Virgo’s weekly horoscopes

Virgo: October 24th – October 31st 2016

Your words hold a lot of Power Virgo. Try to be impeccable with your words! Say what you mean and mean what you say; when you are talking to others and even when you are thinking thoughts about yourself in your own mind. Your words have the power to CREATE what you desire! For better or worse it’s your choice of words that create the life that you are living. Some people may say that saying affirmations don’t work, but for YOU THEY DO! These days most Virgo’s desire more “Balance” with their finances, their health, their career, with how they are able to use their Time, and most importantly within their most personal relationships. If you say to yourself, “There never is enough time” then guess how you will feel! If you say to yourself, “I don’t have enough balance within my life” then you’re absolutely right! Now comes an important week for you to focus your attention and feelings upon the areas of your life where you desire more of a harmonious balance. Even if things seem out of whack right now, picture in your mind and heart the FEELING of situations being in balance for you! How will you feel when situations ARE in balance? Start today to allow the FEELING of BALANCE being around you NOW! Say to yourself, “My life IS in balance!” and then visualize the FEELING of joyfully having a wonderful balance within your checkbook, within yourself and within your most important relationships! When you act as IF situations ARE this way right now, my oh my the power that you have to create the life you’ve only been dreaming about! How you use your words and how you choose to perceive your life IS exactly how you’re able to create the life you want! The New Moon vibration in the sign of Scorpio takes place on Sunday, October 30th, at 1:38 pm Eastern Time (adjust for your time zone please). This New Moon vibration will help you to focus your attention upon your thoughts and communication in ways that can become much more positive for you from now on! Don’t fret over ways that you realistically believe things to be, the ways that you see them being, but instead think and act in ways that you desire them to become! By doing this very soon you’ll begin to see your life circumstances changing and turning around in your favor!

Virgo: October 11th – October 18th 2016

You, possibly more than any other, have been very aware lately of how fast time flies by and what a precious commodity time really is. You may have a strong desire to be able to use your time more efficiently. You don’t want to waste your time worrying, nor being under stress, nor feeling that you have to rush through any of your projects. You desire to have all of the time you need without feeling under any type of deadline. The work you do is incredibly valuable. Whether you are working around your home, within a company, or you own your own business you must know that what you do and provide to others is extremely valuable and you deserve to also enjoy the services that you are providing. If anyone is making you feel rushed or over-whelmed…take a deep breath and step away from the situation. As the Moon grows brighter during the course of this week, take some time to focus your attention upon the projects and the people in your life who mean the most to you. What you choose to do for people outside of your personal circle of close family and friends deserves to be appreciated and respected. It’s up to you to choose to do what you feel is in your own best interests. Don’t be afraid to say NO if you need to. Your days of people pleasing are over. You have grown to become more of a Teacher than an enabler towards anyone who you feel should be taking more personal responsibility for themselves. You can actually be doing another a good deed by giving tough love and saying NO to someone who you know can become more independent. This will also give you more free-time to take care of the projects that you want to work on. The important key towards personal health for you is to stop worrying by strengthening your faith in life that situations are going to be okay without you feeling that you have to be the one that takes care of every situation. You have much Good Fortune flowing through your life now Virgo! You just need to believe that! Trust in the fact that your natural talents are amazingly valuable to yourself and others who you choose to share them with! The Full Moon energy on Sunday, October 16th at 12:12 am Eastern Time (adjust for your time zone), will shine her bright light into the area of your life that has to do with having a more positive balance of cooperation between yourself and others. You are important! Your feelings DO matter! You DO deserve to receive appreciation, respect and financial abundance for all of your efforts. When you begin to believe this then you will see that your future is much brighter than you may have previously perceived.

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Virgo: September 27th – October 4th 2016

Mercury in direct motion in your sign is REALLY pumping up your mind with wonderful new ideas for your life! You should finally be feeling a bit better than you had been feeling. A new sense of optimistic energy surrounds you now! When you take a few minutes and realize how you feel and smile to yourself because you ARE feeling good…then you’re on the right path indeed towards creating more positive opportunities to come your way! You are being called upon to become more sociable, which of course you can’t do if you’re feeling under the weather, but when you’re feeling good then you’re on the right path indeed towards reuniting with some good friends and creating some wonderful new relationships and fun times for your future! The first step in the right direction is to get yourself into that good feeling place within you. Take a good look around you. What do you appreciate the most about your life? Start with 1 thing and then make yourself a large list! The more you’re saying, “I like this and I like that and I like this person and oh yes I like that person too!” the more you will feel better and better about who you are AND about the life you are living in this ‘right now’ moment! As you become more mindful, instead of rushing around taking care of this or that duty, the more a healthy and peaceful feeling will take place within you! Then you’re going to be feeling better and better as the days move forward. The New Moon in Libra will take place on Friday, September 30th at 8:11 PM Eastern Time! This New Moon in Libra joins together with Good Fortune Jupiter in the area of your life that represents your personal talents, values, finances and your personal self-esteem! If you’ve been feeling a little ‘less than’ in any way…this beautiful New Moon in Libra is going to open a very positive portal of energy to help enhance these areas of your life in many abundant ways! You can look forward to your new month of October as being one of your BEST months yet for this year! Keep Smiling and Have Fun!

Virgo: September 20th – September 27th 2016

Do you desire to become more organized? There is a ‘to do’ app for that! Or maybe you desire to become more organized within your own mind and feel a lot better within your own body? Are you tired of feeling too overwhelmed and desire to live a more serene simple life with a lot less distractions? If so then you’re really going to enjoy the energy as we all move into a brand new season of our lives! Starting on Thursday, September 22nd, both beautiful Venus and the Sun will be in the sign of Libra! Also on this special day your ruling planet Mercury moves back into direct motion in your sign of Virgo! Those days of feeling overwhelmed are about over! You can give yourself permission now to focus your mind upon ONLY the topics of life that YOU ENJOY! If a situation comes your way that makes you feel ‘less than’ joyful then give yourself permission to walk away from that situation, and the people involved, and put your attention upon something else that makes you feel a lot better! Your life belongs to YOU! The old days of being at the beckon call of others in distress, and feeling guilty if you didn’t run to their rescue, is coming to an end. You can still be of service to others if you desire to, but only IF you really desire to be (and if your mind reminds you that you’re not happy doing this then remind yourself that you chose to do it and you’re going to make the best of it!) Mercury moving back into direct motion, in your sign, on the very same day that we all begin a new season of our lives, is extremely important for you because this is an indication that YOU are more in control of the choices and decisions in your life than ever before! You can say, “YES!” when you want to and you can say “NO” now without regret. The respect that you’re beginning to give to yourself is wonderful indeed! Those around you will also respect you, and your requests and wishes, a lot more now than they did before. Loving, kind, helpful and of service to others you will always desire to be. The only difference now is that you will FEEL more connected to what you are doing instead of feeling that you have to do something because others expect it, require it, or demand it of you. On another good note…you’re love life is also going to improve AND your financial outlook, for this whole new season, is going to be exceptionally abundant indeed!

Virgo: September 13th – September 20th 2016

You are much more aware now of what is MOST important to you. Certain situations may have happened that you ‘thought’ were dramatic, or even tragic, and yet when you take a good look at the bigger picture of your life you can see that you had to go through those experiences in order to let go of a situation that was either taking up too much of your time, or was holding you back from really doing what you wanted to do. You may have been pushing yourself too hard in one area of your life when you really wanted to do something else. Now comes a special time of your life when it’s totally up to YOU to decide what you REALLY want! All of the pondering, daydreaming, and meditating that you have been doing lately is going to pay off in a really big way! You are aligning your thoughts with your hearts desires so that you can create the type of lifestyle that will make you feel much happier! The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on Friday afternoon at 3:05 PM (Eastern Time) will shine her bright LIGHT into the area of your life that has to do with your most personal relationships. Is there someone that you desire to forgive, or someone you feel that needs to forgive you? It’s more important to forgive and forget situations from the past so that you can begin anew in a much better direction. From this point of time onward you can choose to positively maintain the relationships that you feel are the best ones for you. Those who desire to work with you as a team will be your best friends and partners that you will appreciate the most. Those who you felt were using you in some way will begin to leave your life quite unexpectedly. You can thank your lucky stars, with a grand attitude of gratitude, that the Universal energies are so wise and loving and they really desire you to begin to enjoy your life, with more happiness and prosperity, then you’ve ever had before! “Out with what no longer serves your Highest Good and IN with some new wonderful opportunities in the very near future!”

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Virgo: September 6th – September 13th 2016

Energy from the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter are all showering you with much positive energy! Your life is not the same as it was a year ago and it may not even feel the same as it was even a week ago. You are figuring out now what and whom is most important to you. You are figuring out what and where you desire to put your attention and energy towards. You are becoming more mentally clear about what it IS that is most important to you so that you can positively expand these areas of your life. What was meant to be released from your life, even if you were resistant about letting it go, has now been shown to you. What is meant to be kept in your life still remains. Whatever is still remaining you should feel more appreciation and gratitude towards; and even feel quite optimistic about these situations becoming so much better and healthier for you. It’s also important that you put your attention upon yourself; upon how important your own life is to you. Mind, body, emotions and spirit, the time is NOW to appreciate how wonderful you are! Early on Friday morning at 7:18 AM Eastern Time, Jupiter will move out of your sign and into the sign of Libra for the next 13 months. What does Jupiter in Libra mean for you? It means that you’re going to have much luck in the area of your life that has to do with gaining more personal financial abundance! Putting your attention towards doing more of what you enjoy doing will definitely help you to see your personal income rise! When you do what you love and love what you do then you will feel so great about using your personal talents in ways that you only dreamed about doing before! There is much love and support available for you now. Keep smiling and enjoy these wonderful healthy vibrations within you and all around you.

Virgo: August 30th – September 6th 2016

Your life is transforming in so many ways now Virgo! You may be MORE aware, than ever before, what is bothering you mentally, emotionally, physically and financially. Try not to get bogged down in the little details. Try to keep your mind focused on how you really desire situations to become! Your ruling planet Mercury is now in retrograde motion until September 21st in your sign of Virgo. It would be only natural for you to find that you don’t have the same clarity of mind. This is just a passing phase. The purpose of this vibration is for you to sit back, relax and allow your mind and body to receive the healing energy of rejuvenation! It’s perfectly okay if you’re feeling forgetful during this phase of time. But on a very good note your personal creativity and intuition will be very keen. Try to keep your work and personal schedule as light as possible. What you really need is some quality “ME time” so that you can rest your mind and stop worrying. If there is something important that you are meant to do, you will be guided in the best ways on how to take care of these situations. The Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Virgo will take place early on Thursday morning. This vibration will help to transform your life by bringing to your attention what you desire most to transform about your Self. How do you desire others to perceive you? When you look in the mirror do you like the person who is looking back at you? Can you begin to smile at yourself more often? It’s time for you to bring your natural healing energy that you so often share with others, back towards yourself. What specific areas of your self would you like more beauty and healing? What specific areas of your life would you like to attract more abundance and prosperity? Keep in mind that lucky Jupiter is still in your sign. It’s up to you to use your Mind over Matter by focusing your attention and actions upon doing the right things that you feel will bring more good health and happiness into your life! This is a very amazing and powerful time of life for you Virgo! All you have to do is ALLOW yourself to release your stress by focusing your attention upon what feels so much better for you!

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Virgo: August 22nd – August 29th 2016

YOU are the luckiest sign of the zodiac right now Virgo! Energy from the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and the Moon’s North Node are ALL shining their abundant energy down on YOU! Energy from the Sun in your sign is bringing you the personal renewed energy and power you’ve waited for! Mercury is your ruling planet and desires to bring you more clarity of mind. Venus in your sign is asking you to focus your attention upon all of your personal qualities that you love about yourself! This is not selfishness…this is expanded positive Self-Awareness! What you focus your attention and mind upon the most will abundantly and positively expand! Go ahead Virgo and say, “I AM Beautiful! Oh YES I AM!” (Insert Big Smile Here!) Energy from Jupiter is very lucky indeed! Jupiter is only in your sign once every 12 years! Enjoy this energy to the fullest! It’s been a difficult year for so many people, yes for you too, but with this alignment of planetary energies now…YOU are the luckiest you have ever been throughout your whole life right now! Add all of these energies to the fact that the Moon’s North Node is joining in on this super party and you will begin to understand with more clarity that you ARE in alignment with your true soul’s purpose by just saying “YES” to your life and enjoying it to the fullest! You know those feelings of frustration and tension that you often experience? Be good to yourself Virgo. When you feel those feelings take a step back from them, take a deep breath, take another deep breath…okay exhale for gosh sakes…breathe a sigh of relief and QUIT WORRYING! Focus your attention upon something that makes you laugh and brings a smile to your face instead! YOU have the power now that you need to transform your life in many positive ways indeed!

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Virgo: August 15th – August 22nd 2016

It’s time to give yourself credit for all that you do! It’s time for you to give yourself credit for all that you are and all that you’ve been through. You are a kind soul who desires others to do well in their lives. You ask very little for yourself in return. When it comes to your own needs you try to be responsible and take care of your needs for yourself. Now comes a special time to ALLOW others to also do some good deeds for you. Yes, it’s true, you can be an expert in almost every field of life, but sometimes it’s important to ALLOW others to share their own expertise with you! Energy from your ruling planet Mercury, beautiful Venus and lucky Jupiter continue to flow nicely through your sign! What IS ‘IT’ that you desire most Virgo? Do you believe that the Universe hears your requests? Will you allow yourself to receive what ‘it is’ that you desire the most? You can fill your head with a lot of ‘what if’s?” and continue to worry yourself until you’re feeling really anxious OR you can choose to focus your attention on ‘what IS’ already flowing nicely through your life; with a strong inner knowing that your life is positively expanding in many wonderful ways! Which path feels better for you Virgo? It’s time to relax, heal, and allow yourself to feel better each day. This is the last week that the Sun will be in the sign of Leo. Starting next Monday, August 22nd, energy from the powerful Sun will enter into your sign of Virgo once again! Until then, for this week, and especially once the FULL MOON in Aquarius arrives early on Thursday morning, ALLOW yourself the space and time that you need to heal your emotional and physical wounds. This FULL MOON will shine her bright light into the area of your life that represents how you go about your daily duties, your daily work duties, and your physical health. If you’re feeling pretty good then you’re on the right path. If you’re feeling a bit under the weather then allow yourself to receive more rest. Very soon you will begin to see your energy renewed and your life filled with many more positive opportunities!

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Virgo: August 8th – August 15th 2016

Are you starting to feel better yet, or do you still feel like you have a touch of vertigo? Do you have a plan about what you’re going to do and then get sidetracked by your mind into doing something else? Some Virgo’s were feeling forgetful. Some Virgo’s were feeling overwhelmed. Some Wise Virgos were choosing to take care of their own needs more and should be feeling a bit happier and calmer now. Putting your mind on a project that you feel passionate about IS a good step in the right direction! Your ruling planet Mercury and Beautiful Venus are both in your sign now. They are both helping you to have more mental clarity, especially in regards to increasing your income and enhancing your relationships. The energy of abundance, beauty, healing and love are being infused into your life. Try to focus your attention upon what makes you feel the happiest! Your energy and ability to take action upon the things that you desire to do may be running a little bit lower right now. When you feel tired please give yourself permission to get more rest. This is just a small phase of time, that you go through each and every year, that is asking you to put your energy and attention upon cleaning out your junk drawers. The more clutter you release out of your life the happier you will be! If you really desire to hold onto certain objects, or all of those books on the shelves, then take some time to dust them off (figuring out if you still enjoy them) and then once they are clean again put them back on their shelves. It’s inventory time Virgo! It’s time to take stock of how you honestly feel about the items around you and the relationships in your life. If an item, or a relationship, feels healthy for you then you will feel a renewed sense of appreciation for them. It’s perfectly okay to procrastinate this week. Work on projects a little bit here and a little bit there. Starting on Saturday your mind should become much clearer regarding the home projects that you desire to begin in the very near future.

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