Scorpio’s weekly horoscopes

Scorpio: 5/1 – 5/9/2016

It’s through the way that you choose to perceive life that will determine your destination. You may wake up on any given morning, in a rushed frustrated mood, only to find that your whole day seemed quite hectic and overwhelming. But on those days when you take your time and wake up with a smile…you set the tone for the rest of your day to work out in your favor! Even if you run into a snag now and then, you still can remain in a good mood and feel abundantly blessed! Back in the old days Scorpio’s were seen as the people who always would think about the worst thing that could happen so that they could be prepared! Oh yes you could easily attract those dire situations into your life by believing the other shoe would fall sooner or later! But now, since the transit of Saturn through your sign over the past few years, and then it moving into the sign of Sagittarius…you’ve become so much wiser! You know now too that when you perceive your life from a more positive angle then situations can easily begin to turn around in your favor! One more time you will be tested, just to make sure that you’ve understood the life lesson, when this time Mars retrograde moves back into your sign from May 27th – then direct on June 29th – to remain in your sign until August 2nd. The lesson here is HOW will you choose to use your energy? Will you choose to use it in a productive way, while continuing to perceive your life in a more creative optimistic way? If so then you’re on the right path! Your focus right now, for this week, should be towards putting your positive attention towards the people in your life that you care about the most! Are you treating them with loving care? Are you treating them in ways that you desire them to treat you? There may be some mishaps, some little spats now and then, but if you can remain positive focused on how important these relationships are to you then they will continue to improve! The New Moon energy in the sign of Taurus on Friday afternoon (3:30 pm EDT) will also help to infuse and renew your relationships with positive energy! On a side note, for some Scorpios, there is also a possibility of an old love from the past desiring to get back in contact with you; and/or you desiring to get back in touch with an old flame from your past. Much love, passion, reminiscing will be going on in your life. Reunions of all kinds are highlighted for you!

Scorpio: 4/4 – 4/11/2016

Have you been feeling a bit under the weather? Are you daily duties consuming you, or would you just rather not do them? Have you been feeling a bit apathetic lately? Do you desire to have more enthusiastic energy and passion in your life? Of course you do! Well there is good news on the horizon for you! The New Moon energy in the sign of Aries will take place early on Thursday morning! This special New Moon energy will open new doors of opportunity for you which will bring you a feeling of better health and enthusiasm! Once you’re feeling good again then you will become more motivated towards getting back to work, taking care of your daily duties and even spending some romantic quality time with someone special! The energy this weekend is ripe with opportunities for you to spend lots of quality time enhancing a special relationship! If you’ve been feeling the blah’s lately…hang in there Scorpio…situations are about to improve for you in many wonderful ways!

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Scorpio: 3/21 – 3/28/2016

It’s time for you to be completely honest with yourself. Do you feel that you’re on the right path with your life? You will know if the answer is YES or if the answer is no by the way that you feel. If you feel healthy and happy then you are on the right path indeed! The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse that took place on Wednesday has helped you to release some heavy past emotional baggage, even in a very subtle and subconscious way. For some Scorpios your dreams may become more vivid; showing you scenes, signs and symbols for how you can improve your life. For other Scorpios you may notice, slowly day by day, that you are feeling better and becoming more motivated. Focus your attention on your most important hopes, dreams, wishes and future goals. The more you feel that you are in control, becoming more motivated and productive, the healthier and happier you will begin to feel. You may desire to work on a cause that will have long lasting value. Helping a family member, or someone who you feel is close to your heart, to enhance their life in a special way can easily put you on the right path towards feeling really good about who you are! The Moon will move into your sign on Friday at 2:09 pm EDT and remain in your sign for the course of the weekend. This is an important time to focus on feeling more balanced within yourself. You can choose to place your attention upon what you feel you lack OR be wise and Rise Above your personal challenges by focusing your attention upon what you feel most grateful for! What you focus your attention upon is like divine fertilizer that will attract MORE of what you are feeling and mentally focusing upon into your life! Be Wise! Stay Positively Focused upon what you honestly and truthfully desire to manifest more of into your life! The path you are on is of your own choosing! Make it a wonderful path that you will feel proud of!

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Scorpio: 3/14 – 3/21/2016

Energy from the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Chiron and Neptune are all moving nicely through an area of your life that has to do with children, conception, creativity, romance and fun! When you use your imagination to create what you desire then you can begin to see your visions turning into reality! There is only one catch, one lesson, to learn to overcome. Have you made some kind of commitment to yourself, or someone around you, that you wish you hadn’t made, that you wish you could ignore? It’s not a big deal, but if you stick to your promise you may see that you end up feeling very happy that you made the commitment in the first place. What started out as a feeling of, “I don’t want to do this” can turn into the experience statement of, “I’m so happy that I chose to do this!” The kindness that you give to others can return to you 10 fold! Starting on Sunday morning, when the Sun moves into the sign of Aries, your attention will focus towards your daily duties, work situations and new exercises that can help to improve your health. You will have a strong desire for more peace, serenity, fun and adventure…without arguments and drama being a part of your life anymore. Yes, sure they will still occur from time to time, but you will handle them more easily by learning how to ignore and not take personally what others do and say. Your focus will be more on setting personal goals and then sitting back, relaxing, and celebrating your achievements. When it comes to love matters in your life…the time is NOW to give to others first what you desire to receive in return. If you want a hug then give a hug. If you desire appreciation then give appreciation. If you desire a compliment then give a compliment first. Ah HA! You’ve got the right idea now!

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Scorpio: 3/4 – 3/14/2014

You deserve to have more fun, play, romance and passion in your life! You may become very aware of that you have not had enough of what you desire most! The New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse on Tuesday evening will take place in the area of your life that has to do with creativity, fun, children, passion and romance! Much healing energy is being infused in this part of your life. You desire to have a strong spiritual connection towards someone, or some artistic creative project, that you feel really passionate about! If you felt a lack in this area of your life you are about to receive a healing injection of creative energy for sure! You are going to be very fertile with a renewed sense of passion that you’ve never felt before! There is a strong spiritual feeling of ‘being in love’ with a creative project, with a special someone, with pride for your children, and with looking forward to enjoying your life even more! You may have felt like you’ve been waiting and waiting for some new sense of inspiration. You won’t have to wait much longer Scorpio! The renewed sense of inspiration is on its way to you now! Emotions may run high on Tuesday, but each day forward will bring the renewed energy and new opportunities that you desire! Starting on Saturday, March 12th, the energy of Mars will move out of your sign and into the area of your life that has to do with your personal talents, self-esteem, your personal values and your own earned income. From this point of time onward you can begin to feel more financially abundant and energetic once again.

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Scorpio: 2/22 – 2/29/2016

Keep your eyes focused on the mysterious signs and symbols that will unexpectedly appear in your life right now. You are being shown that you are not alone. The Universal Energies are listening and responding to your deepest inner desires! For instance, if you have been thinking that you desire more financial prosperity into your life, then you look down at your feet and see a penny, a quarter or even a dollar…that is your sign that you are being heard! Pick it up, put it into your pocket, and keep what you’ve found as a reminder to yourself that more abundance is on it’s way to you! Same thing is true for any topic that you may have been pondering over lately. Let’s say, as another example, that you desire to have a strong committed loving relationship in your life and you notice a loving couple walking hand in hand with each other…that is your sign that there IS a wonderful relationship coming into your own life soon too! Whatever it is that you strongly desire keep your eyes and ears open so that you can see and hear opportunities of what you desire going on around you. There is much guidance available to you now Scorpio! When you choose to use your senses to become more aware of what you really want…then you will begin to see the signs and symbols come your way to show you that you are on the right path!

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Scorpio: 2/15 – 2/23/2016

Try not to jump the gun and make negative assumptions when you have so much good energy flowing through your life right now! You are a natural investigator Scorpio! You also know that everything in life happens for an important reason, even if you don’t agree with that reason. The energy of Mars is in your sign and desires you to focus your ENERGY towards what you desire to become more abundant in your life! Placing your attention on the people and situations that you don’t desire to have in your life is like eating a huge buffet of food that tastes absolutely terrible! Walk away from what you KNOW isn’t good for you anymore! Focus your attention and energy on what you know is more beneficial! By doing this you are earning your good fortune! Much love, happiness, good health and success can come your way when you focus on what’s good for you! Situations relating to your home and family will need your attention for the better part of this week. Starting on Friday your focus will turn towards becoming more creative, fertile, romantic and playful! Your own ‘inner child’ will desire to come out and play! There’s nothing wrong at all with that! In fact, the happier you are, the more playful you can be, the more abundance and prosperity you will attract into your life! The Full Moon Energy on February 22nd shines her bright light into the area of your life that has to do with your most important hopes, dreams, goals and desires! You should feel quite grateful indeed for those that you have obtained in your life already! As you focus on what you feel most grateful for already…you can be assured that more wonderful opportunities are coming your way in the not too distant future!

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Scorpio: 2/1 – 2/8/2016

How are you perceiving your life these days? Are you using the energy of Mars in your sign in positive ways? The energy of Mars IS all about Energy (with a capital E) and it’s up to you now to choose to use your energy in ways that feel productive, helpful, honest and healthy! The first step in the right direction for you is to have a more positive perception regarding your own life and the lives of the people who mean the most to you. Instead of playing the blame game, and blaming others for how you are feeling, it’s now very important that you try to treat others as you desire to be treated. At times this may not be easy for you, you may desire for others to treat you like a King, or Queen, but the lesson right now is all about treating others as you wish to be treated. Whether or not they actually do treat you this way isn’t the point. The point is that you will receive much good fortune for being very loving, kind, helpful, reassuring and very loving towards them. If you passed away tomorrow how do you want people to remember you? This is a good question to keep on your mind while you make the choices and decisions that you do each day. How other people perceive you isn’t nearly as important as how you perceive yourself. Are you feeling really good about who you are? It’s time to say, “Yes!” Allow your creative, healing and compassionate side to shine through and then others will truly enjoy being around you! There is much love here for you now Scorpio! Make sure that you don’t take it for granted. Time flies by fast. Children grow quickly. Life can seem short, even if you live to be 100 or more. Make sure that these days of your life feel abundant for you. The more you focus on the good that life has to offer…the more abundance of all kinds will be bestowed upon you!

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Scorpio: 1/25 – 2/1/2016

When you focus on what you can do to help others, your good deeds will return to you 10 fold and then some more! The more honest and sincere you feel about doing what you feel is the right thing to do, to help enhance the well-being of another, the better and better you will feel within yourself AND your health will improve as well as your Good Fortune! You have plenty of energy now to put towards improving your own life as well as the lives of those you care deeply about. The energy of Mars in your sign now is helping to enhance your life with a stronger sense of Will Power and forward moving motivation! If you happen to be on the wrong path you will know it because you will feel your energy being more stagnant and angry. If you on the right path you will know because you will feel happy and very creatively inspired! Keep that positive energy circulating in a direction that means the most to you! Now is not the time to be a couch potato! Now is a good time to get up and get your body moving! It is also very important to communicate with others in a way that you desire them to also speak to you. How you perceive your life should be improving now that Mercury is back in direct motion and the energy of Venus is infusing your life with more beauty and love! Use your creative imagination to focus your mind upon what you passionately desire the most!

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Scorpio: 1/18 – 1/25/2016

Mars in your sign is giving you the extra energy that you need! Anything that you put your mind and actions towards can succeed! What is IT that you desire most? Jupiter moving through the area of your life that has to do with your most important hopes, dreams, wishes and goals is bringing you much Good Fortune! You can use your energy to dwell on everything that you feel is frustrating to you, thus propelling you to feel frustrated and angry OR you can choose to use the energy of Mars to stimulate your feelings of inspiration and move your life forward in many abundant ways indeed! How will you choose to use the energy of Mars in your sign Scorpio? Every minute of each day try to pay more attention to the thoughts you are thinking and the feelings that you are feeling! If you don’t like the thoughts, they are not making you happy, then choose better ones that DO make you feel more inspired! You have the creative energy to do this! If you desire to be on the path of Good Fortune and Joyful Prosperity you most certainly can be! The Full Moon energy on Saturday evening stimulates the area of your life that has to do with creating change within your career and setting your mind upon using your own unique talents to increase your income! You truly can be a source of inspiration and positive motivation for others around you now!

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