Virgo’s weekly horoscopes

Virgo: 11/23 – 11/30/2015

Focus your attention on the people around you that have a caring, kind and grateful attitude. As for the others who desire to argue, well you would be wise to avoid their issues. You don’t have to offset your own good nature just because someone around you is in a bad mood. That is their karma not yours, unless you become personally involved. The FULL MOON energy in Gemini on Wednesday will be quite intense because it will be opposing the Sun, Mercury and Saturn! Keep in mind that Mercury is your ruling planet, as well as the ruling planet for the sign of Gemini. You may find yourself caught in the middle of an argument with two people on either side of you. Again, be wise, give the situation time and choose to opt out of the whole thing if possible. This is the perfect time to observe and not absorb the situation; and even choose not to observe if you don’t want to! People are learning that it is important to respect others, but before they do they may desire to fight with each other instead! This is a time for giving thanks to the people in your life who you appreciate; and for them to give thanks and appreciation towards you!  You don’t need to worry, or be on guard for the other shoe to come falling down, you just need to relax and maintain your own balanced composure. You are so very wise Virgo! With Jupiter in your sign the energies this week may seem very dramatic, or they can seem very abundant and quite pleasant when you keep your mind focused in a positive manner. You can creatively turn even the most frustrating of situations around in your favor. It’s not you that will be causing the havoc, it will be the other people around you. Retreat when you need to in order to recharge your own energy back into a more peaceful and serene state of being. Best advice ever is to just give situations time to boil over and then settle down…without you feeling that it has to be you that will clean up their mess. Put your attention towards what you enjoy doing and know that like little children eventually these people will grow up and mature. It may take time, but they don’t need to take your precious time away from you. Stay busy and focused on doing what you enjoy doing! The energy will begin to settle down once the moon moves into its natural sign of Cancer on Friday at 2:27 pm EST. The energy this weekend can feel so much better for you. Focus on self-appreciation, self-love and self-value and know that your personal talent of being able to stay grounded, even when there is chaos going on around you, is very valuable indeed! You have the ability to be the ‘logical one’, the one with the most common sense, and you have the natural ability to forgive and infuse people with healing energy that is very much appreciated now. Stay strong Virgo and know that you are very blessed and protected by much good fortune with Jupiter in your sign now.

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Virgo: 11/16 – 11/23/2015

Jupiter is in your sign so why are you not feeling as happy as you thought you should be? Could it be because a situation in your past is holding you back from being all that you can be? Could it be that you are feeling at a loss because someone close to you has passed on and you miss this person very much? Could it be that you are feeling quite nostalgic right now? Could it be that you are holding yourself back, for some subconscious reason, from obtaining the abundance that you truly desire? Have you been feeling guilty about any situations relating to your past? Feelings of guilt will only put you in a self imposed prison that you don’t deserve to be in! The past is over, you are wiser now. Today is a New Day with many Bright New Beginnings! Each day gives you a chance to start anew! It’s NOW time for you to focus on Allowing much Abundance and Happiness to come into your life! Each moment of each day gives you a chance to focus on what you feel most grateful for. When you do this then you will abundantly attract more of what you will feel even more grateful for! This is the wisdom and positive energy of Jupiter in your sign! The main thing is that you need to allow positive opportunities into your life by first feeling Optimistic within yourself! Make yourself a list of what you need. Make yourself a list of what you desire! Don’t be shy, this isn’t the time for that. This is THE Time for you to really begin to enjoy your life to the fullest! The first important shift will take place on Friday when your ruling planet Mercury moves into the sign of Sagittarius. On Sunday the Sun will also move into the sign of Sagittarius! This Sagittarian energy asks you to focus your mind and energy on the foundation of your life. If your foundation is strong then you can build your life upon it! Are your foundations strong within your friendships and relationships? Is your foundation strong in your career? Is your foundation strong with the way that you perceive life in general? Is your foundation strong within your home and with your family members? You will begin to become inspired on how you can create stronger and more stable foundations in your life! For those foundations that are already quite stable for you, you will begin to appreciate them even more! There is much abundance and expansion that is ready to take place in your life. What areas of your life do you desire more abundance and expansion? When you focus on the answer to this important question you will begin to really FEEL and SEE situations positive transforming in your life!

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Virgo: 11/9 – 11/16/2015

Good Luck is with you now and through the next 10 months, but it’s through your personal efforts, attitudes and ideas that you are so lucky. If you sit back on your laurels and don’t do anything, you will still be quite lucky but not AS lucky as you could have been. Stay focused on what you desire to infuse this wonderful energy of Jupiter into. Jupiter will expand anything that you desire to see expand in a positive way! If this is your career that you think about the most then it’s going to be your career that expands! If it’s your relationships that you desire to see grow then they will expand quite beautifully. If you’re not sure of what you desire to see grow then it may be your waste line that expands without you knowing it! One things for sure there is some area of your life that is expanding right now. Are you aware yet of what it is? It’s going to be through your thoughts and your emotions that you choose to have that will make you aware of what is expanding! Negative thoughts, fears, or anxieties will only delay the expanding process. How about expanding healing into your life? When you heal past what ails you then you’re in the perfect position to be a healer for others yourself! Whatever you find the most joy in doing will grow, grow and continue to positively grow for you! This is an exciting time of your life Virgo! Prior to Wednesday, when the New Moon in Scorpio took place, you may have felt a bit confused or anxious about something. Once the New Moon arrived it opened new doors of opportunity for you to come out of your private self and share your communication with others! People now want to hear what you have to say! You can expect the next few weeks to be very chatty! Everyone you meet will want to talk to you. Your phone will be ringing and your emails piling up quite quickly! Now that the energy of Venus is in her natural sign of Libra AND on Thursday afternoon the energy of Mars will also move into Libra…you can expect the next few weeks to be very financially profitable for you too! No more hiding, no more procrastination, NOW is the perfect time to be as sociable as you can be! Allow your personal talents to SHINE! This is a wonderful time of your life Virgo! Try to enjoy it to the fullest!

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Virgo: 11/2 – 11/9/2015

You may FEEL a bit more introverted while the moon is in the sign of Leo from Monday morning (10:48 am ET) through Wednesday evening. This is perfectly okay. This is an excellent time for working on private hobbies, or just taking some quiet time off for yourself. You may not feel like socializing much at all. This is a very emotionally introspective time for you. Your intuitive senses are keen. This is a good time for some private journaling. This is a time when your dreams can be quite vivid; which is why you may feel more like sleeping and dreaming than doing much of anything else. Starting on Wednesday evening at 9:22 pm ET the moon will move into your sign of Virgo where it will remain until Saturday morning. During this phase of time you should begin to feel a greater sense of balance between your mind and your emotions. You should begin to feel more hopeful and more sociable once again. Energy from Mars, Venus, Jupiter and the Moon are all in your sign asking you to focus your attention, energy, mind and emotions on doing what you enjoy the most! The energy this weekend is wonderful for socializing and for your most personal relationships. On Sunday Venus will move out of your sign and into its natural sign of Libra! There is MUCH prosperity, appreciation, attention and love coming your way! You’re looking good Virgo! Say, “Yes” to what makes you happy!

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Virgo: 10/26 – 11/2/2015

The Super Full Moon last Tuesday brought you some major inspiration! You are the sign, above every other, that should be feeling extra optimistic that life IS getting better! Your faith is strong that life is improving. You are willing to feel grateful for every little thing that IS going right in your life! This Attitude of Gratitude will definitely attract even more wonderful opportunities into your life! All energies around you are now flowing smoothly. If you find that you have difficulties then even those challenges can turn out to be blessings in disguise! Everything is in the way that you perceive the situations to be. Now that you are being blessed by Venus, Mars and Jupiter in your sign this IS the perfect time to focus on everything that IS going right in your life! Much Good News is on its way to you over the course of the next few weeks. Try not to fret over anything now Virgo. You are being given permission to put your worries away and begin to live your life based much more on hope, trust and faith! The energies this weekend are ripe with opportunities for you to have some real fun! Make it a point to spend some quality time with the people that make you smile, laugh, and just enjoy life!

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Virgo: 10/19 – 10/26/2015

This looks like it’s going to be a totally wonderful week for you! Maybe even one of the best weeks that you’ve had in a very long time! The energies this week will give you a preview of what is to come for you over the next 10 months! Monday the Moon in your fellow Earth sign of Capricorn trines beautiful Venus in your sign! My oh My how beautiful You Are! This Capricorn Moon also trines (blesses) lucky Jupiter and Mars in your sign! What you put your attention towards will abundantly bloom and financially boom; not only on Monday but all week long! But this is only the very beginning of your very good fortune Virgo! If you can keep your mind and heart focused on what you feel is most important to you then this whole week can turn out to be a great blessing indeed! There is only one cautionary vibration which takes place on Thursday evening at 5:22 pm EDT when your ruling planet Mercury squares off with Pluto in Capricorn. Someone around you, or possibly yourself, may be in a disagreeable mood. This too will pass so try not to take the moods of other people too personally. On Friday the Sun moves into the sign of Scorpio which can stimulate your creative and intuitive abilities! Starting then and over the course of the next 4 weeks you should be able to see situations in your life turning around in your favor! The energies this weekend are amazingly bright with opportunity! The Moon will be in your opposite sign of Pisces shining brightly onto your most personal relationships! There may be a little bit of a push and pull between what you want and what those around you desire, but being the Virgo that you are there can be a very compromising balance that turns out as a win/win situation for everyone! The energies on Sunday are the most amazing of ALL when beautiful Venus in your sign joins together with Jupiter at 4:03 pm EDT! From this point of time onward abundant new opportunities can come your way that will make you very happy indeed! This energy is abundantly love and filled with much good fortune for you and your life! This energy is filled with magnificent opportunities that you definitely deserve! How do you desire your life to improve? Focus your mind and your feelings on what is most important to you! Are you willing to practice The Art of Allowing? You know how to give, so very well, can you also learn how to receive? What you believe you will receive Virgo! It’s your turn now to enjoy your life and actually FEEL how truly blessed you are!

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Virgo: 10/12 – 10/19/2015

Have you been feeling a bit physically fatigued over the past couple of weeks, even though your internal spirit desired to feel more motivated and joyful? There is a reason you’ve been feeling this way. You needed some rest so that you could prepare for your life to begin to move forward in many amazing ways! You should be ready to feel much more energetic now that the energies of Mars (pure energy), Venus (beauty, love, prosperity) and Jupiter (good fortune, expansion) are all in your sign! Remember that what you focus your mind and your feelings upon the most will abundantly return to you 10 fold! The New Moon in Libra that took place on Monday evening has infused new energy into the area of your life that has to do with your self-esteem, valuable personal talents, and how you earn your personal income! Are you ready to SHINE your beautiful enthusiasm out into the world and reap some abundance back in return? Say, “YES” to everything and everyone that makes you feel joyful! New opportunities are coming your way Virgo! You’ve earned them and you deserve them! It’s now your time to SHINE!

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Virgo: 9/14 – 9/21/2015

The Sun will remain in your sign until September 23rd, which means this is a marvelous time for all types of self improvements. Jupiter is also in your sign bringing you much expansion, good luck, protection and wisdom! The energies on Thursday may seem a bit chaotic with all of the changes that will be going on. Your ruling planet Mercury begins its retrograde period of time that will last until October 8th. This particular Mercury retrograde is in the sign of Libra and rules over the area of your life that has to do with your personal talents, your self-esteem, your personal self-value and how you earn your personal income. The better you FEEL about yourself, and the more optimistic your attitude is, the more abundant you can be during this phase of time! Working on projects that you had put on the back-burner is a good idea. Reuniting with prior customers and clients can be financially rewarding for you. Even re-evaluating what you do for a living and figuring out ways to do what you enjoy doing in an easier manner are all good ideas. You may find that you have to let something go in order to revise your services so that everyone enjoys them more. Also on Thursday the planet Saturn moves into the sign of Sagittarius for the next 28 months. Saturn will be slowly helping you to create more dedication and commitment in the area of your life that has to do with your home and your family. When I look at this, I can see, that over the next month or so – possibly for the next year – you may choose to work part time, instead of full time, so that you can have more quality time to spend repairing your home and spending quality time with your family members. Whatever you choose to do situations will work out well for you because YOU are very blessed with Jupiter being in your sign! Jupiter visits your sign every 12 years, stays for 1 year, and then leaves for another 12 years. You would be very wise to use this special time of your life to focus on what you desire to see change and expand in the most positive ways possible!

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Virgo: 9/7 – 9/14/2015

The upcoming New Moon partial Solar Eclipse will take place early on Sunday morning at 2:41 am EDT. This New Moon is in your sign Virgo! This means that NOW is the time for marvelous healing to enter into your life! What do you feel has held you back for far too long? What situations, past and present, over stimulate your nervous system? Where in your life do you have doubts about your own prosperity? Sometimes it takes memories and wounds from your past to come back up to the surface so that you know exactly what you desire to heal. As you gently move through this awareness process this week try to keep in mind that the healing that you have desired for so long is on it’s way to you! Keep in mind that when you know what you do not want in your life anymore, this brings you a great clarity about what you do desire to have! It can seem like an exhausting and painful process sometimes, but the healing has begun for you Virgo! Have no doubt about that! When it comes to work situations everything looks very good. Although you may be feeling a little bit under the weather, give yourself permission to only do what you want to do. People appreciate and respect you and will understand if you need some extra time to work things through. With the Sun and lucky Jupiter in your sign, you’re going to begin to feel a lot more optimistic! Again, for this week, until the New Moon/Eclipse arrives, you’re going to become more aware of what area of your life needs healing. Bide your time. Take it easy. Give yourself a break. Take naps when you need to. Try to get some extra sleep. Try to keep your mind focused on what you desire most. The more optimistic your thoughts and feelings are…the more you will be apt to joyfully attract what you desire! It’s sometimes difficult, yes I know, especially if you’re not feeling well because you’re tired or feeling pressured. Do yourself a grand favor and try to lighten up on your personal and work schedules. Give yourself the time you need to allow this important healing energy to take place within you. Be aware of what you are eating. Try to stay away from stimulants of any kind. Again, if you’re feeling tired then give yourself permission to take a nap. All of those important things that you feel need to get accomplished will still be there for you when you begin to feel better. Take it easy. Keep things simple. Enjoy your life just because it is your life. Set boundaries if you need to. That’s perfectly alright. Now comes one of the most important times you’ve ever had in your life! It’s now time for you to focus on what is most important to YOU and to allow yourself to use your mind over matter energy to create the life that you’ve desired for such a long time now. This is not selfish, oh far from that, this is Self Awareness at its BEST! Lucky Jupiter will be in your sign for the next 12 months and brings you a great sense of personal protection, happiness, prosperity and expansion! When it comes to your love life the first thing you need to do is turn your loving energy inward and bestow a lot of loving energy upon you! Once you begin to feel wonderful once again then you can easily improve your current relationships. And, if you’re single, you will be in a much better mood to attract someone absolutely wonderful into your life soon! One last important thing that you can do is to create a very special New Moon list for yourself! The New Moon in your sign only happens once a year and with this particular New Moon joined together with a partial Solar Eclipse many wonderful new changes are on the horizon for you! What wonderful new changes would you like to see happen in your life over the next 12 months? Hmmm…seriously think about this Virgo because this particular special event won’t happen again in your lifetime! This IS your time to SHINE Virgo! As you move through the process of forgiving, releasing, deleting, healing and letting go of old unwanted wounds (mental, emotional and physical too) you are ready to be reborn again and become the BEST YOU Ever! Much Good Luck is with you Virgo and all you have to do is ‘go with the flow’, know that you’ve earned it and you deserve it! It’s time to begin to genuinely and honestly enjoy your life…possibly for the first time ever!

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Virgo: 8/31 – 9/7/2015

You want nothing more than order and peace to surround you. You have a strong desire to really FEEL Good within yourself! You’ve worked very hard to get where you are right now. Just living life on a day to day basis and being surrounded by so many people with different attitudes, different points of view, different ideas (and some of those attitudes, view points and ideas seemed a bit erratic and eccentric to you) and different ways of doing things (and often messing things up that you had to take care of) was a lot of hard work, but you did the best that you could do to make sure that you, and everyone important to you, was taken care of to the best of your ability! Give yourself credit Dear Virgo! Now it is Your Time to SHINE! The Sun and expansive Jupiter are in your sign, asking you to focus on your self more often! This is not selfish! This is Self Awareness at its best! When you are aware of your own needs and desires AND you allow yourself to feel healthy and happy (as often as possible) you will then begin to attract situations and opportunities into your life that you only dreamed of before! Before you can actually feel at your BEST, you may need to do a little emotional housecleaning. The best way to do this is through total forgiveness for any difficult emotional situation(s) that happened to you in the past. Let today be a NEW day, with NEW ideas and NEW goals! Let your relationships in the NOW of your life BE the BEST relationships that you ever had! There is a grand sense of renewal and rejuvenation taking place within you! If you ever wanted to tap into the fountain of youth NOW is your time! And all you have to do is participate with this beautiful energy! You may not be conscious of this taking place within you just yet, but it’s happening! You are only being held back IF you believe it is so! Break away from the ties that bind you! It’s time to move towards your abundant freedom with Joy! Try to enjoy your life on a moment to moment basis. Focus on what brings you the greatest amount of JOY and then allow that Joyful feeling to expand into every other area of your life!