Pisces’ weekly horoscopes

Pisces: November 28th – December 5th 2017

Out with the old and in with the new! Bye-bye to November and Hello to December! A new month of your life is arriving. Many new beginnings you can create when you put your mind and heart into it! We are now in Sagittarius season and for you this is all about your career and your life’s purpose! You are a soul who is mean to love what you do and do what you love! Do you feel that your current career IS exactly what you desire to spend your time upon? If so then you’re on the right path! If not then you may be changing careers very soon. Energy from the Sun/Mercury/Saturn (and starting on Friday December 1st you can add Venus to this line up of great energies too) are all moving through your life and stimulating your life’s purpose! It’s very good that Saturn is there because it can reward you and bring you great recognition for your efforts. With Venus coming to join the line up of wonderful energies you can soon see that your financial opportunities become more abundant! Pisces would love to do, for free, what they love to do for others. Try to understand that when you receive financial rewards that is a gift to you of appreciation for your hard-work. Starting on Sunday, December 3rd, Mercury will begin its retrograde motion. You may find, over the next few weeks, that your intuition is more heightened! Yes, Mercury retrograde can cause electrical and technical issues, but on a good note – especially for Pisces – this is a wonderful time where you can feel inspired if you listen to that ‘still small voice’ within you more often. If an issue comes up, within any area of your life, it can become more easily resolved when you ask your higher self for advice. You will be able to creatively use your intuition within your career and assist others with their problems too. Being of service to others always brings Pisces great joy! We are in the season of JOY Pisces and it’s up to you to allow that joyful energy within you to shine brightly! Also on Sunday, December 3rd, the Super FULL MOON in Gemini will take place at 10:47 AM Eastern Time (adjust for your time zone). This SUPERMOON will shine her bright light into the area of your life that has do to with your and family matters. The more appreciation and gratitude you feel for your residence and the people around you, the more you will know that situations are improving in ways that you may have felt were difficult before. As you move your attention towards the energies of next week, you can look forward to Chiron (the wounded healer vibration) moving back into direct motion on Tuesday, December 5th! Hooray! What you have felt was wounding you, (emotionally/mentally/physically/spiritually) will now begin to heal and bring you a grander sense of appreciation and wisdom! So hang in there Pisces! Situations are beginning to look up for you! It’s important that you stay focused and motivated towards your grandest dreams and ideals. Neptune, now in direct motion in your sign, is giving you lots of divine unconditional love and insight!

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Pisces: November 21st – 28th 2017

Your life is expanding in beautiful ways! If you desire to be more abundant then it’s up to you to be more receptive to allowing abundance to flow your way! You may desire more of an abundance of love, good health, wealth or more time for yourself. Whatever it IS that you desire the most put your mind and heart towards FEELING that you have already received it! With an attitude of gratitude within your heart the opportunities you desire will come your way! Try focusing your attention on everything and everyone who you already feel a grand sense of appreciation for! Neptune in your sign is making a nice trine (a great blessing energy) to expansive Jupiter in the sign of Scorpio! Your beliefs pave the way towards creating the life that you desire! Do your beliefs serve your highest good? A belief is a thought that you think about over and over again. Pay attention to your thoughts! If you find that you are worrying or thinking negatively then it’s up to you to choose thoughts that feel much better for you. For instance if you say, “I AM Beautiful!” then of course you will BE! What do you desire most Pisces? If you can say, “I AM___” (fill in the blank) and feel ‘as if’ you already are then you are on the right path towards really creating the life of abundance that you desire to live right NOW!

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Pisces: November 16th – 21st 2017

Your personal beliefs set the tone for everything! What are your beliefs Pisces? Do you believe that you are kind, unconditionally loving, talented, and prosperous? Do you believe that you can obtain anything that you want? The more self-confidence you have the greater your ability to succeed in any situation that you put your mind towards. If you’ve been feeling a little uninspired lately, that’s okay because this is teaching you how inspired you desire to become! The New Moon in Scorpio on Saturday morning at 6:42 am EST will open new doors of opportunity for you in regards to higher knowledge, long distance travel, better communication and strengthening your beliefs in optimistic ways! If you’ve felt a little squashed lately then now is the time to stand up tall and BE who you naturally are! As you do this, as you believe in yourself more (and a higher power that has your best interests at heart) there is no limit on what you can do and what you can become that feel so right for you! Where it comes to your love life there may be an issue with communication where you feel that communicating with your loved one(s) is more difficult than you desire it to be. The very best thing that you can do is to set a good example of your own life for them to follow. If they don’t want to listen to your words then they can see by your actions what is the best way to live and what your main focus is on. You are a determined soul who desires situations to flow more easily. That ease will enter your life’s situations when you choose to allow yourself to feel more ease within you. Pay attention to your thoughts, your feelings, your beliefs and how your body feels within you. When you choose to feel more serenity and ease within your own mind, body, heart and soul then you will begin to see situations really begin to turn around in your favor.

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Pisces: November 6th – November 14th 2017

Are you feeling a little stuck-in-a-rut? Are you feeling a bit more lethargic? Are you feeling that others are draining you of your good positive energy that you need to live your own life and that you are giving and giving and receiving nothing back in return? Hang in there Pisces! You’re actually doing quite well! You sincerely need more quality time to retreat away from the cares of the world so that you can close your eyes and meditate for your own well-being. Energy from Neptune and Chiron are in your sign, so of course you feel like a wounded healer – always desiring to help others even when you’re not feeling good yourself. You are the first one to say, “How are YOU doing?” to another with ears to listen to their sorrows. But you also find that others are not there asking you, but even if they were would you know how to respond with something other than “I’m just fine!” You truly are your own natural healer Pisces. Neptune and Chiron in your sign are giving you the divine wisdom to understand this. As you heal yourself then you are the wise one who can reach out to help and heal others. This is your natural talent that others wish that they had. The energies this week are showing you that “What you believe is what is True for you!” Are your beliefs positive ones? Pay attention to your thoughts, especially your repeated thoughts, do they serve you well? Financially speaking situations are looking UP! Relationship speaking it is you that sets the tone of how you desire others to behave. If you feel cranky then they will too, but on the other hand if you feel joyful they will begin to mirror your feelings right back to you! You are learning so much higher wisdom now Pisces! Allow yourself time to meditate, dream, write in your journal, read good books, watch inspiring videos and movies, and work on hobbies that you enjoy as often as possible.

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Pisces: October 16th – October 24th 2017

You may find that you are around some people who are being very resistant indeed. You have some marvelous energy and ideas that can help them, but they are stuck in their own past ego behaviors that are holding them back from healing and believing in a better future for themselves. Try not to fret so much over what others are doing in their lives, but instead focus your attention upon your own ego behaviors and beliefs that may be holding you back from living the life that you want! Pisces does not have an ‘I/Me/My’ type of ego, but can become quite frustrated when they love so deeply and don’t receive loving cooperation in return. Their ego gets frustrated when others don’t work with them as a creatively positive team; for the healthy benefit of themselves and everyone around them. So now comes the time to focus more on Self and what YOU need to feel at your best! The resistance in cooperation will begin to ease under the influence of the New Moon in Libra on Thursday afternoon! From this point of time onward you should begin to see more harmony and positive balance within your relationships that are good ones for you! So here’s your sign dear Pisces…if after this New Moon you find that one, or more, of your relationships is still out of whack and your not receiving the healthy positive cooperation that you desire then it’s time to let go of those relationships; otherwise they will continue to frustrate you. Wouldn’t it be better to let go of the frustrating ones so that you can create the space needed for some marvelous ones! Speaking of new relationships you should be open to meeting new people who can become long-lasting good friends. Single Pisces could easily meet that special someone that they have been dreaming about meeting! With Jupiter now in the sign of Scorpio, and the Sun moving into Scorpio on Monday October 23rd, it’s time to make sure that your personal beliefs are in positive alignment with what you desire to receive! Be wise and use the I AM philosophy! “I AM worthy of happiness, good health, unconditional love, protection, prosperity and great success!”

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Pisces: October 3rd – October 10th 2017

Your desire to have an energetic and lovely romance is being heard by the Universe who has put both Venus and Mars together (what a lovely pair) in your relationship sector in the sign of Virgo! Virgo is the sign of ‘service’, very much like your own sign, so don’t be afraid to ‘ask’ for what you desire and say what is in your heart. Just be a little cautious of avoiding arguments around the time of the FULL MOON in Aries midweek. This Aries FULL MOON shines her bright light into the area of your life that has to do with your own sense of self-value, leadership, courage, self-love and how you earn your money. You know what is valuable to you. Do you feel that your relationships are valuable too? If so then this weekend is the perfect time to socialize and share your time with your friends and loved ones. Starting next Tuesday, October 10th, your ancient ruling planet Jupiter moves into your fellow sign of Scorpio for the next 12 months. Jupiter in Scorpio will help to passionately strengthen your beliefs and bring you much good fortune where it comes to legal matters, long distance travel, long distance communications, long distance relationships, higher education, publishing and learning more about your own unique personal philosophies. You know what you desire and you’re going to stay focused with a strong sense of faith and belief that your life is positively transforming! Where it comes to your love life you hold the keys to bringing in the joy and happiness that is needed! Don’t look to the other to bring it to you. YOU are the leader, the achiever, the divine lover who can optimistically set the relationship rules. You are exceptionally charming. No mate you desire could ever say no to you. The MOST important thing for you to ponder on, where it comes to intimate relationships, is to focus upon always asking yourself, “Is this person right for me, or is this person just mirror reflecting myself back to me to teach me more about self-love?” IF the person is right for you, truly compatible, then the relationship will feel easy-flowing and comfortable. If you find that you’re having too many struggles with this person then you’re definitely learning more about loving yourself better…so that you can move on towards a more loving and compatible relationship in your not too distant future.

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Pisces: September 18th – September 25th 2017

Your main theme, which is growing more abundant as we speak, is all about focusing your attention upon your most personal relationships right now. These relationships may be intimate in nature, such as with a spouse or significant others, and they may also be about spending more quality time with your friends and working in a more harmonic manner with your coworkers. As you ponder over all of the different types of relationships you have, would you say that your relationships are healthy ones? If so then you are on the right path, if not then there is hope once the New Moon in Virgo arrives early on Wednesday morning (1:30 AM EDT; adjust for your time zone). Whatever relationships you feel need healing with better communication and more quality time spent with them, this New Moon in Virgo can help you to bring in a brand new energy that will be very positive! Energy from the Sun, Mercury, Mars and on Tuesday beautiful Venus arrives into Virgo too! You may have found that your relationships have been strained, maybe even combative in some way, but the energy of Venus and the New Moon will bring in the healing emotional energy that is needed. Pisces people can deal with verbal combat in one of two ways, either they retreat completely or can become very intellectually sarcastic with a great sense of humor; even if it hurts the other person’s feelings. But alas, Pisces desire Peace above all else and really desire everyone to get along harmoniously. So a Pisces can take any type of disagreement very much to heart and desire to correct the situations if possible. Good News for you Pisces because Venus and the New Moon in Virgo will help you to see that others around you DO appreciate and love you more than you may have believed. On Friday the Sun will move into the lovely sign of Libra which will bring powerful energy into the area of your life that has to do with joint resources. Instead of you feeling that you have to share your resources with others for their well-being and sacrificing what you need for them, this new phase of time will allow you to have a more harmonious balance between the ‘give and take’ within relationships. You are a natural giving type of person, so your new lesson is all about ‘receiving!’ “Receive what?” you may ask. For an example if you give someone a loan they will pay you back. For another example those who love you may desire to do kind things for you without you having to ask. When it comes to sexual matters, because that is a form of intimate give and take too, you will begin to feel more comfortable with your own sexuality. The sexual act itself will be more about love (Venus energy) than it will be about just pleasing your partner. If you are single you may find that others find you very attractive during this Libra phase of time. All in all, starting this week, try to focus your positive attention upon creating the types of relationships that you enjoy the most! Or better said, “What you give to another will come back to you 10 fold with love and appreciation!”

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Pisces: May 16th until further notice

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Pisces: May 9th – May 16th 2017

It’s very important now that you take time each day to relax, meditate, and become more mindful about what you’re doing and how you are feeling. On Wednesday, May 10th, there are two very important vibrations taking place. The Moon’s North Node will shift into the sign of Leo from May 10th 2017 until November 6th 2018. The sign of Leo rules over the area of your life that has to do with your daily duties and personal health. If you love what you do then you will feel good, but if you don’t then you may desire to do things differently over this period of time. Focusing your attention upon what makes you feel healthy will also help you to feel happier, motivated, productive and financially abundant! This may be your greatest challenge! It’s time to use this time of your life to do what makes you happy! Those of you working in the health fields in some way will especially become financially abundant! Giving of your time and energy to others, in ways that can help others to feel happier and healthier, will always return to you 10 fold Pisces! Your compassionate understanding towards others is deeply appreciated! Also on Wednesday the Full Moon arrives in your sister water sign of Scorpio! This Scorpio Full Moon can help to heal and transform any old negative beliefs about yourself, and life in general, that have been holding you back from feeling as creative, healthy, lovable and happy as you desire to be! For instance, if you have a belief that makes you feel ‘less than’ for some reason, ask yourself where this belief originated from and if you truly believe that! It’s time to Rise Above any false beliefs and transform them into more positive ones! It’s time to say to yourself, “I AM worthy indeed to live healthy and fulfilling life filled with much happiness and true love!” Now doesn’t that feel better than those old worn out thoughts that you’ve been carrying around for way too long? It’s time to BE the Phoenix Bird within your own life! As you begin to reach higher and overcome those limiting beliefs you will begin to attract much joyful abundant opportunities into your life! Oh think of all the positive possibilities! You can do it!