Scorpio’s weekly horoscopes

Scorpio: July 18th – July 25th 2016

Over the past few months, and especially over the course of the last weekend, did it seem like your love life was ‘on again/off again/off again/on again’? Were you feeling confused about what you really want or was your significant other, or a close friend, upset with you? Were you feeling opposed between wanting to be with this person and having your own personal freedom to do what you want to do? This definitely was happening for a lot of Scorpios. If this wasn’t happening for you then you were tapping into the vibrations wisely. If it was happening for you then don’t give up. Situations are transforming around you within almost every area of your life now. The key to your personal success is the amount of EFFORT that you desire to put into your love life and every other area of your life now. It will be your physical actions that will speak louder than your words. When it comes to your career it may seem a bit challenging, but there is great success to be had in this area of your life too! Monday through Friday the vibrations are asking you to pay attention to your own beliefs. Do your beliefs serve your highest good? Starting on Friday your attention will shift towards enhancing your reputation and creating more financial wealth. Don’t be afraid to take a risk. When you believe in yourself others will too!

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Scorpio: July 11th – July 18th 2016

Tuesday evening through Friday morning the Moon will be in your sign. You may find yourself feeling more emotional, especially on Thursday evening at 6:22 pm EDT when the Moon in your sign joins together with Mars in your sign. Moon in Scorpio conjunting Mars in Scorpio puts you at the crossroads of a path where you can choose to use your high emotional energy for good or bad. Will you choose to do something passionately creative or will you choose to feel angry and upset? Remember that the choice is always up to you. Remember that whatever you choose to tune your mind and feelings towards will create more of an abundance of that! You may have a natural tendency to assert your energetic feelings in ways that may not be healthy for others, nor healthy for you! You would be a wise Scorpio indeed to stay calm and keep your faith strong! Use your emotional high energy to focus your attention and feelings upon a project that you feel GOOD about doing! This is just a passing phase. You may feel the energy of this coming on as early as Monday afternoon. You may feel the remainder of this energy sticking with you throughout the weekend. Remember that this doesn’t have to be a challenging time. This can be a time when you CHOOSE to put your emotional energy towards doing something very creative and uplifting! Even just taking a walk can be very healthy and refreshing! Try to avoid arguments with others. Try to avoid feeling and thinking pessimistic! This is an important phase of time that is trying to help you to align your mind and your emotions in a better balance. Sometimes situations may creep up that seem totally upsetting in order to help you feel more grateful regarding the really good things that are already taking place in your life. If something upsets you then you have two choices. You have the choice to freak out about it OR stay calm and realize that something good IS going to come out of it. The more faith you have that life IS on your side, and the more grateful you feel about that, the more you will see that even the most difficult of challenges can turn around in your favor.

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Scorpio: July 4th – July 11th 2016

Mars, the planet of ENERGY, is back in direct motion in your sign. It’s moving slowly but still it’s going in the right direction! So too are you also moving your life forward in ways that can be very positive! Of all the signs of the zodiac, you desire a deep soul-touching type of loving relationship in your life. You may never admit this to anyone other than yourself. You often keep your feelings quite private. But now comes a special time of your life when you can speak up and let others know what you want. The more positively you can focus your attention upon your most important hopes, dreams, wishes and goals…the more abundantly situations will begin to fall into place for you! You should now begin to have a stronger sense that life itself, the Universal Powers that BE, and even Fate (that you were afraid of before) is beginning to shine positive energy in your direction! Are your personal beliefs and life philosophies more optimistic now? If so then you’re on the right path indeed towards creating great happiness and much healthy good fortune in regards to your finances AND within your love life!

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Scorpio: June 27th – July 4th 2016

You, more than any other sign, are aware of what is and isn’t working correctly in your life. Mars, the planet of energy, has been retrograde in your sign; making you very aware of what past experiences and current situations are draining your finances and your energy. Are you ready to begin to feel more motivated again? Are you ready to attract better financial opportunities? Are you ready to begin to feel more energetic and healthier -mentally, emotionally and physically? Of course you are! Mars, your old ancient ruling planet, will begin to move back into direct motion on Wednesday, June 29th, at 7:38 pm EDT. From this point of time onward you should begin to see situations improving for you. A strong sense of self-motivation is coming your way! It will become easier for you to get up, get moving and become very productive once again! With this new and vibrant energy coming your way, your mood will become a lot better, every area of your life will begin to improve! You’ve made it this far, through some difficult times (that only you could try to understand because you would have had a hard time explaining how you feel to anyone else) and now you will begin to see and feel the LIGHT at the end of this dark tunnel you’ve been through and it’s going to feel wonderfully optimistic to you! You’ve taught yourself that you can conquer your fears. You’ve taught yourself that you can move beyond some difficult life lessons. You are so much wiser now Scorpio! Give yourself credit for this! Your main focus now should be on your new personal beliefs and giving yourself credit for your newfound wisdom! You are now in the perfect position to reach out and help others to overcome similar situations that you’ve been through. Those of you who are super creative (and what Scorpio isn’t?) should think about publishing a book or starting a website of your own. It’s time now, starting this week, for you to focus your positive attention upon your most important hopes, dreams, wishes and goals. You will have much good fortune when you do. The right people will show up in your life to assist you. The New Moon energy on Monday, July 4th, will also help you to release your past issues and delays and begin to positively move forward in your life once again. Many new beginnings are coming your way! Starting next week you should have much good luck when it comes to legal matters, publishing, long distance travel and good news from afar. There’s much beauty and love around you, and within you, Scorpio. Do you trust it? Will you accept it? Or will you remain uncertain and skeptical? The choice is totally up to you!

Scorpio: June 13th – June 20th 2016

You are the type of person who likes to talk about the Facts and the Facts only; although you can be quite intuitive and mysterious yourself, you don’t like others communicating with you that way. You try to communicate as clearly as possible and when you feel that you can’t then you may not say anything. You’ve been more aware lately about how you desire to transform yourself, your life, your finances, your self-esteem, your personal talents, and you desire to strengthen your own sense of self-appreciation. You realize that you can’t look outside of yourself for the answers. You’re trying to figure out what you really want and how to go about obtaining it. At times you may feel more introverted because you need time to figure these things out. Try not to dwell on what you don’t have, what you are lacking, but instead try to focus on how good you feel for what you already have. Just like a building needs a solid foundation…your solid foundation begins with your strong sense of gratitude for what is already going well in your life. This weekend, under the Bright Moon, you will recognize that you have two paths ahead of you. You are at a crossroads to choose which path you desire to focus upon and take. Will you choose the path of lack OR the path of abundance? You will know which path you are on by the type of thoughts and feelings that you choose to have during the course of this weekend. If a thought or feeling comes up and you know that it’s not the path that you desire to be on then it’s up to you to choose a better thought and a better feeling for yourself. It’s also possible that you may receive many of those “Ah HA” moments, where one minute you are unsure of things and the next moment you are feeling more positively inspired! Once you get a good feeling try to stay on that path! Your creative energy is abundant now Scorpio! “If your mind can conceive it and you believe it then you most certainly can achieve it!” The problem may be in the fact that you sometimes doubt yourself. Try to keep calm. You can turn your doubts into healthy motivational energy!

Scorpio: 6/1 – 6/13/2016

I am writing this horoscope for the dates of June 1st through June 13th, which will give you much more information about the vibrations around you for the next 2 weeks. I have family coming to visit us here in Michigan from Washington State. I hope you will enjoy and feel enlightened by this special horoscope for your sign during this special phase of time.

Don’t give in and don’t give up, even though you may feel like it. You are going through a huge personal transformation now that the energy of the Sun and Venus are in the sign of Gemini! From June 1st through the evening of June 4th, you may be more aware of what you don’t like about your life than anything else. There is a deep melancholy type of feeling around you, even though you may not know exactly why you are feeling this way. Some Scorpio’s will know exactly why they are feeling this way! With retrograde Mars in your sign this sense of sadness may turn into anger! Try to be gentle with yourself and with the ones around you that you love. You may desire to spend more quiet time by yourself until things begin to improve; which they can begin to do once the New Moon in Gemini arrives on the evening of June 4th. Try to focus your heart and your mind on what you feel grateful and blessed for within your life. If you can just breathe, relax, be patient and give yourself the time you need then you can begin to see yourself healing. Instead of feeling angry you may allow yourself to rest and meditate instead. When you allow yourself to be calm minded then you are open to feeling more positively inspired! You may desire more financial and emotional support from someone around you, but this person may be resistant to giving you too much for fear that you won’t become more responsible for yourself and your own feelings. Starting on June 6th you may begin to feel a bit more motivated, but until Mars moves back into direct motion (June 29th) you need to explain to this person that you appreciate their loving help and support. What is the lesson of retrograde Mars in Scorpio for you? This vibration is asking you to focus your mind and heart, to Rise Above past situations, and begin to focus more creatively and positively forward on what your most important hopes, dreams and goals ARE! Once you have an idea of what these are for you, write them down and share your important list with those who are closest to you! You may be pleasantly surprised at how much assistance you will receive! Then everyone will be happier…including YOU!

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Scorpio: 5/23 – 5/31/2016

Your life continues to transform in so many ways, but which way do YOU desire for it to transform? You can be a true mystery to others, and sometimes a true mystery to yourself, but in order to receive the assistance and cooperation you want you may need to reveal to another some very deeply passionate, and sometimes scary, feelings that you are having within yourself. Starting on Friday morning the planet Mars (energy) will move backwards in retrograde motion into your sign. Your Soul growth lesson starting then through June 29th is all about how YOU choose to use your energy. Do you choose to see only problems, and that makes you feel angry, or are you also able to see the solutions to these situations and you’re ready to take positive action to make them better? If you choose to only complain about what you feel that you are not receiving then it may be your own thoughts and actions that could be part of the problem. Each day you become wiser and more capable of transforming your life in ways that you desire. The important thing is for you to stay positively focused on your most important personal goals! Playing a blame game, “It’s this one’s fault not mine”, will only backfire upon you so try to stay away from that type of dialogue. You can be extremely creative when you want to be. Your energy can be very comforting and healing towards others. It’s time for you to review your life, your personal desires, and see if your thoughts and feelings are in alignment with what you feel your true soul purpose is. There will be many times when you’re going to feel that you want to give up, but don’t do that…it’s time for you to Rise Above your personal frustrations! It’s time for you to become the true script-writer for your life by aligning your thoughts and actions only with what you truly want! Once this phase of time is past, you will look back upon this time, as a time of your life when you finally figured out, in the most positive ways (and often through frustration), what IS most important for you and for all of the people in your life who you love so much! This doesn’t have to be difficult Scorpio. Just try to stay positively focused on healing your past and creating your future in the best ways possible.

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Scorpio: 5/16 – 5/23/2016

An ailment, (mental,physical, and/or emotional) that has been hindering you is about to improve and turn around in your favor. Like a great weight lifted off of you, you should begin to feel much better very soon. You are so much wiser now than ever before. You know where you went wrong but you must stop beating yourself up about it. Today is a new day, a better brighter day, and the only thing that matters are the choices and decisions that you make today! When you use your energy for the right reasons, you will produce much good fortune for yourself. There are no mistakes in life, only experiences. What you learn from those experiences is what makes you the person you are today! Each day the choices and decisions you make can lift you up to become the person you desire to be for your future! As Venus (on Tuesday) and the Sun (on Friday) move into the sign of Gemini you will begin to renew your life in many ways. Your life is transforming. How do you choose it to transform? You may feel like a caterpillar, but you soon can become a butterfly over the next few weeks and allow yourself the healthy freedom that you’ve desired for so long. The FULL MOON energy on Saturday evening will shine her bright light into the area of your life that has to do with your personal self-esteem. No matter what you’ve gone through, no matter how many trials and tribulations, no matter what other people may think of you, the most important thing is how you FEEL about yourself. If there is something about you, as secret as it may be, that you desire to transform in a more positive way…you will do so starting then and over the next few weeks. Again, don’t berate yourself or feel that you should have done this or that so much better. The past is over. Today is what matters! Give yourself credit for the wonderful person that you are! The love that you desire from another begins within yourself! BE the person that you desire others to see. Your actions will speak louder than your words. When you honestly feel great about who you are then you will know that you are on the right path towards healthier, happier and more prosperous future! If you feel this way about yourself now then you are definitely on the right path! Keep up the good work Scorpio! Others admire you more than you may realize!

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Scorpio: 5/9 – 5/16/2016

You may feel a little bit misunderstood, or possibly a someone close to you feels this way, but all in all your relationships are beginning to improve day by day. There is much love available for you now Scorpio. Will you receive it and appreciate it or will you choose to be afraid of it and push it away? Any trust issues that you had in the past you do not need to still carry around with you now. You are much wiser indeed than you ever were before. You now know how to ask for what you desire, instead of feeling that your partner should be able to read your mind and just ‘know’ what it is that you need within the relationship. You are quite able now to get what you need for yourself without expecting someone else to fulfill those needs for you. You desire a relationship now for different reasons than you had before. You desire a relationship now to have fun with someone who enjoys your friendship and desires to also enjoy life along with you. You may not have known, not really have known (but were only assuming) that what you desired before was a companion who could take care of you when times were rough, pick up some slack on duties and finances when you didn’t feel like it, sexually stimulate you and make you feel good about who you are and just generally all around nurture you when times were tough. Some of these relationship qualities you may still desire, but now you are becoming much more aware of what your true hopes, dreams, wishes and goals really are! And because you are becoming more optimistic, more trusting day by day, you are going to be genuinely surprised at how much your relationship status is going to improve! People, in general, are going to enjoy being around you much more than ever before! What tied you back and held you down, let’s call these self-insecurities, you are now being released from so that you feel more secure within yourself and more able and capable of being in wonderful relationships with more quality and lasting personal heart-felt value. You will be tested one more time on these values when retrograde Mars moves back into your sign from May 27th through June 29th, but again you are so much wiser now than you were before. You realize that feeling defensive or angry about anything only drains your precious energy and infects your well-being. It’s time for you to rise like the Phoenix Bird to higher heights, with greater dreams that you desire to fulfill and greater ambitions than ever before!

Scorpio: 5/1 – 5/9/2016

It’s through the way that you choose to perceive life that will determine your destination. You may wake up on any given morning, in a rushed frustrated mood, only to find that your whole day seemed quite hectic and overwhelming. But on those days when you take your time and wake up with a smile…you set the tone for the rest of your day to work out in your favor! Even if you run into a snag now and then, you still can remain in a good mood and feel abundantly blessed! Back in the old days Scorpio’s were seen as the people who always would think about the worst thing that could happen so that they could be prepared! Oh yes you could easily attract those dire situations into your life by believing the other shoe would fall sooner or later! But now, since the transit of Saturn through your sign over the past few years, and then it moving into the sign of Sagittarius…you’ve become so much wiser! You know now too that when you perceive your life from a more positive angle then situations can easily begin to turn around in your favor! One more time you will be tested, just to make sure that you’ve understood the life lesson, when this time Mars retrograde moves back into your sign from May 27th – then direct on June 29th – to remain in your sign until August 2nd. The lesson here is HOW will you choose to use your energy? Will you choose to use it in a productive way, while continuing to perceive your life in a more creative optimistic way? If so then you’re on the right path! Your focus right now, for this week, should be towards putting your positive attention towards the people in your life that you care about the most! Are you treating them with loving care? Are you treating them in ways that you desire them to treat you? There may be some mishaps, some little spats now and then, but if you can remain positive focused on how important these relationships are to you then they will continue to improve! The New Moon energy in the sign of Taurus on Friday afternoon (3:30 pm EDT) will also help to infuse and renew your relationships with positive energy! On a side note, for some Scorpios, there is also a possibility of an old love from the past desiring to get back in contact with you; and/or you desiring to get back in touch with an old flame from your past. Much love, passion, reminiscing will be going on in your life. Reunions of all kinds are highlighted for you!