Virgo’s weekly horoscopes

Virgo: 8/24 – 8/31/2015

My oh My your time is NOW and what a WONDERFUL week this is going to be for you! Energy from the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter are all bringing lots of Good Luck your way! Wednesday is an exceptionally fantastic day that can bring such a wonderful sense of optimism into your life! You’ve waited a very long time for this fantastic vibrational energy! Enjoy it Virgo to the fullest! All forms of communication on Wednesday can have a very solid and long lasting effect on your life. This would be a fantastic day for you to create a list for yourself of what you most desire to attract into your life! If you desire something, or someone, or have a special goal that you desire to accomplish…write it down on your special list and allow these special universal energies to align you with the right people and circumstances that can bring your dream into your reality! One thing is for certain, you won’t feel like the same person after the vibrations on Wednesday are over! You should begin to feel exceptionally optimistic and better than ever before! This is just the beginning of this amazing time of your life! On Wednesday the Sun joins together with Jupiter in your sign! Benevolent Jupiter will remain in your sign for the next 13 months! The Full Moon energy this weekend is going to be very dreamy and romantic! It’s time to let your hair down for a bit and enjoy spending quality time with someone special. Your love life is definitely looking up! In fact everything about your life is becoming much more abundant!

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Virgo: 8/17 – 8/24/2015

This is the last week that the Sun will be moving through the area of your life that has to do with past memories and emotional baggage that you do not need to carry around with you into your future. NOW is the time to heal past these situations by forgiving yourself and everyone who was involved. As you release these old feelings, doubts, fears and uncertainties, you are healing and preparing yourself for a new cycle of your life to begin when the Sun moves into your sign on Sunday morning at 6:37 am EDT! For now, for this week, you can expect yourself to be very busy. At times you may feel like your life is not your own because there will be so many people and other activities that you be keeping you busy. Of course you would be very wise to try to lighten-up your busy schedule and try to just ‘go with the flow’. Give yourself the time you need to relax and recharge your own inner battery. There will be many opportunities coming your way, but you don’t have to say YES to all of them. You may be concerned that you should take advantage of the opportunities when they arise; because you are well aware of the times in your life when you desired opportunities but they were no where to be found. Don’t worry Virgo. Many opportunities are coming your way; not just for this week but for the next 13 months! Again, for now, for this week, do yourself a grand favor and allow yourself quality time to just breathe! Practices such as meditation and yoga would be very beneficial for you. Listen to what your body is telling you that you need. Feed it good and healthy food! When stressful situations surround you, and you know that you didn’t cause them, again be wise and walk away. Let the people who are responsible for their own personal drama’s take care finding their own solutions. For now, for this week, this is YOUR time to take little short vacations away from the pressures that other people often place upon you. I call these Staycations because you don’t have to go anywhere special. Just stay right where you are and learn how to tune out and detach from the attitudes and situations going on around other people. This is YOUR time to begin to take good care of yourself. If you need assistance, from anyone for any reason, just ask! Those who are there for you, to help and assist you, will be earning lots of Good Karma in their own lives! Enjoy this week and try to take it easy! And most of all don’t be stressed out because of the attitudes and situations that are going on in the lives of other people!

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Virgo: 8/10 – 8/17/2015

You have been waiting so patiently for Good Fortune to enter into your life! Get ready, get set…this is the week when your Good Fortune begins! Your ruling planet Mercury is already in your sign, helping you to clear the clutter out of your mind! Starting on Tuesday at 7:11 am EDT benevolent Jupiter moves into your sign for the next 13 months! Hooray! You may feel a little bit disillusioned on Wednesday evening when it’s possible that you may receive some news that may be not feel right to you. Pay attention to your intuition because this can be ego type of news that is not based on the Truth. Whatever you hear, don’t let it worry or disturb you. The situation will work in your favor in the very near future. In fact your lesson is to learn how NOT to worry at all, but to choose your thoughts wisely and only focus upon what you desire! Confusion can move into clarity by the end of the week, especially once the New Moon in Leo arrives on Friday morning! Pay attention to your dreams! Keep a dream journal handy! Pay attention to the little signs around you! You are being guided towards much Good Fortune! An unexpected financial windfall can come your way! Special surprises, big and small, on definitely on their way to you! All you have to do is say, “Yes and Thank You!” Sit back, relax, try to keep your personal schedule as light as possible and enjoy this special time of your life to the fullest!

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Virgo: 8/3 – 8/10/2015

You may have been feeling quite quiet and contemplative lately. You’ve been able to practice your listening skills. You may have not even been in the mood to socialize much either, even though others around you greatly desire your attention. Energy from the Sun, Mercury, Venus in retrograde motion and Jupiter are all in a very quiet part of the sky for you that may have you enjoying your dream-time much more than anything else. You may have even felt a bit moody; desiring this one day and then that the next and unable to make up your mind about anything very important right now. You are going through a really huge healing period of time that hasn’t taken place like this ever before in your life! All you have to do is relax, breath, rest, meditate and listen to your own intuition for the guidance you seek. The answers you seek are within you. You just need to pay attention to how you are feeling. Listen to that ‘still small voice’ within you that will positively motivate you in the right direction. You are very blessed and protected right now. You can actually receive many special blessings, surprises and gifts when you say “YES!” to receiving them! You have much personal and cosmic support around you now Virgo. Yes you’ve earned it and you most certainly deserve it! Continue to rest as often as possible in order to recharge your own energy. You may find that the wee hours of the morning, just after midnight and into the early hours of dawn are your favorite times of the day when you feel most comfortable. Very soon there will be some positive energetic shifts for you. The first one occurs when your ruling planet Mercury moves into your sign on Friday, August 7th, at 3:15 pm EDT. Starting then your mind will begin to feel clearer. Your energy more grounded. But you won’t feel more energized, in fact you may even feel less energetic when Mars moves into Leo on Saturday. That’s okay, like I said, this is a very healing period of time for you. Your mind and communication skills will become much better, even though your physical energy may become a bit dimmer. Pace yourself. You know how sensitive your stomach can be. Pace yourself. Eat lighter. Drink lots of water. Get plenty of rest and know that you are being prepared for some grand abundance to come your way once Jupiter moves into your sign on August 11th and the Sun moves into your sign on August 23rd!

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Virgo: 7/27 – 8/3/2015

The past week or so should have been pretty good for you and have given you a glimpse of the abundance you can begin to expect to come into your life starting in October. This week is pretty good too, until Venus moves back into the sign of Leo on Friday morning at 11:27 am EDT. Starting then, and over the course of the few weeks, you would be wise to conserve your energy, your time, your money and try to lighten up your work schedule. You’re going into a period of time that is very healing for you, but you may feel more energetically fatigued for quite awhile. You are a very sensitive person, especially when it comes to how you feel within your own body. This is an important time for self-care and healing. If you’re pushing yourself too hard to meet deadlines, or to help others to feel better, then you’re not going to have the energy you need for yourself and you may end up feeling even more exhausted and overwhelmed. Take it easy Virgo! This is an excellent time for you to allow others to do nice things for you! The Full Moon energy on Friday, which you will feel on Thursday evening as well, lights up the area of your life that has to do with your personal health. Give yourself credit for taking good care of yourself thus far and make it a point to take even better care of your own needs from now on. You may desire to quite a bad habit of some sort, or to just adjust the amount of food (or type of food) that you consume. On a very good note your dreams are going to be very interesting indeed. Many of your dreams will be quite vivid and may seem prophetic. You would be wise to keep a dream journal for yourself! When it comes to love, real love, unconditional love…if you desire this type of love in your life then you must allow others to show their love for you and allow others to do nice things for you! It’s through their actions and deeds that you will come to understand that you ARE unconditionally loved! The support you desire is there for you, cosmically there for you, when you allow yourself to receive it!

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Virgo: 7/20 – 7/27/2015

You may feel an inner need to heal and rebalance your inner energy and the first step in the right direction is to give yourself credit for all you have been through so far in your life. Beautiful Venus is in your sign, enhancing your natural inner beauty and helping you to love yourself more. When you truly love yourself, especially the spiritual essence of who you naturally are, this beauty will shine through you and you will be very attractive. Others will notice your energy shining BRIGHT and desire to be around you as often as possible. Starting on Wednesday, when the Sun moves into the sign of Leo, your main focus should be on making it a priority to rest, relax, retreat and slowly rejuvenate your energy each day. You don’t have to DO (take action) on anything if you don’t want to. You can choose to focus on your most important hopes, dreams, wishes and goals – and then allow other people, who truly love and respect you, to assist you in any and every way that you desire them to. The groups of people you are involved in will desire you to continue to climb your ladder of success. They know that the more successful you are, the more successful they are too. Starting on Wednesday it’s time for you to delegate more jobs, that you usually take care of, towards those around you. This is perfectly okay. Let them earn some good karma too; which will bring them even more good luck when they need it most. Venus will be going into retrograde motion in your sign on July 25th and remain in your sign until July 31st (when she will go back into the sign of Leo). It’s during this phase of time that you will become more aware of the areas of your life, and your health/self, that may need more attention. Mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually you are meant to feel good; but if you don’t then it’s a sure sign that you may need some support. Again, remember that whoever assists you is going to be truly blessed for taking the time, and making the special effort, to help you to feel good about yourself!

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Virgo: 7/13 – 7/20/2015

You’ve been waiting it out and patiently biding your time, while others have been getting ahead in their lives. You don’t mind sacrificing your time, energy and money to help others out of a rough spot. Your faith is strong enough to know that whatever you give to others will return back into your life 10 fold. You intuitively understand the Law of Karma, even if you don’t consciously think about it at all! That is why you are so naturally healing, caring, compassionate and helpful to others. Their joy is your joy! Their success is your success! Their healing is your healing too! You are naturally very intuitive, compassionate and empathetic and that’s what makes you a marvelous Virgo! The New Moon energy on Wednesday evening at 9:24 pm EDT opens new emotional doors of opportunity for you in regards to your most precious Hopes, Dreams, Wishes and Goals! The support you desire from others IS going to be bestowed upon you! All you have to do is ALLOW the support and good fortune to come your way! This is an excellent week for networking with people who are like-minded with you. Starting on Saturday, at 6:38 pm EDT beautiful Venus will move into your sign! Venus in Virgo will definitely help to bring more beauty, love and financial abundance into your life! Starting Saturday and throughout all of next week is an exceptionally abundant period of time for you! Please remember to say YES to all social invitations and opportunities that come your way! You must enjoy this beautiful energy while it lasts before Venus goes retrograde in your sign on July 25th! Even then she will be sending you loving good fortune, but not as intensely as she is doing now! Venus will go back into the sign of Leo on July 31st, so once again…ENJOY Venus being direct in your sign from Saturday through July 25th! Oh yes, and when it comes to the emotional intensity that everyone is going through this week…remember that YOU, more than any other, with your intuitive and logical wisdom, have the natural healing energy to help others to FEEL much better! Good Luck!

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Virgo: 7/6 – 7/13/2015

You start this week off with the moon in your opposite sign of Pisces; asking you to be a little extra compassionate, and even a little bit self-sacrificing, towards those around you. The more you give of your time, energy and support, the more you will receive in return when you need assistance the most. There is a great deal of LOVE around you! Try to put your logical mind on the back-burner and listen to the wisdom of your heart! Each day try to pay attention to what, and who, makes you FEEL the most joyful! You will especially desire to do this once your ruling planet Mercury moves into the sign of Cancer (Wednesday afternoon, 2:52 pm EDT, through July 23rd). It’s so important now, especially starting this week, for you to positively focus on your most heartfelt ‘hopes, dreams, wishes and goals’ that you desire to see manifest into your life this year! You need not DO anything other than FEEL what these are for you! Pay extra attention to what people are saying around you. A good idea can come your way through the words of another, or through the action of another. What are other people accomplishing that you desire to do too? Listen to your passionate heart for creative inspiration! When it comes to your love life, and when it comes to socializing with others, you should be quite busy over the next few weeks! Say, “YES!” to all social invitations that come your way! This is the perfect time to network with others who will desire to help you and support you as you climb up your own ladder of SUCCESS! Also, as a footnote here, this is the perfect week for you to pay attention to your own inspiring intuition! You can come up with some new ideas that you never thought of before! You don’t have to work harder; in fact you can be inspired towards doing things much easier from now on. Pay attention to what makes you feel happy (and do those things more often) and pay attention to what makes you feel a bit stressed and overwhelmed (and say “No” to doing those things as often as possible). This can be a great week of self-discovery for you! The Law of Attraction is in motion and you can begin to see yourself becoming even more successful!

Virgo: 6/29 – 7/6/2015

It’s time to try to release personal relationship trust issues; whether that be with your Doctor, Dentist, Lover, Close Friend or a Family Member! I realize that you may have felt let down in the past; when you put your heart and soul into trusting someone only to have that important person hurt you in some way. You can be a very forgiving soul. You can be a very compassionate soul. It’s actually YOU that is the greatest HEALER, followed by your opposite sign of Pisces, thus it is YOU that is learning the old adage, “Physician Heal Thyself!” It can be a bit frustrating, especially when you need support and assistance, to be able to trust someone to take good care of you and your needs. The FULL MOON in Capricorn is going to help you to release those old trust issues and begin to give people the benefit of the doubt, to at least allow them to try to take good care of your needs, once again! This is a good step in the right direction! This particular FULL MOON in Capricorn on Wednesday evening at 10:20 pm is going to LIGHT up the area of your life that has everything to do with allowing yourself to have FUN, situations with children/romantic partners, and now allowing your own inner creativity to positively SHINE through! You don’t have to work so hard for what you need. You can simply put your good intentions ‘out there’ and FEEL the Good Vibrations of what you desire to attract into your life! Your faith is getting stronger in your own ability to co-create your life with the Divine and Abundant Energies from the Universe through your own good thoughts and feelings! This is quite a magical week for you, filled with many positive vibrations, that will continue throughout this new season of our lives! The support and protection that you desire from others, even the great and abundant Universe itself, regarding every area of your life, is now available for you! What you are learning, what you are being guided to do, is through your own personal visualizations/thoughts/feelings to Rise Above past frustrating situations and with a new energetic feeling of JOY to know that your future is becoming so much brighter than your past has ever been! The key to learning this is through your own beliefs and faith, through the thoughts you choose to have and the feelings that you choose to flow through you, and through ALLOWING good opportunities (with the right people) to come your way! Others can help, protect, heal and support you but you have to ALLOW and ACCEPT their assistance (without feeling doubts that the situation is only going to end up being more of a problem in some way, shape or form). This FULL MOON in Capricorn desires you to release those old experiences and beliefs and to transform them into attracting new and better opportunities into your life! You should begin to SEE situations turning around in your favor. When it comes to love – new and old loves – when it comes to friendships too…those who are meant to be in your life are becoming more dedicated, committed, helpful, loving, supportive and honest than ever before! Those of you who are already in a committed relationship can begin to see a renewal of LOVE between the two of you. Those who are single, and desire to be in a good relationship, may not have to look further than a good friend you already know who desires to take your friendship to the next level! Many changes are taking place in your life now; both on the home front and also within your career. Financial support is also around you now! If you need something just ASK and you may be extra surprised when someone close to you says, “YES, whatever you need let me know! I AM here for you and I want to see you feeling happier and healthier than ever before!” You are appreciated Virgo! You are more appreciated than you know! The energies this weekend can be quite productive and loving! Have Fun!

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Virgo: 6/14 – 6/23/2015

Hi Friends and devoted readers,

I am on a family vacation from June 14th through June 27th. I will be away from my computer and the horoscopes etc won’t be updated for this period of time. But Please feel free to send me e-mails and put in your orders and requests for me to answer your special questions on my website here under My Services for You page. I will answer your questions once I return from our family vacation. May the New Moon in Gemini open new doors of opportunity for you in regards to enhancing your social life in a positive manner!

Many Special Blessings to you and all of your loved ones! ~ Michelle Anne Cox-Lomas Ph.D.