Scorpio’s weekly horoscopes

Scorpio: January 15th – January 31st 2018

You will desire to have conversations ONLY about positive topics that help you to feel good within yourself. If anyone tries to bring their personal complaints or drama to your doorstep, you will gladly show them the way out and shut the door behind them. Your main focus is on feeling more abundantly grateful for each day of your life from now on. When others around you compliments you, on something nice that you have done or said, that is like music to your ears…you will enjoy that! You are ready to begin to feel happier and healthier within yourself and within every area of your life! Others should respect that, especially those who say that they love you. It’s not that you’re being selfish; you’re just being more self-aware of what makes you feel good and what does not. You are picking and choosing situations and opportunities that FEEL the best for you. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. You will still have compassion for those who have personal issues going on, but you want these people to also be more positively and personally solution-orientated. You won’t mind helping someone help themself IF they are willing to take some positive steps forward. If someone wants to complain, just because they like to complain, well you’re definitely not going to be answering their text messages (or answer your phone, or allow them into your home, or accept any social invitations from that person that might come along). You are now on a productive path upwards and onwards towards being and feeling healthier and more positively productive! At the end of this month, when the FULL MOON (lunar eclipse) in Leo arrives, on January 31st at 8:27 AM Eastern Time, you will be ready to focus your attention on creating much better living arrangements and family situations. You will be aware of what isn’t to your liking and will take the necessary steps to create more harmony and comfort…for yourself and for all those you love.

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Scorpio: December 29th 2017 – January 3rd 2018

Your desire to live a more stable and secure life is exceptionally strong as you enter into the New Year of 2018. Energy from the Sun/Venus/Saturn and Pluto are all moving through the area of your life that represents your learning abilities and how you choose to communicate with others. The better your communication skills the more sociable you will be. The more restricted you feel with your communication abilities the more introverted you will become. In what new ways do you feel that you can learn to communicate better? Are your own thoughts more optimistic now or are you still choosing to feel overly concerned about most matters? Do you choose to be a solution-orientated person who is proactive about positively transforming situations? Or are you feeling angry over situations that you think and believe you can’t do anything about? Which path in life feels better to you, a path that is reactive or proactive? The FULL MOON in Cancer arrives on New Year’s Day in the evening at 9:24 PM Eastern Time. This beautiful FULL MOON shines her bright *LIGHT* into the area of life for you that represents your higher mind! It’s through your beliefs about yourself and about everything else that will either hinder you or help you to create personal success! You may have felt that your life was in a delay mode for quite some time, but in comes the New Year of 2018 to help you to transform your life in many abundant ways! Remember too that you have Jupiter in your sign, the planet of expansion and good fortune, but it’s up to you to use your mind (thoughts) and actions to transform your life in ways that you truly desire!

Scorpio: December 19th – 26th 2017

Energy from the Sun, Saturn and your ruling planet Pluto will all be in the sign of Capricorn before the weekend arrives! What does this personally mean for you? This means that your focus is shifting towards allowing more prosperity into your life! For the past 2 1/2 years you may have felt restricted upon how you earned your income and even on how you felt about yourself. Now that Saturn is moving into its natural sign of Capricorn you should begin to feel a stronger ability to speak your own Truth (with a capital T) and promote your own services with your head held high! Staring next week, just in time for Christmas, beautiful Venus will also move into the sign of Capricorn to join the above energies! The sign of Capricorn, for you specifically, is all about putting your thoughts towards becoming more abundant and dedicated; speaking your truth and using your words wisely! It’s time for you to mean what you say and say what you mean and keep your promises towards those who are most important to you (such as siblings, neighbors, friends etc.) When you say that you’re going to do something for another then make sure that you do what you offered in the best ways possible! The sign of Capricorn is very karmic indeed, meaning that when you keep your promises you will be rewarded! On the other hand though, if you promise something but you don’t keep that promise then….wham…watch out because you could easily lose a friend! You don’t want that so your motto should be to ‘treat others as you desire to be treated’ and ‘speak to others in ways that you desire to be spoken to’. This will also be a marvelous time for you to study something new that you have a passionate interest in. Through research and study you can expand your mind and enhance your current career or choose to create a brand new career for yourself!

Scorpio: November 28th – December 5th 2017

This is the last full week that your traditional ruling planet Mars will be in the sign of Libra. Over the past few weeks it would be only natural for you to have felt a bit more introverted and tired. Some Scorpio’s, but not all, have felt a sense of depression regarding their life in general. But there is much hope on the horizon when Mars moves into your sign on December 9th! For now, for this week, you are being asked to release old hurtful memories out of your mind and heart. Situations have happened, yes this is true, but they don’t define who you are now. Pluto, the current ruler of your sign, is in the determined sign of Capricorn helping you to transform your life. It’s through the beliefs that you have and the thoughts that ‘you’ choose to think that will determine how your life will move forward from this point of time onward. Will you choose to think thoughts that are more proactive, instead of feeling that Fate has taken control of your life? Energy from the Sun, Mercury, Saturn (and starting on Friday December 1st) beautiful Venus are all shining brightly in the area of your life that has to do with your self-values, self-esteem and how you earn your income! Mercury is going into retrograde motion on Sunday December 3rd, so you may find that you begin to re-evaluate how you desire to perceive yourself and your career. Beautiful Venus is there to help you to focus your attention on what feels best for you! Also on Sunday, December 3rd, the Super FULL MOON in Gemini takes place at 10:47 AM Eastern Time (adjust for your time zone). This SUPERMOON is very close to the Earth and because you are a water sign you will be able to feel the beautiful energy! This FULL MOON shines her bright light into the area of your life that has to do with personal transformation, life/death issues, financial sharing, sexuality and the ‘give and take’ situations within your relationships. How do you feel about your relationships Scorpio? How do you desire to positively transform them? As you feel a grand sense of appreciation for the people in your life who you sincerely love then new opportunities will come into your life that can help you to feel more positively self-empowered!

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Scorpio: November 21st – 28th 2017

Jupiter in your sign is leading the way towards your life becoming more abundant! “Abundant with what?” you may ask. Abundant with whatever you think about the most! Do you thoughts and feelings serve you well? Are you feeling confident and passionately alive these days? If so then you’re on the right path towards creating the wonderful transformations that you’ve desired for so long within every area of your life! The spiritual side of your life is also growing more magnificently when you place your attention on your true souls destiny! Who are you Scorpio? What do you feel your purpose is in this lifetime? Are you following your true soul’s path towards positively transforming your life and the lives of the people around you? The more you give of your self, your time, your support in a variety of ways and your kindness…the more positive energy will flow back to you in amazingly abundant ways in the near future!

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Scorpio: November 16th – 21st 2017

This upcoming New Moon on Saturday morning at 6:42 am EST is all about YOU! What about yourself do you desire to transform? Do you desire to feel healthier, wealthier and wiser? Do you desire a better relationship with yourself and with all of the people around you who you cherish so much? Many Scorpio’s have been feeling in a lack type of mode for quite some time now, but this New Moon energy in your sign will give you a brand new boost of positive energy! But before it arrives let us step back a few days to when the Moon moves into your sign on Thursday November 16th at 3:19 am EST. From this point of time until the New Moon arrives may be your most difficult time. You may feel a bit dramatic inside of yourself. It’s possible that you may say something to someone that you may regret. If possible try to be more compassionately understanding towards yourself and the people around you. If you can do this then you can avoid confrontations. Also pay attention to your own thoughts and how you honestly feel about yourself. Remember that once your New Moon in Scorpio arrives then it’s your time to transform your life in ways that you’ve only dreamed about before!

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Scorpio: November 6th – November 14th 2017

Vibrant energy from the Sun, beautiful Venus and Jupiter are all shining on YOU! You’ve entered into a brand new cycle of your life Scorpio…how do you feel? Are you ready to feel more self-empowered, radiantly beautiful and abundant? Of course you are! Now comes the time to focus your thoughts and feelings upon being this way from now on! Situations from your past that have held you back are now erased. A new smoother path is before you. How will you choose to walk upon your new path? What opportunities do you desire to experience? Maybe you desire more independence? How your personal story will unfold depends upon the way that you desire to write it. You truly are the script-writer of your life when you focus your deep feelings and passionate thoughts upon what you desire most! Focus your mind on the number 1 and say, “I AM in charge of my own life from now on!” Putting no blame on anything that happened to you in the past, nor feeling that you are unworthy or less than, in any way, in the NOW…but instead focusing your energy on your own personal talents and your heart and mind upon creating a life that feels best for you…this IS what you are being asked to do now Scorpio! Positive power is with you! You can do it!

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Scorpio: October 16th – October 24th 2017

What past thoughts, memories and experiences do you feel are holding you back from being the person who you really desire to be? Are you ready for some very healing energy to enter into your life? Are you ready for your life to become more joyful and abundant? Are you ready for some important transformations to take place? The more you can clearly answer the questions above, the more you will appreciate the energies around you now! The New Moon energy in the sign of Libra takes place on Thursday afternoon in the area of your life that has to do with ‘letting go’ of past emotional baggage that has weighed you down for so long. It’s time to take a good look at these hurtful experiences and bring them into the light. The more you can understand that nothing in your past can stop you from choosing to live your life more abundantly from now on (Jupiter in your sign now is very abundant) then you are on the right path towards creating some marvelous life-changes that you really want! It’s time for you to let go of the past and put your attention to these ‘right now’ good moments of your life. As you begin to feel a grander sense of appreciation for what IS going right and flowing well then you will be able to look forward to your future with more joyful motivation and enthusiasm! The Moon will be in your sign from Thursday evening until Sunday night! This is an excellent phase of time for you to focus your attention upon what you FEEL that you desire most. “If your mind can conceive it and you believe it then you can achieve it and receive it!” Starting next week on Monday October 23rd the Sun will move into your sign of Scorpio! Are you ready to begin to feel self-empowered once again? The more you say, “Yes!” to what feels right for you then the more you will be assured that you are on the right path towards great healing, prosperity, and some new wonderful experiences!

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Scorpio: October 3rd – October 10th 2017

This is your time of year to rest, relax and take it easy. The Sun and Mercury are in the sign of Libra, the sign just before yours. This is the time of year for you to release out of your life any emotional baggage (memories/experiences) that have haunted you for far too long, and may have caused you to have trust issues with others who are important to you. Hold onto the good memories and keep them close to your heart. The bad memories were just learning experiences that you’ve gone through to help you become even wiser. The FULL MOON in Aries on Thursday afternoon at 2:40 pm EDT shines her bright light into the area of your life that has to do with your daily duties and personal health. When you choose to do what you enjoy and enjoy what you do then your health will be good; otherwise you know that stress isn’t good for you! Pay attention midweek about the situations that do cause you stress. Have you been procrastinating lately when you know that you have tasks to complete? Doing certain tasks, even if you don’t want to do them, can help you to feel better AND can help you to understand your creative potential! Speaking of potential dear Scorpio, you are ‘the’ most deeply passionate sign of the zodiac! How would you like to expand your passionate potential even more? “Yes!” you say, okay get ready! Expansive Jupiter will move into your sign on Tuesday October 10th! This energy can be very lucky for you indeed, especially IF you focus your mind, emotions and actions upon expanding your positive creative potential! It will be through your own beliefs about yourself, and your relationships, that will determine if you desire to continue to feel cranky OR much more positively optimistic! However you choose to be…that is what you will more abundantly receive!

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Scorpio: September 18th – September 25th 2017

Your desire to be around other like-minded souls and communicate with them about what everyone enjoys is exceptionally strong right now. Energy from the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars are asking you to focus your thoughts and your energy upon your most important hopes, dreams, wishes and goals…not only for yourself but also for others who you care about. You may find that you have a script written in your mind about how you desire situations to become. These feelings and thought processes will become even more abundant once the New Moon in Virgo arrives early on Wednesday morning. Instead of you thinking, “What’s in this for ME?” you will choose to think “What is the best possible outcome for everyone?” and then use your creative mind to focus, like a script-writer, upon how YOU desire situations to transform! Almost miraculously you will notice that you think a thought and begin to actually see your thoughts turn into reality! Knowing this it is really important for you to focus your mind as positively as you can on what you feel is best for yourself and everyone you love. When a challenging situation is brought to your attention don’t fret. Instead sit back and with your most passionate creative thoughts and emotions try to visualize how you desire the script to be written. Remember that you can’t do this in purely selfish ways, nor in purely selfless ways either, but use your creative mind energy for what is best for everyone concerned. You can call this prayers answered, or miracles if you like, but one thing is for certain you have the magic Midas touch for transformations right now. Starting on Friday the Sun will move out of the sign of Virgo and into the sign of Libra. You may begin to feel a little bit more introverted, but your Midas touch remains. Keep in mind too that negative thoughts will only delay the progress that you want to see! This beautiful energy that you have now is preparing you for more abundance to come your way once Jupiter moves into your sign starting on October 10th! Jupiter is known for expanding energy. So now is the time to focus your attention on becoming more like a optimistic Phoenix Bird and less like a defensive scorpion in the desert. It will take a little time and a little practice, but once you begin to SEE your positive thoughts transforming into your reality you will know that you are on the right path!

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