Libra's weekly horoscopes

Libra: 7/21 - 7/28/2014

The energy of Mars in your sign may have had you very motivated and at times quite hot-headed. It’s nice to have a lot of energy, but not when it makes you feel frustrated and aggravated! There is some relief in sight as Mars moves out of your sign and into the sign of Scorpio on Friday. Starting then you’ll begin to become more motivated about making money, instead of focusing so much what you feel you’re NOT getting right now. Energy from your ruling planet Venus is now in the compassionate sign of Cancer. You may be feeling even more moody, especially regarding your career, but soon situations will begin to work out in your favor. The New Moon energy on Saturday evening will open new doors of opportunity for you, especially in regards to receiving the assistance you need in order to bring your ‘hopes, dreams, wishes and goals’ into your reality! So hang in there Libra, situations can begin to work out in your favor. Try not to get upset at the people in your life who are not paying as much attention to you as you desire them to. Stay focused on creating a more joyful and independent life for yourself.

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Libra: 7/14 - 7/21/2014

Situations may have seemed very dramatic and intense around you, but it’s a wise Libra indeed that has used the energy of Mars to take personal action in making their lives better. This is the very last week that the ENERGY from the planet Mars will be in your sign. Do you have some important projects that you are working on? Don’t delay, get that work accomplished! Both your mind and your body desire to be active, so make sure that your thoughts and actions are positive ones! Whatever you’re doing it will be done in a BIG way, for better or worse depends upon your own thoughts and actions. Starting next week, on July 15th, Mars will move out of your sign and into the sign of Scorpio. Starting then you’ll begin to feel calmer, but in the meantime you CAN use this energy for positive reasons, and not dramatic reasons, if you choose to. That’s the key! You have to choose how you desire to use this energy for your own benefit. Relationship matters can seem quite dramatically intense, but this drama will slow down and dissolve in the not too distant future. Your social life is about to increase when Jupiter moves into the sign of Leo on Wednesday morning. For at least the next year you’ll become more popular. Your current relationships will become better and you will meet lots of new people who you’ll enjoy being around! It’s time to positively focus on your hopes, dreams, wishes and future goals! If they benefit you, and benefit those you love, then you will attract what you desire in the not too distant future!

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Libra: 7/7 - 7/14/2014

Situations are improving in your life, whether you want to notice this or not. It’s your choice on which path you desire to focus (the positive one or the negative one), but it’s a Wise Libra indeed (these days) who can Rise Above all the drama that is taking place - without becoming a part of it all - because you choose to have peace in your life! If you find yourself consumed by inner, or outer, drama’s going on please realize that you always have a choice to either be consumed by these situations OR choose to turn, walk away, and choose to focus on something, or someone, else that you like better. Uranus in your relationship sector may bring some unusual people into your life, but they can help you to focus forward towards a brighter future instead of continuing to dwell over your past. Go with the flow. Take a risk. Enjoy the journey of your life! The Full Moon energy this weekend may seem a bit challenging in regards to your home, and with your family members, but keep in mind that this is just a passing phase and you can choose to handle everything beautifully if you want to.

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Libra: 6/30 - 7/7/2014

Out of all of the signs, besides Cancer, you have the most energy right now! Vibrations from the planet Mars are shining down on YOU! How do you choose to use this energy Libra? Are you staying active and productive? Do you feel juiced up with positive energy OR do you feel angry and frustrated? Whichever way you feel IS a matter of choice. If you feel upset for some reason you can choose to ignore what is upsetting you and go DO something else that does make you feel more positive and productive! Yes, you should and Yes You Can! If you don’t then whatever is frustrating you will just build up and build up until you feel like a volcano that is ready to erupt! Why would you want to do that to yourself when you can choose to productively do something else? When it comes to your most personal relationships you can choose to sexually enjoy yourself with someone who passionately desires to be with you. That person will enjoy your extra energy and attention and be more than willing to give some of that good loving right back to you! In fact, now that Mercury is going back into direct motion on Tuesday you will find that you will enjoy moving, traveling and doing more fun things in the month of July! The Moon moves into your sign on Friday morning where it will remain until Sunday afternoon. With both Mars and the Moon in your sign how you feel emotionally will determine what you choose to do for most of this weekend. Will you choose to feel upset OR will you choose to feel passionately happy? Attitudes are extremely important for you this weekend. Pick a good one!

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Libra: 6/23 - 6/30/2014

The energy of Mars in your sign gives you the burst of energy that you need in order to handle any personal and family challenges that may come into your life this week. If the people around you don’t cooperate with you, in the ways that you desire, then you can become quite angry indeed OR you can choose to see these situations as a personal challenge that teaches you how to transform this frustrating energy into something productive. Try to stay focused on accomplishing personal tasks that can help you to become more independent. The more positively you use this energy the more successful you can become! See the challenging situations as motivating energy for yourself. Oftentimes when stress occurs in our lives we can use this energy towards accomplishing things that we normally would put on the back burner. In other words, if someone makes you upset (which can easily happen this week) look around you and see if there is something you can clean up, redecorate, reconstruct, or at least go for a walk, or a run, and get some exercise. The more you can vent this energy in a productive way the better you will feel! The New Moon energy, in the sign of Cancer, occurs early on Friday morning (4:08 am EDT. adjust for your time zone) which can help you focus on both your home and career in many new ways. The Sun in Cancer, along with Jupiter in Cancer, and now the New Moon too is asking you to have more loving compassion for the people who are around you.

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Libra: 6/16 - 6/23/2014

You try and you try and you don’t know why, but you’re going to keep on trying to either bring a special person closer to you OR at the very least try to figure out what is going on in someone’s mind and heart who is already close to you. You don’t like leaving any loose ends, especially when it comes to your personal emotions. With so many planetary energies flowing through the sector of your life that has to do with your personal beliefs it is important to keep in mind that the happier you can be, without the stress and strain of trying to figure out what other people are up to, the healthier you will be. If you can figure out ways to enjoy your life and work more often then you will also be feeling a lot better. Spending too much time dwelling on what other people are up to will only confuse you and frustrate you way too much and you’ll end up feeling angry. Try not to let your stubborn side overcome you and either push you too hard or stop you from doing anything. Listen to what your body is telling you. You can intuitively tune into the signs of your body, mind and emotions, and know what you need more of. If it’s more sleep that you need, then allow yourself to get more sleep. If it’s better nutrition that you need, then make it a point to start eating better. Mercury retrograde in the sector of your life that represents your work and career continues to move backwards and may have you doubting your personal beliefs over the next few weeks. It’s also possible that an old ailment, or old relationship, may come back into your life for re-evaluation. You can heal what ails you now IF you pay more attention to your own personal needs. Mars in your sign desires you to use your energy in a positive way. This energy doesn’t desire you to be upset, although you may feel this way. The Sun moves into the sign of Cancer to bring in a new season of your life on Saturday! It’s time for you to use your energy towards becoming more compassionate towards yourself and everyone around you. The more compassionate you can be, the more you can empathetically understand how other people feel, the more successful you will be in regards to your home life and within your career!

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Libra: 6/9 - 6/16/2014

The energy from Neptune has just gone into retrograde motion for the next 5 months. This energy can either enhance your better sense of taking good care of yourself, realizing what you internally need in order to feel healthier, or it can stimulate your imagination and make you overly concerned about health matters. “Mind over Matter” Libra! It’s very important that you use your mind to create positive situations for yourself, not only in regards to your personal health but also in regards to your job and daily duties. The happier and more positive you can be…the happier situations will turn out for you. This may seem quite challenging at times, but at least you know now why you may be feeling a bit more sensitive than usual. Just try not to allow your imagination to run away with you. Try not to visualize situations being as upsetting and negative when they shouldn’t be. The FULL MOON energy early on Friday morning (2:11 am EDT. adjust for your time zone) will shine her bright LIGHT into the area of your life that has to do with your mind, siblings, neighbors, friends and how you communicate with them and how they communicate with you. Mercury is the planet that rules over communication and since it is in retrograde motion (until July 17th) there can be miscommunications going on - faulty equipment can break down as well as relationships. Mars in your sign represents ENERGY, especially energy of the mind and body, thus if someone (or some thing) makes you upset you may get VERY UPSET indeed and say or do something that you might regret later. If you get upset with someone, or should I say outright angry indeed, that anger will only affect and infect you. You would be wise to forgive and forget and focus on other people and things that do make you happy. Again, I say, don’t let your imagination run away with you and ‘try’ not to take what others say and do too personally. Remember that it is very important now, and over the next 5 months, to keep yourself healthy - mentally and physically - so don’t allow what others say or do to get to you. It’s time to take good care of yourself and get your life into a very healthy balance!

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Libra: 6/2 - 6/9/2014

Situations can turn around in your favor if you can learn how to relinquish control over certain matters that seem disturbing to you, especially situations regarding your past. The more that you can live in the NOW moments of your life with some common sense and positive wisdom, the more that you will be able to rise above past situations that have been holding you back from your personal happiness for far too long. Your ruling planet Venus is beautifully moving through the area of your life that has to do with personal transformation, joint resources and sexual matters. One of these topics, and possibly all 3, are going to be happening in your life now through June 23rd. Cooperation is very important. If you rebel now then situations will continue to get worse, especially once Mercury moves into retrograde motion on Saturday June 7th through July 17th. Try to keep your wits about you and focus on what the best plan of action is for yourself and everyone involved. The more peaceful you can be (which may be difficult with Mars in your sign now) the better the outcome. You may feel that it’s everyone else that is driving you crazy and that it’s not you at all, but everyone you know/meet/have connections with in some way are showing you - acting like a mirror reflection for you - of the energies that are going on within yourself. If you desire more cooperation from others then you must first be willing to be extremely cooperative yourself. Keep in mind that Mars will continue to be in your sign through July 25th. It’s time, right NOW, for you to take positive actions; Actions that are not only good for yourself but also for everyone else around you.

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Libra: 5/26 - 6/2/2014

Mars in direct motion in your sign can either be used to control issues (and people) around you OR used towards becoming more positively productive! This is a period of time in your life to wisely choose how you desire to think and take action. Saturn is moving through the area of your life that has to do with your self-esteem and how you earn your income. If you desire to magnificently see opportunities increase for you - in regards to money and within your love life - it’s up to YOU to choose how to use the energy of Mars wisely! A positive mind will bring positive results and a negative mind will create negative circumstances. No one can change your mind and your perceptions about your Life other than you and at no other time of your life has this been more important! The New Moon energy on Wednesday afternoon at 2:40 pm EDT can help you to strengthen your beliefs and your perceptions in a positive way. You are being given a chance to view your Life in a brand new way! But again you have to choose to walk on the sunny side of the street, if you don’t then once Mercury moves into the sign of Cancer (early on Thursday morning) you’re going to feel even more frustrated than before! Mercury in the sign of Cancer is going to challenge you to see if you can handle mental/emotional challenges - especially pertaining to both your home life and within your career! If you are able to face a challenge with a positive attitude, and you are able to turn a negative situation into a positive one, then you’ll definitely be on the right path! It’s all about attitude for you Libra…now and over the next few weeks. Attitudes are important! Pick a good one!

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Libra: 5/19 - 5/26/2014

It’s very important to you that you are being heard! You will do whatever it takes to make sure that the people in your life are paying attention to you now! Mars goes back into direct motion in your sign on Monday at 9:31 pm EDT. All of that pent-up energy that you have been carrying around, making you feel like a volcano that wants to erupt (and yet you’ve also been feeling exhausted at the same time - very wired and tired most of the time) is now going to be directed outward (instead of being kept bottled up inside of you). You would be wise to start an exercise program, go for a jog or do something positive to get your body and mind moving in a positive direction once again. Situations around you are going to pick up speed too. Focus on what you WANT to happen instead of just allowing the winds of Fate to bring chaotic situations into your life. If you stay positively motivated towards creating the changes that you want to see happen in your life then you won’t have the time to deal with other people’s issues all of the time. You are being asked to become more and more independent. Any situations that have to do with codependency may begin to frustrate you even more. Jupiter is in the area of your life that has to do with your work and career. It’s in this area of your life that you can SHINE and become very successful! On Tuesday evening the Sun will move into the sign of Gemini and shine in the area of your life that has to do with your personal beliefs, higher education, legal matters, publishing and long distance travel. You should focus on one of these topics and use your energy positively towards enhancing your mind and strengthening your spirituality. “What you believe you will receive” you will attract into your life. Only by keeping your mind positively focused on creating positive personal changes can you then enhance the other areas of your life that mean so much to you. Uranus in the area of your life that has to do with your most personal and intimate relationships indicates that many people around you have their own agenda and sometimes they don’t care what yours is. When this happens you can get quite upset because you feel unappreciated and neglected, but on the other hand you can have the freedom you desire to do whatever it is that you want to do as long as you don’t hurt anyone else by doing it. Saturn in the area of your life that has to do with your personal income and self-esteem is asking you to be honest, work hard and be fair. If you have something positive to give to others then you will always be rewarded. On the other hand if you expect others to give you something and you have to manipulate them in order to receive it whatever it is that you are receiving will always be temporary in nature and may possibly cost you twice as much in the long run. You have to ask yourself, “Is this worth it?” Honesty towards yourself and complete honesty with others is the only way to balance your life in a healthy way under these astrological vibrations. You don’t need to sacrifice yourself, nor should you expect others to sacrifice for you, but you can enjoy many beautiful relationships by being best friends with yourself and with others first. Venus in Aries may have you focusing on your own desires before anyone else’s. Be willing to listen to what others have to say and then share your ideas with them in a happier and more cooperative way. You will receive much more by being nice, to everyone involved, then by demanding that situations HAVE to be YOUR Way! In fact if you are too demanding then the supportive people who are in your life may desire to find a new lover, or a new friend, and leave you completely alone to deal with your own attitudes and feelings all by yourself.

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