Scorpio's weekly horoscopes

Scorpio: 6/29 - 7/6/2015

How you choose to live your life, and what you choose to attract into your life, will be through how you perceive your life to be! In other words, if you perceive your life as a glass half empty then it always will be! But on the other hand, if you are a Vibrant Scorpio who see’s your life as a glass half full and growing more abundant every day…then it will be! If you’ve had a hard time thinking and feeling this way lately, then the upcoming FULL MOON in Capricorn on Wednesday evening (10:20 pm EDT) will definitely help you to release those negative perceptions and help you to create more positive perceptions for your future! You will notice that even the way that you communicate with people, from that point onward, will become more optimistic than it was before! You are early learning how to RISE ABOVE past challenges in your life and create a happier life that you desire to live! It’s through your new and more positive perceptions that you will begin to see the positive changes that you’ve desired for so long! This FULL MOON in Capricorn is extra special for you because it will conjunct your ruling planet Pluto! The sign of Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn, which is back in your sign now, so this is a time of receiving a major healing and perception shift within you and for your life! We can say that this is a very Karmic period of time in your life where you will release what no longer serves your Highest Good and you will receive positive energy and opportunities for everything good that you have done for others! This is a time of Celebration! Your mind and heart should feel illuminated! What you didn’t understand before you should begin to understand more clearly from that FULL MOON point of time and onward into your future! The energies this weekend ask you to focus upon the changes that you desire to see take place within your home and family life. You can begin to create these changes and have fun at the same time! There is much abundance and positive opportunities for you to make more money within your career, especially if you are passionately and positively focused upon it, enjoying what you are contributing, starting this week and over the course of this new season of your life! Someone you are living with, or working closely with, desires to have a more dedicated relationship with you. Have Fun Scorpio! Situations are looking UP and you should enjoy these good times of your life to the fullest!

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Scorpio: 6/14 - 6/23/2015

Hi Friends and devoted readers,

I am on a family vacation from June 14th through June 27th. I will be away from my computer and the horoscopes etc won’t be updated for this period of time. But Please feel free to send me e-mails and put in your orders and requests for me to answer your special questions on my website here under My Services for You page. I will answer your questions once I return from our family vacation. May the New Moon in Gemini open new doors of opportunity for you in regards to enhancing your social life in a positive manner!

Many Special Blessings to you and all of your loved ones! ~ Michelle Anne Cox-Lomas Ph.D.

Scorpio: 6/8 - 6/15/2015

You have learned so much and have gotten pretty far in your life since Saturn moved out of your sign last December. Starting on Sunday, June 14th, Saturn is moving back into your sign for some final spiritual testing to see just how much you have learned! Are you more committed now within your personal relationships? Are you taking better care of yourself? Are you more aware now of how your words and actions affect the people around you? Are you a braver and more positive person than you ever were before? Are you more compassionate towards others and a bit less focused on your own feelings and needs being your top priority? Are you more helpful and giving towards others because you understand now how much your personal love and generosity can enhance the lives of the people closest to you? Questions like this, and so many more, will be retested upon you once Saturn moves back into your sign, starting on Sunday evening and through September 17th. How do you feel you will pass these tests? If you answered “YES” to all of the questions above then you are a Scorpio who is definitely on the right path! Your life is going to begin to transform in so many ways now Scorpio that even you may find it astounding! There are two paths in front of you: 1) leads towards failure, loneliness, trust issues, lack and depression - but the other path 2) Lead towards great Love, Happiness, Abundance, Good Health and Success! Which path do you desire to take? Your good deeds towards others will pay off in a BIG WAY! Keep in mind that the thoughts you think and the passionate feelings that you feel will either attract, or detract, what you desire the most! Pay close attention to your thoughts and your passionate feelings! Your faith and trust in life now should be stronger than it’s ever been! Starting this week, as Mercury moves back into direct motion on Thursday, it’s time to use your mind towards creating future success for yourself. Are you a scorpion crawling around in the desert (feeling very defensive) OR are you the Phoenix Bird who has risen from the ashes and has the wisdom now to move forward in your life with great joy and anticipation? Only you know the honest answer to this question. Even if, at certain times, you feel more like the scorpion - that’s perfectly okay because you can always pick yourself UP and spread your creative wings to Rise Above any situation in a very powerful and healing way!

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Scorpio: 6/1 - 6/8/2015

The Full Moon in Sagittarius lights up the area of your life that has to do with your self-esteem and what you do for a living to earn your personal income. For most Scorpio’s this area of your life is filled with an optimistic energy! You know who you are and you know what you want…and you are naturally self-assured that what you have and what you can offer most people desire to purchase! A natural salesman you definitely are, especially when you believe in yourself and what you have to offer! This Full Moon asks you to appreciate yourself! Give yourself credit for all that you know, all that you’ve already done, all that you have accomplished! By doing this your faith in yourself to continue on the road of personal Success will get stronger and stronger! You may find it a bit challenging sometimes to actually DO what you said you can DO, but once you put your mind towards accomplishing something you usually do an excellent job that amazes everyone! It’s just that little extra PUSH that you have to give to yourself sometimes that makes you wonder why you have to do that, and if you can do it, but you know that once you do then things turn out perfectly alright! Give yourself credit for the extra push that you give to yourself to get yourself motivated! Don’t let your ego get in the way and stop you from pursuing the life that you dream about! On Friday energy from the beautiful planet Venus enters into the area of your life, for the next few weeks, that has to do with your work and career! The more you enjoy what you do for a living the more financial success you will obtain! Promotions, raises, and other benefits are definitely coming your way! The energy this weekend is perfect for spending quality time with your favorite friends and loved ones!

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Scorpio: 5/25 - 6/1/2015

Situations regarding bank loans and joint financial matters need to be checked and double checked to make sure that everything is balanced correctly. There can be delays if you’ve loaned someone money and you are expecting that person to repay you. There could be delays with you receiving money that you feel is owed to you. There could be talk about repayment, but that’s all it’s going to be is talk. Think twice before lending anyone money that you don’t completely trust. If you’ve applied for a bank loan you may need to reapply again. If you just applied for a new job, you may need to reapply again. Don’t give up though, Mercury is retrograde so any ‘re’ anything is what matters. This is an excellent time to release regrets, resentments, and renew relationships with those you desire to become reunited with again. The Moon moves into your sign on Saturday at 5:34 am EDT and will continue to grow brighter in your sign until next Monday afternoon. This can be a wonderful weekend filled with much love and romance for you! Put your worries aside and allow your creative energies to abundantly flow and SHINE through you!

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Scorpio: 5/18 - 5/25/2015

There are two paths ahead of you Scorpio. Which one will you take? The one to the Right says “Your Good Karma and Personal Transformation awaits you” and the other, to the Left, says “Road to Denial” (but on this road you can complain about the difficult past situations in your life all that you want). Which road will you take? The one to the Right serves your Highest Good, while the road to the left serves only your ego. The New Moon energy last Monday morning opened new doors of opportunity for you in regards to a new, or an enhanced, relationship! Situations regarding your most intimate relationships need to be completely open and honest now. The love and security you desire can be yours if you’re willing to be completely loving and honest with your partner. The Sun moves into the sign of Gemini on Thursday and will join with both Mars and Mercury retrograde in its natural sign of Gemini. Now through June 11th you may find that you have to face your deepest mental fears, but really there’s nothing to worry about IF you are willing to let go of your intimate trust issues with others. The more you can honestly trust others, in a very loving and giving way, the more they will feel that they can trust you! What type of relationship do you desire Scorpio? Imagine meeting someone exactly like yourself, would you be completely happy with that partner? If your answer is “YES” then you are on the right path towards creating much better relationships in your life from now on!

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Scorpio: 5/11 - 5/18/2015

You are quite lucky and can easily get your way! Something you’ve been wishing for, or thinking about for quite some time now, is coming your way! Your desire for others to negotiate with you, so that you can receive something that you want to work out in your favor, can easily occur this week without too much of a hassle! The wise thing to do is to show your appreciation for the people in your life that are willing to make sacrifices for you. You may believe that these sacrifices aren’t a big deal at all, but to them they are a big deal, but they won’t complain as long as they can see that you are feeling appreciative and happier! When you begin to see situations going your way you may desire MORE and MORE opportunities to also work out in your favor. Try not to get too greedy or these situations can backfire upon you when you least expect them too. The more appreciation that you bestow the more your life will bloom and grow! Your most challenging day this week will be on Friday when a financial situation may not work out the way that you intended it too. You may easily spend more money than you thought you were going to, or you may find that there was an error in your paycheck and the company you work for owes you (and you want that money NOW), but whatever the situation is you would be wise to not dramatize the situation into any type of argument. Bide your time and wait for relief once the New Moon in Taurus arrives early on Monday, May 18th, at 12:13 am EDT. There is a much loving energy in the air this weekend that will come as a nice surprise! Do you enjoy the feelings of “being in love”? If so this weekend is perfect! Take time to enjoy the nature around you and really enjoy the company of the people you are with! Again your keyword for personal growth is definitely the energy of Appreciation!

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Scorpio: 5/4 - 5/11/2015

It’s almost time! When someone in your life has some kind of dramatic change (for better or worse) going on, this change also affects you in some transformational type of way. You can choose to ignore it and say, “Well this is not about ME” but you will still FEEL the change taking place within you. The very BEST thing you can do is offer your appreciation and assistance so that the change taking place in the life of your family member and/or friend is much easier for them. In this way you will know that you have done your part and you will feel really GOOD within yourself; instead of feeling in denial. You are learning more now about what your purpose in life really is. Your purpose is about positively transforming your life and the lives of the people around you. This transformation should take place in the most healing and joyful of ways. What personal talents do you have that can help everything to flow along smoothly? Your life is about Truth, oh yes it sure is! You KNOW the Truth inside of you, now you just need to express it in the most positive ways possible. By doing this you will come to understand your own personal power and be able to use your powerful energy to create great success in every area of your life! To be able to say that you should GIVE what you wish to receive is completely accurate indeed, especially for you starting this week!

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Scorpio: 4/27 - 5/4/2015

Situations in your life are changing! Most of these situations will be very beneficial for you! You are being Divinely Guided towards a future that you’ve looked forward, for a long time now, to experience! No matter how difficult your past has been, situations are now turning around in your favor. Relationships that had gone awry can turn out to become very good friendships now. Your positive focus on your closest relationships can bring you great joy! When those around you are feeling happy, safe and secure, and you know that it’s because of your special efforts that they feel this way…then you know that your efforts are being rewarded in many wonderful ways! Situations will continue to improve for you. Yes, you can call it Good Karma returning to you! Each evening, this week, the Moon is growing brighter and brighter! This Bright Moon will move into your sign on Saturday evening at 9:47 pm EDT! The special celebration focus is upon you! The FULL MOON in your sign, on Sunday evening at 11:42 pm EDT, asks you to CELEBRATE your life and everything you have accomplished, up to this point in time! Take a good look in the mirror and SMILE! You are a wonderfully creative soul, a very deep and passionate person, who desires your life (and the lives of the people who are closest to you) to be happy, healthy, safe and secure in every possible way! Try not to fret over what the future will bring, but focus on what has already been accomplished through all of your passionate efforts. The more good memories that you have, between you and others, and know that you are responsible for, the more joy you will have in your heart to create more good times (thus creating more good life memories) for your future! You are on the right path Scorpio, even though some moments of your life have been quite difficult indeed. This special FULL MOON in Scorpio desires you to celebrate your life, to give yourself credit for Rising Above the difficulties, and to give yourself permission to begin to live your life, with a much more positive perspective from now on, to the fullest!

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Scorpio: 4/20 - 4/27/2015

Okay Dear Scorpio it’s time to ‘Step Up’ and do what you KNOW you need to do in order to bring more peace, harmony, and financial improvements towards your family members that you love so much! No longer are situations about who is right and who is wrong, or trying to prove yourself to another so that they can appreciate you more! Situations now are all about making sure that you are doing your absolute best to create and maintain the peace and comfort that everyone around you needs! The more enthusiastic and helpful you are…the more you will be greatly appreciated for your efforts! Energy from the Sun, Mercury and Mars are all moving through the area of your life that represents your closest friendships and relationships AND your interactions with people who you work with and even strangers that you bump into during the course of any given day. The more positive energy that you give towards others the more positive energy will be returned to you! Of course the opposite is also true because no matter what energy, attitude, action you give towards another will return to you 10 fold (and even more now under these planetary vibrations). You will know if you are on the right path when you begin to see improvements happening in your life! Now is the time to GIVE what you wish to receive AND to pay more attention to what you are giving and how what you give can affect (in a positive way) or infect (in a negative way) these important people around you. All in all you can call this is a very Karmic week for you. You will know by the end of this week if you did a good job, if you’ve been on the right path, because you should be feeling very good about who you are and gratefully appreciated by these important people in your life!

For more information regarding this week’s vibrations, and what they mean for you, read my special Astro Weekly Report!