Scorpio’s weekly horoscopes

Scorpio: 11/23 – 11/30/2015

When you give from your heart it will come back to you 10 fold! You’ve seen how this happens within your life before. Continue to give towards others what you desire to receive in return. When you do this your own self-esteem and self-value grows and grows! Sometimes you know that you need to become a little bit more open-minded and flexible. Don’t be afraid to trust in the people you love the most. When you have their best interests at heart they will then have your best interests at heart too. Try not to compare and match someone who has done you wrong in the past with someone who is being good to you now. The person from your past is in your past for a reason. The person around you now is in your life now for a more important reason. The past is over. Focus on the precious NOW moments of your life with a feeling of thankfulness and gratitude. When you do this then you will see how your life continues to improve. The FULL MOON energy on Wednesday evening at 5:44 pm EST shines her bright light into the area of your life that has to do with personal transformation. You can use your creative imagination to focus your mind upon what you desire most. Don’t waste your time using your imagination to focus on what you don’t want by fretting over your past or worrying about your future. Focus on the NOW moments of your life with a deep sense of appreciation. It’s time now to have more control over your own thoughts. Usually when you’re thinking in default mode your either thinking about the past or fretting over your future and what you feel that you don’t have enough of yet. When you choose to live in the NOW and focus your mind upon really enjoying what is going on right NOW then, and only then, you have the most personal control over anything! On Friday afternoon at 2:27 pm EST the Moon will move into your sister water sign of Cancer! This can be a wonderful weekend for you! It’s very possible that you will feel renewed with a brighter perception regarding your life. You’re ready to focus forward on all of the positive possibilities that you can attract and accomplish without carrying past fears around with you any longer. It’s time to feel really good about your life and realize how important you are towards the important people around you!

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Scorpio: 11/16 – 11/23/2015

This is the very last week that Mercury and the Sun will be in your sign. Mercury rules over how you ‘think’ and the way that you communicate with others. The Sun is the personal Power within your life! For this week you continue to SHINE bright! Your words hold much power and your thoughts do too! Are the words you are speaking and the thoughts you are thinking in true alignment with who you really are? Are they in a true alignment with who you desire to become? Are they in alignment with what you desire to attract more of into your life? If the answer is “Yes!” then you’re on the right path! If the answer is ‘no’ (which feels so sad) then NOW is the time to change your thinking patterns. You want to do this NOW before Mercury moves out of your sign on Friday afternoon and before the Sun moves out of your sign on Sunday morning! Once Mercury and the Sun are out of your sign they will both be in the sign of Sagittarius which will stimulate the area of your life that has to do with self-value, self-worth, self-esteem and how you earn your personal income! If you desire to be productively abundant then you need to BE and FEEL and THINK and SPEAK productively abundant NOW! Your wealth is in your health Scorpio! Healthy thoughts, healthy feelings and healthy communication are abundantly wonderful for you! Try not to fret over what you think you are lacking. Focus your attention on becoming more joyfully abundant! The best way to do this is to first ‘relax’ and allow your higher creative mind to inspire you! You may find that you feel day-dreamy quite a bit and that your dreams have become very vivid. This is quite natural for you right now. The Wise Universe is trying to infuse you with more creative ideas and inspiration that can help you to appreciate your life more abundantly. Your life IS moving forward. Success IS on the horizon for you! NOW is the time to prepare yourself for more abundant opportunities to come into your life very soon!

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Scorpio: 11/9 – 11/16/2015

Monday through Wednesday afternoon you may have been more aware of your personal insecurities and feelings of lack that were holding you back, but once the New Moon in your sign took place…brand new doors of opportunity are opening for you in regards to who you truly want to be and how you desire your future to become! First you had to know what you didn’t want in order for you to focus on what you desire most! You’ve gone through that process and the Universe was listening! Now comes a special time for you to ASK for what you desire and then open your heart to Allowing and Trusting that what you desire most will begin to manifest into your life! You may have already noticed how you’re becoming more tuned into how Synchronicity is working in your favor. Watch for the signs and how situations just seem to open up for you and begin to work in your favor. The more grateful you feel and the more appreciation you show towards the people in your life who support you, the happier you will become as the days go by. Situations will continue to work out in your favor! You don’t need to rush. You don’t need to do anything at all other than to just relax into the vibrations. Your life is transforming in many healthy and wonderful ways. You can thank your lucky stars and feel truly blessed. The more you’re on the right path and it feels really good to you…the more successful, love, appreciated and happy you will be!

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Scorpio: 11/2 – 11/9/2015

The Sun and Mercury are in your sign giving you the power and courage to say what is on your mind. Say what you mean and mean what you say. This is a time to speak your truth and let others know how you are feeling. You should feel in a very loving mood! You should be feeling an important connection with someone special in your life! Others around you desire to listen to you and understand you better. This is a week that is all about communication. If you desire to purchase a new communication device this is the perfect week! A new and faster type of phone and/or computer can bring a smile to your face because you will be able to be in touch with more people! There is a sense of expansion taking place in your life now that can be quite profitable. Your best days this week are Wednesday, Thursday and Friday while the moon is in the sign of Virgo. By Saturday morning, when the moon moves into the sign of Libra for this weekend, you may begin to feel a bit more emotionally introverted and vulnerable. Your mind may wander back to the past and remember past experiences that need to be forgiven and healed. This is a good weekend for more rest and relaxation. Your dreams may be quite vivid. By early next week, when the moon moves into your sign on Monday evening, you will begin to feel more in alignment with what you desire. Most certainly you will begin to feel more optimistic once again!

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Scorpio: 10/26 – 11/2/2015

The Sun in your sign now is giving you the personal power to SHINE your internal energy positively out into the world! The spotlight is on YOU now Scorpio! You’ve just entered into a brand new chapter of your life! The past is over. No regrets. Focus more positively forward upon how you desire to live your life from now on. Saturn is OUT of your sign. It’s time for you to receive the special rewards that you’ve worked so hard to achieve! You should be feeling a lot better now! The Super Full Moon last Tuesday shined her bright light into the area of your life that has to do with your most personal relationships! Those of you in a committed relationship can appreciate it even more. Those of you who are single can choose to attract someone very special into your life now. It’s all about ‘Mind over Matter’ and it’s through your personal perceptions about life that you can choose to create the life that you desire each and every day. You may feel a little bit introverted when it comes to talking about what you desire, or asking anyone for anything, but starting next Monday when Mercury moves into your sign then you will begin to think and communicate much better! For now, for this week, (and especially for this weekend) try to make it a point to enjoy your life (and all of the special social events) to the best of your abilities! Have Fun!

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Scorpio: 10/19 – 10/26/2015

You’ve been biding your time and feeling a bit quiet, but soon situations will begin to turn around in your favor! The Sun will move into your sign on Friday bringing you back some amazing energy! Starting then and over the course of the next 4 weeks it’s your time to SHINE! This year your sign is being infused with a more grounding and productive energy than in years past. Now that Saturn has moved out of your sign, you should be ready to live a healthier, happier and more financially productive life! You’ve made it Scorpio! Give yourself credit! The past few years were difficult for you! The energies this week are asking you to allow others around you to bring some successful opportunities into your life!  Will you say, “Yes” to these opportunities? You most definitely will be ready to say, “Yes” once the Sun moves into your sign on Friday! Before you may not have trusted your other fellow human beings very much; although you would help them and care about them deeply it may still have been difficult actually making a sincere and dedicated commitment to someone. The energies this weekend will bring you more hope, and faith, and the ability to desire to make those stronger and more dedicated commitments! The energies on Sunday are filled with many blessings when beautiful Venus joins together with Jupiter in the sign of Virgo at 4:03 pm EDT. This beautiful energy is filled with much good fortune and will stimulate the area of your life that taps into The Universal Law of Attraction! What you focus your mind and feelings upon the most will be attracted into your life! Check your thoughts and feelings often Scorpio and make sure that what you are choosing to think about and feel is in alignment with what you really want! The past is over! A whole new chapter of your life has just begun!

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Scorpio: 10/12 – 10/19/2015

Energy from the Sun and the New Moon in Libra that took place on Monday evening are helping to heal any emotional doubts, fears, hurtful memories, anxieties or uncertainties that you may have; especially in regards to past relationship traumatic situations that may have taken place in your life. Instead of having these feelings anymore, you can choose to replace them with a grander sense of hope, faith and renewal of body, mind and soul. Pay attention to your dreams. Your dreams can be quite vivid now and reveal to you new information that can help to heal and inspire you. Energy from Mars, Venus and benevolent Jupiter are in an area of your life that has to do with your social connections. Do you like your friends? Would you like to attract more like-minded friends into your life? Do you desire to have a better social life? If the answer is “Yes” to all of the above questions then you most certainly will see your social life pick up some speed in the very near future! When it comes to your love life, and if you are single, you can easily meet someone special within a group of people that you are associated with. If you are in a committed relationship then it’s time to make a decision to show your dedication towards your mate more often, or choose to go your separate ways so that you both can feel freer to meet someone else. When it comes to your career, you may be feeling a bit unhappy because you’re feeling a bit too tired to do your job correctly. Hang in there Scorpio. Just do your best, that’s all you can do. Your coworkers will understand and they will help you. Try not to fret. Try to get more rest. Your vibrant energy will return once the Sun moves into your sign on October 23rd.

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Scorpio: 9/14 – 9/21/2015

Thursday is a big day for you Scorpio! Saturn will finally move out of your sign and will not return into your sign until mid-November of 2041! You know how challenging the past few years have been! You’ve passed the tests that Saturn has asked you to pass! You’ve made it! Saturn will move into the sign of Sagittarius on Thursday evening at 10:49 pm EDT. Your next challenge will be to see if you have a stronger sense of self-value and self-esteem! Do you work in a career, or live a certain lifestyle, that makes you feel abundant and prosperous? Prosperity starts inside of you Scorpio! If you feel optimistic then you’re on the right path within every area of your life! Also on Thursday Mercury will begin its retrograde motion which will last until October 9th. This particular Mercury retrograde is traveling through an area of your life that has to do with your subconscious. You may find that memories, past memories relating to past relationships of all types, seem to come up to the surface of your mind when you least expect them to. You could possibly have a dream about a past relationship and desire to forgive yourself, and that person, for the challenging experiences that you had together. This is a very healing process for you that can help to open your heart towards creating better relationships with the people who are in your life now. You can think of this as emotional mind clutter, or emotional trauma’s that you desire to heal past now. Allow the healing to take place so that you will feel happier, healthier and more optimistic about yourself, your life, and your future once this period of time has passed. Also, remember to focus on all of the people, experiences and situations that do bring JOY into your life now with a greater sense of appreciation.

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Scorpio: 9/7 – 9/14/2015

Your main focus should be on your career! It’s actually looking pretty good! Do you enjoy the work that you’re doing? If not, do you know what else you would rather be doing to serve your life’s purpose and earn your own income? If you can understand the prosperity that is there for the taking and you’re willing to do the work it shall be yours! Good luck is with you, you just have to be willing to put in the effort. When you SHINE and do your best, people do notice! If you are looking for a new job, or career, wait until next week because some good news can come your way! When it comes to your love life that’s looking pretty good too! But again there’s a need to put in the effort and compromise with the person who is most important to you. If you are single, looking for a new partner, you may easily meet someone new around your workplace. If you work from home then keep your eyes open because someone in your neighborhood, or someone who lives near you, may be the one that your heart’s been waiting for. Again, keep in mind that the more you’re willing to compromise shows others how much you are willing to give. With your heart open in a very sincere way, the more apt you are to attract into your life what you desire most. This is a wonderful time to be on your best behavior. This is the last full week that Saturn is in your sign! You can be rewarded in many wonderful ways! Saturn will move out of your sign on September 17th! Hooray! The New Moon partial Solar Eclipse will take place early on Sunday morning at 2:41 am EDT and will positively stimulate the area of your life that has to do with attracting the friendship, support and prosperous opportunities that you have waited for. These people can help you to climb the ladder of success, both within your personal life and within your career. So, if you’ve had any doubts before, because of situations that have taken place in the past, if you’ve had any trust issues regarding the types of friendships you had, starting on Sunday morning and over the next 12 months you will begin to understand that Like attracts Like; so it’s up to you to BE the type of person (personality) that you desire others to have. For some time now there has been two different types of Scorpio’s, and a very rare 3rd group that already feels genuinely blessed. The 1st group of Scorpio’s are very independent, while the 2nd group of Scorpio’s can be very codependent.  The 3rd group of Scorpio’s is very creative, loving and intuitive indeed! The 1st 2 groups of personality traits above is not going to work out very well much longer. It’s time to learn what Interdependence is genuinely all about. When you can sincerely look in the mirror and say, “I genuinely love myself!” in a very humble and Divine way, that’s when your heart will honestly open to the desire to give sincere assistance and love to others AND this is definitely when situations are going to begin to turn around in your favor!

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Scorpio: 8/31 – 9/7/2015

Your life has been under a huge reconstruction over the past 3 years. Now begins a time for you to be rewarded for your efforts. The Sun and Jupiter in Virgo are shining their energy into an area of your life that has to do with your very own hopes, dreams, wishes, goals and the support you desire to receive from the right groups of people. A situation that you thought was so difficult before may now seem a bit easier for you because you now understand the bigger picture, the bigger Divine purpose, of what went on. You may even feel a sense of gratitude for the challenges you endured, because now you are wiser and so much more mature. You actually have many positive vibrations around you now Scorpio. Do you feel more optimistic? Are you able to Rise Above your personal challenges and make wise choices and decisions? Of course you can! And because you can life itself is going to bring some wonderful opportunities your way! It’s time to think and dream BIG Scorpio! It’s time to positively focus forward on the goals you desire to obtain for your future! The only thing that can delay your progress is when you try to control situations. The more you can learn to ‘go with the flow’ and ‘trust’ the more abundant your opportunities will be. This is not an easy lesson for you, but you need not worry. You have gone through a rebirth of your own life. Much creativity is flowing through you! On Sunday morning at 4:29 am EDT beautiful Venus (who rules over financial opportunities and personal relationships) will move back into direct motion in the area of your life that has to do with your reputation and career! It’s time for you to do what you love and love what you do; not only within your career but in every other area of your life too!