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Georgette picture

Georgette Heron-Willoughby

Fine Art Photographer


From her very first camera fine art photographer Georgette Heron-Willoughby had a way of seeing the world that other people would overlook. She has been a lifelong student of the ULE (University of Life Experience) and in the prime years of her life she is a progressive artist behind the lens.

She has perfected her work from the knowledge of master photographers and has brought her own magical perspective to life thru their teachings. The natural talent this photographer displays is apparent to all who observe her unique style.

Willoughby’s style ranges from edgy contemporary to conventional landscapes. She has a passion for macro photography which is evident in her flora and nature images. Her rich gift of imagination will never be stagnant but is forever changing as long as she’s behind the lens.

The Michigan artist has exhibited her work regionally in venues such as:

  • The Rivers Edge Gallery, Wyandotte MI
  • The James R DeSana Center For Arts and Culture, Wyandotte MI
  • Various local “Art in the Park” exhibits

Memberships with regional and national artist associations:

  • Women’s Caucus for Art
  • DCA – Downriver Council for the Arts
  • www.thephotomuse.webs.com
  • _______________________________________________________________


Do you:

  • Keep attracting the wrong type of people?
  • Think all the good ones are taken?
  • Have trouble getting a date?
  • Struggle filling out an online profile?
  • Wonder why you can’t get a 2nd, 3rd date?
  • Wonder why they “disappear” after sex?
  • Feel lost when it comes to dating after Divorce?

Well Love, I can show you how to find the Love of your Life & help you be successful in Love and Life.

I’m Leslie Ziemba, Dating and Lifestyle Coach. I help men and women Find their TRUE LOVE, their SOULMATE…

My Passion is to guide you through Dating, Relationship and Health Challenges.

Everything I teach is based on my personal experience.

And when I say PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, geez I have been through the ringer with Love, Life, Relationships AND Health issues.

I have fallen down so many times in Love & Life…Let me help you UP!

Please click here for my FREE, no obligation Dating Report,

“7 Key Reasons You May Still Be Single”


You don’t have to settle in Love or Life! XO

All the Best,



Hello my name is Angela and I am an Empowered Empath, Lightworker, Author and Reiki Master living in the East Riding of Yorkshire, United Kingdom. I have been aware of spirit since a very young age and like many other Lightworkers, I have been consciously on the ‘ascension pathway’ for many years. The next few years offer the greatest opportunity for spiritual growth and ascension on Earth and it is my wish to help you transform with the new energies to find the joy and happiness you deserve. You can find me at www.mysticalunion.co.uk for more information about my healing work, intuitive readings, books and therapies through which I share my knowledge and gifts with you. I offer services both in person and through the internet. I really look forward to meeting you.

From One Empath to Another Kindle Edition
by Angela Thompson (Author)

Click on the beautiful book cover here which will take you directly to Amazon.com to read the raving reviews about this fantastic book!

Get Your Copy Today! 5 Star Reviews! Highly Recommended by me! :)


100% Organic and Wild-Harvested Concentrated Herbal Formulas
At Ancient Botanicals, our mission is to awaken the market to the healing powers of ancient herbs and botanicals for the purpose of living healthier lives to the fullest. Our vision is to inspire a conscious lifestyle by producing the healthiest natural products and formulas that rejuvenate from the inside.


Yggdrasil – A Forest Retreat

Yggdrasil Retreat is a mystery school for visionary contrarians and a sanctuary for souls reinventing themselves, to be housed within a self-sustaining forest-based eco-village community. The focus of the school-retreat will revolve around four primary soul tasks: 1) tending the sacred wound around which our core issues are formed; 2) cultivating the sense of visionary calling that arises from tending the sacred wound; 3) learning to dialogue effectively with other visionaries, and the other beings of the more-than-human world with whom we share this planet; and 4) courting the mythopoetic realm of the dreaming imagination in which meaning and sacred purpose are rooted. We are currently looking for co-creative partners, co-investors, potential faculty, students, and community members, inspired by the vision enough to want to roll up their sleeves and actively help in its manifestation. If you would like to know more about this wonderful forest retreat feel free to visit their beautiful website at: yggdrasilretreat.com and contact my good friend Joe Landwehr at his e-mail address: jlandwehr@yggdrasilretreat.com I know he would be very happy to assist you and let you know more about his amazingly beautiful and healing retreat center. Joe Landwehr is also an amazing writer with 4 published books; 2 of which I have read that were very insightful, educational and enlightening. I am looking forward to reading his other 2 books that I haven’t read yet. You can check them out and purchase 1 or all 4 of his books on this special link at http://joelandwehr.typepad.com/ancient_tower_press/book-catalog.html







Visit the Akaija Website today!

There is a very special man who lives in the Netherlands. His name is Wim Roskam. He was inspired to create this very special piece of jewelry that reminds us that WE ARE ALL CONNECTED. There is a very beautiful Love story behind his creation which you can read all about on his website by clicking this Akaija link right here.  A true soul mate love story indeed. A story that transcends Life. When his true love passed on to the other side, she came to him and inspired him to become a silversmith and create these jewelry pieces that can strengthen, re-balance and heal the energy system. I really want you to check out his amazing story behind his creations and read his amazing testimonials on his website. I have my very own silver Akaija that I always wear. I love it! I can feel the amazingly beautiful energy that surrounds this beautiful piece of handmade jewelry. I hope that you will be inspired to order one for yourself and all those who love you. The Akaija will remind you, and all those who wear one, that WE are all United in Love and Peace!

Yvonne St. Louis


Yvonne is part of a global community of Light workers and Masterminds (spiritual and psychological) that supports, inspires and motivates people to transform themselves through a responsible compassion. She shares her experience, knowledge, and the graceful inspiration that flows through her through books, workbooks, audio books, events and web classes. She also provides services in person and on the internet. Her energy healing treatments are offered in person or at a distance. Yvonne is here to make a difference and share light and wisdom with you on your journey. She wants to bring you home in your heart and soul.

You can connect with Yvonne at: www.connectwithyourheart.com


You can receive your free gift from Yvonne at: www.connectwithyourheart.com/gift




The Energy T™ is the world’s first chi-energy T-shirt. This unique, tested, high quality Energy T™ is gaining wide popularity around the world. Universal chi energy is channeled into every fiber of each organic T-shirt. The Energy T™ balances the energies in the body, removes blockages and ultimately helps the recipient heal and harmonize himself/herself. Customers report more energy, increased happiness, better sleep and several other positive results as a result of wearing the Energy T™. 90 day, unconditional money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied.

The Energy T™ is currently sold globally through: spiritual stores and boutiques, yoga studios, chiropractors, acupuncturists, NDs, spiritual websites, holistic spas, and the list continues to grow. You can also purchase your own special shirt through my website listed above.

Very Fast and FREE Shipping too!

You can contact Jim Kupczyk with any questions you may have regarding these special healing energy Tshirts directly through his website or at: jk-energyhealing.com

I personally own quite a few of these EnergyTshirts and I love them! I want to get more and more and wear them every day and night. I feel so much happier, balanced, centered, calm, cool, collected, healthy, energized and able to do the work that I love to do without getting so energetically drained. When I wear one to bed I feel calm and have sweet dreams too.  I highly recommend that you check out Jim Kupczyk’s website and read all of the testimonials about what these special shirts have done for others and what they can do for you too. When you purchase your very own – tell Jim that Michelle sent you! :) You can also read about Jim Kupczyk’s other special healing services here under the Lightworkers section of this website. Namaste’

nola-pic Nola Patti – Romance Enhancer

Nola has been a Romance Enhancer for over 5 years. She has her own website where you can get in touch with her to have your own private group demonstrations. “Touch, Feel, and Taste” the products that she sells – or visit her website and privately order your products from her for a 10% discount off of your order. Her website is: Livethefantasytoday. Are you ready to spice up your love life? Tell her Michelle sent you!





www.fortunecookiedreams.com – The Desert of Destiny! This is an excellent website where you can purchase your own very tasty fortune cookies and even personalize your own messages to put in them too. They have a lot of unique ideas that you can use for your advertisement and personal use. They can also help you with ideas for personalizing your messages and a variety really great items that you can put your personalized messages in. I recommend that you check out this very unique website, get creative, and order your own tasty cookies soon.


http://www.barbarawatkins.net – A truly beautiful and mysterious looking website very finely put together – I truly love the layout and graphics. Barbara Watkins is a wonderful published Author of Mysteries and Suspense. She was gracious enough to send me an autographed copy of each of her books – which I am going to totally enjoy reading – and then I will also write a special review about each of them here for you on my website. In the meantime, while you are anxiously waiting for my reviews – go right now and visit her website. Pick up a copy of each of her books and read them along with me. Excellent books for our upcoming summer season. Lay back, relax, and enjoy the mystery and suspense. Feel free to write to me and let me know how much you enjoy them. I’ll pass along your special reviews for her too. Enjoy!


If I hold onto resentment in my relationships where does it go? It stays within me creating contraction and pain. If when I let it go I come back into open-heart space that is loving and kind.

http://fragrantheart.com/cms/free-audio-meditations/relaxation/deep-relaxation Oh yes, we all deserve to listen to this wonderfully healing and deeply relaxation meditation. Melt your anxieties and worries away. Click on the above link right now. Sit back, listen, breathe, relax, and enjoy! I love this website and listen to the meditations as often as possible. These meditations may just be the fountain of youth you’ve been looking for.


http://www.justlovepage.com Remembering to Love. Totally beautiful Love inspired goodies that you can buy. I personally own a lot of their items. Their clothing is just wonderful. 10% of all proceeds from the sale of their clothing goes to support charitable organizations.


http://www.greendeva.com I met these wonderful people at The Michigan Renaissance Festival. I always purchase many of their wonderful handmade items. I totally love their naturally handmade soaps. Totally wonderful indeed! All natural Bath and Body products. Tell them Michelle sent you!

http://www.LiveWithGratitude.com All of us need to be reminded to Live with an attitude of gratitude – and what better way to do this than to wear one of their wonderful shirts, hats, hoodies, or own one of their other great products. Tell them Michelle sent you!

www.newworldlibrary.com This is an excellent site from my all time favorite publishing house! Are you looking for books that will enlighten you? Are you looking for insightful words of advice from the top Authors of today? Do you desire words of truth, enlightening spirituality, and advice you can use? This is the place to go! Click on www.newworldlibrary.com and start collecting your own favorite and personal library today!

www.designsintime.alittleingenuity.com : Designs In Time – Kathy Bacon Artist – She is a self taught artist and has been creating since she was a small child. She has been an Artist for approx. 45 years. She loves all forms of art. Her favorite mediums are colored pencil, marker, watercolors and stained glass. She does custom orders. She can also draw your own personal Guardian Angel! I love all of her work and I have a few items that she has made currently sitting on my desk. They are totally beautiful! Check out her website at www.designsintime.alittleingenuity.com or you can e-mail her at designsintime@peoplepc.com or call her directly at (248) 634-3943 – I highly recommend everything that she creates. I am sure that she can create something beautiful and wonderful just for you!

“The Big Picture” website at: www.kjmaclean.com is a beautiful website where you can become very enlightened with spiritually uplifting and insightful information. I totally love it and I know that you will to! Check it out right now at: www.kjmaclean.com and read all about what The Bigger Picture is all about! Ken is a dear spiritual friend of mine. A 22/4 Master Soul, like myself, who’s mission it is in life to bring you enlightenment and truth. Thank you Ken for all that you do…and for just being you!

www.anxietycoach.com This excellent site is dedicated to people around the world that have been unnecessarily suffering with anxiety. This site was created by the wonderful Dr. David Carbonell and he is the founder and director of the Anxiety Treatment Center in Chicago. He is an expert in the treatment of panic and anxiety disorders. He has conducted training and seminars throughout the United States and maintains a self help website at www.anxietycoach.com He has written an excellent workbook for those of us suffering with anxiety and it is an excellent workbook indeed. I ran across his website when I finally decided that the anxiety and panic attacks I was having was ruining my life and I was researching for answers. After much search and not finding what I was looking for…I was totally blessed and ran across Dr. David Carbonell’s website. I ordered his workbook “Panic Attacks Workbook – A Guided Program for Beating the Panic Trick” and it’s been helping me immensely! I can’t thank him enough for writing such a great workbook and for having such a helpful website. If you have been suffering with panic attacks (which we all know are terrible) and you’ve decided, like I did, that you’ve have enough…I highly suggest that you click onto his fantastic website and order his workbook. It’s been extremely helpful for me and I know that it can help you too! Thanks Dr. David Carbonell for helping me to get my life back!

www.readerviews.com : Are you thinking about self-publishing your own book? Do you already have a book that you have self-published? Would you like to get more publicity and exposure? Would you like to have a special book review written for your book? Are you an avid reader who is looking for some special reviews on books before you decide what you want to purchase? This special website has it all for you. Many wonderful reviews are written monthly – by people like me – just for you. Check it out today. Excellent website indeed for both up and coming new Authors and avid readers alike. This website is just for you! Enjoy!

www.thehoroscopejunkie.webcentre.ca :You like my horoscopes and you may desire to check out what other astrology sites are out there. They have done all of the work for you. Search no more. They have found the best astrology sites on the web and have all the links there for you. I give this site an A+!

www.myglobalsciencesfoundation.org : Your Online Resource for Law of Attraction Certification!