Virgo’s weekly horoscopes

Virgo: January 10th – January 17th 2017

“Mind over Matter” is very important for you. If a certain situation feels uncomfortable to you, or you feel a bit uncertain about the direction that situation is going, try not to fret over that situation too much. The more you can just ‘allow’ the situation to take place (with more of a ‘whatever’ attitude) the calmer and happier you will feel and the more that situation can actually work out in your favor. You can breathe a big sigh of relief now that your ruling planet Mercury is back in direct motion! Instead of feeling that situations are difficult, you can now begin to feel more of a creative and positive sense of ‘ease and flow’. The Moon is growing in beautiful light and will move into its natural sign of Cancer on Tuesday evening at 5:49 pm ET. The Moon continues to grow in brightness until it reaches its FULL MOON energy on Thursday morning, January 12th, at 6:34 am ET! This FULL MOON energy, in the sign of Cancer, shines her bright LIGHT into the area of your life that has to do with your most important ‘hopes, dreams, wishes and goals!’ The support you desire IS here for you now! You will notice that the right people, at the right times, will show up in your life in order to help you to feel healthier and happier! All you have to do is focus your thoughts and feelings upon whatever makes you feel happiest within yourself. This wasn’t easy for you to do when Mercury was in retrograde motion, but day by day you will begin to notice that the pressure you had been feeling begins to feel easier and more positively creative! Take it easy on Thursday evening, when the Moon moves into the sign of Leo, and try to keep your personal schedule light until the Moon moves into your sign of Virgo on Saturday evening, January 14th at 10:52 pm ET. From this point of time onward you should begin to feel more energetically, emotionally and mentally, in a positive balance once again! Once you’re really feeling a lot better then you will begin to see that other situations in your life become a lot easier, more productive and joyful for you!

Virgo: January 3rd – January 10th 2017

You have a natural talent for being able to see the best in everyone that you encounter, especially within the people in your life who mean the most to your heart! When you communicate with someone you naturally talk to their soul. You don’t care what they are wearing, if their hair is a mess, or anything like that (although you would be the first to hand them a hairbrush); what you care about most is their true well-being! You have a natural talent for helping others to learn how to take better care of their own well-being and they love you for your compassion, efforts and kindness! The energies this week, until Mercury moves back into direct motion on Sunday, January 8th at 4:43 am ET, are asking you to take a good look in the mirror and take good care of yourself too! You will find that taking good care of yourself will also extend towards taking good care of your home environment. The more you feel that your home is comfortable, clean and organized the better you will also feel within yourself! This is an excellent week to clean out those junk drawers, your closets, and other areas of your home where you can get rid of unwanted items that are taking up your space. The more you desire more fresh clean space, the more you will desire to release yourself from unneeded and unwanted items that you forgot that you even had! You are an extremely charitable person so the best thing that you can do is donate to another whatever you can. After you go through this purging process you will feel so much better! Mentally and physically you will really be ready to begin to move your life productively forward in this New Year of 2017!

Virgo: December 27th 2016 – January 3rd 2017

When you find certain situations are out of your control, and that will always happen in life, tell yourself that it’s okay and place your attention upon something else that feels better for you! Energy from the Sun, Mercury retrograde and Pluto are all moving through an area of your life that represents your own creativity! When was the last time that you allowed yourself to have some fun? When was the last time that you allowed yourself to put your work aside and enjoy your own life a bit more? You can be a duty/service-orientated person who is in charge of taking good care of the people around you. How much time of your own life does this take away from you living the life that you truly desire? Now is a time of important change for you! You don’t have to do things the hard way any longer! Instead of being put in a service position you are now being asked, by these special Cosmic energies, to be in a Teacher position that can feel much more enjoyable for you! Instead of ‘doing’ for others you can begin to teach them how to do things for themselves! Your life experiences have served you well! Sharing with others how you do things can be the perfect teaching examples that they need! The New Moon in Capricorn on Thursday, December 29th at 1:53 am ET, can bring you the inspiring new energy that you need to help you begin to become happier and more creative! As you enter into this New Year of 2017 your main affirmation should be, “I choose to focus my attention and enjoy MY life in ways that make me feel good!” As you do this then you will see that your whole life will transform in ways that make you feel healthier and happier too!

Virgo: December 20th – December 27th 2016

We started this week off right with the Moon in your sign, setting an organized emotional tone for the entire week. You like having your feet on the ground; being logical and taking care of your daily duties in many creative ways! Now that your ruling planet Mercury is in retrograde motion (until January 8th) what you need, what you REALLY need, is some meaningful playful time to do things that you enjoy doing the most! You’ve worked so hard for so very long Virgo! Give yourself permission to take time for some rest and relaxation! You are going through a positive transformation, especially in regards to allowing yourself to enjoy your life more often! All work and no play isn’t good for anyone…not even a Virgo! Energy from the Sun, Mercury retrograde and Pluto (in your fellow earth sign of Capricorn) are all joyfully moving through an area of your life that represents creativity, children, romance, fun and playfulness! Other signs may easily be able to do those things, but it takes some self-discipline for a Virgo to ALLOW themselves to actually relax their nervous systems enough to have some fun! Do yourself a favor, listen to what the Universe is telling you, and ALLOW yourself to enjoy your life! How can you do that when it doesn’t come easily to you? The answer to that question is: If something FEELS good to you then do it more often. If it doesn’t…then don’t do it at all! You are greatly loved and deeply respected. Allow others around you to do kind things for you more often! How you perceive your life is what you will receive more of. Start now to perceive your life from the most positive vantage point that you can muster! Self-respect, self-love and self-appreciation will all help you to balance your life in a calmer, healthier and happier direction! Keep smiling and make a plan to really enjoy the special happy moments of your life that are taking place now!

Virgo: December 13th – December 20th 2016

No one else feels as pressured as a Virgo to get things accomplished! You can get more done in one day than most people even think about doing in a week! How many times have you taken on the burdens, jobs and responsibilities, of others only to find that you had no time left to take good care of yourself? You are currently under the shadow of your ruling planet Mercury moving into retrograde motion next Monday, December 19th. You are becoming more aware of what your responsibilities are and what responsibilities are for others to take care of for themselves. During this Mercury retrograde in Capricorn (the sign who is ruled by the karmic planet Saturn), the very best things you can do for yourself, and others too, is to ALLOW others to take better care of their own responsibilities! If you can retreat a little bit more, focus on what is most important for you, then you won’t have the time to take care of others as much and they will have to learn how to take better care of themselves. You will actually feel quite proud of them when they are doing more things for themselves! You will begin to have the time that you’ve needed for so long to take better care of yourself! This particular Mercury retrograde in your fellow earth sign Capricorn can turn out to be a blessing in disguise for you! The energy of this Mercury retrograde will stimulate your creative personality and help to inspire you in so many ways! It’s time for you to enjoy your life by allowing the more playful side of your personality to shine through!

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Virgo: December 6th – December 13th 2016

As the 6th sign of the zodiac, your sign of Virgo rules over maintaining good health, well-being, and taking care of daily duties. Your energy can help to enhance, motivate and improve the good health and well-being of those around you. You can also help them to take better care of themselves as well as their own daily duties. You naturally are very good at what you do. Your biggest challenge, and probably your biggest pet peeve, is mentally staying busy so that you don’t feel bored. Out of all of the signs of the zodiac, your sign is the sign that can multi-task better than anyone else! Making a ‘to-do’ list comes naturally for you; whether you write it all down or just mentally keep your check-list in your head. Now it’s important to realize that you probably have more things on your to-do list than anyone else! Make sure that you also put some FUN activities on your list! This is an important week to realize that the more time you give yourself to be ‘in-joy’ and ‘enjoy’ your life…the happier and healthier you are! I bring this to your attention because the planet Mars (energy) is in the sign of Aquarius (your natural 6th house of health) and on Wednesday at 9:51 am Eastern Time the beautiful and loving planet Venus will also join Mars there! It’s time to ‘do what you love and love what you do!’ Financial situations are also improving too! Any project, situation, or duty that feels less than that should be put on another list and thrown in the trash! Why should you put your energy, efforts or time into any situation that makes you feel unhealthy in any way? You’re right! You shouldn’t! And you will choose not to from now on! When you are feeling really good within yourself then you have the right amount of energy and time to share with everyone else! Focus your attention upon what makes you feel GREAT! Not just good, but really GREAT! Where it comes to your love life situations are transforming. You desire your relationships to feel healthy and positively soul-touching in every way!

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Virgo: November 29th – December 6th 2016

No worries…no hurries Virgo. You’re going to be okay. At times you may feel extra highly sensitive to the attitudes and energies that other people have within them. You may have a strong desire to ‘tell it like it is’ and yet you may feel that your words will fall on deaf ears. There is a strong desire within you to express yourself right now. That is not a bad thing, maybe you should write a book!  But you know, especially within your personal life, that sometimes it’s better not to say anything then to ruffle the feathers of those who don’t seem to understand you anyway. This energy can lead to a frustrating energy within you that is not a healthy vibration in the least! Try to find a healthy outlet for your thoughts, words and emotions. Writing in your own personal journal may be your best therapy right now. This will allow you to be creative with your words through your own unique personal expressions. You are so very aware of what other people can do in order to live a happier, healthier and more harmonious life. You may feel quite critical that they don’t want to participate with you. So in order for you to feel better yourself, now comes an important time for you to focus upon taking your own good advice! This is an excellent week for you to spend quality time doing whatever makes you feel happier and more enthusiastic about your life! Putting yourself 1st in your own life doesn’t come naturally to you. You’re going to have to practice by realizing that when you allow yourself to feel good then you’re in the perfect position to reach out and assist others. No matter what other people have to say about it…focus your attention upon doing whatever makes you feel happiest!

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Virgo: November 22nd – November 29th 2016

You are a naturally health-orientated sign with a no-nonsense disposition. You can easily see a chaotic situation and quickly figure out how to heal it. The problems come into view when others around you won’t listen to you! You may ask yourself, “Do they desire to be unhealthy and do things the hard way?” The answer may be yes, because only through their own personal suffering will they learn what they need to learn to rise above their chaotic situations again in the future. Alas, this doesn’t make much sense to a Virgo; who always tries to do things the right way in the first place! Try not to judge others and try not to feel like a victim. Instead try to stand back, observe and not emotionally absorb situations. Yes this is much easier said than done for you because you can easily ‘pick up upon’ other people’s attitudes and energies even if you don’t want to. An example would be: Someone comes to you and says that they have a headache. You offer this person an aspirin, but this person won’t take it (maybe they will take it later), you offer this person an understanding ear to hear what is going on in their life that is causing their tension, you offer this person something soothing to drink and a warm assuring hug – okay now this person is taking the aspirin. Then this person leaves feeling a whole lot better…but then WHAM…you’ve got a headache yourself! You did all the right things. You helped this person to feel a lot better, so why are you suffering with a headache now? Answer: Sometimes you naturally become too attached to situations and you need to stand back and set your personal boundaries a little bit stronger these days. Okay, time for you to take an aspirin now, or better yet give yourself some quiet time with a hot glass of chamomile tea! You definitely deserve a little vacation away from the general public’s attitudes and anxieties. Now that energy from the Sun, Mercury and Saturn are in the sign of Sagittarius your greatest challenges, but also your greatest rewards, will be within your own home and with your family members. You are exceptionally dedicated and devoted towards those who mean the most to your heart. There is much love and romance highlighted for you (if you are interested) with energy from Venus moving through an area of your life that represents much creativity and passion! What do YOU desire most Virgo? What do you feel would make YOU happy? You may not be quite sure right now, but when the New Moon in Sagittarius arrives on Tuesday, November 29th, you will be ready to say, “Yes!” to what makes you feel happiest!

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Virgo: November 15th – November 22nd 2016

For most Virgos, there may be situations going on around you which can make you feel agitated and a bit stressed out. You know these situations are not good for your health. You can choose to set your boundaries a little bit stronger, even if those around you, who are causing the stress, don’t agree with your authority. Or you can choose to focus upon your own good health, by doing what you feel is important for yourself, and ignore what others are doing around you. Whatever you choose the most important thing is that you focus your feeling and attention upon doing whatever it takes to feel better. You are a solution-orientated person. No problem is too big for you to come up with a positive solution for. The problems occur when other people are involved who don’t agree with your solutions, or who won’t cooperate with you in order to create more peace and harmony in your life and their own. So frustrating it can be for a logical person like yourself. Sometimes you may wonder if other people have any common sense anymore! The keys to your good health and your personal prosperity are for you to focus on what you feel is best for you right now. Letting go of toxic situations and relationships, or at least not dwelling upon them so much, can help you to feel better within yourself. When you are feeling calm, cool, and collected and you’re looking forward to working on projects that you enjoy then you’re on the right path indeed towards better health, happiness and financial success that you will enjoy sharing with those you love. On Monday, November 21st, the Moon will move into your sign of Virgo at 4:34 AM Eastern Time. This is a special time, starting then and over the following few days, to focus your attention upon what truly makes you happy!

Virgo: November 7th – November 15th 2016

Take some time to still your mind and listen to that ‘still small voice’ within you for the guidance you are seeking. Focus your attention upon your own hopes, goals, dreams and wishes. Pay attention to any positive inspiration that comes your way that can help you to feel more tuned into ways where you can create more personal freedom for yourself. There are many people in our world these days that are feeling fearful and in need of healing. Your positive energy is a great help to everyone you talk to. You are more able than others to turn a negative situation into a positive one. This is because you are a solution orientated person who can often understand the bigger picture of what is really going on. Your ability to express yourself will become even easier for you. When faced with a dilemma, your own or another’s, all you have to do is take a moment to still your mind and allow yourself to become inspired! The answers you are seeking will be given to you. Pay attention to the signs, symbols, and messages that are around you now. Even your dreams can reveal special messages to you. When you feel frustrated, or overwhelmed, take a few relaxing moments away from everyone to rejuvenate your own energy. When it comes to your love life you will begin to see improvements once the energy of Venus moves into the sign of Capricorn on Friday evening! From this point of time and over the next few weeks your attraction factor is beautiful indeed! If you are in a committed relationship you can renew your love for one another in an easier and more fun manner. If you are single then it’s definitely time to get out and mingle! Your creative energy is flowing! On Saturday your ruling planet Mercury will move into the fun-loving sign of Sagittarius! You should begin to feel a lot more optimistic! Situations around your home life can easily improve! Your relationships with those around you will feel more easy-going. The Moon is growing brighter and brighter each evening this week. It will move into the sign of Taurus on Saturday evening at 9:24 PM ET. This Earthy Taurus Moon shines her bright light into the area of your life that has to do with your own beliefs. Do you believe your life is improving? Do you believe that you can attract and achieve anything that you set your mind upon? Of course you can Virgo! You’ve earned it and you deserve whatever makes you happy! Beautiful Venus in the sign of Capricorn is bringing you a wonderful Good Karma Return! Focus your mind and heart upon what you feel most grateful for this weekend. The Taurus Moon will reach its Super FULL MOON point of time early on Monday morning, November 14th, at 8:52 AM ET. All in all this information is pointing towards you having a wonderful and lucky time of your life for the next couple of weeks! Try to enjoy this special time of your life as much as possible! Create the personal time you desire to do whatever makes your soul happy!