Taurus weekly horoscopes

Taurus: January 15th – January 31st 2018

Do you find yourself having a stronger desire to read, research and study new topics that you are interested in? This is an excellent period of time to do so! Even if you felt stuck before, not being able to find the time to do what you wanted to do, now comes a new point of time where whatever you learn about now can be very beneficial for you! You might get excited about the new information you are learning and desire to share information with others. If you do, others will appreciate you for it! You are both a perpetual student and a wonderful Teacher Taurus! What interests you now can also interest others, so listen to your own inner guidance on what topics you feel most passionate about. Your life is very blessed right now. Have you noticed? Each day take a good look around you and with an attitude of gratitude focus your attention upon what you feel most appreciative for. You also have a strong desire to make more money! Some Taureans may choose to take on a 2nd job or create a new home business! Where it comes to your love life you should find that the more you are in an optimistic mood the better your relationships are! By the end of this month, when the FULL MOON (lunar eclipse) arrives on the 31st, you will be ready to really begin to create more abundance in your life!

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Taurus: December 29th 2017 – January 3rd 2018

Being compassionate towards the needs of others is very important now, especially if these people are those within your own family and/or those who are dearest to your heart. You may need to be a little more open-minded and try to understand what it IS that these people need from you for them to feel whole and happy within themselves. This isn’t a time to blame yourself or put any blame on them, but this is an important time to try to transform these relationships into becoming more harmonious for everyone. For instance you can’t expect respect until you give an abundance of respect to others first, especially emotional respect when it comes to your children and those who are younger than yourself. You are a teacher in many ways. The best way that you can teach others is through your own words, actions and behaviors. As you step into the New Year a new chapter of your life begins where you can choose to focus your mind upon solution-orientated ways where you can create improvements. The first step in the right direction is to tune into your own feelings. How do you feel within yourself and about the life you are living? You can use your creative imagination to focus upon your most important hopes, dreams, wishes and goals in the most marvelous ways! Once you know what it IS that you desire then you will notice others around you desiring to more positively cooperate with you.

Taurus: December 19th – 26th 2017

The sacrifices that you have made over the past 2 1/2 years, especially in regards to providing for others your energy, time, money and support, will begin to return to you 10 fold for your efforts soon. Soon you will begin to understand more clearly how much your efforts were appreciated. Can you allow others to be as kind towards you as you are to them? If you believe that is not possible then think again! Now comes a time for you to transform your thoughts (and beliefs) into ones that can help you to feel good about yourself, your life, others and life in general. Is it possible for you to begin to focus your attention ‘only’ on what feels best for you? The answer is YES! It’s important that you stop dwelling on situations that you feel are out of your control and instead put your attention towards what you see is working out well for you. The more you have an attitude of gratitude for situations that feel good…the more good opportunities will begin to flow your way in the very near future!

Taurus: November 28th – December 5th 2017

Your primary relationships continue to be your main focus this week. The main question is, “How do you feel about yourself in relationship to them?” Do you feel that your relationships are healthy, because you feel a sense of joy when you are around them, or do you feel angry or stressed out when you are around someone? Are you receiving the cooperation that you desire? Jupiter is moving through the area of your life that represents your closest relationships so you do have the ability to expand your relationships in a more positive manner. On Sunday, December 3rd, Mercury will move into retrograde motion in the area of your life that has to do with ‘giving and sharing’; thus you may find some secrets taking place where it comes to joint financial matters. There may also be delays where it comes to loans, or receiving money that someone may owe you. Try to be patient about these matters. Your patience will pay off in the long run. Also on Sunday the FULL MOON in Gemini will take place and shine her bright light into the area of your life that has to do with earned income, personal values and your own strong sense of self-esteem! New opportunities can come your way in the near future that you can look forward to. When you feel good about who you are then the sky is the limit on what you can achieve now!

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Taurus: November 21st – 28th 2017

Your ruling planet Venus leads the way towards you having a more loving personal relationship. Venus is currently in your opposite sign of Scorpio and is infusing all of your relationships with love. Good communication is the key towards feeling successful within this area of your life. It’s important for you to talk to others as you desire to be spoken to. Are you words kind and loving? If so then you’re on the right path. If not then now is the time to ‘think’ before you speak. The words you say hold much emotional power. Everyone is listening to what you say, even if you feel that they are not. The more your thoughts and words are progressive, the more you can lead others to cooperate with you better. Your good sense of humor is also very healing since ‘laughter is the best medicine’. Your friends and family members mean a lot to you. This is an excellent week to communicate with them and from the bottom of your heart let them all know how much you appreciate them.

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Taurus: November 16th – 21st 2017

Your primary focus continues to be on your closest mate and your relationships with your coworkers. Have you noticed how frustrating people can be lately? If so, hang in there…situations will begin to improve for you once the New Moon in Scorpio energy arrives on Saturday! A brand new burst of compassionate and passionate energy is coming your way! If you’ve felt kind of aloof towards people lately, or just not as interested in others feelings than you’ve been paying attention to your own, this New Moon in Scorpio energy will bring a passionate new sense of appreciation from you towards the people in your life. As you desire to spend more quality time with them, they in turn will enjoy your company more! Single Taurus souls have the ability to meet someone new once the New Moon arrives! Plan something special on Saturday night! If you’re single then go out and meet new people, or if you are in a committed relationship then plan a quiet candlelit dinner for just the two of you! This can be a sexy type of weekend for you which will flow into early next week too!

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Taurus: November 6th – November 14th 2017

Your main focus continues to be on your primary relationships with the energy of the Sun, Venus and Jupiter all moving through this area of your life. You have a strong desire to see your relationships positively expand with more happiness, love, dedication and prosperity – and yet you may feel that there isn’t enough time to spend with these people and also do the things that you privately enjoy. You enjoy the comfort of your own space. Spending time by yourself can be very comforting. Some Taureans may also feel that they are not receiving enough quality time from another and are wondering when this person will find the time for them. The more flexible you can be, and the more flexible you allow others to be with their own personal time, the more harmonious your relationships can become. You should feel in a pretty good mood this week, thus desiring to spend quality time with someone special. Your motto right now is “Give first what you wish to receive” so it’s very important to create the time needed for your significant other so that then they will desire to create that special time for you. If you are single, without a partner, then this weekend can be a good time for you to get out and socialize! The only problem may be that you go to an event and sit in a corner hoping that someone will notice you. That’s not going to work! Instead it’s time to be more confident! Put on your dancing shoes and go have some fun!

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Taurus: October 16th – October 24th 2017

The main focus right now is on creating better relationships with those who are closest to you and with those who you associate with most every day. Yours can be a quietly stubborn sign. You know what you desire and you dislike anyone who may have a different moral opinion than your own. Can you figure out a way where you can compromise a bit more? Is it better to always be right or is better to try to keep the peace so that everyone’s opinions can be heard? Some Taureans are going through health issues right now, or possibly someone around you is going through a health issue and needs a bit more of your tender loving care. Energy from the New Moon in Libra on Thursday will begin to bring a sense of healing into these situations. The important thing is to try to keep stressful situations at bay and bring IN more of the calm healing and peaceful vibrations into these relationships. The key to your sense of inner peace, as well as more peace within your relationships, is for you to remain calm and try not to feel that ‘you’ need to take control over every situation. Sometimes it is much better to relinquish control than to feel frustrated over the fact that you believe that YOU have to do everything. Try to enjoy yourself this weekend when the energy should feel a bit more relaxing for you.

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Taurus: October 3rd – October 10th 2017

You may have a few projects that you need to complete before this upcoming weekend when you can begin to really enjoy your life under your Taurus Moon! Before the weekend arrives though your life is going through a process of allowing yourself to really appreciate who you are, just as you are, so that you can really FEEL good just BEing You! When you feel good about who you are then every other area of your life will seem more joyful! And speaking of JOY, my oh my, this is an excellent week of socializing and love and romance for you! Midweek, under the FULL MOON in Aries you may feel a bit more emotionally introverted, but soon afterwards you will desire to come out of your shell and put your party hat on! Focus your attention upon what you desire MOST Taurus! Even if you are busy doing things that you would rather not be doing, still focus your attention upon what it IS that you want more of because you a creative magnet right now! The energy this weekend is absolutely awesome under your Taurus Moon! Plan to do something exciting and fun. Days like this are far and few between. Like I said your love life is highlighted, so do something fun that you love to do Or spend quality time with someone who you enjoy being with. If you’re single then you need to get out and mingle! You could meet someone special! Starting next Tuesday, October 10th, expansive and lucky Jupiter moves into the sign of Scorpio which will ‘highlight’ your relationships over the next 12 months! Are you ready for more intimate passion to enter into your life? All you have to do is say, “Yes!”

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Taurus: September 18th – September 25th 2017

Have you been feeling in a slump lately? You want to enjoy your life but you’ve been feeling quite ‘blah’ for some unknown reason? Well it’s time to cheer up Taurus because the New Moon in Virgo arrives on Wednesday and will give you the opportunity to focus on what FUN really means for you! This New Moon in Virgo gives you a fresh start to focus your attention upon your love life, children, being like a child and becoming fun-loving and creative once again! Many Taureans enjoy accounting, organizing and putting their lives in order, as well as being of loving assistance towards others. Energy from the Sun, Mercury, Venus (your ruling planet), Mars and the New Moon (all in fellow earth sign Virgo) will definitely help to perk you up! The old days of feeling stuck are about over! Soon you will be ready to take on some projects that are worth your attention and that could be financially abundant for you too! When your heart says, “Yes! I want to try that!” then definitely listen to your gut instincts and go for it! As the new autumn season arrives on Friday, your sense of service towards others will continue in ways that you will enjoy! Have Fun!

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