Virgo's weekly horoscopes

Virgo: 12/15 - 12/22/2014

Dear Virgo, situations haven’t been very easy for you over the past few weeks but this is about to all turn around in your favor starting on Sunday! Before I get to that period of time, let me tell you about the vibrations this week. Monday through Wednesday your focus should be on balancing your own needs with the needs of those around you. You should take good care of yourself first and then share your energy with others (not the other way around, as you often do; putting others needs before your own and then taking care of yourself if you have the time and/or the energy left to do so). Yes, you intuitively know what others need to feel good in their lives, but this doesn’t mean that you have to use up all of your energy by always helping everyone all of the time. Your good deeds will be rewarded, oh yes they will be, especially once the Sun and the Moon move into the sign of Capricorn on Sunday! But again I’m getting ahead of myself (that’s just because I’m so excited for you to get to Sunday’s energies) so back to the energies of this week starting on Wednesday this time. Wednesday through Friday evening your focus should be on wrapping up any old projects that you have to finish. Once you get these projects out of your way then you’ll have more time to sit back, relax and maybe watch some TV, or read a good book - or just a few interesting articles (make them inspiring ones) and get some good sleep! Friday evening, through Sunday afternoon, are the perfect days, and nights, to organize your environment. There may be some last minute shopping to do in order to get everything feeling secure and comfortable. You can find some great sales when stocking up on some basic supplies that you use on a daily basis. With those ‘to do’s’ off of your list then you can get ready for some real FUN once the NEW MOON in Capricorn arrives on Sunday evening at 8:36 pm ET! Starting then, under the influence of this wonderful NEW MOON in Capricorn, it’s truly time for you to let your hair down and enjoy yourself more often. Your sense of fun, play and creativity will soar! You can feel like a happy child again during this holiday season and into the NEW YEAR of 2015!

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Virgo: 12/8 - 12/15/2014

Good communication around the home will help everyone to feel happier! The people around you seek your leadership around the home and workplace, so that they can follow your guidance and direction. These people around you may not ’say’ that they like to hear what you have to say, but in all reality they need your direction in order to get everything in the right place - in their own lives and within the environments that you share together. Is there a way where you can help them to enjoy themselves a bit more often? Even if there is work to be done, can it be done in a more joyful manner? Situations should become a lot easier, and more fun, for you once the energy of beautiful Venus moves into the sign of Capricorn on Wednesday morning. From this date, through January 4th, you can enjoy whatever you are doing a whole lot more! Maybe once you start enjoying your own life more then the people around you will pick up on your happier vibrations and begin to enjoy their own lives a lot more too. Happiness and laughter are both good medicine, as well as the energy of unconditional love! Now that Mars is moving through the area of your life that has to do with daily duties and personal health you will want both these areas of your life to be renewed with vibrant energy! You want to feel good and get a lot accomplished too! And YOU WILL! Just try not to overwhelm yourself and put too many ‘to do’ things on your personal schedule. Pace yourself properly and get plenty of rest. It looks like this is going to be a very active Holiday Season for you! Try not to let the little things annoy you so much. Pay more attention to what makes you happy. Let others know how they can help you and most of all Have Fun!

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Virgo: 12/1 - 12/8/2014

The people around you need to respect that you are only 1 person and that you can only do one thing at a time. You may be able to ‘think’ about many different things all at the same time (unlike anyone else can) but you can only take accurate care of one situation at a time so that you don’t feel stressed out. You desire others to respect you for who you are, and for what you do, but it is also important that you let others know when you need more time to do these things correctly. The more you allow yourself to slow down a little bit, the more accurate your work will be and the less amount of stress you will put upon your mind and body. It’s important that you learn how to say NO when you need to so that others will have more respect for you. You really don’t like to say no about anything. What you desire most is for everyone to cooperate with each other for the highest good of everyone involved. But alas, there may be some people around you who are not as smart, or as willing, to cooperate as you are. This is when you need to be the Teacher and strictly let these people know that you are not pleased with their behavior! They had better cooperate or leave your life altogether! By being a bit stern you will feel a lot stronger and more in charge of your life! The Full Moon energy on Saturday morning will shine her bright light into the area of your life that has to do with your personal reputation; both at work and in your personal life. This is why it’s very important for you to stand up for what you feel is RIGHT for your own life! If you try to please others most of the time you will come to regret it, but if on the other hand you try to teach them to become more responsible for themselves then you can hold your head up high and feel really good about what you have accomplished! Situations, both at home and within your work place, are going to be a bit challenging until December 21st. You can handle these challenges though if you are strong in your beliefs. It’s very important that you set your boundaries and don’t let anyone cross them unless they are like minded with you. Those that desire to learn from you will be very blessed indeed! Those that work with you as a team will also grow stronger within their own sense of self-esteem and grow more financially, and emotionally, abundant right along with you! Try not to let the little details of life bother you so much. You can easily fix and repair those little things. Focus on what matters most. Focus on being wise and strong within your own beliefs!

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Virgo: 11/24 - 12/1/2014

The more care-free, easy-going and flexible you can be…the better situations will work out for you. The last thing you need to do is try to control anything. Put your OCD on the shelf for now because no matter how much you want, or try, to control anything you’re bound to notice chaos everywhere. Chaos doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Some chaos can be very creative and fun! In fact the more you can “go with the flow” the better it will be for you and everyone! What the people around you desire most is your undivided attention. They really don’t care what your house looks like, or if your hair looks nice, they desire you to have fun and play with them! How often do Virgos allow themselves to play? Okay, you know the answer. It’s time to put your hair up and have fun with everyone! Don’t allow the little things to get on your nerves. You can take care of the little details after this phase of time passes (around December 21st). Until then, try to think like a Sagittarius; a sign that is so very wise because they know that without having fun in life then life isn’t worth living! This should be very difficult to do, especially once your ruling planet Mercury moves into the sign of Sagittarius too; starting on Thursday evening! If you desire to start something new, over the next few weeks, situations will work out very good for you IF what you are working on is also enjoyable too!

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Virgo: 11/17 - 11/24/2014

You should be feeling pretty good about your life! Take a good look around you. Focus on everything that is going right! With an attitude of gratitude and lots of true love in your heart, you can appreciate just how far you have truly come in your life! You’ve earned it! You deserve situations to work out in your favor! The happier you feel…the happier you will continue to feel once the New Moon arrives early on Saturday morning! This special New Moon (in the sign of Sagittarius at 0′ degrees) starts a new chapter of life for you that is going to be much easier than your life has been, especially over the past few weeks. Are you ready to really let the good times roll? Of course you are! It’s time to pay more attention towards what is most important to you. Your home and family members desire your attention. It’s time to create some beautiful new memories by spending quality time with the ones you love the most!

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Virgo: 11/10 - 11/17/2014

Your Soul desires to BE very creative now! Pay attention to what you passionately desire to learn and experience, give yourself credit and Go For It! For instance, if you’ve desired to write a book - but never thought you could - NOW is the time when you need to put your pen to paper, or your fingers on your keyboard, and write, write, write about whatever you want to! Another example would also be if you desire to be in a committed relationship, but were always afraid to be, well NOW is the time for you to attract into your life that perfect Soul Mate! The Moon moves into your sign on Saturday at 2:08 am EST. Pay close attention, over this weekend, to what your emotions, feelings, and inner passions are bringing to your attention! If you have an inner passion then you need to listen to it and take action towards bringing your creative passions into your reality! Put your fears away, come out of the closet. It’s time to RISE ABOVE your fears and allow your creative side to SHINE! Financial situations are also improving for you; especially when you say YES to allowing the Universal Law of Attraction to bring wonderful opportunities to you! Are you tired of doing things the hard way? It’s time to say YES, relax, and allow your beliefs - regarding yourself and your life - to come shining through! Little miracles have happened in your life before. Why shouldn’t they happen again now? You’ve earned them, you deserve them. All you have to do is relax and joyfully allow them to happen.

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Virgo: 11/3 - 11/10/2014

Mercury is now in the last remaining days of its shadow period of going back into direction motion. It will be back in full swing on Saturday, November 8th. Until then you would be wise to continue to be patient, especially when little glitches happen that ask you to ‘re’ anything. Redo, rethink, re-evaluate the situation, review, release, and even relax are all wise choices now. The main thing for you to do, before jumping to any conclusions about anything, is for you to take your time, relax and review your options. You may find that the energies from Monday through Wednesday afternoon ask you to focus more on how you are mentally, emotionally and physically feeling; in regards to what you do for a living and in regards to ‘how’ you are living your life period. Listen to what your body is telling you. If you need more rest then do what is best - take a nap or get to bed earlier! You need some quality time to recharge your inner batteries. Beauty sleep is a very good thing, for many healthy reasons. Put your ‘to do’ list on the back-burner. You can always get back to it later. “No worries, no hurries” is your motto now. The Full Moon energy on Thursday evening (5:23 pm EST) asks you to fill your heart with gratitude towards anyone who assists, heals, helps and supports you. Think about all of the people who have been in your life who have helped you become the person you are now. Think of the people in your life now who so generously desire to love you, support you, and desire to see you live a happy and healthy life. The Moon moves into the sign of Gemini on Friday evening at 8:45 pm EST where it will remain throughout Saturday and Sunday. You can get a lot accomplished this weekend, especially if you are feeling good about who you are and what you’re doing! As Mercury moves into the sign of Scorpio on Saturday evening at 6:09 pm EST, and Mercury is out of its shadow period completely, you will begin to notice many new ideas coming into your mind quite easily! Starting then, and over the course of the next few weeks, these new ideas can lead you towards learning new things and accomplishing many new things that you will feel very passionate about doing! Have Fun!

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Virgo: 10/27 - 11/3/2014

The nighttime is the right time for you to listen to your intuition. You may even find your dreams becoming more vivid! Your intuition is getting so much stronger! Are you listening to what your heart and gut feelings are telling you? Situations do not need to be stressful for you. You do not need to play competitive games with anyone. Why compete when you are so talented and unique? You can be calmly assertive if you need to be. It’s through your charming sense of righteousness that brings out the best in you. It’s also this energy that makes others around you respect you. This is a wonderful week where you can stimulate your mind in so many positive ways. It’s time to Rise Above your unconscious fears and focus on what truly makes you happy! The time when the Moon is in the sign of Aquarius - Thursday morning (9:52 am EDT) through Saturday (12:37 am EDT) - can stimulate the creative and FUN side of you! You can really enjoy the Halloween festivities this year! The energies this weekend ask you to focus on being kind, generous and loving towards those whom you love the most! It’s also a great weekend to take extra good care of yourself by working on projects that you enjoy!

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Virgo: 10/20 - 10/27/2014

If situations aren’t somewhat organized and making sense to you, well you know that you have to do something about it to get situations back to being somewhat normal. If things are too chaotic you just can’t think; you can become unmotivated, nervous and depressed. Some stressful situations can get you motivated, but too much stress makes you feel very overwhelmed! Like it, or not, you are an organizer and a doer! When you have a productive project in front of you, you feel good and usually won’t quit until everything is accomplished quite well. Sometimes it’s impossible to get everything done in one day, and herein lies your lesson (and possibly your fear) that you won’t have enough of this or that unless you keep doing your best no matter what else is going on! Relax Virgo, take it easy! Try to pace yourself, even if the world seems like it’s going crazy! The New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse occurs this Thursday evening at 5:57 pm EDT. This energy is asking you to get your ego out of the way, relax/meditate/take some time for yourself to think in a positively creative way! Instead of working on mundane tasks, do something a little different. You can be a creative artist at heart, if you will only allow yourself to be! Relax and read a good romantic novel, or watch a romantic movie. You are a very passionate soul when you allow yourself to be! Don’t worry what other people are up to; let them take care of themselves for awhile. This New Moon in Scorpio (along with Venus and the Moon) asks you to passionately focus on doing something new! This energy can also enhance your love life Virgo! Especially with Venus, in the sign of Scorpio, you can easily attract some new people into your life. Venus will remain in Scorpio until November 18th. It’s time to creatively open your mind towards learning new things, and new ways of doing what you already love to do. The more sociable you allow yourself to be…the more you can attract other creative and passionate people towards you!

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Virgo: 10/13 - 10/20/2014

Energy from the Sun, Venus and your ruling planet Mercury, are all moving beautifully through the area of your life that has to do with your personal talents and how you earn your income. Mercury is in retrograde motion asking you to contemplate on ‘how’ you desire to DO what you love to do. How do you choose to promote yourself? How can you use your personal talents in an easier and more enjoyable way? When you do what you love and love what you do then more financial prosperity will easily be attracted towards you! If you desire others to appreciate your work then you must appreciate what you do FIRST! It’s really that easy to attract more financial wealth into your life. Start by first giving yourself credit for what you do and who you are! Balance, Beauty, Love and Financial Abundance are all highlighted for you! You have to be willing to receive it. The first step towards receiving more money is by joyfully practicing and sharing what you enjoy doing! When your personality sparkles with an aura of, “I enjoy this and you will enjoy it too!” then people will definitely desire to purchase whatever it is that you have for sale! As the Moon flows so nicely through the sign of Cancer (Monday through Thursday morning) try to focus on your most important hopes, dreams, wishes and goals. Say “YES” to opportunities that come your way during this phase of time. Starting on Thursday evening through Saturday night, take some quiet time to be by yourself. Get some extra rest, allow yourself to dream, allow those around you to do nice things for you. Starting on Saturday evening, as the Moon moves into your sign at 7:08 pm EDT, your intuition will feel much stronger, you may find yourself wearing your emotions on your sleeve. Your sense of compassion for others this weekend will be exceptionally strong. Healing energy will flow through you for yourself and all those around you. A big smile from you, towards anyone around you, can make that person feel at ease and really happy to be around you. Reunions are possible over the course of this weekend, and into early next week. Whoever you bump into from the past will be very happy to see you!

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