Libra's weekly horoscopes

Libra: 10/20 - 10/27/2014

Are you giving yourself credit for everything that you do so well? Do you realize what a beautiful person and soul that you are? Are you tired of blaming yourself, and blaming others, for any unhappiness that you’ve been feeling? This is a week when you can begin to turn your life around in ways that you didn’t believe were possible before! Your ruling planet Venus remains in your sign until Thursday when it will move into the sign of Scorpio - along with the Sun and Saturn - and the New Moon/Solar Eclipse at 5:57 pm EDT. All of this Scorpio energy is going to stimulate the area of your life that has to do with your sense of self-esteem, personal talents, and how you earn your own personal income. The more positively you feel about yourself the more you can attract wonderful new opportunities into your life! You may have felt a little bit intimidated about what other people thought about you, and what you do for a living, but the only person’s opinion that really matters is your own! If you really feel good about who you are, what you do, and how you do things then others will soon begin to see your personal value too! You can creatively rise above your personal challenges by making wise choices and choosing to pay more attention to doing what you love to do more often. New financial opportunities are coming your way! Are you ready to say, “YES” to your own personal success, or are you afraid of feeling more independent? The more you really feel good about who you are, the more others will really begin to appreciate who you are too!

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Libra: 10/13 - 10/20/2014

Energy from the Sun, Venus and Mercury are all shining nicely in your life. The Sun empowers you! Venus beautifies you and lovingly balances your personal relationships. You will find that people are very attracted to you now. If you are looking for a new relationship this can be the perfect time to attract a good mate into your life. Venus can also help to increase opportunities for more financial abundance! Mercury in retrograde motion, in your sign, is asking you to contemplate and meditate upon what you truly desire to attract into your life! Your sense of self-esteem is growing stronger! You should feel beautiful and happy being who you are! This week should flow quite nicely for you. Appreciate the good moments, especially when you are around people who love you! This weekend you may feel a bit more sensitive than usual, especially when the Moon is in the sign of Virgo starting on Saturday evening through next Tuesday morning. All in all this should be a very special time where you can attract many special surprises into your life this week!

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Libra: 10/6 - 10/13/2014

Happy New Birth Cycle Libra! Energy from the Sun and beautiful Venus are both shining down on YOU! The Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse takes place in your opposite sign of Aries, which represents your most personal relationships, early on Wednesday morning at 6:51 am EDT. It’s during this phase of time, and for about 2 weeks after, that you will be re-evaluating your most personal relationships and choosing to either release them OR heal them for the better! Venus in your sign gives you the beautiful edge to know that you are beautiful! Anyone who is in a positive relationship with you should feel blessed. Anyone who desires to create conflicts with you needs to step out of your life until a point in time when they realize what a wonderful person you truly are! You can’t make them see this; they have to figure it out for themselves. Don’t take conflicts too personally. Just know that you are a beautiful person who deserves to be unconditionally loved in the right way! This Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse is also asking you to stop being controlling over others; over what they think and what they do. To receive unconditional love from others you must first be willing to GIVE unconditional love to others, or at least to the people who mean the most to you in your life. You can transform others in a positive way by setting a positive example with your own loving temperament. This should be easier for you to do with Venus in your sign now. Starting on Friday retrograde Mercury will be moving back into your sign, where it will remain in retrograde motion until October 25th. This can be a very contemplative period of time for you. This is a time to re-evaluate your life. Listen to that ’still small voice’ within you for the guidance you are seeking. The more you can go within yourself (daydreaming/night dreaming/meditation), the more you won’t be bothered so much by outside circumstances and other people’s attitudes, opinions and actions.

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Libra: 9/29- 10/6/2014

Energy from your ruling planet Venus has now moved into your sign! This is a time for more balance, beauty, harmony and love! You will be looking good and attracting many people into your life. Venus will remain in your sign until October 23rd. The key to your relationship success starts within you. Do you love yourself, do you approve of yourself, do you treat yourself in ways that you desire others to treat you? Jupiter in Leo asks you to focus on your most important hopes, dreams, wishes and goals! The more you positively focus on these important matters, the more successful you can become! On the other hand, if you feel upset and depressed you may find that you are attracting other angry and depressed people into your life. Which path you are on is totally up to you. We begin this week being in the shadow of the upcoming Mercury retrograde. Mercury will actually go into retrograde motion on Saturday afternoon, in the sign of Scorpio, which asks you to re-evaluate your own attitudes towards your self-esteem and give yourself more credit for your earning abilities and personal talents. Once again the emphasis is on how you feel about yourself. If you feel joyful and valuable then others will respect that and treat you the same way. Mercury will continue to move backwards and will be back in your sign starting on October 10th through October 25th. Your own personal thoughts will create your reality! Are your thoughts creative and positive OR are your thoughts basically negative and angry? It’s up to you to change your thoughts, change your mind, perceive situations in a different way, in order to create the changes that you want to attract into your life today!

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Libra: 9/22 - 9/29/2014

Energy from the Cosmos is shining down on you, bringing you a renewed sense of energy from the Sun and singing, “Happy New Cycle of Your Life” to You! Now you may feel a little bit frustrated on Monday and Tuesday, even though the Sun and Mercury are in your sign. You may feel like you’d rather complain and whine about situations, and possibly blame other people for not doing things ‘your way’ during this phase of time. Take it easy Libra! Situations will begin to improve once the New Moon in your sign arrives on Wednesday morning! It’s very important that you positively focus on your most important ‘hopes, dreams, wishes and goals’ during the phase of this New Moon in Libra; 2:14 am EDT early on Wednesday morning through 10:29 am EDT on Friday morning! Just like making a wish when you blow out your birthday candles, you have this whole period of time to really focus on ALL of the wishes that you desire to attract into your life over the next 12 months! If you’re really wise you will write them down and keep this special piece of paper somewhere where you can look at it often! The more passionate and positive you are about what you wish for, the more you will begin to see things actually manifest into your life! Of course these wishes need to be for your own Highest Good and the Highest Good of those around you. No negative or mean wishes are allowed. In fact you are learning throughout this week, while your ruling planet Venus is still in Virgo, that healthy relationships are important to you and those relationships begin by you positively choosing to be best friends, and give of yourself, in ways that you may not have desired to do before. For instance you may have to forgive someone, forgive yourself and compromise in ways that you don’t like, in order to keep the peace and regain a much better relationship. Is it better to feel resentment OR build a positive relationship? This is the question that you will be asking yourself throughout the course of this week. Starting next Monday your ruling planet Venus will move into your sign! Situations will begin to become easier! The energy of Beauty and Love will surround you!

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Libra: 9/15 - 9/22/2014

Energy from the planet Mercury is now in your sign, which gives you the ability to say what is on your mind! The Sun is still in the sign of Virgo, transiting through your 12th house (subconscious mind) helping you to make some sense out of the hurtful situations that you’ve been through in the past. Love and Forgiveness can heal these memories, but it’s up to you to forgive and forget them. Holding onto painful memories will only end up hurting you in the long run. This is the very last week that the Sun will be in the sign of Virgo. Starting next Monday evening the Sun will move into your sign of Libra! That is something you can look forward to indeed, but for now, for this week, continue to work on forgiving and releasing any past emotional baggage that you may still be carrying around with you. With Mercury in your sign now this would be an excellent week to talk to a trusted friend, or even a special counselor, who will be able to listen to you and give you some positive feedback. If you find that you have no one that you desire to share your past painful memories with then at least get yourself a journal so that you can write down your memories and feelings. The more you can release these situations out of your mind and emotions, the better prepared you will be to start a new chapter of your life when the Sun moves into your sign next week.

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Libra: 9/8 - 9/15/2014

No one can make you do something that you don’t want to do, but you must also take other people’s feelings into consideration. You are being asked to strike a healthy balance between what you desire and what others around you desire from you. The Harvest Full Moon in the sign of Pisces may have you feeling emotionally wounded when it comes to your daily life. Some Libras may not feel very well this week, but keep in mind that if you are feeling under the weather then this is a sure sign that you need to do something differently. Even if you feel just fine you need to keep up the healthy ways in which you are living. You deserve to do what you love and love what you do AND reap some healthy rewards for doing a great job too! The more you are grateful, for even the smallest things that make you feel happy, the more you will reap more positive opportunities into your life soon! You deserve to have the time to get some extra rest. This is an important healing time of your life. Release resentments and replace them with forgiveness. Release all negative emotional baggage from your past and then prepare yourself for a new and more positive future to begin when the Sun moves into your sign on September 22nd!

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Libra: 9/1 - 9/8/2014

You are very aware of the life lessons that you’ve learned in the past. You may not have liked going through these experiences, but as long as you understand the lessons then you don’t have to repeat them. Lately you’ve been feeling silent, like no one could understand anyway, but starting on Tuesday - as Mercury moves into your sign - you’re desire to speak out on personal issues will return to you once again. Monday through early on Friday afternoon you can receive the support you desire IF you ask for it. Starting on Friday, as your planet Venus moves into your 12th house, for a 3 week retreat, the support that you desire from others may not be as available as before. For the next two weeks you have two paths that you can choose from: 1) complain about everything and feel that no one is listening OR 2) try to relax, retreat for a short vacation, and bide your time (allowing positive healing energy to flow through your life) until the Sun moves into your sign on September 22nd. Starting then your sense of self-empowerment will return, but until then you would be wise to bide your time and surrender for a little while. Work situations will work out in your favor when you try your best to share your personal skills with others. The problem is that you may not have the amount of energy that you need, in order to do your best, but keep on trying…that’s what matters most. Situations really aren’t as dire as they may seem, especially to those wise Libra’s that have hope in their hearts and are working on strengthening their personal sense of spirituality.

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Libra: 8/25 - 8/31/2014

Your personal affirmation for this week is: “I take responsibility for making my own changes.” The first step in the right direction is to reflect upon your life and forgive those people and situations that have held you back from having the life that you really want to live. The past is over, there’s no use dwelling upon it now and it certainly doesn’t help you to feel angry and depressed about it anymore. All you can do is reflect upon it, figure out what you learned from it all, and then allow yourself to forgive and get some well deserved rest for now. Venus in the sign of Leo is helping to bring the right people into your life who can help you, advise you, and assist you while you’re going through this period of time. The New Moon energy on Monday, in the sign of Virgo, will bring to your attention the areas of your life that need healing. You may feel that no one is paying attention to your true self-value and yet you will begin to see many improvements once the Sun moves into your sign in September. For now it’s very important that you try to ‘go with the flow’ and take personal responsibility for your feelings, thoughts and actions and for making the small personal changes that you desire to make right now.

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Libra: 8/11 - 8/18/2014

You may be extra determined to get your own way, without thinking how your emotions and actions affect other people around you. You may not even care how others feel, as long as you get what you want…when you want it most! “How dare anyone not respect me and do what I ask them to do!” When you feel and act like this the people around you will want to run away from you instead of taking the time to help you. Right now, under the energies from the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and the dark moon Lillith all stimulating ‘your’ desires and squaring off with energy from both Mars and Saturn in Scorpio…it may be difficult to think about what others want when you know what YOU want and that’s all that matters! The best way to handle this challenging vibration is for you to either pursue your own goals, without the help of another, or to try to more compassionately understand the other person’s point of view and feelings when he, or she, is around you. You will receive much more cooperation by being loving and compassionate then by being demanding in any way. In fact, the more demanding that you are…the more situations can backfire! Being empathetic can come naturally to you, if you can allow the more beautiful, loving and spiritual side of yourself to come shining through!

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