Sagittarius’ weekly horoscopes

Sagittarius: March 28th – April 7th 2017

You know what you know, you are so wise, but you may not be putting your beliefs and wisdom into action! You can think of a good plan and say, “Yes I CAN!” and then choose to just sit there and not do anything. When this happens then you feel stuck-in-a-rut that can last a long time until you get your ideas and body moving! What are you waiting for? What do you want? How can you transform your habits so that you feel more positively energized once again? Those are all very important questions for you now Sagittarius. If you are waiting for someone else to give you the green light “GO” before you take action, you will be waiting a very long time. Self-motivation is very important for you now! With Saturn in your sign now don’t be afraid to allow your own talents to SHINE! You will be rewarded when you use your own sense of self-discipline to do what is right! On any given day you two paths ahead of you that you can choose to be on at any given time. One path leads towards you feeling the blahs, the other path leads you towards feeling energized and enthusiastic! Which path do you desire to be on? Before you get out of bed in the morning make a choice to choose the path that feels most productive for you! In time the people you thought that you needed to mentor you will become mentored BY you! You can have fun and be a leader too!

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Sagittarius: March 21st – March 28th 20170

Every thought, every experience, that you place your attention upon EXPANDS for you Sagittarius! Your ruling planet is the planet Jupiter whose energy expands everything within your life! You are never one to do things in small simple ways, nor are you the type of soul who enjoys settling down when you’re not ready. What have you been thinking about the most lately? What has your attitude been regarding your current situations? Are you able to place your attention upon what you feel most grateful for so that those situations can expand for you in many positive ways? Maybe lately you’ve been feeling that you’ve lost your playful edge and have become more serious about life because you’re dealing with a lot of heavy responsibilities; and because of this you’ve been feeling more depressed and lethargic. If so that’s okay. This is just a temporary phase. When you feel down like this you will get back up again! In fact the New Moon in Aries arrives on Monday evening, March 27th, to help you receive a new boost of positive energy that can help you to feel playful once again! When you are genuinely in a good mood then lots of unique opportunities can come your way that can help you to feel tuned into your natural creative energy! Good health, wealth and happiness will always come to you when you turn your attention towards what you appreciate and feel most grateful for! For instance, if you desire true love in your life, but you feel that you don’t have it yet, and you see a couple who are truly ‘in love’ with each other, do you feel jealous OR do you feel truly appreciative and happy for them? Remember that your thoughts, feelings and actions will return to you 10 fold Sagittarius! ‘Give’ first what you wish to receive in return, in the most abundant ways possible!

Sagittarius: March 14th – March 21st 2017

What qualities about yourself do you like the most and feel most optimistic about? Whatever they are give yourself credit for them each and every day! Where you place your attention energy goes and flows abundantly! What are you placing your attention upon the most? Some Sagittarians were going down a path that they thought they really wanted to be on, only to find out now that what they desired before may not be exactly what they want now. If you have been feeling this way then it may life like Fate has you locked in a situation that is difficult to get out of. This feeling may be in relation to a relationship, a career, or just the feeling that you’re not enjoying your life in ways that you really desire. Hang in there Sagittarius. Contradiction can be a good thing. When you know what you don’t want then you’ll begin to know what you do want soon. Many Sagittarians desire to make improvements, which is always a good thing to do, and are realizing that the most important improvements they can make first starts within themselves! Is your attitude uplifting and making you feel inspired, happy and self-motivated? Or have you been feeling upset because others around you aren’t trying hard enough to make you happy? Could it be that you feel disappointed in someone else because you’re really feeling disappointed within yourself? This is an excellent week to focus your attention on how you can make some positive improvements within your home environment and within you too!

Sagittarius: March 7th – March 14th 2017

You are evaluating and re-evaluating what is most important to you, especially in regards to where you are now in your life and how you can begin to bring your most important ‘hopes, dreams, wishes and goals’ into your reality! Start first with your home environment. Is this a place where you feel most comfortable or do you desire to live somewhere else? Energy from the Sun, Mercury, Neptune, Chiron and the South Node of the Moon are challenging you to re-create your home environment in ways that can feel more comfortable and enjoyable. You’re aware of what you don’t like, now become more aware of what you do desire! In order to become more prosperous in other areas of your life you need to first feel really ‘at home’ within the place where you live. Some Sagittarians desire to use their place of residence just as a place to hang their hat, for a moment, while they are getting ready to run out the door to their next social adventure. With your ruling planet Jupiter in retrograde motion right now, you are also re-evaluating your priorities where it comes to your choice of friends. Like attract like! If you enjoy the company of the people you hang around most often then you’re on the right path. If, on the other hand, your group of friends feel annoying to you then this is the perfect time to become more selective about who you choose to allow into your life. Do you friends uplift you and support you towards creating more success in your life? Or are your close friends dependent upon you in ways that deplete your energy and finances? The Full Moon in Virgo energy takes place this weekend. She will shine her bright light into the area of your life that represents your career and your personal reputation! Do you feel really good about who you are and what you contribute into society or do you desire to make some new positive changes within your life? You are learning that your reputation and career shine as brightly as your home life! Saturn in your sign is making a nice trine (blessing energy) to Mars and Uranus in Aries right now. This is an excellent time to begin making the changes that can bring more comfort and success into both your home life and into your chosen career! Don’t just sit there Sagittarius! It’s time to create the changes in your life that can bring you more love, happiness and financial prosperity!

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Sagittarius: March 1st – March 7th 2017

You are a vibrant soul who desires the Truth and only the Truth to be within your life. What does Truth mean to you? What is your own Truth regarding how you perceive yourself? Does your personal Truth feel positive for you and is it good for your own well-being? If you answered “Yes” then you’re on the right path. If you answered “no” then it’s time for some new re-evaluation regarding your beliefs and new re-adjustments to be made in the ways that you perceive yourself and your life. Jupiter, the planet of Expansion, is your ruling planet and is now in the sign of Libra, the sign which rules over balancing relationships, beauty, and money! Jupiter in Libra is in retrograde motion creating the re-evaluations going in within your life, especially in regards to your most important hopes, dreams, wishes, goals and the groups of people you hang around most often. All of these topics will go through a re-evaluation until June 9th. The sign of Libra is ruled by the planet Venus. Venus is in the sign of Aries now and is going into retrograde motion starting on Saturday March 4th, which will cause even more re-evaluation in regards to your love life, your children, and what you choose to do to bring enjoyment into your life. In some ways you may feel dissatisfied until you begin to realize what IT IS that you desire MORE of within your life. You first will know what you DO NOT WANT in order to bring more clarity into your life of what YOU DO WANT! Now it’s important to ‘look before you leap’ and not make any life-changing decisions during this phase of time. Venus will be in retrograde motion until April 15th, with a continuing shadow period until May 18th. Be cautious when it comes to prior lovers coming back into your life. You can enjoy their return and friendship, but don’t make any commitments right now. Wait until this phase of time passes before you make any life commitments. This is a phase of time where you are learning, more than ever before, what your personal Truth really is!

Sagittarius: February 21st – February 28th 2017

Situations, regarding your home and family, need your attention. Can you figure out pleasant and creative ways to create a more harmonious environment? Your personal relationships are receiving a boost of positive energy, but first you must be willing to compromise and cooperate with these important people in your life. Are you aware of what they need? Are they aware of what your needs are? It’s possible, for some Sagittarians, that disagreements may occur for most of this week. Whether spoken, or unspoken, you may feel a sense of tension within your home and with your family members. On Sunday, February 26th at 9:58 am ET, the New Moon/Solar Eclipse will take place in the sign of Pisces. This energy will bring you new opportunities to begin making improvements; within your home and with your family members that can feel more tranquil and harmonious! You may have an urge, especially when the going gets tough, to focus on getting away from your responsibilities. Try to bide your time, do what is right, and know that very soon some very joyful and inspiring energy is coming your way! If you desire for situations to improve in your life then focus your thoughts upon what new opportunities you desire! By doing this you will be on the right path towards creating a happier future!

Sagittarius: February 14th – February 21st 2017

Try to become more aware of the ways in which you think, talk to yourself, and communicate with other people. Are your words inspiring or are they a bit self-defeating? Are you happy most of the time or have you been feeling depressed? How you choose to communicate will indicate to you the state of your mental and physical health. Do you choose to become healthier, wealthier and wiser? If so then choose words that communicate what you desire! There is much support for you from the people in your life who adore you. Are you treating these people kindly or do you just expect them to do what you tell them to? The kinder you treat others, the kinder they will treat you in return. How you treat others is a direct indication of how you treat yourself. No Sagittarian can give to another the energy of genuine love if they don’t genuinely love themselves first. Knowing this information now is the time to treat yourself with the most loving kindness that you can muster! You truly are your own best friend Sagittarius! Know this and BE this towards yourself from now on! You are a wonderful soul who deserves to be happy and feel really healthy within you. You are learning now what you dislike and what you truly adore. The more time you spend doing the things that you enjoy the happier you will be! When it comes to your daily tasks you may find that some situations are a bit of a challenge, especially regarding those of you with children; they may be acting up quite a bit now. Everyone desires to feel appreciated. Everyone desires to be loved. The very best way to create harmonious relationships is to shower your appreciation and love onto those around you who mean the most to your heart! When you’re in a good mood, when you believe in yourself, even the most impossible of challenges can turn around in your favor!

Sagittarius: February 7th – February 14th 2017

Whether you believe you can, or you believe you can’t, either way you’re right! Are your personal beliefs and thoughts serving you so that you can have a prosperous life? It’s time for you to get your mind motivated towards doing what you know is good for yourself and everyone around you. You are being asked to be a leader, a teacher, and a source of positive inspiration for others! Can you do this? Yes you can, but first you must believe in your own abilities to do so! The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse energy on Friday, February 10th at 7:33 pm ET will shine her bright light into the area of your life that has to do with your beliefs and higher mind! This Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse energy is in your fellow fire sign of Leo; which can help to transform your negative beliefs into more positively passionate ones! This Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse energy takes place at 22 degrees; which means that this is a VERY important energy indeed! This 22 degree mark asks you to think thoughts, make choices, and take actions upon what you feel will bring you the most long lasting happiness and security for your life! What you choose to focus upon the most at this particular time can create wonderful new opportunities for you over the next 6 months! Try to become more aware of the way that you talk to yourself and others. Do your thoughts and words express what you actually mean? Do they express what you desire to receive MORE of in your life? It’s time for you, Dear Sagittarius, to begin to BE the change that you wish to see in the world! If you desire more love then become more loving! If you desire more harmonious relationships then BE the type person that others enjoy being in a relationship with! You really can’t expect others to be your mentors right now, although at times they may be; just don’t expect that. With Saturn in your sign until December of this year, it’s up to YOU to be the solid and security-orientated mentor that others can turn to and respect! Can you do this? Of course you can! There is much good fortune around you! Your rewards can be abundant when you believe in yourself!

Sagittarius: February 1st – February 7th 2017

What you are learning now is very important! Those of you in school should continue to stick to your studying. Those of you who are not in school are still in the school of Life, especially with Saturn being in your sign! What are you learning and how have your experiences helped you to become wiser? If you feel a bit overwhelmed by current experiences ask for assistance. You are a student of life and yet you are also becoming a wise Teacher. You can share your experiences with others, they would benefit from learning from you! Those of you with children around you will do exceptionally well teaching them. Your love of children is growing! Now that the energies of Venus/Mars/Uranus are moving through an area of your life that has to do with creativity/conception/children/playfulness and love affairs, you an expect some new beginnings in at least one of these topics listed above. Will this be a good thing? Well that all depends on how you choose to use the energy of Saturn! Will you be responsible? Will you choose a good mate to have a love affair with? And don’t forget that conception is also highlighted for you over the next few weeks! The more responsible you are in regards to what you consider ‘fun’, the better your outcome and the bigger rewards you will receive! It’s definitely time to align your thoughts with what you ‘hopes, dreams, wishes and future goals’ really are! The more dedicated you are towards believing that you can achieve them, the more support you will receive AND the more you can achieve your personal success in the not too distant future. Stay strong Sagittarius. Be mindful of what you desire. Look before you leap! Think twice, be responsible, but also allow yourself to have some fun!

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Sagittarius: January 23rd – January 31st 2017

Saturn in your sign says, “Be Responsible!” “For what now?” you ask. With the New Moon in Aquarius energy on Friday, January 27th at 7:07 pm ET, shining her bright *Light* into the area of your life that has to do with how you ‘perceive’ your life…Saturn says, “It’s time to be responsible for your thoughts, how you communicate with others, and how you desire to treat other people who you attract into your life!” Your sign of Sagittarius enjoys positive/creative/enthusiastic attitudes from those around you! You may believe that when they are this way THEN you can feel good within yourself. Actually the opposite is true now! It’s up to YOU to be the positive/creative/enthusiastic one who can transform negative energy/attitudes into positive ones! Energy from this New Moon can help you to do this! Pay attention to your own attitudes and thoughts over the course of this weekend. If you find that they are negative thoughts then ‘be responsible’ and try to transform those thoughts into ones that make you feel happier! Yes this can be very challenging, especially when some people around you (and within this whole world) are acting and thinking in negative ways. But again, it’s up to YOU to ‘BE the change that you wish to see in the world’ and if you can do this then you will be greatly rewarded for your efforts! Others around you will greatly appreciate your positive attitude, energy and ideas! Your personal vibration can help to shift even the most challenging of situations into more positive ones! Now it’s up to you Sagittarius to lead the way! Your commitment and determination to bring more joy into your personal relationships and every situation with every person that you meet will bring you much good fortune into the near future! It’s all about your Attitude Sagittarius! Pick a good one!