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Dr. Michelle


667 Responses to “Dear Dr. Michelle Column”

  1. 1 Di

    Hello Michelle! I hope your new year is fabulous and wonderful. I just Stopped By to let you know that I appreciate your warmth, talent, kindness and insight. I feel that this year should be “all about me” - I’m a Pisces (March 9 1958; 4:32 am) and my 50th anniversary of life finds me WANTING to be selfish: a party, a vacation, a better grip on my reality (hormones), etc. I reviewed your Monthly Horoscope for Pisces and found it to be exactly what I needed affirmed! Thanks much for your friendly openness and caring nature. AND for your exceptional assessments. I recognize you have trained and studied and honed your skills- and it shows. If I have a question for this time, for this space and place in my life, its my sense of being unsettled, mostly at work. I am trying hard to erase negative scripts, derogatory self-deprecating remarks, sarcastic retorts.. .. self-love is a hard skill for me to embrace for MYSELF. Of course I rail at others who do not Take Care of Themselves but I have a really tough time making it MY own habit. I am making conscious attempts to integrate self-worth and self-care into my regular-as-breathing landscape of personality traits. Its just really hard to make the transitions. All about me– leaving my comfort level of a lifetime and finding out how to Celebrate Me seems so difficult. Any words of wisdom? Helpful mantras? Advice? The old habits die hard– and since it has not yet really become Harder to Keep the Old than to integrate the New (desired) approach to self-love and self-care, well, see my challenge? I know I have to WANT to change more than I want to stay the same! DUH. Yet I feel I am making so little progress ; I want that magic wand and instant validation!

    Thanks for letting me see this, in writing, for letting me vent a little. Oh yeah, and for the chance to celebrate your good heart and warm intentions! ever, Mommstur Di

  2. 2 Michelle

    Hi Di,

    I first want to Thank YOU for your special comments about me…I totally appreciate that. I, too, am a Pisces Soul and I totally understand your dilemma. It’s extremely important that you realize you are an advanced soul who chose to be born under the unconditionally loving sign of Pisces! YES YOU ARE! And as such, you need to stop doing everything for everyone and start showing them by example how to live a happy and joyfilled life. Only by YOU being happy and filled with JOY will they realize how important life is.

    Realize that: Your life is your personal journey…and it’s up to you to make the most of it!

    What you are doing now is ‘undoing’ all of the negative thinking that your parents and society taught you as a child. You have the right to do what you want to do and to do things that make ‘you’ happy! That is NOT being selfish at all!

    One thing I know for sure is that when you pass out of this earth dimension, you are going to be asked one very, very, very important question - “Hey Di, how well did you take care of Di? Did you do things to make her happy? Did you go to special places and meet some interesting people? What did you learn that you didn’t know before you went there? Did you learn some special things that make your soul grow?” I know that is more than just 1 question, but you get the point.

    I think that the very best gift that you can give to yourself right now would be a very special in-depth session with me. Check out my ‘consultations’ section of my site here and also check out the ‘testimonials’ and then drop me an e-mail at: and let’s hook up! I would totally love to do a session for you and I know you would love it too.

    It’s time for you to move forward and step into the JOY that is your very own life! I am here to help you do just that!

    I’ll look forward to hearing from you soon!
    Big Hugs and Blessings back to you Pisces Sister,
    Dr. Michelle

  3. 3 Carmen


    Sorry, I forgot to add my daughters birthdate(11-14-89) and her boyfriends(3-25-90). Are they good for eachother? Will he be faithful? They have been together for almost a year now.


  4. 4 Michelle

    Hi again Carmen,

    Your daughter is a Scorpio and her boyfriend is an Aries. They both can seem a bit scatter-brained at times and I understand your concern for them both. Your daughter can be a very ‘giving’ soul, but she must learn to curb her negative attitudes - especially about herself. She is learning about ‘who she is’ in this lifetime. Her soul is on a mission of caring and giving to others. She can be quite psychic too, but must learn the difference between her intuitive/inspirational self - and her negative/worried self. People do like her and sometimes she wonders why they do. She worries about what other people think of her. The more she learns to love herself, the more self-suffient she will be. Right now, she is learning to know herself through her relationship with her boyfriend. If they were to split up…she would be lost. She needs to learn who she is as an independent person while still being in this relationship with him. She must be careful of ‘losing herself’ in this relationship.

    They can grow quite strong together. I do see it as a wonderful connection. I really like his spiritual energy for he is a very old soul who sometimes feel uncomfortable being back here on the Earth plane. He didn’t have to be here…he chose to be here in this lifetime. His soul is on a mission and he can accomplish many great things - as long as he finds a way to ‘feel’ comfortable here. When he feels uncomfortable dealing with Earth’s energies - like negativities of all kind, and dealing with heavy responsibilities - like money - he could be prone to bad addictions. The reason for this is that his soul wants to find some peace - the peace he knew so well on the heavenly plane. He is young yet and has all the peer pressures of life - but if he were my son, I would make sure that he realizes that he shouldn’t drink and when he has a headache…he is so sensitive that he needs only one asprin.

    Both of these blessed souls are quite creatively psychic and I feel that they ‘are’ in tune with each other. As long as they ‘choose’ to grow with each other…all will be well. If your daughter gets too wrapped up in him and forgets that she has a life and needs to pick a good career path for herself too - to become all that she can be - then the situation may become a bit hard to deal with.

    At the basics of it all - they really DO love each other and they both really DO love you! Be a good source of guidance for them both.

    Dr. Michelle

  5. 5 Mary

    What the difference between a guardian angel and a sprite guide? Who should you talk to for help?

  6. 6 Michelle

    Hi Mary,

    Excellent question! We all have a very special Guardian Angel that was chosen to be with each of us throughout our current lifetime. This Angel was chosen by us and for us by the experts in the Divine Dimension. Our Guardian Angel guides us along our path, loves us unconditionally…no matter what…and watches over us to keep our spirit feeling loved and safe.

    Spirit Guides are a different form of being all together. Spirit Guides were once human too. They lives on earth, we might have met them and were friends with them. They might have been people we knew from a past lifetime - or even in or current one. Spirit Guides are experts on different subjects.

    For instance, when I decided that I loved astrology and knew that I had studied and practiced this subject in a past lifetime, the other professional astrologers - in the heavenly plane - that knew the mission I wanted to accomplish - came to me and decided to help with this project. When you read my work, I am not alone, the astrology spirit guides are helping me along and believe me, the talk with me, they walk with me, and they also have no problem telling me when I am ‘off the mark’ and help me to get back on track.

    Whatever issues you are having, at any particular time, you can call upon a spirit guide to assist you and bring you the knowlege you are seeking.

    Most people have 1 or 2 spirit guides that stay with them throughout their current lifetime to help their soul to grow. I have quite a few, but 3 I am most in touch with. Steven on my right - my masculine side that is so very kind, giving, and has no problem working long hours with me to ‘get it done.’ AND, Diana on my left, who is extremely intuitive, protective, and doesn’t always trust people not to take advantage of me. She is like a protective big sister who is teaching me about boundaries and my femininity. And then there is my extra special guide Mikaya - she is a sister to me from a past indian lifetime we had together. She is extremely creative and loves to work on crafts with me. She has a very healing energy and people feel her around me most often when I am doing my personal sessions. She channels information to me, for my clients, from a higher dimension. She works in the very important Akashic Records Building in Heaven.

    I could go on and on about this topic, but I hope that you have an deeper understanding now. When ever you need guidance about anything, there is a soul who will work as your spirit guide to help you get the information you are seeking.

    For everyone reading this, the most important thing I want you to understand is that Spirit Guides have a very hard job sometimes. The reason? We don’t listen! That is very frustrating to them.

    Think of the most frustrating person you know, okay, imagine yourself working as a Spirit Guide for that person…how frustrated would you be?

    From now on, give them credit! The more you begin to listen, the more apt you will be to listen more often. Next time you lose your keys and get frustrated…sit back…and listen…someone special will give you the insight you need to find them…and when you do…laugh and know where your information came from. They certainly love appreciation too.

    Dr. Michelle

  7. 7 Shelley

    Hi Michelle:

    How do you know if it is your spiritual guides speaking to you versus your ego?For example, I am still torn about a decision about where to live because I want to believe that I will be able to live and work in one city but the commute to the city that I am working in right now is an hour and with construction coming in April it will be much more difficult. My Inner self is telling me to have faith and live in the city where my family and friends are and my ego is dreading the commute.


  8. 8 Michelle

    Hey Shelley,

    You are absolutely RIGHT. Your spirit guide is telling you to stay right where you are and your ego is being cranky and bringing negativity into your life. That is exactly how you can tell the difference. Your Spirit Guides will positively ‘inspire’ you - make you feel at peace and serene. While your ego is famous - everyone’s is - for being cranky and bringing dreadful thoughts into your mind and heart.

    You are on the right track Shelley…keep listening to your inner guidance and pat that ego on the head - give him a cookie too if it will keep him quiet for a little while.

    Much love,
    Dr. Michelle

  9. 9 Amanda

    Dr. Michelle,
    Our mutual friend Mike has set an appointment for me to meet with you in April, however, I’m dieing to know 2 things - everything else will wait for when I meet you in person, of course.

    #1 - Do you use astrology to better fulfill your own destiny? and…

    #2 - When/How/Will I make a significant impact on the world?

    Oh, and #3… can I put your website link on my myspace page?

    DOB: 05/06/1986 TIME: 6:19 a.m. LOCATION: Coshocton, OH

    Thanks in advance,

  10. 10 Michelle

    Hi Amanda,

    To answer your questions: #1 - Yes, I absolutely use astrology to better fulfill my destiny. By keeping an eye on the planetary vibrations and how they are moving through my life, I know when the best times are for me to move forward in my life, when to overcome negative thinking, when to start new projects, when to just sit back and go with the flow and so much more! Keep your eye on your personal horoscopes here because I always try to do my best to let everyone know what is surrounding them now and on the horizon for them. Astrology does work! I am living proof of that!

    #2 - You are so young to be asking that question and yet, your heart is in the right place. You are in a cycle of your life where you need to make an impact in your own life, bringing beauty, love, stability and security, as well as education and direction into your life first and once you have that - then you can begin to reach out and set your life as an example for others. Your heart wants to help a lot of people and there are many avenues in which you can do this. Just your intention to do so will lead you in the right direction.

    #3 - Yes, you can put a link about my site on your myspace page.

    See you here in March Amanda!
    Angel Blessings,
    Dr. Michelle

  11. 11 cindyloo

    Hello Michelle,
    I met this guy a year ago, he’s not like any other guy i’ve ever met. I feel like i’m living a fairytale because he’s to good to be true. Is this to good to be true, will there be problems down the line? Is this the real him or is he pretending to be someone he’s not and just saying what he thinks i want to hear? Is he just a stepping stone that’s been sent to me to help me through a very hard part of my life because i just happened to meet him @ the beginning of some very important decisions and changes in my life. Is this a match made in heaven or another pipe dream? I’n Gemini and he’s Scorpio. My birthday is 05/21/74 and his birthday is 11/18/81.


  12. 12 Michelle

    Hi Cindy,

    Now, you know how you are…you are always able to see the ‘potential’ in a man and his potential is very good. He worries a lot and his path is supposed to be about ‘fun, laughter, music, dancing, and living a life that is just plain ‘playful’ - so it’s been challenging for him to stay on that path.

    Yes, on two accounts of the questions you asked me - this relationship does have wonderful potential too AND he is serious about being in a relationship with you.

    Just take it slow and don’t focus all of your attention, devotion, and dedication of your life on him. Stay in balance. He did come along to get you back ‘in the flow’ of life again.

    Help him with his ‘potential’ and if you can see what you can do about getting him to understand that if he is ‘playful’ in his life, life will be so much easier for him.

    As for you…you are an old soul on a very important mission and when you are down and out…your mission gets put on a long delay.

    Love is what keeps the world going around and I am wishing you both the best. It’s not always going to be easy, but base your relationship on a best friendship first and this could be the relationship that you’ve been dreaming about.

    Good Luck!
    Dr. Michelle

  13. 13 Kathy

    My DOB 12-26-1952 in October 2007 I was served a bleach solution at a Mcdonald’s. Their insurance company is talking of some settlement. What would be an acceptable amount? Or do you see further legal action on this?
    Angel Blessings to you!!

  14. 14 Michelle

    Dear Kathy,

    Wow…what a terrible thing. I am assuming that you had something to drink - like a pop? and that is where the bleach solution got into your drink - at the pop station. The companies that change the pop bag in there usually clean the pop station out with bleach, but they are supposed to make sure that it’s rinsed out properly and that IS McDonald’s job to make sure that everything is safe for human consumption.

    Did you go to the hospital? Did it make you that sick? With hospital papers that you were there and their diagnoses that you were sick from the drink…yes, that would be reason for a lawsuit…but this is a tricky thing too. Did you have any ‘evidence’? The cup with the bleach solution? The more evidence you have, the more you will be able to settle this whole thing sooner.

    You asked me about an acceptable amount? I can’t tell you that, but I do feel - after a very long wait - that this whole thing should be settled out of court. McDonalds will want as little publicity as possible.

    Do I feel that you should take more legal action on this? It’s just my gut feeling (along with my personal opinion mixed in too) that no you should just see what they will want to settle on. I am sure that you have a lawyer taking care of this whole thing…leave it in your lawyers hands.

    No one likes to sue anyone over anything - but, I understand the moral of the issue and if you have medical bills because of what happened, then yes, this big company should easily be able to cover that.

    Do I think that you will get incredibly rich because of this? No, absolutaly not. But stand up for the moral of the issue and let’s hope that no one else has to go through what you went through - for that is the lesson here for McDonald’s to make sure that they provide a good food service and always make customer service their highest priority.

    Good Luck…let me know what happens.
    Dr. Michelle

  15. 15 Kathy

    My Dear Angel Sis,
    First of all I want to thank you for all you do. We are all Blessed by your knowledge and presence. I truely hope all those you have helped here, check out your donation site or make an appointment with you. :) I was amazed and appreciated every bit of the information I received when we sat together.
    At Mcdonalds I ordered ice tea, which was served in a decaf coffee pot, luckily I ordered an extra large, which took up most of the pot.
    My first thought was about if a child got it, they would have drank it all not knowing the difference.
    I called poison control, went to emergency and had several tests to make sure all is well. Thank God it is.
    It actually is in Mcdonalds insurance hands right now, the agent advised me I will get a settlement.(yes, I am sure to keep it out of court) I haven’t gone to an attorney. But I also agree on the moral issue. When I first called the Mcdonalds to let them know, the response was: “We don’t use bleach, so sorry, please come back in and we will give you a free value meal.” Hmmm
    I was really interested in your input since you have helped set me in the right direction before.
    Many Blessings and Miracles to you and your readers.

  16. 16 Michelle

    Hi Again Kathy,

    Very interesting information indeed! I’ve been to McDonald’s many times over the years and when I get an iced tea it’s always been at the pop station and never over the counter. Hmmm…the one you went to must do things differently. Keep sticking up for what you believe in and I don’t believe that you need to hire an attorney - but having one on call - like get a phone number of one and at least talk to him over the phone, just in case you might need him/her - and if McDonald’s attorney asks if you have an attorney, at least you have a card to show them, and you could easily make that phone call if you need to.

    This is going to be a long slow process, but if you focus positively on the end result - hopefully it will work out a little quicker and easier for you!

    Yes, this is a moral issue alright and I am wondering if it really was bleach or if it was some other cleaning product that contains bleach - doesn’t really matter - someone was neglagent and that’s all that matters - when you go to a place like that you should have the peace of mind that their food and drinks are not going to make you sick!

    I am sure that you’ve done a good thing. I’m sure that they are double checking everything now so that no one else get’s sick. You were a victim for a good cause and you deserve to be compensated for it too. Think of the whole thing this way and the positive results you desire will be given.

    Love you too!
    Dr. Michelle

  17. 17 Liz

    Hi Dr. Michelle:

    Wow, what a great site! Your column is awesome! I would appreciate any thoughts/comments/advice that you might offer. My dob: 05/13/59 and my guy’s: 01/12/58. We’ve been dating off and on for the past 5 1/2 years. We’ve been steady for the last year. He’s wonderful and we get along well. We are both divorced, have children and maintain separate homes. We agreed that while our children are young and living in our homes, we don’t want to cohabitate and step-parent one another’s children. We enjoy one another’s company and spend time together away from our kids and with our kids together. While things seem great when we do get together, I wonder if you see a long term future? Are we compatible enough to continue on dating, while our kids are living with us? And once our kids leave the nest,is there enough to sustain us toward a more solid/permanent relationship? Any insight will be appreciated. Thank you, Liz!

  18. 18 Michelle

    Hi Liz,

    I feel that the situation you have going between you and your special Capricorn friend is remarkably special! Yes, absolutely, I see a wonderful relationship between the two of you NOW and in the future. Your relationship with each other is based on a mutual respect and best friendship first and will lead to a deeper committment in the future. You, being the lovable Taurus, need to be patient. The more reserved Cappy man does love you and wants to make sure that everything is secure (in all areas of everyone’s life) before moving forward - the way that you want to - so it’s going to take lots of patience. But all in all…EXCELLENT RELATIONSHIP indeed!

    Dr. Michelle

  19. 19 Cindyjean

    Dear Michelle,
    I have a birthday wish for a very dear friend of mine. She is like NO person I ever met. I know she a ARIES but her personality isn’t , never seen her temper, moody and never selfish in her life! The most positive warm heart patience person you ever met. She took care of her family when her mom had a nerves brake down and end up in a hospital, HOW many knows how to pay bills, cook and clean for three sibling and a dad how couldn’t do this, at eighteen? Her pay back, was she was kick out of her home a week after her graduation NO place to go! HER EX love her so that he thought that he had the right to put something in her coffee ( not a good thing) to show how much he loved her..she is divorce but he puts her through HELL there too! There too…. NO place to go! She never act like a victim of anything..just a learning lesson is what she calles it? She is always going out of her way for people(GREAT FRIEND)..she has many friends but the one thing everyone need is a pair of warm loving arms around you, that special someone? She deserves a Prince, Knight of Shining Armor for the good she does for everyone else!
    She deserve the best!
    Her birthday is 3-29-58
    Thank-you so much

  20. 20 Michelle

    Hi CindyJean,

    Obviously you have a very dear heart yourself and you want to see your special friend happy. She is an old soul and other people’s joy IS her joy. I totally understand that. She does what she has to do, with no thought of herself, to help people in every way possible. Again, I totally understand that. But, she has to reach a level of spiritual maturity to understand that HER life is very important too. The absolute best gift in the world that you can give her is a gift of getting a reading with me. Purchase her a gift certificate for a very special reading and I know…without a doubt…that she will begin to tap into her true spiritual being and allow herself to attract right relationships into her life. Without a session, and the right guidance, I’m afraid she is going to continue the pattern of being a martyr and attracting wrong relationships into her life that use and abuse her until she finally says, “I’m not taking this anymore!” Let’s see if we can bring her that enlightenment sooner and help her to avoid the pitfalls of even more heartache.

    Thanks for writing to me…you are a wonderful soul to care about your friend so much. I’ll await to hear from you about purchasing a gift certificate for her. Contact me directly through my e-mail at:

    Love, Light, and Peace Always,
    Dr. Michelle

  21. 21 Lena

    Dear Dr Michelle,

    I was reading something about the new moon on march 7th at 12:14 pm and people are suppose to write their abundance checks at that time. Can you please explain this to me?



  22. 22 Michelle

    Hi Lena,
    Yes, when the New Moon times of the month roll around it is always a good idea to take a blank check and write PAID IN FULL in both areas where you put in the amounts…and then sign it “Universal Law of Abundance” at the bottom. Write the check out to yourself at the top there too. Then keep this check where you want to bring in money, like in your checkbook. Or, keep it where you will see it as often as possible to help you feel abundant in every area of your life.

    Angel Blessings,
    Dr. Michelle

  23. 23 teri

    Iam aquarius 11/02/63, living in turmoil, when will I be free from this, or more to the point when is the “right” time to act. I live with a volitile cancer 1/7/59, the three teenagers are away from home Uni 7/6/88, College 27/6/90 and boarding school 14/8/90.

  24. 24 Michelle


    I have compassion for your situation, but you must be wise enough to realize that what is happening in the outside circumstances of your life is a reflection of the inside circumstances of what you put yourself through. When we allow ourselves to feel joy…we create joy…we attract joy…and where joy IS no negativities - from other people etc. can or will affect or infect us.

    What I feel about your particular situation is that for a very long time now - most of your life - you’ve been dealing with internal ‘changes, challenges, and twists of fate’ and you can easily - and probably have - blamed other people for these situations and the way that you feel.

    No one can ‘make’ you feel any particular way unless ‘you’ let them.

    The man you live with, the Cancer, also has these issues and has lived with these issues inside of himself too. You love each other very much - this is can easily feel - but what you don’t realize is that you are both a ‘mirror’ for each other. What you don’t like about him…you have inside of you too…and visa versa.

    Obviously…if the circumstances were so bad that you wanted to leave - as I feel that you have - you would have done so a long time ago. What you have here is an ‘on again/off again’ ‘love/hate’ relationship going on. A karmic relationship where you are learning about your insecurities and strengths through him and he is also doing the same thing through you (although, I know, he doesn’t communicate as well as you would like him to, but that is how he is)

    Neither of you can change the other, but before you pack up and totally leave, you need to ponder over if you feel that there is anything to salvage here. Truth is what matters and the two of you are like ships passing in the night. You live together, you dump your frustrations on each other - and as weird as it sounds - the two of you really do love each other.

    You asked me about when the right time is to act? NOW…always in the NOW is the right time to act…but…you must first figure out what ‘you’ truly want to do and for you…that’s confusing…always confusing.

    I say, find a quiet space, a place where you can go to and think. Work on tapping into the peace within you. It might be hard, but it is in there. Start figuring out how you can have this sense of peace in your life because without it, no matter where you go, you are always going to feel unhappy, worried, upset, and you will want to blame everyone else and every thing else. For this is your biggest challenge in this lifetime - your main soul lesson - to enjoy the changes that you create and find accomplishment within your challenges, and when twists of fate arrive - you will realize that you CAN turn a negative situation into a positive one.

    Difficult lesson but you can do it…if you want to!

    Angel Blessings,
    Dr. Michelle
    PS. If you get befuddled and can’t figure things out…get a session with me and you will see that the answers you’ve been seeking for so long are right there waiting for you.

  25. 25 angie

    Hi Michelle

    I am pleased you are feeling better. The question I have been pondering is about our life path numbers - I understand that each individual number has specific issues attached which we want to learn from during our incarnation, but do the numbers give an indication on the age of our soul. When I say this I mean is someone with a lifepath 8 an older soul than someone with a lifepath number 3, Or is this just random?

    I am trying to understand, so any information will be greatly received.



  26. 26 Michelle

    Hi Angie,

    You are asking me about life path numbers and how they allow us to know what our current ‘paths’ are in this lifetime. Yes, this is extremely important for everyone to know about and when a person has a session with me, this is the very first place that I start because everyone needs to know ‘why’ they are here in this lifetime, what gifts they are bringing in, and what lessons they are here to learn.

    You asked me about the age of our Soul and if lifepath numbers allow us to know how many prior lives we have lived. The only numbers that even remotely allow me to know this are the “Master Numbers” for these very special souls didn’t have to be here this time around but chose to be here as a special service for the student souls on our Earth plane.

    Yes, the lifepath numbers are random…except for the Master Souls.

    You have have a lifetime where you choose the 1 path and the next lifetime you may choose the 8 path and on and on until all paths are experienced, understood, and the spiritual tests are passed. Then a soul may evolve into a Master Soul. Most Souls have to go through a path over and over again if they don’t learn from it and make the most of it the first time around.

    I hope I’ve been able to help you understand your question better and if you have any further questions about this important matter, please feel free to drop me a private e-mail at:

    Glad to be of service!
    Angel Blessings,
    Dr. Michelle

  27. 27 Laura

    I’m sag. ascendant, Capricorn Sun, with a Gemini moon…trying to figure out where I’m going in this life…I don’t know why my relationships are struggling. The guy that I’m in A friendship relationship with has Gemini moon as well…do you think he could be the one ….my soul mate? right now…over the weekend something happened and we haven’t talked. We talk every day… His sun is cancer and his ascendant is Taurus thanks…I love your website!!!

  28. 28 Michelle

    Hi Laura,

    Without doing a personal session for you and ‘totally’ being able to look at your chart (and his too) and being able to be completely ‘in-tuned’ with your vibrations - like I would be able to do if you have a session with me, all I can do is tell you that people with Gemini moons sure do a lot of ‘thinking’ and don’t have as much spontanious abilities to always bring that great passion into their lives. They ‘think’ they have to have everything all figured out and planned before making any forward moves that have to do with ‘feelings’ and ‘relationships’

    Whatever you and your friend are going through, I do feel that it’s only a very temperary misunderstanding and by the time you read this you both have probably figured this out and are back on track to being good friends again. Realize too that Cancer Sun sign people need and deserve LOTS of positive attention and true love or else they get very moody. Totally understandable.

    If you want to take a good look into where your life is heading in every direction of your life, I highly suggest that you contact me via e-mail at: and set up a personal appointment for yourself. Go back to the home page and click on “Testimonials” and you will be able to read what others are accomplishing and feeling since having a session with me.

    Good Luck to you in all you do and I hope to hear from you soon!
    Dr. Michelle

  29. 29 Margaret D.

    Hello Michelle, I stumbled upon “The Light of a New Beginning” in Michelle’s Musings and thought it was fantastic! It was uncanny how it resonated with me in a way that I wasn’t expecting.

    Thank you for the opportunity to ask a question. I’m hoping that I truly am a “late bloomer” and that the right career and a true love will indeed collide with me at some point soon, despite the cross-purposes I seem to struggle with. I feel that major changes may be in the offing but I have no idea how I can best help myself and position myself for these. Any insight and guidance you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

    Here’s my astro data: June 10, 1968 Goa, India 7:15 p.m. local time ASC = 22 SAG 55

    I wish you the very best in all of your endeavors.

    With gratitude,


  30. 30 Michelle

    Hi Margaret,

    All you have to do is keep your focus, which I know is a hard thing to do being a Gemini. Sometimes you feel as if you are positively focusing on one thing and a million other things seem to be creeping into your mind…but…if you positively visualize on what you desire to bring into your life…exactly the way you desire it to…you will activate The Universal Law of Attraction and if you don’t doubt - which I know is another hard thing to do - you will attract what you desire! The Universal Law of Attraction is never wrong. Even when we delay our progress by doubting - sooner or later - and with so many doubts it will usually be later - thus the ‘late bloomer’ qualities - you will finally begin to live the life you have desired for so long!

    I can ‘feel’ that you are a perfectionist at heart and that is not a bad thing - but - I challenge you to try to be more happily ‘creative’ and if you just give that a try…soon your life will begin to turn around in your favor.

    You’ve really been going through a major life changing period of time since your last birthday and finally you are beginning to use more of your creative energy!

    Remember that God put You in charge of…YOU! Now, start taking better care of yourself and the changes you desire will come around.

    I’m wishing you all the good luck you desire!
    Dr. Michelle

  31. 31 Carmen

    Dearest Michelle,

    I am need of your wise words and guidance as I feel that things are coming undone with my family. My daughter is under so much stress and frustrated with things in her life right now and I feel that she is not thinking correctly and making bad decisions with her health and her relationships. I have left you her birthdate at your email site. Please help me guide her and help her. I feel that you can guide me and give me strength in this very difficult matter.

    Thank you so very much,

  32. 32 Michelle

    Dear Carmen,

    Your daughter wants to do things her own way and “yes” it is the hardest thing to do for us mothers is to let our children (although your daughter is a young adult now…to you she is still a child) to do things their own way. She will continue to rebel against you because her path in life IS to find her own way.

    Her life path is a 34/7 and she currently is also in a 34/7 cycle, which means that NOW is the time for her to do things completely her own way! I know that she loves you, there is no doubt about that, but I can’t tell you how much she is going to do things her own way…for better or worse right now…she HAS to do things her own way.

    Best thing for you to do is put this whole matter in the hands of a Higher Power and keep your faith strong. With your whole heart, see her surrounded in light and then let her go. That is truly all you can do right now.

    Being the mother of 5 children myself (26.24,19,16,15) and having such a brilliant mother myself, our motto has always been: “Give them enough rope and see what they do with it…if they hang themselves…they will learn!”

    Yes, we always come running to the rescue and seem to believe that it is us…the mothers…that need to pick up the pieces…but this doesn’t need to be so. Tell your daughter that she now has all the freedom she desires and that from now on she has to be completely responsible for herself. If she desires something from you, then she will have to earn it. And then, let that be that! If she get’s herself into trouble in any way, then she will have to learn for herself.

    She doesn’t desire to be controlled and will only rebel against any form of control right now…so, let her go and maybe, just maybe, she will begin to start making right choices for herself.

    It’s time for the bird to leave the nest Carmen and you know what mother birds do? They push their young out of the nest and allow them to learn how to fly on their own. It’s not easy…I understand…but when they do begin to fly on their own it’s the greatest joy your heart will ever know!

    My prayers are with you!
    Love and Light,
    Dr. Michelle
    PS. If you continue having heartache about this issue and others in your life…it’s time for ‘you’ to set up an appointment with me. A personal appointment for yourself will be the greatest gift you can give to yourself right now. Take your attention off of what your daughter is doing and put that energy back on yourself…after all…your life is super important too!

  33. 33 Lena

    dearest Dr Michelle,

    My ex has been out of work since November been very challenging for me financially I keep debating to file the contempt papers in fear it may get decreased. He owes me over 2,000 and right now I can use it. Should I file these papers and take the gamble the child support might get reduced or hold off? I know this is a lesson for me to not allow him to bully me. But, my support is already going to be cut in a few months with my oldest graduating high school.


  34. 34 Michelle

    My Dear Lena,

    Of course you should file the papers with the court, don’t worry about your child support getting decreased, better to have it decreased than not getting anything at all. Right now you just have an agreement between the two of you and he’s supposed to pay you directly, but if you go through the court system, they will make him have to pay you the back child support as it is in arrearage to you. At least this way, he will have to pay you the back child support and not just say that he doesn’t have to pay you anything at all.

    I know that you are in Florida, but here in Michigan we have a system called Michigan Family Services and the man who owes he child support has to pay them directly and then they will send you a check for the amount that you are supposed to receive from him. They are the ones that keep tabs on how much he owes you and even when your children are older, he will still have to pay until all of his arrearages are paid up.

    There has to be some kind of government agency like this in Florida too and I would highly recommend you to look into it. You won’t be losing out if you use this free government agency, for that is what they are set up to do…to take care of single mothers who’s ex’s owe them child support.

    Wait no longer. File the papers and give yourself the peace of mind that you deserve.

    Good Luck!
    Dr. Michelle

  35. 35 Cathryn

    Hi Dr Michelle,

    My Partner and I have been together now for almost 2 years (on May 20th) and living together for the last 8 months. My birthday is 3rd Sept 1969 and my partner’s is 28th June 1963. I would like to move our relationship on to the next stage with the ultimate aim of getting married and having children. Can you see this happening for us?

    Many thanks,


  36. 36 Michelle

    Hi Cathyrn,

    This relationship is pretty serious for the both of you. Neither one of you would have even contemplated the ‘living together’ situation had you both not thought your relationship was going to go to a more committed level.

    The reason I say this is because you are a Virgo (and lots of Virgo’s stay single. The sign that is the greatest bachlor, bachlorettes of the zodiac are Sagittarians and Virgo’s are only 2nd to them) and along with your sense of dedication to this wonderful and lovable Cancer man is the fact that your destiny path is 37/1 - and people on a #1 destiny path usually don’t get married either and totally enjoy being in control of every aspect of their life - not leaving any room for compromise, teamwork, and partnerships.

    BUT, obviousely you are head over heals in love with this wonderful Cancer man and that is wonderful. He is a serious type of individual too, for his destiny path is 35/8 and having an 8 for his path means that he is a true male energy indeed! Being such, he would desire to have control too and if he lost control, it would take a direct hit on his self-esteem and he could become very depressed.

    You are both powerful people who can accomplish alot in your personal lives outside of the relationship. Together, if there continues to be lots of love, teamwork, understanding, and harmony between the two of you, you could both give to each other such a wonderful sense of true love and peace away from the stresses of the outside world. That said, I think this is a wonderful match!

    As for children…that is a big step for ‘you’ to think about too. I feel that he would make a wonderful Father indeed. This decision, I believe, is going to have to come from within ‘you’ for your decision to have children is a big one indeed!

    If you would like further information, I would suggest you set up a personal appointment with me, for there is only so much I can say in this column and much more personal information I can give to you privately.

    To wrap it up though…this relationship has a beautiful chance of blooming!

    Dr. Michelle

  37. 37 Vicky

    Hi Dr. Michelle. Thank you for doing this awesome site.

    I was involved with a man that I am still very very attracted to. I walked away from him six months ago because he wasn’t treating me well. He wasn’t mean but didn’t want to officially “date” and would spend all night flirting with other women then want to go home with me. I’m afraid that I bailed too quickly (after 1.5 yrs) and if I’d stuck it out we’d have been great together. Our town is small and I see him all the time. All I say is a casual “hi, how are you” and go about doing my own thing. He has not gone out of his way to talk to me but I catch him watching me. He has never been married and I’ve never seen him with another woman - just all the flirting. What gives here? I really cared about this guy and think about him all the time. A lot of men like me… I just don’t like them so when I find a guy that gets me excited I’m thrilled. When it doesn’t work out I’m a wreck. Me 4/21/1960, him 5/30/1961. Thanks.

  38. 38 Michelle

    Hi Vicky,

    I am very happy that you are enjoying my awesome spiritual astrology site. Thank you for letting me know that you are enjoying it. Your comment is greatly appreciated! Spread the word and let all of your family and friends know and this will help to spread the joy throughout the world! This site is my little way of bringing love, light, and peace to everyone reading it and your special comments help to keep the love flowing too.

    Now, onto your important question about this Gemini guy that has your passionate attention.

    I can only tell you the truth, for it is the truth that will set you free. This man, born 5/30/1961 is a kind and lovable fellow, the problem is that he is totally unobtainable. This means that he does not want a commitment…not now…and probably never. He likes to play and desires to keep his life free of responsibility and relationship entanglements. When things get too dramatic, he will bail out. This is just what he does and what he will continue to do.

    I understand your feelings for him because you have some ‘abandonment and trust’ issues that you are learning about in your lifetime and most of the time we will attract into our lives the very things we need to learn from. Your lesson of learning to trust and not feel abandoned will come from you learning how to have more self-love and learning how not to abandon yourself…to always learn how to be your own bestfriend and take the paths of life that will bring you joy…not misery.

    My best advice for you on this matter is to realize that this relationship isn’t going to go anywhere that will lead you towards a solid commitment in anyway. I believe you already knew that when you ‘bailed out’ of this situation before. The fact that he still looks at you is easy enough to understand, for I am sure that he remembers the good times you both had together,but he also has a big enough ego that he is looking at you to see if you are looking at him too because he wants to believe that you are still attracted to him…he wants to believe that every pretty woman is attracted to him.

    Anyways, if I were you, I would be polite and let go of this whole situation. Start visualizing a much better relationship for yourself with someone who will truly love you the way that you desire to be loved.

    If I can be of further assistance, e-mail me at:

    You need to begin to take the first step in the right direction towards attracting what is for your highest good in your life, regarding every area of your life…if you desire to know more about how to do this then it’s certainly time for you to think about setting up an in-depth session with me. I’d be very happy to assist you.

    Love, Light, and Peace Always,
    Dr. Michelle

  39. 39 Margie

    Hello Dr. Michelle,

    I have an 18 yr old daughter who is making me crazy right now. As far as she is concerned I know nothing, have no idea how the real world and young adults do things these days, and has a 21 yr old boy friend who is ok, but I really think he takes advantage of her. She would sit around all day because he is supposed to see her, but then he’d do something with his buddies. She waits and abandons her girl friends because he might show up. Her birthday iw 10-16-89 and his is 10-30-86. Any suggestions….it’s hard to treat her like an adult when she doesn’t seem to act like one (she’s also looking for a job and thinks an application or two on line is sufficient). Being a control freak I bite my tongue a lot of the time. Any insite would be appreciated. Peace

  40. 40 Michelle

    Hi Margie,

    Welcome to Motherhood! As the mother of 5 children myself (25,24,19,16,15) let me tell you that no amount of worrying is ever going to do any good at all. My mother had a saying, “Give them enough rope and they’ll hang themselves with it.” - She is a scorpio and I didn’t think any child should hang themselves with anything, but as my children grew, I began to see the sense of humor behind her words. What her saying really means is that we give birth to our children, but our children still have their own lessons, karma, life to live on their own and inevitably, they have to be the one’s to make their own decisions.

    My advice to you, because you have a dramatic Libra daughter, is to let her make her own decisions about things. Kids these days are a lot slower than we were growing up. I remember being 18 and the day after I graduated from High School (a strict Catholic High School) I started my first job working as a secretary for 8 male bosses. An executive company and me as the only secretary! Then, I got even more ambitious and took on a second job too at night and on weekends. Geez…what was I thinking? I look back on those days and wish I had the time that these kids do now to just be a kid. Seems we grew up way too fast in those days…being really ambitious to work and go to college and grow into adults.

    Don’t worry so much about your daughter. If she wants to stay home and wait for her boyfriend who may or may not call her…let her do that. But, don’t you stand there and fret along with her because that will only make matters worse. You go about your business of living your life joyfully because ‘you’ being joyful is going to set a good example for her!

    Libra’s thrive in relationships. They need a relationship to ‘feel’ good about themselves. For better or worse they are always striving for a relationship to save them from themselves. But, what they learn in the end is that the best relationship they can ever have IS with their own self. Let go of your control because that is never going to make matters better. As you relinquish your control and tell her, “do whatever you want to do” she will wonder why you are letting her figure things out for herself…eventually, by you pulling away…she will draw more emotionally closer to you. It will take time, but she needs to figure things out for herself.

    You’ll be amazed Margie…they do grow up and they do get wiser and more responsible on their own. My two eldest son and daughter are doing great! My 19 year old is still finding her way but comes up with new ideas every day.

    Good Luck with Motherhood and Menopause because God knows they both feel the same!~ Kids create hot flashes when we let them!

    Angel Blessings,
    Dr. Michelle

  41. 41 Lena

    dear Dr Michelle,

    do you think my ex husband will pay me some money this month in back child support?
    I filed the papers like you suggested but he has 30 days to respond and my youngest begged me not have him put in jail, but I need my money and have to look out for my children’s welfare.


    I will talk to you probably in a few weeks..x

  42. 42 Michelle

    Hi again Lena,

    You are going to have to be very patient regarding ‘receiving’ of your back child support, but at least you have filed the correct paperwork with the authorities and that should give you the peace of mind that you ‘will’ receive the money that is owed to you. No matter how long it takes - and I feel two things about your ex 1)He is feeling guilty and does want to pay you because the longer that he doesn’t the more his conscious is bugging him and 2)He is pretending that he is strapped for money right now and he is thinking about this and what he’s going to do about paying his own bills and well as getting some money to you.

    The process is in play and there will come a day - hopefully not in the too distant future - when you will begin getting the money that is owed to you and the children. In the meantime…surround the whole situation with LIGHT and know that the positive energy of LIGHT will help everything move along as it should…and even a little more quickly too.

    Angel Blessings,
    Dr. Michelle

  43. 43 Mel

    Dear Dr. Michelle,

    I have to share with you and everyone else that comes to your website and incredible and beautiful real story. My mom passed away on April 3, 2008, just about a week ago. She was only 70 years old. We had her at the hospice house for just one day. The doctor’s had told us she only had about 2 weeks to live. My brothers, sister and I were with her at the time of her passing. We told her how much we love her and we hugged, carassed and kissed her for 3 hours straight. This is where it all becomes incredible. At one point while she was breathing very sporadic, she started a deep humming. It was a tune, we had never heard. It was almost “angelic” and very soothing to us. She hummed twice as she was passing. I had heard that when the angels are coming for you, they are singing and (that very rare and special) the person passing starts to hum the very song the angels are singing. I believe in my heart that my mom was hearing the angels sing. She passed away with me kissing her forehead and cheeks and telling her how much I loved her and to go in peace and follow the light. I just had to share this with you and ask you if you had ever heard anything like this before. I need to know if you or any of your readers had ever heard about this. Please let me know. Heaven has a new angel and her name is Sylvia.

    Thank you

  44. 44 Michelle

    Hi Carmen,

    First of all my deepest condolences to you and your family. Secondly, absolutely YES…Sylvia IS WITH THE ANGELS! I have heard about this natural phenomenon happening about the singing of the angels, but it’s a rare thing indeed that your mom was able to verbally tune in and sing along with them. This was certainly a sign for you and the other people that were with you that heard Mom singing along with them! What a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful story! Thank you so very much for sharing your personally uplifting true story with us all!

    Angel Blessings,
    Dr. Michelle

  45. 45 Jessica

    Dear Dr. Michelle,

    My name is Jessica and my birth date is 6/10/80. I’m writing because I have this feeling that something BIG is going to happen in my life soon and I was wondering if you are reading the same thing. When I think about it I feel nervous because it is going to change my life too drastically. Will I be ready when it gets here? Where you see life taking me? I’m definitely up for a wild ride, but I want it to be a positive and fun ride.


  46. 46 Michelle

    Hi Jessica,

    Yes, you are right, this year of 2008 IS going to be a good one for you. Your positive attitude is going to bring all kinds of great opportunities your way!

    Will you be able to handle them? Of course you will!
    God never gives us more than we can handle!

    You have a pretty good idea about what you desire to manifest for your life and some of these situations are coming your way soon. Others will too but at a later time as you learn to ‘relinquish control and not get depressed when situations don’t work out exactly your way. You are being prepared for what you desire and even though there may be some sidetracks along the way…I am sure that as long as you keep the attitude you have right now flowing positively…everything will turn out just right for you.

    Love, Fun, and Happiness!
    Dr. Michelle

  47. 47 Rosie

    Hi, I am a Leo 8/12/62 at 4:12 p.m. I have been looking for my passion in life for what seems like a very long time. I feel like I really don’t know what it is that I’m looking for. Help!!!

  48. 48 Michelle

    Hi Rosie,

    I totally understand your dilemma. You feel like an alien that was dropped on the wrong planet! Where are all the good people? Why can’t people just get along and love each other already?!!

    My Dear Rosie…you are a very old soul who has chosen to come back on this earth plane this time around. You chose this in order to bring your Angelic Love and Light into this world and share it with all the people you will meet. Your heart is so filled with unconditional love and light. Any career that you choose should be in a humanitarian field where you are interacting with many people. Also working with pets, or the environment would be a blessing. You have lots of healing energy and it’s sooo important that you remember why you chose to come back to this earth plane again!

    I Highly recommend that you e-mail me privately at: and I’ll explain this more to you.

    The sadness and misdirection you’ve been feeling is due to the negative gravity of this denser earth plane. But, your mission here is an important one and you need to stay as BRIGHT and FULL OF LIGHT as you can be.

    E-mail me Spiritual Sister…I’ll help you feel aligned again!

    Love, Light, and Peace to you Always,
    Dr. Michelle

  49. 49 Gloria

    Hi Michelle, I love your site and I check in regularly and carry with me your wisdom throughout the week. I have really strong feelings for this friend of mine who brings me great joy and also crushing disappointments. My dob is 5/15/1981 and his is 5/14/1975. We began our friendship 2 years ago on our birthday. My life has changed quite a bit ever since. But am i looking for a relationship with the wrong person? What is blocking me from recieving the love I want so much?

  50. 50 Michelle

    Hi Gloria,

    Actually, the two of you are a good match. Understand that when two people of the same sign are in a relationship, the older of the two takes on the main sign - in your case your boyfriend is the Taurus - and his vibration throws you into the opposite sign which is Scorpio!
    Even though you are a Taurus sun sign, when being around him your vibration will change into one of a Scorpio sun sign. Now, if you can be an ‘evolved and creative’ Scorpio persona…this relationship can work, but if you become negative - and Scorpio vibrations are known to be negative “thinking about the worst thing that can happen, just in case it happens, and thus attracting negative situations into their lives” then you are going to have a very unhappy and ego centered relationship. You don’t want that! I know you don’t want that! Your life path is the number ‘3′ - thus you are a happy-go-lucky 3 chicky who is here to bring lots of love and sunshine, music, dance, and play into your life and the lives of those around you. When things get too ’serious and negative’ you will dim your light and become unhappy - and - when you are unhappy everyone around you will be unhappy too. Be the ‘3′ chick you are meant to be!!!

    As for your guy friend - his path is 32/5 - one of many changes, challenges, and twists of fate. But, he is a dedicated and committed soul - a hardworking soul when he wants to be - and as long as he is honest, truthful, and learns to positively handle the major drama’s of the situations and people in his life then all will be well.

    I feel that the two of you have met to teach each other how to be more open to feelings. You to bring more JOY into his life and Him to bring more grounding and seriousness into your life.

    Can this lead to something more? He is a dedicated soul and once a friend with him is always a friend with him and you can easily be this way too. This relationship has to be open for good communication and for flexibility and understanding. A challenging relationship, but one that can turn out very good in the end.

    One more point to mention is that He does hang onto the past ALOT and it’s very hard for him to ‘let go’ of situations he’s been through before - especially in relationships. He is a dedicated soul, but he also could be afraid to move forward due to a past relationship with someone else.

    Main thing here is for YOU to be HAPPY in your own personal life…no matter what! Before even thinking about getting involved in a serious relationship, figure out what personal passions you have and let your inner-light shine!

    Angel Blessings,
    Dr. Michelle

  51. 51 Donna

    Hi, Michele,

    It’s your “paranoid” friend from about a month ago. Remember? The website and my name/address…please help. I apologize for overreacting.

    Well, first, I’d like to acknowledge one of your writers, Carmen, and say that her Mom is probably watching them as we speak. That’s the advice you had given to me and I swear by it now. Carmen’s story was very touching…I miss my mother also.

    After your initial response to me, I tried immensely to wake up every day in a good mood. The easy part was thinking of you first! Truly your words of advice and encouragement were a blessing. It is still difficult for me to be consistent, especially since times are tough these days. Lately, I am frazzled to say the least but try like heck to stay positive. We are getting deeper & deeper in debt, but our kids are ok and so far, we are healthy, God willing. Unfortunately, I am obsessed with our financial picture…and it’s an unhealthy obsessed. Have something to do with the month before someone’s birthday? Remember mine is May 23, 1963? Am I becoming obsessed with this horoscope thing, too? Although some of it rings true, such as the basics, all forecasts are different. I keep reading all of them looking for “the answers”.

    Have a great day!

  52. 52 Michelle

    Dearest Donna,

    Thank you for your beautiful comments. Try each moment to BE in a positive frame of mind. You want to activate the Universal Law of Attraction in a positive way. When you only think about LACK…guess what you get…yep, even more lack and I know that you don’t want to attract that.

    Say to yourself, “I choose to attract financial well-being easily into my life.” Try to act as if financial well-being is already in your life. You are not lieing to yourself, but you will be on the right track of bringing more prosperity and opportunities into your life.

    Yes, it is always hard when your birthday is 1 month away and the Sun is transiting naturally through your 12th house - as it always does when the sun is in the sign that is one ahead of yours. Since the Sun is now in the sign of Taurus and you are a Gemini, yes this is a time of ‘releasement and forgiveness’ for you - but you can still be positive with the right ‘attitude of gratitude’ for all that IS NOW going RIGHT in your life.

    Let go of paranoid feelings for they do not serve your Highest Good. Think only about what does serve your Highest Good…the things that are good happening now and the good things you deeply desire to attract into your life.

    I’m glad to have been able to inspire you and help you to inspire yourself. This is also a good time (sun in the 12th) for you to enhance your own sense of spirituality and inner-guidance. How can you tell when you are inspired? If a thought or feeling comes to you that brings you JOY…that inspiration is coming from your Higher Self…if you feel a feeling or thought that brings you down…that thought or feeling is coming from your ‘ego’ mind. Thank it for bringing these thoughts to you and then say, “I choose…” and fill in the blank with what you desire. Practice this often! Soon you should begin to see some positive results.

    May you have a great day too!
    Dr. Michelle

  53. 53 Illire

    Dear Michelle,

    Firstly I want to thank you for your absolutely amazing insights and intuitive astrology pages. I only discovered your site about 6 months ago and now I am referring to it all the time. You are a true blessing and orb of light to many many people. As I was reading the other entries and questions to you…. I couldn’t help but see that you were right once again….I am gleaning so much from each question to you. Thankyou again!

    My question is this. I left an unhappy marriage 7 years ago. For a long time I was very needy and had many soul-lessons to learn in regards to who and what is right for me, made alot of mistakes and choices and (hopefully) have grown wiser for the experiences. I am single again, and just gently basking in this, thinking about and planning my new business which is Soul-related also, so it is an important time for me.
    Two and a half years ago I met a man… It was just one chance meeting, and since we were both involved at the time…nothing came of it. Just before Easter, I recieved a call from him…he had broken up from this relationship and wondered if we could meet. I was totally surprised and delighted that he even still had my contact details…and so we began to see one another as friends. I have since learned that he is HIV positive and slowly learning that we have come from very different pasts, but I feel strongly that there is still a Karmic lesson that I need to learn here….or, am I just being totally naive? He has reformed alot and is a very spiritual person which is what I love about this Soul….I dont’ know what to do….my feelings have been put on hold as a result of the quite shocking things he has shared with me about his past, and yet I want to be there to help him too (he is going through hell at the moment) I know everyone needs a chance and he has truly made a great effort to turn his life around. Do you see any future for us Michelle, or is it really a lost cause? My birthdate is 27/08/1959 and his is 12/05/1960, I was born just before midnight and I am unsure of his birthtime.
    Any insights into this baffling situation would be so welcomed.

    Many blessings of Love and Light,


  54. 54 Michelle

    Dear Illire,

    I can feel what you’ve been going through and let me reassure you that this special friendship that you have with your friend born 5/12/1960 is a genuine one. I believe that he came back into your life for a very special purpose and that purpose is for you to use your own sense of healing, kindness, and unconditional love and help him get closer to his own inner-light and strengthen his beliefs and faiths so that he can be calm and prepared for the next step in his personal journey.

    I understand that this is going to be a bit hard on you because your heart is going to be pulled in so many different directions, but what you learn through this beautiful friendship/relationship is going to stay with you for the rest of your life and help you to help so many others as you begin to start in your new spiritual journey and career.

    I see your friendship together as a blessing for both of you. I believe that you know it and I know his soul was directed to come and find you once again.

    Be kind to each other, cherish the time that you have with each other, share good communication with each other always, and feel free to share your deepest feelings with each other.

    I truly wish you both all the best and good luck in your new career journey! Thank you also for your kind and sincere words about my work. The best advice I can give you is: “When you genuinely give from your heart and let your inner light shine…miracles do happen!”

    Love from the Angels,
    Dr. Michelle

  55. 55 charita


  56. 56 Michelle


    I can tell you that this year of 2008 equals a 1 vibration and that anything new started this year - if done with a positive attitude - will bring fruits of success in the next 8 years to come.

    For you personally, I will need to take a look at your transit chart for this year and also your progressed chart to see what vibrations are around you and what choices you have for the paths ahead.

    The only way for me to do this is through either and indepth session with me (which you have had with me before in August of 2007) or by purchasing a 1 year transit report (you can find out more about this report by taking a look at the page “My Services for You” here on my website).

    As for the man you are in love with that keeps lieing to you all I can say is to first be honest with yourself. Do you need this grief in your life? You have to make wise decisions that will bring you more positive opportunities in your life and when we are blocked by the negative ones, you may miss out on the good ones.

    One thing I know ‘for sure’ is that when God shuts one door in our life, another better door does open when we are ready.

    Angel Blessings,
    Dr. Michelle

  57. 57 Susan

    Dear Michelle,

    My birthdate is 3-2-67. For the past 3 years I have been suffering from agonizing pain in my left pelvic area.After many doctors ,tests,and a long journey through the health care system, I have ended up with a diagnosis of a deep pelvic muscular spasm.
    I went through a course of treatment but now have more pain in my lower back.I don’t want to see another doctor again and take another test to end up being disposed of when the insurance limit for treatment runs out.
    I am just at a loss of what to do and how to end this pain in my body. I am open to all suggestions.
    Thank you!

  58. 58 Michelle

    Hi Susan,

    I’m at a loss of words about your situation. I see that your birthday is 3/2/1967 - My birthay is also March 2nd and one thing I know about us March 2nd babies is that we are extremely sensitive.

    What I am feeling about your situation is that you have a ‘pinched’ something here…I don’t have the right words for it, but what does your GYN say? Could this be a situation with one of your falopean (please forgive me because I don’t know how to spell that) tubes? I psychically feel something pinched off here (did you have your tubes tied?) This pain feels like it’s coming from the inside (female organs) and that is why I am wondering what your GYN said about this matter.

    Also, yes, you have a very sensitive lower back, but I don’t feel that the two things are one in the same as far as your pain goes.

    Since I am picking up on something being pinched or blocked up, and it being a very personal matter (which I thought might be female issues) maybe this could also be intestine issues…being pinched or blocked. Have you had a colonoscopy or have they checked for issues regarding this?

    You would think that medical doctors with all the schooling they go through would have the answers to these issues.

    I’m stumped on this issue other than what I wrote to you above. You can e-mail though and let me know how you are doing and give me the answers to my above questions and I’ll see if I can feel anything else about this matter. My e-mail address is:

    I’ll keep you in my prayers and I wish you all the best. I hope that a competent and wise medical doctor crosses your path and gives you the medical answer that you are seeking and I pray that it is easy to take care of so that you aren’t in any more pain. Take it easy and allow the healing of the angels to take care of you too.

    Angel Blessings,
    Dr. Michelle

  59. 59 Donna

    Hello again, my friend, Michele!

    I have been taking your advice and trying my best to attract positive surroundings to become a more positive person (emotionally, mentally & financially). It’s difficult to stay on an even keel. One minute happy and the next is gloomy. I think I let too many things & people influence my moods. I pray at nite, and during the day, when I’m really feeling paranoid.

    I don’t want to sound superficial or perhaps immature, but I just believe the financial aspect of our lives at home has a major impact on my daily life. I’m doing all the worrying, you see. My husband and of course children don’t worry about making ends meet.

    Is there an end in sight for my family? We never take vacations, we don’t spend frivolously and so on. Much of our time spent is free - healthy one on one time together. Yes, this is absolutely dear to me! I thank God we are healthy and together as a family.

    I’m sorry for rambling…I’m not some kook looking to waste your time and energy. I trust your advice and have come to respect your opinions. Looking forward to hearing from you again.

    May 23, 1963

    PS I bet my mother is chuckling at me from the Heavens. She thought I was a bit selfish before I married and oce advised me not to have children. She didn’t intend it to be mean…but it has always stcuk with me.

  60. 60 Michelle

    Dear Donna,

    Times are hard financially for everyone right now, but you have the right attitude - praying positive prayers and thinking positive thoughts - and that alone will help you stay afloat financially with your family. All of the LOVE you have with your family also is a wonderful and positive vibration that will attract good luck and prosperity into your lives.

    The best thing you can do right now is to put all of your worries into the hands of a Higher Power and spend the moments of your life loving your family.

    God didn’t bring you this far and bless you this much to have things fall apart for you. Don’t let your ‘ego’ mind be like a drippy faucet - wasting your precious energy - thinking negative thoughts.

    Have you seen the DVD “The Secret”? The Universal Law of Attraction is extremely strong and I live by it’s magnificient energy every moment of every day.

    Visualize perfectly how you desire things to be and start acting as if what you desire is already here for you. Only your negative thoughts can block your prosperity. Set a good example for your family and for everyone you know and meet, by being the most positive person you can be.

    And always remember…God put ‘you’ in charge of taking care of ‘you’…how well have you been doing taking care of yourself?

    Things will get better, but in the meantime, try to learn more about the Universal Law of Attraction and continue to have an attitude of gratitude for everything that is already going ‘right’ in your life.

    Take time to enjoy your life and smell the flowers!

    Angel Blessings,
    Dr. Michelle
    PS. Your Mother is smiling down on you. When she told you that you should never have children, all she was telling you at the time is “it’s not going to be easy” and “I love you my daughter and I want you to have an easier life than I’ve had.” She never meant that you couldn’t handle it, so don’t take her words as a cut down to your abilities to be a good mom. I know how you feel because my mom told me the same thing and my Great Aunt Yvonne - who was extremely psychic - told me when I was 14, “Michelle, you shouldn’t have children because if you do, you won’t be able to do what you are meant to do here on the Earth plane.” - but, I made my own choices and I have 5 wonderful children! We are strong Donna and we can accomplish what we desire…just take plenty of positive time out for yourself to recharge your inner batteries. :)

  61. 61 Lena

    hello dr michelle,

    can you tell me when this energy around me is going to change? i feel like life is so overwhelming for me. I am practicing all the wonderful things you suggest, it’s just some days.. (like today) I feel like screaming

    thank you so much


  62. 62 Michelle

    Hi Lena,

    You asked me that ‘when’ question again and it’s so hard to answer the ‘when’ questions because we need to learn what we need to learn to get to the next steps in our lives. I know that you are going through some hard times right now - especially right now because Mercury in Gemini is retrograde right now until aprox. 11:00 pm on June 19th. Hang in there Lena…this is an important time of ‘releasement’ for all of us. A very special time to concentrate on the NOW moments of our life and have an attitude of gratitude for even the little things that are going right for us. Enjoy the little things and the more grateful you are for those…the more good things will flow into your life too.

    Dr. Michelle

  63. 63 Vicky

    Hello Dr. Michelle. I love your site and thank you for your great work.

    My romantic life has never been very good. I’m most attracted to bad boy types and end up getting hurt. The good guys are there too and treat me great but I don’t have the same feelings for them and it is unfair to be in a relationship with someone if I’m only half in it. I am 48 and would love to be part of a satisfying, passionate and fulfilling partership. The time between relationships is years because either a new man turns me completely off or I pine away for one that’s not very interested in me. I’m attractive, adventurous, honest, have integrity and am friendly. What do I need to do to turn my love life around and bring happiness into my life? (DOB 4-21-1960). Thanks.

  64. 64 Michelle

    Hi Vicky,

    I totally understand you being attracted to the ‘bad boys’ because they have such a sexy attraction about them, but as you well know by now…you’ve grown and come to understand that you deserve so much more in your life now. You’re desire for security, fidelity, safety, and committment is getting stronger day by day AND those good boys you were once not attracted to will become your favorites as time goes by. What I am feeling is that you have emotional baggage hanging around in your heart from a past love - where they wasn’t a complete ending to the situation. A relationship that you knew was not good for you and was based on a lot of emotional ‘heat’ as well as a lot of ego energies (jealousy, suspecion, etc) and you are growing away from those negative energies. It has taken you a long time to release these and become wise about them, but because of them you’ve felt subconsciously that in any relationship you are in you might end up ‘abandoned and taken for granted’…and thus, you’ve attracted exactly that type of relationships into your life. The reason is for you to realize that you’ve grown past this lesson and that by being your own bestfriend and strengthening your self-esteem…you won’t be abandoned ever again. You’ve had a lot of ‘changes, challenges, and tests of faith’ throughout your life and you are now in a cycle of your life where you want success on all levels. You can have what you desire ONLY if you can let go of depression (especially issues from your past). I highly recommend that you get a full indepth personal session with me and you can read more about my services here through my website under “My Services for You.”

    Allow the healing to take place and give yourself the gift of a personal spiritual counseling session as soon as possible. I can go much deeper about these issues with you when I talk with you personally.

    Dr. Michelle

  65. 65 Lumberti

    Hi Michelle, I love your site and I check in regularly

    For the past 10 years I am blocked from success.
    Only losses,suffering emotionally, mentally & financially.I am under so much stress and frustrated.
    We are getting deeper & deeper in debt, but thank God, our kids are ok.

    When situation is going to change around me ?
    Where you see life taking me?
    My birthday is :January 3, 1957
    Thank you.

  66. 66 Michelle

    Dear Lumberti,

    I sympathize with the situations you’ve been going through, but you need to give yourself credit for everything you ‘have’ accomplished. The old saying, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is certainly your motto. You really need to give yourself credit for all you have done ‘right’ and try not to dwell over the other little things that seem to bog you down so much. Your destiny number is 26/8 and being an 8 Soul (in this lifetime) indicates that your path and your main lesson is about ‘overcoming depression and having enough positive faith to reach for success!’ It’s not easy, but you are a powerful soul. Learning to ‘release control’ issues is extremely important. Put all of your issues into the hands of a Higher Unconditionally Loving Power and realize that ‘you’ don’t have to do everything yourself. Learning about what the ‘ego’ is - for it is truly the Human dilemma will also help you. Learning about the Universal Law of Attraction will also help you. Currently, since your birthday in 2008, you are now in a 5 cycle which means that this year is about ‘changes, challenges, and tests of faith’ for you. And this alone may have you getting worried, BUT…if it’s about changes - why not focus on the changes you would like to see happen in your life! What you focus on will be exactly what you manifest in your life. For better or worse…check your thoughts often and make sure that you are thinking about what you truly desire to manifest into your life. You seem to have a fantastic ‘attitude of gratitude’ about how your kids are doing…try to have that same attitude about yourself and the other people and circumstances in your life. For more indepth information about yourself and your life direction, I highly recommend that you get a personal indepth session with me. When you are ready to do that, drop me an e-mail! You can learn more about my services on this website on the section “My services for you”.

    Good Luck in all you do!
    Dr. Michelle

  67. 67 Arlene

    Michelle, did you misunderstand my boyfriend’s birthday? January 7, 1956. Or am I misunderstanding something about Sun Signs? You responded that he is a Cancer sun sign. We are both capricorns. Thanks.

  68. 68 Michelle

    Hi Arlene,

    Call me Blonde! I was ‘feeling’ the loving vibrations so strongly with your boyfriend and you, that as I was writing to you before I was feeling he was a Cancer Sun sign - although I knew logically that he is a Capricorn. Geez…what I wrote to you about him being an 11 destiny number still holds true. He is a very loving old soul indeed! Now, let me also tell you that when two people of the same sign are in a relationship together - the oldest of the two really takes on the personality of that sun sign - meaning he is more of the Capricorn and brings you into the energies of the opposite sign - making you feel and act more like a loving domestic Cancer personality! This is an excellent relationship between the two of you and I’m wishing you both the best! When people see you together you bring a loving light into the room. Always remember “Love is all that matters” and then success in all realms of your life will follow.

    Dr. Michelle

  69. 69 Amy

    Hi Michelle,

    My birthday is today (6/10/1970). I am a divorced, single mom, struggling with depression. What do you see for me this coming year?

    Thank you,

  70. 70 Michelle

    Hi Amy,

    First of all “Happy Birthday!” This is a very important day for you because you are now moving into a brand new cycle of your life! You have now come into, what we call, a 17/8 cyle - which means that during this new cycle you are going to experiences a lot of personal growth, you are going to learn about your self, your new desires, and the new directions you desire to move into. You can be very powerful during this cycle of your life and you CAN attract into your life all of the experiences that can make you feel fulfilled. The key here is that you think ‘positively’ about these things and BELIEVE that you deserve to have all of the experiences in your life that will bring you joy! You love people so very much and your life path is all about ‘others’ and what you can do to help ‘others’ happily grow. Yes, you will always be this way… and that is wonderful…but this particular cycle of your life is going to be more about YOU. What do YOU want? What do YOU desire? Now comes the time to be the ’script writer’ of your life and understand that you are at the helm of your own boat. Take a good look at “My Services for You” and see if you would like me to help you further on knowing the paths that are ahead for you. If so, e-mail me and I’ll set up a personal appointment for you soon.

    Love, Light, and Peace Always,
    Dr. Michelle

  71. 71 Sabina

    Hi, Michelle,
    I was just going to write you and thank you for how positive and uplifting it is for me to read at your site, and especially this week’s message for Virgo, but then I clicked on your Dear Dr Michelle Column, and now I feel almost overwhelmed by your generosity. I am trying to learn how to receive and be aware of all the gifts in my life and this is enabling me to ask if you can guide me further. Born London England 16 September 1954 07:00 Greenwich Mean Time, and I am afraid this may be a make or break week for my marriage of over 25 years. I am trying to practise the virtues you suggested in last week’s column, but I cannot find my centre. Many thanks for this and all you do. Namaste,

  72. 72 Michelle

    Hi Sabina,

    Don’t make any snap decisions about your relationship just yet. Virgo’s ruling planet, Mercury, is still in retrograde motion and you’re wanting to ‘throw the baby out with the bathwater’ here.

    You’ve been in a funky cycle of your life since just before your last birthday in 2007. This has been a ’self’ awakening period of time for you - and - you’ve been awakening alright…sometimes through hard situations and experiences too.

    You’re feeling like you just can’t ‘give’ anymore! And…”What about ME!” you have been thinking about ALOT. This is just a passing phase in the growth of your spiritual development.

    Yes, I can help you in so many ways. I highly suggest that you set up a phone appointment with me. I have other clients that live in England too. The one that is on the top of my mind right now has actually written a testimonial in my ‘testimonials’ section of this website and she’s from Beverly England.

    You have a lot going for you, and being a Virgo…you need to be given completely truthful information. I am here for you. Go to “My Services for You” section and think about getting a full session for yourself. Give yourself the gift of enlightenment soon!

    Drop me a private e-mail when you are ready. I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you too for your kind comments about my website. This is part of my passion and way of shining truth and light to the world. It’s doing great! 70,000+ hits a week from 128 countries around the world! Hooray!!! Shine light out from your heart and watch the love beam!

    Hope to talk with you soon,
    Dr. Michelle

  73. 73 Ada Gomez

    Dr. Michelle, I was born on April 27, 1949 and my boyfriend was born on January 7, 1957. Everything indicates that Taurus and Capricorn should be a perfect match. We have been together for over 5 years and we are just not compatible. How do you explain it? Thanks.

  74. 74 Michelle

    Dear Ada,
    All relationships have their up’s and down’s - a natural biorythm. We each have our own cycles that we go through as well as the one that the relationship is going through. What is happening around both of you right now is that your boyfriend is currently in a ‘9′ cycle of ‘releasement’ and he naturally desires to spend much more time ‘alone’ - pondering over his own life and releasing issues out of his mind/heart/body/soul that he no longer feels serve his highest good. This is not an easy time of his life and he can easily get frustrated over the littlest of things. - You on the other hand are going through a ‘5′ cycle of your own life, which represents ‘changes/challenges/tests of faith and twists of fate’ This changes cycle for you doesn’t give you the patience you need to understand what he is going through because you are going through your own stuff right now too - thus you feel he doesn’t understand you and some of the time right now (if not most of the time) you may feel you are being neglected - but he doesn’t mean to be this way - he’s just going through his own issues.

    Also, for the majority of Cappy/Taurus relationships, they can get along just fine - but rarely have I seen them last when the woman Taurus is older than the Cappy - reason being - Cappy’s are mature (older) when they are young and they want to be youthful and young when they get older - meaning that they want to learn how to ‘play’ as they get older because they were born with many responsibilities at a young age. The older Taurus woman just wants stability, faithfulness, dedication, and stability when he wants to ‘let go’ and maybe buy a red sports car! Can we call this ‘male’ menopause - certainly we can. Is it hard on relationships - yes it is! Do they last? Most of the time they don’t. If you want it to last, you have to allow him all the freedom he desires in order to find himself and what he wants. Your support - no matter what - will be the way to show how much you truly love him.

    Remember too that we are not just our SUN signs, but the whole chart of both people need to be looked at. What you might want to do is go to my section here called “My Services for You” and check out my compatibility Reports. I highly suggest that you get this report, which will explain the total dynamics of your relationship together.

    If I can be of further assistance - I also suggest that you get a reading from me too - e-mail me directly at:

    Remember that LOVE and LOVE alone is what truly matters.
    Cycles are only passing phases of time, it’s the choices we make during these cycles that will determine if situations get better or worse.

    Angel Blessings,
    Dr. Michelle

  75. 75 Lumberti

    Dear Michelle,
    Thank you for your comments.
    I’m wishing you all the best.

  76. 76 Alicia

    Dear Michelle,

    I am a Leo, born 8/5/58 10;48Am. How will the up coming solar eclipes in August affect me.

  77. 77 Michelle

    Hi Alicia,

    To be very specific, I would have to take a look at your whole natal chart and to do that, I will need the city/state where you were born and create your natal chart. If you desire me to do that, send me an e-mail to: along with your full name, birthdate again, time of birth again, and the location where you were born and I’ll take a look at that for you.

    To give you some information just on what I feel right now is that the upcoming eclipse in Leo is a time for everyone to ‘release and let go’ of past emotional baggage and turn their lives in a brand new direction. The sign of Leo stimulates ALL of the Sun Signs because it is ruled by the Sun. The eclipse creates ‘transformation’ and in general, for everyone, it’s a time to ‘let go’ of the baggage you don’t want to carry with you in your life anymore.

    Okay, get back to me if you desire with the above information and I’ll be happy to take a look at your natal chart and see where in your chart this particular eclipse will take place and what particular areas of your life you should be doing the releasing.

    Blessed Be!
    Dr. Michelle

  78. 78 Ana

    Dr. Michelle, I was born on April 27, 1949. I live with my boyfriend but nothing has been going on for over a year. He is never home and when he is home, he shuts me out. I recently left town for about a month to see what happens when I get back. He is a Capricorn. What do you see for me? Thanks.

  79. 79 Michelle

    Hi Ana,

    I totally understand how you ‘feel’ - you are an extremely dedicated and lovable soul, but your current relationship with your Capricorn man is like ‘two ships passing in the night.’ Capricorn men like to have their ’space’ because they have a lot going on in their minds - or so ‘they’ believe - and the only way you are going to be able to work this out with him is to ’sit down and have a true heart to heart talk with him’ about how ‘you’ feel. He can’t read your mind and he may be thinking that everything is just fine. He may be very suprised that you desire more attention and affection from him. Before giving up on this relationship, I would highly recommend that you have a kind hearted talk with him and give him a chance to understand that you desire more loving kindness from him. Yes, those Cappy’s are great at being ‘father-like’ and ‘authoritative’ and they can ‘brood’ over the smallest of things, but deep down, they want attention too and they can be ‘hot-lovers’ when they want to be. Believe me…I understand…I’m married to a very lovable Cappy but it took a while for him to learn how to ‘relax’, enjoy his life, count his blessings, and believe in a Higher Divine Loving Power that is watching over us all.

    Good Luck Ana,
    Dr. Michelle
    PS. If you don’t have a heart to heart talk with him (and don’t blame him about anything either - just lovingly tell him how you would like your relationship with him to ‘be’ for the good of you both) - but if you don’t talk to him - he won’t know - and you relationship will stay exactly as it is right now.

  80. 80 Lena

    Dearest Dr Michelle,

    Can you please tell me when my finances are going to improve?

    I have been trying to be patient and I am very grateful for the little miracles that have been going on in my life even though it has been challenging since my birthday. I totally understand now why things have happened in the past to get where I am now, to transform my life.

    Thank god, for our past sessions I keep listening to them over and over again for so many little hints that you so wisely give.

    I am very eager to set up a session with you.

    Thanks so much for all your wisdom and guidance, my life is starting to move in the direction that god intended me to be.


  81. 81 Michelle

    Dear Lena,

    You are in a challenging cycle of your life right now. A cycle where you are being tested to the limit, but you have Angelic Guidance all around you and it’s important that you ‘listen’ to that guidance. As long as you listen to what your heart is telling you and trying to comfort you with and try to avoid listening to that overwhelming EGO who is yelling in your mind and making you feel paranoid about things - you will see that every situation will turn out in your favor. When you get into your next cycle - which will be a 3 cycle of fun, joy, and lots of happiness - you will look back at this 11/2 cycle and count your blessings for everything falling into place exactly as it was meant to. The main thing is that you don’t cause yourself too much ‘brain pain’ during this cycle. This would also be an excellent cycle for you to learn more about the practice of meditation and yoga. RELAX Lena and allow the Angels to work their protective energy through your life.

    I’m looking forward to your next session with me too.
    In the meantime - Keep the Faith!
    Dr. Michelle

  82. 82 Kim

    Dear Dr. Michelle

    I broke up with my ex-boyfriend 8 months ago. I still have feelings that have lingered on. I really want to forget about him once and for all. Is there any thing I can do that will fade my residual feelings? My birthday is December 1, 1986 1:43 pm

    Much love,
    Kimberly D

  83. 83 Michelle

    Dear Kim,

    I can feel what you are feeling and I know it was a sad thing to break up with your boyfriend - but, you did the right thing and you ‘know’ that you did. You are a strong minded and logical Sagittarius and when you stand up about, or for, an issue - you usually are ‘right’ about what you are doing! Have you ever thought about being a lawyer and standing up for the ‘rights’ of the ones you could serve? If you were my daughter, I would certainly give you all the support that you need to go to college and become a lawyer! You would make an excellent one indeed!

    Anyways, back to your feelings. In many ways, you will always love him for you were always able to see the best in him and it’s best parts that you will always love. The heartache will subside, as you move on with your life and move forward with a passionate career, your focus will move onto an important goal for yourself.

    Just give it some time Kim and try really hard not to hold onto any emotionally bad feelings, like: anger, jealousy, resentment etc. You are so much better than those bad emotions. Love him still for who he is and hopefully for who he will become in the future. Who knows…maybe one day, when you both are older, you could become good friends.

    Dr. Michelle

  84. 84 Kim

    Thank you so much Dr. Michelle. I have thought about being a lawyer in the past but brushed it aside, I’ll definitely think about it. You are so right, I did see very best in him. Anyway thanks for the advice.


  85. 85 Beverly


    My birthday is March 2, 1954. I would like to know if my estranged husband born April 9, 1953 is physically and mentally ok. I also want to know if he is seeking a divorce, and if he ever loved me at all.

    Thank you

  86. 86 Michelle

    Hi Beverly,

    So great to hear from another person born on March 2nd like myself! We sure are very caring, creative, and lovable people! You must also be quite intuitive, especially when it comes to the people you love. Once you love someone, no matter what they do, you will always love those people who have touched your life so deeply. And, believe it or not, and I know that you will, those people will always love you too. Sometimes they are better able to love you ‘when’ they are not in your immediate life anymore. Please realize that the love you have bestowed upon them will always remain in their minds and hearts. I am sure that your estranged husband did and still does love you very much. The only problem was that he was, and probably still is, so absorbed in his own life that he isn’t able to show you in the proper ways how he loved you - and thus, this is why he is estranged. Ah, such is life, but always remember that your love for him is a very blessed thing indeed.
    You asked me if he is physically and mentally okay. Well, that all depends on what you think is okay. I mean, he’s as okay as it can get for him right now. Oh, he has his complaints about getting older, but you know how he is, he would never admit how he truly feels. He has such an analytic point of view. Don’t worry about him, just once in awhile, send him some love and light from your heart. I know, with all my heart, that he will feel it.

    Blessings to you my dear March 2nd spiritual sister!
    Dr. Michelle

  87. 87 Michelle

    Hi Michelle

    I am pisces, born 18.03.65, at 2.20am.
    I had a dream that I was getting a message from a elderly Asian Man, dark hair but thinning on top. But I found myself running away from him and not receiving the message. Now it is bugging me.
    This is the first time I have encountered this, it was so vivid.
    Thanks, Michelle

  88. 88 Michelle

    Hi Michelle,

    Okay, as I was reading your e-mail, my Spirit Guide was sending me a big smile for you. Do you know that you are a very old soul? Yes, you certainly are. And, you are back on this earth plane for a very important mission. A mission of sharing your nurturing abilities with as many people as you can and showing them unconditional love as well as healing. I believe that you may ‘remember’ this in the depth of your soul. Remember why you came back here in this lifetime…for this special mission. Feel free to contact me via my private e-mail at: for more info on this.

    Okay, let’s get to your special dream. This elderly Asian man who had dark hair and was thinning on top, tried to give you the same message that I just gave to you, but he scared you because your ‘ego/human’ side wants to run away from your important mission. So, you knew it was important, and you knew what he was going to say, and you chose not to listen and just run away.

    This is why it’s been bugging you and why you were spiritually moved to contacting me. - Starting to make sense yet?

    It’s all good, believe me, I understand that your life has been hard and I understand the emotional drama/trauma’s you’ve been through - but I also know that you have nothing at all to be afraid of and that you have some wonderful opportunities ahead for you - if you choose to take them.

    Blessings to you always,
    Dr. Michelle

  89. 89 Vicky

    Hi Michelle. You have answered a few questions for me in the past which I am very grateful for. Until I can afford a full reading I hope you can answer one more.

    I have been having a difficult time letting go of a relationship. The guy really was not good for me. We live in a very small town and I see him all the time. I know the woman that has been sleeping at his house the past few months (a couple times a month). She says there is nothing going on between them… that she just had too much to drink and didn’t want to drive home. I don’t believe that but don’t know why she’d be anything other than honest. (I have not complained about him to her, no hysterics, etc.) I like the woman and we are friends. What the guy does now is none of my business but I feel really akward around him. My fear is that there was something about ME… that somehow I was not enough… that he can be good to another woman but he couldn’t to ME. Logically I know it is my insecurity that is at play here. I had/still have a very strong attraction to him but know (sadly) that it is over… that anything between us would never have been what I needed and hoped for. I think he is someone that has not been faithful to one woman ever.

    Still - I feel like I did not measure up in some way. I am not sure how he feels about the current bed-buddy - does he compare us in his mind? He flirts alot with all women but this one seems to just wait him out while he flits around. My concern is that I missed out on something. Did I? Should I have waited him out too? Is he uncomfortable around me now too? How can I relax when I am in the same public place as him? I don’t know why I feel so foolish but I do. (Me 4-21-1960; him 5-30-1961).

    Thanks so much. Love the site.

  90. 90 Michelle

    Dear Vicky,

    I can totally understand why you feel the way that you do. Part of your ‘life lesson’ in this lifetime is to learn to positively handle “changes, challenges, and tests of faith” without losing your cool and thinking negatively about these situations.

    In some ways, you will always love your ex, and that’s perfectly okay. What you need to understand the most is that “No” it is not because ‘you’ are less than anyone else or that you should have been more of something in order to keep him around.

    Your paths were meant to meet and then to be released so that both of you could ‘go’ and ‘grow’ each in your own ways. He doesn’t feel weird around you, in fact, he doesn’t seem to feel anything at all except maybe a little regret - but mostly his life is all about himself. Try not to let what he is doing, and not doing, affect you like it has.

    It’s time for you to begin to move on. Hold your head up high and know, without a doubt, that you are very special in your own way and that one day you too will have someone extra special in your life who will love you for exactly who you already are - then the two of you can grow together.

    I look forward to the day when you will give yourself a special gift of having an indepth session with me. When that day comes, feel free to contact me through my private e-mail at: and I’ll step you through the process of setting up your very own special appointment.

    I’m very happy that you are enjoying my special website. Come back often and enjoy the unconditional loving energy that this website is beaming out to you and thousands of people around the world.

    Angel Blessings to you Vicky!
    Dr. Michelle

  91. 91 Beverly

    Hi Dr. Michelle

    Thank you for answering my question, that was something I really needed to know/hear. I have another question to ask. I have been in transition for the past few years and I am weary from all the moving I want to know what part of the country I will eventually call home.
    BDay March 2, 1954

    Thank you,

  92. 92 Beverly

    Oh, my I was really born on march 1, 1954 but my birth certificate says March 2, 1954 which is the birthday I use and celebrate.

  93. 93 Michelle

    Hi Beverly,

    Isn’t that strange that you were born on March 1st but your birth certificate says March 2nd. I’ve never heard of this happening to anyone else in the whole 27 years of my professional career. Send me an e-mail to: and tell me the story about how this came to be and who told you this. I imagine that if your birth certificate says March 2nd 1954 then you would be born on March 2nd 1954 (if you were born in a hospital - but maybe you weren’t?) I would like to hear your personal story about this.

    You told me that you’ve moved about quite a bit in your life - that vibration ‘would’ be more about someone born on March 1st 1954 for that would give you a 23/5 destiny number which represents many ‘changes, challenges, and tests of faith’ that you would go through in your lifetime.

    In order for me to pick up on the answer to this question correctly -I would need to create your natal chart for you and possibly do an indepth phone session for you. If this is something you are interested in, go to “My Services for You” and check out the details there about my services. I would love to do a personal session for you that would allow you to talk with me for an hour and answer all kinds of personal questions for you.

    For now, without the information I need, I cannot give you a clear answer about your question. But, once in session with me, that answer may be revealed.

    I’m looking forward to your personal e-mail.
    Dr. Michelle

  94. 94 Bea

    Hi Michelle,
    Love your web site!!! I was wonder my horoscope said I could meet a soul mate this month..I’m an Aries 3-29-58. There an CO worker that I lost touch with. Do you see us meeting again? (3-22-73) I miss our friendship! I know GOD puts people in our life for a reason, Just wondering if we would ever meet again & when? Keep up the great work and helping people stay on track!!!! I’m hoping your horoscope is right..My life is going great but missing a great friendship, that was a wonderful listener & caring heart;-}
    Thank sooooooooo much,

  95. 95 Michelle

    Hi Bea,

    Thank you for your kind and heartfelt comments about my website. It’s letters like yours that make my heart jump for joy and help me to keep on keeping on doing what I love to do. I appreciate your letter to me very much - Thank you!

    As for the answer to your question. I don’t feel that you are going to actually see your friend any time soon, but I do feel that your friend thinks about you often and hopes that you are doing well. What you can do is ‘beam’ loving energy out from your heart and think about your friend, this will ignite the telepathic energy that you have together and your friend will pick up on this and think about you too. This also happens the other way around for when your friend thinks fond thoughts about you, you will be able (and you probably already do) pick up on the ‘beam’ of loving enery coming towards you.

    Everything is fine with your friend and I hope that one day the two of you will bump back into each other again, for on that day it sure will be a very happy reunion.

    Angel Blessings,
    Dr. Michelle

  96. 96 charles latimer

    Hi Michelle,
    I am writing about my godson David.(Born March 8, 1980) He has problems with addictions.
    He has troubled with alcholism. Will he overcome his addictions.
    Thanks, C. L.

  97. 97 Michelle

    Dear Charles,

    Your Godson, David, is a very sweet soul. Yes, he will have addiction issues his whole life because of the negativities of this world, the harshness of people, and the responsibilities of life seem to weigh heavy on his easy going soul - thus he chooses to escape and keep himself calm through his addictions. He is a grown man now and he must choose for himself what is best for him. He will always need the loving support of his family and those that truly care for him. Turning your back on him, or being hard on him will only make him want to escape more. He can be a very poetic dreamer but he is a very creative soul indeed. He had a really hard time in his life back in 2005 through early 2006, then he got a bit stronger in 2006, then situations began to him him hard on his nervous system in 2007 around his birthday and he is still trying to find his way. It hasn’t been easy for him. Since his birh it hasn’t been easy for him. - I feel that next year around Late March he will begin to feel more in control of his life and may then choose to take positive actions to take better care of his health and try to rid himself of some of his addictions, but this issue with addictions will always be hard for him to overcome. His motto has to be to take everything in moderation and not run for escape when the going gets tough.

    I hope I’ve been able to help a bit and I wish David and yourself many wonderful times together. I am sure that your loving energy will always be able to guide him in many positive ways. The best thing you can do is love him ALOT and let him know that you are always there for him if he needs to talk about anything.

    Dr. Michelle

  98. 98 ss

    Dear Dr. Michelle,

    I chanced upon your site while browsing and its taken me by surprise. The way you’ve responded at length to various queries. This is real selfless work. I’m really really impressed.

    Now, my problem. My DOB is 15th March, 1966. I’m going through a bad patch. Nothing seems to be moving right, both in career and marriage. Can you tell me when it’ll end. More specifically, will it end? Will I publish my book this year and will my husband become loving again?

    Keenly looking forward to your answer.

    Thanks and very warm regards,


  99. 99 Michelle

    Dear S,

    I am very glad that you enjoy my website. In order to answer your questions correctly and accurately, for your situations I would need to do an indepth phone session privately with you. On my website go to the home page and on the left side there you will see a section called, “My Services for You” - check that out and let me know if this is something you desire to do for yourself. My fee is very reasonable for the priceless session you will receive.

    You are a perfectionist at heart - and I totally respect that. You have many different situations that have been going on in your life that are creating the choas that you feel yourself going through now. When you have your session with me, I will create your natal chart, your current transit chart, some special reports, as well as us having an hour together so that I can tune in completely to all of the different issues that are around you. By doing all of that, I can help you get in-tuned and realigned spiritually and you will be able to understand everything from a completely different view - thus raising your consciousness and helping you to bring about the results that you desire.

    Last year was a difficult year for you and some of that negative energy is still hanging around and sticking like glue to your vibration - clogging you up from moving forward and doing what you truly want to do.

    I wish you lots of good luck and hope you will e-mail me directly at: when you are ready to set up a personal session with me.

    Dr. Michelle

  100. 100 charles latimer

    Thanks for your message on my godson David. I do not know if you remember me from the reading you gave last month. Was very accurate and informative. Thank you for being so helpful. God bless, Chuck Latimer

  101. 101 "B"

    THANK-YOU…. Michelle, For letting me know he is doing fine!
    I had to laugh when I read your answer because that is one thing he would always say ( I had a six sense when it comes to him ) I guess he turn the tables sending his thoughts telepathically instead of though a telephone { he has my number } so it up to him on the happy reunion……… Thanks SO MUCH “B”

  102. 102 Michelle

    Dear “B” - You are so very welcome!

    I pray that you won’t have to wait that long for a happy reunion!

    Blessings to you always,
    Dr. Michelle

  103. 103 charles latimer

    Dear Michelle,
    I have a good friend Maia B.,birthday 5-19-58. She is trying to sell her
    mother’s house. Do you see it selling? and when?
    thanks Michelle, Charles L.

  104. 104 Michelle

    Hi Charles,

    I pray that you and Maia are doing well. Did you both get a chance to see the DVD I lent to you? “Conversations with God” is a very inspiring movie indeed. If you didn’t get a chance to have a special date night with Maia yet to see the movie…please plan to do that soon. I’d really like both of your feedbacks about this wonderful movie.

    As for your question about Maia’s Mom’s house selling - the economy is so tight right now - especially in Michigan that I know it’s going to take a while longer yet - but special miracles do happen all of the time and with the deep spiritual and loving energy that both you and Maia have - I am sure that this house will sell to the right buyer…and hopefully sooner than later.

    I’ll keep this situation and both of you in my most positive thoughts and I hope to see you both again in the near future.


  105. 105 Kim

    Dear Dr. Michelle

    I wrote you about my my ex boy friend b-day march 31,1978 you said that we might be able to be friends in the future. I really do want to be his friend and would like to call him, but I am not sure if he shares my desire to be friends. So should I call him?

    thank you Kim

  106. 106 Michelle

    Hi Kim,

    I still do believe that you and your ex can be friends one day in the future. But, the time is not right to call him right now. He is an Aries Sun sign and the opposite of Aries is Libra. With so many planets in Libra right now - Sun, Mercury in retrograde motion, and Mars - these planets are affecting Arians 7th house of relationships. Since Mars is also the ruling planet for Aries, they are going through alot of personal struggles within their relationships and with themselves figuring out what they want in relationships. Lots of them are breaking off relationships. The Mars energy along with Mercury retrograde are causing arguments and havoc.

    Wait my dear until the Mercury retrograde in Libra is over on October 15th and then re-evaluate how you feel about calling him.

    In the meantime, just beam loving light out of your heart and send him some loving friendship from you telepathically. This can only help him and is a great gift of kindness from you.

    Dr. Michelle

  107. 107 Kathy ^j^

    Howdy Angel Sis,
    I am wondering what would be a good day to negotiate with Mcdonald’s insurance company. Remember last Oct. I was served cleaning solution. I was offered 15,000 including $8400 of doctor bills I have to payback. My life has been a rollercoaster and I have had this holding off in contacting them.
    Well it seems front and center for me now and I want to negotiate a higher amount. Does this seem right?
    My birthdate is Dec 26, 1952 3:05p Pontiac Mi
    Many Blessings to you My Friend.
    ILY ME ^j^

  108. 108 Kathy ^j^

    oops I forgot to include the question what would be a good day to do this/ due to Mercury being in Retrograde.

  109. 109 Michelle

    Hi again Kathy,

    Good Grief Charley Brown!
    All I can say is that you have to do what you have to do and even though Mercury is in retrograde motion, because this situation is one from the past (happened a while ago) Mercury retrograde is in charge of looking at the past and doing what you can to clear it up. I would get in touch with them and not leave this hanging on much longer. The more you wait, the less of a chance you are going to have to even get what they promised you. With the economy being the way that it is right now, you had better make sure that you’ve got it in writing that they even promised you what you think they’ve promised you already.

    I know you are a very special and spiritual Capricorn and the principle of the whole thing is important to you and the money is too. I believe and feel that you should stand strong on the principle of the matter even more than on the financial outcome. Hey, $15,000 is a lot of money in a time when some people are barely making ends meet. Count your blessings that they even said they would give you that much and do what ‘you’ think is best - but if it were me, I would want to get everything in writing and get this whole thing to a close ASAP so that you can also get the $8400 and pay your medical bills. You know I completely go by my deepest feelings, which always are brought to me by Spirit - call them up, get the paperwork you need and bring this whole thing to a closure.

    As for wanting more than they are already offering you - geez - good luck on that because I feel that if you persue that avenue, they are going to go backwards and renig even on what they’ve offered you so far, or at least they will try to and it could take you a lot longer just to get what was already promised.

    I wish you good luck and lots of love!
    Big Hugs!
    Dr. Michelle

  110. 110 Kristine

    Hello Michelle,
    I just read your weekly on vibrations and how to fix positive ones during these troubled times. Yesterday I was having the same intuitions saying to myself people are going to have to choose the side they want to be on, and not just for the next presidential candidate, for everything.
    As I try to remain open-minded, optimistic, I have to say that being a Capricorn right now is a heavy load, especially finding myself on the job market for the first time since 10 + years.
    Can you give me some insight as to how to cover ground on the professional side of my life because I dont see things opening up.
    Birthdate January 3rd 1966
    Thank you in advance and good vibrations to you and everyone who visits your web-site.

  111. 111 Michelle

    Dear Kristine,

    It seems that this whole year of 2008 has been like a roller-coaster ride for you. Many changes around your life indeed.

    2009 is going to be a lot better for you, the hectic energy is going to slow down -little by little - for you and your main focus will be directed towards your friends, family, and the community. Any career where you can use your communication, compassion, and healing skills for others will bring you a great deal of inner-joy, personal purpose, as well as financial prosperity too.

    Take things slow for right now. When your birthday rolls around in 2009…THAT will be the right time for you to take positive action and start moving in the right direction.

    From now until then, do what you have to do but realize that anything you do now will only be on a temporary basis, or as a stepping stone for you next career job ahead in 2009.

    Your heart, mind, and spirit are on the right path Kristine. Keep on being the caring Capricorn that you know that you can be and try not to allow that darn ego to make you feel so depressed about everything.

    If you want more personal information for yourself, think about setting up a personal indepth session with me for the near future.

    Angel Blessings,
    Dr. Michelle

  112. 112 MK

    Hi Michelle,

    How are you now? get well soon, for we miss your guidance…

    tk cr


  113. 113 Michelle

    Hi MK,

    Thank you for the “Get Well Wishes!” I am finally getting better - Thank my lucky stars! I was totally under the weather and the bronchitis got the best of me. I went to my medical doctor and got a good shot in the butt, some antibiotics and other medication and have been slowly coming around once again. I am sooo ready to get back to doing the good work and I thank you and everyone for your healing messages, appreciation, and friendship.

    Angel Blessings back to you!
    Dr. Michelle

  114. 114 Gem

    Dear Michelle,
    For the past twelve months I have had several major challenges. I’m Virgo (9/12/69, I don’t know what time I was born) but since September ‘07 it’s been one thing after another. Between losing my job, my dog being diagnosed with an incurable disease and most recent, the end of my six year relationship (Taurus 5/8/61) I’m wondering what more there is to come.

    The partner I’ve lost has now met someone else. For months I’ve been trying to reconcile with him but now it’s finished. This man was everything I ever wanted and I have loved him more than anyone in my past.

    I’m trying to learn from these experiences but I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by the number of challenges I’ve been facing. I’m very concerned about my finances as my partner was helping me while I set up a new business venture.

    Many thanks in advance for any help or advice you can offer.

  115. 115 Michelle

    Dear Gem,

    First of all, my heart goes out to you regarding your past relationship, your dog (and we do love our doggies) and your job situation. But, let me tell you that you are a very strong-willed and independent Soul and that you will always land on your feet. You are meant to be a leader in this lifetime! Yes, you are a lovable Virgo too and all you want is for everyone to be happy, healthy, comfortable and financially stable.

    In order for you to follow your path and be able to do what you are meant to do for others, you first must give yourself the credit you deserve and take care of yourself first. You are overcoming a few past life issues regarding lack of self-confidence, codependencies, and fears of not being able to be in charge of your own life.

    That was then…this is NOW. You’ve been given some wonderful blessings that you don’t even realize yet. You are going to be just fine.

    The relationship that just ended was one from a past life and you will always feel attracted to him in many ways. If you want to know more about this situation, set up a personal appointment with me because if I wrote it all down here it would turn into a book and besides this is a very private matter for you that others don’t need to know about.

    But, to put everything into a small nutshell for you. All of the things that have ended in your life are making you stronger, more independent, and helping you to move positively forward in your life.

    You’ve just entered a new cycle of your life with your birthday in 2008. You have just entered a very powerful 22/4 cycle of your life that will last until your birthday next year. This is the cycle of the “Master Builder” and Master Builder of your own life you are going to be! Oh yes, this can be a wonderful year for you but you might need some special positive guidance and if that is what you desire…I am here for you and I suggest that you think about giving yourself a wonderful and positive life changing experience and e-mail me to set up your own personal appointment with me soon.

    Many Blessings to you my spiritual Virgo Sister!
    Dr. Michelle

  116. 116 Vicky

    Hi Michelle. Thank you for answering out questions.

    I have been working hard the past year healing after breaking off involvement with a man (5-30-1961) that wanted only a ‘friends with benefits’ type of setup. After a year and a half of us fooling around, him blowing hot and cold, he told me he did not want any strings and liked to be alone - so I let him have what he wanted and walked away. It was painful because I had feelings for him. I read alot, was patient with myself, cried, kept busy and finally am feeling good about myself again and ready to move on. I am a lot stronger now.

    I am hearing now from mutual friends things he is saying about me. Not nice things either. I have totally left him alone the past year. We live in a small town and I see him often… he had been sleeping with another woman. In fact he lives two blocks from me so that was painful at first - seeing her car there. But I accepted it because I knew there was nothing I could do about it. The woman is nice and if he were not in the picture I think her and I could have been friends. I talk to her if he is not around - if he is there I stay away.

    He is trying to make me look like a fool now. The things I have heard are not complimentary. Since he is the one that did not want to be involved I don’t quite get why he is doing this. I suspect it is because I didn’t lay down and play his game… I didn’t beg him to give me a chance - I just let it be even though it hurt. I do have some amount of pride and that is why I just ignored him over the past year.

    I’m embarassed by him telling intimate details but I will not show him any reaction. I will not call him on this and will continue to ignore him when we are at the same place. Why does he want to hurt me? He wanted absolute freedom - he’s got it. There will come a day when I will meet someone else and enter into a new relationship. What is he going to do then? Thanks (me 4-21-1960)

  117. 117 Carmen

    Hi Michelle,

    Now I know why your horoscopes were late in coming. I am so glad that you are getting better. There are so many people that go to your site at least 3 times a day….that would be me! I really enjoy your beautiful words of wisdom. I have a question….my daughter just started dating a guy in college his birthdate is July 21st, 1988 and my daughters birthdate is November 14th, 1989 how do you see this union? I have heard very nice things about him and I hope they are true. Please take care of yourself because we need you. Love, Carmen

  118. 118 Michelle

    Hi Carmen,

    Yes, this seems like a very nice friendship union between your daughter and her new boyfriend! :) He is a very loving and gentle soul, who cares deeply for the people he is close to. Your daughter can sometimes be a little fickle about who she likes and who she trusts, but I feel that this is a very comfortable union indeed. He will make her laugh a lot and take the seriousness of her own thoughts (and oh they can be so serious) and turn them into more of a playful way of being. He is good for her and she is very good for him too. She will need to learn to be gentle with his heart - because he is very sensitive indeed - and if she can do this, she will be very blessed with a wonderful union that can absolutely turn into sometime more serious. (Maybe even marriage if they play their cards right!)

    Hooray…things are looking up! Thank you for your question here for me and for the special comments about how much my work makes a difference for others. Your Joy IS my Joy!

    Stay Happy Carmen! Keep Smiling!
    Dr. Michelle

  119. 119 charita

    Hi, Michelle, My disability hearing is on Nov. 4th, what do you see that for me. I feeling a positive outcome but i might be wrong. I’m hoping that it does go my way. Right now, as you the economy is bad and i’M dealing with alot of mental issues. Also, I have been feeling very lonely and empty. I wondering when will the right guy will come. I did meet this guy online, His birthdate is Nov 5th , he will be turning 36 . What do you see about this guy (Shannon R.) I’m feelin somethin and i don’t know what it is.I havnt seen him about 2 weeks. We don’t talk that much do you think i will see him My birthdate 12-14-75.

  120. 120 Michelle

    Hi Charita,

    November 4th is going to be a confusing day because the Moon will be void of course (between signs) from early morning until almost 7:30 pm. You can plan for confusion and delays, but that doesn’t mean that things won’t work out your way. You are just going to have to be really patient. When the Moon is void of course (check out my phenomenews planner - go to home page, left side, see it and click there for more info) people are in a day-dreamy state of mind…and I am sure you will feel this way too.

    Yes, the economy is teaching all of us to tighten our belts and have lots of faith!

    I am sorry to hear that you’ve been feeling lonely. Remember that you need to be your own best friend before another person can come into your life and be your best friend too. Like attracts like - would you be happy to attract a man into your life that is exactly like you? If not, start perking yourself up and become the kind of person that you would desire to attract into your life - then you will attract a person like that too.

    You asked me about the man born November 5th and I find his energy to be quite interesting indeed. He is a talented man, fun to be around, and can be quite loving too. He also loves his freedom so I am not sure that he is ready to settle down just yet, with you or anyone else for that matter. He will need a lot of time to make up his mind about that. But a good friend and lover he can be for sure. If he feels pressured by a woman wanting more out of him than he is ready and willing to give - he will back off - thus you won’t hear from him. Again, he needs time to sort things out for himself right now. You can always send him an e-mail or something just to let him know that you care and you are checking in to see how he is doing. He would appreciate that. Friendship first always.

    Dr. Michelle

  121. 121 mk

    Thanks a lot Michelle!
    You are extremely nice..

  122. 122 Jessica


    First, I LOVE your horoscopes. I’ve been reading them for years and you always seem to hit the nail on the head. I have a comment on this page on April 15th, and got a reading with you in June of this year. My bday = 6/10/1980. I live in Orlando and may be getting a job offer in DC with a nice salary. With my real aspirations being to start a business, I feel so confused as to where my destiny really is. The DC vibe is a positive one, but Orlando has its perks too (and a sore real estate investment). Help! Also, when/where will I find my prince charming? I think I’m ready (or did I already meet him?).

  123. 123 Michelle

    Hi again Jessica! Well, it looks like it’s time for you to have another session with me. I can’t answer all of your questions here on this page…it would take up ALOT of room here indeed! E-mail me and let’s go through the appointment steps again. You feel to me like you are more than ready for another session. Some of the answers I want to give you are very positive ones, some you need to work on with your visualizations, and some are much to private for me to write about here in this column. But, you have caught my attention again. E-mail me!

    Looking forward to talking with you again SOON.
    Dr. Michelle

  124. 124 RA

    Hello M!
    Awfully generous of you to support us on our respective journeys! I just stumbled on your website - accident or not? - and wish to ask you a simple question about loving relationships, well, one in particular, mine, and I should refer to it in the past tense as we parted a few weeks ago. Two souls in their thirties … who … but … My DOB is AUG 4/75 while his, my (former) prince, is Jan 16/71. I felt like he shut down emotionally mid way through and began to see me in a fixed light. Am I on to something, here? This cappy/leo combo had great potential some of it realized but … YOUR GUIDANCE, pls. Peace, RA

  125. 125 Michelle

    Hi Ra,

    How wonderfully smart you are! I love talking to people who already know a little bit about the vibrations of astrology and are willing to flow with the vibrations that they were born under. First of all, a Cappy/Leo relationship can be quite a passionate thing indeed. I am sure that you Rocked his world for a little while. It was probably too much for him, but you came into his life to broaden his horizons passionately and show him that he could have a life filled with thrills…if he was willing to take the ride. Unfortunately, just like a person who rides a roller coaster too much…he needed a break! He wanted you to slow down and as he would put it, “Become more realistic about your life…and his.” and you were probably thinking, “Why in the world would I want to do that?” Your vibrations, and not just because you are a Leo, but your destiny path is 35/8 (and his is 26/8) - with both of you having that serious and sometimes controlling/depressing path of 8 (which can also be extremely successful too) here we have 2 bulls in a china shop. He wants to keep everything neat and tidy and you want to be a bit more eccentric and creative. That is why he shut down and other reasons too that are quite personal to him and have nothing to do with you. Your paths were meant to meet, be released, and hopefully you can both be friends again at some time in the future. But I feel that could be a long time from now. It’s time for you to move forward with your own life and get the joy flowing again - which I feel isn’t really that difficult for you to do. :)

    If I can be of further assistance in this matter, or you would like to have some true insights into your own life, think about getting a personal session with me for yourself. You can learn more about my services at “My Services for You.” Feel free to e-mail me at:

    I know it’s hard…but…keep smiling!
    When you do…everyone else smiles along with you!
    Dr. Michelle

  126. 126 RA

    Wow! How wonderfully insightful. Could I ask you to quickly clarify what the 35 and 26 represent. I really should just focus on me but my heart is still attached to this man’s, so I ask anyway. I am optimistic about my LOVE potential, indeed! And I never tire of being reminded that I WILL FALL IN LOVE - so if you feel that do let me know. Hehehehehe.

    Yes, I will seriously consider speaking with you one day (I had a phone reading with a woman based in VANCOUVER just 2 weekends ago (she said something about my former prince and I having unfinished business - oh, how that troubled me!!!! Must save $$$ so I may save and spend).

    Peace & Smiles,

  127. 127 Michelle

    Hi again Ra,

    The 35/8 amd 26/8 is your destiny path in this lifetime and his destiny path in this lifetime. You both have the final 8 number, meaning that you are both learning to to ‘relinquish control’ when necessary and give your depressions up to a Higher Power. You can both be as successful, full of love, and have a great life once this lesson is under control. I am sure, since your number is 35 first, a much different vibration than 26 - that you can learn to handle all of those ‘changes, challenges, and tests of faith’ that you have gone through, are going through, and may continue to go through - with love, laughter, and joy. For him, it’s more about companionship and family matters that he will get bummed out about - until he learns that people are people and that people are going to do what people do AND that he is not in control of that. He just wants everyone to be like an old fashioned family (whatever that means for him) - while you are more of a soul that wants to be successful and adventurous and have lots of fun along the way!

    Since you both have 8 for the final path number, you do have something in common. You can both act like a mirror image for each other and that is why it will be hard for you to let this situation go - and maybe in many ways, you can both end up being friends…no matter what.

    Much love,
    Dr. Michelle

  128. 128 RA


    You really do radiate intelligence, soulful intuition and love. I am certain that we will have more conversations in the (near) future!

    Much, much love to YOU!


  129. 129 Rosita

    Hello Michelle:

    A friend of mine guided me to your web page because we were talking about relationships. I think your approach to people’s life experiences is interesting and sometimes we need that second look from somebody more “connected”

    I am a Leo woman 39 years old born on 7/August/1969 at 1:30 AM. I need an insight regarding love and finding the right partner for me. I have been single for a long time now and I haven’t been lucky in finding the “prince” for me.

    The honest true is that I am intuitive person and for whatever reason, even though I put my mind and my connection in trying to find the right person for me, it doesn’t happen. I feel I am ready but sometimes I think that because I have been single and independent for a while, the universe sees me as comfortable that way…. I might be, but I am open to receive a person and change for a single gal to a committed gal.

    Could you provide me with some light here please?


  130. 130 Michelle

    Hi Rosita,

    First of all you are absolutely correct about the Universe knowing that you have been comfortable being by yourself and thus the Universe has felt that this is what you’ve desired all along. You certainly are a Soul that can take care of yourself quite well AND you know how to be your own best friend (not something that other people really know how to do so well) but there has come a time now when you are ready to open your life to sharing it with someone special. With just the intention of doing so - you will begin to have some positive opportunities - and what you do with those opportunities will be up to you. Are you going to be afraid? Are you going to be pleasantly accepting? Are you going to worry about what this man might think about you and will be truly want to be with you too?

    The more you worry about anything - the more you will delay the process of allowing yourself to be truly open to someone else being in your life - as a friend, a companion, and yes maybe even a good lover too!

    The more you affirm, “I choose to attract a wonderful man/mate into my life so that I can share love, friendship, and all of the wonderful things that life has to offer both of us.” the faster the process will begin to manifest for you!

    Good luck Rosita. Relax and enjoy the new changes that will be coming into your life when you are ready.

    Dr. Michelle

  131. 131 Kim2

    Hi Michelle. I’m in a bind of sorts. Spent past year getting over a man. Past few months focusing on the type of man I want in my life. He shows up with all of those qualites - honest, kind, mature, intelligent, family man… and I feel NOTHING. Last night he stayed with me and I thought about the ex all night long. I can’t do this. This new guy is someone I have known all my life and he is a good man. I don’t want to hurt him. He is all the things I thought I wanted and yet I feel nothing for him. In fact I know I will start to push him away soon. Is it because I’m still hung up on the ex and no matter WHO comes along I would be this way? Or is this guy not right for me? (me DOB 4-21-1960). Thanks.

  132. 132 Michelle

    Hi Kim2,

    I totally understand how you feel. The situation with your ex was a difficult situation, one filled with lots of passion, sexual tension, negative emotions such as; jealousy, envy, arguments, and even a bit of emotional abuse - totally a lack of control. It was what I call a ‘karmic’ relationship indeed. You feel that there was no real ending to the situation - and you are right - and you still feel these heated emotions in your heart. You know that the relationship was not healthy for him or for you - and what you are truly learning here is to ‘let go’ and move onto something better and more secure for yourself. You were so heated up in that dramatic relationship, it’s hard for you to see that you can have a relationship without that much drama - but that seems totally unemotional and even boring for you. You are still heartsick and angry about the past relationship and it’s hard for you to get past it and move on. Yes, I understand totally how you feel. I can help you to understand what is going on within you and how to heal through this all, but it would take much to long to type it all out here. I highly suggest that you set up a personal appointment with me. When you are ready to do that e-mail me at: and I’ll help you with the appointment process.
    In the meantime, you will continue to feel the way you do until you are really ready to learn what ‘true’ love is all about - and believe me - ‘true’ love isn’t about having so much drama, but is about moving forward - hand in hand - as good friends with each other.

    I’m sending you the love of the Healing Angels,
    Dr. Michelle

  133. 133 Lynette

    Dr. Michelle, I happened to stumble accross your site as I was trying to broaden my horizens on some other approaches to ways to figuring out some of the harder issues/decisions in my life. As I was reading through the questions and your answers I could see that you were a very insightful and caring person. I wanted to ask two things of you. The first is a health issue I’ve been going through, started with swelling in the irises of my eyes in August and moved to my legs and arms. Happens for no reason, no cycles, etc and the doctors have run all kinds of tests only to provide a “working” diagnosis through process of elimination on a guess. They have me on chemo meds to suppress my immune system thinking that may be the cause but really won’t be able to tell for 6 mos to a year. I am thinking about changing all of the doctors and starting over because I feel their egoes are getting in the way. I see this when I tell them I want to take an active part in my healthcare and get second opinions etc. What would you do in this situation? By the way this has severely interrupted my life, I was running up to 7 miles a day and now am lucky to get some type of daily exercise in and some days it’s difficult to drive due to swelling in my knees. I am only 39 and my dob is 8/30/69 born around noon.
    The other question is my career. I made a move 5 years ago for another position but in some ways have boxed myself in. Cannot move again to progress due to my daughter graduating high school this year and because we really love where we live but if I leave this company (due to geographic location) any jobs will be much lower paying. Do you see any progression or changes in the near future that may make me happier in my career?
    Thanks so much for an uplifting sight!

  134. 134 Michelle

    Dear Lynette,

    Wow…those doctors should be happy that you want to take personal responsibility with your own health care. What were they thinking? You are a Virgo after all and of course you want some answers, truthful answers and only truthful answers regarding your health. Yes, keep on seeking those answers until you find someone who will be honest with you. If I were you, I would definitely want a female doctor about this situation - that’s for sure. I feel that a female doctor would understand completely why you want to take personal responsibility for your own health care.

    Now, moving onto your health issues - has anyone suggested that you might have fibromalgia? I’m not sure how to spell that exactly, but you have some of the symptoms and it’s often hard to diagnose. I feel that you are tired a lot of the time and have been for a very long time too. You have a lot on your plate and a lot that you are taking care of regarding yourself and your family. Stress is playing a huge part in your dis-eases too. You need the right medical diagnoses from a responsible and respectable doctor - one that will honor your ability to be a part of your treatment and recovery. Yes, keep on getting those second opinions until you find a doctor that you feel completely comfortable with. You will know which one that will be when you meet this person.

    As for your career, sit tight, stay right where you are. You may feel that you can’t move up in your career right now, but that’s okay, keep on doing what you are doing. I am feeling that by Fall of next year an opportunity will come that you can choose to take that will have you feeling more stimulated within your career. For now, have an attitude of gratitude about your current career, enjoy celebrating your daughters graduation, enjoy your beautiful home, and enjoy the blessings that come with being in such a great family. Don’t be too anxious about finances, just keep on budgeting and doing what your already doing. Be patient and focus more positively on your own physical/emotional/mental/spiritual healing.

    It’s time to count your blessings for everything that is already going right in your life and just enjoy all of that for now.

    Angel Blessings,
    Dr. Michelle

  135. 135 Jessica

    Just got done with my reading. You are absolutely amazing! Very few people impress me, but you leave me speechless. Everything you said is inline with what I feel deep down to be true and you help bring that out, and in such a positive way.

    If there are any doubters reading this, don’t knock it ’til you try it. I promise you that it will change your life for the better. Michelle is the REAL DEAL.

  136. 136 Michelle

    Thank you Jessica!
    I enjoyed doing your special session for you.

    Happy Holidays,
    Dr. Michelle

  137. 137 charita

    Hi Michelle, I hate to bother you again. But my birthday is coming up 12-14-1975. I was wondering what’s going on in my life, I received my disability but now like what’s going on in my love life or just period. sometimes i feel like i missin something

  138. 138 Michelle

    Hi Charita,

    That’s a very general question you asked me and it would take me pages of writing to answer it all for you. What you need to do is take advantage of my super December sale (read the welcome page and/or my newsletter page for this week to learn all about it) and set yourself up a personal appointment with me. I’ll help you figure out why you feel like something is missing and help you to understand how to attract into your life what your heart desires.

    Dr. Michelle

  139. 139 Rosita

    Hello Michelle, Rosita here again.

    It was interesting to read your answer because I have tried a lot of ways to meet that special person, including internet dating, telling all my friends so they can think of me if they know a nice guy, etc ,etc. It sounds that I am the only responsible one for being single and I really refuse to blame myself for it. I consider myself friendly, open to conversation and attractive and I have put my good vibes into the universe for a while including affirmations. Sometimes we are single due to life circumstances but not by choice. If we are single, I believe we have to make the best of it, otherwise we can’t be happy and peaceful

    Do you really see me with someone soon according to my date of birth and time? (in the previous message)

    Thanks again for your time :)


  140. 140 Michelle

    Hi Rosita,

    First of all don’t blame yourself for anything. The feelings of guilt and self blame are all ‘ego’ emotions and will definitely block you from the very things that you desire to attract into your life.

    You mentioned that life circumstances are sometimes not by choice, but this is not true, everything and I mean absolutely everything that has happened in your life thus far and that ever will happen in your life is by your personal choice. Now, you may not remember choosing your path, but believe me, you have chosen it even before you ever came to this earth in this lifetime.

    Now, you also have been given “Free Will” - a very special gift when used correctly. You can choose to change your life, into a new direction, anytime that you desire. How does a person do this? There are many ways and it takes a lot of passion, dedication, belief, faith, visualization, and a wise mind to know when to take positive action without allowing any negative emotions to get in the way.

    I can help you understand this more. I can help you see the paths of where you’ve been (and why) and the paths ahead of you that you can choose from, but I would need to do a personal session with you and talk to you directly. I highly suggest that you take advantage of my super December Sale and purchase a session for yourself in the near future. When you talk with me directly everything is going to make so much more sense to you and you will then know - with a sense of lightheartedness - how to manifest into your life what is best for your soul’s happiness and growth in this lifetime.

    Dr. Michelle

  141. 141 Ruth

    Hi Michelle:
    It’s been a long time and I think of you often and I’m so glad I came acrossed your website. I agree with all the rest of how much of a gift you have for reading and making people feel so at home. I seen your special offer so I’m going to set up an appointment for soon but in the meantime if you could maybe answer the 2 questions that are constantly on my mind. Do you see any relief financially for me soon and also will my relationship progress further anytime soon. Thanks alot for all you do and I look forward to talking to you soon.
    God Bless

  142. 142 Michelle

    Hi Ruth,

    Wow…it’s been awhile since I’ve heard from you and I’m so glad to hear back from you again. :) Yes, please do take advantage of my super December sale! Give yourself a wonderful gift of enlightenment.

    You asked me those 2 personal questions about your relationship and your finances - you know so well that I can go into this so much better by talking to you privately and helping you ‘unblock’ what is keeping the progress positively flowing.

    But for now…Spirit has told me to tell you, “Keep your chin up, go with the flow, appreciate what’s going ‘right’ in your life at the moment, take one day at a time, and try not to get caught up in the negative vibrations of the people around you.”

    Hope to talk with you soon,
    Dr. Michelle

  143. 143 Destiny

    Dear Dr. Michelle,

    After reading your insight above regarding David with an addiction problem, I hope you can help me. I have been reading your phenomenal planner and your positive words have helped me before. I would like to have a session with you but must wait a little longer. I think that my problem is a common one today so I hope others can benefit from your wisdom on this subject.

    My birthday is 5-16-77 at 1:59 pm. David’s birthday is 4-22-75. He is disabled with depression, anxiety, PTSD and physical problems I can go into more detail about another time. My greatest concern is his addiction to prescription drugs. Lately he spends 80% of time in bed and this is draining me personally and financially and he is unsympathetic toward me most of the time. I am losing compassion and respect for him as my anger grows and I just feel exhausted. I worry most about our 19 month old daughter and the affect on my ability to be a good parent. I have some debt and am not capable of being financially independent yet. My daughter and I could move in with my mother but I have not been ready to make that move and feel confused and unable to make a decision. I keep waiting and the situation doesn’t improve. Thank you so much in advance for your help.

  144. 144 Michelle

    Dear Destiny,

    I totally understand how you are feeling regarding your situation with a man that you love and a beautiful daughter that you are raising, basically on your own, and you not receiving the personal support that you need to keep you thriving. Let me assure you that David is a good man. He has a wonderful heart and he does care about both of you very much. He would be totally lost without the two of you and right now he doesn’t appreciate how good he has it. You know that old saying, “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone”…it’s getting to the point in your life with him that he had better start thinking about this ‘before’ you leave him. You are trying very hard to make it on your own, in fact, you are basically doing everything all by yourself anyways right now.

    I want to bring something important to your attention too. We all go through important ‘cycle’ in our lives - from one birthday to the next - and David is going through his ‘9′ cycle right now - which means that he is extremely tired (even if he wasn’t on the drugs he still would be). This is a cycle of ‘endings, completions, releasing, and letting go’ of all of the emotional,physical,mental baggage that he has accumulated in his life thus far. On his birthday in 2009, he will be going into his ‘1′ cycle of new beginnings, which will give him a powerful chance to start over in his life again and regain his strenth, determination, intelligence, and power to succeed in his life once again…if he chooses to do so.

    Life is all about choices and you certainly have to do what is right for you. David has potential, and I am sure that you know this or you still wouldn’t be with him. David is a loving soul, and you know this too. It’s hurting you to see him hurting himself so much through his current addiction, but I want to let you know that the 9 cycle is hard, exhausting, he feels that he doesn’t have enough willpower to push himself ahead in his life right now. He just wants to escape it all. BUT, what he doesn’t realize is that he CAN move ahead in his life with you. He CAN get better if he has enough faith in a Higher Power to help him.

    I could go into this so much more but it would take up pages and pages of writing, but what I want you to know is that your ability to nurture your daughter will always be strong within you. You love her very much and she loves you too. Stick together as a loving team - and you are both so very loving - to help David realize what a treasure he has in both of you. You Can Do It!

    Healing Angel Blessings,
    Dr. Michelle

  145. 145 Destiny

    Thank you for taking the time to give your response. It means a lot to me. I try to talk about it when I need to but also don’t want to bring people down or add more doubt to my life. Anyway I really appreciate it, I know your words will continue to help me, and I look forward to working with you soon. Thanks again.

  146. 146 Michelle

    Your Very Welcome…and I forgot to tell you that ‘you’ are in a very powerful cycle of your life right now - a 22/4 cycle which is a Master Cycle - meaning that you CAN handle, heal, and take care of everything that you need to do. Which is very helpful until David get’s in his 1 cycle and can then begin to truly start helping you - if he chooses to - which I pray that he will for both of you and your beautiful daughter too.

    Dr. Michelle

  147. 147 Teri Nelsen

    Hi Michelle,
    My friend Amanda suggested I write to you. I’m interested on what you can pick up on myself and a friend of mine? We have a rather odd connection (I started having recurring dreams about him 30 years before I met him). We have had a falling out and he has avoided speaking to me in…well it’s been a while. Do you see this issue being resolved between us any time soon?

    My name is Teri 11-20-63
    His name is Greg 8-28-68

  148. 148 Michelle

    Hi Teri,

    I must say that you sure have come a long way in your path of life in this lifetime. :) Keep on growing, learning, and ridding yourself of past life baggage.

    Situations in this lifetime have come across your life path (thus far) to teach you to overcome negative emotions/ego emotions - such as: jealousy, possessiveness, anger, depression etc. And so far, you have gone through quite a bit of situations that have taught you to ‘let go’ of feelings that don’t serve your highest purpose.

    Did those situations hurt you? Absolutely! Are you choosing not to attract these situations back into your life again? Well, that depends. When you heart is still aching for a situation that you know isn’t going to work out and you keep looking back over your shoulder to ‘what might have been’ then you are stuck in your tracks instead of moving forward in your life.

    This situation with Greg is one of those situations. Yes, you are both good people and after some time goes by, you can actually both be very good friends towards each other too. But, in the meantime, ‘let go’ of the feeling of disappointment over this relationship not being one where you can ‘control’ it or have any true committment in it.

    Greg likes things to be peaceful (yes, he creates some drama too) but you seem to attract people that have lots of drama in their lives. Also when things seem too peaceful (maybe even boring) in your life - you create drama situations in your life too. Again, this has to do with past life situations. - Contact me for your own personal session if you want to learn more about these and how to over come these subsconsious memories that attract these same types of situations to you.

    I can totally understand why you had dreams about Greg before he even came into your life - again, here we go with past life memories and lessons for this lifetime about forgiveness and true friendships.

    I am sure that this situation with Greg will become more peaceful for you - when you learn to have an ‘it’s okay…either way’ type of attitude.

    Blessed Be,
    Dr. Michelle

  149. 149 Teri Nelsen

    Thank you Michelle, you definitely hit on some major things, like the changes in myself and my life. They pretty much started about 4 years ago but in the last year and a half they have accelerated at breakneck speed. People who know me say the changes in me are amazing. I have been able to release the negativity and forgive not only those who have hurt me but most importantly, I was able to forgive myself for my own bad choices.
    I suppose I did have some control issues where my friend was concerned. I wanted to “save him” from being hurt and since he was always coming to me with his relationship problems I thought he wanted my help. Apparently he didn’t because when I showed him the proof he asked for he got mad at me and stopped talking to me. If anything I felt more guilt than anything else because in my attempts to protect him from being hurt I ended up hurting him also. I have definitley learned that sometimes it is best to keep my opinion to myself in certain situations, regardless of what I know.

  150. 150 Michelle

    Hi again Teri,

    There are two human emotions that totally get in the way of our own growth - guilt and fear - learn to let those completely go out of your life…right now…let them go…and know that you did your best at the time and that’s all that you could do. You had the best of intentions with helping your friend, but he needs to learn his own karmic lessons on his own. Instead of having any feelings of guilt or fear - replace those with love. Love him enough to let him go so that he can learn and grow on his own. Then, when and if he returns, you will be happy at the personal improvements you will see…in yourself and in him too.

    Dr. Michelle

  151. 151 Carla

    Hi, I was just wondering if you think I will be having a career change any time soon? Thanks for your input. My birthday is 01/16/1962 at 11:24 in Everett, Wa.

  152. 152 Michelle

    Hi Carla,

    I’m surprised that you stayed with your current employment this long! But, leave it to a good Capricorn soul to stick it out and be where she is needed. Yes, I understand that you sure don’t feel appreciated there - and you certainly haven’t over this past year - but try to hold on just a bit longer. There will be a ‘new’ door of opportunity open for you soon - if you choose to take it - and possibly with a brand new company too - if you choose to go in that direction.

    You are about to start a brand new cycle of your life on your birthday in 2009. A cycle that everyone looks forward to. A cycle of ‘new beginnings and new starts’ for you. What you decide to choose to do from your birthday in 2009 until your birthday in 2010 will determine how the next 8 years of your life will be.

    You are about to enter what we call the ‘1′ cycle of your life! A time of planting seeds of success for the next 8 years of your life. You have to really think about this. Do you want to stay with your current employment for the next 8 years, or, do you want to do something more enjoyable and financially profitable for yourself?

    Starting on your birthday, you can start putting in those applications to the places that you would really love to work for. With the right attitudes and positive intentions on your part - I am sure that many companies would love to hire you!

    Dr. Michelle

  153. 153 Barbara

    Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me when my husband and I will sell our business property. My birthday is 10/17/1941 and my husbands birthday is 8/03/1935. Thank you so much. I think your web site is wonderful.

  154. 154 Michelle

    Hi Barbara,

    With the economy being the way that it is, I am sure that it is difficult to sell your business property for the amount of money that you both desire. You know what it is worth and you want to stick to the amount that you both have agreed upon.

    And yet, you both want to be ‘free’ from this business property once and for all. You are so ready to move on with your lives together. You are a wonderful wife who has ’stuck by your man’ come thick or thin - no matter what - you have always been there for him.

    Your husband is kind of going through a ’second childhood’ right now and is really ready to have some ‘fun’ in his life. :)

    Okay, I could go on and on with so much that I am picking up (maybe you want to schedule a session with me soon?) Anyways, you asked me the question about that business property and what I feel is that you both may have to lower the price once again. And still, even with lowering the price it’s going to be awhile yet before it sells.

    Yikes, I know, that’s not what you wanted to hear, but I can only tell the truth of what my Spirit Guide is telling me. Of course, you can hang onto it and let it be a drain on your finances in the long run (property taxes and all that great stuff) or, you could sell it for a lower price, take the initial loss, and move on with your lives together.

    Of course that choice is up to the both of you. Enjoy your times together for these are the times that great memories can be made of. Take a vacation together, love life together, and totally enjoy each other’s company once again. I know that this could be a little scary too - that old routine that you’ve both gotten into - but I can feel your husbands loving heart (yes, it’s in there somewhere) and he does love you so very much!

    Thank you for your kind words about my website and I am very happy that you are enjoying it so very much! Come back each and every week for all of the new updates that I am working on.

    Love, Light, and Peace Always,
    Dr. Michelle

  155. 155 Lena

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Michelle to you and your family!

    Love always,

    your spiritual sister, Lena

  156. 156 Destiny

    Dear Dr. Michelle,
    Your horoscope for Taurus this week could not be more true, I wish I had read it sooner. Just today I began to look at myself and why I am in these relationships differently. After our phone session there were two questions I did not ask. One is about a man from my past and if I should just forget about him or what is my connection to him. The other must not be as important because now it escapes me but maybe when I am able to have a session with you again, it will come up then. Many thanks for your time and compassion.

  157. 157 Michelle

    Hi again Destiny,

    You are going to be so surprised when you receive your tape of our session together. I did briefly, very briefly, touch on the topic of your past guy friend. You feel a connection to him because it helps you to know that ’someone out there’ still thinks about you and cares about you. Under the ‘caretaker burnout’ that you are going through right now, the good memories of your past friendship seems to give you a glimpse of sanity and a little comforting emotions that you need right now. Hang in there girlfriend. You are tougher than you know and you will get through this whole thing and come out brighter for your wisdom in the very near future. Just do what you need to do and if you cross paths with your past friend again…hopefully it will be a happy reunion, but don’t be too surprised when you choose to leave that friendship in the past.
    Angel Blessings,
    Dr. Michelle

  158. 158 Destiny

    hi again, i am sure i will be surprised, it was a lot to take in at once with everything that was going on! i look forward to getting your tape and thanks again for taking the time with me! i really appreciate it.

  159. 159 Michelle

    You’re so welcome!
    Angel Blessings,
    Dr. Michelle

  160. 160 RA

    Hello Michelle,

    I just met someone on Jan 2/09 through friends, we both locked eyes and since then we have been in contact everyday. The down side to this exciting communication is that he lives out east and I live out west - wondering if he and I are truly compatible. He is a capricorn and I’m a gemini/scorpio rising/moon in leo - this may help you to determine the compatibility.
    Look forward to your response.

  161. 161 Michelle

    Hi RA,

    Seems like you have a new found friend indeed. Yes, the two of you are compatible. Very much compatible. The only problem is that he lives to far away, but I am sure that at the very least this is an excellent new friend and he feels the same way about you. Intriquing indeed and I can feel the ‘pheromones’ flying.

    I wouldn’t get my hopes up too much about this being ‘the one’ for you for a long term intimate relationship, but it sure is going to be fun being in contact with him.

    It’s time for you to ‘come out of your shy shell’ and be ready to get out there and mingle once again.

    Good Luck to you in all you do!
    Dr. Michelle

  162. 162 rina

    Hello Michelle,
    Thank you for your feedback! Yes, the phermones are flying it’s quite interesting that we are communicating long distance - I would never have put myself in a position like this unless I was slightly sure that he and I can be “one” in the future!

    When you mentioned that “don’t get your hopes up too high” the reason why you cautioned me is because he lives out east?
    I believe where there is a will there is a way…don’t you agree?
    I do plan to see him in two weeks out east and we’ll take it from there…

  163. 163 Michelle

    Good Luck RA! Yes, where there is a positive will there is always a way! I wish you all the happiness that you desire!

    Dr. Michelle

  164. 164 Cheryl

    Dr Michelle,
    I have a friend who told me of your web site, I was amazed! I was born 3-7-55,around 6 Wyandotte,MI. I would LOVE to know my life path number. Can you show me how you come to that figure. Thank-you for your time and I wish you Love and Happpiness with your web site. Keep up the good work. THANKS again.

  165. 165 Michelle

    Hi Cheryl,

    So nice to hear from you. You don’t live that far away from me - you should come in and have a personal session with me. When you do, then I will explain to you personally all about lifepath numbers, how they are figured out, and so much more.

    In the meantime, I will let you know that your lifepath number is: 30/3 - which means that you are a benevolent and fun-loving 3 Chick! And oh don’t we love the 3 Chicks of this world! :)

    Your soul is here to bring happiness, joy, music, dance, art, and plain old fashioned FUN into our world! Communication will also play an important role throughout your life. Make sure that your communicaton skills are uplifting, joyful, and positive for others.

    Stay away from negative gossip because it will only bring you down. When 3 Chicks are down…that’s like the sunshine taking a vacation and storm clouds begin to roll in.

    Keep Smiling Cheryl an I look forward to doing a special session for you too. When you are ready to set that up, just e-mail me at:

    Have a wonderful day!
    Dr. Michelle

  166. 166 Cindy

    Dear Michelle

    I lost the man of my life almost 2 years ago when he left me and he chose to be with another. I was crushed and still think of him from time to time. I am wondering if he is happy and if he ever thinks of me. My birthdate is 6/30/1959 at 6:16 AM and his (Al)is 5/31/1959

  167. 167 Michelle

    Hi Cindy,

    Wow…I’m so surprised that the two of you didn’t stay together - what a perfect Soulmate match - but maybe the problem was that the two of you at the time were ‘too much’ alike. What I mean by this is that you and Al are the perfect example of a mirror reflection relationship. When you saw the best in AL…it taught you about the best in yourself and visa versa. Same thing would have occurred about the immature parts of each other too. - Like two chiefs and no indians, or two bosses and no employee’s - like two bulls in a china shop - I can only wonder which of the two of you was the boss in the situation - which was the leader? Had this relationship been in complete harmony/balance/unconditional love for each other, with no outstanding expectations for each other, this certianly could have been a fantastic match.

    You asked me if I feel that he still thinks about you and all I can say is “absolutely yes…for sure.” How in the world could he ever choose to forget you?

    Wow…again is all I can say. I can feel your heartache my dear. Now comes the time for Cindy to think about taking good care of Cindy and if destiny smiles down on each of you again - to be together at least as friends, if not something more, you won’t be in a postion to lose your identity over the situation again.

    Learn who Cindy is and what she desires in life. You sure are a special Soul, more special than I am sure you realize, and you deserve to be wonderfully happy too.

    Angel Blessings,
    Dr. Michelle

  168. 168 SMD

    Hi, Michelle

    Absolutely LOVE your site–and your decision to keep up the monthly planner.

    I recently ‘almost’ ended a relationship of 10 years. Is it ‘done’ or will we get the magic back? Does he even know what “the magic” is? Or is there someone else for me? Me: 12/25/64 Him: 05/25/61

  169. 169 Michelle

    Hi SMD,

    You certainly have a wonderful bubbly personality! I can totally understand that you want someone around you who is fun-loving, inspiring, and has a bubbly personality too. :)

    Your man can seem so ‘fickle’ sometimes and his moods can sway like the wind. He is a sexy fellow though and when in the ‘right’ mood he can be quite inspiring, intelligent, and fun-loving too. :)

    All in all, I feel that the two of you are a good match. It’s just going to take a lot of patience on your part (do you have that much?)

    You cetainly are the one that is ‘in charge’ of this relationship.

    If, for some reason, you decide to break it off with him - he truly would be broken hearted - but you wouldn’t be at a lack of attract new mates into your life.

    After 10 years of being in this relationship though, if I were you, I’d give it more time and nurture him as much as you can. What you positively nurture does grow in value and I think that what he is wondering about you is “How much does she truly value me?”

    I’m glad that you are enjoying my special website and that you also are enjoying the daily planner! Thanks for letting me know too :)

    Good Luck in all you do!
    Dr. Michelle

  170. 170 cher

    HI Michelle,
    I can’t believe it has been over a year that you started Dr. Michelle! Hope its going good and rewarding for you. I know you help out sooo many people, sometimes I think you should of called it Dr. Love. So many looking for the right person or parent worried about the children relationship…Its nice that they can go to real person that is honest and straightforward and tells it how it is ….what ever the question is. Just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! or HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! {A LITTLE LATE} I know your reward is helping people do it so well,you keep coming up with more & more ways to do so;-}
    I also Loved you aries horoscope too..hope February 14th is nice !
    Happy Valentine Day to YOU and your Family;-}
    Good blessing always spiritual sister

  171. 171 Michelle

    Hi Cher!


    Dr. Michelle

  172. 172 Heartbroken

    Hi Michelle,

    Is it possible to recieve some sort of phychic message from the
    Universe/God when someone we love is going to pass away or they are in
    pain of some sort. Last month 2 people I know, my middle school
    sweetheart and his Mom passed away within 2 wks of each other. His Mom
    67 and he 37. Both had different forms of Cancer. I haven’t seen either
    of them in quite some time, him in years and his Mom in about 6 months.

    The last time I saw his Mom she gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek
    which is something she has never done before. She passed away on the
    31st of December. I had no idea that she was even ill but on that very
    day for basically the whole day I was pretty emotional and experienced a
    feeling of “knots” in my stomach. I had no idea what was wrong. I had a
    hunch to do some shopping on New Year’s day to catch a few sales and I
    ran right into her daughter who then told me the news. She also told me
    her brother ( my middle school sweetheart) was also ill but at the time
    they didn’t know from what.

    Funny thing is all summer long I had been having thoughts about him,
    memories which popped up out of the blue. Usually when that happens to
    me I normally bump right into someone I had just been thinking of. But I
    never bumped into him at all. I am a music lover and I would constantly
    hear songs on the radio that he used to sing to me or we used to dance
    to in school. Which is probably why my thoughts often turned to him. You
    see, he was my very first boyfriend. There was always something sort of
    special between us. Drawn together during a time when I needed him most.
    I learned so much from him as well as his family during that time in my
    life that they contributed much to the person I have become today.
    Through the years he would often send me messages through his sister or
    my mom telling them to tell me that he still loved me and cared about me
    but I never saw him.

    When his sister told me that he was in the hospital I began to get
    nervous and my stomach would ball up again, but we all figured he would
    be coming home soon not knowing that his situation was critical. He
    didn’t know this yet himself. He was unable to come to his Mom’s
    funeral. The hospital he was in was so far away that I was unable to see
    him there and I just figured I would see him as soon as he came home.
    His sister was my only communication with him because he could have no
    calls. So when I talked to her I gave her a message to give to him but
    she never called me back to give me an update. For days I called and
    called and my stomach constantly in knots but she just wouldn’t return
    my call.

    I understood being her Mom just passed and she was probably busy taking
    care of her Dad so I didn’t want to bother her to much. But finally she
    called me but it was only to tell me that he had passed away from
    stomach cancer. She apologised over and over but she said she just
    couldn’t call me and tell me that he was dying and there was nothing
    anyone could do. He got my message she said and he told her to tell me
    that he loved me. That broke my heart because he was always doing that
    and I NEVER HAD A CHANCE TO SAY IT BACK. That is my biggest regret.

    I look back on all of it and I begin to see signs that yes, maybe
    someone, something, somewhere was trying to tell me something. He was on
    my mind so much and I was having so many reminders of back then all last
    year basically. And I never really paid it any mind until now. Which
    makes me feel even worse. I took his passing really hard because I was
    told how much he did suffer and my heart just ached for him completely.
    I really wished I could have been there to hold his hand and tell him
    things that I knew he needed to hear. I think my heart will forever be
    broken because of this. I normally pay great attention to my intuitions
    ( something I’ve learned to do and trust ) but this was so unexpected. I
    feel awful now for missing the signs.

    So I just want to know if it really is possible some how, some way that
    the cosmo’s, universe, really do send us messages however suttle of
    things that are to come?

  173. 173 Michelle

    Dear Heartbroken,

    Yes, absolutely YES - the Universe/Cosmos/God/Goddess always give us signs/symbols/emotional intuitive insights into what is going on with the people in our lives. Some people are more sensitive to being able to pick up on these things than other people. Yes, you were picking up on the right vibrations. Don’t feel bad about this. Let go of your regrets. You really couldn’t have done anything differently - and you were obviousely not meant to do anything differently than you did.

    Maybe now that you know you are sensitive to these things, you will allow yourself to awaken to receiving the good messages for your life and those around you too. These messages are not always bad, so don’t be afraid to awaken your intuition because it can be quite inspiring too.

    Thank you for sharing your personal story. I appreciate it very much. I know that these people, who you still care very much about, can hear you talking to them now and they both know how you truly feel. Be happy for them as they would want you to be happy in your own life too.

    Many Blessings,
    Dr. Michelle

  174. 174 Heartbroken

    Dear Michelle,

    Thank you greatly for your response. I truly appreciate it.

    I can see now with a greater clarity that by not being able to be there for him was probably meant ot be just as it was. Although I wanted more then anything to be there I’ve found out he could have no visitors other then family. I feel a tiny bit better about that.

    I do find it odd that I was getting some type of messages/warnings for quite some time which, by the way has NEVER happened to me before. Yet, I would be unable to see him? I know you shouldn’t question these things ( even though I’m a Sagittarian so I do tend to question any and everything! )and there where probably very good reason’s beyond my own understanding of it. It just hurt me so tremendously badly. I can’t begin to explain it. Even at his funeral. I hadn’t seen him in years yet the hurt was unreal. I’ve had my heart broken, I’ve had pain and grief from family and friends passings but, this pain was different. It came from a place deep down inside of me. I litterally could not stop crying.

    Could it be possible that he could have been a soul mate or something? There was always something special between he and I. I can’t explain it. Although we only dated for approximately 3 yrs or so during our teen years there was always some type of bond or connection. lol, I smile when I think of this..We could always spot each other miles away! If I was walking 4 blocks away and he was coming in the opposite direction it would be almost like a magnet. We would both “see” each other at the same time and start smiling away. lolol People who witnessed this thought we where nuts back then when I would point him out wayyy down the street!! This happened to us more times then I can remember. LOL!! sighs…I know people who come into our lives are sometimes not meant to stay and that they often have a specific purpose. I know now more then anything that he definitely had a purpose in my own. And I know without any doubt what so ever what it was. I will forever be grateful to this man. He truly was an angel who visited my life. And his footprints will always remain in my heart…. His birth date was July 7th 1971 and mine is Dec. 10 1972 4pm.

    HeartBroken now Heart-ENLIGHTENED

  175. 175 Michelle

    Dear Heartbroken now Heart-ENLIGHTENED,

    You are very welcome for my response to you. Listen to your intuition more often and you will see that it will guide you to where you’re meant to be. :)

    Your experience has ‘gifted’ you and opened your mind/heart to understanding new things and seeing your life in a more positive way. Sometimes it takes an experience like you had (which seems to break a person’s heart) to wake you up to those “Ah HA” moments. You know those moments when you can see the bigger picture of what is really going on within you.

    May your life bloom in many beautiful ways.
    Dr. Michelle

  176. 176 RA


    X. RU (RA)

  177. 177 Michelle

    Hi RA,

    Thank you for the Birthday Wishes!

    Warm Hugs,
    Dr. Michelle

  178. 178 Stephanie

    Hi Michelle,

    My birthdate is September 11, 1958 at 2:30 a.m. cst. I am one of the optimistic and yes - organized Virgos. HA! I have noticed lately that I am becoming a procrastinator, ugh. Any thoughts on why this should be happening now would be greatly appreciated.


  179. 179 Michelle

    Hi Stephanie,

    So great to hear from a wonderful Virgo woman! Your lifepath number is 34/7 and you are currently in a 21/3 cycle. You are meant to have a wonderful time of your life now. A time filled with fun, play, and creativity. (Something more Virgo’s put off until everything else is done) but you need to ‘enjoy’ your life now. The cycle is right of love, fun, and play!

    You mentioned about feeling more lazy than normal, but it is only normal for all Virgo’s right now as the Sun is in creative Pisces, Mars just moved into Pisces too (which would naturally make you feel more like a procrastinator than normal) and especially the fact that Saturn is retrograde in Virgo. Saturn retrograde is asking all Virgo’s to ‘go within’ and be more in tuned with your inner/Higher Self. In order to do this correctly (and of course Virgo’s always want to do things correctly) you deserve to slow down, meditate, stretch (such as with yoga) and allow yourself more time to relax now.

    Take it easy and realize that whatever you ‘think’ needs to get done can easily be accomplished another day. Your life is your personal journey..have fun and make the most of it.

    Blessings Always,
    Dr. Michelle

  180. 180 leota v


    my granddaughter angel(1-8 02) been mental abuse by my daughter jen (9-30-82).
    I got my granddaughter angel till her father get her.
    We are going to court so my granddaughter can go live with her .

    Did I do the right thing by help dad get her ?
    I love my daughterjen but the way she was treating my grandDaughter
    was not right No kid should live that way.

    My daughter jen took my othere grandbaby( trinity 2-5-08) away and her boyfraind say I would never see her again .I miss her and I love her .

    thank lee

  181. 181 Michelle

    Hi Leota,

    I am so sorry to hear that you are going through such heartache regarding your daughter and your grandchildren. Your heart is definitely in the right place. Your concern for your grandchildren is the only thing that matters.

    I don’t know what it is about some Libra people (and I get flack about this all of the time, but it’s so true) that they only think about ‘themselves’ and what is ‘fair’ for them and for themselves only. If they are having a bad day, they seem to take it out on everyone around them. “Not fair, not fair, not fair” they will scream until they get what they want. I have a Libra sister who, when she was young, would hold her breath until she turned blue and always got her way. Their main lesson in life is to learn to ‘balance’ themselves in every way - including mentally.

    Did you notice when she was young that maybe she might need some psychological counseling then too?

    My Mother-in-law is a Libra and she was diagnosed, long ago, with bipolar/paranoid schizophrenia. She seems to handle her life by drinking a case of beer a day along with taking medication that would have killed a trucker long ago.

    Libra’s can be mean and they don’t care about what other people think about them. Now, not all Libra’s are this way, for the spiritually advanced ones can be exceptionally loving, caring, and dedicated to the people that they love. But in general - watch out!

    And, add to that the fact that your daughter’s destiny number is a 5 - which means that she is here to learn all about ‘changes and challenges.’ And, of course, she doesn’t like changes and challenges at all.

    I could go on and on about this (you might want a personal session with me at some point in order to understand and keep your sanity) but for now, yes, you did the right thing.

    Follow your heart, even though it seems to be breaking at every turn. Know that your good intentions is all that matters.

    Angel Blessings,
    Dr. Michelle

  182. 182 leota v

    Thank you .you hit my Daughter right on .

    I know angel will be happy with her dad and they do love her .

    thank you again

  183. 183 Jessica


    My right knee hurts when I run/walk and it clicks a lot on stairs. My MRI report indicated a potential cartilage tear. What caused the tear? Perhaps running or a fall down stairs? Am I going to need surgery? Will I ever run a marathon?

    P.S. You indicated in my reading last year that I have job change energy in April of this year. From the conversations I’ve been having at work over the last 2 weeks, it looks like I could be making the jump soon!

    Jess [6-10-80]

  184. 184 Michelle

    Hi Jess,

    So sorry to hear about your knee. I can feel your discomfort. I feel that it is going to get worse before it gets better. You are going to have to rest it, baby it, and not have ‘impact’ upon it…like running.

    On your birthday this year, you are going into a ‘9′ cycle anyways and thus you won’t feel like running any marathons anyway.

    But in 2010, you will be going into your ‘1′ cycle and your energy will be higher and its at that time you just might feel like running a marathon.

    Living daily life can feel like a marathon, just doing what we have to do each day, and you are going to have to learn to slow down and take it easy.

    See your knee surrounded in Divine Healing White Light! Everytime it begins to hurt you, it’s a sign from your body to slow down. If you can cooperate and listen to what your body is saying (and you do relax it more) then possibly you won’t have to have the surgery.

    Right now though, you are very upset about this situation and the more upset/worried you are, the more negative energy you are putting into the situation and that is only going to make it worse.

    Do you understand what I am telling you? Are you willing to start taking better care of yourself now?

    Good luck on any job changes that are coming up for you. Don’t get stressed out about them either. Just have an attitude of gratitude about your ability to positively handle any good opportunity that comes your way. Job changes can be either good or bad…depending on how you perceive them to be.

    Keep smiling and thinking positively!

    Dr. Michelle

  185. 185 Jessica

    Thanks so much for your insight! I’m trying to relax, but it’s like I can’t stop. I get so focused on a goal that nothing else matters, to the point that I can’t focus on things that matter (like doing my taxes before the last minute). I’m seriously pondering everything you said and I am grateful. Also, just to clarify, the conversations at work were positive ones about a potential transfer into a new department, thus a career change. I’ve wanted this for a long time; my vision was just too clouded until the last 2 weeks came around. I’m definitely noticing that being positive and not allowing myself to be negative is making a huge difference in attracting what I want.

    To anyone reading this, I repeat: I’m definitely noticing that being positive and not allowing myself to be negative is making a huge difference in attracting what I want.


  186. 186 Michelle

    Hi Jess,

    Wonderful comment! You are so welcome for the insight. Keep up the good work of thinking positively as often as possible. Yes, what you perceive your life to be…it will be! Stay in the LIGHT!!

    May the Angels be with you always,
    Dr. Michelle

  187. 187 Arlene Matthews

    I have been dating my boyfriend for over 3 years and I am wondering if he is ever going to make changes and move forward in his life and if our relationship is going anywhere. My birthdate is 1/11/1960 and his is 1/7/1956. Thanks.

  188. 188 Michelle

    Hi Arlene,

    You and your boyfriend are a good match indeed. You are both on the same page and together you can accomplish anything that you set your two minds towards. The only problem is: “Who is the leader, the boss, the one in charge?” You both need to completely, and I mean completely, treat each other as equals - for equals you sure are. Of course…He is ‘the man’ and he appreciates deeply being treated this way. And, he is the older of the two of you (so he appreciates it when you give him credit for his longer life experience/wisdom) but you are also quite capable, smart, intelligent, and have wonderful leadership abilities yourself too!

    You are both Capricorns (slow, steady, and highly accomplished individuals) and you both feel that your own ‘inner authority’ is the best. AND you are both #1 destiny life path numbers (have you checked out my new section of this website at:

    So, here we have two Capricorns and both of you being on the same life path - the path of #1 - which can make for a truly excellent business partnership. Now, can you both learn from each other how to become more emotionally trusting, loving, and able to tap into your ‘emotional’ sides? For that is the question indeed.

    I can see this as being a wonderful partnership. Your boyfriend probably feels that things are going along quite nicely between the two of you and he doesn’t want to rush into a marriage partnership (although it would be wonderful for the both of you) because he doesn’t want to ruin a good thing that you both have going on right now. To make it simple - he is afraid of the future, uncertain of the economy, and has his feet planted firmly on the ground in what he perceives as reality.

    Does he care for you? Absolutely! Does he have deep feelings for you? Absolutely! Now, if only he can get over his intimidation of what the future will hold and becomes able to trust his deep ‘heart felt’ feelings - then things are going to move along quite nicely between the two of you. With him, you have to be very understanding and very patient indeed. He is going to do things in his own time - as you like to do things in your own time too. (After all - the planet Saturn (karma/time) is Capricorn’s ruling planet)

    You are currently in a 23/5 cycle of your life - and your edge/temperment/attitudes are going to feel like you are very ready for some changes…NOW!

    He is currently in a 19/1 cycle - allowing him to ‘feel’ his emotions more while keeping his feet planted firmly on the ground.

    To really learn more about the dynamics of your relationship together, I highly suggest that you e-mail me at: and order a Campatibility Report, which will explain all of the most important planetary vibrations within your relationship together. You can learn more about my report under “My Services for You” section of this website.

    For now, take it easy, appreciate each other, build on your friendship together, and realize that you both are truly mirror reflections of each other (for better or worse) and you both have the ability to make a fantastic team together.

    Angel Blessings Always,
    Dr. Michelle

  189. 189 Cheryl

    HI Spiritual Sister,
    Was going through some e-mail and found this;-} Was wondering if YOU still see this happening? I don’t think I can visualize or wrote any more clearer the Dream man or the type of Special Friend I image “IN” my life. 2008 was good!! Works great. Thank GOD & the Angels around me 2009 so far is going good too, just patiently waiting for that “special friend” to share my life with ..Thanks sooooooooooooo much !!!! Michelle

    Sunday, January 6, 2008 5:16 PM

    Hi Cheryl,
    WOW…thank you so much for the wonderful e-mail and all of your heartfelt and upbeat poetry. You know that I appreciate that and love it so very much! :)
    As for Mr. Right - hang in there - he will come along when the timing is right. Good men like the one I see for you are few and far between. That special friend.
    Your time is coming and I am sure that he is going to be just as wonderful as you can imagine him to be. Hold onto the image of your dream man - begin to ‘feel’ him coming into your life. Tell yourself that you are ‘ready’ for this relationship…put your loving passion
    behind your visualizations and watch the magic begin to happen.

    I am wishing you the best of everything in this New Year!

    Love, Light, and Peace Always,
    Your Spiritual Sister,

  190. 190 Michelle

    Hi Cheryl…

    Keep that positive visualization flowing!

    The Universal Law of Attraction works like magic!

    Blessings Always,
    Dr. Michelle

  191. 191 Aria

    Hi Michelle,

    Was wondering if you could provide me with some insight in regards to my current relationship. I am a 1968 Taurus, Sag rising, Leo moon. He is a 1979 Gemini born in BC around 6:02am. We have been together for a year and have been talking seriously of a life together. I have been very happy with him and feel perhaps this is my last chance at having a family but at times i feel silly about the age difference and a little at odds with our intellectual compatibility. We both however love cooking, cuddling, and athletic pursuits. Can astrology reveal any clarity on this issue. It would be much appreciated. Thank you

  192. 192 Michelle

    Dear Aria,

    First of all - don’t worry about the age difference between the two of you. I was born in March 1961 and my husband was born December 22nd 1969 - and we’ve had a wonderful long relationship that keeps getting better and better every day. The age difference shouldn’t matter at all - in fact, my husband has a Gemini Moon and he loves the fact that with me being older than him that we are that much more intellectually compatible. Anyone with Gemini anywhere significant in their chart (especially the Sun, Moon, or rising sign) need intellectual partnerships to feel happy - they love the intellectual challenge. :)

    Now, between you too - I do feel a lot of compatibility for sure - but the absolute best way to tell is by creating both of your natal chart and putting them together to see what the planetary dynamics are. Go back to the home page here on my site and on the left side menu, look for “My Services for You” - once in there take a look at my compatibility report and see if that might be something you would be interested in receiving. I’ve had lots of people purchase them and they have each told me how much this report has helped them understand each other better and how much this report has helped their relationships.

    We all meet people, and especially get close to people, for important reasons. This report will help you both to understand those reasons - that way you can both pay much more attention to the positive reasons and learn to overcome the challenges by understanding them better.

    I wish you all the best luck in your relationship - I feel intuitively that it has a lot of positive potential. He truly does want to give his heart to you and I feel that he loves you just the way you are - that in itself is a true blessing in any special relationship.

    Dr. Michelle

  193. 193 RA

    Good evening, M!

    This LEO-VIRGO-CANCER is wondering how the SATURN RETROGRADE (and its upcoming direct morion in VIRGO) MAY have affected romantic possibilities. There’s also our current MERCURY RETROGRADE which - perhaps not surprisingly - has me looking at my past (and last) relationship with an open, kinder, less critical, mind/heart. CONNECTION?

    All the best, M! And thank you for your insight.


  194. 194 Michelle

    Hi RA :)
    So great to hear from you! I totally understand what you are feeling and mentally going through. The Saturn retrograde in Virgo is asking you to go ‘inward’ and figure out what you desire to have within your life in regards to your relationships, making you very aware that what you’ve learned in the past (and desired in the past) may not be exactly what you desire now. Yes, memories from the past do pop up - so that you can evaluate them (it’s that Virgo technique) and realize what you have learned - and also asking you to be extra kinder, less critical, more open, understanding, and forgiving. Once Saturn goes back into direct motion on Saturday at 10:06 pm est. - you will begin to move forward in your life and bringing what you’ve desired and visualized into your life. You know that old saying, “Be careful of what you ask for?” - well now is the time to figure out what you desire to ask for - and then when Saturn goes direct then hopefully you will know what it is that you desire to ask - then go ahead…visualize and ASK. :) Saturn always brings karma with it too - so right now, I want you to pretend that you have already received what you desire to ask for - and then ‘feel’ what it will be like for you. Do you like the feeling? If so…it will be good for you. If you have doubts…then ‘re’ organize your visualization until it does feel right for you. All in all, I believe you totally understand what is happening to you and around you - you are on the right track - and it makes me very happy that you are so much more ‘tuned in’ to what your Higher Self and Guides are trying to tell you. Yes…you ARE listening to the ’still small voice’ (your intuition) quite well. :) As for Mercury retrograde - ‘patience is a virtue’ with this one.
    Blessings Always,
    Dr. Michelle

  195. 195 RA

    WOW! 3 smiley faces, M! Thank you for believing in me, and for providing those guideposts along the (my) way. :-) RA

  196. 196 Kim

    Dear Dr. Michelle
    I have written to you before about having lingering feelings for my ex boy friend. Those feelings have passed now, and I have moved on. Right now I don’t know what to do about school. I have applied to two schools Albany State U and Troy U, but I don’t know which one to go to. If I go to Troy I will finish up a year sooner than Albany, but Albany state is half the price. Which one should I choose?

    Thank You,
    Kim born Dec 1, 1986 1:43pm

  197. 197 Michelle

    Dear Kim,

    First of all - the situation about your lingering feelings regarding your ex-boyfriend are only natural. The times you shared together have blessed you both and have helped both of you to grow - I am sure that he has, and will continue to always have, lingering feelings about you too. But, yes, it is important that you both move forward in your lives and fondly think about each other now and then. - As for your choice of schools, which one do you REALLY want to go to? Which one will you feel more comfortable and happy going to? When you follow what ‘empassions’ you then your success will be assured. If both of them would make you just as happy then I certainly would go to the school that takes a little longer and is half the price. With the way that time flies by so quickly - another year will just seem like a blink of an eye. Don’t rush through your schooling - enjoy it!

    Blessings Always,
    Dr. Michelle

  198. 198 RA

    HI M!

    Good evening! I just re-read your last email to RA, me, and I’m wondering if you can elaborate on the “Saturn always bring karma with it too” comment. Thank you, dear.

    RA (my sis is the other RA who later changed name to Ri– … she’s moving out east to be with her beau and nearer to me! Crazy but true! And soooo good!)

  199. 199 Michelle

    Hi RA,

    Yes, I can elaborate on the planet Saturn and the energy of Karma. Karma means ‘action’ and the direct affect that those actions have. “Do good…receive good” is karma. “Do something wrong and it will come back to you exactly in the same amount of energy that you used to create it - do something wrong and something wrong will come back to you” is also karma. The planet Saturn is in charge of this karma - and is also in charge of the time it takes to have that karma come back to you. Saturn always seems to get a bad rap as being “The Taskmaster, Father Time, and The Teacher” but without Saturn we wouldn’t learn from our mistakes - understand how those mistakes might have hurt someone else - and have these situations come back to us so that we can learn. We also wouldn’t be able to receive good situations come back to us from doing good for others - and we wouldn’t appreciate the wisdom we receive from ‘the time of our lives’ either. So what I meant about “Saturn always brings karma with it too” and “be careful of what you ask for - be specific” means that we sometimes desire one thing - only to find out that it was a learning lesson and not exactly what we desired after all. It’s a bit complicated, but in a nutshell..that’s what I meant. I hope I’ve been able to clarify it a bit better for you.
    Many Blessings to you and to your sister,
    Dr. Michelle

  200. 200 KS

    Dear Michelle

    I have been reading my horoscopes on your site for some time now, but feel I am at a point in my life were I am feeling sad and going through some emotional turmoil.

    I recently broke up with my partner of many years after I realized that our relationship never seemed to make progress and there was too many negatives aspects to our relationship, not all, there was lots of good times but the negative was too much.
    I met another gentleman, we had more of an emotional relationship that developed to physical and we have become very close friends but my feelings run deeper than that just friendship and I’m sure his do too, but circumstances in his life mean that I doubt we will ever be together.

    I just wonder what is going to happen with my love life, I know it sounds silly but I do feel ready to open up and give myself to someone special, I have spent time focusing on making my home life and work life better I just long to meet someone to share it with and feel content and happy.

    I know this is a question a lot of people ask but I wanted to ask anyway as I feel its a question I need answered.

    Many thanks

  201. 201 Michelle

    Dear KS,

    Everything in life happens for a reason and usually the biggest reason of all is so that we can go and grow and begin to ‘choose’ what we feel we desire to positively attract into our lives for our Highest Good. I am happy to hear that you have been working on your home life and career life now - and that is very good - and if done in a positive way will grow in value for you. I truly understand that you desire to have someone special in your life to share your positive experiences with - and I’m sure that will happen for you - you just have to be patient and continue working on yourself right now. When you get to a point where you love yourself and your life - with or without a man in it - then you are going to attract a right partner to you. You are meant to be an independent person, an intelligent person, and a self-sufficient person - and when you feel really great about being that - that is exactly when another person…just like you (because like attracts like) will come into your life. When you feel needy that is when you will attract other needy people - but those won’t be long lasting relationships for you because you will quickly become bored and frustrated with them - wanting much more for yourself. Be patient - keep focusing positively forward in your life - and before you know it (time does fly quickly) you will have a wonderful relationship that can bring you great joy.
    Blessings Always,
    Dr. Michelle

  202. 202 Lana Whitney

    Hi Michelle

    What an interesting website. I love astrology, tarot etc and I am trying to teach myself a bit of astrology with my natal chart.

    At 65, having raised two daughters, divorced twice and been a “dutiful” daughter myself I’m desperate to find out what lies ahead in the way of a “Calling” for me. The last two years have been pretty hellish (I’m a Virgo!) and I’ve been left in a financial mess. I feel that there is something that I’m meant to be doing in the way of work that is also fulfilling. Any directional help would be fantastic. Hopefully you will be able to point me in a direction I can take.


  203. 203 Michelle

    Hi Lana,

    So happy to hear from a beautiful Virgo! I am going to send you a private e-mail regarding the response to your questions here to me. I totally understand what you are feeling and I want to talk to you privately. But know that there are some good things in store for you. :) Keep on being the wonderfully dedicated Virgo woman that you are - your good karma is going to come back to you 10 fold.

    Dr. Michelle

  204. 204 Kim

    Hi Michelle. The man I’ve been dating for 7 months is going through a tough time. He says he can’t be in a relationship right now… that he has to get his life in order. I am trying not to freak out but I’m scared nonetheless. He is a wonderful man but went through a painful divorce that he has not healed from yet. The ex-wife is living with the man she left him for and even though he says he’s fine with it I don’t think so. Who would be?

    Will he be okay and will he be part of my life? I can’t be just friends now after spending almost every night with him for the past 7 months.
    me Apr 21 1960
    him Aug 23 1960

    Thanks so much, Michelle. I look forward to your response.

  205. 205 Michelle

    Hi Kim,

    I know that this situation is making you angry. I also can feel that you want truthful answers - are you ready for that? Right now your friend doesn’t know what he wants. He ‘is’ being truthful with you. It’s not that he doesn’t care about you - he does - and he was enjoying the physical contact too - but he really doesn’t know what he wants. One thing he does know is that he doesn’t want any ‘drama’ in his life right now. He doesn’t want to even think about ‘long term’ relationship commitments. He feels so strong about that in fact that he feels like he wants to run away from anything/anyone when it gets too serious. This doesn’t have to do with his ex - he’s not really dwelling on that - in fact there is a part of him that is relieved that that whole situation is over. He’s just hoping that she doesn’t come back and ask him for anything. He wants to put that part of his past behind him.

    Did you get a chance to read my newsletter for this week yet? If not, please go and do that right now. There is a ‘psychic relationship storm’ going on right now and it’s quite intense for this month of July.

    The best advice I can give to you is for you to be his friend and be there for him because you do care about him and let this phase pass as calmly as you can. I know you feel a sense of heartache - and he really doesn’t want you to - but it’s impossible not to feel it right now. Women are getting the hardest brunt of this psychic storm - and some sensitive men too - but the best thing is to keep your sense of ‘calm awareness’.

    Will he be okay? The answer to this is that he already is okay. Maybe not perfect - but what does that mean anyways. He is just fine with himself - as fine as he can be. Will he be a part of your life? That is a huge general question and I suggest that you set up a personal session with me so I can go into more detail about this with you. You mentioned that you can’t be just friends - I understand that, but it’s “friendship with benefits once in a while (never as much as you want it either - I get that too) that he really wants. The more drama he feels from you - the more you want ‘more’ - the more he is going to pull away and the more upset you are going to get.

    Good Luck and if I can be of further assistance then send me a private e-mail and I’d be happy to set you up a personal appointment.

    Blessings Always,
    Dr. Michelle

  206. 206 Amanda

    Hi Michelle,

    It’s been awhile since I talked to you. I had a reading with you in April 2008 when our mutual friend Mike brought Tammy and I to see you. Since then, Mike and I have had a falling out. But, I find myself truely grateful to have met him - if not for that, I probably never would have gotten a life changing reading from you.

    Over the last 15 months, I’ve been on a rapid spiritual growth spurt, and through the help of you and your guides, and mine probably, I feel like a completely new person. As soon as I got home from your reading, I pulled the old tarot deck back out and began to work with it for about a month, practicing on myself and people I was close to. A month later, I started my own myspace page and began to work on strangers with the cards. I thought it was completely ludacris at the time, fearing that I wasn’t really this “new” person and I had gone off the deep end. Turns out, maybe I wasn’t so crazy after all and maybe there was actually some greater force at work behind it.

    I’ve since found a lot of psychic myspace groups to help aid in my development, as well as to utilize them for voluntary and practicing purposes- it’s been quite an amazing journey to say the least. I find myself reading tarot cards quite easily, reading symbology on angel cards, reading without any tools, and getting messages from deceased loved ones to pass on. I’ve also become a Reiki Master and have learned about energy healing and manifestation.

    I mentioned above in an earlier post about wanting to know when I would make my mark on the world. That’s not so important now. I’ve found something I have a passion for, to help others uncomplicate their lives, and I get to live it everyday. I still have loads to learn I’m sure, but it feels great, and I feel truly alive when I do it. I’m actually about to pull out the tape from your reading, because I think I need to listen to the part again from the oracle cards you had me pull- the 3 things that you said I would always have: Love, Joy, and Abundance. The 2 ego cards I need to hear again: Choice and Release, as I feel this might be the new breakthrough in my recent growth that I need to hear…

    But I wanted to write you and tell you what a true inspiration you have been to me. You were a big part of a major turning point in my life, and I want to thank you for giving me a swift, spiritual kick in the pants. :) Thank you.


  207. 207 Michelle

    Hi Amanda,

    I remember you! :)

    The spiritual journey is such a soulful awakening. You will continue to learn new things each and every day of your life. No two readings you ever do will be the same. After hundreds of thousands of readings I have done through the course of my career, I have never come across two readings that were ever the same. You will always continue to learn through your studying, you will learn through your life experiences, and you will learn through your ability to continue to reach out and help others. It’s a joyful journey indeed. It sounds like you have found ‘passion’ in what you are doing and that is always fantastic. When you love what you do - you will continue to grow with it in so many prosperous ways.

    Thank you for writing to me. I wish you much continued success on your spiritual journey.

    If I can be of further assistance to you please feel free to send me a private e-mail at:

    Blessings Always,

  208. 208 leota ventline


    My son (5-23-86) me (9 -1 -64) and my husben (4-15-55) .
    are think of moving to south cairlon to be closer to my granddaughter and look for work.

    My son just had a big break up with a girl at work so it hard for him right know.I hoping my husben can fine work there and my son .

    I just dont want to jump and then there no jobs there .
    Last time we move my son was mad because we did and if we do move is he going to be happy that we did .

    I just want to make it right .

    thank you and god bless

  209. 209 Michelle

    Hi Leota,

    You didn’t mention how far this move would be for you from where you live now - but I get a feeling that it would be a long distance journey for your family. With the feeling I get there are two things you must know - the first thing is that you shouldn’t be in a hurry to move with Jupiter being in retrograde (backwards) motion right now moving (especially long distances) is delayed until after October 16th. Secondly, I totally understand that you just want everyone to be happy, secure, safe, and comfortable - and you also miss your granddaughter too. I would suggest that you go and visit her - look around for places that you might think about moving too - and then take your time deciding on what you want to do. ‘You’ are the one that makes the final decisions in your household. ‘You’ are the organizer for your family. You know this is true - and so the final decision will be up to you. Take your time making up your mind - and know that whatever you decide will work out for everyone.

    Your Son is still finding his way and deciding what he wants to do when he grows up. It’s going to take him awhile to decide. Wherever you move to he will have both joyful moments and moody moments too. It doesn’t matter if you stay right where you are - or you move to Tim Buck Two - he’s always going to have his moody moments. The important thing is that ‘you’ are happy because you also set the ‘mood’ in your household too. It comes down to the old saying, “If Mom ain’t happy then nobody is happy” but if Mom IS happy then they can become happy too.

    Good Luck with whatever you decide. If I were you - I would go and visit your granddaughter, look around for places that might look nice to move to - and then take my time making my final decision.

    Blessings Always,

  210. 210 Cataliya

    Hi Dr. Michelle,

    I just came across your website and I am already a fan. I wanted to ask you about what you see for me in the years ahead–especially in the areas of work and love. I’ve been at my job for 3.5 years now and I will be leaving pretty soon to follow my dreams to go back to France for several months. Will I find work after I come back? Ideally, I would like to find something my heart is in and not another job to pay bills. In regards to love, what’s in store for me?

    Thank you,
    3/20/81 1:20 pm

  211. 211 Michelle

    Hi Cataliya,

    You are an adventurous soul indeed! I feel that things are going to work out for you no matter where you go. You are unsure of what you are looking for but you know that you want adventure, fun, and some passionate spark in your life. You are young and as long as you positively visualize what you desire - you will have what you want attracted into your life. “Believe in yourself and all you do…prosperity will be attracted to you!” Have confidence, be courageous, and have fun with your life! As long as you are willing to take chances - go out there and see the world! I like your vibrations very much and I feel joy will follow you wherever you go. You are taking a new step in the right direction. Start making your plans today (even if you just write them down and get some travel brochures) - you are a fun person to be around and many wonderful people will be attracted to you!

    Good Luck!
    Dr. Michelle

  212. 212 brian

    hi my name is brian my birthday is 5/23/1986 i just broke up with my girlfriend who is kendra and her birthday is 7/14/1989 just wanted 2 know if there is a chance of us gettin back together. Im thinking about leavin 4 south carolina with my family n was wonderin if we get back together would i still go

  213. 213 Michelle

    Hi Brian,
    Relationships of all kinds are going through many trials right now. (You can read more about this topic under my special weekly newsletter section of this website.) Specifically for you and Kendra, let me try to make this as simple as possible for you to understand. Kendra is a beautiful person and being born under the sign of Cancer makes her a loving, fun, nurturing, caring, and beautiful woman who deserves to be paid lots of joyful attention to. This is what she wants in a relationship. Someone to share her life with in a joyful, positive, and happy way. She does not understand ‘rejection’ situations, nor does she understand when you get distant and moody.

    You are an intelligent man, who doesn’t mind spending time alone - in fact you probably enjoy spending time by yourself in order to ponder over many things about your life - but you need to ask yourself if you really want to spend the rest of your life all by yourself. Girl ‘friends’ will come and go - but when your heart feels passionate about someone (like you feel about Kendra) you should give it your all and try to make the relationship work out.

    She does care about you - but she doesn’t want to put her life on hold while you are trying to figure out what you ‘want’ for your life.

    You need to do some soul searching and listen to your heart. Kendra will always care about you but she will never be at a lack of having guy ‘friends’ in her life. She is vibrant - joyful - yes, sometimes moody too - but all in all a totally wonderful young woman indeed. All she wants is your honesty, support, attention, and to spend time happily doing things with you.

    I bet that this whole ‘break up’ situation is a huge misunderstanding to ‘test’ your relationship and see if you both are mature enough to take your relationship to a new level.

    You also asked me about your move to S. Carolina. You can go there - you can go around the world if you desire and see all the beautiful things that this world has to offer - but if in your heart you feel lonely - you then will realize that it’s better to stay home and be with the one you love.

    Good Luck!
    Dr. Michelle

  214. 214 brian

    its brian again i wanna thank u 4 wut u said but now i guess it raises a few uestions like how should i tell her i wanna have a family n be with her n when will she decide who she wants to b with
    any is wut i done goin 2 hurt my chances of being with her
    thanks again

  215. 215 Michelle


    The best thing I can say is for you to be totally honest with her. Let her know your true feelings and how you desire your future together to be - then ‘listen’ to her and what she desires too. Always, always, treat her - as well as the other people you love - exactly the way that ‘you’ desire to be treated. Even if they don’t treat you that way - at least you know that you’ve done your best.

    Good Luck!

  216. 216 shayna

    Hi Michelle,

    You know me, dont u?

    I had written to you some time back but didnt get a reply..probably you are busy..

    Please tell me what do you see regarding my career…am too pissed off with my boss’s double standards in promising somthing n not giving the right opportunities, frustrated with the career mistakes i have made and missed opportunities due to lack of wisdom..

    always end up being cheated in all relationships..
    thinking of leaving my job n sitting at home..although it would be a suicide in current work situation, just cant find a way and cant tolerate this job anymore…

    plz tell me what do you see for me?

    i am a virgo born on 5 sep 1982, 7.35 pm.


  217. 217 Michelle

    Hi Shayna,

    So sorry about your other message to me. I didn’t receive it and it must have gotten lost out in cyberspace somewhere - but I did get this one and will answer it for you. Everything happens in Divine Timing. God never gives us more than we can handle. Each situation that happens in our lives is for a special purpose - to learn from, enjoy, and choose what is best for our paths of life.

    Your life path is that of a: 34/7 - which means that you are here in this lifetime to learn about SELF.

    Being a Virgo Sun sign, each and every day you are analyzing everything around you and absorbing it as to how it can help you to understand yourSElF better. Even the hard situations are teaching you about yourSELF.

    Some days you can be cranky and SELFish - sitting on the pitty pot of “Oh poor me” and other days you can be very generous, healing, helpful, and very SELFless. Your greatest joy is going to be through helping people and knowing that your assistance did make a joyful difference. Keep this theme in mind when choosing a career that is passionate for you.

    When will things begin to get better for you? Once ‘you’ truly decide what will make you happy and then take action towards doing exactly what YOU want to do.

    The planet Saturn is in Virgo right now. Saturn is the karmic planet and will reward you for all of the good you have done for others. Saturn will also bring headaches when you continue to stay in situations that you know are not good for you. The headaches will grow until you finally move away from the situations that bring you the headaches. If you current job is giving you headaches - it would be much better for you to stay at home - or work somewhere else - even if there is a pay cut because your own personal happiness IS important. Your personal happiness will determine the quality of your life. So you may have to simplify your life, budget your finances, and take a different job that will make you happier.

    As for your love life - same thing as above. “Like attracts Like” is also important too. If you were to attract a mate into your life that was ‘exactly’ like you (with all of the good parts and all of the flaws too) would you be happy? If so, know that you will attract this type of person. If not…start working on your SELF and become the type of person you desire to attract into your life.

    I can help you so much more by doing a personal indepth session for you and talking to you personally. To learn more about my services please go to the section of this website called, “My Services for You”. Send me a private e-mail after reading this section and I will gladly set you up your own personal session in the near future.

    Blessings Always,

  218. 218 Jessica

    Holy Smokes!!! I suddenly decided last night that I want to attend law school right away. It was like a bolt of lightening. I’ve been contemplating for years and talking myself out of it and all of a sudden I feel like now is the time. Then I opened my horoscope and saw this: “A new door of opportunity has just opened for you in regards to your personal education.” Am I destined for law school or will I be that successful entrepreneur we talked about in my reading (or both)?

    Every day I go to work and just feel frustrated. Today I left sick, just short of a breakdown. The pay is good, but it just feels like that bad relationship that makes you moody, when what you really should do is end it. Not that someone had to cheat to end it, but it just didn’t feel right. It doesn’t bring the best out of you… I admit, I want to quit, but how will I pay my overpriced mortgage? I’m a huge proponent of taking action, so 2 weeks ago I was hit with another bolt of lightening. I woke up and decided it was time to take the mortgage broker license course and the real estate sales associate course. You should have seen me. I booked the next 2 classes and paid almost a grand. I also was approached this week by another sales (strictly commission) opportunity. What is with all of this energy? Why now? I have 2 other Master’s Degrees, why am I so compelled to go to law school. I’m sure I’ve been asking the universe for all of this, but will I finally quit my job? I’m scared! What if I fall on my face? I think I’m ready for a big change. I need my freedom back!

    Jessica: 6/10/80

    P.S. I’m running the marathon before I’m 30! I ran 3 miles for breakfast. Ha ha!

  219. 219 Michelle

    Hi Jessica!

    You go Gemini! Run, run, run…You CAN do anything that you set your mind upon doing!

    You are young, vibrant, and have your whole life ahead of you…make the most of it!

    Follow your passions…follow your dreams…enjoy the journey!

    Blessings Always,
    Dr. Michelle

  220. 220 Destiny

    Dear Dr. Michelle, Thank you so much for giving your time and having this section on your site. I would like another reading with you but have to wait a little while still.

    My birthday is 5-16-77. I have been having trouble at work and considering doing something different. I don’t know if my other problems are overflowing into work or work is really part of the problem. I did read your horoscopes and I know a lot of people are going through this. I know I have to wait it out but any insight you have would help. Thank you so much again.

  221. 221 Michelle

    Hi Destiny,

    This is a ‘holding’ and ‘reevaluating’ period of time for you. My recommendation, in regards to your work situation, is that you sit tight and try to make the best of it for now. With Jupiter, Neptune, and Chiron all in retrograde motion and all in the sign of Aquarius - on all levels we are learning how to have ‘an attitude of gratitude’ about what we already have going on in our lives right now. This isn’t a time to jump forward and change too many important things about our lives yet. Just sort through what you already have, plan what you really desire to do, and then get ready to take some positive action once Jupiter goes back into direct motion on October 16th.

    Hang in there!

    Just drop me a private e-mail when you are ready to have a personal session with me. As you already know - your very own personal session will give us much more insights and enlightenment for your future.

    Blessings Always,
    Dr. Michelle

  222. 222 Tarnishia Stephens

    Hello Michelle

    My b-day is 9/14/84 -VIRGO… I have a couple differ question for u on this lovely day…#1 recently i been trying to write this book ive only gotten inot the first chapter or so….do u think i will be really successfull with this book? #2 will i ever find true love? i have had so many potential relationships but they all seem to somehow leave me? why is that? when i say leave me i mean go to jail or move to another state for good just when things were getting perfect so i thought. #3 will i ever have kids? ive been pregnant before and lost him when i was only 4 mos pregnant….that was in 2004 havent been able to get pregnant since….please help me answer the few questions that have been eatin away on my brain…..THANKS HOPE TO HEAR YOUR ENLIGHTMENTS…..

  223. 223 Michelle

    Hi Tarnishia,

    Wow…there are many answers about your life that you are seeking - many that touch upon other issues in your life too. It’s hard for me to answer them all here for you in this column because I would be writing pages and pages in order to help you understand the background of issues in your life - and where those pains are leading you, holding you back etc - and how if you don’t eliminate certain ways of thinking these thoughts will continue to delay what you desire for your future.

    I highly recommend that you send me a personal e-mail at: and set up a personal 1 hour phone session with me. That way I can talk to you personally and privately - and pick up on your energy so much better.

    For now - you are stuck in a ‘delayed’ mode of your life - but it doesn’t always have to be this way.

    I look forward to doing a personal session for you one day - hopefully in the near future.

    Blessings to you always,
    Dr. Michelle

  224. 224 Jessica Gemini

    Well Michelle it never ceases to amaze me that my life flips upside down (maybe rightside up) just days after posting a comment to you. I’m losing my house (short sale though) now. But I have a good feeling about this bc I will have my freedom back. I’ll keep going going, but maybe not back into a formal classroom just yet. I did, however, find out exactly what I needed to know about my upside down house in the real estate class along with my options. The angels are definitely here with me. Things are definitely in motion. I feel better things to come. Your positive response helped me know this in my heart. :-)

    Cheers to FREEDOM!

  225. 225 Michelle

    Hi Jessica! Oh Yes…Cheers to FREEDOM indeed! :)
    May the Angels of the greater LIGHT always be with you!

    Stay positively inspired!
    Dr. Michelle

  226. 226 Tarnishia-VIRGO

    Good Day Michelle

    recently ive been trying to figure out what it is that i want to do w/ my career life….right now im working a 9 -5 job in customer service….of course this is not something that i want to do for the rest of my life….lately ive been thinking im tired of working for others i want to do something for me independently ive been leaning towards my passion FASHION—–> a professional make-up artist i feel like i can really do this and began BIG like doing make up for celebs etc….the only thing thats really holding me back is my finacial situaion? I guess my question is DO YOU THINK THIS IS THE RIGHT CHOICE FOR ME AT THIS TIME IN MY LIFE….. MY B-DAY IS 9/14/1984….I WAS BORN IN MOBILE AL

  227. 227 Michelle

    Hi again Tarnishia - you dear Virgo woman you. :)
    It’s always good to dream the BIG dreams and it’s always right to follow your passions. Your heart is in the right place and yet you need to think practical too - especially with the economy being the way that it is right now. There are so many different student loans, scholarships etc. out there that you can take advantage of right now and I would advise you greatly to go and talk to a financial aid counselor to see what is available for you. That would be the first step in the right direction.
    Dr. Michelle

  228. 228 Yvonne

    Hi Michelle,
    Being a pisces in my year 8, there’s a lot of changes (my son living with his dad, work, establishing a clientele for energy healing, new home, etc…
    My book is not publish as we speak. I had to put it aside for a while. I will connect with you in a little while for this. Also, I trust in divine timing for this success.
    Back to the changes. I’ve started jogging regularly to manage the stress. Also, I keep the negative, people and situations away as much as I can. I’ve been on my own for the past five years or so. Life with a partner would be great. I did meet one man, a random encounter. He’s a bit younger, and the attraction is strong mutually I think. What’s your feeling on this?

    Yvonne, your sister in Montreal

  229. 229 Michelle

    Hi Yvonne! So great to hear from you! As I always say, “When you follow your inner passions success IS yours.” You can be rest assured that if you ‘feel’ that it’s time to move forward in your life - then it’s time. If you feel that it’s time to take a rest - then do that and wait for the next birth pang to take place and begin moving forward in your life once again. :)
    As for this new younger man in your life - well, well, well - can you tell I’m smiling right now :) Life flies by so fast - don’t worry about the long term forecast about this relationship and enjoy it one day at a time - each step of the way - for it’s in the journey of enjoying life - that life will bring you JOY!

    In other words…I feel good about it and only your own doubt could block the way. He can also benefit greatly from your healing assistance too.

    Keep me posted!

  230. 230 SEC

    Dear Michelle

    DOB 09/11/1958

    Life is filled with obstacles right now. I am blocked. What can be done to stimulate change? Is September going to be as difficult as I have read?

  231. 231 Michelle

    Hi SEC,

    Life is filled with obstacles for everyone - of every sign - right now…but this is because we are all being asked to: slow down, simplify our lives, have an attitude of gratitude about what IS going right in your life (even the smallest things), and learn to have a more ‘old fashioned’ and yet ‘new age’ way of doing things. It’s in the challenges that we grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically too. So, you can look at those obstacles as ’stepping stones’ that allow you to take your time, make up your mind, and decide what you truly desire to do with your life - and manifest into your life. This takes time to figure out. What you think you desire today may not actually be what you desire tomorrow. Take life one day at a time and try to enjoy it to the fullest.

    Your Soul is on a journey of ’self discovery’ in this lifetime. You’ve met up with obstacles many times before - this is nothing new to you. Through your learned wisdom so far - you know how to roll with the punches and make the best of things. Also, you are a kind and generous soul who loves to bring joy into the lives of others. Keep on doing that! Your kindness does make a beautiful difference in so many ways!

    In regards to September’s astrological energy, what you’ve been reading probably has to do with the fact that Virgo’s ruling planet Mercury is going to go into retrograde motion on on September 7th in the sign of Libra (in the 2nd house of self value for Virgo’s) and will move back into Virgo on September 17th…asking you ‘go within’ and start talking to yourself more positively. It’s time to give yourself credit for all that you do well - and give yourself positive credit for who you truly are! Perception is important - is the glass half empty and evaporating quickly OR is the glass half full and you know that you can passionately fill it up anytime you want to? What you perceive and believe…you will receive!

    If you are having difficulty understanding what I am telling you here - or you want more direct insight into what ‘you’ are going through personally - it sounds to me that this is the perfect time for you to set up a wonderful personal astrological/psychic spiritual counseling session for yourself with me. When you are ready to do that just drop me an e-mail at: I’d be happy to guide you through the process and set you up a personal appointment soon.

    Blessings to you always,
    Dr. Michelle

  232. 232 Kim

    Hello Dr. Michelle. You answered a question from me above (July 7th). I am his friend and we text msg each other a couple days a week, but… he texts me about how lonely and unhappy he feels. He is depressed and tells me nothing is fun. He has been laid off since February and has not spent any time with his grandchildren that live close. Those texts make me sad and miserable because I enjoyed his company and the things we did. All he does now is work (chores), mow grass, fix on things. Tells me he has no feelings. That is why I am so worried about him. His divorce last year has been very hard on him. She had met someone else and is living with that man.

    Last night I had to tell him that his telling me he’s lonely and unhappy is upsetting to me. I feel that “here I am alone too” and missing him and why doesn’t he want to go out to dinner or spend the day together. He is a very kind, sweet, gentle man and I know he’s in a lot of pain. I don’t want to lose our friendship but to hear that he’s lonely, etc. is hard for me because I would gladly keep him company. I don’t give him drama or any guilt trips. I want him to be happy but also I miss him very much and don’t understand if he’s pushing me away (rejecting me) or is figuring out his stuff (which is what I think is happening). He always has kind words for me and tells me I deserve to be loved totally but he can’t do that right now. That’s why I asked if he was going to be part of my life.

    We knew each other as children and grew up together, done family things together, worked side by side and slept side by side for 7 months. He’s the nicest man I’ve ever been with.

  233. 233 Free Lion

    Hi Michelle
    I need a little advice, some insight. I have just been through 2 years of hell (that turned my whole life upside down )with a man born June 8, 1972. My DOB Dec 4, 1963. What was all that about? And what am i supposed to be focusing on now?

    Also, I have another family situation to clear up with ex-husband born May 16, 1963. Any insight you might have there would be really welcome!


  234. 234 Michelle

    Hello Sagittarius woman :)
    Your life path is all about learning what you can control and what you can not - and not getting ‘depressed’ over situations that are out of your control. It’s an important life pattern for you to learn to overcome - to give these situations into the hands of a Higher Power. You like to be the boss in every situation - for when you are then you feel you have the ‘control’ over things - you like it that way - you feel that if you are in ‘control’ of everything then things will work out the way that ‘you’ want them too - and yet - your lesson in this lifetime is to control what you ‘can’ and release what you can’t - for your own good and the good of the people around you. When you allow others to have control of situations that are important to you it makes you feel that you can’t trust them - and thus ‘trust’ is an important thing that you are learning in this lifetime too. This ‘theme’ of your life gets pretty deep - and yet when you understand it then you can have a very successful and productive life too.

    If you desire more information about this theme and about yourself too - and the paths that are in front of you - feel free to contact me and set up a personal phone session for yourself. I can help you understand things much better that way and help you help yourself get your life back into a more comfortable and productive sense of balance.

    I totally understand what you’ve been through in regards to your ex boyfriend - why you attracted both him and your ex husband into your life - and the struggles you are going through in regards to it all. I can’t put it all down here in this column because it’s private for your ears only so I suggest you think about giving yourself a true gift of a session with me as soon as you can.

    Good Luck with everything!
    Blessings Always,

  235. 235 RA

    Hi there M!

    I am posting the following question here as I thought it might benefit more than just me! My/the question is this: How do you understand/interpret Mars’ upcoming transit in Leo (mid-Oct to next summer)? Indeed, I am a LEO sun and feel like there will be some tangible effects upon life as we/I know it.

    What do you think?


  236. 236 Michelle

    Hi RA,

    Good question from you - as usual :) Once Mars moves into the sign of Leo it will stimulate you to create new beginnings in your life. Depending on the location of the sun in your chart (which house your sun sign is in and what other natal aspects you have to your sun sign) will determine how Mars is going to energize those particular things. For Leo people, in general, you will begin to feel more youthful, energized, and may even decide to take some risks (just be careful, but hey you’re not young forever so you might as well enjoy this vibrant energy while it lasts). Leo’s are going to feel vibrant, adventurous, and become filled with many great new ideas that they can use to help themselves, their families, and our world too. Leo’s will be shining bright like the true Kings/Queens that we all know you can be - and others will be turning to you for advice, counsel, and assistance in making things better for us all.

    While Mars has been in Cancer (very important for us all to learn how to ‘care, nurture, and lovingly take care of each others needs - and quit being so crabby by letting go of fear and doing what you need to do to help those that you love have a better life, including you) Leo’s have been feeling…Zzzzzzzz….hey wake up Leo I’m not done yet…yes, your attention span has been short indeed. You’ve been waiting for the time when Mars will shine it’s energetic light on you and until it does you are being asked to release any past emotional baggage from your life (and yes you are either procrastinating on this, or you are doing it subconsciously while you are sleeping) but all in all you’ve been feeling a bit held back - and some of you are quite depressed about it all too.

    But, in just a little while - Mars IS going to be shining down on you - making 2010 one of your best years yet!

    And remember, for all the rest of you - somewhere in your chart you have the sign of Leo too - meaning that the area of your chart ruled by Leo will become stimulated once Mars moves into Leo - very soon.

    Blessings to all!
    Dr. Michelle

  237. 237 RA

    Muchas GRACIAS, Michelle! Thank you for an abbreviated yet INFORMATIVE email response. You can always be counted on!

    Take good care.


  238. 238 RA

    Oh, I thought of one more question related to MARS transits: When was the last time, M, that MARS transited Leo? Was it back in the fall of 2007? Trying to recall how Mars’ influence played out then.

    With appreciation,

  239. 239 Michelle

    Hi again RA,
    Another good question - my students really try to keep me on my feet and bring to my attention some things that I’m not looking directly at for the moment - but I always appreciate that so that this Pisces astrologer doesn’t just sit back and dream my life away - and oh my Virgo rising (which is truly my boss) wakes that Pisces Sun up each and every time there is interesting research to be done. :) Okay, I find it very interesting indeed this phenomenon of Mars being in Leo for such a loooooooong time to come. I’m going to do more investigating into this. Usually Mars likes to stay about 30 to 40 days in any sign, wake it up, shake it up, and then move onto a new sign - but with Mars moving into Leo from October 16th through June 7th (with a long retrograde period from December 20th through March 10th) this is an interesting phenomenon indeed. I can honestly say that I have never seen Mars do this before so I’m going to do some investigating about this and get back to you on what I figure out. I’ve got a guy instinct about this but I’m going to do some research before I explain what I think is going on.

    As for when was the last time Mars was in Leo? Mars moved into Leo on May 11th 2008 through June 31st 2008. Now that is a normal amount of time that Mars usually stays in any sign - but this phenomenon of what is coming up with Mars being in Leo - going retrograde in Leo (even that time period is longer than Mars usually stays in a single sign) and then back into direct motion in Leo is going to be something to research indeed.

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention now. With so many other things that I have my attention on I wouldn’t have begun to study this so soon - but yes it’s super important and I appreciate the synchronicity of you bringing this to my attention now.

    Keep on studying RA - I’m proud of you!
    Blessings Always,

  240. 240 shayna

    Hi Michelle,

    how are you?

    you answered a question for me earlier for me, thanks for that.

    I was desperately looking for a job and have taken up an offer a little far from home.

    its a slight change from my current profile, am not keeping a lot of expectations..

    what do you see?

    is it going to be worth it?

    in my last few days with my earlier organisation, i realised i was doing a good job and was loved and appreciated. if only i had complained about being unhappy with the way my profile was develped, probably my boss could have done something about it. but now i only want to do much better and never repent or look back.



  241. 241 Michelle

    Hi Shayna,

    You are learning about giving ‘yourself’ credit for the work that you do. When you always wonder what people are thinking about you and your job performance, you are giving them more credit than you give yourself. You do not need to seek approval - you need to hold your head up high - know that you are doing your best - and give yourself positive credit. When you do - then other people will too.

    Yes, let go of past regrets and positively hold onto what you have learned.

    With your new position - start now and try to enjoy yourself while you are doing your best. Watch and see - hopefully people will begin to treat you the exact same way that you are treating yourself - with honor and respect.

    Good Luck,

  242. 242 Lena

    Dear Michelle,

    I have been reading your column off and on for some time and enjoy your hugely positive outlook on life as well as your incorporation of healing within astrology. My bday is 6/2/67 and my question is what you see as far as a new relationship manifesting for me? I deserve this and am ready for the real deal. Also, what kind of a person do you see coming in for me?

    Many thanks and blessings to you for the work you do!!

  243. 243 Michelle

    Hi Lena,

    Thank you for your wonderful comments about my website. Come back often to get more insight into your week and your life. You should also read your moon sign and your rising sign too. Do you know them? If not, you should contact me through my e-mail: and I’ll look them up for you.

    Now, moving onto your questions…I can tell that you are a very independent, strong-willed, intelligent, and compassionate soul. You desire a good intellectual partnership - one you can trust - that will help you to positively open up your heart and lead you in the right direction in your life. You are more than capable of taking good care of yourself - so to have a special mate in your life - especially a long lasting relationship - then you partner had better have the qualities you are looking for, such as: Honesty, intelligence, trust-worthiness, a good sense of humor, organizational skills, a good sense of independence especially when it comes to working hard (and not complaining) and making lots of money (without leaning on you for financial support) and it wouldn’t hurt either if this person was adventurous, handsome, and sexy too. Also, add in some kindness, compassion, romance, and passion too. But first and foremost, you are looking for someone to be your best friend first.

    It’s not that you are a picky person, it’s just that you have certain standards and if someone is going to really BE in your life then that person had better be ready to be as dedicated as you are.

    From your birthday in 2008 through your birthday in 2009 - you were asked to ‘release’ situations out of your life.

    Now, you are in a cycle of your life that is asking you to stand on your own two feet, get to really know who you are and what you really desire (what you wished for before may not be exactly what you desire now), and realize that you have matured quite a bit, so now your personal standards are much higher than they were before.

    Yes, you deserve a good relationship. Yes, you ready to start something NEW and exciting.

    So, the best advice that I can give to you is for YOU to BE the type of person that you desire to attract into your life. Both in physics as well as metaphysics - LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE. Shop around for awhile, test drive a few relationships, and know that when you really begin to ‘know’ exactly what you desire in a relationship ‘then’ you will be ready to settle down and bring something truly worthwhile into your life.

    For further info - about yourself and the paths that are before you - I recommend that you set up a personal appointment with me. When you are ready to do that just e-mail me directly and I’ll give you more info on how you can do this and give yourself a wonderful gift of a personal session for yourself.

    I hope that you keep on enjoying my special website and come back often.

    Blessings Always,

  244. 244 RA

    Hello M!

    I’ve got another astro q for you that may interest some of your readers. In my natal chart, which you prepared, Jupiter is in my 8th house, and next year, 2010, Jupiter will be transiting/moving through my 8th house. Interesting. Briefly, how do you interpret this planetary energy? Enhanced ability to trust and express intimacy? For me, and many of your readers, from what I gather, seek genuine meeting of the minds and hearts. Your thoughts, M?

    Be well.

    :-) RA

  245. 245 Karen

    Hello Michelle,
    Earlier this year I had the opportunity to take a severance package at my workplace. I felt taking this package was a great opportunity for me to move back home and start a new life. However, since taking this package and moving back home I have run into roadblocks in finding another job and whereby my life seems to be at a stalemate.

    The first 4 months or so I had a very optimistic, upbeat attitude and was meditating and visualizing almost daily about my new beginning in many ways being job, home and romance. Since then the optimism has wavered quite drastically and I am finding it very difficult finding my way back to positive visualization or positive attitude.

    The job market, because of the economy, has dried up and the ones I have applied to I am either overqualified, some jobs I can’t get through the door without knowing someone or having a diploma (years of experience don’t count apparently). Sorry for rambling … my question is how can a person get back that super positive feeling again when it is lost in an abyss somewhere? Is there light at the end of this darkened tunnel? B/d Dec 30 62 2:15 pm MST.
    Many thanks for listening,

  246. 246 Michelle

    Hi Karen,

    The absolute best thing that you can do is e-mail me directly at: and set up a private phone session for yourself. You need a spiritual tune up and some direction on your path of life. We can talk privately and with over an hour together we can talk privately about the enlightenment that you need. Contact me and think about giving yourself the gift of a private session as soon as possible. You will really enjoy it and I’ll be able to help you with all of the areas of your life in this way.

    Blessings Always,

  247. 247 Lena

    Blessings Michelle,

    It is Lena again. I wanted to thank you for your insightful response to my question regarding a new relationship. I definitely see the importance of becoming what I am looking for as like attracts like. This is an important message we know but forget when we become bogged down with day to day burdens. And yes, having a best friend along with all of the passion and adventure is the ultimate. There are a couple of prospects, a birthdate of 1/18/65 and one of 8/22/67. Do you see either of these as evolving into long term?

    And again, thanks and blessings, Lena

  248. 248 Lena

    hello Michelle,

    Merry Christmas!…When do you see me moving?



  249. 249 Rosita

    Hello Michelle: I wrote a long time ago about me being single for a while and looking for someone special. You gave me a good perspective

    A couple of months ago I met a guy that is very special to me and very loving. His name is Mark and was born on June 21/1975 at 10:00 AM and I was born on August 07/1969 1:30 AM.

    I am wondering if you see a good romantinc relationship building up here. Both of us have been single for years and we really like each other and spend time asking questions and getting a good view of our life to be built.

    Thanks again for a great column :)

  250. 250 Kristine

    Hello again Michelle,
    I asked you a question regarding my job situation back in October 2008. At that time, you suggested any job concerning my communication, compassion and healing skills would bring me joy and happiness.
    Well, it’s done. At that time, the area of “healing” would never have really appealed to me. I me

  251. 251 Kristine

    I mean i would never have thought of those things before and I was actually seeking employment in totally different areas. Until about October of this year. That’s when that area sought me.
    I would just like to bring to the attention of your readers and supporters that your predictions, insight, are very valid and valuable.
    Thank you for existing and offering your services so humbly and accurately.
    You are an angel of light :°)

  252. 252 Michelle

    Hi Kristine,

    I’m so happy that you are on the right path and that you’ve begun to find and use your special talents. You will see many more of your special talents begin to bloom now too. Always follow your inner passions. Prosperity will always flow to you if you do.

    Happy Holidays and A Very Happy New Year for you too!

  253. 253 Kristine

    Dear Michelle,

    Thanks again for your clarity. It always helps to know someone else thinks and believes like you do.

    I wish you beautiful holiday spirits.

    May the New Year bring you many rewards for your dedication :°)

    Let light and LOVE shine on us ALL !


  254. 254 Nancy

    Michelle, I am in between a rock and a hard place. I am married, for 33 years, yet my spouse and I pretty much have separate lives, no common interest. I have a desire to be single, yet I am afraid to strike out on my own at age 52, and I am afraid a divorce would turn my kids against me (even though they know their father left me for another woman several years ago, i forgave him and he came back). And I am also afraid my husband wouldn’t want to be my friend, this is extremely important to me. To complicate matters a long time internet friend has moved to my city, and we have met in person several times. I really like him, yet he doesn’t believe in getting involved with married women, but we ended up kissing a few times. Of course I am guilt ridden. This is really hard. I don’t know what to do.
    My birthday is Nov.8, 1957 approx. 9:30 a.m. Taylor Tx.
    His birthday is Oct. 10, 1952 - Far Rockaway Queens R.I.
    I would appreciate any encouragement that you can give me.

  255. 255 Michelle

    Hi Nancy,

    Real relationships are never easy. Long term relationships take lots of work from both partners - to grow and nurture the bond between them. Many people separate - only to come back to each other - and start their relationship anew. How often do you hear about people who get into heated disagreements only to come back to kiss and make up. Both partners need to feel appreciated and needed within the relationship. It’s not all about love and roses - as you very well know. Each of us needs to work on our relationship with ourselves too. We can’t expect our partner - or partners - to fulfill the things that we feel are missing within ourselves. When people do expect that, then they get involved in relationships outside of their marriages - only to find out that that particular relationship isn’t any better. Oh sure, at first, things seem to be moving on a ‘high’ vibration because it’s all new, flirty, and exciting. But once you really live with that other person and see what he/she is all about - often those people look back on their past relationship and wish that they had that one back after all. (Which is exactly what happened when your husband stepped out on you and wanted to come back into your life once again.)

    What I am feeling is that this new guy you know now is just a stepping stone to helping you feel better about yourself. To feel appreciated, loved, and cared for. A good friendship indeed this can be, but if you were to leave your husband for this other man, after a time you would also see that this is new relationship isn’t much better than your current one is - and thus - you would end up disappointed then too. Your new guy friend knows this already. He likes you, yes he does, but he really doesn’t know exactly what he wants for his life either. He just really desires to take the easy road for now. A road without any problems or commitments that he has to feel responsible for. A good friend is just fine with him.

    You are a Scorpio - and thus you want to ‘feel’ that you aren’t wasting your time within a relationship AND you want to feel those old sexy ways flowing through your life once again. You feel that your husband ignores you and doesn’t get turned on by you anymore - not like the old way that he used to - and that bothers you. Plus, you hold a deep resentment for what he has done to you and part of you will never forget it.

    Your new guy friend doesn’t want to be alone - and yet - he doesn’t want the real responsibility of a committed relationship right now either.

    My best suggestion is that ‘you’ take care of ‘you’ and find out what makes you happy - without a man having to be the reason at all. You are at an important turning point in your life where you can finally feel a bit free to do what you want to do.

    What should you do with this new guy in your life? Appreciate him for who he is - and let him appreciate you too - without any strings attached. See what you can do to salvage your current relationship and create some better times between you too. Appreciate him for who he is and communicate with him more often about the important things - the really important things - that will make your relationship work better for both of you. If you are feeling lonely within this relationship then you had better know that he’s feeling quite lonely within it too.

    If you are shaking your head right now and saying, “No, I don’t want to do that - it’s no use” then you have already made up your mind to move out of your marriage and out on your own - but are you really brave enough to do that?

    It’s not about your children anymore - they will love you no matter what. It’s about YOU. Welcome to mid-life crisis time - but hey - it’s a time of introspection (seeing how far you’ve come and giving yourself credit for all you’ve been through) and it’s a time of self-empowerment.

    Good Luck!

  256. 256 Nancy

    Hi Michelle,
    Thank you so much for your prompt and thorough response. Quite a bit of what you said is true, except that it is me that doesn’t ‘desire’ my husband any more. He desires me now that he is older and done with his extra-marital flings. I still love him and always will, but don’t feel ‘in love’ with him. Did I mention that I have been with him since I was 15 years old, married at 19, and put up with his being put in jail for possession of marijuana, DWI, cheating on me, making me feel like I was less than special. I thought of ending the marriage years ago, and should of done so when he actually left me for that other woman back when I was 35. But, at 52, I am afraid to start over and be single.
    My new friend is not exactly new. I have known him online for 9 years. I met him on a yahoo group for survivors of a certain christian based cult. He was once a pastor. But he has returned to his previous beliefs in astrology and reincarnation. He would never want me to divorce on account of him, and he doesn’t believe in being involved with married women, except as friends. Trust me, he needs a friend right now as he is jobless and homeless.
    I thank you for your advice. I don’t know if I want to work on my marriage, as the incompatability is so blatant. My husband is a sports freak, and I am not. My friend is an intellectual and offers me great conversation.
    Again, thanks for listening. Anything you can advise me is appreciated. And congrats on the upcoming birth of your grandchild!
    Shalom, nancy

  257. 257 Sonya Willers

    Just imagine I read it twice. While I am not as accomplished on this subject, I match with your closings because they make sense. Gives Thanks and goodluck to you.

  258. 258 Kate Lee

    What a facinating blog. I’ve bookmarked it and added your feed to my RSS Reader

  259. 259 Michelle

    Thank You Nancy. My grandson was born on December 16th at 10:45 pm - weighing in at 8 lbs 15 oz! He’s so cute. You can see a picture of baby Dayton and myself at the bottom of my newsletter for this week. Mom and Baby are both doing very well.

    I also want you to know that in regards to your situation that it’s best not to make any snap decisions for a few months. There are a lot of astrological vibrations going on - such as Mars retrograde and the upcoming Mercury retrograde - that are going to stir things up, make people feel a bit rash, hasty, and upset, and situations around everyone can seem quite confusing. It is a good time to relax, quietly meditate upon things, and get to know yourself a bit better by doing things you like to do.

    Many Blessings to you,

  260. 260 Benjamin Dorge

    I thought it was going to be some boring old post, but it really compensated for my time. I will post a link to this page on my blog. I am sure my visitors will find that very useful.

  261. 261 Arlene Matthews

    Happy New Year Michelle. My birthdate is January 11, 1960, what do you see for me this year? Thanks.

  262. 262 Michelle

    Hi Arlene - With such a huge question like that you know what to do - now is the time for you to set up a personal appointment with me so that I can talk with you personally and tell you privately all about the up’s and down’s on the path of 2010 that are ahead for you. As I am feeling your vibrations right now, I am feeling that there are many changes on the horizon for you - ones that you will want to be in total control of. Being the sensitive person that you are - with many leadership qualities too - this is going to be a year of a lot of positive possibilities for you. When you are ready to have your own personal session with me please don’t hesitate to e-mail me directly at:
    I look forward to hearing from you!
    Happy New Year!

  263. 263 Jessica Gemini

    A few humbling experiences have happened to me lately and I’ve grown to have respect for them. Although it’s taking me a little while to get over the housing crisis. Among my overabundance of personal goals, I wanted to tell you…


  264. 264 Michelle

    Hi Jessica,
    Yes, life can bring all kinds of humbling experiences. Learning from them is the important part.

    Way to go…Congratulations on running the Disney Marathon!

  265. 265 Nigel Like

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    Your blog is one of my favorite. I m gonna read more, thanks. Keep working on it.

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    Nice article, thanks. I signed to your blog RSS.

  273. 273 Michelle

    Thank you everyone for your positive comments here to me about my website. I always appreciate your special comments, questions, and suggestions. Keep them coming!
    Blessings Always,
    Dr. Michelle

  274. 274 Kathy Abbott

    Dear Michelle,
    For the first time I ran into your website today. How interesting and insightful!
    Seven years ago I lost my husband. He died very unexpectly. He left no insurance, very little savings. I was not working and had not been so in several years. We had a son going into his senior year of college and one about to start his Freshmen year of college. Even though we had to move out of the house we had lived in for 13 years, I found a decent job beleive it or not, and both boys stayed in school and graduated. (And if I might brag somewhat one is a LT in the Navy and the other one is a police officer now)
    At my job I met a man who I started talking to when we had breaks and went outside to smoke. His wife passed away about a year after we met. By the time he came back to work he had been promoted and put on a different shift. We still ran into one another once and awhile and became friends. Soon he told me he had accepted another job and would be leaving soon. We talked alot about his wife passing. On his last day of work I gave him my phone number and told him when he stood in his house and smelled his wifes perfume and everyone thought he was crazy, to give me a call…I knew all about those things. I hit a nerve because thats exactally what had been happening to him. Within a couple of weeks he started calling me everyday. About six months later I went over to his place for lunch, about a year later started staying over during weekends and with the exception of a two month period when we were not speaking…have been doing ever since. I know he cares for me. But the one time I told him how special he was to me…and that I loved him, he acted like I said the weather was nice. He did not say anything to me about what I had said then or to this day. I am beginning to think that what he feels for me is a grand friendship..the kind that comes around very seldom in ones lifetime, but still only a friendship. Do you have any insight on this? My dob is 10-28-55 and his is 08-23-56 He has asked me to move in with him several time, but how can I when I feel certain this is how he feels? (I told him no each time)
    Thank u for your insights to me and all those to seek out your help. Once again this is a wonderful site and will start visiting you often now that I have found you!
    Thank you,
    Kathy A.

  275. 275 Michelle

    Hi Kathy,
    You have been through some personal spiritual trials of life - that’s for sure - but each time you pulled yourself up and did very well. Congratulations - keep up the good work. Your faith, hope, and inner strength has helped you each time and I’m sure that it will continue to do so. Your Son’s appreciate you sooo very much. A Mother’s love - and our childrens love for us - always will keep everyone flowing and going so well. No greater love is there than a Mother’s love for her children and her children’s love for their Mother. I have 5 children of my own (27, 26, 21, 18, 17 - the oldest and youngest are boys with 3 beautiful girls in-between) so I totally know how proud you are of your children. No matter what else happens in your life, you can know - without a doubt - that you did a really great job raising your boys! Let them also be there for you too because they will always love showing their appreciation for you.

    As for your Virgo man - it can be difficult with him because often Virgo males never get married. Since he was married and is a widow, the last thing he wants to do is get married once again only to lose someone else that he has given his heart to. Thus, it’s difficult for him to say those three little words that we love to hear, “I love you” - hard for him to say and hard for him to hear too (coming from you) but he is growing to realize that he can take another step in life and stop being so afraid of the very thing that he wants - a good relationship with you. This is why he has asked you to move in with him - he wants to try the ‘living together’ thing to make sure that you will really want to stay.

    You, being the Scorpio that you are, wants to have a solid commitment with him. You want him to ‘express/communicate’ his true feelings for you. After all - how hard can that be. For you, it’s easy. For him, it’s difficult. Again, I want you to understand that it’s not because he doesn’t love you - because he does - but it’s because he’s afraid that he is going to lose you. Ahhh - Men! Ahhhh - Virgo Men! Everything needs to make ‘common sense’ for them.

    I would suggest that you try not to be too hard on him but try to put yourself in his ‘emotional’ shoes (emotions he tries to hide too) and allow yourself to set the tone of your relationship together. If he can see that ‘you’ are not afraid then possibly he can learn not to be so afraid himself. Sometimes he can be a loner - but he really is a loving person indeed. He can be so kind, generous, and caring, and I’m sure that is the part of him that you have fallen in love with yourself.

    Try not to be in any hurry to move things forward in this relationship but allow true healing to take place between the two of you. You have both gone through life-changing experiences with the loss of your spouses in the past. For you it was emotionally heartbreaking and taught you to be independently strong. For him the loss didn’t make any ’sense’ and he doesn’t like things that don’t make ’sense’ - even if it’s about life which is changing all of the time. In many ways he’s an old fashioned kind of guy that likes his routine and the simplicity of life - when things are moving along nicely and there are no drama/trauma’s going on.

    You both are very healing for each other and as you know…love is all that matters.

    I’m very happy that you are enjoying my special website and I hope that you have saved this site in your favorite bookmarks. Come back often - new updates are going on all of the time.

    Many Blessings to You Always,
    Dr. Michelle

  276. 276 Mickey C

    Hello Dr. Michelle. How do you see school going for me this year and next. I am in nursing school and I love it but it is sooooooooooo much work. Do you think I will continue to do well? My Bday is 6/21/1984.

    Mickey C

  277. 277 Michelle

    Hi Mickey,
    It’s time for you to start really believing in yourself and all you can - as you do so…prosperity will be attracted to you!
    Are you going to do good in school? If you believe in yourself then absolutely YES! Keep on following your passions - and being a nurse is definitely one of your most treasured passions. You are going to be a wonderful nurse and each person you help is going to be very blessed indeed! Yes YOU ARE GOING TO DO VERY WELL! I know that the education is hard but you are a smart person - YOU CAN DO IT! You are a very nurturing person - let your inner-light shine through!
    Good Luck!
    Dr. Michelle

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  288. 288 Rose Bruneau(Sproull)

    Hi Michelle,
    I have not been in touch with you for a few years but read your astrology weekly. I love and enjoy your website when I do. You introduced me to the love of my life back in 2004 and we married in 2006, you were very accurate. You also guided me with particular questions about his x-wife when she was full of hate and when loosing at her own game(s). You are right, she will always have issues.
    Well Michelle, I do need your loving guidance once more please, my future financial (and husbands too) are on very uncertain grounds. I have a townhouse in another city that I own which I could not sell after I moved out in 2004. For 2-1/2 years it lay vacant and drained my small savings account, then I was able to find someone to lease it for a little over two years. The young couple is moving out (breaking their lease early) April 2010 and I will have to forclose if I can’t get someone in there immediately. My wish is to sell it but the market has still not recovered. I am scared for my financial future. Can you see any relief for me/us regarding this? We have been living paycheck to paycheck for the most part since 2006. I never can seem to get ahead, but am just barely afloat. If this helps, my birthday is 9-29-1959, Dave’s is 8-30-1963.
    Your Friend,
    Rosey B.

  289. 289 Michelle

    Hi Rosey,
    So good to hear from you! I’m sorry to hear that you are struggling with these issues regarding your finances and your townhouse situation. It seems that everyone is in the same boat these days. We are being asked to rid ourselves of things, people, and situations that are no longer for our highest good. With Saturn being in the sign of Libra, and you being a Libra Sun sign, you probably feel that Fate has taken over your life and that situations are out of your personal control. Yes, this is true, but if you are wise and realize that by letting go of what you no longer need (the issues and situations that seem to stress you out the most) you will become much happier indeed.

    The economy will begin to get a little bit better by mid-June but it’s going to take a long time before the housing market get’s back on it’s feet. It is a buyers market right now, but even the people who have good credit and want to purchase houses are having a hard time because banks do not want to give out the loans that they are supposed to.

    Thus, to answer your question about your townhouse, and if I were in your shoes, I would continue to hold onto it and rent it out. There are lots of people who have lost their homes due to foreclosures and such - and they need a place to rent for the time being.

    As for you being scared about your financial future - take everything one day at a time. Be grateful for each and everything that IS going right in your life right now. The key to all of us surviving as joyfully as possible is to understand this motto: “What you Perceive and Believe is what you will Receive”.

    Stop worrying and start having a bit more Faith that situations will begin to turn around in your favor in the months ahead. Don’t continue to be afraid or think negatively because you don’t want to attract more stressful situations and negativity into your life. Balance yourself and your mind by doing things that you enjoy on a daily basis. Do you have a hobby? Soon Spring will be in the air, the grass will start growing, and the flowers will begin to bloom. You will begin to feel so much better once the season changes for the better. You should begin to feel a much better sense of HOPE.

    Blessings Always,

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  293. 293 leota

    my daughter birthday is 9-1-82 and my granddaughter brithday is 1-8-2002 I just want to know is the court going to give daughter back my granddaughter.
    I keep pray that they will I feel like I did this to her an I want to make it right but I dont now how.
    I do pray every night .
    I did a bad thing I help her dad an her dad trun on me an know I dont get to see my granddaughter .
    My daughter has change an is trun her life around for the good .
    I’m proud an I tell her all the time.

    thatnk you

    an god bless

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  297. 297 Michelle

    Dear Leota,
    You have to stop feeling guilty about the past. You did the best thing you knew how to do at the time. Your heart was in the right place. Now comes a time for you to allow those people involved to do what they need to do. You can be supportive. You can keep praying for positive results. The best advice I can give to you is for you to “Observe” what is going on and try not to personally “Absorb” what is going on regarding this situation. It’s not helping anyone for you to feel bad and sickly too over this situation. I know that you want to see your Grand daughter - she is and always will be very important to you. I do feel that if your daughter, who can be very smart by the way, takes the right actions and has the right legal counsel, then she can have more custody/visitation rights - and this will lead her to eventually getting her daughter back for good IF this is what she really wants to do. She has to continue to be a good Mom and set a good example of her life. The more she does this - the more that luck will be on her side. Keep on telling her that you are very proud of her. Day by day she loves you more and respects you too.
    God Bless you too!

  298. 298 Lena

    Greetings, Michelle and happy spring!

    I am looking to move and have found 2 places that I am interested in. One of the condo’s has a lake in the backyard. Which do you feel will come through for me?

    Thanks and many blessings and love.


  299. 299 Michelle


    Happy Upcoming Spring to you too! The place that you really like the best is the place that you will move into. But, you know that if it were me moving - I would definitely pick the one where I would be around as much water as possible. Water is a spiritual vibration that brings much inspiration when you are around it. Think about what you really like and then pick that one.


  300. 300 D

    Dear Michele,
    I wrote to you thru your column sometime ago in regards to my home life. I have twins, work part time, husband full time, children in elementary school. My 70 yr old mother was killed in her home in 1996. Anything st least sound familiar? I don’t know if I am imagining some of the things happening but I believe my mother just might be watching over us. You see, when I wrote to you, I was struggling since our finances had become a mess and therefore, impacted our family life in a negative way. My husband & I both love our kids dearly! He is the ultimate ‘big kid’ and I am the ‘practical’ Mommy. This caused more than a few arguments in our household. All the while, I prayed to my mother and talked with my sick aunt (who just passed away), looking for direction and support. Lo and behold, (here’s where Mom comes in) in August 2009, I won a local lottery jackpot. The winnings were significant, before taxes were filed. This might sound so selfish, but I will continue nevertheless. We immediately invested a portion of the money for our children’s education and our retirement (we are in our 40s). In addition, we paid debts and with the help of a financial advisor, invested some in mutual bonds. My question is, will we be right back where we started when we file our income taxes this year. I am full of anxiety…we have an appt with our CPA on 3/25/10. I was born 5/23/63 @ 1:25am in Trenton, NJ.


  301. 301 Michelle

    Hi D,
    Yes, I remember you. :) You are very right in feeling that your loving Mother is around you. Every time you think about her she is with you. Congratulations on your lottery winning. God moves in mysterious ways and brings good opportunities into people’s lives that have earned them. You certainly have earned this abundant flow into your life. Now, being the Gemini that you are - you have a tendency to ‘over-think’ things way too much. You need to learn to calm down, quit worrying so much, and waiting for the other shoe to fall on your head. I know that you love your family so much and you want to stay on top of everything so that everyone is safe, fed, warm, and well provided for. It’s your FAITH that is going to keep you calm. It’s time to have much more FAITH that you and your loving family are going to be just fine.

    Don’t be worried about what your CPA is going to tell you. You are better off now than you were before. Have an attitude of gratitude for every little thing that is going on in your life. The more you have this abundant attitude - the more abundance you will continue to attract into your life!

    When you start to do that ‘over-thinking’ thing again and you start to worry instead of strengthening your faith then you might begin to attract the very problems into your life that you are trying to stay away from. Yes, trust is a hard life lesson for you, but when you have so much to be grateful for then you need to just begin to start counting your blessings instead.

    You are in a good cycle of your life right now. I highly suggest that you set up a personal appointment with me in the near future because your session with me can help you to understand the issues that you need to concentrate upon and those issues that you are worrying about that are wasting your precious vibrant energy.

    Be good to yourself my spiritual sister!

    Many more special little miracles will be coming your way too.

    Blessings Always,

  302. 302 leota

    Thank you

    me and my daughter are back talking and its great.I just hope the lettle I wrote never hurt her geting her kids back. I will pray everday an I found a bastist chruch Or should I say it found us.

    I love going a there good people that I fel like family when we go .
    thank you again I did let it go .

  303. 303 Michelle

    Hi Leota,

    Thank you for writing to me and letting me know that you are talking to your daughter again and working on everything together. I will keep you both in my most positive thoughts and prayers. I’m also happy that you found a church group that treats you both like a part of their family. Loving support is exactly what you both need right now.

    Good Luck with everything and I wish you both the best.

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  305. 305 Sorrow

    Dear Michelle,

    I am a Sagittarian female, born Dec. 10, 1972 @ 4 PM in Plainfield NJ. I wanted to ask your opinion on soul mates. I had a childhood boyfriend ( first love ) who passed away last year from cancer. He was born July 7, 1971 ( don’t know the time ). We were together through all of my middle school years ( grd 7th - 8th ). Although he was not my “first” boy friend so to speak, he was my first love. When I met him, or shall I say when he made himself known to me I already had a boyfriend ( you know the ones when all you do is talk on the phone about absolutely NOTHING! ) My friends would all tell me about this guy who liked but I never knew who he was so I would just let it go. They would tell me he was ugly, bad and talked back to the teachers! All kinds of negative things you could imagine. Then one day while I was at my locker, there he was. I don’t know how I knew it was who everyone was telling me about, but one look at him and how he was looking at me I just knew. Normally I would have pushed anyone away who wasn’t my boyfriend, but there was something about those eyes of his that instantly had my attention. There was something that calmed me and made me feel comfortable in his presence. And all the ” he’s ugly” by my friends was not so. At least in my eyes. I saw him as a rainbow, beautiful in every way. Long story short, I ended up breaking up with my “puppy love” to be with him ( as he told me I would do sooner or later lol ). Yes, I have no doubt he was my first real, TRUE love but it was in no way an easy relationship for two people who were so young! There was PLENTY of arguing, break-ups, make ups, sex pressure ( from him which I refused to give into ) it was definitely no day at the beach with him let me tell you! But then there were tender moments like deep kisses that lasted a long long time! Hugs so warm and endearing. Staring into each others eyes and the whole world just seemed to fall away. For instance we could spot each other blocks away. It was a ruff relationship but also very intense .

    I write all this because I wanted to give some back round on he and I and why I am asking the soul mate question. You see I hadn’t seen him a lot through the years after our ‘permanent’ break up ( 24 yrs ago to be exact ). But I can say that our bond remained. ( I didn’t realize that then, but boy do I now ) Our lives took completely different directions. Mine on an even path, but his not so good. Drugs, in and out of jail etc. About a year before he passed away, I would hear this one particular song on the radio that always made me think of him. It was the first song he ever sang to me during that time. And I would hear this one song CONSTANTLY during that year and my mind would turn to him wondering how he was doing and such. I am a smoker and though I never thought anything about stomach cancer before, during that year I would often say to myself ” I’d better stop smoking on an empty stomach I may mess around and get stomach cancer. ( don’t ask me why I thought that, but for some reason, I did OFTEN ). New Year’s day 09 I kept getting the feeling to go to the mall to catch some sales and such. I didn’t feel like going as it was a day off and I just wanted to rest. But it was an urgent feeling. So I followed my intuition and went. And who did I run right smack into as soon as I got in the door but his sisters. I didn’t see them often but I was very close to his family. They are like my own. That is when I found out that he was in the hospital. At the time, no one knew why. ( He’d been in jail and they had to take him from there ) Instantly my heart went out to him. He could have no visitor’s other then family. So I sent a message through his sister that he was in my thoughts and prayers. After I found that out, I tried many times to reach her to find out what was wrong with him but she would not return my calls. ( I understood because their Mom passed away on New Year’s eve also from cancer ) Then on the 17th of January 2009, I got the call. He passed away at 8:30 that morning from stomach cancer. I didn’t think I would ever stop crying. I hurt so badly. We would see each other on the street every blue moon, but it wasn’t very often. Even then there was a warm feeling. I was always so happy to see him. I just couldn’t believe that he had died. Then it hit me and hit me hard with my constantly hearing that ONE song he sang to me and my always speaking of stomach cancer just up out the blue. That really rocked me to my core. And I was so angry at myself for missing the signs. I am very intuitive and I have learned through life to always pay attention to it, but for some reason, I totally missed all those vital signs. And me running into his sisters right when I did after not seeing any of them in so long, I know with all my heart that I was meant to know he was going to pass away. I see so many other things now also that I never realized before now. And my heart will ache forever because of this. I really wish I would have told her to tell him that I loved him. Because in truth I did. I just didn’t realize how much he meant to me before then. But she did give him my message at least. And he told her to tell me that he loved me. That is the very first time he ever told me that he loved me. He’d never ever said it before and he never had to because something inside me always knew that he did. He made it apparent every time we ran into each other. But I couldn’t accept his lifestyle. Something else I’m kicking myself for because I feel that maybe I could have helped in some way. Either way, seeing him in that coffin hurt sooooo incredibly badly. I hurt from a place I never hurt from before. Way deep down to my core of being. All I wanted to do was SCREAM. I wanted to run up to him and tell him to get out of that coffin because he was only 37 and didn’t belong there. I was so angry and I can not explain why. He was the only boyfriend I ever had to have kissed that way. The only one whom no matter what he did, I still cared deeply for and he for me. The only one who never ever told me that he loved me, but deep inside he didn’t have to because I always knew. The only one whom after all these years there was still some kind of bond. On the day of his passing which I didn’t find out until later on that night. I felt him. Literally. I was laying down in bed and all of a sudden I had this rush of thoughts of him. He completely filled my thoughts. I could feel him. Like he was laying down in back of me. I literally had to sit up and turn around and LOOK that’s how much I FELT him. I knew then I would be hearing from him. Just didn’t know that it would be his sister calling me instead of him to tell me he died. But now that I look back, I guess in a strange way, I really did hear from him. He came to me. I know that now, like I know there is a GOD. So I wrote all this to ask, with this kind of connection with someone ( I haven’t had any other like this that’s for sure ) could he have been my soul mate? I know I have never had another relationship that was as special as this one.

  306. 306 Michelle

    Dear Sorrow,

    I can totally, totally, totally understand how you feel. To answer your question as simply as I can - Yes there is definitely a Soulmate and a past-life connection between the two of you. Your destiny life-path number is 23/5 and your boyfriend’s destiny life-path number was 32/5 - thus you were mirror reflections of each other. I feel that in a past lifetime the situation was the other way around - You were living a destructive life and he was the one that was trying to live a more normal/simple life - and you were the one that passed away young and he was the one that was feeling like you are feeling now. I know what I mean but I don’t know if you can understand the soul growth lesson here for the two of you. In your past lives together, and once you passed away (probably from stomach cancer too) he was very upset, heart-broken, angry that he could have done something differently, etc. - exactly the same way that you are feeling now. The lesson here is for each of you to learn to ‘love yourself’ first and in the best ways that each of you knows how.

    His Soul has been set free. The best thing you can do to end this karma - and possibly meet up again beautifully in another lifetime - is for you to ‘let go’ of your negative feelings and remember the good times. Don’t go through your mind with the ‘would of, should of, what IF’ feelings. Everything happens for a reason - a Divine Reason - and it’s not for us to understand completely sometimes. You can continue to love him and he will continue to love you from the other side too.

    Now comes a time for you to realize that we don’t just have 1 Soul Mate in any given lifetime - we can have many. A Soul mate is someone who touches your heart and helps you to learn and grow and become a better person. We can have Soul Mates who are our friends - and even our enemies sometimes - but the key element is that they touch your heart, you will always remember them fondly, and you know that you are a better person for knowing that person.

    Now also comes a time for you to move forward in your life, become more positively focused on what you desire to attract into your life, and use your experience to move into a different relationship that is very loving and positive for you.

    My condolences on the loss of your good friend. Please know though that he will always love you and that you are better people for both of you knowing each other. Life is a mystery for sure. It’s what you do with your life, and the choices you make, that will allow you to continue to grow spiritually stronger each day.

    Blessings Always,

  307. 307 Sorrow

    Dear Michelle,

    Thank you so much!! I’ve been searching and searching for information about this that I just couldn’t rest! You don’t know what you have done for me! I KNEW it! There couldn’t have been any other reason for all the things I was experiencing ( and still am to some extent because I can still feel him with me : ) ) You see, when he passed away, it felt as if a part of myself went with him. There was this empty feeling that I never felt before. I won’t ever forget that because sadly a part of me wanted to go with him so that I could be with him again. So he wouldn’t be alone. I know that probably doesn’t make sense being I hadn’t seen him in so long, but that was exactly how I felt. That’s when it hit me that he meant more to me then I realized. I miss him terribly but I know he is no longer in pain, I know he is happy and most of all, I know he is safe and sound without all the difficulties and struggles of this world. That and knowing that I will be seeing him again. I still see him in my dreams, in my memories, in my heart and I can feel him in my own soul. I don’t know if it’s just wishful thinking on my part, but I can also feel his presence from time to time. I could be doing almost anything, house work, cooking, reading and I will just feel out of the blue a sort of presence. ( best way I can desribe it )I feel in my heart it is him, but as I said , it could all be just wishful thinking on my part. I still smile ( like I used to whenever I saw him ) and say HI!! out loud and tell him I still love and miss him. Then a warm feeling comes over me. Very comforting.

    Michelle, you truly are a gem : )to be treasured. I can not find words enough to thank you for all you’ve done for me!! Thank you sooooooooooo much for replying to me! It has truly, truly, TRULY helped me INCREDIBLY!!!! You are the best :) God Bless You

  308. 308 Michelle

    Dear Sorrow,
    You are so very welcome. I want you to know that you aren’t crazy, or imagining it, when you feel his presence around you. It’s his way of saying, “Hi and I love you” right back to you. Treasure those moments. :)
    If I can be of further assistance to you feel free to e-mail me directly at:

    Angel Blessings Always,

  309. 309 Michelle

    Hi PC Repair Guy! Thank you for your comment and come back anytime!

  310. 310 D

    Thank you for your wonderful advice…you must have a place in Heaven for all your blessing and inspiration. I won’t commit myself to a reading. Quite frankly, if my husband knew about it, he would ‘make good fun of me’. That’s not to say that I am sooooooo ‘wanting’ to make an appointment with you. This isn’t anything personal either. In 2 hours, I will be sitting down with our CPA (never had a CPA before). I was rather busy today with work and school activities, and didn’t get the ‘chance’ to dwell on the appointment. I did think of you, however. Your advice was comforting. Just to clarify (or rather justify), I am not an ungrateful person, just a super nervous one! I was very thankful for the luck God bestowed on us. Hope there isn’t a ‘catch’! I was reading another site with April’s scope (Metaphysical something or other) and it was just downright depressing. It said something about ‘being right where you started from, blah, blah, blah. I won’t go on with my rambling…I’ll just keep thinking of you (and Mom). I wonder what she’d be saying today. I suppose it would be something like…get over yourself already. Maybe not! She was a ‘nervous nelly’ as well. She lived her life for her family and certainly made lots of sacrifices. Michele, I love my kids…we are so very proud of them. We want them to be happy & secure. Could use a few prayers (to go with mine). My head is ‘a spinning’, my friend!


  311. 311 Michelle

    Dear D,
    God blessed and your family with this financial gift. You are ahead of where you were before. It’s what you do with it from this point on that will determine your success. Don’t worry so much. I’m sure that you will make the right choices for you and your precious family. When you live in love and have faith then situations will turn out good. When you worry, like you can, you may attract situations in your life that you don’t want to deal with. Like attracts Like. To comfort yourself you should read and research all you can about The Universal Law of Attraction. I am sure that when you played the lottery ticket you really, really, really wanted to attract that winning into your life right? Okay, now that you have it you need to continue to stay in your positive/attraction mode of thinking. Keep smiling my dear and know that it’s your vibrant energy and positive thinking (as well as calming down and enjoying your life) that will continue to bring you and your family the success that you desire.
    Blessings Always,

  312. 312 d

    God Bless You!!

  313. 313 Samual Hallauer

    Your site is spectacular. I’m really excited and expecting the best for your next post. Hopefully I will get it soon. Really value this article especially. It’s not easy to separate the very good from the not good these days, but I think you’ve nailed it! Do you accept guest articles here? I would like to share a few articles here.

  314. 314 Michelle

    Hi Samual and Thank you for the compliments. I do accept guest articles but please forward them to my e-mail address at: first so that I know what your article is about and if it is appropriate for our readers. I’m sure it will be and I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your desire to contribute something special to our website.

  315. 315 5 day weather forecast

    Thanks for this great blog post, i was looking about on google for information etc as part of my coursework. Great read and a huge help.

  316. 316 Michelle

    Your welcome - Come back often. If I can be of further assistance to you with your coursework - just let me know.

  317. 317 molly

    Dear Dr Michelle,
    You have helped me before and I am still keeping you in mind for another reading, probably for my birthday, May 16, 1977 at 1:59 PM. However, I have been having a health problem and I wonder if you could advise me as my doctor’s appt to get a 2nd opinion is this week. I missed a couple of days of work and went to my family dr only to find out it is nothing major and they made me feel like i am a hypochondriac wasting their time. I know you can’t give medical advice and I already have the appt with my gynecologist, but was wondering if you get any feeling about what I am asking you? I will call you soon to set up an appt as I have many other questions in all areas of my life. Thanks again.

  318. 318 Michelle

    Dear Molly,
    You are right, I can’t give you medical advice, but I can tell you that I advice you to pick up a wonderful book called, “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay. It’s an excellent book that has a listing of every illness and dis-ease that a person can get - why they got it - and positive affirmations for releasing the physical ailment out of a person’s life. I totally enjoy it and refer to it often. Go to your local library and see if they have a copy for you to look up your specific ailment. Do some research and see what you can find. If you can’t find a copy of this great book at your local library then go to your local bookstore because you might want to own this wonderful book for yourself. If you are in a hurry and wish for me to look up your specific ailment then e-mail me directly at: and I’ll talk to you about it privately.
    I’m sending you Angelic Healing for a positive diagnosis and a quick recovery.

  319. 319 Renee Williamson

    Nice site!! I just started a blog myself and added your link so my readers can come check it out too.

  320. 320 Michelle

    That’s wonderful. Thank You! Good Luck with your own new blog site too.

  321. 321 Dianne Pauze

    Hi Michelle
    I have been in turmoil laterly. I am a virgo born 8/29/45. I have gained tons of weight. Can you tell me when I might be able to stick to a diet plan. I jsut keep eating even though I am not hungry. I am so upset with myself I don’t know what to do.


  322. 322 Michelle

    Dear Dianne,
    First of all you have to stop blaming yourself. The worse you feel about yourself (which is a human ego thing) the more you are going to want to continue to eat. Astrologically speaking, the planet Saturn (which is in retrograde/backwards/introverted motion right now) is back in your sign of Virgo - asking you to go ‘inside’ yourself and figure out the reasons that you feel uncomfortable with yourself (emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually) and begin your recovery into a new and better way of living and a much better YOU. I can definitely help you uncover these reasons and help you on your path to recovery in every area of your life. As soon as you understand the bigger picture and the deeper reasons then the extra weight is going to begin to come off naturally. I want you to seriously think about having a personal session with me. When you are ready to do so…contact me at: and I’ll guide you through the appointment process and set up a wonderful personal appointment for you that will be comfortable for both of our agenda’s.

    You don’t have to be depressed anymore! Take that first step and contact me soon.

    I’m looking forward to your e-mail to me.
    In the meantime - I highly suggest that you keep a journal for yourself. Write down the ‘time’ of day that you want to eat, what you are choosing to eat and most importantly how you are ‘feeling’ at the time. There are many emotions you are going through - from your past, in your now, and your worries about your future. But, believe me - once you have a session with me - you are then going to begin to understand yourself so much better - you’ll see the LIGHT at the end of the tunnel and feel much more in personal control of your life. Let’s get your JOY back in motion soon.

    Many Blessings,

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  325. 325 Michelle

    You’re very welcome. Come back often for new and enlightening updates.
    Thank you for your comment.

  326. 326 Michelle

    Hi Tanya,
    Thank you for writing to me and letting me know that you are enjoying my special website. Come back often. There are new updates each and every week. Good Luck on your spiritual path and with the healing work that you do too.
    Blessings Always,

  327. 327 leota

    my daughter name is jennifer 9-30-1982 her daughter are angel 1-8-2002and trinity 2-5-2008
    she gose to court on both the kids.(may 3 one is at 830 am and the other is at 12:30pm )Will the kids come back to live with here and will the judge.there two diffen judges to angel has Antonio P. Viviano, Presiding Judge and trin has Tracey A. Yokich.

    I do pray and I hope that god is listen to me,the kids need to be back with there mom

  328. 328 Michelle

    Hi Leota,

    Keep your positive thoughts and prayers flowing. Because of the dates that your daughter is going to court on these matters - there will probably be a delay and another court appointment in the future will have to take place.

    I pray that both of you can continue to be positive and patient on these important matters. It’s a tough case because the opposing parties involved - the people that the children are living with now - are also fighting to keep the children with them.

    Keep on giving your daughter positive compliments about how far she has come and never let her give up that one day in the future both of her children will be with her more often.

    Love and Light,

  329. 329 leota

    Thank you

    I will an do pray that My daughter get her daughter back and the girl will be back toghter.I now tonight is a full moon so I burn a letter to mother god and god to help with my daughter prays.

    tahnk you again you give me a peaces of mine.
    atfer we get are bills cought up I going to get a reading the last one was 8 year ago so it time .

  330. 330 Colorado State

    You have a new fan! I love your stuff here and will be back again.

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    Thanks for the great post! You have a new fan.

  332. 332 leota

    Hi just want you to know that eveything work out angel is coming home aftermay 6 whan school get out and trin will be one week off an one week on with her dad .jen has to go cak to court on trin but we have not heard if she has to go back for angel .

    tahnk again

  333. 333 leota

    Hi my daughter meet this guy and is dating him .he has two kids
    his name is nick 12-29-81 and her is jen 9-30-82 do you see them getting marriger.thank you

  334. 334 Michelle

    Hi Leota,

    It does feel like Nick and Jen are good for each other. They will be able to talk to each other about so many things - so communication will be good between the two of them. Jen is going to have to be the one to keep their ’stuff’ organized. Both of them are going to like to collect ’stuff’ - and oh nobody had better touch their ’stuff’ - especially with Nick - his personal possessions are very sentimental to him. So, good couple - but we just might have two clutter bugs here that are both going to have to learn not to hoard too many things.

    As for marriage - we will have to wait and see. This is a brand new relationship and they need to take it baby step by baby step. I do feel that a good relationship can develop in time - and they do need to give each other ‘time’ to allow the friendship to develop so that they can both continue to focus on their own personal responsibilities too.

    Your Welcome,

  335. 335 Brian

    Hi my name is brian birthday is 5/23/1986 n kendra whose is july 14/1989 just wonderin by chance of us working things out n possible start seeing each other again

  336. 336 Georgette

    Hi Michelle, All my life I’ve felt like I’ve had a connection to the Universe that has guided me in many ways. My BDay is 9/6/1958 (38/11). I see 11’s a lot at times and have related this to people dying for some reason. It used to bother me but I’ve realized that the people left behind have been in need of the comfort I can give them. Is this what I’m seeing or is it something else? Also, I have been interested in reading cards & Runes for 30+ yrs. I read for my sisters on Mondays and they think I’m very good at it but for some reason I just don’t feel adequit or confident yet. Do you have any suggestions on how I can enhance this talent and use it to reach out for the greater good of my earth family? I so appreciate what I’ve been able to do so far but I would love to be able to strengthen my connection. Is this where I’m supposed to be and where I should be going on my journey?
    Namaste` Georgette

  337. 337 Michelle

    Hi Brian,

    I know that your heart is in the right place. You will always continue to have some deep feelings for Kendra. She is a beautiful, caring, and lovable young woman indeed. I feel that your ‘friendship’ with her means much more to her than what you desire. You want to have ‘more’ with her - but at this time she doesn’t know what she really wants out of a relationship - so don’t be disappointed or feel that you have to become ‘more’ of something in order to gain her affections. Your true friendship is what is important to her now and she desires to have a true friendship with you too. Getting to know each other much better is the first step in the right direction. Take it slow and treasure the bonding friendship that you two can have together…for if done correctly…without further expectations…that friendship can last a lifetime - no matter who she is with and no matter who you choose to be with either. You two do have a special friendship bond - which possibly can lead to something more in the future - but for now…take it slow.

  338. 338 Michelle

    Hi Beautiful Georgette!
    Being the 11 chick that you are - yes - you are absolutely ‘tuned-in’ to being of great unconditionally loving service here on this Earth plane. I highly suggest that you consider having a personal session with me. I can help you so much better by talking to you personally and doing a special session for you. I totally understand how sensitive you are and how you are on a path to understand the TRUTH so that you can have the confidence to reach out and help our spiritual family here on Earth. Yes, that IS one of your missions here in this lifetime…to bring as much Heaven to Earth as possible. You must first feel really good about who you are and what you are here to do. Most people are student souls on this Earth plane - here to learn about themselves and through their life’s lessons. You, on the other hand, have had so many lifetimes that you didn’t have to be here this time around…you ‘chose’ to be here this time around. Yes, the Angels certainly want to help you to help others in so many ways. You are a natural Lightworker - but you must also learn about the human ‘ego’ and how it will try to sabotage you into believing that you ‘can’t’ do this or that…I know that you know what I am talking about.

    Again, honey, think about doing something truly wonderful for yourself and setting up a personal session with me. When you are ready to do this please contact me via e-mail at:

    In the meantime…allow your inner light and beauty to shine through!

    Love and Light,

  339. 339 Georgette

    We’ll get together soon I promise. You’re such an inspiration in my life.

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    Thanks for visiting and leaving your website link. Much appreciated!

  343. 343 Michelle

    Thank You…feel free to come back as often as you desire.

    Good Luck and much prosperity with your website too.

  344. 344 Rose

    Hi Michelle,

    I am so concerned about one of my sons. He is really going through some “stuff” right now. He is 25 years old born 5/2/85. He suffers from a “life altering” illness that seems to have his life out of control and he is working at a job that he is not happy at. He is so depressed. It is so hard as a mother to watch him struggle. I try to help but I can only do so much (as much as he lets me). He also has a wonderful girlfriend who is trying to help him too!! I am afraid she is going to give up on him. Her birthday is 2/26/84. Can you tell me if my son will ever be able to enjoy his life insteading of being so miserable all of the time. He really is a very wonderful young man.


  345. 345 Michelle

    Hi Rose,

    Well, I have some good news for you! Your Son has been going through some depressing feelings about everything, but he is now in the 1 cycle of his life; meaning that he has the ability ‘now’ to change his life around for the better. He wants to be more in ‘control’ of his life and he really does want to be happy. He just feels so pressured by the responsibilities that life brings. If he was wealthy beyond his wildest imagination (and wouldn’t we all like that) he would be totally happy because then he wouldn’t have to work at all and he could just spend his days doing what he wants to do. He is maturing though and this 1 cycle of his life is going to be so much better than the last cycle of his life was. The cycles of our life go from our last birthday until our new current birthday. When May 2nd 2010 arrived - the positive doors of opportunity have begun to open for him. It’s going to be up to him though to take action, believe in himself, and plant seeds of success for his future. He can do it!

    As his Mother, you just have to have faith in him and give him lots of encouragement and love. That’s all you can do and that’s the best you can do.

    As for his girlfriend…you are worried that she might not stick it out with him…but being the loving Pisces woman that she is…she’s going to try her hardest to make things work out between them. She is a very dedicated girlfriend who is hoping with all her heart that there can possibly be a marriage between them in their future.

    Keep reminding your handsome Son how wonderful and truly loving that he is. He enjoys music, fun, and laughter. Love is the fuel that keeps him going. Yes, I understand that he can be a bit lazy sometimes (and that might be putting in mildly - and that might be partially due to his illness) but miracles do happen and with the right positive attitude he certainly CAN change his life around for the better!

    Love and Light,

  346. 346 Kathy

    Hello Michelle,
    Every year where I work we get an average of Six, Seven different test That are very hard, forever changeing and you must pass all of them in order to remain working. Every time one of these test come up I get all the high school jitter of an important exam…..nerves, stomache ache etc. To make it worse this year we also have some new equipment, new procedures, and higher scores needed to pass…Starting next week will be one of them…we just got some new equipment..and will be trained and then two different test will be taken. Then the next two months two more test on different things. My question is…..(as if you didnt know) is will I pass all of them. As in everyone else who works I need my job and live payday to payday and have little savings. So all this testing makes me a nervous wreck!
    Thank you for your time,
    I come here regularly and enjoy reading all your postings.

  347. 347 Michelle

    Kathy, Kathy, Kathy :)
    The only thing that is going to stop you from passing your tests IS your nerves. When you are nervous you forget things and you second guess yourself on the answers that you know. Take a deep breath! Count to 10! And know that you are more than capable of doing very well on your tests. Start right now by giving yourself positive credit for all of the tests that you have passed in the past. Remember how nervous you were then too? Remember how when it was all over and you passed…you wondered why you were so nervous? Okay, let this time be different. God wants you to continue to work where you do and you want to continue to learn and grow through this special career that you have chosen too - so take a deep breath, smile, give yourself credit - study of course - and then when you go to take the tests…remember what I’ve told you…sit up straight and ‘KNOW’ that you are very capable of doing a great job!

    It’s time for you to start believing in you!

    Oh, one other thing too - try to stay away from Caffeine for a few days before the tests and especially on the day of the tests. Yes, you might think you’ll have more energy but this caffeine will stimulate your nervous system and give you the jitters even more. It is better for you to drink lots and lots of refreshing and cleansing water.

    Good Luck! You CAN do it! :) Michelle

  348. 348 224

    Dearest Dr. Michelle,

    Hoping this is not too existential a question for this format. I am researching the karmic ramifications and contraindications of suicide. Apart from the obvious abandonment of one’s loved ones here on the earth plane, there are conflicting views on what The Universe/Goddess feels about us mortals taking away the gift of life that was given and if there is a spiritual price to be paid for the act. Trying not to sound morbid; just fleshing out (pun intended) a story I am writing. Thanks. Your angelic work is a miracle to people everywhere.

  349. 349 Michelle

    A Big Hello to my 22/4 Sister xoxoxo

    To answer your question, which is a very good one and easy enough for me to answer. Not always are a person’s loved ones abandoning them when they choose to commit suicide. Sometimes the person is very much loved and surrounded by people that want to give them all of the help and assistance that they need BUT for some reason that person chooses to end their life anyways. It could be a Soul lesson thing for them. It could be a group Soul lesson for the people that they leave behind. How does the Universe/God/Goddess feel about this? They have given us all “Free Will” and thus they do not judge us at all. But for the person who does commit suicide and chooses to end their life for their own choices (and not for the group Soul growth of the people they leave behind) this person will pass over, go into a limbo consciousness state and there receive the spiritual guidance they need to understand what he/she has done, what this person is afraid of, and given a choice to come back to this earth plane once again to relive the situations over again until the time when he/she feels spiritually strong enough to surpass the fear of living through personal trials.

    Now there are many reasons, too many to list, as to why a person may choose to end his/her own life. It could be fear, the unknown, insecurity, broken heart over the loss of a loved one, mental illness, a disability that holds this person back from believing that they can live a normal life, or in the case of a fatal illness this person may choose to leave a bit sooner and not have to live through more pain then necessary.

    With the suicide of someone for the Higher Soul Growth of a Group. That’s another topic altogether and yet very inter-related because through the passing of someone like this, the people who are left behind will do a lot of soul searching and hopefully become closer, more productive, more unconditionally loving etc because of the passing of this individual.

    But again, to answer your question about how the Universe/God/Goddess feels about this choice…they give us the Free Will to choose for ourselves how we want to handle our lives, grow, leave here, and return to repeat old lessons or to learn new ones.

    I hope I’ve been able to answer your question clearly for you. If you want to know more about this topic feel free to e-mail me directly at my private e-mail address.

    Good Luck with your story! I want to read it when it’s complete. If I can help you in anyway just let me know. :)
    Love and Light,
    Dr. Michelle

  350. 350 World Cup News

    You are a Really Experienced Blogger, You either have got first hand knowledge of what your talking about or you did some fantastic research. Thank you for this excellent post.

  351. 351 Michelle

    Thank You!~
    Dr. Michelle

  352. 352 Sorrow

    Hi Michelle :-),

    Remember me, Sorrow? I wrote to you back in March about an ex Boyfriend who passed away? Well, I wanted to ask if there is anything special or specific about the number 7 in astrology? I’ve noticed something really strange about the number 7 and my ex. It was just something I happened to notice was a bit odd and me being the total Sagittarian I am decided to play along with this just to see how far I could go!. Lets just say I was pretty AMAZED by the result.

    For instance his birth date was 7/7/71 and he passed away at the age of 37. And the date in which he passed away was on the 17th.

    You wrote that our destiny life path numbers where opposite each other. Me being 23/5 and his 32/5. Well I’ve also noticed that I was born exactly 17 months after he entered the world and if you add my birth day ( 10th )along with his it equals 17 also. Even the year we met was in 1987, he 14 and I 13 which equal 27. lol..Think it’s one big coincidence or have I stumbled upon something here?

  353. 353 Michelle

    Hi Sorrow,
    Yes, I remember you. Yes, you have stumbled upon something here with the number 7.
    7 is the number of ’self awareness’ a number that allows you to spiritually grow in a variety of ways.

    Thus, once again - you were ‘mirror reflections’ of each other. The yin/yang to each other.


    Blessings Always,
    Dr. Michelle

  354. 354 rita

    Hi Michelle…How are you? Is there a such thing in soulmates? For the first time…Im feeling really content and happy in longtime..Im wondering whats going on with me. Also, Im back seeing a guy that was missing for awhile his birthdate is 11-5-72 (shannon r). But lately, he has been acting strange or seem distance. Im wondering what is going on? My birthdate is 12-14-75. He said that he “LOVE ME” BUT I DON’T KNOW IF HE REALLY MEAN IT. SO WHAT DO U THINK.

  355. 355 Michelle

    Hi Rita,
    I’m doing well - thank you for asking. You asked me about soul mates and if there is such a thing. My answer is Yes - there are many different types of soul mates too. Soul mates are people who come into your life, lift you up, and help your soul to lovingly grow in so many ways. Even if that person stays in your life for a day, a month, a year, or a lifetime - if someone helped you to love yourself more and enhanced your life - to me that is a very special soul mate type of person indeed. Now, you are probably asking me more about lifetime soul mates. The kind that you hear about where they feel like they are 1/2 of a whole person. I personally don’t think there is only 1 person who is your soul mate and if you don’t meet that person then you’ve missed the boat on true love and happiness.

    There is a really good book that I highly recommend that you read called “Soul Mates or Cell Mates” by Maria Shaw.

    She is a good friend of mine and I love the way that she rights. Excellent Author indeed.

    I’m glad that you are feeling content and happy. You need to feel content and happy within yourself and in your own life first and foremost. After all…God put you in charge of you…how well are you doing? When you take good care of yourself and choose your feelings about yourself and your life positively - then you are tapping into The Universal Law of Attraction and will attract more of this energy/opportunities into your life. Stay positive!

    I’m glad that you and Shannon have reunited. You both do care about each other. Just don’t set your expectations too high so in case something happens you aren’t so disappointed. Take things slow…very slow…and enjoy each other’s company and friendship. You mentioned that lately he’s been acting strange and a bit distant (why did you say ‘lately’ when he has a tendency to act this way a lot of the time?) Don’t take his deep thoughts and need to spend time by himself so personally. Besides, you are a free-loving Sagittarius - yes you want some fun and good loving too - oh yes you do - but when we mix a Sagittarius with a Scorpio Male (and if he seriously wanted to have a deep rooted commitment with you) you might feel a bit caged in. Are you ready to give up your freedom to take care of him? When he say’s that he loves you…he does mean it at the time that he says it…in that moment…at that time. But if you want him to be walking around with you in his head all of the time…that would be a bit difficult for him to do. He’s a deep thinker with a lot of other stuff on his mind too.

    So, you asked me what I think - and I want to go back to my advice here before. Enjoy the moments, create good memories, enjoy each other’s company, try to keep your high expectations in check, and basically…just have fun together!

    Good Luck to you both,
    Dr. Michelle

  356. 356 Michele

    I was wondering if you could give me a little help…I have been out of work for over a year, my car is on its last leg, I have three children (One of which is going to college next year), my unemployment benefits were just cut off. I am married and my husband does work, but it is not even close enough to pay our bills. I am very frightened. I am really good at what I do, which is Banquet Manager/Event Planner for restaurants. Will I find a job soon? My birthday is 2/26/60. Please…Thank you, Michele

  357. 357 Michelle

    Hi Michele,

    I totally understand how you are feeling, especially because you want to make sure that your family is always well, fed, and taken care of to the best of your ability. You are more worried about them than you are about yourself - but hang in there - this year of 2010 IS about Pisces people moving ahead in their lives and attracting positive opportunities to themselves. The only thing that may delay your ability to ‘attract’ that positive energy into your life would be your own doubts, worries, and being overly concerned about everything…because when you are then you will become exhausted and not be able to ‘visualize’ yourself being able to do more for yourself or your family.

    You are a very kind-hearted and loving soul indeed - especially when it comes to your family and those you really care about. Start giving yourself credit for that - and for what you love to do -because you know that once you put your mind towards something that you always do very well.

    You are talented in the industry that you want to work in. It’s time to get out there and apply for those positions that you really want. Your ideal would be for you to own your own business one day (which you easily can do one day) there’s just so much going on around you right now (with your kids, husband, house duties etc) that you can get depressed and your energy gets zapped easily. For now, just do what you need to do - keep the faith (as only a Pisces can do) and look for those opportunities that you would enjoy.

    You don’t need to be frightened…you need to give yourself more positive credit, take some quiet time out for yourself so that you can recharge your internal batteries, and then get out there and apply, apply, apply!!! Don’t worry, your talent will speak for itself. You just need a good company to give you a try - and you’ll do the rest easily enough!

    Love and Light - Good Luck in your job search!

  358. 358 Michele

    Thank you so much. I really hear what you are saying and I truly believe it. I quit smoking a year ago and have put on several pounds you have not only motivated me to “get on with life” so to speak, but to really start feeling good about myself; Take off the weight, enjoy nature, etc. things I love to do. I guess its called living. I am going to have an attitude of gratitude.

    May you have a wonderful evening and know that you are very special and appreciated.

  359. 359 Nina

    Dear Dr. Michelle

    I wonder if you can help me. I’ve been living in a good, loving relationship with a man for 16 years now but since october last year I have been very very much drawn to, attracted to, this other man I know in my university class. We got closer and closer and I fell in love with him. I don’t excactly know the nature of his feelings for me. Nothing has ever “happened”, I haven’t cheated on my partner. But I do feel that this man and I connect deep somehow, at least mentally, and I can’t help but wonder who he is, or what he is “supposed” to mean to my life.(Or me to his). My dates are 09/15/74, his are 06/09/81. I don’t think that what I feel is just because I am “bored” in my current relationship. I also feel that if this new man and me can’t be lovers we definitly should be good friends anyhow! My question is really: Who IS he/What IS this kind of relationship, what does HE want from me or feel for me or need? I am scared to ask him since I fear he would pull back from me if he doesn’t share the depths of my feelings and then we can’t stay friends! Shall I settle for just friends or is my attraction/ wishes for something deeper, valid? Of course I don’t want to hurt anybody. But I wonder maybe if me and my current partner has grown together and helped each other as much as we can now, and it’s time to move on?

  360. 360 Michelle

    Hi Nina,
    Your question is very easy actually. You are a Virgo and your friend is a Gemini - both signs are ruled by the planet Mercury - thus you will both have a wonderful intellectual vibration with each other. After being in a relationship for 16 years - you ‘know’ your current partner (what he thinks, how he thinks, who he is etc.) basically you pretty much have him all figured out. Virgo’s like to figure things out. Virgo’s are constantly ‘thinking’ all of the time (and so are Gemini’s) - so what you have going with your University Friend is just that…a mental/intellectually stimulating friendship.

    I wouldn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater - meaning that I wouldn’t give up your long lasting 16 year relationship with your ‘real’ man - just because you’ve found a male friend who is intellectually stimulating to you. I’m sure that you are quite interesting to him too. And, with the fact that you are both at the University this also gives you something in common with each other.

    I would suggest that you remain friends and allow that friendship to grow with deep respect for each other. But, I wouldn’t expect more than that at this point in time because you will only frustrate yourself, put pressure on your current relationship, and cause pressure on this interesting male friend that you have.

    I hope I’ve been able to help you understand this situation more clearly.

    Blessings Always,
    Dr. Michelle

  361. 361 Danielle

    Hi Michelle-
    Really great site, thank you for it. Hoping for some insight into my life, I feel like I have been lost for so long. I tend to bounce from one extreme to the other as of late. Sometimes I have such clarity as to what I am supposed to be doing, but then I find that I continually do the wrong things. Is life ever going to make sense for me?
    I was born 10-10-74, los angeles, ca, 5:03 pm.
    Thank you.

  362. 362 Michelle

    Hi Danielle,
    Yes things have certainly been tough for Libra people and you have much to learn yet with Saturn going back into your sign on July 21st. Saturn will be in your sign from July 21st through October 5th 2012. It’s important for you to understand the tests that Saturn will put you through and what those tests mean to your own life and spiritual growth. Mars will add energy to Saturn when Mars moves into your sign too on July 30th and will grow in intensity through August 18th. What does this all mean for you personally? Well, my best suggestion is that you set up a personal appointment with me so that we can take a good look at your Natal chart together and I’ll explain where you are now and the choices ahead for you. This would be a wise decision on your part instead of just letting Fate and Time push you here and push you there…leading you to screaming even more about what’s so ‘unfair’ in your life. Your life is all about ‘changes’ anyways Dear Danielle. It’s through your wise and honest choices that you will begin to attract into your life situations that will become more ‘fair’ and ‘positive’ for you.

    Good Luck!
    Dr. Michelle

  363. 363 leota

    my daughter( 9/30/82) gose to court on july 26 at 1:30 for cusdy of my granddaughter angel (1/8/2002) her dad that is take her to court is born in in oct his 28 I dont no the day he was born.

    I hope that my grandbaby stay with her mom.My daughter has lost her job that to lady she was live with and has no car.I jsut want to know to when she going to start getting her life back on track.she has had a long hard raod.I keep tell her I’m proud of her and have faith thing will work out.
    it would kill her if she lose her she is her life. hope the jud see that.

    thank you

  364. 364 Michelle

    Hi Leota,

    The Judge will try to be compassionate towards your daughter being the Mother of Angel. Angel is sure a beautiful soul indeed. There will be ‘rules’ for your daughter to follow. The Judge will want to ‘make sure’ that Angel has a safe and very secure household in which to live in. Child protective services (or some other similar agency) will have to check out both residences to see which home is the best place for her. I’m feeling that they will have joint custody - some days at Dad’s home and some days with your daughter. The more stable and independent your daughter can be…the better things will turn out for her regarding having custody of your grand daughter.

    Many Blessings and Good Luck,

  365. 365 Firsttimehomebuyerman

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  366. 366 Michelle

    Well Thank You!
    Good Luck to you too!

  367. 367 joy

    My younger boyfriend (13/02/1984, 9.20 am, Bangalore, India)broke up with me (23/08/1972, 2.17 am, Gauhati, India}. I am looking for a serious committed relationship while he told me that he has a strong desire to be with me but that he is commitment phobic.

    Do you think we will get back together and have a life together?

  368. 368 Michelle

    Hi Joy,
    Unfortunately, your boyfriend is in a confusing cycle of his life right now. Part of him wants to ‘let go’ of everything that he has known. He’s right about being in a commitment phobic period of time in his life right now. He just wants everything in his life to be peaceful and quiet. He does not want to deal with any drama at all. He’s concerned about his finances and the direction his life is heading. He will feel much more stable starting on his birthday next year - but for now he doesn’t know from day to day what he wants to do or have in his life right now.

    This must seem very confusing to you because it doesn’t make ‘common sense’ to you. You are a very smart - and often brilliant - Virgo soul - and all you want to do is make sure that everything is alright.

    His attitude right now just doesn’t make ’sense’ to you. I can completely understand that.

    You know how stubborn he can be. Once he has his mind set upon something he sticks to it. Right or wrong he always believes that he is RIGHT. The problem here is that he doesn’t really feel ‘what’ is right anymore. He just knows that he is feeling extra tired, confused, and uncertain about the direction of his life.

    Once he reaches his birthday next year, he will be going into a 1 cycle - a brand new cycle - of his life. This 1 cycle will empower him, help him to begin to feel more mature, and set him back upon his feet once again. But, for now, while he is in his 9 cycle - he’s just feeling that he can’t take anymore drama about anything and that all he wants in his life is to run away from problems before they even get to him. He’s very tired and I’m sure that he will be sleeping a lot too.

    The only thing you can do is be patient, understanding, and let him know that you can still be his friend during this confusing time in his life.

    Do I think that you will get back together again? You can be a good couple for each other and yet it’s going to take a lot of patience on your part. He’s a very independent young man indeed. His thoughts right now are that he will never get married and that he desires to be single for the rest of his life (and yet he’s not really thinking too clearly either). He knows that he wants to have a very good career and make a lot of money and that he should put all of his energy into making himself very successful BEFORE he ever get’s serious with anyone.

    So, for now, it’s going to take a lot of patience on your part to even be friends with him. Yes, you are so willing to sacrifice your feelings for him - and yet it’s very important that you think about what you want to accomplish in your life too.

    The age difference doesn’t bother me at all. I know a lot of women who are married to younger men and their relationships are wonderful indeed. But, for your situation it’s going to be a long time before he realizes just how truly important you are to him in his life and how much he should really love you too.

    Don’t put your life in hold - but know that you have made an important difference in his life. You’ve taught him how to ‘think big’, take care of himself better, organize his life better, and know what ‘love’ feels like. You are both ‘thinking’ people but there have been many times when you both put your minds on hold long enough to just ‘feel’ what you were both going through. Hold onto your good memories that you have with him and try not to be as upset as you have been. I think what you are most upset about is that he’s not communicating with you like you would like him too. This whole thing just doesn’t make ‘common sense’ to you - and thus you are angry, upset, heartbroken, and very frustrated - and then you mind starts thinking that there ‘must’ be someone else in his life instead of you.

    Everything going on in his life, during this 9 cycle of his life, is just temporary - so if he does go out with someone else that will only be a temporary relationship too.

    Think about yourself Joy and what makes you happy.
    When God shuts one door he opens another…maybe even a much better one for you.

  369. 369 joy

    Thanks a ton, Dr. Michelle. What you say is absolutely true. In the last year, he has been through some very traumatic times - deaths in his family. I understand that he is in a completely confused state of mind.

    The sad thing is that till I met him, I was commitment phobic myself. Just before I met him, I started believing that I would meet the guy who is ‘perfect for me’ and I met him. Now sometimes I think that the Laws of Attraction do not work while at other times I think that he needs time to grow into the person who is ‘perfect for me’.

    While I feel very sad, I still have faith and know that everything is going to be ok. I do know that whatever happens, happens for a reason.

    Thanks a lot once again. I truly appreciate your advice.

  370. 370 joy

    Hello doc,

    Sorry to trouble you again. But you seem to be my only ray of hope these days. Maybe I found your site so that you could provide me with the solace I need. Thanks for being there.

    A friend just told me that she saw my ex-bf with some hot women last night. So what you say is really true. I never thought so but it seems he has already found someone else. My heart breaks. But what to do? Such is life.

    I will not put my life on hold. I am too mature to do that. But you said it will be a long time till he realises what I mean to him. So how long is a long time? Please don’t spare me. I can take whatever life has in store.

    And do the Laws of Attraction really work?

    Lots of love. And thanks for being there.

  371. 371 Michelle

    Hi Again Joy,
    I totally understand how you are feeling; frustrated, confused, it just doesn’t make ‘common sense’ UGH feeling! Yep, he’s going to do what HE wants to do and that’s that. For better or worse, everything he wants to do now is only going to be temporary for him. All you can do is watch and observe. If you are wise - and I know that you are - you will try ‘not’ to absorb everything that people will tell you. It’s not your fault at all. You have got to remember that…”It’s NOT your fault at all!”

    He’s trying to figure out what he wants in life and first he is going to have to make many mistakes to learn what he ‘doesn’t’ want in his life. He’s not going to be so wise as to understand that is what he is doing…but yes…that’s what he is doing right now.

    To answer your ‘when’ question - time is really irrelevant in the bigger scheme of life. One day, probably in the spring of next year, he’s going to realize that he messed up and that he should have been good to you and stayed with you after all.

    Yes, The Universal Law of Attraction is a very powerful law indeed! Yes, it does work magnificently!

    The thing about The Universal Law of Attraction is that IF you desire something/someone that is not good for you - and you attract that situation into your life anyways - then it will only be a temporary situation/frustrating situation so that you can learn that what you desired might not be what you desire now in your life. That’s how we learn. That’s how we grow.

    The Universal Law of Attraction doesn’t really care what it is, or who it is, that you desire to attract into your life. This Law is very impartial. It just picks up on your energy/thoughts/feelings (even if they are negative ones) and believes that what you think about the most is what you desire the most. Check your thoughts often and make sure that you are visualizing exactly what you desire to attract into your life (watch your worries too because if you worry about something happening then that can also be attracted to you).

    If you think, or envision, something that you don’t desire to attract into your life (which is only human) and you catch yourself thinking these thoughts - then say “Delete - Trash” and send those thoughts on their merry way. When you think about something that you DO want to attract into your life then say “Copy - Print” and send those thoughts UP to The Universal Law of Attraction.

    I’ve seen so many little miracles happen in my life, the lives of the people in my family, the lives of my friends, work associates, and my clients - when they practice focusing their positive thoughts UP to The Universal Law of Attraction.

    I also suggest that you write your positive thoughts down on paper. Once you take a thought out of your head and put it on paper then you are bringing your thoughts into reality by writing them down.

    Okay, back to your ex. “Forgive him…he doesn’t know what he is doing” is the most positive spiritual thing that you can do.

    But the first thing you must continue doing is with taking good care of YOU. Maybe one day you will look back upon this situation and see it as a blessing in disguise. If you can get over your frustration and really let him go - then you can open a positive new door of opportunity for a new man to come into your life who will be even better for you! Now, wouldn’t that be a nice surprise?!

    Many Blessings to You Always,
    Dr. Michelle

  372. 372 joy

    Thank you once again, Dr. Michelle. I have decided to really let him go. Yes, I still love him but I cannot force him to feel what he does not feel at the moment.

    He still keeps in touch with me and I have let him know that I want the best for him and will be there if he feels the need to talk. Not because I am trying to be noble but because that’s how I feel.

    It takes time to get over things but I won’t be initiating anything from my side. I never had any pre-conceived notions about the guy who would be ‘perfect for me’, I just went with the flow. And I met him.

    I will trust in God once again. Maybe the person who is perfect for me will be a new person, maybe it will be him who grows into that person. I will put all my faith in God once again. What is right for me will happen.

    My love to you. God bless you.

  373. 373 Jade

    Dear Michele,I was seeing this guy for a couple months Feb 4, 1956 cst. I am Oct 9,1961 EST. I knew he wasn’t looking for a girlfriend, but after about 15 “sessions” I could not stay emotionally detached like him. Aren’t Libra and Aquarius supposed to match? I am in a transition phase in my life. Primary care giver, Mom died in front of me. New Divorce-Husbands sexuality changed. Moved. Totally uprooted. Lost great job. Menopause.Getting ready to learn a new trade. Met another Libra, he really digs me but I’m not feeling it.I cannot get over the Aquarius guy.I know I probably am suffering a stress disorder. Will the Aquarian ever come back? I was born close to 8:30 a.m. Him I don’t know time of birth. Help me please ,cuz I know you can. Thanks so much, Jade

  374. 374 Michelle

    Hi Jade,
    I can understand why you were drawn to this man who was born on Feb 4 1956. “Both” of you have 27/9 as your life path numbers. When we meet someone with the same destiny number as ourselves we always feel magnetically drawn to that person (and he would to you too) so that we can hold hands and help each other learn more about life together. This doesn’t mean that you are soulmates or that you have to be more than friends - it just means that we can actually ‘feel’ our own vibrations (like a mirror reflection of ourselves) with this other person.

    I can also understand all of the drama/trauma situations that you have been going through in your life lately. With the planet Saturn in Libra (until 10/5/2012) Libra’s are being asked to make wise choices in their lives. Only the choices that are for your Highest Good will be attracted into your life. Those choices (past, present, and future ones) that are not for your Highest Good any longer will be ‘released’ from your life now. Not easy, I know, but by the time Saturn moves out of Libra you should be able to look back upon this period of time and see exactly why certain things were taken out of your life and why certain (better) situations were brought into your life. When making personal life-choices for yourself make sure that what you are focusing on IS for your Highest Good - for when you know that it is (and only when you know that it is) will these situations be drawn into your life. When they are not then you will know that it is not meant to be for you at this time. You may also feel restricted about some things/situations because Saturn again will only allow you to attract into your life the people, situations, and opportunities that are for your Highest Good. This is a major learning period of time for Libra’s.

    Yes, Aquarians and Libra’s are good for each other because you are both ‘air’ signs - and yet - Libra is a cardinal (always wanting to make improvements) air sign and Aquarius is a fixed (stubborn, “I’m always right”) air sign. So there needs to be a balance and compromise between the two. Because the planet Uranus is, and has been, in it’s natural sign of Aquarius (but in backwards/retrograde motion) Aquarians are a bit confused about what they really want in their lives right now.

    What I feel that you need most right now Jade is a lot of tender loving care towards yourself and a lot of patience when dealing with others. Love, kindness, forgiveness, and patience will help to see you through.

    Blessings Always,

  375. 375 Jade

    Dear Michelle, Thank You so much for responding so quickly.Your wisdom has brought me comfort. The Aquarian I am so focused on is emotionally unavailable, so it would make sense that we are drawn to each other physically,but he is not capable of anything more.Or just does not want to go there. This situation was not for my highest good as you mentioned,as I hoped it could have been. Maybe someday he will return, but I’m not holding my breath, And even if he did “would it truly be GOOD for me?” Probably not.I’m dissapionted about the position of Saturn for the next year and 2 months.Which means I’m not going to be out of this period for quite some time. I will try to be patient. I know I have alot of healing and work ahead.Don’t be suprised if you hear from me again from time to time as I feel you are right on target, and I need all the help I can get. I am very isolated right now, with somewhat limited resources, but with a little encouragement and helpful advice…I WILL pull myself up! Thank you so, so much. I am very grateful to you.-Jade

  376. 376 Jade

    A mistake in my last note…the position of Saturn will not shift for the next 2yrs and 2mos. Not 1yr, 2mos. as I stated. You said Oct 5,2012.Bummer-Jade

  377. 377 Sentimental

    Dear Michelle,

    I’m a Sagittarian born Dec. 10, 1972 at 4pm. I’ve been feeling pretty un-Sag like for the past 3 wks. I’ve been weepy and sentimental for some reason that I can’t seem to put my finger on. Normally I’m pretty upbeat and positive and manage to handle my emotions extremely well, even on my worst days. But I can’t seem to understand where these emotions are coming from. Is there an astrological reason for any of this?

  378. 378 Michelle

    Dear Sentimental,

    There could be a variety of reasons why you’ve been feeling this way. Astrologically speaking, the ruling planet for Sagittarius is ‘Jupiter’ and Jupiter has been in backwards/introverted motion - retrograde - in the sign of Aries (another fire sign just like Sagittarius) - in the 5th house of: fun, play, good luck, love affairs, children, and creativity - BUT - with Jupiter being in retrograde motion it would feel to you like, “I’m not having fun in my life anymore. Where has my good luck gone? My love affairs are either null and void (meaning there aren’t any) or I’m attracting the wrong ones into my life. I wish I could go back in time and re-do my life all over again. At my age I should have accomplished more with my life by having a great man in my life and many happy children at my feet. Whaaaa…when will my life become fun again?”

    Kinda get the point? Well, that in itself could be the reason for you feeling so sentimental and weepy.

    Added to this is the fact that ‘you’ were in a crazy 5 month during August. A month filled with ‘changes/challenges/tests of faith’ and that too could have had you feeling quite overwhelmed. August for you was about taking a good look at your life, realizing what you do and don’t want in your life anymore, and then beginning to positively visualize the new changes that you would like to see come into your life soon. :)
    Sometimes we need to go through periods of time like this to do some ‘re-evaluation’ of our lives so that we can walk down that memory lane, remembering the good times and healing past the bad ones, and then prepare ourselves to move forward once again.

    There could be many more reasons as well - I’d have to look at your natal chart and your current transits to tell you - but with what I’ve told you above…I believe that you’ve got the idea now about why you’ve been feeling this way.

    Let me reassure you that situations in your life WILL begin to improve once you’ve gone through this important detoxifying process that you are going through.

    My best suggestion is to rent some good movies - that can bring tears to your eyes - and have a good cry. Crying is quite detoxifying indeed. Also, if you pick the right movies, you can become positively inspired too. I have a few good recommendations that come into my mind right now but the one on the top of my list would be, “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsh. Try to get your hands on the DVD. A+ indeed.

    Here are a few others that I highly recommend:
    What Dreams May Come
    Dead Again
    The 5 People You Meet in Heaven
    Defending Your Life
    The Notebook

    Oh my list could go on and on…but there are a few for you. If you would like me to recommend some more for you then feel free to e-mail me at: and I’ll send you a private e-mail back with a list of my favorites.

    Your life will begin to turn around…relax, detoxify, and try to have some fun too.

    Dr. Michelle

  379. 379 Sentimental

    Dear Michelle,

    You are THEE greatest person ever =)!! DETOXIFYING….GREAT word and EXACTLY what I believe I am doing. All year I’ve had the sudden urge to just drop EVERYTHING and head straight for the hills!! But when you have bills to pay and responsibilities to tend you won’t get very far! So I suppose I have been feeling a little shackled in place. sighs

    I have to point out that I am not complaining at all because I do make sure I make an allowance of free time just for myself. Some place where I can have quite time just for me. And being I can’t ‘ run away ‘ lol I use going to the park as a band aid cure to quell my longing. I read a lot of books while I’m there but mainly I read a great deal of quotes. I just adore quotations! They’ve enabled my thought processes to SOAR! And my thoughts are very deep lately. Actually I find myself in deep thought a lot. Constantly thinking and looking at life and other things at a whole other level. Truely outside the box.

    For instance, I ask myself how long am I going to have to keep doing what I HAVE to do for myself and my family. I’ve been doing it so long it’s become unsatisfying. Then I ask myself the deeper question. What do I WANT to do? and even deeper still, What was I BORN to do? What is my real purpose here? How can I utilize whatever time I may have left that is more in tune with my character? With this new person I seem to be becoming? Not just for my own good but for the good of the whole?

    Ah yes, I have to say, I may feel a little hemmed in and held captive physically but my mind and thoughts are flying sky high that’s for sure. I still end up with more questions then answers but the answers/knowledge I do get is all consuming and thrilling and it definitely satisfies my soul. Here is a little quote I’ve written:

    ” There are people in life who will touch your heart that you won’t ever forget. But it’s the ones who touch your soul that you will remember for an eternity.”

    I posted that on my Facebook status shuffle and boy did it fly!! Awesome!

    Now as far as the love life goes, it is null and void as you stated, but that doesn’t make me sad, infact I kinda closed a door on that some time ago. Trust is something I don’t have anymore. So much mis-management and mis-treatment of a heart can do that to you. And then it’s only afterwards that they realize what a good person you were and that they finally begin to see for themselves just how harshly they’ve treated you. sighs…But I have to add that I don’t harbor any ill feelings towards any of them, I wish them all the greatest happiness and the best that life has to offer. Thirty years of relationship drama has taught me that it wasn’t them or me ..I suppose that ” I ” was THEIR lesson in life about how you treat people. We all have lessons to learn and although I may still cry a little when I think of the pain ( heartbreak can be brutal ) I am thankful to each of them because each experience helped me understand what I do not want. So in the meantime, I am patient Michelle:). I’ve learned that in matters of the heart, PATIENCE can be your very best friend!! When the universe KNOWS that I am ready to try again, it will CHOOSE for me the proper person that is RIGHT for me!
    I am definitely learning more and more how to stand firm on MY OWN two feet and love and be PROUD of me wholeheartedly. I think once this process if finally over Michelle, that i am gonna LOVE the new me I seem to be becoming.

    I’m gonna go to Block Buster Video and rent every movie you suggested. Maybe the crying will help me release more of what I seem to be feeling, yet can’t seem to describe or even understand just yet. Thank you so very much Michelle…you don’t know how much you’ve helped me! My mind seems to be all over the place lately, but I am honestly BEGINNING to understand.

    Hugz to you Forever
    Blessings dear heart

  380. 380 Michele

    Dear Michelle,

    I have written to you recently and you have been very encouraging.

    Today I am at an all time low…I feel like I have been doing everything right. I have been mediating, exercising, drinking water, 1 year smoke free. I am kind, compasionate and sincerely do care about “most” people. I do my affirmations, I have them posted all through my house…I try and always be the positive one. In addition, I have a wonderful personality and am always pleasant to everyone. I have been unemployed for over a year, my unemployment is running out, I have three children all of which are playing sports, driving, needless to say them come with a lot of expenses. I know that stress is fear and I do know that I can have anything that I want…yet I am finding it very hard to believe at this time. For example, I woke up this am being grateful and thanking the universe for all that it has given me. I then get a letter of rejection on a position, I find out that my 11:00 eye exam is not being paid for by the insurance and I do not have the money to pay for it yet I desperately need new contacts, etc. etc. Do you see my point?

    Please assist me in finding what it is I am doing wrong or is it that I am doing everything right and all will be well. I just need to “chill”.

    Thank you,

  381. 381 Michelle

    Hi Michele,
    You are doing everything as ‘right’ as you can do it with the energy and wisdom that you have in your life right now. What’s happening is that you are being spiritually tested (as many people of all signs are right now) to see if you can keep your ‘calm’ in the face of the stressful stormy energies around you. What this takes is keeping your faith strong, your positive hope flowing, and knowing that when situations get you down then they can only go UP from there.

    Being a Pisces Soul myself, I truly do understand what you are going through right now. Mercury (communication) is in retrograde (backwards/introverted) motion in our opposite sign of Virgo (thus activating situations that won’t seem to make sense - regarding information/paperwork, health issues (mentally, emotionally, and physically - such as ‘re’accuring ailments - and our personal relationships. “Re” is the key word right now. It’s time to “re” everything. Reorganize, restructure, RELAX etc. Mercury will go back into direct motion on 9/8 then shortly after that date these situations should begin to become easier and much clearer for you.

    Also, both of the ruling planets for Pisces people (Jupiter and Neptune) are in retrograde (backwards/introverted) motion too. Jupiter (the planet of abundance/luck/expansion/JOY) will return into our sign on 9/9 and will go back into direct motion (Hooray!!) on 11/18! Jupiter will be in direct motion (the way that we want it to be) starting on 11/18 through 1/23/2011. This should be a very good period of time for Pisces people indeed!

    Retrograde Neptune always stimulates our imagination (and sometimes not in a good way: example: can make a person feel a bit paranoid about life) but this IS a good time for meditation and positive psychic and spiritual development. Neptune IS a higher vibration of Venus - thus when you are feeling positive and happy (no matter what else is going on around you) you can attract unconditional love and abundance into your life. Neptune will go back into direct motion on 11/7 - which along with Jupiter also being in direct motion then should bring us the ‘happy vibrations’ that we have been waiting for.

    In the meantime, when you feel stressed out, smile to yourself and say, “This is a test, just a test, from the spiritual broadcasting system…” :)
    You are okay - everything IS as it is meant to be. You just need to RELAX and feel good in your own body. It’s not easy for Pisces people to feel good in their bodies when our minds want to wander to bigger and brighter things all of the time - BUT the more you take care of YOU the better you will feel.

    Much Good Luck and Unconditional Love to You.
    Patience is also a key to our success!

    I could continue to write more about ‘you’ personally and your life path being 26/8 - which isn’t always an easy life path to have - but if you want more information about this please feel free to e-mail me directly and I’ll explain this to you so that you can understand how to handle situations when you feel that they are out of your control - which always makes you feel scattered, tired, and depressed.

    Many Blessings to you and your family,

  382. 382 Michele

    Once again I want to thank you for your kind and soothing words. I did email you directly. Thank you.

  383. 383 Shana Wenning

    Thanks for sharing your weblog with all of us, extremely informative

  384. 384 Jade

    Dear michelle, It’s about time something positive shines on me [weekly horoscope thru 10-4] as I have been patient…and you know Libras are not known for their patience! I feel I am getting a little stronger day by day as Mom has been gone almost 6 mos. now. I backed off my Aquarian 2-4-56 to give him his privacy and space, only to loose him completely. Is it true they have a 6th sense about which people “fit” into their life and which don’t? They analyze everything,much more than even Libras! And that once their mind is made up, there is no going back? This whole computing thing and emotional armoring, ie: detachment is very frustrating for a LLibra. Will he ever figure out you don’t give up any space when you give someone true intimacy; you expand both yours and theirs? This is an extremely intelligent man. Quirky, and different![Aquarius] One would think he would have figured out by now, that HE creates all the roadblocks in all his relationships due to his emotional aloofness.Is it all just too painful for him to bear himself completely,meaning it’s just easier to remain free, in control and emotionally shielded for the rest of his life?[ALONE] Being in the medical field, I would assume he is aware people in happy unions tend to live longer, and that he is missing out on a fullfilled life. Remember, I’m 10-9-61 and our life path #’s are identical.[27/9] I have been working hard toward a goal in school, my days stretching into 16 hr days! You know I have been through alot these last 2 yrs….but I’m guessing it was all just some sort of a test.What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger? I am determined in my goal, and pressing on…but do you see any REAL happiness for me anytime soon—or am I still waiting for Oct.2012? Please help me cuz I know you can! Thank You SO Much, Jade P.S. I posted this on comments on weekly Libra so you might want to delete it!

  385. 385 Michelle

    Hi Jade,
    Again, my deepest Condolences on the physical loss of your Mother. I am sure that she will always love you and will continue to watch over you. When you feel the love in your heart for her…she will be there by your side sending you back lots of love too.

    As for your Aquarius friend…you’ve done the right thing. Let it go for now. It’s time for you to concentrate more on your own life and not dwell on what he’s up to. You are right…Aquarians are very stubborn indeed. It’s up to him to make the choices that are good for himself - and it’s up to you to make the wise choices that are good for yourself. I know it is hard but in the best interest of yourself it’s time to let this situation out of your life completely.

    Your REAL happiness will start the moment that you allow it too! Even standing in the face of a dark storm you can choose to be happy then too. Your courage will bring you the peace, love, and happiness that you desire.

    Focus, focus, focus positively on what you desire to attract into your life. Like attracts Like - that’s how our Universe works. Don’t waste your time dwelling (and attracting) situations that are not good for you. Stay positively Focused!

    Good Luck and Many Blessings Always,

  386. 386 joy

    Dear Dr. Michelle,

    I don’t know if you will remember me but I had written to you in August about my younger ex(?) boyfriend.

    You hit the nail on the head about his confusing behaviour and how frustrated I am. You advised that I should let him go and move on with my life. I have tried, believe me. But he keeps coming back to me and I do not have the strength of will to resist him. After spending time with me, he just goes ahead and does inappropiate things(not physically unfaithful but things which I don’t consider appropiate when you are in a relationship, like spending too much one-on-one time with a female friend). I know I should not dictate what he does, but he knows it upsets me and seems to completely disregard my feelings. We have had many fights and arguments about his complete disregard for my feelings. He admits that he is making mistakes but he does not want to change his behaviour at all. Like you said, no matter what, he thinks he is right.

    I know you said he would realise he loves me one day but at this point of time, considering his behaviour, it seems impossible. I doubt it is ever going to happen.

    I am actually very upset with myself. If I have let him go, why do I take him back knowing that he is going to repeat his behaviour over and over again? I am a very strong woman, mentally and spiritually. Why am I not strong enough to say “Enough is enough”.

    I really want to move on. I have no more hopes for this relationship. It is never going to work. What is wrong with me? Why am I allowing him to treat me so badly?

    Hoping that you in your wisdom will guide me along the right path for me.


  387. 387 Jade

    dear Michelle, Thanks once again for giving me a better perspective on my situation and life.When you spoke of my Mom still loving me and watching over me,it made me cry. I love and miss her so much! I know she is in a better place, a place with no more Pain!She and I became very, very close in the end, because I was with her every step of the way. And you know I did this out of my deep, deep love for her. None of my sisters or brother would do, or could have done what I did.You kinda gave me a mixed message on the Aquarian…first you said I did the right thing, to let it go for now.[which still gives me hope] Then you said in the best interest of myself, it is time to let this situation out of my life COMPLETELY!!!You are right about me loving very DEEPLY.I have always had a problem letting go of things [especially love relationships,or potential love] My girlfriends can say goodbye to someone and never look back! Not me, and I know this is not healthy. I’VE BEEN THIS WAY ALL MY LIFE!! And I don’t like being this way. I have never been an overly positive person. Nobody in my family is.[lots of childhood trauma] I always say, I’m not negative…just a realist! LOL! So trying to think and BE more positive will take real hard effort. I know Like attracts Like. Was I just born a Debbie Downer, or is this learned in the home during childhood? I am happiest when I am with LOVE!!!You know this is what Libras are about. We do not like to be alone. It isn’t that I try to attain happiness through others…just need Love! Like MOST humans. I say MOST, because some people act like they don’t need or want it. ie: too much responsibity.I know I need to look toward the future, focus on the positives, be thankful and I do. Choose your happiness…hmmm,I understand what you are saying but still it’s difficult to manifest. I am feeling more confident in myself. I don’t feel like I’m on the pity-pot, as that is just wasted energy.This 22/4 cycle coming up as you mentioned gives me HOPE! Yes,I am in a RE-Building cycle. NEW BEGINNINGS!. I’m starting my life all over at 49.Hopefully the work I have chosen to do will be the “healer” in me. You are right, I am hard working and determined. And yes, my spiritual side needs more attention.Your advice and wisdom has been sent from above I do believe. Thank You ever so much as I need all the help I can get. Peace Always, Jade determined.

  388. 388 Michelle

    Hi Jade,
    You’re so very welcome. I totally understand how you feel and the current life lessons that you are going through.
    Good Luck to you in all you do!
    Stay Positively Focused!

  389. 389 Bria

    Hello it brian 5/23/1986 everything seems to be fallin into place now but for some reason everytime i try to move on my dreams and flashbacks always sem to pop up about my ex 7/14/1989 i know we werent together that long but its just theres something there that wont let me let go of the past and theres some stuff that she told me bout this guy that scares me. I mean yea for a while there i believed that shes was gonna come down but know finding out that shes havin a kid its just seems to be the nail in the coffin and it seems to be some unfinished business between us cuz the last time we talked she said she was gonna get her head on straight. but that was it. with me gettin this other job does it seem like things are going to get put back together from the wreckage in my life for once in a long while i feel like my old self again im not do things to impress no one just doing what i love.


  390. 390 Michelle

    Dear Brian,
    The reason you are still thinking about your ex (and then again you are always ‘thinking’ about something all of the time any ways) but the reason you are thinking about your ex is because there is still a part of you that cares about her and there is still a part of you that wants to protect her. Life is a mysterious. Sometimes we can have the best intentions in being in a relationship that we pour our heart and soul into - only to realize that we have to let the other person go so that he/she can grow without our energy being in the way of their life lessons. Try not to take the situation that is going on with her so personally. I’m sure that she still holds a fondness of love for you in her heart. We can love people without having to hold them so close that it hurts us - or the other person.

    It’s time for you to move on with your own life and attract a very special new love into your life. It’s hard for you to ‘think’ only about yourself…your just not that kind of guy. You are like a Knight in Shining Armour that wants to save the damsel in distress. But it’s also good for you to attract into your life a relationship where you can be an equal and a best friend with the one you love.

    I totally understand that this situation is hard for you. You can continue to care about your ex, wish her the best, and also be able to move on in your own life. When you start thinking more positively about the direction your life is heading then the positive/financially abundant opportunities will be attracted to you.

    Many Blessings,

  391. 391 Curious

    Dear Michelle,

    My birthdate is 12/10/72 and I was born at 4pm in NJ. I’m curious to know the importance of the north and south nodes in a person’s birth chart. I’ve read that the north node symbolizes area’s in life that we need to work on in this life and perfect while the south node symbolizes area’s in life that we already know.(?) Is this correct? If so my north node is in Capricorn and my south node is in Cancer ( at least that’s what the example of my birth chart read ) Does this imply that I need to work on being more like a Capricorn or adopting their qualities of hard work ect.? I’m more then a little confused!!

  392. 392 Michelle

    Hi again - so good to hear from you. In regards to your question to me about the North and South Nodes in your chart - you are correct. I took a good look at your chart (very interesting indeed) with that huge party of planets in your 6th house of health/duty towards others! I also like the fact that you have your Sun sign (Sagittarius) in your 7th house (very kind and loving indeed). Yes, absolutely Yes - in your past lifetimes (with your South Node in Cancer) you were a nurturer/caretaker for others and you enjoyed being that. In this lifetime you need to learn how to ‘receive’ from others (North Node in Capricorn in your 8th house of joint financial situations, sexuality, and personal transformation). In a nutshell, you can keep on being the caring, nurturing and loving individual you are (but you must learn how not to be a martyr and/or doormat for others to use and walk on all of the time) and learn, learn, learn how to allow others to do good things for you too! Your North Node in Capricorn (the sign ruled by the planet Saturn - which represents Time and Karma) you can allow others to earn some Good Karma (and you will earn some too) by allowing other people to do some good things for you (like support you some of the time). Yes, it may not be easy for you to learn to ‘receive and/or trust’ others to provide for you (You like being the provider/giver) but this is what your soul is learning to do (for your own soul growth) in this lifetime!

    I hope that I’ve been able to clarify this question for you. Also, if you would like a beautiful and accurate color copy of your Natal chart - feel free to resend me your birth information to my private e-mail at: I would be happy to create and send a free copy of your natal chart to you.

    Happy Holidays!
    Dr. Michelle

  393. 393 BJ

    Hi Michelle,

    I ran in to an ex last week; having lunch with him and now he’s emailing me and bumping in to me all over town all of the sudden. Just wondered if there was a reconcilation in the coming months. He has a girlfriend and I heard through the great vine that they were planning marriage. My birthdate is 2/22/70 6:17 AM WY - His is Sept 26, 1947 10:20 PM denver and hers is March 30, 1952 NY, NY no birthtime. He doesn’t seem happy and he doesn’t look that great. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  394. 394 Michelle

    Hi BJ!
    It’s only natural, during a Mercury retrograde, that reunions take place. Anything to do with a ‘re’ is what’s been going on - in your life and in everyone’s lives. In regards to your ex - this was a destined ‘re’union so that the two of you could work things out - at least in a friendship type of way. Since he is a Libra (and Saturn is in Libra right now) he’s looking upon his life and knowing that in order to move forward he has to clean up/organize what happened to him in the past. I’m sure that the two of you were very happy (hearts beating a little faster than normal) when you bumped back into each other once again. In many ways he will always think of you fondly.

    The current relationship that he has is what we call a Full Moon relationship - since her sign is Aries and his is in the opposite sign of Libra. These types of relationships can either be great learning lessons for them (by acting as a mirror reflection - just like the Sun and Moon do during a Full Moon - when one is weak the other is strong and visa versa). In order for this relationship to work they must ‘agree to disagree’ and learn from each other.

    As for your relationship with him - well - ‘you’ can get along with just anyone. You are a beautiful and loving soul indeed. In your heart you just want to make sure that everyone is happy - even if you have to sacrifice your own needs/feelings/wants in the process. In many ways you are like a healer/gentle teacher for him…and he has always been attracted to that. But the problem is that THIS relationship is all about HIM and not about YOU. Oh, it may not always seem this way but think back on all of the reasons ‘why’ he is your ‘ex’ and not your husband. Then, and only then, will you remember why your heart desired to move on.

    It’s good to be friends, for this is the best kind of relationship you can have with each other without your deepest feelings getting hurt.

    Now, as you move into this New Year of 2011…it’s time, oh yes it’s time, for YOU to start thinking about what YOU want for YOURSELF (yes, I know this is sometimes hard for you to do) within a special relationship. Set your boundaries and don’t settle for anything less.

    Much Love and Many Special Blessings in the New Year!

  395. 395 BJ

    Thank you, Dr. and oh so true! Just a little quickie feedback. He is definitely rubbing this relationship in my face… guess he was never in love with me but is he really in love with her? One of my astrology buddies told me that it would never last and here we are a year later. Interestly, I have removed myself many, many times because we share the same profession just simply because I don’t want to be around a “cancer”. In any event, she has chastised me, and mocked me and carried on. VERY, VERY JEALOUS individual even though while I was with him, she pursued him for months. We were best friends leading in to this. He has all his friends calling me to find out what I have been doing and where I am and basically just been keeping to myself as much of possible because of her nefarious ways. Could you elaborate on this? I know this might sound bad but what these two have put me through over the last year would blow you away and I have just been keeping my mouth shut and kept to myself. Maybe a little dose of their own medicine somewhere??????????

  396. 396 Michelle

    Dear BJ,
    The very best thing that you can do is NOT let this woman get to you. Her attitudes trigger your ego and send you into a negative tail-spin (thus she is indirectly draining you of your positive energy). The best thing you can do is have a very non-challant attitude about her behavior, learn to detach from her completely, and realize that her attitudes are her attitudes…let them bounce off of you like a mirror and return to her 10 fold. The only way that this will happen is if you can say (at least to yourself) “I forgive her because she doesn’t know what she is doing. I realize that she is not on the same spiritual level as me. I choose not to allow her negativity to rub off on me.” As you say this you should feel a sense of enlightenment. Your Soul knows the right things to do…it’s just that darn ego that get’s in the way. Once you release this situation and learn to handle it differently (more positively) your positive energy will probably drive her a bit crazy (because she will feel that you don’t care) and hopefully she will stop her negativity towards you (and the situation) completely. All you can do is TRY.
    Best Wishes to you in the New Year!
    Dr. Michelle

  397. 397 Michelle

    Hi Michele - Sister Pisces! This IS a very good time for Pisces people. With our ruling planet Jupiter in our sign until the afternoon of January 22nd…you can choose to do whatever it is that you want to do (with positive results). So, I ask you…what IS it that you would like to do in regards to your career? The first thing is to figure that out. The second thing is to go and apply, apply, and apply some more - with the positive INTENTION that you are telling the Universal Law of Attraction (and my what a powerful Law it is too) that you’ve figured it out and now KNOW what it is that you really (passionately) want to do!

    I feel that you have been pondering over a few situations (but you are still a bit unsure) so dream a BIG dream and know that wherever you apply, and whatever company hires you, that you will be a very valuable employee indeed! You are a powerful Soul. You care about your relationships deeply. You get a bit depressed when situations do not go the way that you want them too (hmmm…still working on some past-life ‘control’ issues) BUT you do have a great deal of strength, determination, and courage to make things work out in your favor.

    I DO see SUCCESS around you when you focus on yourself and what you want to do. It’s when other people get in your way (with all of their little drama/trauma’s) that you get befuddled and begin to procrastinate. And, its the disappointments/depressions from times gone by (in regards to your work/career) that have stopped you (just a little bit) from moving forward because you don’t want to have to ‘feel’ those rejections/unappreciations etc again. Those lessons are behind you.

    Start looking FORWARD into the New Year!

    Once Jupiter moves out of Pisces (Happiness, creativity, expansion and love) and into Aries on 1/22 - it WILL be time for Pisces to make some Money doing what they love to do!

    Good Luck!
    Dr. Michelle

  398. 398 BJ

    Definitiely been doing that! Darn small town!

  399. 399 Michele

    Hi Michelle,

    You have inspired and encouraged me so much this last year. Thank you. I wish for you joy, peace and prosperity now and in the new year.

    I would just like to know if a great career for me is around the corner? I have been out of work for 2 years and its starting to drain on me. My birthday is 2/26/60.

    Thank you,

  400. 400 Curious

    Hi Michele!!

    You are absolutely correct! I LOVE helping and taking care of other people. I absolutely, positively do. I am at a point in life where I am questioning my purpose here and deeply wondering WHAT it is I am here to do. I read that what a person loves most, more then anything else in the world, what they seem to do naturally without any help or forethought is most likely what they are meant to do in life. Or rather their life’s purpose. The best part of that is all my friends/family tell me that I have a way with words and always know exactly what to say to them to make them feel better about themselves or whatever they happen to be going through. That is the best feeling in the world knowing I did or said something that helped another along the way.

    I guess I do it because I know how it feels to go through something or feel a certain way and their is nobody around to help you. Like you don’t have anyone to turn too. I’ve been there way to many times to count. It’s not that I’m not willing to trust others because I truly do. It’s just that when I do trust or open up in any way, I seem to pay a huge price for it. I end up hurt and disappointed for the effort. I know that we are all here to learn from one another and that sometimes when people hurt us and we can’t find a reason or understand why, that the lesson is not for us but for them. I know that nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes but I don’t want to be anybody else’s lesson anymore because sometimes the hurt is just to great. It’s a road I have traveled many times and I simply can’t trust ANYONE with my inner feelings anymore. The price is too great and I FEAR with all my being that it is something I may not be able to come back from as I have in the past. I guess the best way I can describe those kinds of hurts was like a wound to my very soul. PAINFUL…

    But I guess I can say somebody up there or in the spirit world IS watching over me. Because whenever I DO seem to have a problem I can’t fix or figure out, or there is something bothering me that has my spirits down I don’t know how but the answer always seems to find it’s way to me. Something someone may say in passing, something I read, or even something that comes on TV, the answer or “help” seems to find me. And for that I am everrrrr, ever, ever, EVER so grateful.

  401. 401 Curious

    Opps! Sorry, I forgot to add that I would be sending my birth information to the email address you profided. I would love to see my birthchart in color!!

    Thank You so very much Michele! You truly are a blessing<3<3

  402. 402 Michele

    Forgive me..I am confused, is that response for me. Not sure as you spelled my name with two l’s and I just want to make sure. If it is…THANK YOU…You always make me feel so good.

    Happy New Year my fellow Pisces and may your life be as blessed as you make others.


  403. 403 Michelle

    Done and sent! :)

  404. 404 Michelle

    Thank you Michele - May your New Year be a very blessed one too!
    Dr. Michelle

  405. 405 B

    Hi again I recently met a girl name monica we been taking everyday n its seems like it can go someplace just wondering if u can send some light on this sitituation mine 5/23/1986 and hers is 01/06/1982 yes i kno the age difference but it dont seem to matter.

  406. 406 Michelle

    Hi Again,
    You are right…the age difference doesn’t matter at all. It’s the compatibility (meeting of minds/hearts) that matters most. She is a gentle Soul and yet she can have the energy of an independent fighter. She’s been through some tough emotional times in the past and thus she’s not the most trusting soul. She wants to ’see’ what a relationship has to offer her before giving her heart to anyone. So, don’t take this personal. You both have many things in common. You know how to enjoy life and you wouldn’t mind helping her to trust (and enjoy) life to the fullest. I feel that if you both take this relationship slow - learning how to be respectful of each others space, time and feelings - and learning how to be ‘best-friends’ first…then this relationship has a good chance of blooming into something very special. Both of you enjoy attention, both of you will enjoy each others attention. The only challenge I can feel is the test of negative doubts, fears, jealousy etc that can get in the way. If you both can learn how to handle these things and appreciate the good times together (without the fear of intimacy) then this relationship can turn out to be a very good one indeed. Again, you have to take it slow with her. You have to respect how far she wants to go in this relationship. But, even if she desires you to just be her good friend, best-friend, or like a big brother to her…both of your lives will be better for having each other in it.
    Happy New Year!

  407. 407 B

    thanks and wow u hit some of it on the head already that scary. thank you and happy new year

  408. 408 gau

    Namaste Michelle - Its me Gau. I just want to thank you for your presence in my life.

  409. 409 Michelle

    Thank You so kindly for saying so. Appreciation, unconditional love and respect always warms my heart :) Blessings Always,
    Dr. Michelle

  410. 410 BJ

    Gau, I concur with your sentiments greatly about Michelle - what a terrific lady!

  411. 411 Michelle

    Thank You BJ!
    Many Blessings to YOU! :) Dr. Michelle

  412. 412 Lena


    This morning I found a receipt in chris’ room and he purchased 2 bottles of wine. I had a feeling he was doing something and this confirmed it. When I confront him, he denys it. I don’t know what to do now he’s in his 4 cycle and he has a lot of school he has to get done and if he fails and has his financial aid taken away again, I doubt they will return it to him. What can I do, my heart is broken with both my kids. you told me once that pisces have addiction problems and I always remembered that..please help me with my son who has been one of the only blessing in my life.

  413. 413 Michelle

    Lena, Lena, Lena…
    Chris is a #1 destiny number…just like you. He’s not going to let anyone tell him what to do. Did ‘you’ listen to others when you were growing up, or were you doing what they wanted and also doing your own thing too? He’s a little mini-you - that’s why you are both so close and actually very blessed by each other. You are both stubborn. I wouldn’t worry so much about Christopher. For better and worse sometimes he’ll figure out what he wants to do.

    Dr. Michelle

  414. 414 Joy

    Dear Dr. Michelle,

    I don’t know if you remember me but I had written to you last year about my younger boyfriend. You had advised me to let him go and move on with my life. Well, I have the done the best I could. I have moved cities, we don’t talk anymore(out of his choice, when I called him out on some questionable behaviour) and I am trying to just let it be. But it is not really helping. Every night I dream of him, I wake up many times in the middle of the night thinking of him, I wake up in the morning thinking of him. I just cannot seem to forget him even if I want to.

    You had said that he would one day realise how much he should love me too. Does he remember me too? Do you see any light at the end of this tunnel? Is there any hope for our relationship? Please help. I am so so tired…

    I know you must have lots to people to help but I hope you will understand my pain and give me some much needed succour again..

    Warm Regards,

  415. 415 Michelle

    Hi Joy,
    Yes, I remember you. I understand how you are feeling and have great compassion for what you are going through. You may not believe me now but your heartache will get easier in time. You’ve got your heart set on this ‘one’ man and you can’t figure out how you can get him to understand how much you love him and how much he loves you too. You know that you would be a wonderful woman for him (because you ARE a wonderful woman and you have to remind yourself this often) but you need to see that IF you took him back YOU would be the one who is ‘giving, giving, giving’ all of the time - nurturing the relationship (not him). Don’t you believe that you deserve more than that?

    He doesn’t like being talked to about his bad behavior. He wants to do what HE wants to do (no questions asked).

    The dreams you are having can be comforting to you because you are dreaming about all of his good qualities (not the bad ones). IF ONLY he would BE only his good qualities and not the frustrating ones then maybe you would take him back. He has a lot of growing up to do and you shouldn’t have to suffer in the meantime.

    Again, I ask you to take a good look in the mirror and realize that you deserve, yes you do deserve, a much better relationship for YOU. There is a better relationship for you in your future. It will happen in Divine Timing, when you are ready to give of your heart and trust again.

    In the meantime, practice loving yourself and taking good care of YOU.

    Blessings Always,
    Dr. Michelle

  416. 416 Joy

    Thank you, Dr. Michelle. I cannot tell you how grateful I am that I found you. I guess I needed you and God directed me to you. Even though I am still heartbroken, your words have given me immense comfort. Thanks for being there..

    If I ever happen to visit your country, I would definitely love to meet you to express my gratitude in person. God willing that will happen if it is meant to happen. In the meanwhile, please accept my heartfelt thanks and gratitude..

    Warm Regards,

  417. 417 Michelle

    Dear Joy,
    I would love to meet you in person one day. :) Your Very Welcome!
    Love, Light and Peace,
    Dr. Michelle

  418. 418 Donna

    Hi Michele -

    It’s me again…wanted to share something with you. You know all about my mother’s death in Feb 1996 as I shared it with you in your column. To refresh your memory, it was Feb 1996 in the dead of winter with 30″ of snow around. While shoveling, my mother was coaxed in her home, robbed & fatally stabbed. Today marks the 15th anniversary of her horrific death. I could not stop from reliving the nightmare today. Although I think of it on a daily basis, it was extremely difficult today…at 12:45 (her apprx time of death)
    I was literally shaking in my car. I tried to get ahold of my excessive feelings and headed to the carwash after work. While shaking and my mind doing tricks, I was cleaning out the front of my vehicle and found a “twin pin” that I lost about a year ago. My sister gave it to me when I had my twins 11 yrs ago (3 yrs after mom died). I couldn’t believe it! I immediately thought that my mother was “with” me at the moment. Although my husband might think I have a wild imagination, I know you would agree that this was a sign from her. I have always believed that my mom ’sent’ these children here to me. However, I’ve read that typically when “one door closes, another opens”. Probably a more practical explanation, I suppose. Anyway, how are you and all your family? Hope all is well!


    PS - I need my mother beside me, Michele. There were disagreements between us (typical ones), but I miss everything about her…15 years still feels like yesterday!

  419. 419 Michelle

    Hi Donna,
    Yes, I do remember the circumstances regarding your Mother’s passing. It’s okay, you don’t need to get all shaky and overly emotional about it (yes, I know so much easier said than done) because your Mom is just fine. She wanted you to KNOW this and you are right about her sending you an intuitive message by you finding the ‘twin pin’. Smile - she loves you very, very much and she loves her grandchildren very, very much too. She wanted you to KNOW that you should stop worrying about her and any guilt you may have regarding the past. She wants you to put all of your devotion and love into your beautiful children and realize that as much as you love them….she loves you too.

    Dr. Michelle

  420. 420 Donna

    Every time I read your responses, I cry. You have a special way with words! I would bet that you have a well deserved space in Heaven! Thank you for your support and especially for not immediately telling me to ‘get over the past’ or move on. I get that feeling from others.

    God Bless You and your family!

  421. 421 Nancy

    I made contact with you earlier in the month at which you were so kind and gracious to send me a few insights. I wish I can tell you that I’m doing much better but I am faced with so much right now (and for a long-long while) that I had hope to write you again advising that things are going better but sadly this is not the case. I am now writing to see if you can please provide me with any more insights that you may have as it relates to my finances, employment (currently unemployed and for quite sometime now), relationships - as it pertains to my ex (is it really over between us) and if so, are there any potential suitors that may come along? Health/dental care (would I be able to get that major dental work I so desperately need), current living arrangements (landlord is stopping by this Sunday; will we need to move due to a rent increase, if so - where and what should I do with no vehicle, no money, no job - just so many worries, so many questions, so much hardship. PLEASE tell me what have I done to make my life such a constant flux with so many challenges/obstacles/hardship - more than I can bare at times. Am I being punished; I can’t understand ‘why’ any/all of these things happening time after time again. I give so much of myself; lost so much and still have to endure so much more……

    I find myself in a constant depressive mode; wanting so much to get my life back on track but my resources are limited and my hope seems to be failing me more than ever. Help, please?!

    Thank you so much for your time, patience and guidance!

  422. 422 Michelle

    Dear Nancy,
    I have much compassion for the stress and pressures you are going through right now. As you very well know, you are not alone, there are many people all around the world going through pressures like yours. I know that knowing this doesn’t help ‘you’ and what you want are answers for what’s going on in ‘your’ life and guidance on how you can positively understand what’s going on and some positive advice about how you can possibly make things better. Since you have so many questions I need to take a good look at your natal chart and your current transit chart in order to advice you better. Please send me a private e-mail at: When you do please provide me with your birth information (Full name, birth date, time you were born, city/state/location where you were born and the location where you live now) this way I can take a good look at the vibrations that are around you now and what you’re learning through all of this. To answer all of your questions here would take a long time and much of what I want to say to you is too private to write here in this public forum.

    I look forward to your private e-mail.
    In the meantime, May God Help you and inspire you with everything going on in your life.
    Blessings Always,
    Dr. Michelle

  423. 423 Curious One

    Hi Michelle :)

    I’ve been reading many astrology websites and I have learned that there is to be an eclipse this year on December 10th. I’m a little concerned because it’s my birth date and I read that when one falls on someone’s birth date that it hits hard for good or bad. Help! I’m in a tiny, small, little PANIC over here wondering if I have something special to look forward too or do I need to be prepared for something not so special?

  424. 424 Michelle

    Dear Curious One,
    You can stop fretting! There’s no need what so ever for you to be in a panic (over the eclipse or anything else). :)
    Yes, there is going to be a Total Lunar Eclipse on December 10th (your birthday) 2011. Let me tell you, to put your mind at ease, that I was born under a Lunar Eclipse (are you feeling better yet…hopefully your smiling) :)
    This eclipse, for you, is going to mean “out with the old emotional baggage” - you don’t need to carry it around with you anymore! Hooray! You can cleanse yourself ‘totally’ of all that old emotional baggage and begin to feel youthful and free!

    All your being asked to do is fill your heart with freedom, love, and wisdom! You are free to just BE You!

    You can stop worrying now…and put that BIG SMILE on your face again!
    Remember that : What you Believe and Perceive is exactly what you’ll Receive!

    Warm Hugs,
    Dr. Michelle

  425. 425 Curious One

    Thanks Michelle :)

    Free to be just me! Well I LOVE the sound of that! It’s something I have been working towards. LEARNING to be just who I was meant to be with nothing more and definitely nothing less! Great!! I feel MUCH better now :) I was worried there for a minute. I’ve put so much useless ’stuff’ behind me in my life that when I read about the coming eclipse, out of habbit I suppose, I thought ” Oh no! Now what!?!? ”

    What a relief to know that’s all that is required of me ( THANK GOODNESS ). I think I can handle that just fine at this point in life! I will try not to worry so much over things that have not yet happened. ( Although it’s going to take practice! And A LOT of it!)

    Thanks so much Michelle! I don’t want to know what this world would be like without people like you! You are a gem! Heart, mind and spirit. Blessings

  426. 426 bry

    Hello again my b-day is 5-23-1986 lately everythin around has change my job is startin to show success n outside of work that someone we talked bout earlier seems to whos b-day was 1-6-82 seems to takin a lighten to me but its weird because everyone tell me to pull away before i get hurt n when i do its like i take 1 step backwards from her but also take 5 steps forward is there anything you can tell me to help me in this situation. thanx again

  427. 427 Michelle

    I can tell you that the more you give yourself positive credit for who you are…the more that others will too. When it comes to your relationships the same theory also applies. If you feel that you ‘have’ to have someone in your life in order to be happy then you are going to learn a hard lesson about ‘codependency’ and you won’t be happy at all. When you enjoy doing things with yourself (you enjoy your own company) and you don’t feel that you ‘have’ to have someone in your life…before you know it others will want to join in on your fun times too. Believing in yourself and understanding that you are a very special person indeed…is the first step in the right direction for you.
    Dr. Michelle

  428. 428 Magalex

    Dear Dr Michelle,
    I have looked up my natal chart and discovered I have different rising signs by various astrologers. I have Sun in Pisces, Moon in Scorpio but rising sign is either a Virgo or Taurus. I do fit in both categories.
    Birthdate: 23.02.1954 at 11.38am in Penang, Malaysia.
    Please enlighten me.
    Keep smiling and good karma

  429. 429 Michelle

    Dear Magalex,
    I’ve created your natal chart and You have your Sun in Pisces in the 10th house, Moon in Scorpio in your 6th house and a Taurus Ascendant at 19 degrees. If you desire to have a free copy of your true natal chart for yourself feel free to e-mail me directly at: and I’ll be happy to send your Natal Chart to you. :)
    Now you are enlightened!
    Keep Smiling and lots of Good Karma to you too!
    Dr. Michelle

  430. 430 Michele

    Good Morning Michelle. Just wondering if all is going to go well for me in the next couple of weeks. Job opportunity, lottery, etc…Feeling very positive about things coming my way.

    Any insight you can give me would be helpful. Last couple of years have been very difficult and rewarding for me all at the same time. Have been unemployed and within three weeks my unemployment will end. Scary. I have been discussing a possible job opportunity with a previous boss who “may” be opening a new restaurant. If this happens it will be a wonderful opportunity for me.

    Most recently spent time with a friend who passed away from cancer. Her and I became friends when she was initially diagnosed (2 years ago), but in the last six weeks of her life we spent a lot of time together. I literally would spend the evenings with her and care for her so her husband could get some sleep. She always wanted me around and I enjoyed so much spending time with her. It was never hard being with her it was a pleasure. I truly never believed she would die, I was waiting for that “miracle” I miss her so much. I did a really good thing. She would light up when I walked into the room. It was very flattering as silly as that sounds. 11/9/63 (her birthday). She called me her guardian angel. What a feeling to make someone so happy. Even her friends whom I had never met where coming up to me and thanking me for the laughter and special care I gave her in the last few weeks of her life. She died on Feb. 23 and was buried on my birthday Feb. 26. It was just her way of not missing my birthday which she did not want to do. Again, I miss her so much.

    Any information you can give me about me life right now would be helpful.

    You have a wonderful day…Happy Birthday to you my fellow pisces. We are still pisces aren’t we?


  431. 431 Curious One

    Dear Michelle,

    I’ve been having a lot of confusion about my job for the past couple of months. I don’t know if I should stay or leave. I’ve been blessed to have been working there for the past eleven years or so and the people whom I work with are a really great, “unique” bunch of people. Sure there are many ups and downs but that goes along with any job a person has been with for a number of years.

    But I think I have come to a crossroads here where the reasons I once had to stay no longer outweight the reasons to leave. Acually, it seems my reasons to leave would help me much more then staying financially and also for health reasons.

    For instance with my health insurance. My co-pays for doctor’s visits are 50 bucks! And just last year I was having major problems with gynechology things ( TMI I know, sorry for that ) where I had to go back and forth to the doctor almost eight times in one month. Needless to say at 50 bucks a co-pay I nearly went broke! It became to expensive for me to continue to go back and forth so I stopped altogether. I know that wasn’t one of my brightest moments but I had two mouths to feed. Now I am having the same situation again and I just can’t afford to go back and forth to the doctor all over again. My car is in desperate need of repair, I’ve got to pay rent, buy food, keep clothes on my son’s back and food in his mouth. ARGHHH. Money wise things are TIGHT and I don’t know what I should do :(

    Now, If I leave my job I do receive a large sum of money from my Esop. Money my job takes out of our paycheck as an investment in the company and that’s just over fourteen grand. The only problem is it won’t come right away. It takes quite a few months to receive.

    But then I think I can’t saw off a branch that I’m still sitting on can I? What if I am not able to find another job? I know they are hard to come by with this economy. I don’t wanna end up going from bad to worse. I’m confused and worried terribly about my health and other money issues I seem to be having I really do not know what I should do. I’m in deep contemplation and have been for quite a while. I know if your not sure about something that you should make a move but I’m getting desperate.

    What’s a sagittarian born on December 10th, 1972 to do :(. I’ve got a hard decision to make. Is there anything astrologically that can help me decide the best measure to take?

  432. 432 Michelle

    Dear Curious One,
    I totally understand how you are feeling regarding your career. Astrologically speaking Sagittarians are wanting more creative freedom within their jobs - the ideal career would be to be your own boss and not have someone else tell you what is expected of you. But, in this economy and under your circumstances it would be best for you to sit tight. You do have a Son who you love very much and who also needs medical insurance too. Even if he is covered by another insurance plan (which you didn’t tell me if he was but it didn’t seem like too much of a concern for you in your letter so I’ll assume that he is) you need to have continued insurance coverage too - even though it’s expensive. Everyone’s insurance co-pays have gone up, but thank God that you have insurance at all. Many people don’t these days.

    I know how you are feeling. You’re just burnt out from working so many hours and not feeling joyful or fulfilled with what you do. Is there any way that you can bring more FUN into your work place? Even in the smallest of ways (like putting a new plant on your desk) you’d be surprised at how changing your work environment around like that can bring you more prosperity too.

    I don’t suggest that you leave your current place of employment right now. When the Divine Timing is right…you’ll know what to do. In the meantime, do some contemplating about what you really want to do. If money wasn’t an object (yes, we know it is but try to think this way for just a minute) what is it that you would really, really, really love to do?

    Good Luck to you! With a smile on your face and gratitude in your heart may the Angels of Abundance continue to watch over you. May the Angels of Healing also help you with your health and help you to feel much better very soon.

    Dr. Michelle

  433. 433 Joy

    Dear Dr. Michelle,

    Its Joy again. Hope you remember me. A few weeks back my boyfriend who had broken up with me started a chat conversation with me asking me that he heard I had moved. We chatted for a bit and then I had to go. After that, we had another chat conversation and we were being nice and friendly. Since you had told me that he would realise his mistake by spring of this year, it got my hopes high and I thought maybe he has realised that he loves me after all.

    Today I happened to start a conversation with him and he accused me of speaking badly about him behind his back and creating trouble and misunderstandings in his friendships. Obviously someone has been making up stories and filling his ears. When I denied doing anything of that sort, he called me a liar and a self righteous fake.

    I have just one last question. Will he ever realise the truth? Will he ever know that I did not lie to him and that someone is intentionally creating trouble between us? Nobody has ever accused me of lying and this is killing me. Will God ever make him know the truth about his so-called friends? I don’t even want him back, I just want him to know the truth.

    Thanks a lot in advance..

  434. 434 Michelle

    Hi Joy,
    Geez - it figures - Mercury retrograde strikes again! God works in mysterious ways indeed. Yes, he will figure out his mistake but by that time it’s going to be too late. Things worked out this way between you because you are realizing that he’s really not the guy for you. Mercury goes back into direct motion on April 23rd, when at that time (or by that time) he will realize that he was wrong talking to you this way. You know that you did not lie and/or gossip to cause these issues so I hope that you feel ‘light’ in your heart about yourself. Don’t feel bad about this situation. You don’t have to prove yourself to him or anyone about this. Truth always prevails over lies, gossip and negativity. Don’t you find it interesting though that he got back in touch with you (when at that time you wondered…”Hmmm…maybe, just maybe I might give him another chance”) only to have his words now come and slap you in the heart?! Again, God moves in mysterious ways and everything is always in synchronicity. You deserve so much more and so much better than this - and now ‘you’ realize this too. Now you can begin to put the past behind you (and him too hopefully) and begin to walk into a much brighter future for yourself with someone much more compatible with you. Smile Joy and again it’s time for ‘you’ to believe in ‘you’.
    Love and Peace Always,
    Dr. Michelle

  435. 435 Curious One

    Hi Michelle,

    I wanted to thank you for your advice about staying at my place of employment. Sorry it has taken me so long to write back. I really wanted to meditate on your words and the whole situation really. Turns out you were correct!! I have come to the conclusion that, indeed, it is best that I remain where I am. At least for a while.

    It has been stressful and frustrating there with so many “power of wills” lately with my manager ( who is also a sagittarian, her birth date is the 20th of December )that I was just getting fed up with the whole thing. But I’ve taken the proper time to think things through more thoroughly and decided that boredom and frustration are NOT good reasons to leave an otherwise secure position. I’ve had tougher times there before and managed to come out of it in better form. So I suppose this is just another of those “growth” situations I have to endure in order to learn to handle these type of situations better. ( at least I hope so )

    But I have to say, just when I was about to close the book a strange thing happened. I twisted/sprained my ankle :( and had to remain at home for a week or two on crutches. UGH!!! I’ve never in my life had a broken bone, pulled muscle or anything EVER. So this was a rude awakening and took A LOT of adjustment on my part. And what’s more strange is I have absolutely NO IDEA how I even did it. I had a fall while doing laundry but I was fine, walking and carrying things as normal. But the next day when I got out of bed and put my foot on the floor my whole leg just gave out on me and boom I hit the floor. My poor foot just swinging when I tried to lift my leg. No muscle function what-so-ever. And let me tell you, being at home incapable of doing anything, much less WORK, can really make you see the light lol.

    I am slowly improving thank those heavenly stars and can report back to work tomorrow! I couldn’t be more thrilled!! Anything is better then sitting home being bored out of my SANITY!

    P.S. While at home recuperating, I also thought about what you said about finding out what it is I really loved to do. Well, I discovered it’s writing!!! I even began writing my own novel!!! A great story that will teach, encourage and most of all inspire! I’m so excited! I know this was long, but thank you so much for taking the time to read and understand. And thank you, thank you for your wise advice. You are such a blessing!

  436. 436 Donna

    Hi Michele,

    I am a bit ashamed for writing to you regarding this issue, but I’ll take my chances. I’ve written to you in the past and have felt comforted. Here it goes…I am a gemini, May 23, 1963 born 1:35 am. Remember me yet? Lately, for the past few months, I have been consumed with anxiety over a house issue. Oh I am slightly embarrassed. It’s carpenter ants! I have the sole responsibility of taking care of business at home. My husband is a hard working man, but keeps his hands out of household issues. He leaves that along with children, etc. up to me. Had an exterminator in Feb which did not resolve the issue. They weren’t very helpful and so very old school. Had to sign with a new one during retro period and signed contract for one year. That was exactly 12 days ago. They said they’re method would take about 10 days to work. It’s past the 10 days and I am super obsessed and afraid of bugs. It’s not very humorous (as my husband seems to think). As a matter of fact, it’s probably serious since now I believe they might be in my ceiling. They will be back tomorrow for a re-inspection. Michele, I can’t cook, wash or be near my kitchen without my heart just about jumping out of my chest. Might have something to do with childhood since Mom always had water bugs in her kitchen, and that’s primarily where our carpenter ants are. Also, I have NO control over this! It’s driving me completely out of my mind and I am awake at night imagining worst case scenarios. Yes, I pray every night to God for strength and beg for his help. I also ask for guidance and to watch over my family…the really important things! I realize this sounds awfully trivial, but someone has to understand where I am coming from. I worry myself sick and have become so preoccupied with this. Trying very hard to focus on good things and get things accomplished but always extremely sick to my stomach. Looking for answers (yes, even from you) and can’t seem to find any hope. Obviously, I do not handle crisis’ very well! All I want to do is sleep and wake up to a resolution. Honestly, it is actually depressing me. Yes, I can focus on the positives…good health, etc. But there’s always that negativity about everything actually that creeps up on me. Can you tell me if this ridiculous ant issue will be resolved and when? Or am I just wasting yours and my time with my believing? I have to have a safe & happy home for my family and lately it hasn’t been that.

    I appreciate your time!


  437. 437 Michelle

    Hi Donna,
    Wow…yuck! I totally understand how you feel! But, you don’t have to make yourself anxiety sick over this situation. The anxiety you are feeling (and the symptoms of anxiety) are worse than having the carpenter ants. Maybe they came into your life (and your house) to teach you that you ARE stronger than this! You are doing the right thing by hiring the exterminators. Since you have a 1 year contract with them they have to come back and keep inspecting and taking care of the problem until it is gone. You can have peace of mind about this. I find it very interesting that you signed the contract during the retrograde because any Mercury retrograde represents ‘re’ - redo, refix, reorganize and re-exterminate the darn critters! They will get the job done and come back to inspect as often as you desire them to.

    Now carpenter ants also are a sign of progress. Did you know that? Yes they are. They are a sign of tearing down what isn’t working correctly in your life and becoming motivated in rebuilding something better! If you can see them as a sign that you are being asked to do this in your own life then you will understand what is going on. Once you understand what is going on inside of yourself and you start to tear down and rebuild (create change) within yourself and around you then those carpenter ants will be gone! Hooray!

    Be rest assured that everything IS going get better in the very near future!
    Relax and sleep well. Once you get a grip on your anxiety over this you’ll be able to get a grip on any situation that comes into your life that makes you feel anxious. You are becoming stronger each and every day.

    Love and Light Always,
    Dr. Michelle

  438. 438 Donna

    Exterminator left about an hour ago. Phew! He couldn’t “promise” that the ants would be gone…can you? If so, when?

    I apologize if I’m coming off as pushy. It seems as if whenever I feel relieved, it gets worse. I don’t know how to handle my head or emotions so to speak. Your reassurance helps and I suppose I think you have “connections” or a chrystal ball perhaps :)

    I’d like to forward you a picture of my twins that I love to death! I suppose I can mail them to you. Would you mind?


  439. 439 Michelle

    Hi Donna,
    I would love to see a picture of your twins. E-mail their beautiful picture to me at:

    As for your ant issue, I can’t promise you that they will be completely gone now or when they will finally leave, BUT I can tell you that your fear of them is keeping them there. Stand tall and say out loud, “I no longer fear you. This is MY house and you can all leave NOW!” and claim your house back. Before you know it they will be gone - poof - gone like the wind. Each time you catch yourself feeling anxious and thinking worried thoughts over this issue (or any issue) tell your mind to “Stop! I don’t desire to attract negative situations into my life. Stop!” and then think about something (like your beautiful twins) that you LOVE. In this way ‘you’ will have more personal control over your emotional feelings, your ego mind, and even the ant situation. Of course the exterminator helps too. :) Many Blessings,
    Dr. Michelle :)

  440. 440 charita

    Hey Michelle, it;s been along time.. my birthdate is 12-14-75..i was wondering what does look like for me as far for mine finances and for the rest of year..Im still trying to finish school to get my degree in social work that is my passion. also, what about my love life..right now im seeing this guy Ray 9-30, he just turned 50. thanks

  441. 441 Michelle

    Hi :) You keep on doing what you are doing. You keep on being positively focused on your schooling. If you do (and I know you will) then all of the pieces of your life will come together. I feel that your finances (like everyone else) are going to feel like a teeter-tauter - up and down, up and down - but I don’t feel that you will fall. When your finances are good try to save for a rainy day. With everyone’s finances right now it’s all about learning to save.

    As for the man you mentioned - he’s a cool cat indeed. He’s very smart and fun to be around and yet he has his moments where you don’t know if he’s coming or going or what he’s thinking. Even though he’s 50 - he still needs lots of time to do his own thing. I do feel the friendship between you is pretty good - and yet you want more fun, more laughter, more spontanious good times without the heaviness of responsibilities all of the time. Good Luck with that! ‘You’ are in his life to teach him to “lighten-up” - again…good luck with that!

    May your life this year bring you plenty of sunshine and happiness!
    Dr. Michelle

  442. 442 leota

    Hi my name is leota
    My daughter name is Jennifer 9-30-1982 an her daughter name is angel 1-8-2005 her dad is rich oct I want to say the 9 but I dont know the year.

    Well here we go again back in court he want custdy for my grandaughter angel.the got court tom at 1.30pm I just keep pray an hope that god is listen an not take my daughter right away an give it to him.
    I wrote the court last week but the never anwer me back so I just hope it help my daughter in court because 3 year ago we got in to a big fight an I help rich out an he trun his back after we help him.

    I hope the court to make him pay the back child support he own her it about $8,000 an they never made him pay it.

    thank you an happy mother day .
    I hope god hear my pray an she keep angel

    thank you leota

  443. 443 Michelle

    Hi Leota,
    This is a tricky situation indeed - mostly because Rich does not want to have the past child support hanging over his head. He would rather have this daughter with him and not have to worry about child support at all - BUT - your daughter, Jennifer, has been doing so much better since she has her daughter with her. Your help and support towards your daughter, and grand daughter, has been very helpful and appreciated by both of them.

    I don’t feel that the courts will give Angel to her father. Yes, he will have visiting rights (which he probably does already) but he’s going to have to come to the realization that he will have to pay some child support to Jennifer for Angel. This is hard for him and he likes to be in control. Jennifer likes to be in control too - this is why they can’t see ‘eye to eye’ regarding their daughter and it will always be hard for them to cooperate with each other. They are both so bitter over so many things from the past and they have a way of holding it all against each other too. If only (and you can pray on this) that they could leave their regrets, disappointments, resentments and other angry emotions out of this situation (maybe a miracle can take place and they both can get over them completely - now that would be a miracle indeed!) then maybe they can come to some kind of negotiation where they can both do the best for what Angel needs.

    Keep positively praying and seeing this situation the way that you desire it to be. Yes, I do feel that your letter to the courts can be of great help. Don’t worry about the fact that they didn’t contact you. I’m sure that they put it in the file for the Judge to read it. AND, keep in mind that the courts ”always” want to have the child be with her mother if at all possible. Rich would have to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Jennifer is incompetent to have Angel with her (which he really can’t do) so keep your prayers high and have great hope in your heart. When you both go to court have a sense of positive confidence, not a sense of dread, when you enter the court room.

    Many Blessings to the family,
    Dr. Michelle

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  455. 455 poetstar

    Dear Dr. Michelle,
    Is he my soulmate? What do you see happening between us? I’m 12/28/73 (time born is unknown) and he is 12/1/65.
    Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

  456. 456 Michelle

    Dear Poetstar,
    Of the two of you…YOU definitely are the more organized, dedicated, and the one that ’sets the tone’ of your relationship together. Your friend, the Sagittarius born 12/1/1965, see’s himself ‘through’ your eyes. He’s on a creative life long journey to figure out who he is and what he wants to do with his life. You may find, as time goes on (if you haven’t already) that ‘you’ are the giver and he is the receiver in this relationship. Yes, you have a very strong need to be needed, but when it comes to a personal relationship for ‘yourself’…don’t ‘you’ deserve to be taken care of, understood, and really loved for who you are too? At first this relationship can put ’stars’ in your eyes - the attraction is definitely there but I wouldn’t call it a soulmate relationship. A soulmate relationship is a very balanced relationship where you will feel that you can ‘completely’ trust the other person that you are with and that he lifts you up, (your goals, your dreams, your wishes, your life) and maybe at first it seems this way. I feel that he IS into you very much - but is that because you show him the part of himself that he wants to see himself become? If you would like to know more about this relationship, or if you have another question for me, feel free to e-mail me directly at: and we’ll talk about this situation more in a private conversation.

    Good Luck!
    Dr. Michelle

  457. 457 poetstar

    Thank you Dr. Michelle, I sent a message from my personal email…hope you receive it (sometimes these messages go to spam folders). Looking forward to hearing from you. Blessings.

  458. 458 Michelle

    Got it! Thank You!

  459. 459 Karen M

    The last year (from late june 2010 to currently) has been hell at work. Made a mistake, boss tried to fire me, my immediate supervisors stood up for me, so I kept my job, but he’s made it miserable ever since. Even after a year, when my supervisors asked to reinstate me, they were told no. I keep waiting for the universe to send me a sign about where I’m headed…but only still see confusion.
    birthdate is: 6-19-1957 born at 12:30 pm in Portland, Or.

  460. 460 Michelle

    Hi Karen,
    I’m curious…did that mistake you’re talking about happen ‘before’ your birthday last year? From your birthday in 2009 until your birthday in 2010 you were then in what we call a 9 cycle (I’m surprised that you didn’t quit your job back then because you really didn’t want to work there…or anywhere at all during that time frame…but alas, you had to pay the bills) - anyway, subconsciously you really didn’t want to work there thus that silly mistake took place. It’s not right at all that your boss treats you this way. You are wayyy better than having to be treated like this. Those that are kind and spiritually enlightened realize what a wonderful person you are. Negative types of people will shy away from your inner light which shines so brightly. Do yourself a favor and write me a personal e-mail to: and I’ll explain your situation a lot more for you. In the meantime, please know in your heart that your mission here on this earth plane is to be the angelic earth angel that you are and, the hard part, to forgive those that don’t know any better. The Universal sign you are waiting for IS before you. Write to me soon…I’m looking forward to hearing from you.
    Blessings Always,
    Dr. Michelle

  461. 461 Michele

    Your message is clear and your delivery is beautiful.
    Just wanted to thank you for all of your wonderful services.

  462. 462 Michelle

    Hi Michele,
    You’re very welcome! If you ever need my services again…just let me know! :) Blessings Always,
    Dr. Michelle

  463. 463 Kathy A.

    Hello Michelle.
    First off I love comming here and reading your responses to everyone. You can definetely feel that your heart is in your work. Thank you from everyone for all your help.
    My name is Kathy (10-28-55). I have been seeing a man named Donnie (08-23-56) for about 8 years, both of us lost our spouses. We live about 50 miles away from one another. He has asked me several times to move in with him. I know he cares for me..(you even once told me so when I was having doubts) In a nut shell I am scared to death to move in with him. I have always used my children and pets as an excuse not to. Well, the kids are doing quite well. They are all involved in realationships that seem strong one getting married soon. I do have my doubts about two of the four but we both know there is nothing I can do except pray that they will all be happy. I still have the pets…but he has always said that would be worked out. I live in a very run down mobile home. Its so bad that I do not invite nor allow anyone in here except family. Not even the childrens spouses or their boy or girlfriends.
    What I am so afaird of is moving in with him and it not working out for some reason. Sometimes he says/does things that are often hurtful, but I must admit as time goes on it happens less and less. I dont want to end up having to move out and not having anything to start over with. He has a house completely furnished…(to full to tell the truth) and his stuff is alot nicer than mine ever was,Especially considering I have not gotten anything new since before my husband passed away. I would have to get rid of most of my stuff, sell or trash this mobile home…and I have no earthly idea to even how to do this…And then there is the fear that it wont work out and I will be without anything, and not being able to afford getting new. This place is paid off and I only pay lot rent. I honestly dont know how I would afford moving out to an appartment or finding another run down place to live in. What do you think? Would it work out if I moved in with him? Would we both be happy if I did? It really scares me. Please help me.

  464. 464 Michelle

    Dearest Kathy,
    Life is way too short not to take some chances and really LIVE it! God put ‘you’ in charge of ‘you’…how have you been doing with that? Because you are a Scorpio Sun sign you worry wayyy too much. When you think about the worst thing that will happen, just in case it happens, do you know what you will receive? Use your energy for more creative thinking! It’s time for you to turn your frown upside down and begin to SMILE! Your Donnie is a Virgo Sun sign with a Pisces Moon (a Full Moon Baby) with a kind and generous heart. Yes, he get’s very frustrated sometimes, but that’s only when the people he loves won’t work together with him as a TEAM.

    I don’t feel that you have anything to worry about (although that’s easier said then done for a Scorpio). You should take a chance and move in with Donnie. Together you both would make a very good TEAM. Because you have both been through the experience of losing a spouse you should both appreciate each other even more…UNLESS you are so afraid of being together with someone just in case you would lose another person in your life too (which can be very dramatic for a Scorpio).

    Dear Kathy…it’s time to UPGRADE yourself and your life! You won’t begin to see positive results until you find the courage and love within yourself to give it a try! Donnie is sincere (God bless him) about wanting to have you in his life. You should love him and bless him for this too.

    As for your mobile home, it’s time to clean it up and rid yourself of your past worn out stuff. Let this stuff go! Since it is paid off, and with the economy like it is today - people losing their homes and young people just starting off needing a place to rent - once you’ve cleaned it up then you could possibly rent it to someone who can use it more than you. You would be doing a good deed! Think about the good karma you would reap! Donnie can help you with this too.

    My best advice is to have some self-discipline (which you do deep in your soul) and give life a chance. Wonderful things will come into your life once you turn your ‘reactive side’ into a much more ‘creative side’ and allow the true you to shine through!

    You’re not getting any younger! What are you waiting for?

    Blessings Always,
    Dr. Michelle

  465. 465 Hannah Michelle

    Hi Michelle-
    I seriously just spent prob the past 2 hours reading this whole blog.. I am pretty spiritual & my mom has helped open my eyes to alot of the angelic relm & archangel michael. My bday is 5-19-90 and was born at 7something pm in Aurora, IL. I believe my moon is venus. I dont know if im right or not though. Im only 21 but i def havent had an easy life, was on my own at 16, done drugs, jail turned my life around & try to live every day by doing & treating others how I want to be. I am in my 1 year of new begainnings but i feel stuck. My puppa just passed awaw on sep 27 and im having alot of guilt about not being close for years. but truly loved him. Also im in a serious relationship with a scorpio Drew 11/09/1985.. about a year now. he has a 4 year old son & i am very much attached to his son. WE have kinda been arguing alot. HELP. Are we a good match?? scorpio and taurus… we are both stubbborn! In good and bad ways.. lol There is ALOT of different things going on in my life i would love guidence on.. your astrology is right on for me. After reading your whole website these past couple hours, :] lol i feel connected to you & you being able to help guide me. And being able to feel at peace & what I need to do with my life. Thank you so much… I would LOVE LOVE to do a personal phone session.. Finances are a tight right now, maybe work out a couple payments? please help! thank you

  466. 466 Hannah Michelle

    also my first real bf, 1st love justpassed away 2 months ago.. i had really been thinkin bout him this past year and it devastated me when he passed.. There are these divine oracle guiadence cards by cheryl hanish on facebook & i go on and will randomly choose a card out of the deck and give me a helpful guide or hint or insight. ANd the day after he died i pulled a card that said “your loved ones that have passed on, want you to know that they love you” & “they are happy and in a wonderful place & to not worrry” and it helpedd me come to a little bit of peace with his death.. his bday is 8/13/86 born in Lajuanta, CO. & like i said in the post above my puppa just passed 2 weeks ago & im having alot of regret. But in joyus news, my little brother had a baby boy today. he was born 10/10/11 @ 8:22am in VA. I feel very connected to my newphew & the neeed for him to be close to me. They live in VA right now & I live in Arizona.. They are planning on moving to FL in a month with my dad & stepmom. But my mother & I are trying to have them come out to az.. WIll they ever come out to arizona?! help me feel less stressed about all these situations & what I can do to help better mtyself. :]
    05/19/1990 7:26pm Illinois

  467. 467 Michelle

    Hi Hannah,
    You are a very spiritual and sensitive young woman indeed. You are on a path of self-awareness and self-discovery in this lifetime. 34/7 are your Lifepath numbers which indicate how giving, caring, and sensitive you really are. Sometimes you may wish that you weren’t so sensitive thus one of the reasons for you turning to drugs in your younger years. Being on a 7 path also asks you to learn how to BE your own best friend and learn how to take care of yourself as well as you know how to take care of others. People will come into your life that will act as ‘mirror reflections’ of who you are. For better, and sometimes for worse, these people will either lift you up, or drive you a little crazy. For instance, when you see beauty in someone that’s because you are beautiful inside too. When you notice someone who is being cranky and stubborn - and it makes you upset - that’s because you can be quite cranky and stubborn too. Learn from what you observe in other people and make the most of your most positive traits.

    You asked me about your relationship with your Scorpio boyfriend. A Taurus and Scorpio relationship is a Full Moon relationship. These kinds of relationships are often quite challenging for you push and pull at each other instead of both being on the same page. When you are happy then he’s probably cranky. When you’re cranky then he seems like he doesn’t care and he’s happy. Both of you are independent souls and usually a Taurus/Scorpio relationship can be quite a passionate, and yet lonely, relationship. In many ways you are both very much like each other. He ALSO is on the 34/7 life path…just like you. You BOTH are learning about ‘yourselves’ - so some days you will blend together and some days you’ll both be feeling very selfish. It’s not just you that feels this way about him - but often he feels this way about you too. If you are interested in learning more about your relationship together you may want to purchase a Compatibility Report from me.

    You said that your Moon is in Venus. The Moon and Venus are both planets my dear, but, I can tell you that your Moon sign (how you handle things emotionally) is in the sign of Pisces (which makes you even more sensitive) and your Venus is in the sign of Aries which makes ‘you’ have a need to ‘be’ in charge of your personal relationships. You need a lot of positive attention or you’ll move onto a different relationship (or at least me looking for another relationship).

    My condolences to you and your family in the passing of your Dad. I’m sure that he understands the regrets that you have. Don’t worry about that, but know that he loves you and will always be there with you when you lovingly think about him. The best thing that you can do is to fondly remember the good times that you had with him, even if they were few, because those memories will always be cherished by the both of you.

    I could continue to write a book here for you about yourself and your life, but space is limited so feel free to write to me privately at: when you’re ready to set up your personal appointment with me.

    The best advise I can give to you is to just BE yourself and love yourself the way that you desire others to see and love you. Don’t try to pretend that you are something other than who you are. Once you realize how special YOU truly are…and it may take more time and maturity…but once you figure that out you’ll ‘know’ without a doubt that you wouldn’t want to be anyone else than YOU.

    Blessings Always,
    Dr. Michelle

  468. 468 Di M Nader

    Dearest Dr. Michelle, Your spiritual warmth and guidance brings me comfort and a sense of direction.Thank you so much for your abundant generousity. Right now, I am struggling with my life issues; a midlife break from my past and a blank slate for the future. And I feel stuck…. I understand that this is my turn, my regeneration phase. I feel both overwhelmed by lack of structure and instructions as well as ashamed by my lack enthusiasm at this unique opportunity. I recognize that this is going to be a process not an instant fix. As I address the secular changes affecting my life, as I explore the inner workings of my midlife psyche under professional guidance, as I adjust to my own situation with abundant blessings, I also seek to listen to a spirit guide who may illuminate the path I seem to have lost.I send up prayers for peace and wish for you to enjoy every blessing. Thanks so much for providing a safe and nurturing learning site .
    lovenhugs, Di ps: yes, I am on facebook too!
    DOB: 03/09/1958.

  469. 469 Michelle

    Dearest Di,
    Situations like yours take time to heal through. Getting positive insight and healing helps greatly too. Feel free to personally write to me at: You have the right attitude - kudos for that - but I also understand how you feel regarding everything you’re going through. I highly suggest that you think about setting up your own personal session with me in the near future. You deserve to receive some positive input, inspiration, and healing to help empower you so that you can become motivated once again. Changes can be exhausting - but they can also be quite enlightening too when you have the wisdom - and right information - to understand the paths before you. I know that you’re feeling tested within yourself, and in your life, and you desire “peace rather than this.” Again, the right information and truth-filled inspiration can help open your eyes, and your heart, to what’s going on within you and all around you. I totally understand the midlife psyche thing. A good sense of humor will also help see you through!
    Much love and blessings to you always,
    Dr. Michelle

  470. 470 Donna

    Hi there, my friend!

    First, hope all is well with you. Lately, I have been experiencing perhaps what I think might be perimenopausal symptoms. Missing menses, headaches, irritability and sleep interruption coupled with hot flashes at night. I’m 48 :) Just regular daily duties can be a real pain for me sometimes, although I can quite put my finger on why I am so overwhelmed and tired sometimes. Yes, I’m still trying to accept certain things about my husband and perhaps that not everyone is who you perceive them to be. I try to see the best in everyone. Lately, I have been dreaming (when I do sleep) about my deceased mother & aunt. Sometimes, I’ll hear of something which actually has significance on the next day or during that week. It is something I have never experienced before. I won’t get too much into detail but I did have numerous dreams that included my husband before and after the “episode” we had in June 2011. Now in hindsight, I should have seen something (whatever) coming. What do the dreams about my mother & aunt mean if anything? I could tell you (AGAIN) that I miss my mother terribly and my aunt was her sister…like a 2nd mom.

    Thank you as always!

  471. 471 Michelle

    Hi Donna,
    Life, these days…in general…can give everyone a headache! I totally understand how you are feeling. The symptoms you are having do sound like perimenopause to me, but I suggest that you go and see your doctor to make sure. Your Doctor can give you a simple blood test to see how far along you are on the perimenopausal scale. I turned 50 years old back in March 2011 and I’m not even close, so says my Doctor, to being near peri yet…so I don’t have any personal experience with the symptoms you are having. But, many of my close friends have had those symptoms. Again, go and see your Medical Doctor for a blood test and check up.

    As for the dreams you are having. I totally understand those. You’ve been under a great deal of stress and your loved ones, on the other side, want you to know that they are there to help and comfort you. :)
    Your own intuition is getting stronger to so that it can help you to understand better why you’re feeling so stressed and to give you some positive insight, and inspiration, on how you can understand the bigger picture regarding each situation going on around you. I suggest that you keep a personal journal and write down what you are seeing, feeling, and intuitively receiving. By writing down your experiences you will begin to see a pattern that can help you understand what your Spirit Guides, Angels, Higher Self, and your Mom and Aunt are trying to tell you.

    The best thing you can do is to continue to be as flexible as possible….with your heart, mind, and body! I suggest that you sign up for a local beginners yoga class. The time away from everyone and the little easy exercises you will do can help you in so many ways! Get out there and try it. It’s very inexpensive. Go and sign up TODAY!

    Blessings Always,
    Dr. Michelle

  472. 472 DONNA

    Hi Michele - It’s me again:) Just wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! THANK YOU for your time and suggestions over the past year. Whether you realize it or not, I truly appreciate your insight.


  473. 473 Michelle

    Hi Donna,
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family too.
    I appreciate such wonderful readers, like you, who take the time to send me special messages here.
    Thank You!
    Happy Holidays!
    Blessings Always,

  474. 474 Emancipated and Liberated

    Hi Michelle,

    I am a sagittarian born Dec. 10, 1972 in Plainfield N.J @ 4pm ( remember me :)) I had a question concerning a job that I quit (without a backup ) after almost 12 years on Oct. 28th, 2011.

    My family and friends all thought I was nuts to leave a job after being there for so long and I must admit that while I handed in my resignation I was thinking the exact same thing. But deep down I knew, or rather FELT, that it was the best posible thing I could do for myself considering the condition I was working under. And actually, I think I’d been coming to this very decision for a little over a year to be honest.

    You see, my manager and I had been butting heads off and on for more then two years. I tried hard to smile and bare it for as long as I could, but it had gotten to the point where I HATED to get up and go to work in the morning to a job that I’d once loved. I don’t know if it was something that she was going through personally or if she simply just didn’t like “me”. All I know is that almost overnight her entire treatment of me changed. She is also a sagittarian, born Dec. 20th ( not sure of anything else )But it got to the point where I was feeling “bullied”. She began talking down to me and pointing out little silly things that should not have mattered like different ways I wore my hair to how many pens I used or handwriting or ANYTHING it seemed. There were others that noticed this also but I felt alone in dealing with it because no one ever seemed to come to my defence. And as far as my boss goes, she would simply go into his office, close the door and give him “her version” of what was going on and he would go with whatever she said and my side was never considered. That was very hurtful for me because I felt like I’d been there so long that I would at least have some kind of say. But I suppose just because I was the receptionist/secretary my thoughts or complaints were redundant. I used to cry alot because I’d seen her talk down to me about things that others where doing also but she’d never talk to them the way she’d talked rudely towards me. For a very long time I’d tried to stay in the positive because I really did like the job and the people. It was a pleasant place to work (when she wasn’t there and i wasn’t the only one who felt that way ). There where others there also that had quit because of the way she was treating them ( or rather the way she “spoke” to them because she could be very rude, blunt and unfeeling towards their feelings )
    But on this particular day she was even worse and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I felt the best thing I could do FOR ME was get the heck out of there or loose my temper and patients with her. So I quit the professional way and gave them my two week notice. BEST THING I think I’ve ever done for myself and my sanity. They got me a big good luck cake on my last day there and I think she was “a little sorry ” to see me go because she’d given me the silent treatment the whole two weeks, slamming things on my desk ect. sighs…Anyway, after the cake and hugs and good lucks ect, they thought I would stay the whole day but as soon as all that was done, I could not help but RUN out of that building. I just felt so …FREE. I didn’t have to cry anymore, I didn’t have to experience headaches just thinking about that place anymore or anything. Financially I was okay because I’d managed to hold on to a good amount and the whole month of November all I did was simply sleep. I had been soooo tired and worn out from all the emotions and stress I’d been either ignoring or holding in for so long that the flood gates just opened up. I had never felt so worn out in my life.

    My friends and family thought I should try to find work right away, but they didn’t understand that I had to “detox” myself from that place first. I truly needed a BIG rest for my very own soul sake. And i am now just beginning to feel MUCH better about myself and my decision. Some days I wonder if it was the right thing to do, but when I began to wonder like that something else deep down inside me confirms that I did make the decision that was best considering. I have skills and faith that I will find another job, I was just wondering when the BEST time is to start looking. I’ve already sent resume’s and signed with temp agencys, but I’ve only JUST started to do these things. I hadn’t the energy before, but I have in droves now. Can you help me?

  475. 475 Michelle

    Dear Honorable Sista,
    First of all let me give you a BIG HUG and say “Congratulations” on making a positive change in your life regarding your career. You are right, you have many skills that you can use to work in a company that appreciates you and doesn’t abuse you. No one should have to go through any kind of abuse and disrespect when everyone is supposed to be working at a TEAM for the good of the whole company. You did your very best, you put in your time, and when things happen like this it is certainly a message from the Universe that it’s time to get the heck out of there and move ON.

    I totally understand that you needed time to detox. Oh yes, you still have some time to detox so be patient, keep on putting your resume’s out there, and relax. The very best time for you to move forward into a new career will be after your upcoming birthday - “Happy Upcoming Birthday!” You are going to be moving into a brand new, and more powerful, cycle of your life that can bring you much SUCCESS!

    Mercury, the planet of communication, IS in your sign and will be going back into direct motion on 12/13 - so after this date you should begin to really start to see some improvements in regards to almost everything in your life.

    It IS important that you keep UP your positive attitude! Keep on listening to that ’still small voice’ within you (no matter how much other people may give you their opinions) because it’s your own intuition that is definitely helping you to move into a new position that WILL BE so much better for you! Oh Yes, your happiness is very important. When you are happy then other people will be happier too AND your financial abundance will grow and grow.

    When you love what you do then you’ll be very financial prosperous too!

    Don’t feel bad about your decision. Again, no one should have to be abused, whether at work or in their personal relationships, for ANY reason. I’m surprised that you kept your cool for as long as you did! You handled everything very professionally - by giving them your 2 weeks notice - a lot of people in your position might not have done this.

    So, in a nutshell, everything should become so much better for you in the not too distant future.

    Focus positively on what you desire to attract into your life. Hold your head up high and know that your special skills, and your great personality, will be a great benefit for the new company that hires you!

    Many Blessings Always,
    Dr. Michelle

  476. 476 Emancipated and Liberated

    Hi Michelle!

    Thank you ever so kindly for your encouraging words! I was afraid for a minute there that you too would think that I’d “jumped from the frying pan into the fire” ( my sister’s words :/ ). I glad YOU are able to see past the “book cover” and see MY story to know and give me credit for doing what I knew was best. I thought it took a great deal of courage for me to act on that inner compulsion and I told my sister, in my most positive attitude, that even if I did land in the flames that like the Phenox I would still emerge!

    Sometimes I am sad but I know that the sadness stems from the time I’d spent there. Your co-workers sort of become like family and that’s what I miss. The people I used to see on a daily basis. But none the less, my decision was the best and I know this because other then missing my co-workers, I miss nothing else.

    I know there is a purpose in all things, even the bad situations that cross our path. And I still wish my manager nothing but the very best dispite her actions. I probably will never know what brought her behavior on but I do hope that she finds peace and contentment with whatever it may have been. I also know that being a manager is not an easy job and the work load can be unbearable at times, but it doesn’t excuse her behavior. I do forgive her but I am glad to be free of it and I am proud of myself for handling things the way I did.

    Thank you for the “upcoming birthday wishes!!” I’m excited but at the same time also a little nervous lol because I know there’s an (gulp) eclipse on “MY” Birthday. I’ve been reading about it and I’m praying it’s a good thing since I read this eclipse was about some sort of endings. ( gulps again ) I know I shouldn’t worry because I’ve put nothing but good karma out, so hopefully it will return to me!

    I’ve been reading your site for a long time now Michelle and you help soooo many with their situations and life in general that it amazes me. Most times I don’t write anything at all I just read because others have situations that are so simular to what I may be experiencing and your advice is always right on time. You are truly one special human being. I wish I could work for YOU! (smile) Ok or someone “like you” because you are so understanding :) I’d soooo like that a lot!! (smile)I will take your advice about the best time for my job search! Hopefully, and I have a lot of faith, that something RIGHT FOR ME will come along soon!!

    Thanks again Michelle!
    You are truly the best!

  477. 477 Weird feeling

    I am a member of a team, where I work, that goes to other airports in time of disasters or problems. I have been a member for several years and have never been sent for anything. Once I went to a near by airport to train people on a new piece of equipment, besides that nothing. All of a sudden since the new year, everytime I go to the store I get an overwhelming urge to get things that I would need if were sent to an airport to help out. Is this just in my head or is something going to happen and I am one of the employees going to be sent? Another feeling all of a sudden I keep getting is to get my ducks in a row to retire at 62 vice at least 65 which I have always felt I would need to work till. Whats going on with me? My birthdate is 10-28-55. Thank you for your insight to this. Kathy

  478. 478 Michelle

    Hi Kathy!

    First of all I want to highly commend you on being a member of such a special team that helps people in times of airport disasters. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that you, and your other team mates, won’t have to go to too many of those. We all pray for anyone who is flying to be truly safe and sound. But, when disasters do occur it’s sure good to know that people like you are on the team!

    Now, onto your questions. Yes, a Scorpio, like you, should always listen to your intuition. If you’re feeling an urge to be prepared, then you should be. You are a very organized Scorpio indeed having 31/4 as your destiny number. - You can learn more about this at the numerology section on my website here - but I don’t want you to “think about the worst thing that can happen, just in case it happens, so that you’re prepared” - yes it’s good to be prepared but often Scorpio’s, all Scorpio’s, will think this way and actually attract negative situations into their lives through their own powerful, very powerful, thoughts. Being prepared is good, but don’t let it consume you. I feel that you are ready to help out, you’ve been waiting so long to help, and just wanting to be of help is definitely part of your calling in life.

    You are also at a special time of your life, your current cycle of life, when you want to help anyone, not just at the airport, that may be in need of your assistance. :)
    Your plan to retire, so that you can personally have more time to do your own thing, is very important to you. It is very good that you are planning your retirement for the 62 - 65 year old time frame. You are an energetic Scorpio, so even being of that Earth age (which is just a number really) you’re going to feel like a youthful 50 something personality.

    Keep on taking really good care of yourself so that your later years will be, and I know that they will, quite remarkable!

    Blessings Always,
    Dr. Michelle

  479. 479 Joanne

    Hi Michelle,

    I Feel very self absorbed to be asking for help for this problem but here goes. My partner left me at 7 months pregnant to get with another woman. I now have a wonderful baby and I desperately want to move on and make a new life for me and my child but Im still so consumed with anger towards this man. I cant help but want to punish him and i feel so guilty for choosing him to be my babys Father. I need to pull myself together and let it go, he was a rubbish boyfriend and we were very incompatible HOWEVER im still stuck asking useless questions like where, how, why etc when i know this is worthless as it is over. Im so busy hoping that his life is awful that I am making my own life awful. That is a terrible, stupid way to be. I know i shouldnt wish people bad luck, especially my baby’s Father. I just want to be happy, do u know a way I can start to move forward and away from all this rubbish that goes round and round in my head? Im worried im just the kind of person that cant/wont ever have a normal “family” and I dont think its fair of me to of had a baby if this is the case. I feel Ive brought him into a rubbish life : ( xx

  480. 480 Michelle

    Dear Joanne,

    Have you ever thought about the possibility that your wonderful baby boy actually chose you both to be his Mom and Dad (at the very least for the DNA of it) and that’s why you were so drawn to continuing to be with your boyfriend even though you knew he really wasn’t good for you? Yes, this is true. The baby souls in heaven always pick their parents, for better or worse, to learn what they need to learn. Your precious baby boy loves you. He’s filled with so much unconditional Divine Love that he desires to give to you, so that you can learn how to become unconditionally love and forgiving too.

    Logically and emotionally you have a right to be ticked off, but you can’t hold this against yourself, or your ex any longer.

    Take a good look at your beautiful baby boy. I’m sure that by now you can’t imagine, even in your wildest dreams, what your life would be like without him! Without your ex and you being together, for his conception, he would never have been born. Let’s thank your ex for his sperm donation and leave it at that.

    Now it’s time to move forward with your own life. The first step in the process is to completely forgive, surrender your pain to God, and let go of the feelings of revenge that you have. In fact, if you want to really bless your own life, and the life of your child, then bless your ex for moving out of your life so that you can find someone else, someone much better, to come into your life that will make you both very happy!

    Stop blaming yourself. Stop thinking so much about what other people think or expect from you. Just keep yourself positively focused on your beautiful baby boy. He truly is your saving grace. You have more unconditional love coming from him then you’ve ever had from anyone in your whole life! He loves YOU and in his heart this is all he needs right now.

    You are a wonderful loving person. You already have a normal family. Just you and your baby are the foundation of the new family that you have created. Focus forward on positive improvements and what you truly desire for the both of you, but for now, this moment, just count your blessings, with all your heart, that you and your son are together in a Divine connection that no one can break. Don’t spend anymore precious time, time you could be cuddling and playing with your son, dwelling on negative things. You don’t have any more time for that!

    When you feel like you’re a bit depressed…go and hug your son again and again and again. Take a good look in his eyes and know, without a doubt, that he chose YOU to be his Mom. BE the best Mom that you can be!

    It’s time to let go of the rubbish. Delete that word out of your vocabulary. Replace it with understanding, compassion, and love.

    Good Luck!
    Dr. Michelle

  481. 481 Joanne

    Thank you again Michelle…

    This may seem a ridiculous question but it is genuine….how do I “bless” someone?? If I am to “bless” the ex, is it with words, or thoughts, or…?. I dont underatand how to do this.
    “completely forgive”…I do understand this and the processes I need to do this from other experiences in my life and… “let go of the feelings” I also understand the processes to do but “surrender your pain to God”??? I want to do these things but I dont think i know how, I havent done this before. I hear these phrases and people change their lives by them and the like but I dont know how to surrender my pain to God? Pls help, if its at all possible to put into words I’d be most grateful. Sorry to take up more of your time xx

  482. 482 Michelle

    This is not a ridiculous question at all. I can understand that you might not logically realize how to bless someone, but in reality, from your heart, you do know how to do this quite well. I suggest, for you, that you first make yourself of list of all of the reason’s you are really angry at this person, along with another list of what you are grateful for regarding this person (I know it’s hard, but you can think of a few important things). Then take the angry list and rip it up. As you rip up the angry list, say a little prayer - something like, “God I give this list to you. Please take away my anger and help me to forgive this person completely for the trespasses that he’s done against me.” As you rip up this paper you should begin to feel a sense of peace that you haven’t had in a long time. You’ll know that your prayer is being answered. Then take your other list, of the reasons why you are grateful that this person came into your life in the first place and focus on sending him love and light along the journey of his life. You can even say another little prayer, “Dear God please bless (insert name here), help to him to know that I mean him no harm. If our paths cross again may it only be in love, friendship, and peace.”

    Of course you can use any words that you desire. The above prayers are just a simple suggestion, but I’m sure you get the idea.

    A sense of positive intention and love from your heart will help you through the easy process.

    If ever, after you’ve done this, you start to feel angry again…just let it go…like a stormy cloud moving through your mind and heart…just let it pass and allow the sunshine to fill your whole being up again.

    May the healing you desire manifest into your life easily.

    Blessings Always,
    Dr. Michelle

  483. 483 Donna

    Hi Michele -

    How are you these days? Hope all is well with you & your family. Looking for your insight although it’s by no means a spiritual question but an astrological one. We have an annual appointment with CPA for our income taxes on March 14. This happens to be during a mercury retro period…does that mean I should be concerned?

    Now for the semi-spiritual inquiry. For the past week or so, I have been dreaming of deceased relatives and friends. Every consecutive night, there is someone in my dream. First, my aunt, then my lady friend, then my mother, then my brother…then my brother again. In between, I dreamed of my son and husband (they are very much alive thank God) but it was a scary dream beause my son was hurt and my husband was yelling to me for help. While eating dinner, we heard an oldie song that was a favorite of my brother’s and I burst into tears. I’m baffled…any thoughts that you can share?

    Wishing you well as always!

  484. 484 Rainie

    Hi Michelle, I very much appreciate the responses you have bestowed upon so many people and yes they have helped me too! Thank you!
    My question is of astrological nature… my natal chart shows that I have Chiron in Pisces. I am a Cancer Sun sign and have been going through about 7 years of difficult times. An article I read suggested that whatever needs to be healed can be found when considering where Chiron sits in your natal chart. So with Chiron being in Pisces, what does that say about my focus for healing?

    Thank you in advance for your thoughts, I do look forward to hearing from you!

  485. 485 Michelle

    Hi Donna,
    By the time I am responding to your questions here to me it’s 1:16 am on March 17th! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
    So, you’re going to have to send me a private e-mail at: and let me know how things went with your CPA. I’m sure that everything will turn out okay, but it’s always good to keep an eye on the little details that sometimes get overlooked. But, other than those annoying little things, I’m sure that everything should have turned out just fine for you.

    Now, onto your semi-spiritual inquiry ~ You mentioned that you are dreaming a lot these days - oh yes you will be with Neptune in it’s natural sign of Pisces now. Try to get used to it. Dreaming can be quite a wonderful experience indeed! Yes, I understand that you don’t particularly like dreaming about your deceased relatives and this is freaking you out a little bit, but try not to let it. Really, try not to take these dreams your having sooo seriously and personally. Nothing bad is going to happen. The current Mars retrograde in Virgo, along with the ruling planet for Virgo - Mercury - also being in retrograde motion - seems to be opening spiritual dimensions that we haven’t be able to tap into so easily before. This is only going to be going on for a short period of time. Mercury will go back into direct motion on 4/4 and Mars will go back into direct motion on 4/14 - SO, if there’s a special message that your loved ones on the other side want to give to you then try to accept it! If there is a message that you want to give to them then go ahead and just talk to them as if they are standing right there next to you! The veil between our worlds is thinner right now - which in many ways is wonderful for a variety of reasons - such as our own Spirit Guides can get our attention and help guide us a lot easier now too!

    Anyways, try not to be so baffled. I highly suggest that you keep a dream journal for yourself! You should find that by keeping a record of your dreams that the messages you are receiving can have some great insights for you!

    What you feel in your heart is true! Those on the other side really do love you! As for the ones on this side, that are still with you, that you are so worried about…try to calm down…strengthen your faith…and realize that they too are going through some personal changes in this year of 2012 too.

    Take good care of yourself Donna!
    Keep Smiling! :) Dr. Michelle

  486. 486 Michelle

    Dear Rainie,
    With you having Chiron in Pisces, you are of the same generation as myself. I was born in 1961 and also have Chiron in Pisces. Our Generation is a generation that was born to be ’selfless servants’, especially in regards to love relationships - with our families, with our friends, with our significant others, with our children - oh the list goes on and on. As you very well know you’ve felt that you’ve had to put your own feelings last for the goodness and well fare of those around you. Your feelings are often sacrificed. You often feel that you have to silently suffer alone because no one is there to hold you, care for you, or even lend a thoughtful ear to listen to how you are feeling - AND you would never really want anyone to go out of their way to do so because…that person probably couldn’t understand the depths of what you are feeling anyway. I could go on and on about this topic, BUT on a good note - you are a very kind person who will go out of your way to help anyone else that you feel is suffering. It’s through your own sense of knowing what suffering is that you truly don’t want anyone else to ever have to suffer like you do…which makes you a very empathetic and caring person indeed!

    Now, you want to know if your own healing is going to begin now that Chiron is in Pisces! Oh yes…it’s already begun…but it’s not going to be as easy as you would like it to be - you may need to have some counseling yourself so that you can rid yourself, forgive yourself, forgive others, and really begin to find strength within yourself - so that you can set your own personal boundaries in a much better way. Now comes the time for all of us with Chiron in Pisces to hug the little child inside and realize that we have to BE the true nurturer for ourselves that we’ve always desired that someone else be for us, because by now we’ve realized that no one can truly be that for us - not when they need us to be that for them so badly. I know it doesn’t sound fair at all, and in some ways - logically it’s not - but on a good note, or should I say a special God Note - We truly are blessed with strong faith and divine heavenly love from above! Search your heart and you know this is true!

    Your focus on healing right now is excellent for you and excellent for the other people that are in your life, and new people who will be attracted into your life. You should focus on yourself a little bit more now. Get plenty of rest often to meditate, write, and recharge your internal batteries. You’re not lazy by any means but you can get quite exhausted from being around other people’s energies for too long.

    Feel free to write to me privately at: if you’d like more information about this fascinating subject of Chiron in Pisces. Keep in mind that our whole little Generation is going through this healing period of time together. Your not alone!

    Blessings Always,
    Dr. Michelle

  487. 487 Jo

    Hi Michele
    I just wanted to wish you well. I believe that you are a Piscian like me and I’ve been a bit under the weather this week - mainly a head cold and I thought that you may be ill too. I’m sending you lots of healing thoughts and plenty of hugs. Take care
    Jo x

  488. 488 Lisa

    Dear Michelle,
    I am in the middle of a HUGE growth phase and looking for direction on the next purposeful steps on my path. Born 9-11-63.
    I have always struggled with knowing my life purpose, and I do want to be in alignment with my soul. I’m currently preparing to leave my unhealthy marriage(spouse 3-3-69) of 14 years to create a more peaceful and authentic life for myself and 2 young sons. I’ve never had a real “career” and am having a heard time reinventing at 48! I HAVE spent most of my life working on my spiritual development and healing. Past jobs have been art and yoga teaching, horticulture,and odd retail kinds of things. I’ve recently given myself permission to work and study as an artist again,(I have an undergrad degree, but gave it up in my 20’s) and it is REALLY feeding my core joy. When I am painting, I feel totally ON purpose. However, the arts seem a risky venture for someone who has children to support. Is there anything you can see in my chart to help me know where to turn next? I am also conflicted about whether or not to let go of my land. I live on an idyllic farm, but can’t afford it alone. I honestly believe that this breakup is for my best life, but I have no idea how to move forward and create financial independence. Thank you so much for any insights you may have. Your column is a great gift to all. SO grateful! Lisa

  489. 489 Michelle

    Thank You Jo! You’re so right. I have been completely under the weather for the past couple of weeks, but I am on the mend, finally, and feeling a lot better! Your healing energy and thoughts are greatly appreciated! I hope that you are feeling a lot better too! :) Love and Blessings to You Always,
    Dr. Michelle

  490. 490 Michelle

    Dear Lisa,
    You mentioned that you’ve struggled with your life purpose, and yet I can see a lot of things that you have been doing, and that you are doing right now, that are totally ON with your life purpose! Your destiny path in this lifetime is to be a vibrant, lovable, and totally joyful “3″ Chick! Which means that you are here, in this lifetime, to learn to tap into your inner joy - through music, art, dancing, communication, laughter, yoga, and anything else that turns on your inner core joy so that you can share your joyful energy with others! You ARE on the right path!

    You mentioned about preparing to leave your marriage, this isn’t going to be - by any means - an easy thing for you to do. There are going to be many reasons that will pop up to delay this process and make you think twice, three times, four times and more - and make you question over and over and over again IF you’re really doing the right thing - for yourself, for your children, and for your spouse (even though he may be the last one on your list that you think you’re really concerned about) - but what I am saying is that I feel a HUGE delay - and then if you do decide to move forward with the divorce there will be many challenges, big and small, that will pop up and frustrate you over and over again. This is going to be a huge decision and one that you won’t take lightly at all. You are a Virgo! You want thing to be RIGHT! You’re tired of having to figure everything out all of the time! And yet, in reality, no matter who you’re with, you’ll always be the one who is in charge of your own life AND of the relationship! Yes, you’re being asked to be the wife, housekeeper, CPA, Mother, caretaker, maid - and the list goes on and on and on - and you’re wondering when someone is going to come along in your life to help you, bring you more joy, and be YOUR helper and best friend! I totally understand! Take your time Lisa ~ weigh your options wisely. First and foremost look at your financial obligations and the responsibilities that you have to your children (and their feelings) and then proceed with caution. You can write to me privately for more information about what I am picking up about this situation at:

    As for your farm - you love your farm - you’re land loves you! I feel a great sense of peace there that it would be hard to find anywhere else. I’m sure that you’re going to try to keep it, no matter what you have to do, but you’ve also resolved that IF you have to move, IF you’re forced to move, then you would do that too - but you really, really, really don’t want to.

    Feel free to write to me privately Lisa. You’re a very vibrant Virgo indeed with a lot of talent that you can tap into and share with the world!

    Blessings Always,
    Dr. Michelle

  491. 491 Rainie

    Hi Dr. Michelle, I have been going through some healing treatments and the woman who is working on me says that I have paradoxical trust issues. I agree with her, it takes me a long time to fully trust people and be myself around them however, I am a bit naive in the sense that I trust too much that people are good and decent, responsible, have integrity and very often get hurt or wounded by their hurtful actions. I have no idea how to work with this… I am supposing it all stems from abandonment issues as I was left at birth in a public nursery while my mother took my sisters far away for a three month vacation. When they returned I was very sick. My birthday is July 18th 1964. How do I balance such a confusing trust paradox and learn to be myself… come out of my shell, open and true to spirit. It seems every time I get excited in something or someone and leave my safe space to really engage in the situation, it ends up hurting me like a big punch in the solar plexus - I become totally deflated. Why the constant trauma? How do I stop this viscious cycle and start experiencing some joy in life?

  492. 492 Michelle

    Dear Dr. Michelle, I have to tell you that I used to listen to you on a Detroit radio station. I was glad to see that I could follow you to this great site. I have back and forth on this site for the last few days because I am dealing with a matter involving my heart and I am getting more frustrated by the minute. After reading a few of the comments I had no idea where to start to ask for help.

    So, I will start here and see where this leads. I have been involved with someone off and on for the last few years and every time we break it off, we end up back together. Now he is living in another state and I honestly wait for him to come back here or call me or text, something. I feel like a teenager and I am way beyond my teenage years. Now I am not hearing from him like I used to and that’s when I go in to fear mode and it is especially fearful because he is totally away from me and then I wait, constantly check my phone. Now I am worried about me and slipping.

    I love him and want to be here for him and be there for him, but he doesn’t seem to want me or anything to do with me and this is so very hard.

    I guess I am asking to just point me in the direction of a path I can follow irregardless of potholes in the road. I will stay on it if there is any hope at all with him.

    I am: Scorpio born October 29, 1960 in Monterey, Carmel, California around 2:22 pm

    Thank you for any insight.

  493. 493 Michelle

    Dear Rainie,
    Your life path (36/9) is about unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness, and having strong spiritual strength that what is meant for you - and your Highest Good - will be bestowed upon you. I understand that this is hard for you to understand do to the situations that you have been through in the past. These emotionally traumatic situations were put in your life for you to learn about your own inner strength AND to give you a chance to walk your path, do what you’re meant to do, and shower unconditional love/forgiveness on the very people that have hurt you. “Forgive them because they don’t know any better” should be your personal motto. You can say this with much wisdom, not anger over what they didn’t do for you. You are learning NOW how to nurture yourself, be grateful for yourself, and how to use your mind over matter (your solar plexus energy of the gift of God given free will) to focus on what you DO desire to attract into your life in a new way! You are an extremely sensitive Cancer Soul, but you have the creative strength of your Moon sign in Scorpio that can help you. You are either going to worry about everything by ‘thinking about the worst thing that can happen, just in case it happens, so that you’re prepared’ - which is what we call BACKWARDS visualization - where you can attract into your life exactly what you DON’T want to happen - OR, like the magical Phoenix Bird you can rise above the situations, use your energy to creatively think about the BEST that can happen, what you truly desire to happen, have an attitude of gratitude about everything, and transform your life in miraculous ways! The choice is always up to you! I hope, and pray, that you pick the easier, more creative, and joyful way of using the energy of your Moon sign!

    Many Blessings to you always,
    Dr. Michelle

  494. 494 Michelle

    Dear Michelle,
    I always love hearing from my WNIC 100.3 FM listeners from long ago. Those were some good times indeed! Thank you for letting me know that you were one of my special listeners. I appreciate that!

    Now onto your questions about this man in your life. I want to let you know that I sent you a private e-mail, with a copy of your natal chart, and some other information then the information that I am writing here to you. I am going to focus only on this situation with this man in your life in this column for now.

    You’ve been through so much and you deserve so much more than having to wait around for someone to contact you, use you, break your heart, and then leave you stranded once again. Would you want to see anyone else that you love go through this same situation? Of course not!

    But, by you continue to dwell on this situation, you are blocking yourself from moving into a new special caring loving vibrant relationship for yourself. A special relationship that would be sooo much better for you.

    I hope, and pray, that you are going to heal over this heartache that you’ve been going through for far too long. My best advice is that you bless him and then release this situation completely. He may contact you again, but he’s going to continue to leave you hanging - just like he has in the past. Nothing is going to change, not until you change, and start believing that you deserve so much more in a good relationship then what’s been going on in this one.

    I understand how you feel though and I understand that it’s not easy letting someone leave your life when you’ve loved him for so long. You can still love him, maybe even more, by letting him move on and live his life without you. And allowing yourself to move on and into a much better space, a much better place, a more joyful vibration for your own life!

    Feel free to contact me privately at:

    Good Luck!
    Dr. Michelle :)

  495. 495 Donna

    Hi Michele

    Happy Mother’s Day! Missing my mother terribly!


  496. 496 Michelle

    Happy Mother’s Day Donna! Your Mother will always love you too!

    Comforting Huggggzz!
    Dr. Michelle

  497. 497 Mike

    Hi Michelle,

    I recently got out of a relationship with a woman and I truly thought we may have a wonderful life together. I don’t know what happened. Do you ever see a reconciliation? I am a Acquarius and she is a Pisces our dob is me 1/31/72 and her 3/9/66.



  498. 498 Michelle

    Hi Mike,
    The woman that you were in a relationship with needs lots of undivided positive attention. When situations become too dramatic it makes her feel weak - unable to move forward in her own life. Yes, she takes everything very personally. She has a kind soul, a very gentle soul. When it comes to the harshness of reality she wants to run away and hide from the responsibilities, or move onto a different situation that she hopefully feels will be a lot easier for her (but often can become even more dramatic than the situation that she was in before). Her heart is in the right place but she can become confused about what is the right thing to do. You, on the other hand, seriously want things to work out right and can have a rough edge about your personality - but only because you want everyone to cooperate together - in a realistic type of way - so that things can hopefully improve. What happened here was two fold. First - Did the relationship end during the time phase of January 23rd through April 14th? The reason I am asking is because that was a difficult period of time for everyone, especially in regards to career, health issues, and relationships. What was meant to last did. What was meant to be taken care of, repaired in some way, or completely released out of our lives…happened also. If your relationship ended during this phase of time then it’s meant for both of you to go your own way. With love and respect it’s time to let each other move on so that you both can go and grow for your own personal and highest good. IF your relationship lasted through that period of time, and you broke up after this time phase, then there’s a very good chance that it was just a huge miscommunication that got blown out of proportion and there is a good chance that the two of you can get back together in the near future.

    Secondly, and most important, is that you need to know that your Pisces woman needs to genuinely ‘hear’ how you FEEL about her. She’s a completely ‘FEELING’ person who needs to be put 1st in your life. If she feels that she is not then she feels that she needs to be with someone else who can provide for her the FEELINGS that she needs.

    I do feel that she cares about you and wants to know that you are doing okay. I don’t feel that she is completely out of your life forever, but I do feel that there is some emotional baggage (situations) from her past that she is working through, for her own reasons, right now that may not have anything to do with you personally.

    The best thing that you can do is try not to be too stubborn, set in your ways, and try to become more flexible. It’s not a bad thing at all for you to let her know - through a phone call, letter, card, or an e-mail - how important you felt that this relationship was for you, how you wish her the best in whatever she wants and needs to do, and how you hope that there can remain a friendship (at least) between the two of you. I’m sure that she would appreciate the loving support from you.

    Blessings Always,
    Dr. Michelle

  499. 499 Mike

    Hi Dr. Michelle,

    Thank you for the input. She told me on May 6th that she didn’t love me as much as I did her and that she felt that she didn’t know if she was ever capable of unconditional love. She has since communicated that she missed me as well as her being more secure with me than anyone else in her life and that I made her feel safe. I have told her over and over that I love her. She feels that she needs time to figure out if she missed me as well as her true feelings for me as she felt she was never given that opportunity in the past and that’s my fault as I was always communicating with her and never letting her come to me. I hope it works out in the end. I truly feel she is my soulmate.



  500. 500 Michelle

    Hi Mike,
    Thank you for the update. I can totally understand the situation. As I said before, she is working on some personal issues that don’t have to do with you personally. To put it more simply…she’s trying to find herself, know herself, and figure out what she really wants for her life. This is only natural as her destiny life path numbers are 34 and 7. 7 is the number of ’self’ and until a personal, of this life path, understands this path (which is all about themselves) and to find a balance between ’selfishness and selflessness’ then they can feel very depressed and upset about life…no matter how good it seems to other people, and no matter how much other people (who truly do love them) try to help them.

    With people who have 7 for their life path EVERYONE that they come into contact with works as a mirror reflection for themselves. In other words, they learn who they are through the personalities of the people that are in their lives. For better, or worse, they are trying to figure themselves out.

    You, on the other hand, have 24 and 6 for your life path numbers. Your life is about feeling like a big brother, caretaker, healer, nurturer, good friend, and even a Dad sometimes to the people that you come into contact with. Relationships do mean a lot to you. You want to know that the important people in your life are taken care of to the best of your ability. You are a deep humanitarian at heart. Keep up the good work! I know that it can hurt sometimes when the people that you love have to ‘do their own thing’ and you know that it’s not the path that you want to see them on, but sometimes you have to let them go ‘to their own thing’ so that they can learn from their experiences.

    She IS capable, more than she knows, to be filled with unconditional love for others. She is a Pisces and all Pisces Souls vibrate on unconditional love…whether they realize it or not. It’s just their natural nature. She has to learn to love herself FIRST before she can learn to love you the way that you need her too. My best advice is to give her some time and let her figure things out for herself. Yes, continue to let her know that you are there for her in whatever way that she needs you to be. You truly are a genuinely loving soul yourself.

    Best Wishes for Both of You!
    Dr. Michelle

  501. 501 IntuitiveSoul39

    Dear Michelle,

    I am a Sagittarian, born 12-10-72 in NJ at 4pm. I wrote to you some time ago about an old boyfriend of mine who passed away from stomach cancer. I have thought of him daily since that painful day but as of the past few weeks for some reason I have really been missing him terribly and can’t understand why. Sometimes I even find myself in tears. I know that he’s in a better place and that he is happy, safe and loved but still my heart is not at ease. Is it normal to still be in mourning after 3 years? Although I can’t explain it so that you would understand I can tell you that he visits me. I can feel his presence so strongly sometimes and at others I could be doing anything and suddenly his face will pop into my mind and a song that he sang or something that reminds me of him will “appear”. Like this past Christmas Eve, all day for some reason He’d been on my mind the whole day and then that night I dreamed of him. In my dream I got the chance I’d been longing for for so long which was just to hold him in my arms just one more time and my wish was granted. It was like someone somewhere heard my heart that day and granted me what I wanted which was awesome because in the three years since he’s been gone I’ve only dreamed of him only about a handful of times.

    I don’t want to make it seem like I haven’t gone on with my life because in truth,I have. I’ve had so many changes going on lately that it seems like my life is in a constant state of renewal. Some of the changes have been good and others have been quite the challenge. Sometimes I feel optimistic and at others times I feel worn OUT! But all in all I continue moving forward and transforming myself little by little for the better as I go. And though I think of my old boyfriend almost on a daily basis, I can’t seem to figure out why the sudden surge of my increase of thoughts of him and missing him so much :’( that I still cry. His birthday was 7-7-71.

  502. 502 Michelle

    Dear Intuitive Soul,

    I can completely understand how you feel. It’s hard to still be here in this Earth plane, learning all of the soul growth lessons that you are learning, while your loved one isn’t physically with you - here to help you and hold you and comfort your sorrows - during the process. You know, without a doubt, that he is watching over you and that actually he’s very much a spiritual part of your life, and yet it’s still difficult…in a physical way…to be without him here on this Earth plane with you. I totally, so totally, understand.

    The dream you had with him is totally awesome! I’m sure that there will be a lot more of those special kinds of dreams to come for you both. I have no doubt about that! :)
    The reason you’ve been feeling at a loss, a physical loss, of him more lately is probably because Venus, the planet of love and relationships, is getting ready to go into retrograde motion on Tuesday. This energy will make you feel at a physical loss of not having him here with you, but on a good note - the retrograde motion will help you feel even more spiritually connected to him! This is a good thing! A very good thing indeed!

    For those who have loved ones on the other side I feel that the veil between our world and theirs is a bit thinner during a Venus retrograde. With Venus in Gemini, the Sun moving into Gemini, the New Moon energy in Gemini on Sunday night and also with the help of Neptune being in it’s natural sign of Pisces…the spiritual veil is easier to get through than during other times when these planets and signs don’t line up like this. Use this to your advantage. Let the passion in your heart shine through! Talk to him…he can hear you…and he just may be able, in an easier way, to get through to you too!

    Smile my dear and know that he does and always will continue to love you! I’m proud of you with the way that you’ve handled this situation and with how you’re moving ahead in your life. You’re actually doing much better than before and will continue to do wonderful things to come!

    Many heartfelt blessings to you NOW and Always,
    Dr. Michelle

  503. 503 IntuitiveSoul39

    Oh THANK YOU Michelle!

    You are a life savor! Now I understand (if only a little) why my thoughts of him and my sadness have increased. Though sometimes it all seems so unfair but I know that we all have our own paths to walk, our own lessons to learn and our own amount of time in which to be here on earth. Even though I am well aware that spiritually he is with me, I don’t think it will ever ease my missing him as much as I do. I’ve never in my life had this kind of experience with anyone else so I know He had to have been very, very special and that will always warm my heart. But still I miss him. I miss him, I miss him, I MISS HIM.

    But I will certainly do as you suggest by reaching out to him and I know he will hear me ( as he always does ). Maybe since Venus is due to start going retrograde could very well be the main reason I “feel” him so strongly lately. Even now as I look at his picture, those eyes of his still instantly pull me right in as they did when he was alive.

    You know Michelle, going forward can be soooo easy but sometimes it’s the letting go that’s hard.

  504. 504 Michelle

    Dear Intuitive Soul,
    Very well said. There is a theory, that I totally believe in, although it may be hard to understand, that a part of our Soul always remains in heaven. Because there is no ‘time’ in the heavenly plane, there is a part of us that always remains there. So when someone passes out of our Earth Realm and reunites with the other part of their Soul there, they also reunite with our Soul being there too. In other words, there is a part of you, your Higher Spiritual Self, that is there with him.

    Although you physically remain here to do what you’re here to learn and do, which means that you are totally allowed to move on - move forward - to have other loving experiences that will be good for you - there is a part of you that is there with him too. :)

    I think about the time when I’ll be leaving this Earth plane and the biggest heartache I feel is in leaving my loved ones, especially my children, grandchildren, and husband. I know that they will miss me and that I will deeply miss them too. But then I learned about this very special spiritual theory that when I pass on…a part of their Soul will already be there awaiting my return. This theory has brought me a great deal of comfort. I will be able to go back to the heavenly plane to unite with their Higher Selves that are there.

    You are allowed to move forward, move on with your life, and know - without a doubt - that the Higher part of yourself that loves him very much never really ever needs to let go.

    It is hard still being here on this Earth plane to do what you need to do, but knowing that he loves you, and always will, and is acting as a special guide for you now…should bring you a great deal of comfort. Should you meet someone else, someone that you fall deeply in love again with, he would expect you to have that love in your life and enjoy your life to the fullest!

    You are a very special soul, who recognized the specialness in him. For this he will always be eternally grateful, as you are eternal grateful for having had him in your life - even for a short period of time - your heart and his are eternally grateful.

    Thank you for your comment and feedback. Again I say, very well said!

    Many Blessings Always,
    Dr. Michelle

  505. 505 Donna

    Happy Belated Mother’s Day to to you! Although I miss my mother everyday, this weekend was extremely emotional. Hope your weekend was fun & relaxing:)

    Lots of love,

  506. 506 Michelle

    Thank you Donna! I had a wonderful Mother’s Day! I am truly blessed by my fantastic family and friends.

    Thank you so much once again!
    Blessings Always,
    Dr. Michelle

  507. 507 IntuitiveSoul39

    WoW Michelle,

    I too have heard that same theory before as well! In a book I read by Dr. Michael Newton titled “Life Between Lives”!! Very interesting and thought provoking read and also extremely comforting to the grief stricken. I read it a few months after my old boyfriend passed away and it helped me tremendously.

    Wow! How ironic you should remind me of that and right on time at that! THANK YOU so very much a million times over!

    I know that I can move on and I know that He would definitely want me to do so as well because as He did in life whether it was with him or not, He always wanted me to be happy. (and vice versa) Which is another extreme form of love in my book. To love and care for someone so deeply that you would want them to be happy even if it was not with you.

    That’s another thing that makes it so hard. There was always, ALWAYS that surety with him. Like a permanent connection of some sort. I never once had to question how He felt for me. Just pure, GENUINE, soulful love, care and adoration. That’s what I think I miss the most about him and it’s what I yearn for now and I question myself regularly as to whether I can ever find that again in someone else?? Do you know what I mean? because THAT kind of love seems so….. rare. To know how and what someone feels for you and you them, internally, without ever really having to express it verbally yet it’s shown in “unseen” ways. Almost phychic in some ways. sighs, I don’t know if I will or not but I do know that what will be, WILL BE! There’s no doubt about that and anything that’s for you won’t pass you by but YOU just have to be ready for it. (smiles) Life. I so love all the things it’s showing me, no matter how hard it seems to be sometimes. And I am utterly GRATEFUL that it’s lead me to “helpmate” souls like you
    ;-) Michelle.

    THANK YOU again!!! You have truly helped me soooo much through all of this. I only wish there was some special way I could repay you in return.

  508. 508 Michelle

    Beautiful reply Dear Intuitive Soul! You’re right on key with everything that you said. You can be rest assured that you are on the right path.

    As for me, there is something wonderful, a few things actually, that you can do to brighten my day and bring even more good karma into your life. Are you a special member of “Michelle’s Circle of Friends” membership yet? If so…Thank You! If not then go to: and read all about it! ;)
    Also, since you’re such a wonderful writer and can express yourself so beautifully, I would love for you to write a special comment on another super special part of my website at:

    Once you get to this special section of my website, scroll down to the very bottom of the page and you’ll see a special comment section there where you can leave your own beautiful comment to me. This is my favorite section indeed. Full of sweet truthful heartfelt letters to me that bring great JOY to my heart.

    Much Love and Happiness to you NOW and Always,
    Dr. Michelle

  509. 509 IntuitiveSoul39

    Hi Michelle!!

    I’m so sorry but I am just now seeing your reply ( computer issues :/ ). And no I’m not a member “Michelle’s Circle of Friends” yet but I will be as soon as I’m done with this reply!! And I will also write a special message for you on your very special website as well! ( Thank you so much for the compliment about my writing :) )

    Hope you and your family have a very special, relaxing Memorial Day Holiday weekend!!!

    Much Love and Happiness to you as well.
    God Bless!!

  510. 510 Michelle

    Awesome! I’ll really look forward to reading what you write on my website! And for you becoming a member of my very special circle of friends!

    Blessings to you NOW and Always!
    Dr. Michelle

  511. 511 Cassiopea

    Hello Michelle - I am a Gemini (18th June 1962)- needless to say I’ve had some rough rides in the past few years: my dad passed away, my son at only 19 at the time(Capricorn) was diagnosed with depression, my husband left us after that for a another woman. What gave me great strength during such time was a great friend of mine (Taurus 23rd April 1950) - I think we both have developed more then just friendly feelings - but he seems to be taking his very very long time to take it to the next step… I am sure we would be happy together.. He is also a single parent of older children like me.. I guess he is afraid of their reaction their mum died several years ago. He keeps in touch with me but then withdraws… It is getting frustrating and now I feel hurt, confused … I am afraid to bring about the issue as time ago he asked me if we could pursue things “further down the track” this was 1 year and a half ago. Not sure what to think or do anymore.

  512. 512 Michelle

    Dear Cassiopea,
    You and your Taurus friend really are a good match for one another. You both have the best interests of your families at heart. You are ready to move this relationship forward and combine the two families for the betterment of all. He is a bit afraid because he doesn’t want anyone, including himself, to move out of the normal ‘comfort zone’ that he has established since the children’s mum passed away. This was a very difficult thing for him to have gone through and since then he’s been trying his best to DO everything himself for the children. He’s built a safe ‘comfort zone’ around everything, but little does he realize what his own personal needs are - as a man - anymore. This can change but only slowly. Step by step, once he realizes that you do have everyone’s best interests at heart, including his, and that the whole situation - for everyone - can become even more comfortable…then he’ll be able to baby step his way into this wonderful more committed relationship with you. YOU are going to have to be the one that gently - oh so ever gently - guides him to realize that everything is going to be okay. He doesn’t want to ‘lose’ anything anymore. He doesn’t like change…he’s afraid of change, because he wants to feel more in control of the fact that everyone is going to be okay while under his care. Now that Jupiter has moved into the sign of Gemini - your sign - you can allow your own inner fun side to shine through and with a little loving coaxing on your part….he’ll see it, and feel it, and want to be around you more now too!

    Good Luck!
    Dr. Michelle

  513. 513 denise


    after 23 years of marriage I divorced my husband because I felt it was best for me for many reasons. I want to know if and when I will ever share my life with someone and be happy. My birthdate is 11/26/53

    i don’t have a clue how i will meet someone.


  514. 514 Michelle

    Dear Denise,
    Your life path number is the number 1, which means that you are here in this lifetime to find your own sense of independence. Add to this fact that you are a Sagittarius sun sign - which loves to fall in love, play the games of love, but doesn’t really enjoy the responsibilities of a long term relationship - and you have a special soul - which is you - that wants to be able to stand on your own two feet and do what YOU want to do! You can be very fun loving and successful, in this lifetime, and you also will want to have some real fun in your life. After 23 years of marriage I would suggest that you just do that…have FUN without feeling that you need to rush off and get into a new long lasting marriage situation - which will just put you back to where you started so long ago. What you truly want is a fun person, a best friend, a true companion in your life without the other ’stuff’ to go with it. You can have this! Take your time, enjoy your life, and keep in mind that you truly are the captain of your own ship - of your own life - without needing to be in any kind of codependent situation at all.

    Much love and lots of good luck!
    Dr. Michelle

  515. 515 online work

    I have to say that for the last couple of hours i have been hooked by the amazing articles on this website. Keep up the good work.

  516. 516 Soulchild

    Hi Dr Michelle,

    I am a virgo (820911) and the last 4 years have been so hard for me. It seams like i have to start over all the time. I trust someone, get dissapointed, get hurt and have to go thrue the process of forgetting, healing and forgiving. I am from the deapht of My heart so tired of all obstacles that have been in My way. Now iam fed up of all the suffering so Im in the process of starting My life all over again, beginning from scratch. Free My mind from all memories and start living free. My question to you is: is this process gonne take long time for me, am i on the Right path?

  517. 517 Michelle

    Dear Soulchild,
    I want to assure you that you are on the right path. 2012 has not been an easy year for Virgo’s, and people with a Virgo rising and/or Virgo Moon, in their charts. The vibrations are excellent for work and career matters…and will continue to be through mid June of 2013! You are shining bright and your talents are shining through. They are being given a wonderful boost of good luck energy from benevolent Jupiter at the top of your chart!

    When it comes to the personal matters that you are speaking of, those relating to your heart, yes this has been a difficult year indeed. We started 2012 with Mars in your sign, and then it went retrograde - yikes - (think back to the end of January and through the end of March and how you were feeling then) and then most recently with Mercury (the ruling planet for Virgo) in retrograde motion which you began to feel back in late June. Mercury has just gone back into direct motion but really won’t pick up the full positive energy you are seeking until August 22nd - the same day that the Sun moves into your sign of Virgo! Mark this date on your calendar because you will certainly be feeling much more empowered, starting on this date, and into your future.

    Think about all of this as well as the Sun currently being in Leo - stimulating your 12th house of releasing all past karmic baggage out of your life. This is a very important healing period of time for you, but you must be patient. As you go through this healing, releasing, and forgiving period of time in your life, I highly suggest that you try to get as much rest as possible.

    Now, back to your main question about being in the right path…oh yes Dear Soulchild…YOU ARE on the right path!

    Many Blessings and much Love to you NOW and into your future!
    Dr. Michelle

  518. 518 Soulchild

    I thank you dearly for your response. Yes the time from jan-mars was the most difficult for me with seperation and moving away. I know in My heart that you are right, after rain comes sunshine. I send you all My love and light. Thank you for your wonderful site, it brings me much joy to be here.

  519. 519 cindy

    Hi michelle i really enjoy your website , i just have a question concerning my love life my husband is 2/3/57 7:13 am my bd is 10/22/1960 10:35 am, what do you see for our future i am undecided if i want to remain in this relationship i just don’t feel that there is any real connection any more if ever we have been married for 26 years , my mom passed away at 53 , i’m going to be 52 this year and i just feel i want to meet someone that i could be more connected to i just feel that our life together has been hard i feel we don’t have a real partnership that everything is basically left to me, finances kids do you see any improvement we are going to try to short sale our house due to being upside down in our mortgage in a crappy area that’s never going to improve, area going down safety wise too do you see things improving for my son 10/14/93 8:07 pm thanks for any insight you can give me

  520. 520 Michelle

    Dear Cindy,
    I can totally understand how you feel. I am picking up that with more understanding, about your life and the path you are on, and the lives and the paths that your husband and son are on, you will be able to feel differently about your situation. You really do have a good family and you can give yourself credit for all that you have done, are doing, and will do to keep things flowing as well as possible in the future.

    Our economy and the changes are all going through in 2012 - THE year of CHANGE - has been quite difficult and makes people feel that they want to run to greener pastures, somewhere else…anywhere else, than what they are currently having to deal with. 2013 will be better, but for now we can only do what we are meant to do and try to keep things as peaceful as possible.

    Thank God for your good sense of humor! Your life path, a 3 life path, is all about happiness, joy, music, dance, laughter and having a good sense of humor. When you are happy then everyone else feels it, but when you are not that’s like a huge storm energy involved in the situation.

    Your husband has a 9 life path which means that he just wants ‘ease’ in his life and he feels better when you make the decisions. He is capable of making the decisions, but with you being a 3 and him being a 9 - you are wise to be the one that makes the final decisions regarding most everything. He is stubborn, oh yes this is true, but he is a gentle soul that just wants love and comfort from you. He takes things quite personally when you are upset. He can actually be quite intimidated by you when you are upset so he tries to stay away from you and just let you do whatever you want to do.

    Your son, on the other hand, has the number 1 for his life path. As a Mother myself, and if your son was my son, I would expect him to make decisions for himself and not take his decisions, and choices, so personally. He was born to make his own decisions and stand on his own two feet. The more you can guide him into doing so…the happier you will be.

    As for you home, our economy has most homes upside down. Mortgages are paid on time but the assessment value has gone down so much that the value of the home is much less than the amount due on the mortgage. On a good note though there are a lot of homes out there for buyers to get a good deal on. Look for a home in the area where you want to live and do some research to see what you can afford. It’s hard to sell a home for the amount that you desire, but hopefully there can be a balance between how much you can receive from yours and how much your new home will cost you. The big thing to do, that takes the most effort, is the research. But it is very possible that with the time and effort you can find something, in a much better area, that you will enjoy much more. Keep looking!

    If you would like further information feel free to e-mail me directly at:

    I don’t want to write too much here that would be private information for you but through a private e-mail I can do that for you.

    In conclusion I do feel that you and your husband are a good match but there is a need, on both of your parts, to communicate and appreciate each other so much more. If you can think of 5 things that you are truly grateful for, regarding your husband (think back to when you first fell in love with him) then the relationship is worth saving. He may not tell you (it would be really nice if he would) but I do feel that he is very grateful for you!

    Good Luck!
    Dr. Michelle

  521. 521 Francesca

    My hubby and I are both Scorps, me 10/26/64, 1016 am, him 11/15/67 (afternoon birth); we’ve had our share of issues but I know we love each other. It’s been over finances mostly. Do you see our situation improving financially? Thank you.

  522. 522 Michelle

    Dear Francesca,
    I understand that both you and your husband must be fretting over finances, like almost everyone else is with our economy today, but I feel that you are both very capable of making things balance out well - for yourselves and the highest good of everyone else around you. It’s difficult for any Scorpio to BE creative instead of worrying so much all of the time. The key to the financial success that you both need is for both of you to be grateful for what is already working out well…yes even for the smallest of things…and then to have the faith that things will gradually improve in the future.

    The worrying that both you and your husband does only delays the financial progress that you both desire!

    Try to turn the worrying into GRATITUDE!

    It’s a wonderful thing that you both love each other, and stand by each other, and support each other, as much as you both do for each other. The true love that you have for each other will magnetically turn even the hardest days into ones that you both can feel joyful about.

    As Saturn, the planet of karma/time/lessons, moves into Scorpio in October you both may feel the pressure a bit more. Keep in mind though that the more positive that you both are…the more rewards you will both receive! :)
    Many Blessings to you both!
    Dr. Michelle

  523. 523 Donna

    Hi Michele - It’s me again! Been contemplating whether to write you or not so as you can see, I decided I’ll give it a go. How are you? Doing well, I hope. I have been going thru some health issues throughout the summer. Ironically, it all started during the second week of June. I personally feel that stress brought alot of it on, but as a result, I’ve been doctoring ALL summer. I, along with my GP, thought it would be a good idea to have a complete physical which was long overdue. One thing led to another…as it usually does at the doctors and tests. I am in the beginning of menopause and tons of things are happening physically and emotionally. Next week on the 13th, I am scheduled for surgery with a gynocological oncologist to have a large ovarian cyst removed. I suppose my ovaries will be removed since I am not anticipating having more children. If he finds cancer, then a hysterectomy is the next alternative. The MRI indicates a mass, but other tests are inconclusive. It’s been a crazy nightmare. At the end of the day, pathology after surgery will be the definitive factor as far as cancer goes. Well, I am so scared out of my mind. My OBGYN had to give me meds to sleep…I don’t like meds. Been praying and begging my mother to help me. My husband tries to encourage me to remain positive. He doesns’t know haow obsessed I am with astrology, and quite frankly, I have been so concerend about this Saturn transit in October. He’s a Scorpio, and I am a Gemini. Really, should I be giving this soooo much thought? I am so scared sometimes, that it hurts. Please keep me in your prayers.


  524. 524 Michelle

    Dear Donna,
    Please try NOT to work yourself up into a frenzy. Your imagination is running away with you and your ego is loving every minute of bringing to your mind negative scenario’s for you to dwell on. RELAX, please for your own self-healing RELAX! Doctors and medicine are very well and good but Doctors and medicine can only do so much. It’s up to YOU to want to get better, release your stress, and begin to LIVE your life with JOY and LOVE. Situations, like yours, are brought into people’s lives so that they can ‘choose’…to either get busy living (joyfully) or to give up on life completely. I sure hope that you’re going to get busy living life to the fullest! Lucky Jupiter is in the sign of Gemini! Keep this in mind and know that you can conquer any situation that comes into your life! With a positive attitude you’ll be just fine! Miracles can happen in your life during this phase of time! Jupiter will remain in your sign, blessing YOU, until the end of June 2013! Make the most of it!

    I’m so happy to hear that your Scorpio husband, who loves you a lot by the way, is keeping up his own positive attitude by telling you to have a positive attitude! I’m very happy to hear this because it’s the Scorpio’s that are being tested the most, and will continue to be over the next 2 years - to work on some huge personal transformation issues - not Gemini’s!

    Removing Ovarian Cysts is a fairly normal procedure and happens all of the time. Don’t worry about this.

    It’s a wake up call for you, again, to start taking better care of yourself by finding positive ways to release your stress. Come on…you can do it! I know that you can! :)
    It’s time for you to BELIEVE in yourself and share your positive life energy with others! All Gemini’s are being called upon to do this!

    Good Luck!
    Dr. Michelle

  525. 525 Rainie

    Hey Dr. Michelle, wow ….. talk about a dark cloud of destruction hanging over me!!! Birthday (July 18, 1964) Why is so much going wrong with my home/life? No matter how much positive visualization and willing of things to finally come together financially, there continues to be a vortex of negativity surrounding everything I do and own. How on earth do I get out of it? I’ve cleansed my home and self a few times using blessed sage and special salts with no improvements. Are the cosmos plotting against me? And will they move on to torment someone else’s solar chart soon (the poor soul) Perhaps you have some pointers for me?
    I hope you have good news =)
    All the best to you and I thank you for any insight you may have Michelle!

  526. 526 Michelle

    Dear Raine,
    I’m so sorry to hear that you are having such a hard time lately. Life has been very complicated, difficult, and confusing for most people during this very changeable energy that we have been going through here in 2012. The best advice I can give to you is to practice paying close attention to anything, and everything, that you feel grateful for on a minute to minute and hour to hour daily basis. By focusing ONLY on what makes you feel loved and blessed will you then attract more good things into your life. We are all at a crossroads in our lives. Here we stand being asked if we are going to concentrate on what we lack…OR…on what we are grateful for! You can do all of the smudging you like, but if you are still thinking about lack, frustrations, and problems…and then you add to those thoughts the feelings that you have behind those thoughts (anger, more frustration, depression, sadness etc) then you’re on the wrong path and even the smudging won’t help. Write in your nightly journal a huge list of what you are grateful for. Such as: “I AM Grateful for ____because____” and concentrate on this good stuff! Even with what you are frustrated about most you can find ’something’ that you are grateful for and write that down in a prayer form such as: “I AM grateful for a wonderful loving relationship that I know will be coming into my life because it will make both of us so very happy!” This is a very strong form of prayer that taps into The Universal Law of Attraction quite quickly. Put your feelings, hope, and strong beliefs behind the fact that this WORKS! I’ve seen it work in my own life and many lives of the people around me.

    No worries that the forces that be are haunting you particularly OR that they are going to move out of your chart and go and haunt some other poor soul. It’s really up to ALL of us now to focus on the grateful path and try to celebrate all that is loving, beautiful and healthy in our lives right now - which will then put us in the perfect position to attract even more!

    Blessings to you now and always!
    Dr. Michelle

  527. 527 Jennifer

    Hi Michelle,

    I too have been feeling the overwhelming energies of 2012 and even the last few years. I am a Capricorn in the midst of career changes and can’t seem to find stable ground. In almost every aspect, I have felt sweeping winds of change (for the better in the end), but it has left me with a feeling that things aren’t ever what they seem. Do you have any advice for a Cap dealing with these uncertainties?



  528. 528 Michelle

    Dear Jennifer,
    First of all I am very proud of you because your own intuition is right on key! There definitely are sweeping winds of change going on in all of our lives. No one can opt out of the personal changes that each of us is going through, in the way that each of us needs to go through them. Each personal life has it’s own story line. Each person has their own sets of personal fears that they are being asked to face, handle, and then replace (with more positive energy) this year. When you say that things aren’t ever what they seem…this is totally correct because within each situation, and with each person that is around you, there are always blessings, and lessons, going on that everyone needs to try to understand and RISE ABOVE to gain growth and wisdom. In the olden days, days that a Capricorn sure appreciates, ‘time’ itself was a lot slower and the lessons that were meant to be learned were learned over a much longer, thus more subtle in intensity, period of time. These days, in 2012 especially, time has speeded up to such a degree that what took to us to learn in a year, or sometimes many years, can be thrown in our direction so that we have to learn, grow, figure it all out, rise above it, organize it more properly, and gain the wisdom from it…in a matter of months, weeks, and days!

    My best advice is detachment and discernment. So much easier said then done. By not taking things so personally - especially with your ruling planet for Capricorn’s, Saturn, in the sign of Scorpio now through the betterment of the next 3 years…you’ll be able to feel the negative and RISE above the situation and then creatively come up with a positive creative idea and intention on how you desire everything to be!

    Knowing all you can about the Universal Law of Attraction is what is called for now. Not only to learn about it, but to try to practice it - by creatively using your mind over matter - is what is called for these days - and then to use your creative imagination (Neptune in its ruling sign of Pisces through 3/31/2025) to visualize how you desire things to be, without the doubts, without the fears, but with strong FAITH and KNOWING that the Universal Law of Attraction is just as powerful…if not more powerful and important…then the Law of Gravity!

    I know that you understand exactly what I am talking about. Practice this in your life daily and then spread the word and help others to understand this also. This IS what is being asked of us ALL now. To BE truly united as WE through the positive use and understanding of the Law of Attraction!

    Blessings Always,
    Dr. Michelle

  529. 529 Sara

    Hi Dr Michelle!

    Im a virgo with moon in gemini/rising sign leo. I have a question about saturn that im wondering about. Now saturn is in my third house, last time saturn was in leos sign. Does it mean that i experience a preview of what is what to come before saturn enters my third house? The last years i have had so much problem with communication and with my negative thoughts. I have now understood the power of thoughts and how they create the reality of ones life. I have truly experienced how my negative thoughts made my hole body fall apart and my life. Dr Michelle i wonder if my third house is about this, to control my negative thoughts and understand the power of them? I hope you understand my questions, thank you so much.


  530. 530 Michelle

    Dear Sara,
    Without looking at your chart myself I just have to visualize what you are describing to me. Saturn had been in Libra (which should be your 3rd house - or late degrees of your 2nd and then moved through part of your 3rd) over the past few years. Yes, you would have been dealing with issues regarding how you ‘perceive’ everything in your life - which would activate your negative thoughts so that you could choose for them to become more positive! Hopefully you learned not to just sit there dwelling on everything that you perceived wrong with your friends, your neighbors, your environment and yourself. Eventually I hope that you got to a point where you said, “I don’t like this but I CAN choose to positively improve my situation!” If you started doing that…good job! For this was the lesson of Saturn moving through your 2nd and 3rd houses. Now that Saturn has moved into the sign of Scorpio (which may still be part of your 3rd house depending on the degrees of your houses) you’ll continue to work on these things and then your focus will shift towards creating more honesty, dedication, and commitment towards your home and family responsibilities. Situations can be tough with the energy of Saturn but keep in mind that the harder you work on honestly improving these situations…the more you will be rewarded!

    Good Luck!
    Dr. Michelle

  531. 531 Sara

    Thank you Dr Michelle for your respone. Got the message :) I will keep working on improving my situation. I know in the end with hard work i will make it and with chifting my thoughts nothing is impossible. Thank you for your great site and for all the loving message you give.

  532. 532 kristin

    Hi there. i live in New Zealand, birthday 15 nov 1966, 5.45pm. My question is that i really want to own my own home outright, and be financially secure. For some reason this seems to be quite a thing with me. I would love to work with proprty. Yet it seems to always be the last thing possible to happen, due to children, business commitments etc. My astrologist said i will buy this time next year. But……where then does the LawOf Attraction come in? Can i attract a house sooner by simply thinking positively that i will? how does destiny and the law of attraction work together? do we choose horrible things in our life or are they destined?
    your website is very thought provoking and you seem to see these things clearly. This is a question i havent been able to understand. your thoughts would be very appreciated.

  533. 533 Michelle

    Dear Kristin,
    Those are very good questions! The answer is that we all, personally for ourselves, create our natal charts before we are born - so that we can bring in our previous gifts and talents, as well as figure out what new soul growth challenges, we desire to use and learn from in our current lifetime. Thus said, we can all become our own best friend OR our own worst enemy depending on if we believe in ourselves enough to know that we can attract, both the good and bad, into our lives to make us happier and to learn from. When we are tired of doing things the hard way then we can learn how to choose how to do something differently…in a better, creative and more joyful way!

    The Universal Law of Attraction is a very powerful Law indeed! Just as strong as the Law of Gravity…if not even stronger…God gave us all the personal Free Will to chose our paths, make our decisions, think our thoughts, and chose to have the feelings that we do. The Universal Law of Attraction picks up on this energy and then begins to create the situations into our lives that vibrate most closely to what we are intentionally and passionately thinking about and feeling.

    Thus if you desire to work with property BUT you feel doubts about your ability to do so…then the doubting thoughts and feelings will trump over your original thought to work with property. This is what causes the delays and causes the problems. Henry Ford said, “If you believe that you can, or you believe that you can’t, either way way you’re right!”

    So, thinking positively and feeling passionate about something that you truly desire…without the doubts getting in the way (try to replace the doubts with a stronger sense of Faith that what is meant for your Highest Good will always take place) then you will be on the right path, for the right reasons, towards attracting into your life what you truly desire!

    Is this hard? Of course it is (oh that darn ego) but it doesn’t have to be! Start with the small stuff. Have an attitude of gratitude about what is already going right in your life. Focus each moment of each day on the things and people that you truly love that make you happy! Think, for a moment, what your life would be like if you didn’t have these things and people and how much you would desire them to be in your life! Use this same positive, passionate, and grateful energy to attract into your life the other things, situations, and people that will also make you happy!

    There is our life path that we have to always follow - to the best of our current ability. Your life path is a vibrant 3 energy which means that you are here, in this lifetime, to learn how to communicate, be happy and share your happiness with other people! (You can learn more about your 3 path on my website under the numerology section there). Always be true to this path first and foremost in your life because when you do then other situations will fall into place for you! :)
    Then there are the cycles of our lives - of which you have just moved into your 31/4 cycle on your birth day, which means that you are going to be focusing on your path, being more independent, and creating more security for yourself in your life through a strong sense of hard work and personal commitment! With Saturn in your sign of Scorpio your hard work will be rewarded!

    I could go on and on and write a whole book for you here, but ponder on what I’ve already told you above and see how your life can begin to change around for you in quite a miraculous way!

    Feel free to e-mail me privately at:

    So, to sum up all of your questions into one simple answer - yes the Law of Attraction and your own created destiny (through your natal chart and your current transits etc.) do indeed work together.

    I had to laugh for a minute when you asked the question, “Do we choose horrible things in our life or are they destined?” My oh my - lol - only a Scorpio would ask that question this way. Instead let’s turn it around and say, “Do we choose wonderful things in our life or are they destined?” The answer to both question is YES! We are the script writers of our own lives through our passionate thoughts, feelings and actions!

    Many Blessings and Much Good Luck to you and your family!
    Dr. Michelle

  534. 534 Michelle

    Dear Jo,
    Being the Pisces that you are I totally understand how you feel. *Love* truly is the fuel that keeps you going! Your life path of 27/9 represents that you are here, in this lifetime, to learn about FORGIVENESS - in the deepest sense of the word - through these experiences that you have gone through. As you learn to completely forgive (yourself and the people involved) you will be able to open your heart towards attracting a good relationship into your life (instead of a repeated/learning situation).

    Since you are a Pisces, who often suffer in silence, you can become afraid of situations and not take the chance of allowing yourself to be in a new relationship because you do not want to be hurt again. Understandable! The older you get the more rigid (less flexible) you can become and then you will tell yourself, “I do want a new relationship BUT look at what I’ve already gone through. Can I really take another chance again?”

    Just these thoughts alone can hold you back from attracting a new, let alone a good, relationship into your life. Your own fears can attract the very situation into your life that you do not want! There is a part of you that knows this, and yet a much stronger/spiritual part of yourself that desires to move ahead in your life in a very positive way! FORGIVENESS is the key. You never forgive and forget, but can hold onto these hurtful memories like an elephant! You can think that you’ve forgiven these people, and situations, but every time you re-think about them again (and feel the emotional pain) you’re reliving the situations all over again….which takes a toll on your feminine organs and your digestive and nervous systems.

    2013 IS the time for you to put the past in the past - and then open a brand new chapter in your life that can bring you great happiness, JOY, and a wonderful relationship!

    Self Love is the first step in the right direction. The way that you think about yourself and love yourself IS the way that others will treat you too, because that self love will be in your aura and good people will be attracted to you!

    Many Blessings to you and all that you love at this Christmas time too!
    Dr. Michelle

  535. 535 Jo

    Wow, wow, wow. You are absolutely spot on! I have had difficulty moving on - physically and mentally( I hurt my knee over two years ago - torn cartilage - and it is still a problem. Not only that but I have developed a neurological problem resulting in drop foot (the same leg) so I drag my foot and have balance issues - falling over quite often. It all makes sense.
    I’m still working full time although I do fall over quite regularly and sometimes I hurt myself. I’ve had to cut back on some of my socialising because of the fear of falling over and getting very tired. I must have so much hurt inside.
    I am standing up for myself with people - not in a passive aggressive way but in a gently but firm way.
    Forgiveness is the key. Forgiving myself and perhaps accepting that these lessons were there to help. I have real problems forgiving those who hurt me because it was cruel and uncalled for. Perhaps accepetance is the best I can do - accepting that this is their nature and I cannot change that. My biggest lesson has been to look at people in a different light- to see them as they really are not not how I want them to be and to understand that even if I am really lovely to others they don’t necessarily feel the same about me and that isn’t a problem. All Piscians love to be liked and yet it is OK for people not to like me - perhaps I’m just not their cup of tea.
    I’m blessed, I work with some lovely people and I have some outstandingly awesome friends. What this time has given me is some time to myself - to be me for the first time in my life and it really is wonderful.
    Thank you so much for your insight. You truely are a remarkable lady.
    Blessings to you and yours
    Jo x

  536. 536 Jo

    Hi Michelle
    What can you tell me about my life path? I am a Piscian, born 25th Feb 1953? I’ve had my trials and tribulations but am a survivor. I’ve had two marriages and a couple of long term relationships. However I’ve found that I haven’t been truly appreciated. My first husband left me for someone else, my second remarried within three months of us splitting up, in fact he got engaged whilst we were still married - though this wasn’t to the woman he married. My long term relationships were anything but loving, one man was abusive the other unfeeling. I’ve been by myself for the past year and I am learning how to love myself but I have been dogged by ill health. Will 2013 bring me some respite? I hope so.
    Blessings to all this Christmas time.
    Love & Light

  537. 537 Michelle

    Dear Jo,
    Your life path numbers are 27/9 which means that you are here, on the Earth plane this time, to learn about unconditional love - towards others and yourself - and forgiveness. You should be a very loving and spiritual soul, who only wants others to be as loving and creative as you are. Unfortunately we live in a world filled with a lot of selfish and negative people, although there are many who are wonderful loving souls too. You mentioned that you have had two marriages. My question to you, because you have a 27/9 life path is: “What did you learn about yourself through those relationships?” Everyone you have a close intimate relationship with will, in some way, be a mirror reflection for you to learn about yourself through that person and through the relationship. Your life path is also about “Do onto others as you wish them to do onto you - and love others as you love yourself” - Thus it’s very important that you DO love yourself and treat yourself exactly the way that you desire others to treat you. If you are down and depressed then you will attract others that will also be down and depressed. If you have any addictions then you will attract others who also have addictions, but if you are healthy, loving and giving then you should attract people with similar qualities that you have.

    In regards to your two past marriages it feels to me that your soul came into this world with past life abandonment issues that you are learning to overcome in this lifetime. The only way that you can truly overcome this is by loving yourself FIRST, not feeling codependent upon anyone for the love (or financial support) that you desire, and forgiving those that have abandoned you. Even subconsciously, if you feel that any relationship that you are in will only end up disappointing you, or that person leaving you (abandoning you), then you will continue to attract these types of relationships into your life. On the other hand if you tell yourself, “I choose to attract a wonderful fully loving, secure, long term relationship into my life…without any fear, but only with love and trust” then So Be It! You can overcome your past insecurities, but again only with a lot of self love, independence, and total forgiveness towards those people, and situations, from your past!

    Love truly IS the fuel that keeps you going, but looking outside of yourself for the true love that you seek - and feeling before hand that it probably isn’t going to last - and thus you worry and wait for that disappointing day - telling yourself that you ‘knew’ this was going to happen - just continues the negative cycle that you are here to learn how to break away from!

    Being a Pisces makes this whole situation even more dramatic because you are such a FEELING type of person. Totally understandable because I AM also a Pisces too. I totally understand.

    You asked me if 2013 will bring you some relief? Of course it will, but you don’t have to wait until then to start giving yourself the appreciation that you seek from others. Stop blaming yourself for what happened in your past relationships and start looking forward to attracting a wonderful best friend and partner into your life. The summer of 2013 will be filled with much love and positive opportunities for Pisces people! :)
    Many Blessings to you and all those you love!
    Dr. Michelle

  538. 538 christine

    Hi good evening, firstly I would like to congratulate you on your horoscopes, i have always found them very accurat. Whilst I have always considered myself to be avery very strong person 2012 was probably the worse in my life. I was born 12 Oct 1957. I split with my partner whois a good man and thought I would be with till I died but it wasnt to be and although It wad my decision I still feel it was the right thing to do. I then met a Leo man when I was not looking fir a relationship and I fell in love for the first time but did not cope with such intense feelings and have to take alot of the responsibility for the split and unfortunately tjis was emotionally devastating for me when I also discovered he went back to his ex. I fully fully appreciate what was in the past will stay in the past and I am so trying very hard to think positivel 2013 but struggling and so want to believe I will find someone that Ican hav a positve relationship with. I am very hard working, keep myself busy and fit, love my family but struggling em

  539. 539 Michelle

    Dear Christine,
    2012 was a very intense year filled with many changes, challenges and tests of faith regarding every aspect of a person’s life. 2013 is going to be so much better for the people who desire to have compassion, kindess, generosity, empathy, and warmth towards others. This is a WE vibrational year of healing and a year of being a lot more dedicated towards the ones that we love.

    I can totally understand what you went through, regarding your personal relationships - and probably so much more - during the course of last year. You are a very strong person indeed. You like to be the Boss who is in charge of every aspect of your life - and yet last year showed you that there were aspects of your life that you could not be in control of. What was meant to be released from your life, for your own Highest Good, did leave. You probably felt very angry and depressed when you didn’t understand why this was happening and because you couldn’t - nor were you meant to - fix these issues.

    You can think more positively about this year of 2013. Since you survived the issues, and intense energy, of 2012…you can survive through anything now! Nothing is going to be as difficult as last year was. We won’t go through such intense and changable vibrations again until 2012, but hopefully by that time we would have become much more mature, wise and able, to be able to handle the next set of intense and changable energies in a more positive way!

    Don’t give up HOPE, but know that this IS the year that you can begin a brand new chapter of your life! The more that you can do and give of yourself to others…the happier you will be!

    Blessings and Love!
    Dr. Michelle

  540. 540 christine

    Thankyou for your reply. I just find it difficult to understand that fate brought me love for the first time in my life and because I couldnt cope with it, I chased it away by behaving cruelly to someone I loved rather than cherish it. I would have left me !! I do however now know that if I was given another opportunity to love someone I would look after those feelings - Im just not sure if the heavens will allow such an opportunity altho I so desire same. Thankyou once again and have a fabulous year. Your columns are extremely insightful - wish I had been ! X

  541. 541 Michelle

    Dear Christine,
    The first thing that you have to do is to stop blaming yourself and feeling that the Universe won’t send you another, even better, opportunity. You learned what you needed to learn and like you said “next time” you’ll open your heart towards the positive possibilities and make the most of it.

    May the Universe and the Powers that BE know what’s in your heart and send you a wonderful new love opportunity, that you will be open and receptive to, in the very near future.

    Dr. Michelle

  542. 542 sushmita

    Hi Michelle,
    It is great pleasure to read the horoscopes every week…infact i wait for them every week. I was born on march 1st ,1971 in India.I am so much lost in terms of career and also getting too much interested spiritual stuff…i know this is something i always wanted to do…get freedom and travel the whole world and spiritual places…do you think i will be able to get financial freedom and will be able to fulfill my dreams…thank you.

  543. 543 Michelle

    Dear sushmita,
    First of all there is no such thing as being ‘too’ interested in spiritual stuff because you are a 22/4 life path soul (see my numerology section to learn more about this) and as such you are ON a spiritual journey here to reach out and help others as much as you can. The more that you passionately understand the spiritual side of yourself, the more that you will be able to bring heavenly energy here to our earth plane. It’s that simple.

    You asked me about situations in your life improving? The answer to this is absolutely YES! Since your birthday last year you’ve been in a 9 cycle of your life, a cycle of endings, and I’m sure that you’ve felt very tired indeed. 2012 was a year of intense change and with you being in your 9 cycle, during that period of time, I’m sure that the energy around you felt pretty exhausting!

    Dream BIG dreams Sushmita! You may not become a millionaire, but you are on an important mission here - in this lifetime! I encourage you to send me a private e-mail and I’ll give you more information about this.

    Your next birthday will bring you into a brand new #1 cycle which will allow you to plant many new seeds of success for your future!

    Blessings and Love to you my spiritual sister! There are going to be many great improvements for you in your future. You will work hard for them, but the benefits will far outweigh the efforts that you put forth to have them. :)
    Dr. Michelle

  544. 544 sushmita

    Hi Michelle,
    Thank you , I did study the numerology section and have understood what you are saying..I would love to email you and thank you once again
    looking forward to brand new #1 cycle…

    lots of luv and thx.


  545. 545 IntuitiveSoul

    Hi Michelle,

    I wrote to you over the weekend but I’m not sure it went through. I just clicked the “submit” button but I didn’t realise I hadn’t typed in the cryptic words in the little box. Does that have any effect in you receiving what people have written?

  546. 546 Michelle

    Hi IntuitiveSoul! To answer your question, “Yes” you have to type in the cryptic words that are in the little box otherwise my system won’t pick it up because whatever someone has written, without typing in those words, will be picked up as a SPAM and I won’t receive it. I’m checking now and I don’t see anything here that you had written to me over the weekend so you’re going to have to either resend your question again to me here, or write to me privately at my e-mail address:

    Blessings to you!
    Dr. Michelle

  547. 547 IntuitiveSoul

    Dear Michelle,

    I’m a Sagittarian born 12/10/72 in NJ. I’ve written to you many times before concerning other matters and hopefully you’ll remember me :D.

    I’ve had a really ruff start to the New Year with the passing of my Mom on the early morning of New Year’s day. She suffered with Emphysema for many years before it took it’s toll those last few months. She’d been hospitalized since the end of October 2012. Even celebrated her Birthday (11/1/1952) in the hospital. It was quite an ordeal watching her suffer for so long the way that she was but I could not allow myself to become emotional, nor would I allow any negative emotion from myself or any other person who came to visit live in that room. I had to be strong for my mommy. I think the hardest part of it was when the Dr.s all explained to us that they had done all they could but unfortunately there wasn’t anything else that they could really do. Her health was not going to improve and her lungs were basically gone. She was wearing a C-Pap mask that forces oxygen into your lungs so she was unable to talk but I know she understood even though she never said a word while the Dr.s were there. She waited until they left then wrote down on a sheet of paper the words a daughter NEVER wants to read from her mother. ” Am I dying”. Needless to say my heart sunk in that moment but I couldn’t allow myself to cry, feel sad or anything else because I didn’t want to make her cry. So I kind of smiled sort of and said as softly as I could ” Well - not today. And maybe not tomorrow either but your lungs aren’t going to get any better.” Then I watched her make the hardest decision anyone should never have to make. The Dr.s offered her one option. Her only option. Take the morphine drip and then remove the mask which was her only life line by then. It was so hard to watch but I had no choice but to accept her choice. She hadn’t eaten in days nor was she able to drink anything because she could not tolerate the mask being off her face. She wouldn’t be able to get enough air if she did. She’d lost so much weight, she couldn’t move her legs because her muscle capacity was gone from laying in bed so long. My mom couldn’t even lay down flat because she couldn’t breath that way. She had to sleep sitting up. That was no way for her to be. I hated that she had to leave but at the same time it was killing me to watch her try and stay. I saw her getting afraid and emotional at her decision by straight away I told her in as positive a voice as I could: ” Don’t be afraid. Just think of it this way, you’ll no longer be a prisoner in your own body anymore. You’ll no longer be a prisoner in your own home anymore because you couldn’t go outside to enjoy the spring or summer weather or even the winter weather. You couldn’t see the beauty of the flowers that grew in the garden or even enjoy the forth of July parade. I told her that now she’d be free to fly anywhere she wanted to go. I told her she could fly to the moon and back in a matter of mere seconds and not once be out of breath. She didn’t have to worry about Dr. appointments, breathing treatments nor the tons of medicines she had to take. And I told her to just think, she’d be able to see my grandparents again and all the other people who’d gone on before her that I know she missed so much. And I told her that she needn’t worry for myself nor my son because she’d now be closer to us then she ever was before. I also told her that she must be pretty special because God has given her the opportunity many of us do not get. The opportunity to say WHEN and HOW she wanted to go.” And with all those words I believe I made it much, much easier for her because I KNEW that my mother was TIRED. So so very very tired of struggling and gasping for every breath she took. So in the end i was very proud of my Mother and the strong fight that she put up. After the morphine was given and the mask removed my Mother just slept so peacefully and that comforted my heart GREATLY. She looked just like a tiny little girl with her hand placed COMFORTABLY under her cheek as she slept. She lasted much longer then the Dr.s all thought that she would. Almost two days to be exact before she finally went peacefully on her own at 4:20 AM New Year’s day.

    I got to tell you Michelle that though I’d been so strong for her, for my son and a few other relatives that that day after I left the hospital I was sooo TERRIFIED. I mean i was happy that my mother was no longer in pain and misery anymore but I feared dreadfully for myself. I’m not sure if a lot of people who’ve lost a parent has had this feeling before but even though your grown and can take care of yourself in life and pay your own bills and so on and so forth but when one of your parents passes on there is still this fear you have that you wonder “Am I going to be okay? What do I do now? How do I proceed? ect” Those were the questions I was asking myself. I mean what’s a girl to do without her mother? Still despite those feelings of dread and anxiety I still had a job to do. Mind you that though I had my moments while I was alone that I had not allowed myself to cry. I couldn’t to be honest. I couldn’t allow myself to fall apart because even though I had a brother, he’s not very reliable. There was so much placed on my shoulders that I couldn’t allow myself to fall do you know what I mean? I had to be able to stand through all of that because it was all on me. I had to handle everything, even after she passed away, on my own. She has a sister also but not even she was very helpful to me. All the people you would think would offer a hand NEVER did. But they sure asked me for this and for that. You really do get to see people’s true characters in times of darkness I can attest to that. But even then I put the anger ( and there was a lot of it ) aside and concentrated fully on the task at hand and despite everything else was able to make sure that my mother’s funeral was beautiful. I KNOW she would have loved it. I had everyone wear her favorite color which was purple and I’d even got her a beautiful purple gown in which to wear. She looked so lovely and PEACEFUL that you’d of never been able to tell that she was sick at all. That made my heart smile. But there is still apart of me that feels in limbo now. Before she had gotten so sick I had plans to move to North Carolina, you know for a brand new start and all but now I’m not so sure anymore. In fact I’m not really sure of a lot lately. I feel lost in some strange way. Like I don’t know which foot to put forward. Seem like my life has changed a great deal in the past few months and I’m no longer SURE in which direction I should go now. I feel scattered and totally ill at ease. All new feelings for me. And still the fear I have to contend with. I know when your not sure of anything you should stay put and wait for the answers to come but honestly I’m not even sure of that anymore either. sighs

    Signed completely confused

  548. 548 Michelle

    Dear Sharonda,
    First of all I want to send to you, and your family, my deepest condolences on the passing of your Mother. Thank you for sharing the true life story of your Mom’s illness and the last few months of her life with us. She is a very brave Soul and she did make the right choice for herself and for her family. I would have made the same choice myself. You said all the right words to her, directly from your heart and soul, and your words and loving energy were a great comfort to her. Have no doubt about that. Her loving Spirit will always be around you to help you in ways that will seem quite miraculous to you, as you move on with your own life here on this Earth plane. When the time comes, way in the future, for you to leave here and make your transition into the heavenly realm…your beautiful Mother will be there with her arms wide open to hug you, help you, and bring you back home. Her beautiful soul is at peace.

    Being Mother’s ourselves, and you also being a daughter, you know that your Mother has one more request. Not an easy request, but a request none-the-less, and this request is for you to know that YOU MATTER - to her and everyone else that you know, and that you will meet, along the journey of your life. She wants you to BE HAPPY in your life and although it may seem that she can’t physically sit next to you and eat ice cream, or smell the beautiful flowers, she will BE there with you when you do these things and think fondly of her. Keep your eyes open for a special sign because you will know, without a doubt, that she is there with you.

    I can totally understand how you feel about losing a parent. My Father passed away in late October of 1992. I am the oldest of the family and have 2 younger sisters so I was the one that stayed over night at the hospital, praying in the chapel, that my Father would have an easy transition out of his body and into the heavenly realm. Even though I AM so very spiritual, I AM human too - and a daughter who loves her Father so much - the next morning when I awoke I had forgotten about my prayers in the chapel and was just trying to wake up out of a short, but very deep, sleep that I had been in. I got up, went down the hall, and into the closest bathroom that I could find. Across from this bathroom area there was a few 2 bed patient rooms. When I came out of the bathroom there was an elderly man in a wheel chair that called out to me, “Miss? Nurse? Can you come over here and help me put on my shoes? I am getting ready to go home!” He said with a big smile on his face. “Okay, no problem” I said and went over there to help me. I knelt down, put on his shoes (which were on the floor by his wheel chair). The whole time that I am putting on his shoes he was talking to me as if he believed I was a nurse - probably because I was wearing a white sweater. He was flirting and talking and smiling and saying, “You’re such a beautiful nurse. Thank you so much for helping me. I am so happy to be going home!”

    As this was going on, what I believed to be a real nurse walked by the door and saw me kneeling down putting on this man’s shoes. “I’ll do that for you if you want me to? You don’t have to do this.” She smiled and said to me. “That’s okay” I said, thinking that maybe I was in trouble now because who knows maybe I shouldn’t be offering to do what I was doing, but I said with a smile, “That’s okay! I really want to!” and then she walked away. She was a blonde nurse with her hair piled up high on her head and a clipboard in her hand. (keep this in mind as I try to quickly get to the end of this story, which I hope will help you to understand a little bit more about what you are also going through).

    It was at this point that I told the ‘grandpa’, as I saw him to be - a sweet elderly gentleman who continued to flirt with me, that I’m not a nurse…but a daughter with a Father who is very ill and in a room down the hall. He then said to me with an even bigger smile, “Oh, my dear, don’t you worry…don’t you worry at all! You’re a beautiful daughter and I know that your Father loves you very much! I wish that I had a daughter like you. You’re so kind, loving, caring and beautiful.”

    I then stood up and told him that I hope that he has a nice journey home. With another big smile he reached out and wanted me to stoop down and give him a big HUG…which of course I was glad to do. “I’m going home” he said “very soon.” “You have a wonderful day” I said. “You have a wonderful Life!” he said back to me with a great big grin.

    It was at this time that I walked back down the hall and turned the corner towards my Father’s room and at that time my Mother’s friend Louanne grabbed me and asked me, “Where WERE you? Your Father just passed away!” Everyone was so sad, but for some odd reason I still felt the joy that the elderly man had bestowed upon me and as I looked at my Dad, looking so much at peace, I then remembered my prayers in the chapel. I got an inkling that I should go back and see if the elderly man was still in his room. I had an urge to reunite with him - something was pushing me to go and do this once again. So, I dismissed myself from the family (not to their liking at all, for they were all very sad and needed my comforts ‘for them’) but I was being guided to go back down the hall so I told them, “I’ll be right back I need to use the bathroom.”

    As I walked back to that area and saw that particular room…the lights were off, there was no one in the room (when previously the elderly man was in the wheel chair by the door and there WAS another patient in the other bed by the window) but no one was in the room NOW. It was only a matter of maybe 10 minutes between the time that I had been there and the time when I had gone back. But, no one was in the room now and I wondered if the elderly man had just left and maybe I could catch up with him. I walked down the hall just a little bit more looking for the blonde nurse with the clipboard that I had seen before. I walked down to the nurses station and I asked about the blonde nurse, because she had seen me with the man and she might know who he is. When I asked about the blonde nurse the other nurses told me that NO blonde nurse works on this particular floor, they didn’t know who I was talking about. “Okay” I thought, maybe she was from another floor so I will bypass this thought for a moment and I asked the nurses there if they know where the elderly man is that was in “that room” - as I stood there pointing to it - across from the bathroom. “Did he go home already?” I asked.

    The looked at each other, with surprised looks on their faces, and they looked back at me and asked me, “Are you okay?” “Why?” I asked. “I’m just looking for the elderly man in the wheelchair that was in “that room”…you know “that room” right across from the bathroom. He told me he was happy to be going home and I thought that maybe I could talk to him again before he actually left.” Again, they looked at each other and then said to me, “Are you sure that you are okay? We haven’t had any patients in “that” room in over 3 days.”

    Wow, I shook my head a little bit and said, “Thank you” and walked away in a daze. “What just happened to me?” I asked and then right away I felt a smile in my heart that my prayers had been answered in a very unusual and mystical way. I had prayed for a SIGN that my Father would have an easy transition into the heavenly plane and either it was my Father’s own spirit, in disguise, that I had talked to OR it was an actual physical Angel that came to let me know that my Father was so happy to be finally “Going Home!”

    There are more details to this true life story, but had to try to keep it brief, but I hope that my true life story can help you to feel some comfort that there IS more to life than meets the eye and that “Going Home” is another important - and seemingly very HAPPY - part of Life!

    I can understand how you feel about yourself and your own life now, and your thoughts about your own mortality, feelings about life, and all of the other deep questions about life that you have in your heart and on your mind.

    You are a very spiritual soul too and I know that you are going to be just fine. There is going to be a grieving period of time and it doesn’t have to be right now. Because of my experience happening the way that it did, I cried deeply for a few moments (that was my own physical selfishness/ego self/ the little girl inside missing the support of her Dad) but all in all it is HIS happiness that matters more to me than ME having to grow up and stand on my own two feet and face the hard realities of life. Oh, once in awhile I will still have a good cry because I do miss him very much, but all in all I can feel his love, strength and support around me whenever I think about him fondly. I’ve seen plenty of little miracles and positive signs - enough to know that our life continues and that once we are on the other side we still have the ability to watch over, care for, assist and help, and love our loved ones that are still here…very much.

    I do have a little bit more to tell you - for you personally - but I would rather that you write to me privately and I will share this information with you. Just send me a private e-mail and I’ll be happy to continue our conversation.

    In the meantime I suggest that you give yourself plenty of credit for all that you have done so well and know that your Mother loves you deeply and she wants you to BE happy. It may seem a bit difficult right now, that is only natural, but I feel that you ARE on the right path and that you can continue to dream big dreams, move if you want to, and live your life the way that would make you feel happiest.

    Many Blessings and Much Love to you now and always!
    Dr. Michelle

  549. 549 IntuitiveSoul

    Dear Michelle,

    Thank you so very much for your reply! Your story of your dear father was comforting and RIVETING! I found myself saying over and over again….WOW! What a blessing that had to have been for you. I too have seen signs and signals that my Mom and OTHERS are indeed still among us, around us, guiding us and loving us more then they ever did before and that makes my heart smile (makes me feel just a little more protected in some ways). I read a book by Dr. Newton a few years ago back when someone else really close to my soul passed on, titled “Destiny of Souls” and it helped me a lot then and totally prepared me now(almost) for my Mom as in I knew wholeheartedly that she would be returning to the spirit world but not gone from me forever. I’m very intuitive in a lot of ways and I can feel and even sometimes KNOW certain things and I can “sense” her nearness at times. Not a lot but some of the time since she’s gone home.

    Yes, I will definitely send you my private email as I would love to continue on with this conversation.

    Thank you so much Michelle for being there for others as you have and for being so understanding to things others aren’t very understanding of. You are a blessing to behold and I thank the Heavens for sending you to this world and all of us!!!!!!!!!!

  550. 550 Starbright


    Thank you for a sincere reply you sent me a while ago now, like so many other readers your web page is one of the best, and easy to navigate around and be a partof. Thank you.
    This year began with an ineer feeling that this is going to be a much better year, a good year not that I have any particular plans to evidence this feeling of good things to come. Am I imagining it or is it really going to be a year where much happiness will unfold? Feel free to be real and be the one to tell me if I am kidding myself :-)

  551. 551 Michelle

    Dear Starbright,
    First of all let me commend you on your positive energy! You are on the right track! 2013 IS going to be a much better year then 2012 was and shouldn’t be as chaotic (at least vibrationally) as what we all went through last year. Happiness unfolds when we try to focus on what is already going good in our lives and then with an attitude of gratitude keep ourselves focused on seeing the ‘positive’ side of every situation that we encounter. Not always so easy, oh yes I do know that, but it’s in TRYING to find the silver lining in the dark clouds that we can attract many blessings into our lives! Continue to use your imagination to visualize the way that you desire this year to be for yourself. There are still going to be some days that are very challenging, life is always this way, but having a positive attitude will help you to go a long way towards creating the life that you really want to live…no matter what other circumstances are going on around you!

    Many Blessings and Lots of Love to you now and always!
    Dr. Michelle

  552. 552 Starbright

    Thanks Michelle, and I can confirm that positive thinking for the first time in my life is actually working when today in my industry I won an award that will help me in the way of keeping me going much further. Last year, along with many readers,really was quite tough fo rme emotionally and just getting through the dredge of most days really. But its true, I dont know how i got myselg to this point, but things just feel more positive, and Im really glad I checked in with you because you have confirmed that part of that is because yes things will be much better for me this year (across ALL areas of life I do hope!!). Michelle, you are truly wonderful, in fact a god send to readers like me, and I too am grateful to you. From the bottom of my heart. xx Star bight, still shining bright. xx

  553. 553 M Mandla

    Dear Michelle,

    My date of birth is 6th December 1963 15:23 (New delhi, India)
    My Husband’s date of birth is 1st July 1959 20:20 (kenya, Nairobi)

    Please could you let us know what the future holds for us both professionally and in regard to our health.


    M Mandla

  554. 554 Michelle

    Dear M Mandla,
    Both you and your husband are both very smart people who certainly know how to take good care of yourselves (oh yes, you are much better at eating correctly and exercising, when you desire to, then he can be…but when he really desires to take good care of himself then he can do this with great determination and integrity! He just has to be in the right mood and have the time he needs to unwind.) Both of you take life very seriously. He is a lot more internally emotional than you are and he takes everything very personally. He may not show you this, nor communicate that he does, but internally (in his own mind and heart) he sure does. Both of you just need to learn more holistic ways of relaxation AND give yourselves permission to ’slow down’, have more positive faith, and of course learn to laugh and play more often! :)
    I feel that under the economically strained global financial pressures that everyone is going through, professionally we all need to balance our finances a bit better and live a more simple life. Financially things will get better for the both of you. After all, you both deserve it and you both can be very hard working people indeed!

    My best advice is for you both to trust in Synchronicity and know that with a happier and more joyful attitude, towards each other, that everything will work out well for the both of you. Patience, Faith and Gratitude are the keys to the success that you both desire - both with your health and within your chosen professions.

    Dr. Michelle

  555. 555 Linda Harris

    Dear Michelle,
    What a fantastic site!! You are very insightful and genuinely caring and compassionate about your mission her on earth. I am hoping that you can pass some of your wisdom and guidance onto a certain situation that I have found myself in. I am divorced and have dated a little over the past 5 years but have concentrated more on my career, which has become everything I could have dreamed it would be. I was born December 9, 1961 and a romantic interest that I have was born June 2, 1963. We work for the same company but sometimes not always on the same shift. We have flirted, spoken numerous times, volunteered for the same event and even went out for a drink after work once in the last 2 years. He has gone through a really rough divorce and made it a point to tell me that he was advised to take a year off before dating to find himself. Well, that year is now up and I am wondering if this relationship will go anywhere?
    I would appreciate any insight or guidance that you could offer.
    Many blessings to you,

  556. 556 Michelle

    Dear Linda,
    Thank you for your heart felt comments regarding my special website here. I deeply appreciate your appreciation of the work that I love to do! Again, Thank you so much for giving me your feedback. :)
    Now, onto the question that you have asked of me regarding the special coworker that you are so fond of. I can totally understand why you are fond of him, for he is a very kind/loving man with a great deal of compassion and a great sense of humor. He was emotionally and intellectually deeply wounded by this divorce. They both had many ups and downs throughout their relationship together but he never gave up hope that he could somehow fix what was wrong and they would stay together for the rest of their lives. Even to this day, even though she has moved on and into a different relationship, in many ways (even when he actually is in another relationship) there is a part of him that will never give up hope that somehow, some way, some day they will get back together.

    As time goes on, and it’s going to take a lot of time indeed, he will be able to move into a new relationship (although there will always be deep feelings for his ex-wife). He blames himself for the divorce, which in all reality he shouldn’t, but he carries around these heartache wounds and he doesn’t know how to heal past them.

    My best suggestion to you is that you let him know that if he ever needs to talk someone that you are there for him. IF you can just be friends first and allow this friendship to grow, with much trust between the two of you, then it’s very possible that a deeper relationship can take place.

    He’s in no hurry to move forward into a new, committed type of relationship, but a very good friendship (possibly with benefits, but even in this area of his life it’s going to take him more time) is what he will eventually be looking for.

    As for you, you can be such a beautiful, happy, joyful and playful person indeed! It’s possible, because of your own heartache about your own divorce that you (consciously and/or subconsciously) desire to attract men into your life who are not completely available. Why? Because you do not desire to ever, not ever, go through what you went through before. For more information about what this means I suggest that you e-mail me privately at:

    You ARE more self-empowered in your life then you give yourself credit for.
    2013 can be a wonderful year full of prosperity and success for you!

    Hugs and Love!
    Dr. Michelle

  557. 557 Linda Harris

    Dear Dr. Michelle,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my question, although I think I knew what you were going to say. I agree with your insightfulness regarding my coworker and believe that maybe in time things could work out. However, if we remain friends than I would be just as happy because I know that he has alot of issues to work out in his personal life. I am interested in hearing more of what you have to say about my divorce and the heartache that I have had to endure so I will definitely email you privately.
    Again thank you for being such a caring and beautiful angel on this earth that spreads much love and wisdom.
    Many blessings to you.

  558. 558 DeniseA

    Good Day to you Michelle, I had a reading with you several years ago and really need to come back and see you, which I will do. I have a question, my son’s birthday is April 12,1981, 2:51PM he was born. He has been battling many demons let say. He has just moved out and I am concerned he will become a hermit. He has lost most if not all of his friends, does not have a girlfriend and thinks very low about himself. My birthdate April 23,1951. We really have a hard time communicating. He’s very angry all the time. I see a young man who is very moral and has a big heart,he is just really lost. Can you give me some advise on how I can help him to see some light in his life.
    You were so very helpful to me many years ago and I will see you again soon.
    Warmest Regards

  559. 559 Michelle

    Good Day to you Denise, I can understand perfectly how you feel. You care deeply about your son and your whole family and you just want everyone to be happy, safe, secure and filled with inner peace. Your Son was born under the sign of Aries with his Moon sign in Leo. That’s a lot of spitfire, which means that HE is going to do what HE wants to do and nothing you can say or do is going to make him change his mind about anything. He is a kind and caring soul, but inside of himself he truly wants to have complete control over everything. When situations seem to be out of his control, such as a break up with a girlfriend, or his own financial opportunities are lacking etc. he takes these situations very personally and needs plenty of time to find a sense of inner balance. He can become quite depressed indeed. Why? Because he feels that he should be in complete control of everything, and everyone, and when situations are out of his personal control (which of course this is how life is for everyone) he takes situations very, very, very personally. His mission in this lifetime is to control what works out well for him and relinquish control, to a higher power, regarding those situations that are not meant for him to control. He holds onto resentments, regrets and feelings of lack very tightly and for prolonged periods of time. He will learn, as he get’s older (probably around the age of 35, 38 or 40) that what he was so depressed about, or trying to control in the past, isn’t worth his time and energy anymore. You just need to give him the time and space that he needs to figure these things out for himself. I would suggest that he sees a therapist but you can’t force him to do so, it has to be his own choice of course. He doesn’t want to admit, to you or anyone else, that anything is wrong with him at all…thus he likes to retreat into his own sacred space and figure things out for himself. I suggest that you just keep on doing what you are doing - unconditionally loving him - for acceptance, love and appreciation from you does matter a lot to him. YOU mean a lot to him, but when you harp on him to improve in some way, or share his feelings with you in some way, he desires to run away - and like a turtle he wants to go into his shell and stay away from you. He loves you, he truly does, but he wants to be given the freedom to do his own thing without being questioned about what he is doing.

    I look forward to doing another special session for you in the future. Just drop me an e-mail when you’re ready to set up your next appointment. :)
    Blessings and Love!
    Dr. Michelle

  560. 560 Curious

    Hi Michelle!

    Hope you had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!! I was wondering if your forecast for Sagittarians finding someone special would apply for all Saggies? I was born on Dec. 10, 1972 in NJ and I’ve seen nothing that remotely comes close to this!! However I have been experiencing a great deal of intense emotions lately and for basically this whole year I’ve been feeling quite vulnerable (a feeling I hate!!!). Many astrologers are predicting meeting someone extra special but I’ve yet to see proof! Or it could be that I live in a small town where everyone knows everyone and are basically paired off I guess. Not much I can do about that I suppose :D! Anyway, it’s nothing big as I am happy with me but I was pretty curious!!


  561. 561 Michelle

    Hi Sharonda,
    Yes the current horoscope for Sagittarius is looking good for single Sagittarians to meet someone special over the next few weeks. What you may be experiencing, with you feeling so emotionally vulnerable lately, is the fact that you are currently in your 9 cycle of life. Have you also been feeling more fatigued? Have you noticed many memories from your past popping up in your mind lately? To learn more about what a 9 cycle is please feel free to visit the numerology section on my website. You can also e-mail me privately at: for more information. While you are in this 9 cycle, which you will be in until your birthday this year, give yourself permission to take it easy. This is a time of endings for you. A time of completions. Once you move into your new 1 cycle, on your next birthday, you will be ready to create many new beginnings in your life. For now everything is very temporary.
    Blessings now and always!
    Dr. Michelle

  562. 562 Curious

    Wow Michelle!! :O

    I am so floored right now! That was actually really SPOT on! Fatigue, the hurtful memory lane roller coaster I seem to be riding without my permission, YES, I am experiencing it all. :/

    And I have all the way until my birthday to endure? Nice. lol

    I will certainly be visiting your numerology section and I will definitely be emailing for further information.

    Your the best Michelle and again, I can’t thank you enough.

    Love and Blessings

  563. 563 Amy K.

    Hi Dr. Michelle.

    I absolutely love your website and your insights. You are so positive and accurate with your interpretations! Your weekly horoscopes have been spot on and I am so grateful that I came across your page. I feel you are the best of the best :) I’m a Gemini…lol feels like a triple Gemini because my moon, sun, mercury are in Gemini and my rising is Leo along with my Venus, Mars and Jupiter. I’ve always found it interesting that my chart was like this. My DOB is 6/12/1991 time 9:27am and was born in New york, NY. What are your thoughts/insights on my chart? I have lived quite an interesting life thus far and am always at the edge of my seat to know what is next!

  564. 564 Michelle

    Dear Amy,
    Yes you have a very nice chart indeed! Since you are on the edge of your seat to know what is next - I highly recommend that you get IN on my June BOGO Super Sale! You can check it out on my website here at:

    I’m sure that you will really enjoy a special phone session with me, so much so that you will desire another! :)
    Feel free to e-mail me directly at: and I’ll give you more details! :)
    With the Sun, Mars and Jupiter in your sign right now…the sky’s the limit on what you can achieve! :)
    Blessings to you now and always!
    Dr. Michelle

  565. 565 Mick

    Hello Michelle,

    Hope you’re doing well. First of all, Let me thank you from the core for what you do for people. You give them prespective and hope which many seek but seldom get. I read your posts regularly and must say that there is a very intense intuitive feel on whatever you write. I’am a 30 Dec born with a Cancer Moon and live with a lot of turmoil inside me on a daily basis. Life is the usual like everyone else but still everyday there is a lot of thinking, very deep thinking leading to an introvert and quiet outlook. There are time when I just want to shut down my mind but can’t. I feel like I soak the environment around me at times, with negative energy, people’s feelings, their pain, my responsibilities and so on. Why can’t I let go of things, memories, issues and move on. Why do I get terrible mood swings and get grumpy? I would really appriciate your insight on my situation. My DOB is 30/12/1982 - Jammu, India.

    Thank you again for what you do for the unknown


  566. 566 Michelle

    Dear Mick,
    It’s not necessarily because of your beautiful Cancer Moon (in your natal chart) that makes you feel like you want to be a crab and hide in your shell when you feel so ‘out of control’ or that life itself is ‘out of control’. It’s more your life path - 26/8 - that makes you think so much…trying to come UP with a successful plan for yourself, your life, and the greatest good of everyone around you…and when you can’t then you want to ‘hold onto’ memories from the past (especially the ones that have hurt you the most) so that you can learn from them. But are you learning from them how to become wiser and then you can let those lessons go, or are you dwelling upon them with great regret and fear that they will happen again? When you feel SUCCESSFUL you can move mountains with what you can do! When you feel depressed then you’re stuck in the muck and you can’t pick yourself up no matter what you try to do. Your path is about learning how to relinquish control (oh those darn controlling thoughts and issues) and put your frustrations into the hands of a Higher Power that unconditionally loves you! You know more about karma than most. Being a Capricorn, ruled by the karmic planet Saturn (the planet in charge of time and karma) you know that as long as you do your best then what you do will come back to you (if you would only learn how to receive it) and you also know that when you make a wrong choice (everyone does this is how we learn) you have a tendency to beat yourself up about it more than other people. Be good to yourself. Start from right NOW! Allow yourself to SMILE more often and enjoy the simple and beautiful moments of life. One minute at a time, one day at a time, one week at a time, one month at a time…give yourself credit for what does go right in your life! The more you do, the more that happiness and prosperity will be attracted into your life!

    Thank you for the wonderful compliments about my work and the website!
    Much Appreciated!
    Blessings Always,
    Dr. Michelle

  567. 567 sushmita

    Hello Michelle,
    Hi again, there are so many changes right now in life…just wondering where we go from here. This weekly horoscope shows such a positive time ahead …so good to be true. I was born in Wani,India on 1st March 1971 at 8:00 am. just would like to hear your few wonderful words…as always.
    Thank you Michelle.
    Lots of luv and care

  568. 568 Michelle

    Hi Sushmita :) So good to hear from you! What Pisces should do now, at least for the next 4 weeks, is to just BE yourself…whatever that may be. You are free to BE the creative you that you are meant to be! If you’ve desired some fun in your life (and things have been tough over the past 12 years for us) this is the time, right now - and it’s only going to get better and better - to relax, simplify your life, do what you creatively want to do and yes you can procrastinate quite a bit about the stuff that you don’t want to do…but most of all trust in a Higher Divine energy to take care of you and lead you in the right direction. Say YES to anything that makes you feel HAPPY! For now just enjoy the next 4 weeks and if you can truly allow yourself to be happy (no matter what else is going on around you) then the next 4 weeks can be even more relaxing (Rip Van Winkle sleeping under a shady tree) as you go through a very deep and intensive healing period of your life. But again, just for now, put all of your normal worries aside, go with the flow of life, believe in miracles, dream big dreams, and enjoy yourself!

    Hugs and Love to you Sushmita and to all of my beautiful readers in India!
    Dr. Michelle

  569. 569 Mick

    Dear Michelle,

    Thankyou heaps for your reply. You know there is so much tenderness and warmth in your words. Felt like someone giving me words of wisdom with a cup of hot chocolate near the chimney :) and confirming if I was warm enough. That’s the best compliment I can give you.
    Michelle, I just need to understand if my sun sign(Capricorn) and my moon sign(Cancer) which are opposites puzzle me all the time? My Capricorn self gives me the confidence/courage/attitude et al but then comes my sensitive moon in cancer that makes me sooo sensitive that sometimes I feel like leaving everything I love and go live somewhere in the mountains. I see too much of plastic everyday in my life, be it people, smiles, nautre and I just cannot act like them or reciprocate. I am just very obvious at times and very complex to some and even myself. I am 30 years old now (DOB 30/12/1982, TOB 2:15 PM, POB: Jammu, India) and am doing good for myself and family for now. As you advised, step by step, one step at a time, try and smile more(which seems impossible sometimes)but I try my best. Is there something in my chart that has to do with these terrible moods? I sometimes get terrible psychic feelings of something bad going to happen, memories from the past and I become more gloomy. Why can’t I just be plain Happy and not want everything in this world and at the same time want everything and whinge. People who love me (not many) and are close to me (just my very close family) say I complain a lot when I have everything I should be thankful for. Is there something wrong in my head? I know I sound very very confusing but this is what I live with everyday. So many expectations from people (The ones I care for and have done a lot for them) that I get terribly disappointed from them. Another problem with me is I don’t like arguing which creates an impression of me being in the wrong spot when I SHOULDN’T even be in there. Is there an end to this thinking so much all the time? What is wrong with me?

  570. 570 Michelle

    Dear Mick,
    There is nothing wrong with you, you just desire everyone to be loving, caring, kind, hardworking, respectful and appreciative towards you. You feel like no matter what you DO, or give, that the people around you love you…but you feel taken for granted. With your Moon in Cancer you desire to be unconditionally loved. With you being born under a Full Moon (Sun in Capricorn/Moon in Cancer) since your birth you’ve felt like you needed MORE and MORE loving attention. You desire to feel secure, safe and loved. That’s all it is and there’s nothing wrong with that. You’re a grown man now and Life itself can be a bit scary for you (paying bills, being responsible for the lives of those you love etc.) and that’s a lot weighing on your shoulders - thus you sometimes feel a bit manic/depressive because you don’t know HOW you’re going to be able to DO all of this and at the same time have some creative and joyful time to yourself. Thus you desire to retreat (go live in the mountains where no one can find you and no one can ask anything from you and you then won’t have to be responsible for anyone other than yourself), but if you actually did this you would be craving to be back where you are NOW, with a family and people who love you. The grass isn’t greener on the other side. You are living the life path that you are meant to live. Knowing this you need to focus on everything that is going RIGHT in your life and with great love and dedication keep on doing what you are doing! Give yourself credit for everything that you’ve done, everything you’re doing now and know that you’ve made it this far and you will keep on going! You’re Cancer Moon is very sensitive and you’ve been worrying wayyy too much. Like a drippy faucet you’ve been wasting your energy worrying so much. These worries are only wasting your precious energy. Energy that you can use to focus on doing things you enjoy and spending quality time your your friends and family members who love you so much.

    Hugs and Love!
    Dr. Michelle

  571. 571 Mick

    Thank you Michelle,
    Sometimes people like me just need someone like you to shake us with that positive feel and get us going. I took a lot of your words and gave myself a jolt to get back on track mentally. A clean shave, a nice cologne and a sharp suit next day to work hehe. I hope this mercury retrogade period passes without any issues or speed bumps. I had a question though. With Jupiter now in Cancer, Does that affect us cancer moon people as well?
    Really appriciate your help and insights,

  572. 572 Michelle

    Hi Mick :)
    Enjoyed your comments here about you getting a clean shave with some nice cologne and a sharp suit! Yes indeed, do that! Your presence will be a very good example for those around you and the women will really enjoy your company! Yes indeed, benevolent Jupiter in the sign of Cancer will bring much JOY and HAPPINESS to you, and others, who have their moon signs in the sign of Cancer! It’s time to stop being so worried and/or moody and it’s TIME NOW to start looking at the brighter side of life with GUSTO! Vvvrrrrooooommmmm….it’s time to get going and truly enjoy the energy of Jupiter in Cancer!

    Hugs n Love!
    Dr. Michelle
    PS. Mercury retrograde in Cancer may make you feel a little shy, but that’s okay because you’re intuition regarding the people around you will be stronger than it’s ever been. You can enjoy this creative and nurturing energy!

  573. 573 Sal

    Dear Michelle,

    First of all, I would like to tell you a big thank you for being kind enough to address our questions on this forum.

    I am a pisces female born 23/2/1983( at 9 47 pm in India). The last seven years feel like such a struggle to me. I have tried my best to be positive and move ahead but losing my ex this Feb (born on 28/5/1981) was the last heart break which has left me very low on energy and will power.

    Is it just a bad time to be a pisces? Why does everything feel like a struggle? I have previously taken your advice and tried my best to be positive and move ahead but everything has been such ups and downs. My ex is so so unhappy too and we keep communicating on and off and everything feels like one step ahead and falling two steps back again.

    Please share your insights with me and I would love to hear some positive advice from you again!

    Thank you soo much and God Bless you!!

  574. 574 Mick

    Spot on Michelle,
    This is so so true.
    I do feel a bit hesitant/shy these days with women. So should I keep my distance with the ones I feel intuitive about. This is particularly with a virgo sun leo moon female (born Aug 26). I feel like she plays those mind games with me. I like her a lot but she acts very insecure and does not often keep in touch. Very very critical and though I don’t want to call her selfish, She does act a lot like one. Do you think it will progress with her?


  575. 575 Mick

    PS: I find your picture under the weekly horoscopes intensely attractive :)

  576. 576 Michelle

    Dear Salwa,
    I am a Pisces too, so I can understand how you feel. Some days are going to be better than others and my best advice to you is for you to keep your faith strong and try not to allow your negative thoughts and feelings to get the best of you. Being a Pisces it is important to ‘go with the flow’ and try, try, try not to take situations too personally. With the current Grand Water Trine (read this week’s special newsletter) the vibrations are right for all Pisces, Cancers and Scorpio’s to positively enhance their lives in many ways. Hang in there Salwa. Situations around you should be getting better in the not too distant future. For more information, about you personally, you may desire to e-mail me at: and send me your birth information (Full name, birth date, time of birth, Location where you were born) so that I can take a good look at your natal chart to see where you are being challenged and help you learn about these challenges and what you can choose to do to over come them.

    Hugs n Love!
    Dr. Michelle

  577. 577 Mick

    Oops Mercury retrogade check Michelle :)

  578. 578 Michelle

    Hey Mick, no hurries…no worries.
    Thank you for the compliment!
    Dr. Michelle

  579. 579 Mick

    Hi Michelle,

    Just wanted to thank you again for building the faith in me. It was much appriciated and needed. I have one little thing that’s been bothering me lately and I would be grateful if you had a view on this. This is particularly with a virgo sun leo moon female (born Aug 26)who is 10 years older than me. I feel like she plays those mind games with me. I like her a lot but she acts very insecure and does not often keep in touch. When I try and get rid of her thoughts, she bounces back acting normal. She has a tendancy to make up things and is not a very good friend but I do care for her. Very very critical and though I don’t want to call her selfish, She does act a lot like one. Do you think it will progress with her? Or should I just end this so called friendship for good.
    I would really really appriciate your thoughts on this as I would mean a lot Michelle.


  580. 580 Michelle

    Dear Mick,
    The older people get the more precious friendships become. In regards to your Sun in Virgo/Moon in Capricorn/Leo Rising friend she will always need to be the one who is in charge of the friendship. She will give you clues as to when she desires your friendship and she will retreat when she needs her own private space. If you can respect that this is how she desires things to be then the friendship can continue. If you expect more out of this friendship then you may be disappointed. Virgo’s are known for needing plenty of personal time to do their own thing, which you shouldn’t take personally. Her Capricorn Moon side shows that she does care and knows how to love deeply, especially in regards to her own family, but once a Capricorn Moon person has heartache situations (from past relationships) it takes them a very long time to allow anyone to get close to their heart again because they do not want to repeat these types of situations in their lives ever again. Being a good friend is always a blessing. I can feel that you do care for her very much. I’m sure that she does appreciate that. What you need to do is look towards your needs within the friendship. If you feel that this friendship is only one sided, where you are giving to her all of the time and you feel that you are not receiving personal caring attention back from her then maybe you will desire to re-evaluate the friendship, but if on the other hand you desire just to be a good friend to her, because you genuinely care about her then this may be good enough. If you pressure her then she will retreat. If you give her plenty of personal space to be independent she will respect you for this. It’s never a good decision to just break off a relationship/friendship with a Leo Rising person (no matter what their sun sign may be) because you feel that you are not getting enough out of the relationship. Those Leo Rising people won’t see things your way, they are the Kings and Queens of their own lives. Again, they do love deeply but they like to be the ones to call the shots and decide for themselves who they will allow to get close to their hearts and who they won’t. Being a Virgo everything needs to make common sense to her and if she feels that you’re being dramatic in some way then you’ll only push her further away.

    Good Luck!
    Dr. Michelle

  581. 581 Mick

    Hi Michelle,
    I confess I’ve been dramatic a few times. We used to work at the same place and I had to move which I did. My mood swings/feelings for her did make me say a few things which I shouldn’t have but I’ve always been a gentleman with her and she always tells me that I made her feel special. She loves someone and I really wish she gets him (Cancer) but its complicated between them. But at the same time I have this jealousy if that’s what I should call it. The only problem Michelle, that bothers me is not letting go of thoughts. My mind, it just does not stop thinking of her. Its like an obsession that comes and goes. She is older than me (10 years for god sake). I just wonder why her?? Like you said, I’ve been giving her space for months. We met last month after 6 months when I just work literally 2 minutes away from her. I know I sound like a baby rant but I had very strong feelings for her. If this is what is good for me, I’ll continue doing so and give her that space which is all her’s anyways. Its just that cold, very cold face/feelings/vibrations that come from her and that hurts me. I wish I knew the secret to let go. Sometimes I miss her so much and just wanna tell her texting her but I hold on to myself. Maybe I am expecting more out of all this but its just my feelings that run over me at times. I guess patience is all I have and will try not to get in touch until she does now.

    If there is anything else you want me to do Michelle, I’ll obey.

    You are an angel.


  582. 582 Sal

    Hi michelle,

    Hope you are doing well.

    I hope you rem me. You had given me really good advice twice earlier.I just wanted to know if maybe you could share some insights on when pisces girls can finally hear some good news on our love life aspects?

    My dob is 23 feb 1983 , 9 47pm manipal, indi

    Thnk you!! N god bless u !!

  583. 583 Michelle

    Hi Sal! I hope that you are doing well! In regards to your question regarding Pisces females and romantic relationships. Right now it’s all about feeling love inside ourselves FIRST and then projecting that genuine loving image out towards the one we love, or if single out towards attracting a new romantic love interest into your life. But again, with both Neptune rx and Chiron rx in the sign of Pisces…the True Love that you are looking for starts ‘within’ you 1st! Loving yourself and feeling really blessed for your life is the first step in the right direction! This is not selfishness this is total Self Awareness on the highest level. Once you really feel this way then you will probably stumble across a wonderful new romantic opportunity when you least expect it.

    Hugs n Love!
    Dr. Michelle

  584. 584 May Davis

    Hi Michelle,

    I am new to your site, and can honestly say how wonderful it was to read the feedback that you have received, you are a very special lady! Michelle, I have never been so confused and feel like I am in total limbo. Can you please advise? DOB 01/16/1956.

    Thank you in advance.

  585. 585 Michelle

    Dear May,

    Welcome to I hope that you will continue to visit my astrologically enlightening website here and I hope that you will enjoy all of the positive insight and healing vibrations. Thank you for your wonderful comment, much appreciated! Now onto the vibrations surrounding you, which I completely understand. Life is often like a biorythm - sometimes UP and sometimes down, what you’ve been going through (in this year of 2013) has been all about learning how to handle (to the best of your ability and often with great faith) personal changes and challenges. Instead of just allowing the Winds of Fate to fly you around like a kite (regarding these changes and challenges) I highly recommend to you that you make yourself a written list of what changes YOU would like to have take place within your life. You can call this cycle of your life a midlife crisis point, but like all cycles this won’t last too much longer. The whole year may have seemed quite challenging thus far, but it should begin to ease up and get better for you (at least a little bit) in the month of October when focusing on your most personal relationships, and what you can do for others, will be the theme of October for you. The vibrations in November as you, personally, to focus on YOURSELF and what is most important to you (you may find this a bit challenging as well, but as long as you continue to focus only on what is for your own highest good then you’ll be able to make the right decisions for yourself. It’s time to set some personal boundaries and allow others to assist you for a positive change. If they do then they will be blessed indeed, if not then that will be bad karma for them.) December’s vibrations may also be a bit tricky because you’ll come into a time when you will begin to feel much more self-empowerment, but you may also desire to have much more personal control over everything and everyone (which as you already know doesn’t always work out to your advantage). Your faith is strong so if you find yourself feeling a bit angry or depressed write down what is upsetting you and relinguish your personal control over the matter to a Higher Power. The vibrations for 2014 will be much easier for you, a special year that you can look forward to. But, for now, it’s important that you keep your cool and focus on the personal changes that mean the most to you!

    Blessings now and always!
    Dr. Michelle

  586. 586 May

    Hi Michelle,

    Thank you very much for the swift reply, insight and direction.
    It is appreciated very much.

    I intend to visit your site again very shortly. There is a feeling of positivity, love and understanding that exudes from the messages posted and replied, simply wonderful!

    Much Blessings.

  587. 587 Mick

    Hello Michelle,
    October is here and I am looking forward to rise and shine.
    If you remember in our reading you mentioned October to be the month of my rising period.
    Thanks again for a delightful conversation.


  588. 588 Michelle

    Hi Michelle :)
    I have a question. I have been trying to work things out with the sometimes boyfriend since July when he came back into my life. Then my mother started to have issues with her husband, now, very recently she has moved in with me and of course I’m stressing about this. The boyfriend’s comment to me was “see this is your karma…you must have done something really wrong.” My comment to the boyfriend who is now ex- (again) is “yes, I did do something really wrong…I went back to you.” I have grown very weary of this relationship and have shifted priorities to my mother and my son, but I still long for that solid relationship not this continuous flurry of mess I get from the ex-boyfriend. Will it EVER happen or is he right? Instead of having a meaningful relationship I get a roommate.

  589. 589 Krysti

    Dear Michelle,

    First and foremost I would like to thank you for your time, knowledge, and caring enough to answer our questions.

    Last year my husband (2/15/58) had an affair and I am having a difficult time dealing with what he has done to me (5/13/69) after being married for 21 years.

    Can you tell me if he will do this to me again? Also, could you tell me if I can be happy with him again?

    God Bless

  590. 590 Michelle

    Dear Krysti,

    It’s always a most difficult thing when trust is broken within a personal relationship. It takes a lot of forgiveness and time to realize IF you desire to save the relationship or to choose to let it go. Since you and your husband had decided to try to save the relationship (and it didn’t end a year ago) then there is a very good chance that this relationship can become an even better relationship than it was before this incident even happened. There can be a deeper sense of appreciation that he has for you now, not only because you have agreed to stay in the relationship but also because he has realized (through his infidelity) that you truly are the woman that he desires to be with.

    If you feel that you cannot trust him, because you are always worried that he will be unfaithful to you again, you are wasting your time even remaining in the relationship. You are choosing to use your energy for worrying, fretting, resenting and feeling angry with resentment that there isn’t enough energy left within you to focus on the fact that he has stayed in the relationship for a few very important reasons…he loves you, respects you and desires to keep the family together.

    Can you forgive him? Can you put what has happened completely in the past? Are you willing to allow your feelings of love and gratitude for him to become more abundant? Is it possible that you both can rekindle the fires of love and passion with each other once again?

    If the answer to the above questions is YES then you are both on the right track towards having a much better relationship that can last a lifetime. If the answer to the above questions is NO, but you still desire to stay in the relationship then I highly suggest that you both choose to work together and go to marriage counseling. If the answer to the above questions is NO, and you feel that you’re only going to worry about what he is up to without having any respect, love and trust for him anymore…then the relationship has already ended and you are both only putting each other through a lot of tension and grief by remaining together.

    Do you really love him? Is your husband the love of your life? If so then focus only on all his positive traits and try to completely forgive him for the lesson he has learned through his past infidelity towards you.

    You both can become so much stronger, as a couple, because this situation happened. Had he not strayed out of the relationship with you he would have never realized how truly important YOU are to his life!

    I wish you both happiness and many blessings!
    Dr. Michelle

  591. 591 Brie

    Hi Michelle,

    Your website is wonderful. I’ve found so much good advice in your answers to others’ questions, and I appreciate the very positive and empowering messages in your weekly horoscopes.

    I would like to ask your advice regarding some blocks I have encountered lately. Though I have made some important changes in the past two years (leaving an unhealthy long-term relationship, moving forward with a new career path), I feel very unbalanced. My health has not been so good and I have not moved forward romantically.

    What am I missing here? What do you recommend? (15 July 1979)

    Thank you so much for your help and guidance,


  592. 592 Michelle

    Dear Brie,

    I feel that you are on the right path. You MUST follow your inner JOY and do what you feel is best for you. Your life path is all about being Joyful, feeling Joyful and sharing your inner most Joyful energy with others. You are an excellent communicator and your words towards others creates joyful energy within them (especially when you are in a joyful mode of BEing yourself). You know this within your soul and thus you knew that you had to make some important changes in your life (and many of these changes were not easy for you at all) in order to move forward in your important life path.

    I feel that this current month of November is one of great contemplation for you. This is a time to rest and reflect on your life before you truly begin to see new doors of opportunity open for you. Take it easy! Be good to yourself! Allow others around you to assist you, and be joyful for you, when you need them the most.

    The month of December should renew your positive energy and give you the positive energetic push you desire to feel better and much more motivated!

    Situations are going to turn around for you. Continue to be patient. You are an extremely loving soul. Those who are in your life, for all of the right reasons, are truly blessed indeed!

    Many Blessings to you now and always!
    Dr. Michelle

  593. 593 Brie

    Dr. Michelle,

    Thank you so much for your reply! I appreciate your focus on joy and see where many things have gotten in the way of that for me. And you’re so right about communication. That is what I most want to do in life. Thank you also for acknowledging my being on the right path. I have been very concerned about this! Your words are incredibly reassuring and energizing. I feel very positively motivated by them. I cannot thank you enough! :)

  594. 594 Gail

    Hi Michelle

    I am a Pisces born 6 March 1966. I read your weekly horoscopes without fail, and always find them helpful, and valuable.

    I have recently experienced quiet a shock, in that I was unfairly dismissed by my company, the reason I was so shocked was that my Manager was not only a colleague but a close friend too. I have been through 4 weeks of re-looking at my life in terms of my relationships, it is really sad to realise that people will choose status and power over friendship and doing the right thing. I have also been doing a lot of thinking and realize that this is my “get out of jail card” so to speak from a suppressed working scenario. I am looking forward to new challenges and a more favourable working environment that will make me feel happy and valued and feel like I am contributing somehow as well as sustain me financially as I am a single mom of 3 teenagers :O).

    Hoping you can shed some light on career opportunities in the near future.

  595. 595 Michelle

    Dear Gail,

    I am feeling very empathetic towards what has happened to you, but as you know ‘everything happens for an important reason’ and I feel that you are positively aware of how much you needed this ‘get out of jail free’ card to begin to move forward in your life once again. Yes it is a hurtful thing when someone that you trust blindsides you and throws your relationship/friendship out the window. But even these situations can be a blessing in disguise, especially for a smart and loving Pisces like yourself, because then you are forced to re-evaluate your own boundaries and then choose to give of yourself only to those who deserve it.

    As for your career opportunities, I hope that you are positively aware that you ARE a very valuable employee for whoever you desire to work for. Earlier in your life, before you turned 32, you may have thought that you had to do, and be, whatever everyone else expected of you. In your 30’s you became much stronger and more independent! You have a variety of positive talents that you can choose to use towards whatever career you decide that you ‘want’ to work in. There in lies the key to your future career. What do you really want to do? What do you really want to BE? What type of work enthuses you and passionately stimulates you enough to get you motivated?

    You may be doing some soul searching regarding what you truly want to do. I feel that you would excel the best in any career where you are communicating with people, organizing things, helping others in some special way - for deep in your heart you are a true humanitarian!

    Your faith is strong, sometimes it doesn’t feel this way, but I feel that your faith is strong enough that when you focus on what you truly desire then many little miracles seem to flow your way. :)
    Good Luck to you in all that you choose to do. Over the course of the next 2 years you are truly the script writer of your own life. Keep on thinking positive thoughts and yes it’s perfectly alright to focus more often on what YOU want!

    Hugs n Love!
    Dr. Michelle

  596. 596 Gail

    Hi Michelle

    Thank you for your positive input on my current situation. I appreciate the advise ;O)
    I do believe everything happens for a reason, and I am excited about what lies ahead!

    Love & Light

  597. 597 Kristi

    Dear Michelle,

    These past 2 years have been hell for me (5/13/69) as I had to deal with infidelity from my husband and now I am having issues with my daughter (5/04/93 at 3:45p.m.) She does not want to grow up, she acts as though she is 13 instead of 20.

    She does not want to go to school or work. She has no goals for the future. She has tried to run away from home with poeple she has met through the internet. She does not want to listen and is rebellious.

    I am so scared of what she will do and what may happen to her as she is very immature and nieve.

    I have suggested counseling but she does not want to go.
    Will she ever grow up? Will things ever improve at home?

    Please Help

    God Bless

  598. 598 Michelle

    Dear Kristi,

    I feel for you. I totally understand what you are going through. This younger generation has become so spoiled, by people of our generation that just wanted our own kids to have a better life and not have to go through the pain and struggles that we went through. They are a rebellious bunch of kids indeed, often with no respect and appreciation for authority. Can you imagine what our parents would have done if we acted like that? They would have packed our bags for us and given us a 1 way bus ticket out of town, while at the same time quickly changing their phone number and the door locks and telling other family members and neighbors, “Good luck, good riddens to that child!”

    Of course we are not like that, although at times we wish that we were, but then again we truly love our children even if they act like demons from hell. Love, compassion, understanding…and often 3rd party counseling is what is needed, but that usually doesn’t occur until they have gotten themselves into so much trouble that they don’t have a choice anymore and they have to go into rehab or see a counselor.

    Your daughter doesn’t think that anything is wrong with her AT ALL. She doesn’t understand why you are ‘on her case’ (although I completely understand) she doesn’t understand ‘why’ at all. She doesn’t view her life as something that she is blessed to have, nor appreciate you and a higher power for giving her life. She feels that life is exhausting and bleak and she wants to rebell in order to figure out where the FUN is!

    The thing with your daughter is that she IS very smart! She can accomplish anything that she puts her mind into doing, but she may not figure out what that is until she’s closer to 30.

    You mentioned the word immature, and yes compared to ourselves at that age this seems very true, but she wants you to believe that she can take care of herself no matter where she is going or what she chooses to do. Nieve? No, I wouldn’t say that she is that. She may want ‘you’ to believe that sometimes, when she gets into trouble and is at the wrong place at the wrong time, with the wrong people and she get’s caught doing something that she shouldn’t be doing - you know how that goes, “Oh I didn’t know” she will say, or it’s so and so’s fault, “not mine” that this happened - but all along she knows perfectly well what she’s doing.

    Being the biological mother of 5 children myself (ages: 31, 30, 25, 21, 20) I want you to know that eventually they DO grow up, and you will be super surprised how well your daughter will do (and be) once you make her become completely responsible for her own behavior. If she wants to get into trouble then let her do that, but don’t go running to her rescue (and I know that is hard for you) when it happens. If she doesn’t want to clean her room then let her live in the mess, eventually she will desire on her own to clean it up. Let her do her own laundry etc. and when you talk to her try to talk to her soul (the part of her that you do love) and try to forgive her past behavior. It’s hard, but take things one day at a time. Also try to focus more on your own needs, wants, desires and ways to bring more happiness into your own life.

    Feel free to write to me privately at: - Again, I totally understand how you feel and being a mother of 5 (and also now a grandmother of 2 beautiful grandchildren)…I want you to know that it does get a lot better.

    Blessings to you and your family!
    Dr. Michelle

  599. 599 Lena Hill

    Dearest Michelle,

    Can you please tell me when my life is going to move forward and I find a good job so that I can get my own place again and my kids living with me again? I have been through so much loss in the past few years which is more than I can tolerate at times. I miss my boys so much, I cry at night on my pillow thinking about them and my own place again. I am so unhappy living family who not only does not want me living there, but also is constantly criticizing and putting me down because I haven’t found a job and moved out. I try so hard to be positive most days, but sometimes life just gets to me. I think back in the past how all this could have been avoided but I really don’t think it was avoidable since the economy was in such a bad state and continue to be. Please make some sense of all this heartache and loss into something that I can look forward to. Thank you for all you do.


  600. 600 Michelle

    Dear Lena,

    Check your e-mail. I’ve sent you a private message there. Your situation is a very tough one indeed. Everything happens for a reason, sometimes many reasons. In given time you will understand why all of this happened in your life. In the meantime the only thing that you can do is take each day one step at a time. Focusing on how you can make personal improvements and never giving up hope is better than not trying at all. Crying is a form of detoxification and is good for you…it’s very healthy for all of us. If we didn’t cry then we would hold all of our pent up emotions and experiences inside of ourselves on a cellular level which would cause many diseases to come upon us. Crying is very healing. I understand that you want solutions, you want answers, you desire things to improve. Situations will begin to improve for you every time you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and take the necessary steps to do whatever you have to do to create those improvements in your life.

    Blessings and Positive Prayers to you,
    Dr. Michelle

  601. 601 Jeannette

    Dearest Michelle,

    I had the wonderful opportunity to receive your input not long ago. Your kind words were uplifting at a very uncertain and dark time in my life. I am embarking on a legal battle against a prominent adversary. Can you provide me with any insight as to how I will fare?

    I feel as if I am being propelled to be much more assertive and bold than normal for me. Would you provide me with insight to my present situation?

    Warm regards,


  602. 602 Michelle

    Dear Jeannette,

    I’m very happy that I was able to help you before during a challenging period of time in your life. In regards to your current questions I would recommend that you visit a special page on my website at: and order a 12 Month Transit Report. This special report will be created especially for you, based on your own natal chart and the planetary vibrations that will be moving through your chart, and your life, during specific periods of time starting from the date that you order it and over the next 12 months. You will be able to know specifically what the challenging vibrations are and also what the positive vibrations are - everything will be described in detail for you - and then you can choose to understand, with a new found wisdom, how to handle the challenges that are around in a much more positive way while at the same time making the most of the positive energy that will also surround you! :)
    Yes, you are being propelled to become more assertive and bold - more self aware of your own needs - which may seem a bit unusual for you and will help you to feel more in control of your life as well. I’m sure that the report will help you with the situation you are currently going through and also with understanding what is going on around you, at any given time over the next 12 months, in a more enlightening way. After all…knowledge is power and you truly are learning how to have much more self-empowerment in your life in this New Year of 2014!

    Feel free to send me a private e-mail at:

    Blessings Now and Always!
    Dr. Michelle

  603. 603 sushmita

    Hello Michelle,
    Happy Birthday to you!! I was on long drive yesterday and saw 444 no license plate 4 times and was my birthday..entering into 44th year….amazing feeling really…feel blessed..with that saw 333,444,555 n 888…license plates too.
    thank you n have amazing day!!

  604. 604 Michelle

    Thank you Sushmita for the Happy Birthday message from you. Happy New Cycle of your own life too! May these new cycles that we have just entered into BE our BEST cycles yet! Yes, keep your eyes open for the ’signs’ that are being shown to you. When you see those double and triple numbers like that it’s a very special sign from the Universe that you’re on the right track! I pray that your sense of inner joy and inspiration continues to grow and grow and grow! Stay focused on what really matters…happiness, love and compassion towards others and also towards yourself!

    Hugs n Love spiritual Pisces Sister!
    Dr. Michelle

  605. 605 So Sad

    Dear Michelle,

    Hi! Thank you for this question ahead of time!
    I can’t believe I found your site when I did. . . I literally prayed for guidance last night, as I seriously need some in life. Then, after random searching, I found your site (easily) and it felt so right. So, thank you :)
    I am struggling right now: I’m in a relationship with my longtime boyfriend and we live together (Sept. 8, 1981). The relationship is bad, and basically, I am saving to move out.

    I am 2/22/1986, born 8:51pm. My boyfriend has been obsessed with his ex (7/14/80 or 81) since we met. I didn’t understand the extent of it until we were well in a relationship and so in love.
    I get why he likes her so much, she’s beautiful and perfect.
    Around this time (and also many times after) I found out he says and does things that are inappropriate to other women, including flirting, complimenting, and openly staring at beautiful women, even in front of me. It’s awful. He’s done everything from apologize, to get angry at me for saying it/having a problem with it, to denying it altogether (even if he’s previously admitted it and apologized).

    It’s been hell. Even though I’m saving to move out, it’s still so awful to live like this.

    It stopped for a while, but now I’m worried it’s starting up again.

    I want to know the extent of it, how bad it is/was and if he’s cheated on me in the past (emotionally or otherwise). What do I do to get over it? It hurts bad and has literally ruined my self esteem. Thanks for your help.

    -So Sad

  606. 606 Michelle

    Dear So Sad, the answers to your questions begin with ‘you’. What do ‘you’ really want within this relationship? Can you imagine yourself being truly happy with him? Being the Pisces that you are, you will naturally desire to reach out and help those who need you the most. What you have going on here, within this relationship, is an older Virgo male (who isn’t as mature as you, nor do I feel that he ever could be) and yet with the right guidance from you (or someone who he loves) he can feel more secure within himself and be helpful and happy with that person. He doesn’t purposely intend to make you unhappy. He does have a flirtatious nature, but he doesn’t mean anything seriously by it. He enjoys making people smile and if that person is a woman (which would make him feel good about himself) then that’s even better. But then again, he doesn’t really mean anything personally with his flirtations. If someone smiles back at him that makes him feel good about who he is. He can be a very smart guy. He can fix ‘things’ when they break - in his own given time -but he has difficulty fixing a broken heart and when he feels that it’s him that is breaking another person’s heart that makes him feel just terrible about himself and he wants to run away from the situation (or blame someone else) because he really doesn’t understand why it is happening. With you being a Pisces and him being a Virgo what you have going on here is a Full Moon relationship. This can be a passionate relationship, a dramatic relationship, a challenging relationship for sure. Everything happens for a reason because you both are learning something very important about yourselves from the other person.

    Virgo males are known as the #2 bachelors of the zodiac. (#1 is Sagittarius). Both signs love the game of falling in love, the romance, the beginnings of the relationship - but unless they are fully into staying in the relationship then situations regarding the responsibilities of the relationship become heavy and they look for ways (usually dramatic ways) to either push the other person away, or create more drama within the relationship, to a point where the relationship ends. Now they love to ‘kiss and make up’ (go back to prior relationships, or renew the current relationship after an argument takes place) so that there is a renewal, a new beginning in the relationship, so that it can become loving and fun once again.

    Once the males of these signs begin to really mature then they have a positive chance of staying in the relationship without the drama of younger years.

    My best advice to you is that you search your soul and figure out if ‘you’ desire to stay in the relationship or not. YOU are the true leader (the stronger emotional, nurturing partner) within the relationship. It’s ‘you’ that is going to set the tone of the relationship…not him. Up to this point you have been in ‘reaction’ mode to what makes him happy and what makes him upset. Instead of being reactive try to either be proactive or a little bit more detached. Concentrate more on what makes YOU happy and whatever that is do more of that!

    As for your self-esteem, there is no need for it to be low. It will only be low IF you are giving him power over you and your emotions. (again begin reactive and thinking that you need to be ‘more’ of something in order to make him happy). You are perfectly fine just the way that you are! You are a beautiful Pisces soul (and a 3 life path one at that) who is a very loving, happy and creative person. You deserve to be truly happy! Those people around you, and new people that you will meet, who can help you to smile and feel great about yourself will be very blessed indeed!

    As for his ex girlfriend and all of that, I would rather you write me a private e-mail at: if you desire to talk more about that. Writing about it publicly here in this forum wouldn’t be a good idea, but feel free to write to me privately if you would like to.

    Keep smiling and BE Happy! The happier that you are the more positive opportunities will come into your life!
    Dr. Michelle

  607. 607 Susan

    My question:

    Will I come up with the money to buy the house next door for my son & grandson before it goes to auction?

  608. 608 Michelle

    Dear Susan,

    You can be a very wise and organized person when you need to be. You also have a strong faith that miracles can happen in our lives. Is it possible that you can have a good friend help you in some way, possibly financially or with some legal information at least in regards to foreclosure, short sale, etc. I just feel that you need more support and information. Your intentions are good, but you need more information. Is your Son and Grandson living with you right now? I feel them around you, or at least they will be if they are not right now. This is a difficult situation, but again your intentions are good. Keep your faith strong and don’t be afraid to ask your good friends for either information, help and support, or whatever you need in regards to purchasing a nice place for your family members.

    Good Luck!
    Dr. Michelle

  609. 609 Linda

    Hi Michelle,
    Just wanted to tell you again what a great website you have! I love reading your weekly messages which I always find enlightening and uplifting. And, your weekly horoscopes always guide me through the upcoming week. I also enjoy reading the many postings and your inspirational and helpful responses which help out people who need your wisdom and guidance in their lives.
    You are certainly a special “Angel” on this earth!
    Many blessings to you:)

  610. 610 Michelle

    Hi Lynnie! :)
    Thank You for your wonderful comments and compliments! I’m very happy that you are enjoying my special website here at

    Feel free to sit back, relax and visit often! It makes my heart jump for JOY when my special readers send me special messages like yours. Thank You once again! Much appreciated!

    Many Splendid Blessings to You!
    Dr. Michelle

  611. 611 Linda

    Hi Michelle,
    You are so very welcome!! Honestly a couple of weeks ago I was so down because I put an offer on a house and the sellers took the other offer. There were two offers being presented at the same time and because the other people did not have a condition of selling their home, which I did, they accepted the other offer. I have been looking for almost a year and that house was everything I had been looking for. On the next day, Monday, I read your weekly messages column and your words really hit home with me. I knew for some reason that house was not meant for me because things happen the way they are suppose to. I now have my home up for sale and I know when the time is right everything will fall into place and I will find the home of my dreams. Again, thank you for your words of wisdom and guidance which really helped me out when I needed them the most.
    You certainly are a special lady:)
    Take care and many blessings to you,

  612. 612 Michelle

    Hi Lynnie!

    Keep on positively focusing forward on how you desire your life to be!
    You Can Do It! May you sell your current house for the amount you desire AND purchase the house of your dreams!

    Many Blessings to you and may Good Luck be with you today and always!
    Dr. Michelle

  613. 613 cindy

    Dear Michelle, i would like to know about my relationship/my birthday is 10/22/1960 my husband 2/3/57, i feel we are at the end of our course together, i’m afraid to officially end it, my concerns are my finances. We haven’t really been together for so long. I feel like we have never truely connected. We aren’t best friends lovers or partners. What to do feel is coming in my life Thanks!

  614. 614 Michelle

    Dear Cindy,

    You asked me about your relationship with your husband and what I am picking up on is that what you really desire in your life is more FUN! The responsibilities that both you and your husband have can make your relationship together feel more like work than it does like fun and romance. It’s not a bad relationship that you have between you, it’s just that he doesn’t understand what you need from him in order to feel better within the relationship. In fact, to him, he doesn’t realize that anything is wrong. He does love you but there needs to be better communication between the two of you. I understand that you try to tell him what you want him to do, or be like so that you’ll feel happier; the problem comes when he takes everything, and I mean everything, that you say to him extremely personally. So instead of saying, “I don’t like this, or I don’t like that, or I am unhappy because of this or that” try saying, “I am feeling that we need to spend more quality time together doing things that we both enjoy so that we can both feel happier together.” See what I mean? When he sees you upset, and he doesn’t know why, he automatically assumes that it’s his fault and he has no clue how to improve the situation. He feels that he is just getting blamed for everything all of the time, and thus he retreats from you - gives you plenty of space to be by yourself (because it must be a female thing that he doesn’t understand) and it seems like he’s brooding off in a corner by himself (or doing what he wants to do without you being a part of his life). Try to remember back to when you said “Yes” to marrying him and the feelings that you had for him back at that time. If you can positively focus on all of the good things that you really do love about him then there is a chance that you can improve this relationship. Before you make up your mind to leave the relationship completely, which is quite difficult for you because of your own personal financial insecurity, try to see if you can start to make improvements that you both will enjoy! I do feel that you can do this (in fact if you didn’t have him in your life right now you would probably be pretty upset. Imagine for a moment how you would feel if he was in a sexual relationship with someone else right now and was pondering over leaving you…how would that make you feel? Be completely honest with yourself about this. There is a small part of your heart, body and mind that does appreciate and love him. Okay now be a little more grateful that he is in your life and try to understand that he is having a difficult time understanding you and knowing exactly what you want.) The problems in your relationship together are not all your own, so don’t blame yourself and don’t feel guilty that you have such a strong desire to be with someone else who could possibly make you feel happier. It’s up to you to choose what you want. Is this relationship worth the effort? Do you have investments together….both financially and from the heart?

    Good Luck!
    Dr. Michelle

  615. 615 Joey

    Dear Michelle, I (dob: 2/2/61) would like some guidance with my job and family. My children (dtr: 7/15/79 & son: 6/7/83) are grown but have taken turns living with me all their lives. Mosy recently my son has moved back to live with me with his family of 4. They are in process of getting back on their feet after the birth of my grand daughter and job loss. Im glad to help them but this hasn’t been easy financially or emotionally. I hope to know how best to help my kids and can I make my job more meaningful somehow? I feel I need something more in my life but do not know what “it” might be. I would really appreciate some advice and direction. Thank you for you for lending an ear!

  616. 616 Michelle

    Dear Joey,
    I feel that you are doing the very best that you can do. You are a person who gives 120% towards all those you love. This year of 2014 is going to seem very hectic for you. The very best thing that you can do, and you usually always do, is to keep your faith strong! Miracles do happen every day! I know that you want to DO something to move things along faster but you are being asked to learn the valuable lesson of patience. You are a very good communicator. People enjoy talking with you and listening to what you have to say, so in regards to your family I want you to know that they all love you very much and they are listening to your words of advice. In regards to your work it’s a different manner. I’m picking up that you often get taken advantaged of, or just not appreciated as much as you desire to be. You would be happy with at least a “Thank You” for the extra work that you are always so willing to do. I don’t feel that you will actually make a job change this year, but in the year of 2015 you WILL choose to do what YOU WANT TO DO and probably choose to work in a career that makes you feel like you’re contributing more to the world AND getting a much better wage. What will this be? What type of career will you choose? This depends on if you take your time this year, meditate a bit on this, and listen to your inner passion! Because you are such a good communicator working in a communication field (talking, writing, advertising, selling - any job where you are in the public eye and talking to a lot of people will lead you towards more personal success! You are also a very good cook by the way so maybe taking some cooking classes this year, where you can earn a degree, may help you to work as a chef - or open your own business in some way!) You are a wonderful Mother, and a very good friend to others. They enjoy your personal skills (you have many) and they enjoy you teaching them little things that can help them to nurture themselves and their own families better.

    For now, try to be patient. Search your heart and focus on yourself sometimes. Those of us who were born in 1961 are very talented indeed. When you realize what you would LOVE to do for your career then you will definitely decide to DO whatever it is that you love to do and earn a good living doing it too!

    Good Luck!
    Dr. Michelle

  617. 617 Angela

    Hi Michelle

    I hope all is well with you in your world! I was wondering if you could give me any advice on career? (dob 26/11/63) I have wanted to return to my old line of work, but not sure if spirit seem to have other ideas. Its like everything I try is blocked and I feel confused. I have been in this situation before and things did eventually open up for me, but just now I seem to be really stagnant. Any light you can throw up on my situation would be greatly appreciated.

    Love Angela

  618. 618 Michelle

    Dear Angela,

    You are a very sweet old soul indeed who desires to serve others with unconditional love and healing. You have many special talents that you’ve brought with you into this lifetime. If you listen to your inner passions and you do what you love then you will be happy! You desire freedom, there is a part of your soul that needs to be your own boss, but you have to enjoy what you are doing without feeling stuck and at a loss. Your faith in Spirit is exceptionally strong. I can feel this and I know that you will be successful as long as you listen to the passions of your heart. You are in a cycle of your life right now, that started on your birthday back in 2013 (and will last until your next birthday in 2014) that represents YOU! You are in a 43/7 cycle of your life; which means that you desire security/stability/happiness/good communication/fun/laughter/socialization AND you want to make a lot of money doing what YOU love to do! The number 7 represents yourself - to listen to yourself, your higher self, to your heart and then make personal decisions that represent your highest good. Sometimes this is difficult for a person such as yourself who is so used to doing for others without thinking about what “You” want. Others around you may find you to be a little more selfish during this phase of time, but this perfectly okay…you need to be! For you this is not selfish, this is Self Awareness to the extreme! Your new cycle of life is teaching you that you can’t continue to be an enabler anymore…now comes a time of your life when you need to set some personal boundaries and begin to be a Teacher! So, to answer your question about your career…You Can Do Anything that you desire to do BUT You really really really Have to WANT To!

    Good Luck!
    Dr. Michelle

  619. 619 Angela

    Hi Michelle

    Thank you for this solid advice - you are so spot on as always. I wondered why I was being a little selfish at the moment, and yes the people around me are quite shocked in that! I feel stronger and I do think you are right about the teaching aspect and I have moved forward with that! I know I am looking for the answers from outside myself, when really I should be looking within. Thank you for taking the time to answer this question - it has really helped! Much love and light to you and your family Angela xx

  620. 620 Michelle

    You are very welcome Angela! I want to also bring to your attention, just in case you didn’t read my Astro Weekly Report, that I am having a special BOGO sale on all of my charts and reports! Check out the special section of my website here entitled “My Services For You”. There you will learn all about my special charts and reports and my other special services. This BOGO sale ends at midnight on May 19th. I highly suggest that you purchase a Natal Chart and Report and then you can receive a 12 Month Transit Report for FREE! If you would like more information about my services feel free to write to me privately at: You should take definitely take advantage of my BOGO sale before it ends on the 19th!

    Blessings Always!
    Dr. Michelle

  621. 621 Angela

    Thanks for that Michelle, no I had not noticed this offer - I will drop you an email! Angela

  622. 622 MDD

    Hi Michelle,

    Thank you for sharing your gift with everyone so freely, what a blessing you are to so many of us.
    Just wanted to know what light can be shed on this relationship.
    Mine 16/01/1956 His 01/08/1951.
    Greatly appreciated.

  623. 623 Michelle

    Dear MDD,

    This relationship isn’t the easiest relationship, but I do feel that there is a strong spiritual connection between the two of you. Your Leo man is trying to ‘figure out who he is’ and thus craves a lot of compliments and appreciation in order to make him feel that he is on the right track with anything and everything that he does. Sometimes he desires to be a bit of a loner. He needs lots of time by himself to ponder/think/and even brood over situations sometimes. You, on the other hand, are a much more sociable person who just desires everyone to love everyone else unconditionally and get along in an easy going and joyful manner. “You” are the guide within this relationship. It’s totally up to you how long this relationship will last. Your man desires your guidance, even when you feel that he is not listening to you and he just chooses to do his own thing in the ways that HE wants to. There can be peace and harmony within this relationship, but he must be willing to listen to your guidance - and you can’t feel that it’s always ‘you’ that has to make all of the important decisions all of the time…there is a need for more compromise and cooperation. Sometimes you may get very frustrated indeed (and possibly lose your temper because you’re feeling so frustrated), but when you do then he will be like a turtle and pull his head into his shell…feeling like you’re always blaming him all of the time (which isn’t true, you’re just trying to get him to listen to you and understand what you’re trying to teach and guide him to understand for the betterment of himself and the whole relationship between the two of you). I understand that, but he may often have a hard time understanding this. He can be very loving and generous indeed…when he wants to be…especially if he feels that he will receive the love and attention that he wants and needs. I wish you much good luck for the both of you. If you desire to chat about this relationship a bit more please feel free to write to me privately at:

    Thank you for your beautiful comments about myself and the work that I love to do for wonderful people like you!

    Many Blessings NOW and Always!
    Dr. Michelle

  624. 624 Christine Thomas

    Dear Michelle,

    I am scheduled to have surgery on July 28th, 2014 in Cleveland, Ohio. Just wanted to know if my surgery will provide me with the results I am expecting. Will everything turn out well or should I change my surgery date?
    My DOB is 5/13/1969 born in Cleveland, Ohio at 9:56 a.m.
    Thank You and God Bless!

  625. 625 Michelle

    Dear Christine,

    From what I can see within the vibrations of your chart, and the planetary vibrations that will be going on around you for July 28th 2014…it seems that all you have to do is allow the good and talented people around you to take care of you. Just relax! Everything should turn out quite well! Again, I suggest that you try not to worry (I know that this is often difficult for you) and ALLOW the wonderful people around you TO TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOU! They will certainly want to!

    No Worries…No Hurries. Just Relax and allow the healing energy to flow to you and through you!

    Many Blessings!
    Dr. Michelle

  626. 626 Lisa

    Dear Dr. Michelle, I “stumbled” across your website and this column… I have been reading the column and thinking “Wow” — this Dr. Michelle has something to say to me too! You are insightful! I am an Aquarius (2/12/61) with Taurus rising at 0 degrees. I know a bit about astrology but haven’t thought about it for years, except now I am going through what? a time in my life where all of my past reactions and responses are not working! I went back to school to be a nurse five years ago and in December last year quit my job without a job lined up! I was physically and emotionally depleted and had nothing else. It was either the job or me. I had been sick that whole year and I am never sick. I missed more work than ever in my life. I never missed work, school, anything. All I did it seems for two and a half years was work in the hospital on a very busy busy hard floor and pray that I made it to the next work cycle. I prayed more than I ever have for myself and my patients; sometimes praying with them. I ended up with “nothing.” Although I know that on a spiritual level that statement is not “true.” My life feels like a mess. I lived the last six months off my little bit of retirement and spent the time painting (which is my passion). When I went to nursing school the plan was to have use of my scientific side with nursing and serving in that capacity and do art when I wasn’t nursing AND, this is a big AND, make my art a success! So here I am “broke” — really down to the wire, borrowing money from my family to survive, and feeling like things will work out! Am I crazy for feeling this way? I feel anxious and at the same time, that God is taking care of me! I am very religious and I love the Saints and Angels. BUT right now, I am wondering if I am kidding myself about my life? I have a job interview this coming Monday afternoon, a nursing job. I have been applying for jobs for almost a year, then quit the job I had in December. I have had a few interviews, but always felt that something was “up” — like they already knew who they were going to hire. Should I have just gone out and gotten any old job? I will never be able to work in the hospital on a floor again because of the depletion of energy both physical and emotional. BUT I do want to use my nursing degree and the skills I have there. The interview is for a job that is not hands on, but it would utilize the many skills I had as an administrative assistant before nursing school. Help, Dr. Michelle, any advice you give me — I will appreciate! Thanks for reminding us about being grateful! I feel I want to be “deeper” as a person, but find myself actually slipping back into knee jerk reactions and responses to stress and life and family. Very lonely… I dream about having a married life, with land, house, garden, peace, love and all the good things, and a husband to share that with…. it seems now very far away from me! Lisa

  627. 627 Michelle

    Dear Lisa,

    I definitely know how you feel. I sent you a private e-mail message in hopes that you were still up and would give me a call. Read your e-mail message that I sent to you. If you don’t see it in your regular in-box then check your junk folder - just in case it went in there by mistake because my e-mail isn’t saved in your address book. Anyways, I really do feel that you need to ‘talk’ to me, for just a little while, because once you understand a few things that I want to tell you then you’re going to say, “Ah HA! I get it!” and begin to SMILE again! There will be no charge at all for this call that I want you to make. Just pick up the phone and dial the number that I sent to you. Take a positive step in the right direction and give me a call soon!

    I’m looking forward to talking with you in the not too distant future!

    Blessings and Love!
    Dr. Michelle

  628. 628 Lisa

    Dr. Michelle, I just had a chance to check the column and was thrilled to hear from you! I don’t know why but I could not find an e-mail from you in my regular e-mail or the junk spam mail. I hope I didn’t mess up and give you the wrong e-mail. is my e-mail. I would like to talk to you! I hope that we can talk soon; it feels great to know that I will be able to smile again soon! I am smiling today because I realize that to not smile is only going to make things worse… worry and fear are easy to give into…

  629. 629 Michelle

    Hi Lisa, yes now that I look at your e-mail address I had sent my letter to the wrong one. I sent it to lisabob3, instead of sending it to lisa.bobo3. Anyways, Dear Spiritual Sister, just give me a call at: (734) 753-4724. I am in my office right now for awhile and I’d love to chat with you! I’m working on a few projects (I’m sure a multi-tasker) so if you happen to get my voice mail just let me know your number and when is a good time to call you back.
    Talk with you soon!
    Keep Smiling!
    Dr. Michelle

  630. 630 danielle

    Hi Michelle-
    Its been awhile since we last talked and I am due for a reading for sure, but its going to have to wait a little bit. I’ve made a lot of changes in my life this year, but nothing has quite worked out right. I am on the right path, or do I need to form a new path?
    Thanks for any bit of insight you might have for me.
    5:03pm, los angeles, ca
    I am back living in los angeles now.

  631. 631 Michelle

    Hi Danielle,
    I’ve taken a look at your current transits and what I can see is that you may be feeling a bit energetically drained at this time, but spiritually speaking your own intuition has been growing immensely. I really suggest that you pay close attention to what your emotions and gut instincts are telling you, and try not to listen to the negative ego chatter of your mind so much. I know that this is often hard to do, it happens to all of us from time to time, and focus on what makes you feel happy. It’s time for you to release past experiences in a forgiving way and pay more attention, each day, to what you feel most grateful for. Very soon you will be moving into a new cycle of your life, which will start on your upcoming birthday here in 2014. The more you can trust that the Universe will provide for you, and you accept the little miracles that will touch your life in many ways, the happier you will be! This is not the cycle to really make those BIG changes, for any type of change you make will only be temporary, but to try to relax more, enjoy your life as much as possible on a daily basis, and bide your time over the next 13 months. This September can be a good month for you, as long as you don’t try to control situations too much. The Big changes that you are looking for will begin once you move into your 1 cycle on your birthday in 2015! You can begin to see many wonderful little improvements as early as January 2015. Keep your faith strong and know in your heart that situations will work out in your favor, but you’re going to have to be patient.

    Many Blessings to you now and always!
    Dr. Michelle

  632. 632 SDB

    Hi Michelle,

    I’ve literally been drawn to your website for over a year. I come here weekly to get your updates because I feel guided after having read them. I stumbled across this page as I started to sift through your website. Something told me to keep looking and I landed here. I have been hoping to find a spirit guide I could trust and rely on to tell me the truth and boom, this page appeared!:) Talk about divine intervention. I am a Leo (7/29/85) and I have been utilizing your site for my spiritual guidance. I’ve gone through a transformation of sorts over the last year. I am hoping you can let me know if I am on the right path? In love, career and everything in between. I am particularly focused on guy that I’ve been seeing for almost two years. Also a Leo (08/17/70) Is it worth it? I can’t get him out of my mind or leave him alone. Any direction will be great! I thank you in advance for your guidance!


  633. 633 Michelle

    Hi SDB,
    I’m very happy that you are enjoying my enlightening website here. Feel free to visit anytime for the knowledge and healing energy that it provides. You gave me your birth date and I can feel that you are a super smart person with a very spiritual soul. This new cycle of your life, that began on your birthday in 2014, will teach you a lot about yourself indeed! The more you can follow your own inner passions, and take positive actions towards bringing them into your reality, the happier you will be! Jupiter in the sign of Leo (until 8/11/2015) is going to bless your life in so many wonderful ways! What does abundance mean to you? What do you desire to abundantly attract into your life? Try to avoid negative and dramatic situations. Again, listen to your intuition for the guidance you desire. You asked me about the Leo man that you are attracted to and I can totally understand why you are so attracted to him. He is a very special soul indeed! His lifepath is 33/6! To learn more about what a lifepath is all about read the numerology section here on my website.

    For more answers to the personal questions you are seeking visit a special page on my website at:

    Many Special Blessings to you now and always!
    Dr. Michelle

  634. 634 Brie

    Hi Michelle,

    I’m stopping by for some much-needed positivity and redirection, and I know you’re the perfect person for both of these! I’m Jul/15/1979. Last time I contacted you, I felt stuck. You were right that things would pick up! Now I feel that my life choices have been poor, and I’d appreciate your guidance. I’m in a wedding next weekend, maid of honor. But it’s become clear in the last year that this woman is using me & has thrown me over for a college friend who she was too proud to ask to be maid of honor. Unfortunately, this woman was my closest friend. At least this will be over soon. My job isn’t much better. No matter what I do, I’m not appreciated and am outright disliked. The man in my life is very sweet (Nov/20/1989), but it’s early still. It seems that I’ve done everything wrong (except him, but who knows at this rate). Any guidance you can offer will be greatly appreciated!


  635. 635 Michelle

    Hi Brie,

    You have a very youthful vibration! I can see why you are attracted to a young man who is 10 years younger than yourself; the reason being because your energy, and your life path, desires to be HAPPY and stay youthful throughout your life! It’s very important that you don’t allow yourself to absorb other people’s negative attitudes and opinions about who you are! Yes it may be true that they are shifting their friendships away from you, but it’s their loss - not your own - that they desire not to treat you as well as you deserve. Try your best to be a positive influence for them anyways! When you allow people, and unhappy situations, to bring you down that will only turn your normally happy smile into a terribly BIG frown (and that’s not good for anyone, especially YOU!) Yes friendships are important to you, and important for you, but it seems that you now desire to be around different types of people (possibly of the much younger generation) who lift you UP and not bring you down. Your older friends may not understand this and have their own opinions about what you are doing. Then they will begin to talk behind your back instead of being good friends who desire to compassionately encourage you to be happy. Some people are just like that and when they don’t understand something, or maybe they are even a bit jealous of something that you are choosing to do, they will shift their friendship away from you. I know it feels very frustrating indeed. I know that we all wish that if a person is a good friend that they should always be, but Life often shows us, especially through our friendships and relationships, that we no longer need the people in our life that we have outgrown - or that aren’t as much of a good friend as we once thought them to be. We always learn a lot about ourselves through our most personal relationships. I suggest that you keep your promise to be your friend’s Maid of Honor and do the best job that you can do for her and her Wedding. By doing this your conscience will be clear. You’ll know that you were a good friend, even when she didn’t seem to be such a good friend to you. Both of you are growing in different directions in your lives, but this is perfectly okay…try not to fret so much over it. Also in regards to your job situation, the best thing that you can do is focus more positively on the job that you are doing and try to enjoy yourself, in your job position, more often! Focus on what makes you feel happy! Focus on the people that make you smile!

    Much Love, Laughter and Success to you Brie! You really DO deserve to BE Happy!
    Dr. Michelle

  636. 636 Stephanie

    Hi Dr Michelle!

    I want to start of by telling you how grateful I am to have come across your website and to have the guidance of your words each week! Two things that I’d love your guidance on: 1.) am I on my right life path/purpose? 2.) I would love to be able to help my oldest sister (05/23/1990) find her inner happiness. I worry she is not happy although she likes us to believe that she is. Could you please advise me here or let me know whether I should not even be in her business?

    I thank you for all of your love for us!
    Stephanie :)

  637. 637 Michelle

    Hi Stephanie,

    I would love to answer your questions for you, but they are a bit too personal and in-depth for my column here. If you would like me to answer these questions for you, via private e-mail, you can visit a special page here on my website: and on the top of this page you will see an option to purchase a 2 question e-mail report from me. Click on this option, make the small payment, and then e-mail me directly at: with your questions. Also please send me your birth information (Full name, birth date, time you were born, city/state where you were born) so that I can take a good look at your natal chart and your current transit chart to see what vibrations are going on around you now.

    I look forward to privately answering your questions in the not too distant future.
    Dr. Michelle

  638. 638 katherine

    Hello Michelle,

    Your descriptions of me “Leo” and my boyfriend “Aquarius” are right on. The differences in our personalities seem impossible to overcome at times. Are Leo women and Aquarius men considered a good match or a not so good match? If not, what is the best possible match for a Leo woman?

    Thank you

  639. 639 Michelle

    Hi Katherine! :)
    I know many people who are in a Leo/Aquarius relationship. Some have been happily married for decades! I will admit though that usually the man is the Leo and the woman is the Aquarius in these situations. But, either way, this combination of Leo/Aquarius is a relationship of ‘opposites attract’ so that they can learn from each other and share their individual strengths and weaknesses with each other. There is a ‘mirror’ reflection of personalities with this combination. You can call it a “Full Moon” type of attraction. When the relationship is passionate, it’s very passionate indeed! But when one, or the other, person involved desires to be ‘extra’ stubborn then there can easily be conflicts. Both signs are very intellectual. Both signs are ‘Fixed’ (which means very stubborn and set in their ways), but again when they can work together as a Team then that is a very powerful Team indeed! :)
    In your specific case, with your Aquarius boyfriend, I highly recommend that you visit a special page here on my website at: and order a special Compatibility Report! This special report will describe to you the dynamics of your specific relationship with each other. You can read more about this special report on the page listed above. Check it out! :)
    To answer your other question, about which Sun signs are best for Leo women, well I can easily say that the other fire signs of Aries and Sagittarius are often quite fun for Leo’s to be around.

    But again each person is different. You need to understand your own specific Natal Chart to see which signs are best for YOU! I can easily do this for you by creating your Natal Chart and then answering which signs would work out best for you. You can easily order this service from me on the page listed above. You can use the 2 Question option at the top of my services for you page.

    Love and Blessings!
    Dr. Michelle

  640. 640 Jeannette

    Hello Dr. Michelle,

    I hope you are well! I feel like I have been on constant detours in life. While I do hold a vision and feeling of a brighter future, somehow I find myself always making a hard left constantly. I am a Libra, born on Sept. 26, 1967. This year has been especially tough. Will situations improve, soon?

  641. 641 Michelle

    Dear Jeannette,

    I can totally understand how you are feeling. My youngest Sister, Deborah, also has your exact birthday. Libra’s this year are being asked to be the “Leaders” of Justice, grace, love, harmony, beauty, peace, truth, compromise and compassion. But if you don’t feel this energy within you first then how can you begin to teach others? Those of you who were born on September 26th, 1967 are very capable of being leaders and teachers. You were actually born to do so! With the North Node of the Moon in Libra right now, and for some time to come, Libra’s are being asked to advance their lives in ways that others can only imagine! This can be very tough indeed, especially if you desire an easy and simple life without any more personal challenges, but once you realize that the biggest challenges are ‘within’ yourself…to grow and evolve and allow your own personal dreams to manifest…then you will feel stuck and desire to sabotage yourself so that you don’t have to face having any more responsibilities than you already have. But if you search your heart and listen to your inner passions then you will find that no matter how much you desire not to choose to evolve and grow…you’re doing so anyway! From this moment on when you feel a challenge in front of you stand tall and face that challenge with an inner knowing that you CAN be very successful with anything you choose to do!

    You should begin to see situations improving for you in the month of November! Again, listen to your heart, follow your inner passions, keep your eyes on the prize of what you desire the most!

    Many Blessings to you now and always!
    Dr. Michelle

  642. 642 Brittany

    Hi Michelle,
    I have recently come across your website and I adore it.
    My question has to do with an ex-partner of mine. She broke up with me over two years ago and we haven’t spoke in over a year now. I can’t seem to get her out of my mind. I have always felt that we were soulmates and had met/ fell in love in a past life. I’ve heard souch about eclipses within this past two years and some yet to come on the Aries/Libra Axis. I’ve truly missed her, but have felt the need to wait until the right time to contact her. Her bday (10/07/1971), and mine is (03/22/1984). Is there any hope for reconciliation? I miss even just her presence. BTW, my life path is 11.
    Thanks Michelle.

  643. 643 Michelle

    Hi Brittany,

    Being on the 11 path that you are, you have these super sensitive feelings about the people in your life. This is only natural for you to feel this way. You want to know that she’s doing okay. There is nothing wrong with you getting back in touch with her. I can understand your reluctance though, because you don’t want to get your own feelings hurt again. Your female Libra friend is a powerful soul indeed. She likes to be the one in ‘Control’ of most situations, and sometimes people, in her life! When she feels that a certain person, or situation, is out of her control then she can become very angry (and often deeply depressed), but all in all she is a beautiful soul. I feel that if you tried to get back in contact with her, just to check in and see how she’s doing, that she would appreciate the connection with you. She’s not the type of person who would make contact first. If you want to reconnect with her then it’s going to have to be YOU that tries to make the connection first. Your friend doesn’t like to admit, to anyone, that she is wrong about anything. Again, I say, that she likes to present herself like she is totally in control of everything. You, on the other hand, can be very independent too, being the Aries Sun sign that you are, but you have a much softer/more gentle touch- with a very caring and compassionate heart, and I do believe that she misses you too.

    Blessings and Love,
    Dr. Michelle

  644. 644 Katy

    Hi Michelle-
    Not sure if my first message went through but I wanted to first off say what a blessing you are for sharing your amazing gift with us! I was lead to your website and have found it very helpful. My question is that I have seemed to be having a hard couple of years in many aspects of my life; relationships, financial, health, and I wondered if things will turn a corner for me soon? I’m ready for some positive changes! Than