.
    Thanks for being there. Love & light ! Yvonne.

  6. 6 Bonnie M. Morét

    Your insight gives me the tools I need to navigate life’s obstacles. Thank you for the weekly enlightenment ;-)!

  7. 7 Alana

    Dearest 22/4 Sister, Spiritual Counselor, Heavenly/Earth Angel Michelle: Your gifts here are resplendent, intimate yet cosmic and intensely intuitive. The pendulem swings in our lives but you are always constant, there to serve and guide. May God and all Her Angels continue to bless you and your efforts on our behalf.

  8. 8 Di M Nader

    Dearest Michelle, I am so grateful for you and your higher Angels! Thank you. I sense your healing and positive energy and find comfort here. Thank you for being open and honest. and for sharing your insights, skill, and positive outlook.

  9. 9 Eric Hunt

    I will gladly send you $12 for membership.

    Your work is outstanding!

    Honestly, you know your stuff.
    I’ve been helping people for a long
    time… I know what works… U do!

    How do I do so?

  10. 10 Eric Hunt

    Hi Michelle.Thanks for being there.
    Tell us more about your spirit guides.

  11. 11 Anastacia

    I had not been coming to Michelle’s website because although I had initally been enjoying her excellent horoscopes, I did not want to read her content and not pay in for “Good Karma” every time (and I did not want to draw in any bad karma!). (I did pay in on my last visit, however.) Today I really needed some Aries guidance, and without conscious intention and for the first time in a long time I clicked on Michelle’s sihe from Horoscope Junkie Weekly (where I find some other excellent horoscopes). I went ahead to my reading, intending to pay in for Good Karma. After I received the guidance I needed, I found Michelle’s Circle of Friends, and I am proud to join. Thank you, Michelle!

  12. 12 Michelle

    Dear Anastacia,
    Welcome to “Michelle’s Circle of Friends!” Thank you for becoming a yearly supportive member of our wonderful astrological/spiritual website. To make things very clear, if someone doesn’t want to be a member, or can’t afford to pay the $12.00 fee once a year – that’s just fine too – never would any bad karma come back on anyone, for any reason. But, I will say that for those who choose, with their own free will and loving heart, to become a yearly supportive member – or donate to this website in any other way…I always pray that their Good Karma returns to them 10 fold or more! I’m very happy that you joined our Astroenlightenment.com family and wish you all the best!
    Blessings Always,
    Michelle Anne Cox-Lomas

  13. 13 Dinesh Sharma

    Dear Michelle, I am so happy to see your wonderful site with roots of knowledge and recognitions of people. I hope I will see you on the peak success in your career and I believe that people will be very happy with your help, efforts and support. Once again, best of luck and may you get happiness in every phase of your life.


    Dinesh Sharma

  14. 14 Vivienne B

    Hello again my friend,its been a while since you heard from me but I know the now is right, right now.
    I always look forward to reading your wise words and love, love, love everything about you.
    I am your friend now and forever, happy to join such a beautiful circle of human beings, being human.

    Namaste to all…

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