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Hi Friends!

I was turned on to Chaga by a good friend of mine, Mr. Tom Stitz, who sent me a package of Chaga from a wonderful husband and wife team – Christoper and Monique Williams. The Williams family lives in Alpena Michigan. I just had to call Mr. Williams and interview him so that I could share more information about Chaga with you!

Before I begin my interview for you, I personally want to say that I totally LOVE Chaga! At first I was a little unsure about trying something that I had never tried before, but when I opened my surprise package and saw the beautiful natural chunks of Chaga I thought “This is interesting!” I had read about how healthy Chaga tea is for everyone, so I just had to try it! I was told to brew two pieces in a half gallon of water, on the stove, by bringing it to a boil and then simmering it on medium low for at least a half hour (the longer you simmer it the better it is!) What I can tell you is that Chaga Tea tastes AMAZING! Chaga tea also has amazing health benefits. I encourage you to do your own research. You can find much information about Chaga on the internet. You can also visit and watch a lot of really cool video’s about it.

Okay, without further ado…let me introduce you to Christopher Williams!

You have been in the mushroom business for some time. Can you share with us how you got started?

My wife and I both grew up with the Northern Michigan woods as our playground, so our interest in mushrooms started very young. Of course I was always warned to stay clear of them by worried adults, but usually that sort of thing just makes a child more curious.

Morel mushroom picking is a big deal in our area every spring. There are festivals and other events, and even just driving around the country you can see cars parked on the roadside, and people creeping around slowly studying the ground. This was probably the first indication to me that mushrooms had some sort of value to people, and they weren’t just something to be feared.

Before we were married Monique and I went out to the Seattle area for her to attend a ‘wilderness skills’ school. The school didn’t focus so much on mushroom hunting as it did animal tracking and other survival skills, but we did meet some people in the area who were knowledgeable mushroom hunters and we were mentored by them.

When we came back to Michigan and got married we did internships on a couple different organic farms. We really wanted to start a farm of our own, but with no land and limited resources we didn’t have very good prospects. That was when we came to the idea of starting a mushroom farm; the initial investment was reasonable enough and we didn’t need the acres of space required for growing veggies.

We were fortunate that even though we are small operation to start, we literally had no competition, no one was growing the type of ‘specialty’ mushrooms (shiitake, oysters mushrooms, etc) that we were. It didn’t take long to grow into one of the biggest farms in the state.

 And how did you come to get involved with Chaga mushrooms?

 Well, I think we were just in the right place at the right time. We loved what we were doing with the farm, but as we grew the demands on our time were becoming too much. We outgrew our local market, so on top of maintaining the operation we were driving down to Ann Arbor twice a week to sell our mushrooms. It came to the point where we were going to have to take the next step by expanding and hiring a crew of people, and taking on the debt that goes with it, or find another niche to focus on.

Chaga was a mushroom that we became aware of some years before in our exploration of the different local mushrooms. I had read some rather remarkable reports on its use for cancer treatment in Russia, and of the benefits otherwise healthy people could gain with all the rare minerals it contains and its effects on the immune system. We had started drinking it ourselves and giving it to friends and family. Then we started hearing back from them about how much it helped with this or that problem they had been having.

It just seemed like the perfect solution: we could stay involved with the mushroom business, but rather than laboring day and night to grow the mushrooms, we could just let Mother Nature handle that and we would just do the harvesting. It was the best of all worlds: we got to roam around in the woods doing what we loved and provide this wonderful rare mushroom to people who were seeking its benefits.

 It sounds like you really have a passion for what you do!

 Absolutely, it really is a dream come true! I’ve heard it said that you should try to find a career that is most like the favorite games you played as a child. It couldn’t be more true in our case, as we both preferred making up our own games out in the woods than we did ‘cops and robbers’ or ‘fashion show’. We get to travel all around this beautiful state, seeking out the most remote, untouched areas of nature. Then when you get into the forest it’s like a treasure hunt; looking up and down every birch tree for nature’s own treasure!

I highly encourage you to visit Christopher and Monique Williams website at:

If you would like to e-mail Christopher directly you can do so at: He will help you with your orders and/or any questions that you may have.

I know that I am a Fan of Chaga now! It tastes so delicious, hot or cold, plain or with a little bit of honey. A wonderful natural treat indeed! It has been known for many centuries as a “Gift from God”. I totally believe that it IS! I’ve been feeling really good since I started drinking Chaga tea!

I highly encourage you to try it yourself. If you order your Chaga from Christopher and Monique’s website please tell them that Michelle Sent you! Enjoy!

Here is a special detoxifying Chaga drink that tastes wonderful and is excellent for your body!

Make your normal Chaga Tea, cut up a lemon, cut up a cucumber – put the tea, lemon and cucumber into a pitcher. Add a mint leaf if you desire. Once cold this drink tastes very good plain, but if you desire you can add a bit of honey or a teaspoon of sugar! This drink is very yummy and great for your whole body! Enjoy!