Virgo’s weekly horoscopes

Virgo: July 25th – August 1st 2016

Have you been feeling a bit quiet lately? Have you been feeling a tad bit forgetful? Have you been trying to focus on doing things right, and you thought that you did, but then you made an error and you had to go back and redo things all over again? Give yourself a break Virgo. Yes, at times you can be quite super human, but now is not one of those times. Your energy is may feel quite low while the Sun is moving through the sign of Leo. Venus is also moving through the sign of Leo, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you find that you’re having bad hair days – that’s perfectly okay and shouldn’t bother you too much anyway. Also your ruling planet Mercury is moving through the sign of Leo; which means that your logical mind desires a rest. On a good note though…your intuition can be quite keen! Mercury, moving through the sign of Leo, in your 12th house, can feel more like a Mercury retrograde – and you say, “Ah HA, so that’s what’s been happening!” Give your mind permission to relax a bit more. Like a computer your mind is Defragging and Deleting old memory files and emotions that you don’t need anymore. Your dreams can be quite vivid if you allow yourself to relax. Starting on Saturday, 2:18 pm EDT, Mercury will move into your sign! Hooray! Energetically you may still feel tired while the Sun remains in Leo (until August 22nd) but day by day your mind will begin to improve and that’s a good thing. For now, for this week, give yourself plenty of time to meditate, heal, relax and rejuvenate. Much inspiration is coming your way. Keep your personal journal and notebooks handy!

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Virgo: July 18th – July 25th 2016

You must continue to do what you feel is right for you. Monday through early on Friday morning are the very last abundant days, and evenings, for you to REALLY focus on your most important hopes, dreams, wishes and goals. Try not to be in such a hurry to accomplish other things that you don’t take the time that you deserve to write down what your hopes, dreams, wishes and goals really are! Create a list, double check it to make sure that what you desire is exactly what you want to manifest, then set it aside and have patience. Your next step, starting on Friday morning and over the course of the next few weeks, is to take it easy and rest as often as possible and allow healing energy to enter into your life! Keep your faith strong that what you wrote on your list WILL begin to manifest into your life soon (once Venus, Mercury and the Sun enter into your sign), but until then, for the next few weeks, it’s very important that you ALLOW yourself to relax and just enjoy the simple little things in your life. This will be an important period of time for you to purge out of your life what you no longer want…so that you can create the space that you desire for all of those new opportunities to arrive! You may find that you are also in a very intuitive, spiritual and giving mood during this phase of time! Focus your attention upon what makes you FEEL REALLY GOOD and ignore the rest! With Jupiter still in your sign you ARE very blessed!

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Virgo: July 11th – July 18th 2016

YOU are the MOST IMPORTANT person in your life. Do you really know who that person is? Are you taking the time that you need to pay attention to this person’s most basic and most important needs? Are you helping yourself to focus upon what is most important for you? What ARE your most important personal hopes, dreams, wishes and goals? If you know, really KNOW, the answers to these questions then you are on the right path! If you’re not sure how to answer these questions then the time is NOW to pay more attention to yourself. Your most important goal right now should be on getting to know yourself a lot better. Your desires have changed quite a bit since this time last year. What do you desire now that would have you feeling really happy? Whatever that is focus upon it, use your ‘mind over matter’ abilities that you naturally have to attract it and do more of it! You may enjoy your daily rituals, your daily tasks that you do so well. You may enjoy the routine of things and yet you may have an inner calling to do other things, new things, that you’ve put off for a long while that you really want to do now! The key to your success, starting right now and over the next few weeks, is to take some time to calm your mind, meditate for a while, and allow new inspiring ideas to come to you. Pay close attention to your dreams, they may be quite vivid now. There is much healing taking place in your life which is going to help to erase the mental and emotional pain that you have been through in your past. Allow this healing to take place. Don’t analyze it, just accept it. Don’t doubt it, just be grateful for it. A brand new phase of your life is coming your way starting on August 22nd, but before you get to that period of time much clearing, cleansing and healing is going to take place. Don’t worry. Don’t be afraid. With Jupiter still in your sign there is much good fortune around you. It’s time to believe in yourself and begin to realize how truly important your own life IS to you.

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Virgo: July 4th – July 11th 2016

If you have an inkling that something isn’t right – you are often right – listen to your intuition! Your digestive system is sensitive for a reason. You have a strong ‘gut instinct’ about many things! This doesn’t mean that you should allow yourself to ‘worry’ or ‘be on guard’ all of the time, but it does mean that you need to pay attention to what your gut feelings are and then decide from there what the best action is to take. You can often get a, “Oh no, here it comes” type of a feeling when someone walks through your door with an emotional problem. Yes you are a natural healer indeed who can calm down the nerves of even the most impatient person. But what about you? Can you heal yourself and be as kind towards yourself as you are often towards other people? Now comes the time for self-nurturing to begin. The more you put your own feelings 1st the happier you will be! This is actually a Good Fortune period of time in your life! Energy from benevolent Jupiter in your sign sextiles – joyfully motivates – the Sun, Venus and Mercury in Cancer! When the New Moon occurred last Monday morning this New Moon energy opened new doors of opportunity for you, especially when it comes to YOU focusing your attention more positively upon your most important hopes, dreams, wishes and goals for YOUR future! When you think a thought, speak a word and take an action towards accomplishing something…you are script-writing your future! What do YOU desire most Virgo? Can you take your mind off of what other people are doing (often not doing) and what they need you for – and put your attention more upon yourself and how you desire to live your life from now on? Of course you can! You’ve been waiting for this opportunity to do so for a very long time! Yes, you often know what is going on in the lives of others – but do you know what is going on in your own life? It’s time to get happier and healthier Virgo! Self-love, and Self-nurturing and NOT selfish actions. They help you to tune into your highest vibration of Self-Awareness! Besides, the happier and healthier YOU ARE…the more positive energy you will have to assist others when you desire to do so. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed it’s time to let that go…poof be gone…no more feeling overwhelmed from now on! Take it easy and put your attention towards what makes you FEEL wonderful!

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Virgo: June 27th – July 4th 2016

You have much GOOD LUCK around you now since both Jupiter and the Moon’s North Node are joined together so harmoniously, but you also have MANY OTHER wonderful vibrations that are bringing you positive vibrations and opportunities too! Focus your attention on your grandest hopes, dreams, wishes and goals! Write them down and take positive action upon them when opportunities present themselves to you! It’s time to say, “YES” to your own success; not only within your career but also in regards to your home, within family matters and towards your own desires within your personal love life! Starting on Wednesday your ruling planet Mercury will move into the nurturing sign of Cancer where the Sun and Venus are awaiting his arrival. You will begin to notice the support you desire from others coming your way! Any groups that you belong to, or desire to join, will really enjoy your participation! Financially situations are looking up too! Also, starting on Wednesday, Mars will move back into direct motion! Hooray! Most of the dramatic situations that you’ve been pulled into, regarding other people’s choices, will begin to fade away. You will begin to have more time to focus your attention upon what you want to do instead of constantly running to the rescue for others. This calmer energy will feel like a blessing for you (and for your nervous and digestive system). The New Moon energy on Monday, July 4th, will bring many new beginnings into your life. All you need to do is make a list of what YOUR grandest hopes, dreams, wishes and goals really are. By Monday you’ll know more clearly what these really are for yourself. There is much good fortune around you now Virgo. It’s time to calm down and put your worries away. Relax. Be serene. Allow yourself to ease into the good feelings. Focus your mind and your feelings upon what matters most for your own well-being.

Virgo: June 13th – June 20th 2016

It’s time to look at things from a new point of view. If situations haven’t been working out, the way that you had intended, or if you feel delayed in some way, that’s a sure sign that you’re not focusing upon the BIGGER PICTURE of what is intended for you. You may be trying too hard, when all you really need to do is ALLOW what you desire to come to you. Take a deep breath and try to get out of your own way. You will be inspired to do what you need to do…nothing more and nothing less…so if you’re feeling delayed then that is a sure sign that you need to postpone what you ‘thought’ you had to do. Focus your attention on doing something else that FEELS better for you. You can expect much activity to be going on within your home life AND within your chosen career. You can’t be in two places at once Virgo (although if anyone could it would be you), put your superhuman powers aside for a while and focus on what’s best for you. Do a little bit here and a little bit there. Each day you know that in your own way you’re always making improvements! Give yourself credit for that! Early Wednesday morning through late on Friday evening may be your most challenging days. Others may desire to talk to you, but you may desire to shut your phone off completely. You may desire to stick to your schedule but it may seem that one thing after another, or one person after another, is delaying your progress. Try to keep your schedule as light as possible for these days. The energy this weekend is perfect for doing things around the home and spending quality time with family members. Your mind may be on work that you need to do, and you can get some of that done too, but spending quality time with the ones you love will mean much more to you. All weekend long, as the Moon moves through the sign of Sagittarius – growing brighter each evening towards its FULL MOON point of time early on June 20th – you will become more aware of the blessings in your life. Your desire to spend more quality time with whatever and whomever fulfills your heart the most will bring you your greatest sense of satisfaction!

Virgo: 6/1 – 6/13/2016

I am writing this horoscope for the dates of June 1st through June 13th, which will give you much more information about the vibrations around you for the next 2 weeks. I have family coming to visit us here in Michigan from Washington State. I hope you will enjoy and feel enlightened by this special horoscope for your sign during this special phase of time.

Do you know that feeling when you are in your happy zone and you really feel good about yourself and your life? If you haven’t felt this way lately, but you desire to, then try to remember the last time when you really felt this way. Once you remember that ‘good old day’ then tap into that feeling to the best of your ability and try to maintain that feeling for as long as possible. No matter what is going on around you and no matter how dramatic other people are being (oh boy) YOU have the right to feel good within yourself no matter what else is going on around you. When you feel this way, when you feel healthy and happy, then you have a powerhouse of positive energy within you to handle any situation properly! You are more aware, than others usually are, of what the wrongs are within this world and you wonder WHY other’s don’t cooperate with each other! You are not an angry person and you don’t like feeling this way…ever! But if someone pushes your angry button they had better watch out! You are not apt to scream, yell or get violent, but they can open you up towards giving a long lecture about the importance of the right morals, values and treating you…and others…RIGHT! You wish that you didn’t have to tell them. You wish that they already knew how to behave correctly (but remember that we are just coming out of the shadow of Mercury being in retrograde motion so you may need to give them a little forgiveness and time to catch up). Day by day, you should begin to feel a lot better though and that is a very good thing to know! The New Moon energy on Saturday, June 4th at 11 pm EDT, will give you a boost of new and positive energy when it comes to your career and your public reputation! Be mindful, take things slow, enjoy what you are doing (and if not…then don’t do it) and allow yourself the time you desire to do things that you enjoy most. Doing whatever makes you feel ‘in your happy zone’ most often is what you should focus upon doing as often as possible. When faced with situations that you don’t want to do, but you know that you need to do because others depend upon you, try to find ways to make these situations more enjoyable for yourself. Your attitude sets the vibration for others to follow.

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Virgo: 5/23 – 5/31/2016

Have you been feeling that you are at everyone’s beck and call recently and that you don’t have the time that you desire to do the things that you enjoy? You’re trying to be more mindful regarding everyone’s feelings, but you are only one person and you can’t do EVERYTHING for everyone that needs you. There is a part of yourself that needs you too! Listen to what your body is telling you! If you’re scheduling your priorities properly then you should be feeling quite healthy and happy. If you find that some aches and pains are creeping in then that is a sure sign that you need more time for yourself! Busy, busy you will be while the Moon is in the sign of Aquarius from Thursday morning through Saturday evening! Once the activity begins to wane, make it a priority to take much better care of your own needs once again! You are the sign that came up with the saying, “Everything has a place and everything should be in it’s place”, but have you realized this year that there is more ‘creative chaos’ going on within your home? This is perfectly okay. Creative chaos can be a good sign that you are living a productive life and enjoying it! Try not to be angry about what is not perfect or correctly done around and within your home. There will be time to make improvements in the not too distant future. For now though you would be wiser to focus your attention and energy on what makes you feel good. If you would rather read a good book than do the laundry today that’s perfectly fine! Pushing your energy too hard to get daily routines accomplished will only lead you towards more problems when it comes to feeling anxious, overwhelmed and energetically pooped out. Try to slow down your nervous system, slow down your mind, do what you desire to do and know that IS enough! The energy this weekend, starting on Saturday evening, will allow you to share your duties and experiences with someone special in your life. You can expect to count on this other person to assist you, but you may have to ‘ask’ and that’s something that you don’t enjoy doing. Try to realize that when other people assist you in any way that their life is blessed with good fortune too. There will be much love around you over the course of this weekend. Try to enjoy yourself as often as possible! The energy next week will also show you that you should receive more cooperation from others (even if they seem to have a frown on their face and act like you’re disrupting their personal schedule) because you know, much more than others, that they will be very blessed each and every time that they do what you ask!

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Virgo: 5/16 – 5/23/2016

Are you ready for your life to move forward in many abundant ways that you’ve waited for? Of course you are! Hold onto your hat because the energy is picking up fast! Starting on Tuesday Venus moves into the area of your life that represents your achievements out in the world! Your career is being infused with a great loving energy that will bring you appreciation and financial abundance! With the energy of Jupiter being back in direct motion the sky is the limit on what you can abundantly attract into your life! Do you desire success? Do you desire more financial wealth? Do you desire to be appreciated for your contributions out into the world? Do you desire to be recognized for the wonderful person you are and all of your talents that you desire to share with others? Get ready Virgo because day by day your life is expanding in many wonderful ways! Starting on Friday the Sun will move into the sign of Gemini and shine bright sunlight into the area of your life that has to do with your reputation! People will begin talking, oh yes they will, about your unique talents and what a wonderful person you are! Even if you are a shy Virgo, you need not be because you are shining beautifully bright for everyone to see! The FULL MOON energy on Saturday evening will shine her bright lunar light into the area of your life that has to do with your home and family! An attitude of gratitude will be bestowed upon you there too! Your efforts are now beginning to be rewarded for everything you do! Starting on Sunday your ruling planet Mercury is moving back into direct motion! Hooray! The inconveniences, delays, all the ‘re’ stuff you had to do, will slowly begin to fade away. You will begin to feel a grander sense of forward motion. You will actually enjoy getting up every morning to see what new experiences and opportunities are coming your way! Keep smiling and have fun!

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Virgo: 5/9 – 5/16/2016

Happy, Happy, Happy…Good Times Ahead! The rough waters you have been through are becoming calmer, finally, and you’re more than ready to receive some happiness and good fortune into your life! There is a wonderful Grand Earth Trine going on; wonderful blessings in the area of your life that have to do with yourself, your desires, your happiness, your creativity, your children, your love life, and your higher learning abilities! Even though, sometimes, communication may be a bit off and little misunderstandings and technical glitches may get in your way…your new found optimistic attitude isn’t going to allow these things to annoy you. You will just move your attention towards something else, or someone else, that makes you feel happier! Jupiter back in direct motion, in your sign of Virgo, is bringing you the optimistic attitude that will create your good fortune! You’ve been through some rough challenging times since the beginning of this year, but now these rough waters are becoming calmer and much clearer. Take a deep breath and breathe a sigh of relief. You’ve been through the toughest part and now it’s your time to receive! Take a good look around you, what makes you happy? Whatever it is focus your attention upon that! When you do this, as often as possible, like a magnet you will attract many more wonderfully abundant and expansive situations and opportunities into your life! Early on Saturday morning the Moon will move into your sign Virgo, which will help you to feel more tuned into your own inner needs and desires. If you’re unsure what your most important hopes, dreams, wishes and goals really are…you will begin to know when the Moon moves through your sign this weekend! Enjoy!