Virgo's weekly horoscopes

Virgo: 7/21 - 7/28/2014

Situations this week may seem like a struggle because you may find that you don’t have the time to do much of what you really want to do. Try not to allow yourself to become overwhelmed, take some time out and count to 10; or 100 if you need to. Your compassion for others is exceptionally strong. You know that they need you and you’ll do whatever you have to do to make sure that everyone is safe, secure, happy and healthy. You often put yourself last on your “take care of this” list, but you really shouldn’t. A big lesson that you’re learning right now is that if you take care of yourself first then you’ll have the positive energy that you need to be able to take care of others. Not an easy lesson, that’s for sure, but you deserve to really FEEL good about yourself, within yourself, and about your life. Try not to allow the financial pressures you feel to give you more stress and strife. Keep your faith strong that situations will begin to work out in your favor. You’re a very good person and you deserve to receive the financial assistance and abundance you desire! Now that the Sun has moved into the sign of Leo this IS the time for you to rest for awhile. You can choose to do things at your own pace, or choose to do nothing at all. The New Moon in Leo on Saturday evening at 6:42 pm EDT. will help to heal old emotional wounds that have been hidden within your subconscious. What was…was! What IS is all that matters NOW. You can give yourself a break from the fast pace of life, at least for the next few weeks. You may feel a little down at the moment, but this is just a passing phase. Focus on doing more of what you enjoy, relax and keep your faith strong! The beautiful Universal energies are protecting you and can bring many little miracles into your life now.

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Virgo: 7/14 - 7/21/2014

Relax Virgo. Situations are okay. You don’t need to put more effort into situations unless you want to. Others look towards you for your help and advice. You seem to have a wonderful way of making difficult situations seem alright. When it comes to your own situations you often don’t have anyone to turn to, but that’s when you ‘tune into’ your own intuition for guidance. You may find yourself, talking to yourself, A LOT - but this is only natural for you because you receive your best advice and positive ideas when you do. Logical and organized you can be, if you want to be, because you are being guided by a creative higher power that helps you and fills your life with prosperity. This is a special week for you to take care of your daily duties, personal health and focus your attention towards your most personal relationships. The more generous you are towards others the more abundance will return to you. The energy that you put out there might seem like a lot, but the rewards you receive will be very abundant! Starting on Wednesday morning, when Jupiter moves into the sign of Leo, you’ll be able to relax your mind and body. You’ll have a strong urge to go on a spiritual retreat, away from any sort of drama. Even when dramatic situations seem to be around you, you won’t desire to participate in them. A more nonchalant type of attitude you certainly will have, which will be very good for your nervous system because it needs to relax. Your Good Fortune will come to you when you keep your faith strong and learn to receive what the Universe desires to give to you. It’s time, Dear Virgo, for you to learn how to receive.

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Virgo: 7/7 - 7/14/2014

You have to be careful not to over stimulate yourself; by eating the wrong foods, staying up to all hours of the morning, and/or feeling that you have to take on the problems of the world. It’s more important for you to take good care of yourself than it is to push yourself so hard. It’s true that you’re feeling the pressure of ‘time’ itself…racing by so super fast. But that’s okay because it’s a wise Virgo that knows to slow down even more, even when other people are speeding by. Don’t move through your life like a race car driver. You are the master of your own life. You can choose to go fast when you want to, but you don’t have to feel pressured by others to do so. When you feel pressured to keep up the pace be wise and slow down even more. Those who may complain about this can choose to respect your rights even more! The Moon moves into your fellow Earth sign Capricorn on Thursday evening and grows ever brighter until it reaches its FULL MOON point early on Saturday morning. During this phase of time you can choose to focus on what makes you happy! This is your emotional play time Virgo! Put your work away for another day and spend quality time doing what YOU enjoy! Allow your inner child to come out and play! If you are blessed to have children in your life play along with them! If you desire to feel rejuvenated and happy then this is your week to do so! The energies on Sunday and Monday will put you in the mood to stop playing and get back to your daily duties, so before that happens make it a point to enjoy your life to the fullest! You deserve some quality time off for your own recreations once in awhile too!

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Virgo: 6/30 - 7/7/2014

Renovate, recycle, sell and trade! This is an excellent week for you to clear out the clutter of your life and either transform it into something you will enjoy better, or sell it to the highest bidder! Your ruling planet Mercury goes back into direct motion on Tuesday, July 1st, at 8:50 am EDT (adjust for your time zone). Communication will begin to flow smoother in regards to both your career and at home. How well situations will begin to flow for you depends upon your own mind and attitude. “If your mind can conceive it and you believe it then you most certainly can achieve it!” is your perfect motto! The Moon moves into your sign on Tuesday evening at 5:24 pm EDT and will remain in your sign until early on Friday morning at 5:43 am EDT. During this phase of time you should focus on yourself, what is most important for you…because when you’re happy, truly happy, that indirectly helps everyone else too! With both Chiron and Neptune in retrograde motion in your opposite sign of Pisces (which is also your 7th house of relationships) you can relax a bit more when it comes to doing so much for others by allowing them more space to take care of themselves. They may continue to need your assistance, in some small ways, but you’re going to begin to see much more independence happening in the lives of the people who once leaned on you for everything. This is a good thing Virgo. You don’t need to worry. Allow them the space to figure things out for themselves. Use your extra money and time to work on creative projects that you enjoy, instead of wasting it on giving too much and worrying about them. It’s time to take care of yourself a lot better, to focus on your own life. The energies this weekend ask you to ‘do what you love and love what you do’ because if you do your financial abundance will begin to increase too! Have Fun!

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Virgo: 6/23 - 6/30/2014

There’s only so much that one person can do on any given day. You may emotionally, physically and financially feel pushed to the limit right now. With your ruling planet Mercury, currently in retrograde motion, try not to overwhelm yourself. Slow down and relax when your body gives you the signs that it needs you to. Whatever work you ‘think’ you need to get done on any given day…you can choose to do what you want to do and leave the rest for tomorrow. The people around you, who are so used to you getting things done efficiently and quickly, can either help you to get things accomplished or they can step back and be patient. You may find yourself going back to old projects that you haven’t completed yet. This is a good idea to finish old projects and create the space that you need for new ones to come your way once Mercury goes back into direct motion on July 1st. You may find yourself being a bit more anti-social because you know that when you are around anyone, or groups of people, someone is going to ask you to do something for them. You already have enough to do to keep both your mind and body constantly occupied. Your desire to be left alone is very strong right now. The New Moon in Cancer, early on Friday morning at 4:08 am EDT (adjust for your time zone), is fertile with abundant energy and will help you to re-focus upon your most important hopes, dreams, wishes and goals! The assistance that you’ve desired for quite some time now will begin to happen for you in many positive ways. It’s time to say, “Yes” and “Thank You” to those who desire to assist you. Through the assistance of others you will begin to have the time you need to take better care of yourself! You can look forward to situations in your life greatly improving in the not too distant future!

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Virgo: 6/16 - 6/23/2014

Your ruling planet Mercury has been in retrograde motion since June 7th. This energy has been tugging at your mind and emotions. It has been asking you to re-evaluate your most important hopes, dreams, wishes and goals. It’s very possible that what you desired before, and who you desired to spend your time with, isn’t exactly what you desire to do anymore. You may have felt like giving up on some of your most important dreams, because you may have believed that they were just too difficult to achieve! You’ve realized that you can’t change anyone and that you either have to accept people like they are…or choose not to be around them. You’re being asked to focus on your own life and then ‘choose’ who and what is best for your self. Virgo is one of the more tolerant signs, especially when it comes to personal relationships, and yet your sense of tolerance may have reached it’s peak and either you’re going to jump off of the cliff yourself or possibly shove someone else off of it! Hang in there Virgo. Situations are about to change! The dramatic situations that you’ve been through lately are about to calm down a little bit. Mercury is still in retrograde motion BUT it’s going back into Gemini on Tuesday afternoon (2:26 pm EDT/adjust for your time zone). You will still be dealing with some doubts, of course, but they will be more about your job and career than about your own personal hopes, dreams, wishes and goals. You will begin to feel A LOT more cheerful once the Sun moves into the sign of Cancer on Saturday morning at 6:51 am EDT. With energy from the powerful Sun and abundant Jupiter, shining their bright light into your social affairs and stimulating your dreams and goals once again, you’ll begin to see some major improvements! You can look forward to this new season of your life! You should even begin to see some improvements regarding getting more support from those around you! When it comes to your day-to-day job and the personal career that you have chosen, you may desire to create some improvements or at least do things a little bit differently. It’s time to review and revise the way that you’ve been doing things. If you don’t choose to do this then you may begin to feel frustrated with your career and choose to retire early! Don’t give up hope. There’s just a need to learn how to do things in a different way. It’s going to take great patience on your part, and even a little more self-discipline, but that’s okay as long as you believe in your talents and know how important your skills are to everyone around you! Keep up the good work Virgo! Go back to dreaming BIG Dreams! Go back to setting your goals high! You can achieve anything that you set your mind upon doing!

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Virgo: 6/9 - 6/16/2014

Situations that can create happiness in your life can come in the most surprising ways. Now that Neptune is in retrograde motion, for the next 5 months, you should begin to notice that what people say and do around you can bring a huge smile to your face! It’s the little things, the silly things, that can get you to laugh. This is a time of your life, right now, for you to stop taking your life so seriously and try to enjoy the special little things about your life more often. Don’t fret over ‘when’ something should happen. Try to be a bit more flexible with your time. Try to lighten up your personal schedule and do what you really want to do more often. The energy of Mars in your 2nd house of how you earn your income will bring you the financial abundance that you need IF you quit worrying about it. There’s a need to keep your nervous system in balance in a healthy way. The more confident you are that situations will work out fine…the more that they will! Virgo is a very logical sign and when the other signs don’t think this way, or act this way, then you can have some major trust issues with them…which makes you begin to worry more and throws your nervous system out of balance. Now comes a time to have more Faith that what is meant to be…will be. No amount of worrying from you is going to change anything. It’s much more important for you to stay positively focused on what you want and need to do; in order for you to feel good about yourself and your own life without worrying what everyone else is up to. This is not an easy lesson for you, but you can do it! The FULL MOON energy early on Friday morning (2:11 am EDT. adjust for you time zone) shines her bright LIGHT into the area of your life that has to do with your home and family! Do you feel comfortable in your home? Are you basically happy with your family members? The more grateful you feel in your own private life…the more abundant you will be in your job and career! If situations need a little bit of a change, or your home a little bit of redecorating, then this is the perfect week to start to make the adjustments that will make you feel happier within yourself and with everyone else around you! The Moon moves into the sign of Capricorn for most of this weekend. You can have more fun in your life, with your children, with your hobbies, at social events and within your love affairs. You just need to make some plans to do so and choose to enjoy yourself!

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Virgo: 6/2 - 6/9/2014

Too many times you’ve had plans about something that you wanted to accomplish only to be distracted by someone else, or something else, that needed your immediate attention. When you are in a passionate mood about doing what you want to do, and something else happens to distract you, and then you come back to start that first project again…wham you found out that you’re not in the mood anymore to do anything that has to do with that first project! Instead of that project feeling like fun it starts to feel like work to you. “It figures” you say with a groan and you try to work on it anyway until it’s done, or until you get distracted once again by something, or someone, else. Such is the life of a Virgo. It’s so important that you are as flexible as you can be! Yoga Body/Yoga Mind. But it is also important that you have some quality time to actually do what YOU WANT to do! If you’re constantly running to the aide of others, while also thinking about what you’d rather be doing, then your nervous system will become overwhelmed - which can lead to all kinds of dis-eases for you. It’s extremely important that you take good care of your health first and that you pay attention to what your body is telling you. The last thing you need is to become overstimulated, so don’t allow others to do this to you and try to pay more attention to when you are doing this to yourself. Your ruling planet Mercury is about to move into retrograde motion from Saturday June 7th through July 17th. It’s during this particular time that you are being asked to review your social life (are these people healthy for you?) and with the ways that you handle your career life (do you really enjoy what you do for a living?) If you answer “YES” to both of those questions then you’re on the right path! If you answer “NO” to one, or both, of those questions then it’s time to creatively make some positive changes! The most important asset that you have Virgo is your health. Mind, Body and Soul you will always desire to FEEL at your Best! When you do then you are a major asset to the people around you, but when you feel nervous or confused then you need to take a step back and really begin to make yourself a priority in your own life and begin to take better care of YOU!

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Virgo: 5/26 - 6/2/2014

Sometimes the sweetest things in life are free! Yes often you feel that you need to earn whatever it is that you need and desire, but starting this week you’re going to be able to perceive situations in a new light! The energies on Monday through early on Wednesday afternoon will have you thinking about your life and what you should have done differently. Be wise dear Virgo and don’t fall into that mind trap of believing that ‘if only’ you had done this or that…that things would have turned out differently. Keep in mind that you are the wise sign that BELIEVES in Synchronicity! Everything happened, and continues to happen, for an important reason. No matter what happened in the past you are so much wiser now than ever before! The New Moon energy on Wednesday afternoon at 2:40 pm EDT (adjust for your time zone), opens many new doors of opportunity regarding your work, career, increasing your finances AND in regards to making some new improvements regarding your home environment! Hooray! The past is behind you and a new door of opportunity is before you. Don’t just stand there…”Use your Mind over Matter” to create the future that you desire! Early on Thursday morning at 5:12 am EDT. Mercury will move out of the sign of Gemini and into the sign of Cancer. We are now in the shadow period of Mercury retrograde - which will actually go into retrograde motion on June 7th. This particular point in time, with Mercury in the sign of Cancer, will assist you by attracting people in your life who are in important positions to help you to succeed! Hooray again…compassion and cooperation is here for you! All you have to do is say, “Yes!” and “Thank You!” Early on Friday morning the Moon will also move into the sign of Cancer at 10:13 am EDT and remain in the sign of Cancer over most of this upcoming weekend. This is a very special time of nurturing and focusing on your home and your family members. Try to put your work aside, relax and enjoy - really joyfully enjoy - your time together! You are learning that work is important, but not AS important as the wonderfully loving relationships that you have in your life!

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Virgo: 5/19 - 5/26/2014

When you see any type of injustice happening in the lives of the people you care about you will stop at nothing to make sure that everything is taken care of properly! You will become fearless! You may have been observing a situation, or a few situations, over the past few months that you wanted to do something about, but you were feeling that maybe you should just sit back and observe what was going on. Maybe you even thought the situations were none of your business. Now that Mars has gone back into direct motion and Mercury is in the sign of Gemini…nothing can stop you now from saying exactly what is on your mind! A noble sense of self-empowerment is now available for you. Some may say that you’re being righteous, but that’s okay…someone has to be so why not you! Mars is also stimulating your earning abilities. Financially situations will be improving greatly! You have the energy to do what needs to be done. Those days of feeling energetically and financially drained are over! On Tuesday evening the Sun will move into the sign of Gemini and SHINE on the area of your life that has to do with your work and career! Be willing to do some self-promotion and let the world know what you do so well. There are plenty of people who will pay you for your creative talent, information and knowledge. Your desire to help other people become successful will also lead you up the ladder towards your own personal success! Be ready to take action when opportunities come your way. Advancements and promotions are highlighted for you! Pluto in the area of your life that has to do with FUN is asking you to try to create some small changes; such as giving yourself the time you need to enjoy your life more often without feeling guilty! Even a Virgo deserves to party once in awhile. In fact, you are being guided towards enhancing the more creative, social, romantic and sexual part of yourself. Passionate love and romance are definitely highlighted for you! Now don’t say that you don’t have the time, nor the energy, (remember that Mars is back in direct motion so you can’t use this excuse any more), or that the only time that you enjoy yourself is when you are being productive. You are being asked to allow your creative juices to flowwwwww…and once you open up this part of your life more often the other situations going on in your life will become even more abundant! Yours is a soul that is very ‘other’ orientated. You may often feel that you can’t be happy until everyone around you is feeling happy and well. This is a time of year when you can have the best of both worlds. You can work hard, earn very good money AND create the time you need to enjoy anything that you desire! If you desire your life to transform in many wonderful ways, take a moment or two or as many as you need to meditate upon what YOU desire more often!

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