Scorpio’s weekly horoscopes

Scorpio: March 28th – April 4th 2017

Your ruling planets are Mars (energy) and Pluto (transformation). Mars is currently in your opposite sign of Taurus asking you to put your attention and energy towards the important people in your life. Pluto is in the sign of Capricorn, asking you to release any stubborn old worn-out uncomfortable ways that you perceive yourself and your life and transform those old uncomfortable ways of feeling and being with a renewed sense of purpose! Put these two energies together (both Mars and Pluto) and you can understand that you are a sensational person who can choose to Rise Above any situation in a very positive manner! Yours is the sign that can fall down and then more positively dust yourself off and beautifully rise back up again! You can release stress off of your shoulders by having a more positive perception of life once again! A situation may come your way where a family member, or someone close to you, needs your financial assistance OR you may simply choose to generously share your wealth with those who are closest to you. Have no sorrow over what you give so generously. It’s through the act of giving that you will truly receive! Much appreciation will come your way for your grand sense of generosity. Whatever you choose to share and give can make your heart feel lighter! A new sense of personal joy will flow into your heart because you know that you’ve done what was right. As you look back upon your life, and all that you have experienced, and then choose to simplify your life now, a stronger sense of personal dedication comes your way – positive motivating energy – that can help you to create happier and more prosperous opportunities for yourself that you will definitely look forward to experiencing.

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Scorpio: March 21st – March 28th 2017

Are you more aware of what you lack or what you feel most grateful for? What you place your attention upon will grow magnificently for you under the vibration of the New Moon in Aries! The New Moon in Aries will take place on Monday evening, March 27th at 10:57 pm EDT. This vibration will open new doors of opportunity for you, especially helping to enhance your attitude/health/work opportunities and your ability to charitably assist others when they need you the most. “What you give of yourself, you will receive in return” will begin to be your new philosophy. For now, for this week, until this special New Moon arrives, pay attention to the thoughts you think and the way that you perceive your life. What changes do you desire to feel and see and have happen in your life Scorpio? If you know the answer to this question then you’re on the right path towards some enjoyable new experiences in the very near future!

Scorpio: March 14th – March 21st 2017

You may be feeling a little suspicious regarding the actions and motives of some people around you, but their actions and motives are not as important as your own. Why do you choose to do what you do each day? Are you following your own inner passions? If you are then you will easily be able to allow others around you to do their own thing without wondering at all what they are up to. Focusing your attention upon your own life, while at the same time allowing others to live theirs, is the right thing for you to do now that the energy of Mars is in your opposite sign of Taurus. Otherwise, under this influence, you may become angry at someone close to you without a valid reason. Try to be cautious of this. There is no need to compete when you are creatively unique. The more you believe in yourself and what you are doing, the less time you will have for snooping. Your relationships, both at home and at work, should feel comfortable for you. If someone, or some situation, is making you feel uncomfortable then that is a sure sign that you should turn your attention away from that and put your attention upon something better. If someone is trying to suck you into their personal drama, and that makes you feel uncomfortable indeed, try to be polite and kind and compassionate and then quickly see what you can do to turn your attention towards some other matter that needs your attention. Many people are feeling quite dramatic these days. You, on the other hand, should be putting your attention towards taking care of your own good health and your own important daily duties. You can have much financial success right now when you place your attention towards doing a really good job within your career. Where it comes to your love life situations may feel a bit strained, but it doesn’t have to be this way. It’s up to you to shower friendship and trust upon the people in your life who you genuinely love.

Scorpio: March 7th – March 14th 2017

For some Scorpios it may feel like Fate is taking place in your life and you’re feeling that certain situations are completely out of your control. It is important for you to ‘observe’ what is going on without ‘absorbing’ these situations too personally. These situations don’t necessarily have to be difficult challenges, they can be the simplest things. You may desire a certain parking space, but someone else seems to always be there! Ugh! Or you may order something on-line to find out, when your package arrives, that what you ordered is not what you’ve received! This is not a good time to purchase expensive items or make any life-changing decisions, but this is a good time to focus your mind upon taking care of your daily duties and improving your health in positive ways that can help you to feel so much better. Again, in regards to those situations that you feel are out of your control, try to ‘observe and not absorb’ these situations; especially in regards to other people. What are your personal beliefs? Do they serve you well? Do your beliefs help you to have a healthy and happy life? Those are the important questions that you need to answer now. Taking good care of yourself should be a top priority right now. Your true wealth is in your health! Mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually too…when you feel good within yourself then positive opportunities will flow to you! The Full Moon in Virgo will take place early on Sunday morning, in the sign of Virgo, which rules over all health matters. Pay attention to how you’re feeling from Friday evening through early on Monday morning. Listen to what your body is telling you that it needs. Do you need more sleep or more exercise? Do you need to eat more natural foods to receive better nutrition? Or many you desire someone to give you a big hug and some compassionate understanding? Whatever it is that you feel will give you a boost of positive energy is what you should begin doing more often from now on! The Full Moon in Virgo will also help you to become more aware of what your most important ‘hopes, dreams, wishes and goals’ are for your near future! Luckily the right people will arrive in your life soon to help you bring these important opportunities into your life! Focus your attention upon what feels enjoyable for you! Your creative energies are shining bright Scorpio! Make it a priority to smile more often and have some fun!

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Scorpio: March 1st – March 7th 2017

You may be feeling a sense of sadness over situations in your past that you wish could have worked out differently. You may, at times, blame yourself or you may blame someone else for situations that happened. You may, at times, even choose to blame God, or Life, or the Universal energies of Fate for what went on. Your current lesson is to focus on the Here and Now and to allow any grieving feelings from the past to transcend into a greater sense of personal wisdom. Telling yourself that ‘what was’ is what always, and in all ways, will be isn’t the right path for you Scorpio! It’s time for you to try to Rise Above situations from the past with a greater sense of forgiveness towards others and towards yourself. If you’re feeling depressed then you can’t perceive Life as a beautiful adventure and journey that you want to take. But when you are feeling good within yourself, and good about Life, no matter what you experienced in the past, then you’re on the right path towards great healing and towards living a beautiful life worth living! How do you perceive yourself? How do you perceive your life? How do you perceive life in general? Your answers to the above questions will let you know ‘where’ on the path of your life you are. Are you feeling stuck or are you feeling hopeful? Are you ready to use your personal creative talents to enhance your life, and the lives of your loved ones, in prosperous and productive ways? Starting on Saturday, March 4th, Venus will begin moving in retrograde motion. This energy is moving in a very private part of your life that can help you to release what is emotionally hurting you so that you can focus your attention more lovingly on the relationships that are in your life now. Energy from the Sun, Mercury, and Neptune are shining their energies into the part of your life that is all about entertainment, enjoyment, romance, children, and learning how to have more creative fun in your life! Are you ready to enjoy your life more often? If you said “Yes” then you’re on the right path! Whatever you place your attention upon, and your attitude behind how you place your attention upon it, will expand! Attitudes are important…pick a good one!

Scorpio: February 21st – February 28th 2017

Energy from the Sun, Chiron, Neptune and Mercury (starting on the 25th) AND the New Moon/Solar Eclipse (on the 26th) are ALL asking you to ‘let your hair down and have some fun!’ All of these energies are in your fellow water sign of Pisces, making this the VERY BEST time to focus your attention upon what makes you feel happy! For most of this week, if you’re feeling a bit depressed and you’re not enjoying your life like you desire, this is just contrasting energy asking you, “What do you really want?” Once you can answer this important question and you KNOW what you desire, then the energy from the New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Pisces will open new doors of opportunity for you to enjoy your life better! You were born to be a creative soul who can rise above difficult situations. Who is making life difficult for you? Could it be you? The past is over. A brighter future awaits you! It’s time now, during the couse of this week, to make a list of what you know would make you feel happier! Do you desire more money? Do you desire better relationships? Do you desire a new relationship? Do you desire more quality time to spend with those you love who are in your life already? Do you desire a new career or better opportunities within your current career? Do you desire new creative opportunities to come into your life? What IS IT that you feel you are missing that could bring you great happiness?  You know yourself better than anyone else does and it’s time to search your heart and answer these questions. Once you do then you will be on the right path towards greater personal fulfillment!

Scorpio: February 14th – February 21st 2017

Your beliefs can fluctuate like the changing signs of the moon. Many people may say that you’re stubborn, but little do they realize how emotionally sensitive you can be. When you are happy then you can be passionately happy! When you are not then you can hide and brood about situations better than anyone can. You may have been feeling quite concerned about house/home and family matters quite a bit lately. Some Scorpio’s have made many positive changes within these situations. Some Scorpio’s have felt that it’s just too much work and didn’t make the changes that they desired to. For those of you who have been feeling stuck and still desire to make positive changes there is much support available for you…you just need to ask. People around you do care about you very much, but they can’t read your mind and are unable to figure out what it is that you want. Very soon your sense of well-being should begin to cheer up when the Sun moves into your fellow water sign of Pisces on Saturday February 18th. From that period of time, and over the next 4 weeks, you should be feeling quite creative! Your good sense of humor will come back. Your zest for life will reappear! Situations regarding children, playfulness, and even your love life will receive a boost of positive energy! You can use your imagination to create the life you desire more easily. Your sense of compassion for others will also become stronger. You will desire everyone around you to feel happier, healthier and wealthier when they are around you. With this new upbeat attitude many situations in your life will improve. Get ready for a really good boost of positive energy entering into your life very soon!

Scorpio: February 7th – February 14th 2017

You may desire to go into hiding for a more tranquil spiritual retreat; away from the chaotic energies that are going on within the world these days. This is a wonderful time for you to meditate and ponder upon the meaning of your life, and life in general, and allow your creative better feeling energy come shining through to help uplift your spirit! Jupiter, the planet that stimulates beliefs, is now in retrograde motion in the area of your life that represents beliefs and healing. If you’ve had discouraging situations happen to you in the past, especially if you’ve had a tendency to dwell upon them or you’ve felt stuck in some way, this is a good time for you to receive some counseling or at least to write in your personal journal about these events. You can receive much new positive inspiring energy once the New Moon/Lunar Eclipse arrives on Friday, February 10th starting at 7:33 pm ET. From this point of time onward should begin to feel a bit of relief which can help you move past any feelings of grief you have been going through regarding any area of your life. You shouldn’t worry about what other people think about you, they have their own personal issues that they are working on right now. The most important opinion that matters is your own. Start this week to give yourself more credit for who you are and for all of the life experiences that you have been through so far. Very soon your creative energy is going to begin to return. Much good fortune and success can be yours in this #1 vibrational year of 2017!

Scorpio: February 1st – February 7th 2017

Have you been trying to reach out to someone special, only to feel a bit neglected? Have you been pondering over days-gone-by and enjoying your memories of situations more than you are enjoying your ‘Here and Now’ moments? There’s a saying for the vibrations going on around you right now, “Get busy living or get busy dying!” Which do you prefer? Make a choice today to focus your attention upon what you truly ENJOY about your life! When you do this then you will begin to see that even the most challenging of situations seems to work out in your favor. A health issue (whether mental or physical) can begin to heal now with the energies of beautiful Venus/Mars/Uranus in the sign of Aries! You’re ready to ‘get busy living’ the life that you want, without feeling constricted anymore. Scorpio’s can FEEL how tough life really is, and can often feel a bit fearful and yet very courageous! You are exceptionally courageous when you feel in a positive creative balance within yourself and with any productive projects that you are working on. You can expect yourself to become very active, busy, and more positively productive. To sit and ponder on things will be a thing of the past once you get busy living the life that you want! Where it comes to your love life you’ve had to be very patient, but soon even that area of your life is getting a fantastic boost of energy! For those of you who are in school, or who are learning a new trade on your own or doing some important research, you’re going to have to maintain your strong sense of self-discipline in order to do well. It’s important that you have that old-fashioned ‘stick to it until it’s completed’ type of mentality. Try not to let outside activities get in your way, otherwise you will regret the time that you wasted. You can do exceptionally well in every area of your life when you are dedicated and committed in a positive way! Don’t worry, worry is wasted energy, instead focus your energy towards what you FEEL is most important to you!

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Scorpio: January 23rd – January 31st 2017

Emotional meltdowns or illnesses are signs that you are out of alignment with your greater good! Some Scorpio’s were being shown what they did not want, how they did not desire to feel, so that you could reach for a higher desired vision of what you really do want! When you feel committed and determined, while giving yourself credit for your personal talents, and you take positive action towards what you desire to build…then you can truly become very successful! Do you desire to build better relationships? Do you desire to build better financial security? Do you desire to build a happier life filled with lots of positive opportunities? When you begin to tell yourself, “I desire to live a happy life!” and you focus your attention upon your desires, and your personal sense of worthiness, then you are on the right path indeed! Use this statement, “I AM ___” and fill in the blank! “I AM worthy! I AM talented! I AM blessed!” Whatever you place your attention upon will grow abundantly for you! Are you placing your attention upon the right thoughts, relationships, and situations that you desire to become more abundant? The New Moon energy in the sign of Aquarius takes place on Friday, January 27th at 7:07 pm ET, and infuses her beautiful bright *Light* into the area of your life that has to do with your home environment and family. Any challenging situations that you have been going through in regards to this area of your life will soon receive much new inspiring energy towards making things right! If you feel the urge to clean up the clutter, redecorate, or spend more quality time with the ones you love…that’s great! With a new found ‘Attitude of Gratitude’ towards creating a happier life, you will begin to attract many other positive opportunities that you’ve only dreamed of before!