Libra’s weekly horoscopes

Libra: March 28th – April 4th 2017

What do you feel that you are best known for Libra? What are your personal talents that you are using to shine out into the world? Some Libras are content to keep their talents to themselves, when they could actually be making a fortune! Are you keeping your talents hidden or are you sharing them with others? With so much energy going on now, in your opposite sign of Aries, this is an excellent time to share your beautiful energy and talents with others! If you’re unsure what those talents are, take time to search your heart. What do you enjoy doing most often? What you enjoy others will too! Starting on Friday some good news can come your way when the energy of Mercury moves into an area of your life that represents joint financial interactions. Situations regarding loans, inheritances, money shared with a spouse or partner, or even some unexpected surprise money could come your way due to a good deed that you’ve done for another. Starting on Sunday, as your ruling planet Venus moves back into the sign of Pisces, you may find that your hidden emotions begin to come to the surface. Emotions that you’ve tried to hide, or even your love for another, may begin to surface in ways that you can hide no longer. There’s no need to fret, situations are fine. It just may be a bit difficult for you to realize how you truly feel and that it’s perfectly okay for you to share your genuine feelings in a more open manner. With Jupiter in your sign, in retrograde motion, you are truly learning to give to others what you desire to receive in return.

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Libra: March 21st – March 28th 2017

There’s no time like the present to do what you desire to do. If you wait until the time is right to allow yourself to enjoy your life then you may be wasting a lot of time indeed! No matter what is going on around you try to find ways to enjoy yourself more often. Instead of focusing on ‘how’ you desire things to be, see what you can do to make the most out of every situation! Others around you may desire to do things their own way, and that’s just fine too. You can be a kindhearted soul who desires everyone to be happy. Lately you may have noticed that others are a bit more difficult to get along with than usual; maybe others around you seem more selfish or moody. Situations will begin to improve once the New Moon arrives on Monday evening! The New Moon in Aries will bring a boost of positive energy into your most personal relationships! A new sense of passion and playfulness shines into your friendships with others. Those of you in a committed relationship will begin to feel those warm fuzzy “I love you” vibrations flowing between you both. Single Libras may desire to meet someone special soon. The opportunity to meet 1, 2, 3 and possibly even more potential mates can be happening for you in the very near future!

Libra: March 14th – March 21st 2017

You may desire to reunite with some people from your past, or return to a place where you once lived. Memories from your past may have you feeling a bit nostalgic these days. You may be yearning to return to those ‘good old days’ when life seemed a bit simpler for you. When you bring your attention to your present life, to what is happening in your life in these right NOW moments, you may be feeling that something is missing. You may not be exactly sure what that is, but you’re sure that something isn’t feeling right because you’re not feeling satisfied. It may be too easy to blame another person for your sense of dissatisfaction. You may believe that if you had this person out of your life that situations would improve. Try not to throw the baby out with the bathwater just yet. This is not a good time for making life-changing decisions. If you break-up with someone during this current Venus retrograde you may regret your decision. On the other hand if someone breaks-up with you then that person may return back into your life once Venus moves back into direct motion after April 15th. This is a good time to take a ‘pause’ and weigh your options, search your heart, and give to another what you desire in return. You may be feeling that someone around you is being too arrogant, or that this person’s life is more important to him or her than your life is to them. The most important thing that you can do right now is to make sure that your life is important to yourself! Try to focus your attention upon what you are choosing to do each day in the most positive ways possible. The more happiness you give to yourself, the less concerned you will be with what everyone else is doing or not doing for you.

Libra: March 7th – March 14th 2017

Energy at the beginning of this week may feel a little emotionally upsetting to you. You may feel a little bit more moody, especially where it comes to your personal reputation, your career, and even within your family situations. What really is bothering you so much? If you had a magic wand and could change situations what would you desire to be different? Some Libras may know exactly what the problems are, while other Libras don’t know exactly why they feel this way. One thing is for sure…you’re feeling a little bit challenged; within your relationships. Others around you may be acting a little bit too self-centered and that bothers you. On the other hand some people around you may be feeling that it’s you that is acting this way. Jupiter retrograde in your sign is asking you to re-evaluate your personal beliefs, about yourself and what you desire most for your life. Venus, your ruling planet, is also in retrograde motion, in your opposite sign of Aries which rules over your relationships. Retrograde Venus is asking you to re-evaluate WHY you choose the relationships that you do and to become more aware of what you are learning about yourself through them. When you pay attention to the ‘good’ qualities of the people in your life then you can be assured that those same ‘good’ qualities reside within you. When you notice a quality within someone that you dislike, which is very easy for you to be aware of these days, you need to ask yourself WHY that quality about the other person upsets you so badly? Could it actually be a good quality that you wish you had, but don’t realize that you have? Could it be jealousy or another negative emotion that this person stimulates within you? Any negative emotion you feel needs to be released and healed so that you can feel so much better within yourself from this point of time onward within your own life. Some Libras may decide to let go of a relationship that isn’t in balance with who they truly are. Other Libras are learning to let go of control issues and becoming more accepting and giving towards those who mean a lot to their hearts. The Full Moon in Virgo energy will help you with this, by bringing a greater sense of compassionate understanding into your life. Releasing emotions, things, old memories, beliefs, and relationships that no longer serve your highest good is what this vibration of the Full Moon in Virgo is all about for you. Your desire to accept where you are in your life and then positively building upon it, so that you can feel healthier and happier, is what is taking place in your life right now. The Moon will move into your sign next week on Monday, March 13th at 1:28 am ET. Starting then and into early next week you will begin to feel more mentally and emotionally aligned so that you can take the right positive actions that feel best for you!

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Libra: March 1st – March 7th 2017

Your sign, more than any other, may be feeling a strong sense of dissatisfaction where it comes to your most personal relationships. Now you don’t have to feel this way, but you will be re-evaluating all of the WHY questions when it comes to who is in your life, and why they are in your life, and why have you chosen this person or these people and/or why isn’t the right person, friends, people in my life? If you’ve been feeling ignored in some way then this energy, of Venus being in retrograde motion from March 4th – April 15th, will only enhance these feelings of insecurity. What you are learning, in a really big way, is that YOU are your own best-friend first and it’s up to YOU to take good care of yourself and take care of your own desires. Once you do, once you feel really good about who you are, then you’re on the right path towards being able to get along with others so much better! When you find that people around you are showing you their own insecurities then that is a sure sign that their insecurities are somehow your own insecurities too. Yes, in both conscious and subconscious ways the people in your life will act as a mirror reflection of how you’re truly feeling. If you can pause, before jumping to any conclusions about someone and then you choose to reach out to help another to feel better, then you will also be – in both conscious and subconscious ways – helping yourself to feel healthier and happier too! This is the lesson for you during this phase of time while Venus is in retrograde motion. On the other hand, if you ‘expect’ someone else to help you to feel better first, while they are feeling upset within themselves, then you will feel a sense of grand disappointment and frustration when this person and/or people are not able to do this for you in ways that you desire them to. If this is the case then your relationships will feel very strained indeed, possibly to the point where you’re feel resentful towards them or they are feeling resentful towards you. You know that you don’t want this to happen so the first step in the right direction is to feel a strong sense of personal independence and then to be willing to give your positive assistance, in any way possible, towards the important people in your life who mean the most to your heart. As you begin to SEE their lives improve you can give yourself credit for everything that you were willing to give and willing to do to help them to live a better life! Your own spirit will soar with positive energy! What you give to another will return to you in many splendid ways. Yes take a good look in the mirror. It’s time for you to be your own best-friend and then choose to share your beautiful loving energy with everyone! You will also begin to attract some new people into your life who are much more in alignment with who you truly are! So you have a choice Dear Libra. You can choose to complain and feel upset, OR you can choose to focus upon your own positive traits, expand them, watch them grow in vibrancy, and then choose to reach out and help others to enhance their lives too!

Libra: February 21st – February 28th 2017

The more you give of yourself (your time/assets/genuine feelings) to another, the more you will receive from another in return. Jupiter in your sign asks you to ‘think about the other’ in a balanced and harmonious way that makes you feel good in your heart! The beauty you see in another is a reflection of the beauty that resides within you. The generosity that you give to another shows everyone that you deserve to receive some rewards in return! Whatever you place your attention upon now will EXPAND within your life. Good fortune is with you, especially when you’re focused upon the right things. If you feel more depressed than happy that may mean that you’re not placing your attention upon what makes you feel happy! Do you desire to feel healthier? Do you desire to become more productive? Do you desire for some new opportunities to come your way in regards to your relationships? The New Moon/Solar Eclipse energy, in the sign of Pisces, occurs this Sunday, February 26th, at 9:58 am ET. This beautiful energy will bring you new opportunities in regards to your health, your daily tasks, and within your relationships! The more you are willing to give to another what you desire to receive in return, the more abundant your life can become in ways that you may have only dreamed of them before! It’s time to realize where you feel out of balance and focus your mind on how you would feel if these situations were actually in a more harmonious balanced way. Just by realizing that you desire more joyful balance, and feeling that balance before it arrives, the more you will be in alignment with new wonderful opportunities coming your way! “Mind over Matter” is very important with Jupiter in your sign! Jupiter is also one of the ruling planets for the sign of Pisces! With energy from the Sun/Chiron/Neptune/Mercury AND the New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Pisces…that’s a lot of vibrant energy asking you to positively focus your thoughts, in a very big way (Jupiter) upon becoming happier, healthier and wealthier in your very near future!

Libra: February 14th – February 21st 2017

Jupiter in retrograde motion in your sign is asking you to ponder over very personal questions. Questions, such as, “Do I believe in my personal talents to make a good living? Do I believe in my abilities to take good care of myself? Do I believe that life supports me? Do I believe that others care about me? Do I believe that I can create good harmonious relationships in my life? What DO I believe that is best for my own well-being?” The Sun in the sign of Aquarius desires you to ‘lighten up’ and enjoy your life a bit more. There may be a part of your personality that desires more freedom, to do what you desire, without any expectations from anyone. A bit of a rebel you may be right now, but starting on Saturday February 18th the Sun will move into the sign of Pisces, which will bring your attention towards your personal daily duties and health matters for the course of the next 4 weeks. Taking good care of your health and your duties can become easier for you. In regards to your love life there may be some tension. Some days you may feel ‘in love’ while other days may seem quite stressful. The reason for this is coming from the vibration of your ruling planet Venus who is joined together with the energy of Mars in your opposite sign of Aries. The energy of Venus is getting ready to go retrograde on March 4th and is asking you to surround yourself with only the people that you know who are good for you. This is not an easy task for the sign of Libra; who enjoys the company of many different types of people. But now comes a time to realize that the people ‘you choose’ to have in your life are mirror reflections of you. More than any other sign, the sign of Libra will attract people into their lives who can mirror back to them their inner feelings and personality traits. If these traits are good then you will feel good and know that you’re in the right company. But if someone angers you, for far too long, then you may desire to stop hanging around this person during the Venus retrograde period of time (March 4th – April 15th). You are sifting and sorting through your thoughts and emotions to figure out what is most important to you now; not only within your most personal relationships but also with every other area of your life. What you genuinely appreciate about yourself, your relationships, your items, and within your career can become more abundant with positive energy once you release out of your life what no longer serves your highest good.

Libra: February 7th – February 14th 2017

You may feel that you’ve just about had enough of the chaotic actions and energies of others. You have a stronger desire for simplicity, balance, beauty, fair justice and the energy of love to be your motivating energy each and every day. You, Dear Libra, desire to feel good; good within yourself and within your interactions with others every day. If you have been feeling a bit anxious and wondered why, you may be picking up on the attitudes and energies of others. These chaotic energies can creep into your own psyche making you wonder if it’s you that’s the crazy one! You’re not, don’t worry about that, but you can have a tendency to feel a bit bitter/angry/anxious/sad or depressed due to the chaotic energies going on now. You can choose to tune into this energy or you can choose to rise above it by focusing your attention upon what makes ‘you’ feel better! Yes you desire everyone to feel good too, but you must realize that there may be some people around you who actually enjoy this chaotic energy! You don’t, that’s for certain, but it’s up to you to choose to put your attention upon something else, something better, and at the same time allow others to do whatever gives them pleasure (even when you don’t agree with their actions and temperament). Jupiter in your sign is now in retrograde motion for the next 6 months. What does that mean? That means that it’s more important to find your ‘own joy’ within you than to worry about what others are doing! Your happiness does not depend on anyone else but yourself. Learning how to be your own best-friend is the best thing that you can do for yourself! The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Leo will take place on Friday, February 10th at 7:33 pm ET. This beautiful Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse will shine her bright *Light* into the area of your life that has to do with your ‘own’ hopes, dreams, wishes and goals! This can be a wonderful time of much good fortune for you when you focus upon what does make you feel passionately happy! The energies from Saturday morning through Monday afternoon are asking you to retreat so that you can meditate on what’s most important for you. Release out of your mind and heart what no longer serves your highest good. Starting on Monday, when the Moon moves into your sign of Libra at 3:43 pm ET you should begin to feel much more certain about the direction your life is heading. It’s beautiful indeed to know that the Moon will be in your sign for Valentine’s Day! This Libra Moon energy can be quite loving, passionate, and romantic indeed! Those of you in a committed relationship can renew your love for each other. Those of you who are single may envision meeting someone new; the type of person whose company you will really enjoy; a very special person who will comfortably love and appreciate you.

Libra: February 1st – February 7th 2017

Your life is changing in many ways. Some Libra’s yearn for ‘the good old days’ for simpler and easier times when you may have had more youthful and spontaneous energy to do what you wanted! But alas, Saturn in Sagittarius came along in 2015 to make you ‘think’ about being more self-responsible and choosing to do the ‘right’ things. Now that the energies of Venus/Mars/Uranus are stimulating the area of your life that has to do with ‘other’ people and your most personal relationships, some Libra’s may find love in the most unexpected places! Are you ready for some fun Libra? All you have to do is say, “Yes” if you want to! Those of you with children and grandchildren may find that they need more of your attention. When you give them your personal attention then everything will work out well. If you find that you are preoccupied, caring more about doing your own fun things, then you can expect them to act up more than usual now. Your cooperation with them is very important. For those of you without children it may be your friends who act this way. You do desire to have more spontaneous fun in your life, that’s for sure, but you need to continue to be patient. Next week, when Mercury moves into the sign of Aquarius on Tuesday, February 7th, there will be a joyful shift in the energy around you. Good news can come your way from the most unexpected places! Your love life is looking up! Those of you in a committed relationship can renew your bonds of love. Those of you who are single, or desire someone new, can attract someone uniquely special in the very near future!

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Libra: January 23rd – January 31st 2017

You may have been feeling like your life is not as much fun as you desire it to be; in fact you may have felt like you’ve been going through too many hectic challenges that you would rather not deal with at all. You desire a change, this is true, but what changes would you like to see happen for you? Do you desire to feel happier and healthier? Do you desire more financial abundance? Do you desire better friendships and relationships in your life that are more joyful and cooperative? First and foremost the key to your success within every area of your life is to take a good look in the mirror and really begin to appreciate yourself with more self-love! There is much good fortune around you now with Jupiter in your sign, but you have to be willing to ACCEPT positive opportunities when they come along. For some Libra’s this is about getting rid of things, situations, memories, emotional baggage, regrets, or anything else that you feel is holding you down first before you are ready to move forward in your life once again. The New Moon energy in your fellow air sign of Aquarius will take place on Friday, January 27th at 7:07 pm ET, and shines her bright inspiring *Light* into the area of your life representing your own unique creativity! Are you ready to feel inspired to do things in new ways? Are you ready to more positively enhance your life (especially your love life) in ways that you only dreamed about doing before? Are you ready to try something new and/or take a few risks? Are you ready to begin to live your life in ways that can help you to feel happier? Whatever has been holding you back before can be released from your life now so that you can begin to live your life in new ways, with new opportunities! The more you are willing to let go of the past, and those items that have been cluttering up your closets, the more space you will create for new opportunities to come your way in the very near future!