Virgo's weekly horoscopes

Virgo: 4/13 - 4/20/2015

On Tuesday your ruling planet Mercury moves into your fellow Earth sign of Taurus! This is Good News for you because this energy will stimulate the area of your life that has to do with publishing, legal matters, higher education, your personal beliefs and long distance communication and travel…which are all positively highlighted for you over the next few weeks! Now that Jupiter is back in direct motion you should be feeling much more optimistic! You have the Hope that you need flowing positively through your life now! Good News arrives when you least expect it! You can put your worries aside and learn how to ‘go with the flow’ and KNOW that what is meant for your Highest Good, and the Highest Good of the people you love, is in positive motion! The New Moon in Aries on Saturday afternoon, at 2:57 pm EDT, will open new doors of opportunity when it comes to joint financial ventures and receiving more dedication and commitment, from others, regarding what will work out best for everyone! You can sit back now and focus calmly on your own personal transformations! What do you desire to accomplish and attract into your life over the next 12 months? Is it Good Health, Wealth and Happiness you desire? Okay then…open your heart and learn to Receive it all! You’ve earned it, you deserve it, and most of all your more than worthy of living a happier life filled with much love and abundance!

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Virgo: 4/6 - 4/13/2015

You have been learning that it is much better to be flexible and creative than it is to be a perfectionist. Some Virgo’s learned this quite easily, while other Virgo’s are still having a difficult time learning this important soul lesson. You have so much healing energy within you Virgo. Other people know this about you. You have a natural knack of making others feel at ease with your ability to listen and use your intuition to inform them and create for them the lives that they are meant to live! You are an amazing soul indeed Virgo! Now it’s time for you to reap some marvelous rewards for your good deeds! If you’ve been feeling a bit down lately, or even positive but a bit overwhelmed, situations will begin to turn around in your favor - starting on Wednesday afternoon - when Jupiter goes back into direct motion! Synchronicity is in motion all around you! You are becoming more aware of this too! You will find that you are at the right place, at the right time, talking to all the right people that can help you to really move ahead in your life! You don’t have to do things all by yourself anymore! The assistance and support you need will enter your life when you desire it the most! This may occur in the most unexpected way! Be open to all of the positive possibilities and opportunities that come your way…starting this week!

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Virgo: 3/30 - 4/6/2015

In what ways do you desire to enhance your life? What situations do you desire to change? What would truly make you happy? Good News is on the horizon for you, especially regarding your work and career! Financial opportunities are coming your way! Get ready to say, “YES!” to all of the improvements! You should be feeling a stronger sense of inspiration now! If you haven’t felt this yet you most certainly will! Focus ONLY on what makes you feel grateful and happy! Understand what your resistance as been and eliminate it! It’s time to live in a brand new way, especially under the influence of the Full Moon total Lunar Eclipse that will take place on Saturday! This Full Moon total Lunar Eclipse will happen at 8:00 am EDT and can enhance the area of your life, the area that you’ve been resistant about, regarding your personal talents and accepting the financial abundance that you deserve for the service that you provide towards others. You are more than worthy for what you are about to receive! You just have to say, “YES!” to your good fortune without any feeling of resistance! It’s time to follow your heart dearest Virgo! What are you true inner passions? What do you really enjoy doing the most? Your confidence is getting stronger! Success is yours!

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Virgo: 3/23 - 3/30/2015

What you resist persists! What you face, with peace in your heart, you erase! You are being asked now to take the path of least resistance so that you can actually have peace of mind and stronger faith that situations will work out in your favor. If you push too hard to get your way then situations can backfire, but on the other hand if you have a sense of trust that what is meant for your Highest Good is taking place then you will begin to see situations in a different manner. This is a wonderful week for learning new ways of how you can obtain more mental clarity and a serene disposition. Pay attention to information you will hear from a good friend who cares about you. You can easily be inspired to do things in a different way through the information you can receive now. Try not to be hard-headed, or feel that you have to always do things your own way. Be open now to learning ways of doing things that can be much easier and more productive than the way you had been doing things in the past. Also pay attention to the intuitive inspirations you may be receiving through your dreams and your day-dreams. You are being positively guided now on many levels. Inspirations can come ‘out of the blue’ and have you scratching your head saying, “Yes that is an Awesome Idea!” The people who are closest to you want to see you succeed! Intimate relationships are also blooming now! Love and Romance are highlighted for you! Are you ready to do things in a new way that feels more peaceful and relaxed in many amazing ways? Of course you are! Have Fun!

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Virgo: 3/16 - 3/23/2015

Your ruling planet Mercury is in the sign of Pisces; along with the Sun, Chiron and Neptune…all stimulating - for better or worse - your most personal relationships. You may feel that you have to sacrifice all of your time, energy, feelings and money towards what others need. You don’t mind the sacrifice, but during the course of this week if you sacrifice too much you may really regret it Or you may find that you’re not feeling well and you’re wondering who is going to take care of YOU now when you need some assistance. Hang in there Virgo, situations are going to change for you. Having a sense of detachment can help. Saying NO (even if you want to say YES) so that you have more time, energy and money for yourself can also help. It’s up to YOU to pick and choose what you really want to do. No one can push you to do anything. Your personal choices are always up to you! The New Moon/Solar Eclipse on Friday morning (5:36 am EDT) can bring some endings into your life; especially in regards to letting go of friendships, co-workers, clients, even a personal relationship that you know no longer serves your Highest Good. The relationships that pass this test of time will become healthier and stronger! The Moon moves into the sign of Aries at 6:28 am EDT on March 20th. The Sun will move into the sign of Aries at 6:45 pm EDT on Friday evening. Energy from the Sun, Moon, Mars and Uranus…all in the sign of Aries…will open new doors of positive opportunity for you in regards to attracting the support that YOU desire! So you see, your good karma IS going to return to you 10 fold! The previous, “Do I have to do everything all by MYself” energy will turn into “WE can do this together energy” which will feel soooo much better! Happy times are on the horizon! Love, romance, financial joint opportunities, good luck, even a strong sense of inner passion and sensuality will transform your life in many abundant ways starting this weekend and over the next few weeks!

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Virgo: 3/9 - 3/16/2015

You may have to accept a situation that you’d rather not face, which may make you feel a little ‘less than’ for some reason. Whatever you feel that you are lacking can become more abundant by giving yourself more credit for who you are and for your own wonderful talents! All Earth signs this week are facing the ’shadow’ parts of themselves so that they can transform these thoughts and memories through kindness, forgiveness, and more self-love! The first step in the right direction is to give yourself credit for everything you’ve been through in your life so far! Financial situations ARE improving for you, but you have to be willing to say, “Yes” and accept positive opportunities! You are going through a type of psychological rebirth! This can be difficult for you OR it can be very healing for you if you feel that you are ready to leave your past behind! Try to focus on the Here and Now moments of your life with a renewed sense of gratitude! Mercury moves into the sign of Pisces on Thursday evening at 11:52 pm EDT. Your nervous system will begin to calm down and your tummy should begin to feel a lot better. Communication with those who are closest to you will also begin to improve. On Saturday the planet Saturn goes into retrograde motion, in the sign of Sagittarius, which brings your attention towards your home and family issues that you feel need repairing. Take your time, don’t make quick decisions. If you are remodeling your home make sure that you receive quite a few estimates and make sure that you receive a warranty for the work that gets done. Saturn will remain in retrograde motion until August 2nd. On a positive note people around you will be kinder, probably because you won’t feel like being so serious and/or strict with them, thus you will receive more assistance from others without having to verbally ask. Intuitively the people around you will know what you desire them to do. You’ll have to be patient, and you will be, but you will be happy with the help you receive! Everything may not be perfect, but that’s okay, you will have a little bit more quality time for yourself so that you can enjoy your day!

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Virgo: 2/23 - 3/9/2015

Hi Virgo! Yes this particular horoscope is covering the next 2 weeks because my Birthday is coming up on March 2nd and I need a little ME time (I know you understand that). With the Sun in the sign of Pisces your friendship and romantic connections are filled with the positive energy you desire! You may have to sacrifice a little of something to receive a nice return on your investment, but you won’t mind that as long as you know your romantic life is heading in the right direction! Career opportunities look awesome for you! You will enjoy the extra money that will flow into your life now. The FULL MOON energy on March 5th is in your sign! Beautiful, Healing, Joyful, Intuitive! This will be an amazing Full Moon that has your sign written all over it! It’s all about YOU Virgo, it’s all about YOU! Take a few minutes to see this amazingly beautiful Moon and realize that the beauty you see is also the beauty within you! A strong sense of Self-Appreciation and Self-Love will heal every frustrating situation that has drained you of your inner fortitude. Are you ready to begin to feel really good again? I know that you are! Get ready! A new chapter of your life is about to begin! With an attitude of gratitude you can receive what you desire! Be open to the positive possibilities that will be flowing into your life now!

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Virgo: 2/16 - 2/23/2015

Pay attention to your daily schedule. Is it serving you well or do you feel overwhelmed? The most valuable asset you have, and will ever have, is your good health! When you FEEL good within yourself then you can accomplish anything that you set your mind upon doing! On the other hand, if you’re feeling fatigued, you might as well take that day off until you’re feeling better. Virgo’s certainly don’t like delays, especially if that delay is caused because of a health issue. BEing healthy and staying healthy is part of your life’s mission. When you are healthy you are an amazing healer for other people around you! On Wednesday evening at 6:47 pm ET the New Moon in Aquarius occurs in the very last degrees of this sign. This represents that you CAN put an old ailment to rest…once and for all! This ailment can be a physical, mental, or an old emotional issue (or pressure) that you desire to be rid of! Moments later at 6:50 pm ET both the Moon and the Sun will be in another New Moon position in the very beginning degrees in the very healing and unconditionally loving sign of Pisces! New doors of opportunity will open for you in regards to your most personal relationships! You will begin to see opportunities arrive where you can spend a lot of quality time with the special people in your life! Single Virgo’s can easily meet someone new over the course of the next few weeks! There may be a feeling of Synchronicity in the air, a feeling of “Love in Bloom” within you and within your experiences! On Thursday Mars moves into its natural sign of Aries (Passion/Motivation) which aligns nicely with the Chinese New Year being the Sheep/Ram (animal for Aries) this year! On Friday beautiful Venus also moves into the sign of Aries! All of this Arian energy is going to Passionately stimulate your life in many amazing ways! Financially and Romantically situations are definitely looking UP for you! Be ready to say “YES” to these opportunities! You should definitely begin to feel healthier, wealthier, and more beautiful than ever!

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Virgo: 2/9 - 2/16/2015

Situations may not make sense to you, especially in regards to the behaviorisms of some people around you. You may be asking yourself, “What has happened? Has everyone lost their minds?” You may observe others around you being more selfish than they normally are. The best thing that you can do is to stay calm, sit back, count to 10 - count to 100 if you need to - try to be more of an observer (than an absorber) of any situation going on around you. Try to stay centered within yourself. You know who you are. Try not to quickly jump into any situation where other people need to figure things out for themselves. Normally you are the person who can fix and repair almost any situation, but for right now - while Mercury is still in retrograde motion - you would be wise to sit back and just observe what is going on. At times these situations are going to disturb you, and possibly make you feel angry, but when you realize that the people around you need to learn…on their own/without your help right now…the more you can give yourself permission to stay peaceful within yourself. Sometimes it is better to ‘love from afar’ then to get personally involved. After all, how are other people going to learn? Take a deep breath and focus on doing something, that you enjoy doing, while the chaos is going on around you. Mercury will go back into direct motion on Wednesday, February 11th, at 9:57 am ET. But it is also important to understand that we still have another 2 weeks before Mercury moves out of its shadow period and back into full direct motion. Now is the time to be a good listener. You can give positive advice, but don’t repeat yourself twice. It’s time to pay more attention to how YOU are feeling and pace your life accordingly. Take it slow. Be extra good to yourself. Keep your faith strong! In the long run everyone and everything will work out just fine.

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Virgo: 2/2 - 2/9/2015

Hey how about a little passionate romance Virgo? Are you in the mood? You most certainly can be this week! The FULL MOON in Leo arrives on Tuesday evening at 6:09 pm ET. This beautiful energy shines her BRIGHT LIGHT into the area of your life that has to do with your deepest sensitivities and imagination! You can truly have a fantasy type of relationship brewing over the course of this week! Or maybe, if you are already in a committed relationship, you might want to spice things up in the bedroom! You’re going to be much more aware of ‘what turns you ON’ and your partner is going to be so happy to push that button! The more you allow yourself to relax and ‘go with the lovely flow’ the happier you’re going to be in regards to every other area of your life! Your financial outlook is looking UP too! Especially if you’re ready, willing and able to take ACTION when these opportunities come to you! The main thing is that you need to be in the right mood! It’s time to turn up your creative flow and really enjoy yourself this week!

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