Libra's weekly horoscopes

Libra: 9/15 - 9/22/2014

Energy from the planet Mercury is now in your sign, which gives you the ability to say what is on your mind! The Sun is still in the sign of Virgo, transiting through your 12th house (subconscious mind) helping you to make some sense out of the hurtful situations that you’ve been through in the past. Love and Forgiveness can heal these memories, but it’s up to you to forgive and forget them. Holding onto painful memories will only end up hurting you in the long run. This is the very last week that the Sun will be in the sign of Virgo. Starting next Monday evening the Sun will move into your sign of Libra! That is something you can look forward to indeed, but for now, for this week, continue to work on forgiving and releasing any past emotional baggage that you may still be carrying around with you. With Mercury in your sign now this would be an excellent week to talk to a trusted friend, or even a special counselor, who will be able to listen to you and give you some positive feedback. If you find that you have no one that you desire to share your past painful memories with then at least get yourself a journal so that you can write down your memories and feelings. The more you can release these situations out of your mind and emotions, the better prepared you will be to start a new chapter of your life when the Sun moves into your sign next week.

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Libra: 9/8 - 9/15/2014

No one can make you do something that you don’t want to do, but you must also take other people’s feelings into consideration. You are being asked to strike a healthy balance between what you desire and what others around you desire from you. The Harvest Full Moon in the sign of Pisces may have you feeling emotionally wounded when it comes to your daily life. Some Libras may not feel very well this week, but keep in mind that if you are feeling under the weather then this is a sure sign that you need to do something differently. Even if you feel just fine you need to keep up the healthy ways in which you are living. You deserve to do what you love and love what you do AND reap some healthy rewards for doing a great job too! The more you are grateful, for even the smallest things that make you feel happy, the more you will reap more positive opportunities into your life soon! You deserve to have the time to get some extra rest. This is an important healing time of your life. Release resentments and replace them with forgiveness. Release all negative emotional baggage from your past and then prepare yourself for a new and more positive future to begin when the Sun moves into your sign on September 22nd!

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Libra: 9/1 - 9/8/2014

You are very aware of the life lessons that you’ve learned in the past. You may not have liked going through these experiences, but as long as you understand the lessons then you don’t have to repeat them. Lately you’ve been feeling silent, like no one could understand anyway, but starting on Tuesday - as Mercury moves into your sign - you’re desire to speak out on personal issues will return to you once again. Monday through early on Friday afternoon you can receive the support you desire IF you ask for it. Starting on Friday, as your planet Venus moves into your 12th house, for a 3 week retreat, the support that you desire from others may not be as available as before. For the next two weeks you have two paths that you can choose from: 1) complain about everything and feel that no one is listening OR 2) try to relax, retreat for a short vacation, and bide your time (allowing positive healing energy to flow through your life) until the Sun moves into your sign on September 22nd. Starting then your sense of self-empowerment will return, but until then you would be wise to bide your time and surrender for a little while. Work situations will work out in your favor when you try your best to share your personal skills with others. The problem is that you may not have the amount of energy that you need, in order to do your best, but keep on trying…that’s what matters most. Situations really aren’t as dire as they may seem, especially to those wise Libra’s that have hope in their hearts and are working on strengthening their personal sense of spirituality.

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Libra: 8/25 - 8/31/2014

Your personal affirmation for this week is: “I take responsibility for making my own changes.” The first step in the right direction is to reflect upon your life and forgive those people and situations that have held you back from having the life that you really want to live. The past is over, there’s no use dwelling upon it now and it certainly doesn’t help you to feel angry and depressed about it anymore. All you can do is reflect upon it, figure out what you learned from it all, and then allow yourself to forgive and get some well deserved rest for now. Venus in the sign of Leo is helping to bring the right people into your life who can help you, advise you, and assist you while you’re going through this period of time. The New Moon energy on Monday, in the sign of Virgo, will bring to your attention the areas of your life that need healing. You may feel that no one is paying attention to your true self-value and yet you will begin to see many improvements once the Sun moves into your sign in September. For now it’s very important that you try to ‘go with the flow’ and take personal responsibility for your feelings, thoughts and actions and for making the small personal changes that you desire to make right now.

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Libra: 8/11 - 8/18/2014

You may be extra determined to get your own way, without thinking how your emotions and actions affect other people around you. You may not even care how others feel, as long as you get what you want…when you want it most! “How dare anyone not respect me and do what I ask them to do!” When you feel and act like this the people around you will want to run away from you instead of taking the time to help you. Right now, under the energies from the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and the dark moon Lillith all stimulating ‘your’ desires and squaring off with energy from both Mars and Saturn in Scorpio…it may be difficult to think about what others want when you know what YOU want and that’s all that matters! The best way to handle this challenging vibration is for you to either pursue your own goals, without the help of another, or to try to more compassionately understand the other person’s point of view and feelings when he, or she, is around you. You will receive much more cooperation by being loving and compassionate then by being demanding in any way. In fact, the more demanding that you are…the more situations can backfire! Being empathetic can come naturally to you, if you can allow the more beautiful, loving and spiritual side of yourself to come shining through!

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Libra: 8/4 - 8/11/2014

Take a break when you need to. Try not to push yourself so hard. You shouldn’t have to earn the right to be unconditionally loved by anyone! Have faith that you are a very beautiful soul who deserves to be loved in the right way. Once you BELIEVE this, truly BELIEVE this, then you will attract the type of mate into your life who believes the same thing as you do! If you are currently in a relationship and you desire this relationship to improve then you must be willing to focus on all of the best traits that your mate has to offer. No amount of creative criticism, lecturing etc., is going to change this person. The best thing that you can do is see, perceive, and acknowledge this person for all of the positive qualities that you admire and desire within this person! By focusing on all of the ‘good stuff’ then you will magnetically bring these traits out in this person. The same holds true if you only focus on all of the bad qualities, so it’s up to you if you choose to stay in the relationship…or not!

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Libra: 7/28 - 8/4/2014

There’s an opportunity now for you to be very ambitious and receive the support that you desire in order to become successful! How successful you will be, with both your career and in your romantic endeavors, will depend upon how sincerely honest you are about WHY you desire these encounters. (Do you need to re-read that again? If so then stop here and read it again and again!) WHY do you desire to be in a certain relationship? WHY do you desire that promotion at work? If your intentions are honest and your desires are for your own highest good and the highest good of those around you then there’s no doubt that you WILL be very successful in the not too distant future! Starting right now make sure that your intentions are pure and that they are not based entirely on just what ‘you’ are going to receive. There must be a balance between what you receive and what you will give. If the reasons for giving and receiving are positively balanced then you are on the right path! You will be rewarded for a job well done. Financial opportunities will increase in the most abundant ways. Romantic opportunities will also increase, for you will be looked upon as the beautiful person that everyone wants to talk to and be with! If you desire someone to become more dedicated and committed to you, then you must first be the one to show that person WHY they should be! A strong and positive sense of self-esteem will bring you the rewards of your highest dreams!

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Libra: 7/21 - 7/28/2014

The energy of Mars in your sign may have had you very motivated and at times quite hot-headed. It’s nice to have a lot of energy, but not when it makes you feel frustrated and aggravated! There is some relief in sight as Mars moves out of your sign and into the sign of Scorpio on Friday. Starting then you’ll begin to become more motivated about making money, instead of focusing so much what you feel you’re NOT getting right now. Energy from your ruling planet Venus is now in the compassionate sign of Cancer. You may be feeling even more moody, especially regarding your career, but soon situations will begin to work out in your favor. The New Moon energy on Saturday evening will open new doors of opportunity for you, especially in regards to receiving the assistance you need in order to bring your ‘hopes, dreams, wishes and goals’ into your reality! So hang in there Libra, situations can begin to work out in your favor. Try not to get upset at the people in your life who are not paying as much attention to you as you desire them to. Stay focused on creating a more joyful and independent life for yourself.

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Libra: 7/14 - 7/21/2014

Situations may have seemed very dramatic and intense around you, but it’s a wise Libra indeed that has used the energy of Mars to take personal action in making their lives better. This is the very last week that the ENERGY from the planet Mars will be in your sign. Do you have some important projects that you are working on? Don’t delay, get that work accomplished! Both your mind and your body desire to be active, so make sure that your thoughts and actions are positive ones! Whatever you’re doing it will be done in a BIG way, for better or worse depends upon your own thoughts and actions. Starting next week, on July 15th, Mars will move out of your sign and into the sign of Scorpio. Starting then you’ll begin to feel calmer, but in the meantime you CAN use this energy for positive reasons, and not dramatic reasons, if you choose to. That’s the key! You have to choose how you desire to use this energy for your own benefit. Relationship matters can seem quite dramatically intense, but this drama will slow down and dissolve in the not too distant future. Your social life is about to increase when Jupiter moves into the sign of Leo on Wednesday morning. For at least the next year you’ll become more popular. Your current relationships will become better and you will meet lots of new people who you’ll enjoy being around! It’s time to positively focus on your hopes, dreams, wishes and future goals! If they benefit you, and benefit those you love, then you will attract what you desire in the not too distant future!

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Libra: 7/7 - 7/14/2014

Situations are improving in your life, whether you want to notice this or not. It’s your choice on which path you desire to focus (the positive one or the negative one), but it’s a Wise Libra indeed (these days) who can Rise Above all the drama that is taking place - without becoming a part of it all - because you choose to have peace in your life! If you find yourself consumed by inner, or outer, drama’s going on please realize that you always have a choice to either be consumed by these situations OR choose to turn, walk away, and choose to focus on something, or someone, else that you like better. Uranus in your relationship sector may bring some unusual people into your life, but they can help you to focus forward towards a brighter future instead of continuing to dwell over your past. Go with the flow. Take a risk. Enjoy the journey of your life! The Full Moon energy this weekend may seem a bit challenging in regards to your home, and with your family members, but keep in mind that this is just a passing phase and you can choose to handle everything beautifully if you want to.

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