Libra’s weekly horoscopes

Libra: 5/23 – 5/31/2016

The kindness that you give to others will return to you 10 fold. It’s not always easy to be kind towards those that you may feel emotional trust issues with, but you are so much wiser by being the ‘good guy’ when others around you desire to be selfish. This does not mean, in any way shape or form, that you allow yourself to be a doormat for others to walk on. You can be kind and also walk away from the people and situations that you feel are not for your highest good. Starting this week, on Friday morning, your personal soul growth lesson, through June 29th, will be about strengthen your own sense of personal self-esteem! Are your personal values in alignment with who you really are and with who you desire to become? Or are you allowing the actions, opinions and demands of others to become more important than your own? It’s through your own beliefs right now, regarding yourself and your life, that will determine the direction your life is heading towards. Do you believe that your life is lacking in some way OR do you believe that you will always attract what is meant for your highest good in the most benevolent ways? Whatever your own beliefs are…you are correct! If your beliefs are holding you back from living the life that you desire then now is the time to change them! It’s through the thoughts that you think to yourself, and the words that you say to others, that can become a self-fulfilled prophecy in so many ways now. Be mindful of the thoughts that you choose to pay the most attention to. Be mindful of the words you choose when communicating with others. Are your thoughts and words in alignment with what you desire to attract MORE of? If not then it’s time to change them. If so then you’re on the right path towards a much brighter future!

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Libra: 5/16 – 5/23/2016

Patience, Patience Dear Libra. Sometimes you are being asked to have the patience of a Saint (or at least it may feel this way to you). You start this week off right with the Moon in your sign, growing brighter each night and shining beautiful energy your way. Try to focus your thoughts and feelings on the situations that are already going right in your life, because by doing so you can attract more of what you desire. This can sometimes be challenging because you are so aware of what feels personally unfair. All in all though you have much to be grateful for and if you can keep your mind upon these situations you will feel much better. On Tuesday your ruling planet Venus shifts into the sign of Gemini which can help you to feel a renewed sense of Faith and Hope! “What you believe you will receive” so keep your beliefs in positive alignment with who you are! If you strongly believe that situations are unfair then they will abundantly become more unfair. But, on the other hand, if you believe that situations are improving for you then you will be oh so right when you begin to see situations improving! On Friday the Sun will move into the sign of Gemini too and infuse your personal beliefs with even more power! The FULL MOON energy on Saturday evening shines her bright light into the area of your life that has to do with communication. Is there a way where you can communication better with those around you? The energy of respect and understanding that you give to others will return to you 10 fold! The key to your success is to communicate with others in the exact way that you desire others to communicate with you. What you give you will receive! Starting on Sunday Mercury will move back into direct motion. Slowly, day by day, you will begin to feel that situations are beginning to turn around in your favor. Yes, you must continue to be patient but your patience will pay off big dividends in the near future!

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Libra: 5/9 – 5/16/2016

You are being asked to make some adjustments, but they don’t have to be difficult for you. Focus your attention upon ‘compromise’ and situations can work out well for you. If the other party, or person involved, isn’t being fair with you then you have a right to ‘stand up for your rights’ and not negotiate upon anything until you feel that your own wishes are being valued. There can be a compromise in any situation, but the key word is “Fairness” otherwise there will be a delay, a stall, or a renegotiation at some point in the future. Believe it or not it’s your ability to use your mind over matter and your ability to keep your faith strong that will turn situations around in your favor. Being bossy towards another, or allowing another to be bossy over you, is not going to turn out well at all. Again your attention must be on ‘compromise’ – bringing to the table what you have to offer and seeing what the other party, or person, is willing to give you in return. If you feel that it is a fair situation then it will work out well for everyone. If you feel that it is not a fair situation then you must be willing to ask for what you want. Try to get everyone in writing too because if the other person opts out, doesn’t give what was intended, then you can void the contract – go back to the bargaining table – or choose to do business with someone else. These can be issues that can be quite personal, between you and a spouse, or more of a financial business agenda like between you and a bank etc. Whoever you choose to ‘compromise’ with so that everything can feel fair, you must be firm otherwise you may get taken advantaged of in some way. If possible, you would be exceptionally wise to wait until Mercury moves back into direct motion on May 22nd (or even up to two weeks after that date), but sometimes it’s not possible to delay proceedings so just make sure that your desires are being heard and that you read all of the fine print before signing on the dotted line regarding anything. The energies this week are asking you to take some time to ponder over what is most important to you. The energy on the weekend is perfect for taking some quiet time, just for yourself, to sleep in, relax, and rejuvenate your own personal energies. Allow yourself to be in your own comfort zone so that you can have the time you need to meditate upon what is most important for your own well-being.

Libra: 5/1 – 5/9/2016

Where your ruling planet Venus goes, so too does your attention. Your ruling planet Venus is now in the sign of Taurus along with the energy of the Sun and Mercury! Situations relating to other people’s money, what you owe them and what they owe you, along with working as a team on important projects (sometimes intimate projects) should be where your attention is these days. Issues regarding inheritance, loans, banking, and applying for something where you desire another person (or institution) to financially help you may be delayed, or have to be redone or renegotiated in some way, because of Mercury being in retrograde motion right now. Try not to become angry, frustrated, or too overwhelmed. Energy from the New Moon in Taurus on Friday afternoon (3:30 pm EDT) will bring new energy of hope regarding these situations. They are moving along okay. You just have to remain patient. The more anxious you feel…the longer and slower the proceedings will take. This is also true for any other intimate matters going on in your life where you are joined together with someone else and have expectations of what you desire to receive; and the other having expectations of what they desire to receive from you. Love and Respect are the key words to your success right now. Some situations may seem like quite a mystery for awhile, but if you can remain calm and positive focused then situations can turn around in your favor.

Libra: 4/4 – 4/11/2016

You desire harmony within all of your most personal relationships; with your lover, with your co-workers, with your family members and with your friends. You even desire harmonious relationships with strangers that you meet. There is a part of your soul that can’t understand WHY humans can’t just get along lovingly and peacefully with each other! You are a special soul that desires to be a peacemaker, which you can be very good at doing, a natural matchmaker who can bring the right people together for the benefit of all concerned. Try not to forget this when you begin to feel frustrated and some people are getting on your last nerve. A Libra who feels out of balance within yourself is not a happy Libra at all! When it comes to your most important relationship (that relationship should be with yourself) find ways to bring your own internal sense of peace, serenity, and harmony back into balance first before reaching out and sharing your energy with another. There’s a good possibility that you have been feeling quite frustrated since the last Lunar Eclipse took place in your sign. There is some good news on the horizon for you once the New Moon in Aries energy takes place early on Thursday morning! New and much better opportunities will begin to take place in the area of your life that has to do with your most personal relationships! Out with the old energy and IN with the NEW! Much better personal relationships will begin to take place for you! The energy this weekend is fine indeed for socializing and special intimate gatherings. Those of you who are already in a special relationship should plan something extra special for you and your mate. Those of you who are single should plan to get out there and mingle! You could meet someone special this weekend! Have Fun!

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Libra: 3/21 – 3/28/2016

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse took place in your sign; which indicates to you the many changes that you are personally going through. How do you choose to perceive your life? It may take a lot of self-discipline to change your attitude from one of lack to one of true fulfillment! You can easily do so, if you choose to do so, but you will be challenged along the way with situations that seem to be ‘out of your control’ Don’t give up and don’t give in to a demand that someone else has for you. Do what you FEEL is right for you! Energy from the Sun and Mercury in Aries are giving you the courage to stand up for yourself! When you believe in yourself and all that you do…then you are allowing prosperity and miraculous opportunities to come into your life! This is not selfishness, unless you find that your attitudes seem to be hurting another, this is more the energy of a stronger sense of Self-Awareness of who you are and what you truthfully want! It’s time to be completely honest with yourself. What area of your life do you feel can use improvement? Once you are aware of what you desire then you can take the right steps to bring your ideas into your reality! Don’t allow any negative person to get in your way. Once you feel happier and healthier and more at peace then your energy can only help to enhance your most personal relationships.

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Libra: 3/14 – 3/21/2016

Energy from the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Chiron and Neptune are all helping you to creatively handle your daily duties and improve your mental and physical health. “What you believe, you will receive” thus if you desire to enjoy your daily life more and feel healthier in ever way then you will begin to see the results of what you desire begin to manifest in many amazing ways! If you’ve been feeling a bit under the weather, maybe a little lazier than usual, that’s perfectly okay because this is your bodies way of asking you to focus on what you need. If you have a daily chore, that isn’t your favorite thing to do, but you know that you have to get it done, then the best thing to do is to turn on some music that you enjoy! You would be wise to accomplish what you can this week. Any new work projects that you start now will turn out quite splendidly for you! Starting on Sunday your focus will begin to turn towards your most important and intimate relationships. The old motto about falling in love and feeling the essence of “Spring Fever” was definitely brought to our attention by a Libra! The more you feel ‘in love’ with life and nature…the more you will be able to attract loving relationships into your life over the next few weeks! Once the Sun moves into the sign of Aries on Sunday and kicks off our new Spring Season in the upper hemisphere, you will notice many people being attracted towards you – for new friendships of all kinds will become very abundant for you! If you are single, and desire to attract a new romantic relationship into your life, this is very possible for you! Keep your eyes open for new and wonderful experiences to come your way in the not too distant future! Hooray!

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Libra: 3/4 – 3/14/2016

Your focus right now should be on your daily duties and your personal health. How have you been feeling lately Libra? Now through the next couple of weeks is an excellent time for any type of dental, mental and medical check-up. You want to know that you are okay and that you are getting better every day. The New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse will take place on Tuesday, March 8th, in this area of your life too. If there has been something bothering you in the past, even though it seems to come and go, you will be more aware of what needs healing under the influence of this vibration. Those of you who feel perfectly healthy are on the right path indeed! Those Libra’s that need some attention, assistance, support and healing, should feel free to seek it and ask for it from the important people in your life and from medical professionals. Try not to be blind to what ails you Libra. You deserve to feel happy and healthy. There are people who can help you to feel better, but they won’t know that you need their help unless you ask them. The energy of the New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse can bring much healing into your life. You’ve earned it! You deserve to feel renewed and rejuvenated! Don’t walk away from an opportunity that you know can make you feel better. Some Libra’s just desire to ignore the situation and hope that it will go away on its own. Turn around and take a good look in the mirror. Have you been feeling more tired than usual? Once you begin to make a commitment to yourself that you are going to feel better then you will! But again, if you feel that you at least need a check-up then you would be wise to do so. Even if it’s just for your own peace of mind so that you will know that you are fine. It’s also possible that you may be carrying around some emotional grief that you haven’t been able to heal and detach from. This may be a childhood wound to your ego, or the loss of someone dear to you. As time goes on you will become more aware of what has been holding you back from living the life that you truly desire. Once you know what this is then you can begin to release and heal these wounds. Then you can truly begin to feel a lot better very soon!

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Libra: 2/22 – 2/29/2016

You may be trying very hard to push a project through to completion, only to find that there are delays and other people are not cooperating with you! You want what you want when you want it! Sometimes you are not as patient as you wish that you could be. But there is much good news on the horizon for you Libra. You may have had your mind and heart set on what you called Plan A, only to be delayed on that plan – getting frustrated along the way – but then you came up with a Plan B that will work out even better. Don’t fret over delays Libra. Delays can easily be a blessing in disguise for you! Your lesson right now is all about Trust, with a capital T! Not an easy task for some Libra’s who would rather be independently in charge of everything! Keep your eyes on the prize! Keep your heart focused on your goals! Take everything one small step at a time…moving slowly forward towards the positive results you desire! You need to Trust your feelings and dreams to guide you on your path! If you allow negative feelings to surface then you will only be exhausted, frustrated, angry and distracted. Put your energy towards slowly moving forward in your life. If someone deters you, angers you or gets in your way…just smile, wave and walk away…but continue to stay positively focused on your own goals!

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Libra: 2/15 – 2/23/2016

You are the one that seems to be able to feel the unfairness of situations more than most. Is it that you really FEEL the unfairness, or is it more that you focus your mind and attention on the unfairness that you perceive is there? Try to remember that whatever you put your attention towards will grow more abundantly! If you focus on what you perceive as unfairness, especially within your own life, will only attract more unfair situations into your life! But, on the other hand, if you perceive what you would call an unfairness, but you turn your attention towards what you desire more of (like something so much better) then you will begin to SEE that situations can begin to turn around in your favor! In other words, place your attention towards what you like, what you really like (about any situation), and you will begin to SEE how your own thoughts and energy turn these situations around in your favor! Oh yes, it’s true, you can make a whole list of what you feel is bothering you (because it’s so unfair!!!), but you can also take a deep breath and make an even bigger list of what you feel most grateful for! You have much creative energy around you now Libra! In fact…you are exceptionally FERTILE with energy! Energy from the Sun, Mercury and starting on Tuesday your ruling planet Venus too are all aligning up nicely in the area of your life that has to do with fertility, creativity, fun, love, romance and children! It’s time to have some FUN in your life Libra! Focus your attention on what makes you happy!

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