Libra's weekly horoscopes

Libra: 3/23 - 3/30/2015

Cooperation is the key towards trusting more and feeling more agreeable with anyone you join your finances with, have sex with, or sign any agreements with during this phase of time. Moderation is also important. You may have a strong passionate desire to go overboard. This urge can be sexual (lusty) or financial (spending too much money) or having a strong desire to consume too much of something that will only make your tummy ache and your pants fit a bit tighter. It’s good that you feel so passionate about things, but please be smart and be responsible for your choices and decisions. Focus on what is most important to you. A close friend, or intimate partner, will desire to guide you and support you. An unexpected financial windfall can happen for you, or someone close to you, so that this extra money can benefit all. This is a special time of cooperation and sharing for you. If you are agreeable towards doing this then this can also be a very happy and lucky period of time for you as well! There will be a lot of things that you will desire to get accomplished this week. You can get a lot done, but you must also be patient with yourself so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. The more assistance and support that you have, especially this weekend, the happier you will be as you move your life into the joyful energies of next week.

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Libra: 3/16 - 3/23/2015

Your life hasn’t been easy since the summer of 2012. The energy at the beginning of this week is making you well aware of the areas of your self and your life that you desire to change. On Tuesday your ruling planet Venus moves into the sign of Taurus (which is the other zodiac sign that Venus rules over). This is good news for you Libra. Your financial opportunities will increase! Love and romantic opportunities can also improve for you! A stronger sense of hope, cooperation and sensuality increases! You may not be feeling it as strongly as you desire to until after the New Moon/Solar Eclipse takes place on early on Friday morning (5:36 am EDT). Once the Moon moves into Aries (6:28 am EDT) and the Sun moves into Aries (6:45 pm EDT) THEN you will begin to feel much better and begin to slowly see the improvements you’ve desired come into your reality! Situations around your workplace are also improving too! You are learning a lot about yourself through your interactions with others. When it comes to compliments, and other things you desire, you would be wise to GIVE to another first…and then pay attention to what you receive in return without you even having to ask. Give what you wish to Receive is an excellent motto for you! Your life IS improving Libra. Hang in there and you will see the improvements you desire beginning to manifest by next week.

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Libra: 3/9 - 3/16/2015

Try to stay as calm and balanced as possible within yourself. Try not to allow the words and actions of those in your life to make you feel stressed. Everyone is going through some very personal transformations within their lives this week. Some people may be a bit more aggravating than others will be. Try to be extra patient with everyone, including your self. The most stressful days are Wednesday and Thursday this week, so keep this in mind and make it a point not to take situations too personally. If you find that you lose your temper, or feel out of control, take a deep breath and tell yourself to calm down until you begin to feel better. This can be a wonderful week, if you feel up to it, for flirtatious types of friendships! Love and Romance are highlighted for you, especially if you’re in the right mood, so put on your dancing shoes and try to be as outgoing as possible! If you are single you may easily meet someone new who you connect with in a very special way! If you are already in a committed relationship try not to argue with each other, instead remember all of the special reasons why you enjoy this person’s special charms. Spending quality time together, in a loving and very romantic way, may be just the thing that you both need to take the relationship to the next level. Appreciation for yourself, and for everyone around you, will show everyone how charming you are and they will want to be around you! Self appreciation and Self acceptance are the two qualities that you are working on now. The more Self Love you have…the more others will be attracted to you in many amazing ways! It’s time to put your worries aside Libra and go out and have some fun!

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Libra: 2/23 - 3/9/2015

Life is a lot harder than it seems when you don’t have the means to expand your dreams and do what you really want to do. Relax. Be patient. The Universal energies have everything covered for you. It’s time for you to become enlightened and focus on what is most important for your self. Good Luck is flowing with you, but you may not realize it because situations may seem a bit out of your control. You can choose to either feel depressed and frustrated OR put your faith where your frustrations are and Believe that situations will improve for you soon. It’s through your personal beliefs that situations will work out in your favor. Are your thoughts positive ones, or are they more negative than you desire them to be? There can be a lot of romance and passion flowing through your life, but you have to be willing to enjoy your self (without worrying) in order to feel a grand sense of fulfillment. Your career goals are supported through the connections you make now. The Full Moon on March 5th asks you to quietly sit back, relax, and release inner tensions by observing and feeling the beauty of this Full Moon. You may feel a little sense of depression, but this is only because you know that you are now able to put the past in the past where it belongs. There’s a sense of nostalgia that comes with these feelings. You can hold onto the good memories while you’re letting go of the bad ones. Communication with others needs to be honest and optimistic in order to strengthen friendships and receive any information you are seeking. There may be some tensions around the work place, but this too will pass, so try not to take anything you may hear (such as gossip) too personally now. It’s very important that you are being patient with yourself, within yourself, and with the people you encounter every day. This may not be easy for you to do, you may desire to forcefully get your way, but you will receive what you desire when you are willing to be loving in every way!

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Libra: 2/16 - 2/23/2015

You may be wondering WHEN you’re going to begin to have some fun in your life! Even when you tried to have some fun you may have felt like something was missing. Your desire for more passionate adventures is on the horizon Libra! You won’t have to wait too much longer. The New Moon on Wednesday evening (6:47 pm ET) in the sign of Aquarius, helps you to put ‘old’ emotional issues to rest. Just moments later, the Moon and Sun will move into the sign of Pisces (6:50 pm ET) which will open new doors of opportunity for you in regards to your daily personal schedule and your personal health. If you’ve been feeling bored, or just a bit overwhelmed, you should begin to feel a sense of inner peace that situations ARE going to improve for you soon! On Thursday evening the energy of Mars moves into the area of your life that will stimulate your personal relationships. On Friday afternoon beautiful Venus (your ruling planet) also moves into this area of your life! With both Mars and Venus joining together like this you can expect situations to definitely be looking UP in regards adventurous, romantic and passionate relationships in your life very soon! Your financial aspects are looking good too! Smile Libra! Situations are definitely beginning to look UP for you!

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Libra: 2/9 - 2/16/2015

It’s very important that you try to avoid any type of negative gossip this week. It’s very possible that a good friend may try to draw you into a conversation about another mutual friend…only for that mutual friend to find out what you both were talking about. When this happens you may get blamed and lose a friend over the situation. Knowing this now you can walk away from any type of negative gossip before it occurs. Spend your time positively focusing on what makes you happy; what you desire to have happen that will make you feel even happier with your future! The more creative, loving, and playful you can be…the better your chance for some wonderful romance to happen in your life soon!

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Libra: 2/2 - 2/9/2015

Friendships and social events will bring you much Good Luck under the Full Moon in Leo energy from Monday afternoon through Thursday morning! Say Yes to all social invitations - work related and private friendly ones - that come your way! You may even desire to throw a little gathering yourself! The more people you have around you the happier you will feel! If you’re not actually at a special gathering then you will be thinking that you wish you were at one. If no invitations come your way, then call up a few of your close friends and join them somewhere special for dinner! The people that you gather around you now can inspire you and help you to joyfully create more success in your life! Love and Romance are also highlighted for you! Committed relationships can become renewed, engagements can easily happen, and meeting someone new is also a possibility that can be lots of fun for you! The main thing is to stay available for some good times ahead! Good Luck is with you in regards to social opportunities and all you have to do is say YES!

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Libra: 1/26 - 2/2/2015

Does love and romance sound good to you? Are you ready to say YES to receiving the type of loving energy that you’ve only thought about before? The energies this week are positively in alignment for bringing someone special into your life now. A gift of flowers, a nice dinner date, and some cuddling on the couch can be just what you have dreamed about for such a long time now. The keys to your romantic success are Appreciation and Self-Value. The more you love yourself and the more you are willing to share your self-love with another…the happier the romance will be! When you truly love yourself and value yourself in a positive way, the easier it will be for you to shower love and appreciation onto another person. There is much positive energy around you now Libra and all you have to do is FEEL it! The more positive your thoughts and feelings are the happier and more successful you will be! You ARE Beautiful Libra! All you have to do is SMILE! It’s time for you to put your worries aside and focus on feeling really grateful for everything that is going right in your life now!

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Libra: 1/19 - 1/26/2015

Your beautiful planet Venus is in the sign of Aquarius. On Tuesday morning both the Sun and the Moon - creating the New Moon energy at 8:14 am ET - will also be in the sign of Aquarius! This beautiful energy stimulates the area of your life that has to do with your inner sense of creativity, joy, fun, romance and passion! For you Libra’s that desire to conceive a child this is the best time for that! If you don’t desire to conceive a child (take precautions) but maybe you do desire to plant seeds of success in regards to a new project of some kind! On Wednesday Mercury will be going into retrograde motion until February 11th. Mercury is also in the sign of Aquarius, which can help to stimulate your intuition and help you to actually become even more creative! This particular Mercury retrograde doesn’t have to be a worrisome time for you. It may seem this way for other people, but for you this energy can bring even more romance and fun into your life if you desire it to! Think of it like this, you are the Beautiful Artist of your own life now. In order to BE so you must first pick up the paint brush, or put on your dancing shoes, and then visualize in your mind the type of picture you desire to paint, or the type of dance you desire to do! Mercury retrograde will help you with the visualization process. Listen to your intuition for the guidance you desire and then put on your shoes and dance! The test will be, for you particularly, if you can pay more attention to your inspiring intuition or if you will choose to pay more attention to your depressed/angry ego. But even Picasso was very depressed but he painted some very unique and interesting pictures! How do you desire to uniquely express yourself? You are beautiful Libra! People really do want to see you paint, sing and dance!

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Libra: 1/12 - 1/19/2015

Good opportunities can come your way now that the energy of Mars has moved into the sign of Pisces (for the next 6 weeks). This wonderful energy stimulates your daily life, your daily duties, your personal health, and your work and career opportunities! Mercury and Venus are in your fellow air sign of Aquarius; stimulating your sense of creativity and personal enjoyment! Put all of these energies together and you will see that ‘the more you enjoy your life the happier, healthier and wealthier’ you will be! With an Attitude of Gratitude are you enjoying your life? If the answer is YES then the next step is for you to SHINE and share your beautiful energy and talents with others! This can be a very loving time for you too. Many people will be attracted to your beautiful energy! You may find that you attract people from many different races, creeds, colors and geographical areas. The friendlier you are, the more you can easily communicate well with them all!

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