Scorpio’s weekly horoscopes

Scorpio: February 21st – February 28th 2017

Energy from the Sun, Chiron, Neptune and Mercury (starting on the 25th) AND the New Moon/Solar Eclipse (on the 26th) are ALL asking you to ‘let your hair down and have some fun!’ All of these energies are in your fellow water sign of Pisces, making this the VERY BEST time to focus your attention upon what makes you feel happy! For most of this week, if you’re feeling a bit depressed and you’re not enjoying your life like you desire, this is just contrasting energy asking you, “What do you really want?” Once you can answer this important question and you KNOW what you desire, then the energy from the New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Pisces will open new doors of opportunity for you to enjoy your life better! You were born to be a creative soul who can rise above difficult situations. Who is making life difficult for you? Could it be you? The past is over. A brighter future awaits you! It’s time now, during the couse of this week, to make a list of what you know would make you feel happier! Do you desire more money? Do you desire better relationships? Do you desire a new relationship? Do you desire more quality time to spend with those you love who are in your life already? Do you desire a new career or better opportunities within your current career? Do you desire new creative opportunities to come into your life? What IS IT that you feel you are missing that could bring you great happiness?  You know yourself better than anyone else does and it’s time to search your heart and answer these questions. Once you do then you will be on the right path towards greater personal fulfillment!

Scorpio: February 14th – February 21st 2017

Your beliefs can fluctuate like the changing signs of the moon. Many people may say that you’re stubborn, but little do they realize how emotionally sensitive you can be. When you are happy then you can be passionately happy! When you are not then you can hide and brood about situations better than anyone can. You may have been feeling quite concerned about house/home and family matters quite a bit lately. Some Scorpio’s have made many positive changes within these situations. Some Scorpio’s have felt that it’s just too much work and didn’t make the changes that they desired to. For those of you who have been feeling stuck and still desire to make positive changes there is much support available for you…you just need to ask. People around you do care about you very much, but they can’t read your mind and are unable to figure out what it is that you want. Very soon your sense of well-being should begin to cheer up when the Sun moves into your fellow water sign of Pisces on Saturday February 18th. From that period of time, and over the next 4 weeks, you should be feeling quite creative! Your good sense of humor will come back. Your zest for life will reappear! Situations regarding children, playfulness, and even your love life will receive a boost of positive energy! You can use your imagination to create the life you desire more easily. Your sense of compassion for others will also become stronger. You will desire everyone around you to feel happier, healthier and wealthier when they are around you. With this new upbeat attitude many situations in your life will improve. Get ready for a really good boost of positive energy entering into your life very soon!

Scorpio: February 7th – February 14th 2017

You may desire to go into hiding for a more tranquil spiritual retreat; away from the chaotic energies that are going on within the world these days. This is a wonderful time for you to meditate and ponder upon the meaning of your life, and life in general, and allow your creative better feeling energy come shining through to help uplift your spirit! Jupiter, the planet that stimulates beliefs, is now in retrograde motion in the area of your life that represents beliefs and healing. If you’ve had discouraging situations happen to you in the past, especially if you’ve had a tendency to dwell upon them or you’ve felt stuck in some way, this is a good time for you to receive some counseling or at least to write in your personal journal about these events. You can receive much new positive inspiring energy once the New Moon/Lunar Eclipse arrives on Friday, February 10th starting at 7:33 pm ET. From this point of time onward should begin to feel a bit of relief which can help you move past any feelings of grief you have been going through regarding any area of your life. You shouldn’t worry about what other people think about you, they have their own personal issues that they are working on right now. The most important opinion that matters is your own. Start this week to give yourself more credit for who you are and for all of the life experiences that you have been through so far. Very soon your creative energy is going to begin to return. Much good fortune and success can be yours in this #1 vibrational year of 2017!

Scorpio: February 1st – February 7th 2017

Have you been trying to reach out to someone special, only to feel a bit neglected? Have you been pondering over days-gone-by and enjoying your memories of situations more than you are enjoying your ‘Here and Now’ moments? There’s a saying for the vibrations going on around you right now, “Get busy living or get busy dying!” Which do you prefer? Make a choice today to focus your attention upon what you truly ENJOY about your life! When you do this then you will begin to see that even the most challenging of situations seems to work out in your favor. A health issue (whether mental or physical) can begin to heal now with the energies of beautiful Venus/Mars/Uranus in the sign of Aries! You’re ready to ‘get busy living’ the life that you want, without feeling constricted anymore. Scorpio’s can FEEL how tough life really is, and can often feel a bit fearful and yet very courageous! You are exceptionally courageous when you feel in a positive creative balance within yourself and with any productive projects that you are working on. You can expect yourself to become very active, busy, and more positively productive. To sit and ponder on things will be a thing of the past once you get busy living the life that you want! Where it comes to your love life you’ve had to be very patient, but soon even that area of your life is getting a fantastic boost of energy! For those of you who are in school, or who are learning a new trade on your own or doing some important research, you’re going to have to maintain your strong sense of self-discipline in order to do well. It’s important that you have that old-fashioned ‘stick to it until it’s completed’ type of mentality. Try not to let outside activities get in your way, otherwise you will regret the time that you wasted. You can do exceptionally well in every area of your life when you are dedicated and committed in a positive way! Don’t worry, worry is wasted energy, instead focus your energy towards what you FEEL is most important to you!

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Scorpio: January 23rd – January 31st 2017

Emotional meltdowns or illnesses are signs that you are out of alignment with your greater good! Some Scorpio’s were being shown what they did not want, how they did not desire to feel, so that you could reach for a higher desired vision of what you really do want! When you feel committed and determined, while giving yourself credit for your personal talents, and you take positive action towards what you desire to build…then you can truly become very successful! Do you desire to build better relationships? Do you desire to build better financial security? Do you desire to build a happier life filled with lots of positive opportunities? When you begin to tell yourself, “I desire to live a happy life!” and you focus your attention upon your desires, and your personal sense of worthiness, then you are on the right path indeed! Use this statement, “I AM ___” and fill in the blank! “I AM worthy! I AM talented! I AM blessed!” Whatever you place your attention upon will grow abundantly for you! Are you placing your attention upon the right thoughts, relationships, and situations that you desire to become more abundant? The New Moon energy in the sign of Aquarius takes place on Friday, January 27th at 7:07 pm ET, and infuses her beautiful bright *Light* into the area of your life that has to do with your home environment and family. Any challenging situations that you have been going through in regards to this area of your life will soon receive much new inspiring energy towards making things right! If you feel the urge to clean up the clutter, redecorate, or spend more quality time with the ones you love…that’s great! With a new found ‘Attitude of Gratitude’ towards creating a happier life, you will begin to attract many other positive opportunities that you’ve only dreamed of before!

Scorpio: January 10th – January 17th 2017

You may have felt a bit more introverted when it comes to your social life lately. It would only have been natural for you to feel this way while Mercury was in retrograde motion. Now Mercury is back in full-swing direct motion; giving you the opportunity to come out and play nicely with others once again. No matter how previously introverted you felt, or how much you may have pushed others away from you (in whatever ways that you did that), now comes a time when you can repair the important friendships/relationships that mean the most to you. You may have felt like, “No one could ever understand how I feel” and you may have been completely right at the time, but that is the past and if you can give others a chance you may begin to see that they can understand you and desire to help you to feel really good about yourself once again! The Full Moon energy on Thursday morning, January 12th at 6:34 am ET, shines her bright LIGHT into the area of your life that has to do with your personal beliefs; especially regarding your own personal beliefs and philosophies about who you are! Do you realize how much you have learned in your life so far? Do you realize how much wisdom you have to share with others? Do you realize how creatively talented you are and how passionate you can be when you’re fully participating in projects that you really enjoy? You have a natural talent, whether you realize it or not, for helping other people to positively transform their lives! When you see how your actions positively influence others then you may begin to realize how truly important your life really is! The vibrations this week are giving you a glimpse about how true this is for you! It’s time to put your attention towards whatever you feel brings you your greatest sense of passionate personal purpose. Pay attention to how you feel. Pay attention towards what makes you feel good! As you begin to share your time, talents, and wisdom with others then you will begin to see how truly important your life really is to yourself and everyone around you.

Scorpio: January 3rd – January 10th 2017

You would be wise to create a financial ledger for yourself so that you can completely understand what your assets and debts really are. As you enter into this New Year of 2017 you’re going to have a stronger desire to obtain more financial security! You’re also going to desire to feel more independent. As you begin this New Year you may be more aware than ever what you feel that you are lacking and what you desire MORE of! In relation to money and your personal relationships you’re going to desire to be more of a giver so that you can help your loved ones live a happier and healthier lifestyle. You may have felt delayed in this area of your life, but once Mercury moves back into direct motion on Sunday, January 8th, you should begin to feel more optimistic and determined to put your personal talents to good use! Your popularity will begin to soar! Whatever you are selling others will want to buy more! The delays you have been feeling, for quite some time, give you the ability to focus your passionate feelings upon what it IS that you DO desire! Soon, very soon, you will begin to feel more creatively energetic once again! Then it’s “Green light…GO!” for your own personal success!

Scorpio: December 27th 2016 – January 3rd 2017

Monday through Thursday morning you may find that you are not perceiving your life very positively. You may not feel like communicating with anyone, but once the New Moon in Capricorn arrives on Thursday morning, December 29th at 1:53 am ET, you may find that you begin to more positively perceive your life in a new way! You may feel a new sense of positive inspiration, especially in regards to your home and with your family members! Whatever you felt was holding you back from living the type of life that you desire may no longer be holding you back any longer! As the New Year of 2017 arrives for you, you can begin to look forward to a more positive future! The more appreciation you give towards those who mean the most to you, the more you will feel happy within you too! Your main focus as this New Year begins should be, “I choose to focus upon my life in happier and healthier ways!” There is much love and creative energy around you now Scorpio! All you have to do is tune into it! You naturally can tune into this creative energy by focusing your mind and emotions upon whatever, and whoever, makes you feel really good! If something, or some situation, makes you feel ‘less than’ in some way then choose to turn your attention away from it and put your attention upon something else that makes you feel happier and more productive! You may have felt, especially lately, that your glass was half empty and evaporating fast!!! But this New Year of 2017 is giving you the opportunity to know that your glass if half full and you can easily fill it to the brim anytime you want to! With this new outlook on life you can transform your life in ways that you’ve only dreamed of doing before! It’s time to close those past chapters of your life and begin to really believe in your own abilities! A new chapter of your life is beginning that can be much more self-empowering for this New Year of 2017!

Scorpio: December 20th – December 27th 2016

For most of this week you may be feeling quite nostalgic. The Moon moves into your sign early on Friday, December 23rd at 9:32 am ET, and will remain in your sign for most of the weekend and on Christmas Day! Allow your creative side to shine through! You can be exceptionally creative when you want to be! Place your attention and appreciation upon those in your life who mean the most to you. Who in your life makes your heart sing in the most joyful ways? Whoever these people are then those are the people you should be communicating with and spending quality time with as often as possible now. Time flies by so fast. A special person in your life can be here today and gone tomorrow. Take all of the time that you desire to show these important people in your life how much that they mean to your heart! They will remember you, and all of the kind things that you have done for them, long after you have left this earth plane. This is an excellent week to create new memories that can be long lasting indeed! Try to make the most of these special moments of your life! Most of all have fun!

Scorpio: December 13th – December 20th 2016

Honest communication is the key to your success! If you can say what is on your mind and share your deepest feelings with those who are closest to you then you will see that you can receive the support that you desire in a variety of wonderful ways! If you can’t share what is on your mind, and in your heart, then you may feel a bit lonely during this phase of time. Take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself, “What am I afraid of?” You know that you are a brave soul Scorpio. Nothing should scare you! Only your own self-doubt can lead you in the wrong direction. It’s time for you to lift yourself up so that you can Rise Above your personal challenges! You may believe that you can’t share your deepest feelings because you are afraid that you may be misjudged or misunderstood. But in reality those around you, those who are closest to you, will greatly appreciate you sharing your deepest thoughts and feelings with them. Sharing your vulnerable feelings is not a liability; it’s actually an asset because others around you can help you to feel stronger! In some ways, for this week, during times when you’re feeling a bit down and bleak, you’re actually tuned into the shadow energy of Mercury; which is going retrograde starting next Monday. During the phase of this Mercury retrograde, from Monday December 19th through the direct motion on January 8th, the most challenging aspects of your life will be with how you perceive your life and with how you choose to communicate with others around you. Try to remember that the key to your personal success is with you being genuinely honest with your feelings and then trusting others to give you positive feedback when you need it! These special people in your life can help you to realize how wonderful you are and how important your life is to them as well!

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