Scorpio's weekly horoscopes

Scorpio: 11/24 - 12/1/2014

Over the past few weeks the astrological energies have been focusing you, and helping you to improve your life for your own Highest Good. Looking back upon the past month what do you feel that you’ve learned? What experiences did you go through that taught you something important about your self? Mercury, the planet that represents how you think, is still in your sign until Thursday evening. You can continue to focus on your self, your life and circumstances that affect you personally. What adjustments would you like to make so that you mentally and emotionally feel more comfortable and secure? Starting on Thursday evening, energy from the Sun, Venus and Mercury will be moving through the area of your life that has to do with your self-esteem, personal talents and how you earn your personal income. Do you believe in yourself and all that you do? Do you feel that your services are valuable? Are you happy with who you are and what you have to offer others? If so then the next few weeks can be very emotionally and financially abundant! You can use your natural intuitive talents in order to know what others desire from you and then be ready, willing and able to provide your time, energy and services to others in an abundant way! The more you allow yourself to be in a good mood, the more rewards you will reap! Put your worries aside for now. Pay more attention to what makes you happy!

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Scorpio: 11/17 - 11/24/2014

For the past 4 weeks the spotlight has been on YOU! It’s not easy for someone to be in the spotlight, for better or worse, for such a long period of time. YOU have been at the center of your own life, viewing your life to see how much you are enjoying it…or NOT! Everyone, the whole world over, has been feeling the Scorpio energies. These energies can either be very uplifting, healing and creative OR very depressing indeed! Which type of Scorpio are you? Are you an uplifting, creative and healing type of Scorpio? If you are then situations will really begin to turn around in your favor once the New Moon in Sagittarius arrives early on Saturday morning! Your focus will begin to shift towards using your personal talents for more financial gain! People will desire to buy what you are selling! You will be smiling all the way to the bank! But, of course, you have to desire to do your best and share your personal talents with others. If you’re ready, able and willing to take action then you’re going to be very happy with the progress you will make over the next 4 weeks! Situations around your love life are also going to improve, especially when you’re smiling and in a joyful mood!

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Scorpio: 11/10 - 11/17/2014

You have plenty of wonderful energy working in your favor! Good Karma, for past good deeds done well and current good deeds genuinely given, is beginning to return to you. Rewards are in store for you…just when you need them the most! It’s time for you to learn to receive back what you have given to others so generously! Energy from the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn are all in your sign now! Someone from your past desires to reconnect with you. You may be a bit uncertain about this situation, but it will be good for both of you. Is this some kind of unfinished business, maybe of a romantic nature? You may feel a bit stressed over the situation at first, but you will find out that the other person desires only to Thank You in some way. This may just be a temporary situation, it may only last a short time, but whatever happens it’s for the Highest Good of both of you so that you can both let bygones be bygones and move on with your lives. With both your ruling planets (Mars and Pluto) in the sign of Capricorn now, sextiling (nicely motivating) all of the planetary energies in your sign, it’s time for you to be positively motivated in the right direction! Focus on what means the most to you, and the people who mean the most to you, and the direction you desire your life to go. When you give to others what you desire to receive in return, without them even having to ask you for anything, your good deeds will return to you 10 fold!

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Scorpio: 11/3 - 11/10/2014

Your energy is becoming more vibrant by the minute! Energy from the Sun, beautiful Venus, security orientated Saturn…and starting on Saturday Mercury… will all be in your sign! YOU are in the spotlight. Fame and fortune can be yours! Especially, when you’re thinking positively, and use your inner fortitude and personal charm, to conquer your enemies. These enemies can be internal and/or external ones. Whatever the challenge, with all of these energies in your sign, plus more positive aspects going on (Mars and Pluto in Capricorn sextiles the planets in your sign) My oh My you truly are the Winner in so many ways now! The Full Moon Energy on Thursday evening at 5:23 pm EST shines her bright *LIGHT* into the area of your life that has to do with your most personal relationships! With an Attitude of Gratitude for the relationships that you have with those who are closest to you AND the extra special relationship that you have with yourself…this is a very special time of your life to Celebrate! You’ve come so far over the past few years, which wasn’t very easy for you. But you’ve passed most of the difficult challenging life trials and tests so far. Give yourself credit for this! You deserve a special time to Celebrate your life. The time for Celebration is right NOW! Focus on what makes you feel happy! Focus on the people in your life that you feel most grateful for! The more creative and positive you can be…the more you will really begin to see…beautiful opportunities flowing through your life quite magically!

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Scorpio: 10/27 - 11/3/2014

Energy from the Sun and Saturn are in your sign asking you to use your energy towards creating positive improvements! Mercury has now gone direct, but is moving through the area of your life that has to do with your past. Are you allowing situations that happened to you in the past to bring your unconscious fears to the surface? Are you afraid that what happened ‘back then’ will happen in your life once again? The right way to handle this energy is to completely forgive and forget whatever you experienced before and focus your mind on what is going on NOW in your life with a stronger sense of determination to stay on the right path! With Venus also in your sign now there is much love around you, but if you happen to argue with someone you really care about you may easily say something that you will regret later. There could be two reasons why disagreements could be happening around you. 1) You’re not able to express how you honestly feel in a correct manner. 2) You desire more affection and attention and you’re not receiving it! With Venus in your sign you’re actually quite lucky because you can easily attract the right people into your life, at the right time, who can help you. If there is a disagreement with someone you love then you can easily ‘kiss and make up’. But you must understand that you can’t always have your way all of the time. If you allow yourself to have more empathy for the people around you then you will understand how your words and actions affect, or infect, the people in your life. Is it better to always have your own way OR is it better to keep the peaceful and loving energy flowing correctly? The more understanding, helpful and loving you can be…the more you will enjoy the experiences and opportunities that will be flowing through your life this week!

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Scorpio: 10/20 - 10/27/2014

The beginning of this week may have you feeling a little blue, as you take a good look - a really good look - at the personal emotions going on within you. For some this will be a difficult time, for others this will be a time of more rest and relaxation. There is healing energy around you that is preparing you for a brand new chapter of your life to begin on Thursday! On Thursday the Sun will move into your sign, and then Venus, and then the Moon - creating a New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse that is created with much balance, beauty and love for you. How do you feel about that? Will you absorb it in gratitude, or will you ignore it? This New Moon in Scorpio begins a brand new chapter of your life. No matter what your actual birth date is, if you are a Scorpio then this is your time to celebrate this new chapter of your life! It’s time to focus forward, leaving the past in the past. Don’t bring any emotional baggage with you into this new chapter of your life! It’s time to start anew! A sense of energetic rejuvenation and personal transformation is abundantly waiting for you! This energy will remain around you for the next few weeks. You can enjoy it and make the most of it, by making wise choices that you know are good for you and everyone else in your life! At first, on Thursday and Friday, you may feel a bit shy; you may even feel a bit unworthy in some way, but you need not deny this beautiful new energy for yourself. Starting on Saturday, when Mercury goes back into direct motion, you should be able to communicate a little bit better with everyone around you. Forgiveness and Gratitude are both the positive keys to your future success. Use these keys as often as possible starting this week through November 18th.

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Scorpio: 10/13 - 10/20/2014

You’re probably feeling very sleepy and dreamy. Your energy has been lower than normal and you probably don’t desire to do anything too strenuous. Okay then, just try to take it easy. Try not to dwell on situations that seem too much for you. Cultivate your faith. Know that whatever happens is for your Highest Good. Memories from your past may begin to come back up to the surface, to be reviewed and reanalyzed so that you can begin to heal past them. No matter what you’ve been through, especially within your most personal relationships, now is the time to forgive yourself and everyone involved, so that you can begin to have better relationships in the future. If situations are going just fine for you then this is a sign that you’ve been on the right path for awhile. If on the other hand situations seem a bit overwhelming then this is a sign, especially from Saturn, to do what is right…even if it’s just in the nick of time. People around you may find you to be a bit emotionally and physically distant. Your energy will begin to pick up, but not until the Sun moves into your sign on October 23rd. Until then please keep in mind that if you desire to keep situations flowing nicely, especially in regards to your most personal relationships, you’re going to have to intuitively tune into what these special people in your life really need from you. Are you willing to give to them what they need, or are you too tired to care? Whatever you are willing to selflessly give will return to you 10 fold. Keep this in mind during the times when you feel that you don’t have the energy or the means to give what others need. If you try to put yourself in their shoes, without blaming them for their own circumstances, and you help whenever they need you…then and only then will your life begin to transform in the ways that you desire it to.

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Scorpio: 10/6 - 10/13/2014

“Do onto others as you wish them to do onto you” is a lesson that you have been learning for quite some time with Saturn in your sign. Having expectations of someone being nice to you, doing nice things for you, and THEN having the choice of IF you want to be in a relationship with that person…or not…hasn’t been an option for you lately. You are being asked to be the one to “do onto others as you wish them to do onto you” FIRST and then if that other person desires to treat you in the same way then there is a balance that you will like, but if that person turns and walks away - making you feel abandoned, then that is energy from the planet Saturn saying “That’s Karma for you”…”What goes around comes around” whether you like it or not! Doesn’t seem fair, and yes you can get very upset, but these situations make you take a good look within yourself and transform yourself in a much more positive way. This won’t go on forever, so don’t worry about that. Rewards will come your way by being nice to others no matter how they treat you in return right now. Those old feelings of fearfulness, mistrust, and defensiveness will only lead you towards more problems. It’s time to transform yourself, and your life, by BEing the type of person you wish to attract into your life! The Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Aries highlights the area of your life that has to do with your daily duties and personal health. Whatever is not working well for you needs to be transformed into new positive ways of enjoying your daily duties more often! This Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse energy will take place early on Wednesday morning. This energy will be around you for the next 2 weeks, which gives you plenty of time to figure out some positive ways to creatively RISE ABOVE your challenges by choosing to do things in a new and easier way. Mercury retrograde in your sign may have you saying things that you might regret later; which may also bring some arguments your way. But all in all whatever is said will teach you something important about yourself. This is a very contemplative period of time for you. This is a time for you to go inward and figure out what is most important for your life. “If you can conceive it and believe it then you can achieve it!” Saturn in your sign will reward you for your positive efforts. Retrograde Mercury will move out of your sign and back into the sign if Libra on Friday afternoon at 1:26 pm EDT. Once back into Libra, for the next few weeks, your dreams will become more vivid. Your mind will bring up memories from your past that you will either cherish or choose to review and release completely. You are an old wise Soul Scorpio. Choosing a positive path to be on has sometimes been difficult. You are becoming so much wiser. Your life will become happier once you understand that you are the one who is in control of your life by being the type of person that you really enjoy being around. Are you happy with yourself? Do you enjoy your own company? Are you allowing your positive traits to shine forth? Can you set a good example of your life for others to follow? It’s time for Scorpio’s to really BE the change that they desire to see in the world! If you can focus on doing this, on a daily basis, then you’re on the right path towards much personal happiness, true love, good health and success!

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Scorpio: 9/29 - 10/6/2014

You start this week off with the feeling that something challenging is right around the corner. You are right, yes it is. It is the energy of both Saturn and Mercury retrograde being in your sign. We are in the shadow period of this upcoming Mercury retrograde, which technically starts on Saturday afternoon. Putting these two vibrations together they ask you to be completely honest with your thoughts, words and deeds. Anything less will be evaluated by important people around you. They are watching to see how considerate, honest, and tolerant you are towards other people around you. If you can be this way then situations will work out very well, but if you slip and say something wrong then you will definitely regret it later. Take some time to listen, really listen, to your own thoughts. Are they negative and worrisome OR are they creative and positive? It’s up to you to choose the path that you desire. Mercury will remain in your sign until October 10th, when it will move back into the sign of Libra, which is when your subconscious regrets will come to the surface. Remember this, be wise and think before you speak. Don’t do anything, or say anything, that can come back to mentally and emotionally hurt you later. Knowing this, you can ‘think twice’ before you say or choose to do anything. You are very wise Scorpio. You can choose to stay on the right path and reap many good rewards along the way!

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Scorpio: 9/22 - 9/29/2014

It’s time for you to slow down, settle in, and allow situations to just flow around you; without you becoming too concerned about what is going on, or feeling that you have to control anything. Now that the Sun has moved into the sign of Libra, along with Mercury in Libra, and both of them transiting through your 12th house of “leave me alone I’m on vacation, taking my time and meditating” you’re not going to want to DO much of anything. Since the ruling planet for the sign of Libra is beautiful Venus, and Venus is moving nicely through your 11th house of your own ‘hopes, dreams, wishes and goals’ for this week, it will be easy for you to attract into your life other people who will be willing to do things for you. The New Moon in Libra, early on Wednesday morning, asks you to be honest with yourself and release any past emotional baggage that you no longer desire to carry around with you anymore. This can be a time of great healing for you, if you are willing to forgive yourself and anyone else who has wounded your ego. The Moon will move into your sign of Scorpio on Friday, which makes this weekend the perfect time for you to receive much attention, affection and appreciation from someone close to you. Starting next Monday Venus will move into its natural sign of Libra and will join with the Sun and Mercury in your 12th house of healing and seclusion. Starting then and over the next few weeks you’re going to desire to take it easy. You won’t want any drama, conflicts or unnecessary problems to be in your life at all. You may desire to just sleep and dream and review your life, how far you have come up to this point in time, and you won’t want anyone around you bothering your peace of mind.

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