Compatibility Report – $30.00

Would you like to know just how compatible you are with someone that you know? This is a fantastic report that will tell you exactly what aspects of each of your personalities will get along with each other and which ones can be challenging. This is the perfect report for seeing just how well you can get along with each other before making a life changing commitment towards one another. This special report can also help you to understand your current partner’s needs so much better. You will learn how your personality vibrations either help, or hinder, your partner and how your partner’s vibrations help or hinder you. By receiving this report you can both choose to tap into the more positive personality traits of one another and understand so much better what each of you desires most within the special partnership. This is also an excellent report to read pertaining to friendships and other relationships in your life. After making your payment please email me directly to: with the following information.

Your Full Name, Birth Date, Time you were born, The City/State/Country where you were born:

The Other Person’s Full Name, Birth Date, Time of Birth, The City/State/Country of Birth:

Once I receive the receipt of your payment, along with your email with the birth information that I need, I will email you promptly to confirm that the birth information that I have received is correct. I will then create a very special Compatibility Report and send it to you via an email attachment. You can expect to receive your report within 7 days; sometimes much sooner if time permits.

I look forward to creating your special Compatibility Report for you!

Compatibility Report