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June 21st until further notice

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Pisces: May 16th until further notice

Hi my dear Friends and Readers! My husbands work schedule has shifted to new hours, until further notice, and with the eldest grand kids being out of school for the summer season I have decided to place my attention more upon the family and using my personal time to do what I love doing best…very unique and insightful Astrological/Spiritual Counseling Sessions for You! I have also decided to set up my appointments for the whole summer and into the early autumn season with a Big Spring Bogo Super Sale for You! For those of you who have gotten IN on my sales in the past you will definitely want to get IN on this one now, which will only last until midnight on June 12th. For those of you who have always wanted to have a session with me, and may have a friend who does too, then you and your friend can split the price and receive your sessions with me for 1/2 off my normal fee! When time permits, in the future, I will begin to update the horoscopes and the AstroWeekly Report once again for you. I am hoping to be able to do so at some point in the month of June. Until then make sure that you have clicked the Facebook “Like” button on the left side menu of this website so that you will be personally notified when I begin writing again. All of my personal services will still be active and you can write to me anytime through my email at michelle@astroenlightenment.com.  Thank You for your understanding and for continuing to enjoy all of the other services that I offer here on this beautiful website. Many Special Blessings to you and to all those who love you!

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Pisces: May 9th – May 16th 2017

It’s very important now that you take time each day to relax, meditate, and become more mindful about what you’re doing and how you are feeling. On Wednesday, May 10th, there are two very important vibrations taking place. The Moon’s North Node will shift into the sign of Leo from May 10th 2017 until November 6th 2018. The sign of Leo rules over the area of your life that has to do with your daily duties and personal health. If you love what you do then you will feel good, but if you don’t then you may desire to do things differently over this period of time. Focusing your attention upon what makes you feel healthy will also help you to feel happier, motivated, productive and financially abundant! This may be your greatest challenge! It’s time to use this time of your life to do what makes you happy! Those of you working in the health fields in some way will especially become financially abundant! Giving of your time and energy to others, in ways that can help others to feel happier and healthier, will always return to you 10 fold Pisces! Your compassionate understanding towards others is deeply appreciated! Also on Wednesday the Full Moon arrives in your sister water sign of Scorpio! This Scorpio Full Moon can help to heal and transform any old negative beliefs about yourself, and life in general, that have been holding you back from feeling as creative, healthy, lovable and happy as you desire to be! For instance, if you have a belief that makes you feel ‘less than’ for some reason, ask yourself where this belief originated from and if you truly believe that! It’s time to Rise Above any false beliefs and transform them into more positive ones! It’s time to say to yourself, “I AM worthy indeed to live healthy and fulfilling life filled with much happiness and true love!” Now doesn’t that feel better than those old worn out thoughts that you’ve been carrying around for way too long? It’s time to BE the Phoenix Bird within your own life! As you begin to reach higher and overcome those limiting beliefs you will begin to attract much joyful abundant opportunities into your life! Oh think of all the positive possibilities! You can do it!

Pisces: May 2nd – May 9th 2017

Your life is what you imagine it to be! Neptune in your sign gives you a very strong imagination and intuitive clarity! If you can dream it then you can become it! If you believe it then you can receive it! What do you desire most Pisces? What situations within your own life do you desire to positively transform? Mercury moves back into direct motion on Wednesday May 3rd. From this point of time onward, step by step, day by day, you should begin to feel more valuable within yourself! On another good note you should also begin to see your ability to attract positive financial situations into your life growing abundantly! Relationship situations will also improve too! All around this is the beginning of a good time of life for you! Pay attention to everything that IS going right in your life. With an attitude of gratitude say, “Yes!” and “Thank You!” Your kindness and generosity will begin to return to you in ways that you never imagined before. If you felt that others weren’t appreciating you, or expecting too much from you, very soon you will see situations turning around in your favor! Remember to use your creative imagination to visualize situations the way that you desire them to become! Also pay attention to that ‘still small voice within you’ for the guidance that you desire. Soon, very soon, you will begin to see situations that you’ve only envisioned before becoming your reality!

Pisces: April 25th – May 2nd 2017

It’s time for you to learn some new techniques, obtain some new beliefs, and learn some new ways of living your life that can make you feel more abundant and joyful! You are such an amazing soul, with so much to offer to others. Your sense of compassionate understanding is amazing, but you often don’t use that compassionate understanding towards yourself. Are the thoughts you think and the words you use, especially towards yourself, positive and uplifting OR are they more self-defeating? The New Moon energy in the sign of Taurus comes along on Wednesday to infuse your mind and your life with some positive energy! You can begin to feel a grander sense of spring-time, a sense of rejuvenation, and a chance at a new beginning within many areas of your life. The first area of your life to put your attention towards is with realizing how valuable you are to yourself first and then towards others. If you feel that you have been neglecting yourself, in any way, now comes the perfect time to start giving yourself the quality attention that you deserve! Don’t wait for another to give it to you. It’s time for you to start taking better care of your own needs and your own desires. When you really begin to do this well then you will see that others will feel your positive energy and then they will be naturally attracted towards your LIGHT and desire to spend more enjoyable quality time with you; that you will both enjoy! When your internal energy feels dim, then you won’t feel so well and you will desire to retreat away from other people. But when you feel really good within yourself, happy and healthy, you naturally will desire to share your time and energy with others. How have you been feeling lately Pisces? Are you ready to renew your life with some natural positive energy? Of course you are! This is the week where situations can begin to turn around in your favor. Take some quality time each day to be in nature! Go for a walk. Plant a garden. Sit on the grass and watch the birds fly by. Eat foods that you know are naturally nutritious for your body. The more you observe the beauty in life, the more you appreciate your own natural beauty. You’ve suffered enough. Put the past in the past. It’s time for you to look forward to your future with a positive new burst of energy!

Pisces: April 18th – April 25th 2017

It’s time for you to get your creative imagination revved up and ready to go, so that you can Rise Above any current dilemma’s and help others to also transform their lives! There is no challenge that you can’t heal and transform in a positive way! In order to do this in a positive manner there are 3 steps you need to take 1) use your imagination to visualize the situation how you desire it to be 2) listen to your intuition for guidance and inspiration 3) set your intention in a positive manner! Then sit back and watch the positive transformations taking place! Your creative energy is being called upon now to help yourself and assist others. There are many planetary energies changing this week that can be very challenging for others to handle. For you these challenges will not be as tough as they are on other people. You can count your blessings and know that the Cosmos knows that you are needed and these divine energies are protecting you and your loved ones. Will you heed the call? Will you become more motivated to assist those who need you? Starting on Wednesday the Sun moves into the sign of Taurus; which can help to enhance your perceptions and communications. On Thursday Pluto moves into retrograde motion in Capricorn until September 28th; which can help you to go within and strengthen your own inner Truth. Also on Thursday Mercury retrograde moves back into the sign of Aries and into the area of your life that relates to how you’re going to re-evaluate your personal values and how you earn your income. This may be a bit challenging for some Pisces, while others may find that they value their talents even more! On Friday Mars moves into the sign of Gemini which will bring a burst of new ENERGY into the area of your life that relates to your home and family situations. Good time to have some fun with your loved ones and also get some spring cleaning accomplished! All these changes will take place ‘while’ the Moon is in the sign of Aquarius -which I find very interesting indeed – which relates, for you, to a very quiet part of your sky where you can sit back, observe and not absorb, what others are going through for the time being. You can actually relax while these changes are going on. Starting on Friday afternoon, at 3:43 pm EDT, the Moon will move into your sign of Pisces, where it will remain until Sunday evening, bringing in a very calm and very healing energy. This is when you can begin to align your mind with your feelings and use that creative imagination of yours to visualize the changes that you’d like to see take place within your own life and all around the world! These are challenging times, you can feel that, but know in your heart and mind that you are a divine soul who is braver than you think, unconditionally loving, and able to bring healing energy into your own life and the lives of everyone who loves you.

Pisces: April 4th – April 11th 2017

When situations go awry try not to react. When you are reacting then you’re out of control. But when you step back and just observe what is happening, breathe just breathe, then you can rise above these delicate situations and allow yourself to feel inspired towards good solutions. Tell yourself, “I really want to feel good!” Focus on those good feelings and maintain them for as long as possible. How you choose to feel is totally up to you! You may believe that others control your feelings, but they don’t…you do! Let go of doubt! Let go of resistance! Allow yourself to receive what is magnificently best for you! Try to focus your attention upon what makes you feel good! Listen to the wise words of Van Gogh, “The way to know life is to love many things.” Let’s also add to that excellent quote another from Leonardo Da Vinci, “One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself.” With all of the retrograde planets going on for this week and onward (Venus in Pisces, Jupiter in Libra, Saturn in Sagittarius, Mercury in Taurus; and at the end of the month Pluto in Capricorn will go retrograde too) it’s time for Pisces to turn inward and do what they do best…tune into the divine energies of the cosmos! With great faith and a strong believe that situations will turn out well, this is the week to begin to ALLOW positive situations to unfold for you. What you resist will persist. Sometimes we need to wave the white flag and surrender to a higher purpose, a higher calling, and a higher divine guidance that will always protect us. With both Venus in retrograde motion and Chiron in Pisces, NOW is the time to become the wise master of our own lives! Starting on Friday the Moon will move into your opposite sign of Virgo which will shift your attention towards another in selfless service. Starting on Sunday the Moon will move into the lovely sign of Libra; growing brighter in light until she reaches her Full Moon point of time on Tuesday, April 11th at 2:08 am EDT. This Full Moon in Libra will shine her bright *LIGHT* into the area of your life that has to do with giving/sharing, joint financial resources, sexuality, life and death matters, cycles of life and the deep mysteries regarding your own personal transformation! How do you desire to transform Pisces? Are you ready to stop being a caterpillar and become a magnificent butterfly? Don’t be afraid of your own light! The time for you to transform those frustrating situations, especially regarding relationships, into magnificent ones can start right away. There are 4 keys to your success that are happening in your life right now 1) Self-Appreciation 2) Self-Value (3) Self-Love and 4) Self-determination towards creating the life that you desire so much. Once you are tuned into these vibrations, in a very vibrant and self-assured way, you will then be able to more easily and peacefully choose to share your life with another without any annoying trust issues getting in the way of your true happiness together.

Pisces: March 28th – April 4th 2017

You may be the last sign of the zodiac, but you like to take your time. You know, very well, that anything that is worth having in life should be enjoyed! Anyone who tries to rush you, under the Aries energies going on now, will find that they stop you in your tracks and you will move even slower. With energy from the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus all in the sign of Aries; lots of people these days are rushing around without a sense of personal purpose. You, on the other hand, have an important vision in mind! When you stick to what you are envisioning then that benefits everyone! You are not playing the Debbie-downer, nor are you putting the break on everyone else’s fun, but what you are doing is setting a calmer energetic tone that is very healing and helpful for everyone. The problems for you may come when you try to join in on the rushy Aries energy that feels a bit too overwhelming for your nervous system. You are like a fish that enjoys calm beautiful waters. When a hurricane is going on you like to dive deeper and stay away from the chaos. You are right to do so. You need to take good care of yourself. Those who will join you on your spiritual journey are very blessed. So, in other words, for this week, if you desire to take a retreat then by all means do so. Starting on Friday, when Mercury moves into the sign of Taurus for the next few weeks, you can receive some good news regarding home, house, family and real-estate matters. Starting on Sunday beautiful Venus moves back into your sign at 8:25 pm EDT. Venus retrograde, back in your sign, will give you a chance to review everything and everyone that you feel is beautiful to you! Those people and things that you feel are in positive alignment with your energy you will keep. Everything else that is out of alignment you will desire to release. Harmony, Beauty, Good Health, Unconditional Love and Happiness are your most precious personal goals. The more secure you feel within your own life, the more you will choose to share all that you are and all that you have with others.

* For more information regarding this week’s vibrations and what they mean for you, sit back, relax, and enjoy my Astro Weekly Report (click here)

Pisces: March 21st – March 28th 2017

Now that the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus are all moving through an area of your life that represents your self-values, what you value, your personal talents and how you earn your income, are you ready to ‘receive’ what you deserve and are worth? Are you ready to put those old beliefs ‘that you have to struggle to receive’ behind you? Are you ready to ‘allow’ an easier flow of positive ‘receiving’ energy into your life? Receiving what you’re worth can come in many forms – attention, appreciation, kindness, support, financial abundance, inheritances, true love – but the very first step in the right direction to realize how truly ‘worthy’ you are! How much credit have you been giving yourself lately? Do you realize how many kind deeds you have done for others throughout your whole life thus far? Maybe you don’t give yourself any credit at all because you just feel good doing nice things for others, and in fact you feel it’s your Pisces duty to be so self-sacrificing. Well, well, listen up…some wonderful opportunities are coming your way under the influence of the New Moon in Aries energy that will take place on Monday evening, March 27th, at 10:57 pm EDT. From this point of time onward situations can more easily turn around in your favor. You won’t have to work so hard/try so hard/sacrifice so much etc. but instead you just have to BE yourself and ‘allow’ yourself to ‘receive’ what you are truly worthy of receiving! “What IS that?” you ask, “What am I worthy of receiving?” Therein lies the lesson that you are learning right now Pisces! Complicated? It can be, but it doesn’t have to be when you begin to give yourself credit for who you truly are! You are so much wiser now than you’ve ever been before! Are you knowing what it is that you desire? If so then you’re on the right path towards attracting some wonderful new experiences into your life very soon!

Pisces: March 14th – March 21st 2017

There is much positive energy around you Pisces, but you must use your good fortune wisely. You can be given a helping hand when you need it most, but it’s up to you to take good care of what you are given. It’s only natural for a Pisces to show sincere appreciation for almost anything. It’s important that you don’t take for granted a sincere person’s generosity. But, on the other hand, if someone desires to be of assistance to you – but there’s a catch in some way because that other person desires something more from you – your intuition will kick in to let you know not to accept that invitation. Pay attention to your keen intuition right now. An opportunity may seem like a good thing, when in all actuality it may not be. The more personal control you feel that you have over the situation the better it will be. The less control that you feel over the situation, the more insecure you will feel. It’s time for you to step up and appreciate your own self-worth. The Sun remains in your sign until next Monday, March 20th, when the Sun will move into the fire sign of Aries. Starting then, and over the course of the next 4 weeks, it will become more apparent to you how much of your energy you have been giving and how much assistance you’ve been receiving in return. Your own sense of self-esteem will begin to blossom! “I AM worth more than this!” may become your motto. As you begin to believe in yourself, and all that you do, that will be the time that others will feel this energy and desire to become more honest with you! Respect from others will truly begin as your own sense of self-respect begins to grow! This is not you being selfish Pisces. This is your own Self-Awareness blessing you in ways that can help you to create more abundance, true love, and inner peace within your life. While others may be complaining that you’re not doing enough for them, you will still be there assisting; but in ways that feel much more comfortable for you.