Hi Friends,

Have you ever awoken from a very vivid dream and said to yourself, “I wonder why I had that dream and what it means for me?”

Ever since I was a very young child, I have been very interested in the dreams that I was dreaming each night. I rarely have less than 2 or 3 vivid dreams each and every night. I began keeping a dream journal since I was very young. I have come to know that the experience of dreaming can be very helpful to your waking state. Your Dreams can reveal to you what is going on within your subconscious. Dreams can be very healing, helpful, informative, interesting and also quite prophetic. Our dreams can teach us many things that our waking lives cannot. While we are dreaming we are more open to what our Higher Self and Ascended Masters desire to teach us. We are also able to put aside our rational left brain thinking and allow the veil to the heavenly plane in. Those who have passed on in our lives are more able to connect with us through our dreams.

If you have a dream that you would like me to interpret for you then please feel free to use my special service here. After you have made your payment to me by using the PayPal service below (just follow the easy and secure payment process) then send me an email to: michelle@astroenlightenment.comĀ 

In your email please give me a detailed account of your dream. I will then email you back, usually within 2 days, with my special interpretation for you!

I look forward to you sharing your special dreams with me and interpreting them for you to the best of my abilities!

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