Libra's weekly horoscopes

Libra: 4/14 - 4/21/2014

You start out this week with the Moon in your sign, growing bigger and brighter until it reaches its fullest degrees early on Tuesday morning. This Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse can feel quite intense for you. The energies are asking you to completely rid yourself of old emotional experiences and emotional baggage that has been holding you back for far too long. You would be wise to “Go with the flow” and allow the healing energies to take place. After the eclipse passes and the Moon is shining Full again, you can begin to feel renewed with a grand sense of HOPE that a beautiful and new chapter of your life has just begun! This Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse takes place at 3:42 am EDT (adjust for you time zone). If you are awake you may desire to watch this eclipse take place. As you see the Moon go dark each step of the way you will know that the negative energies are being removed from you and your life. As you watch the Moon grow brighter once again you will know that a healing sense of renewal is taking place. If you are one of the rare Libra’s that enjoys hanging onto old resentments etc. then you may have a very difficult time and find this event much more intense than it has to be. If you are a Libra that desires to feel really great about yourself, and your life once again, then this is a very special time of your life that you can look forward to with gratitude! Are you ready to receive the healing and the blessings? I hope that you said, “YES” and if you said Yes then these energies will bring blessings instead of feeling so intense. Even the energy of the Grand Cardinal Cross won’t feel as frustrating to you if you can keep your mind focused on being as positive as possible. Focus on the good stuff Libra. Let go of the bad, especially in regards to past situations that had happened in your life. They are over, let them be over, don’t dwell on them any longer. NOW is the time to bring more love, peace, harmony and beauty into your life!

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Libra: 4/7 - 4/14/2014

You may feel that you’re fighting a battle that you don’t want to lose. This may be with another person, or within a situation that is important to you. It is important that you try to have an objective point of view; to try to see the situation from another perspective. This can be an intense week under the energy of the Cardinal Grand Cross, also under the energies of the Sun in Aries, Mercury in Aries and Mars retrograde in your sign. If a situation presents itself to you and wants to be confrontational, you do have the choice to either stand your ground and argue back OR to choose to walk away and maintain your own sense of inner peace. You may also find, starting on Thursday, that you may be arguing with your self over past situations that you haven’t been able to forgive or release out of your life quite yet. Is it better to hold onto memories from past situations that still upset you OR is it better to focus on the NOW moments of your life and focus forward on making personal improvements? You know the answer Libra! With your beautiful planet Venus now in the unconditionally loving sign of Pisces you CAN begin to move forward in your life…and attract what you desire into your life…if you BELIEVE that you can!

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Libra: 3/31 - 4/7/2014

This is the last week that your ruling planet Venus will be in the sign of Aquarius. Venus in Aquarius is asking you to creatively have FUN with your favorite friends and spend lots of time doing enjoyable things that you want to do! On Saturday morning Venus will move into the sign of Pisces and for the next few weeks your attention should shift towards your daily duties and doing charitable functions within your place of work. Volunteering at a local hospital, or helping animals in some way, can bring you a great deal of happiness. As you help others to feel happier and healthier about their lives your own health and life can improve in many miraculous ways. You start out this week with the Sun in Aries, the Moon in Aries and Uranus in Aries all moving through the area of your life that has to do with your most personal relationships. With Mars being the ruling planet for the sign of Aries, and it currently being in retrograde motion in your sign of Libra you may be sorting through your thoughts and feelings about who you want around you…and who you don’t! In fact you may desire to spend a great deal of time by yourself. It’s also possible that you really don’t like people in general during this phase of time. Mars will remain in retrograde motion in Libra until May 19th. Try not to blame others for how you are feeling. Your own energy may be a bit lower than normal. You may also feel some pent up anger brewing inside of you. Try to use your energy towards doing good deeds, because by doing this you’ll feel much better about who you truly are. Good opportunities will come your way, financially and otherwise, through the good karma that you earn right now. The first step in the right direction is for you to be honest with yourself and try to focus on taking better care of yourself and your personal health.

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Libra: 3/24 - 3/31/2014

Now that the energy from the Sun is in your opposite sign of Aries your main concentration should be towards those who are closest to you…those who you work with and those who you love. Beautiful Venus (your ruling planet) is in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius and moving through the area of your life that has to do with creativity, romance, love affairs, children and FUN! Is it possible for you to lighten up your work schedule so that you can create more time to enjoy your life more often? Mars in your sign is in retrograde motion asking you to “Take it easy and relax more often!” What are some of your personal hobbies that you enjoy doing? Even if you haven’t done them in quite some time NOW is the time to go back and start enjoying them again. If you don’t DO something that you enjoy then you may find that you have too much time to sit and ponder over the past. Pondering over the past, especially those situations that didn’t work out in your favor, may have you feeling extra fatigued and depressed. You can choose to overcome this sense of depression by DOING what you enjoy doing…more often! The New Moon in Aries on Sunday afternoon (2:45 pm EDT) can help you to focus more positively on enhancing your personal relationships. The past is over and a new season has begun. Will you choose for this new season to be productive and fun? I hope so! Yes you can do it!

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Libra: 3/17 - 3/24/2014

You are normally very fair and just to the people in your life who you love the most. When it comes to the people around you who you don’t like, or who don’t like you, then you can be a formidable person indeed! There is a need to balance your thoughts and emotions and not allow your imagination to run away with you. If you feel intimidated by a certain person, or situation, then your imagination (thinking about the worst case scenario) can overwhelm you. Are your thoughts based on logic or are you just imagining the worst? Do you feel that you can handle any person, or situation, because you have a strong sense of self-confidence? Now that your ruling planet is in your fellow air sign of Aquarius, moving through the area of your life that has to do with romance, creativity, children and love affairs, you are being asked to come out of your shell and enjoy your life more often…in a more sociable way…but it is also very important that you feel confident about yourself in every way! Are other people’s opinions of you more important than your own opinion of yourself? The people around you WILL enjoy your company if you don’t allow yourself to feel defensive. As the Sun moves into the sign of Aries on Thursday afternoon (12:57 pm EDT - adjust for your time zone) a new chapter of your life begins where focusing on how you interact with the people in your life will become even more important. You like to be the leader (and often the Boss) within your most personal relationships, but now comes a time when you are learning that true friendships, true and long lasting relationships, are based on a positive balance of give and take. Sometimes you can be the leader and sometimes you need to allow someone else to be. Your craving for attention may also become a lot more intense over the next 4 weeks. Are you receiving positive attention? Are you giving positive attention to others? You will receive what you give…especially when it comes to your most personal relationships.

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Libra: 3/10 - 3/17/2014

Mars the planet of energy (both physical and mental energy) is now retrograde in your sign, which can have you feeling quite fatigued and possibly absentminded sometimes. It’s important that you try to relax! Don’t allow your mind to stimulate your imagination with ideas and visions that aren’t positive ones. If you start to think about something that upsets you then it’s up to you to change your thoughts! It’s only natural that when people feel overly tired and cranky that they can also feel anxious and overly upset about the smallest things. Try not to make a mountain out of a molehill in order to get attention from people. Be honest with yourself about what is going on around you. Try to rise above any challenges that you may be facing in order to continue to be productive. If you need to take an extra nap, or two, then give yourself permission to do that! Mars will be in retrograde motion until May 19th and it’s during this phase of time that you are learning that you need to release your judgments about other people. Now that your ruling planet Venus is in your fellow air sign of Aquarius you can receive the help you need if you can communicate, in a positive way, what it is that you desire. Of course your thoughts need to be rational, but if you find that they are not then this may be the perfect time for you to seek some counseling. Having a strong faith in a higher power, in life itself and in the energy of the cosmos can help relieve you of your sadness and doubts when you need it the most. Focus on what is most important to you Tuesday through Friday morning and then plan to relax and take it easy over the course of the weekend. The Full Moon in the healing sign of Virgo can help relieve you of your subconscious fears; by first revealing to you why you feel this way and what you need most to overcome them. Are your fears rational? Most fears are not. Could it be that your imagination is just running away with you and you need to quiet it down? The Moon will move into your sign on Sunday evening at 8:46 pm EDT. It’s very possible that your emotions will rise to the surface so that you can review them, release them, heal past them and then realize that you are perfectly fine just as you are. You don’t need to dwell over what was any longer when your future can be so much brighter!

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Libra: 3/3 - 3/10/2014

Are you staying creatively busy, doing things that you enjoy doing? If so then you’re on the right track, a very healthy track indeed, that can help you to avoid thinking of frustrating things that will only frustrate you more. It’s so much better to be productive by creating something handmade that you can enjoy, then to sit around and dwell on the people and situations that you can’t do anything about any way. Being the beautiful Libra you are, you are learning to have more balance in your life. Whenever you feel like judging a person, or situation, you’ll only throw your own sense of personal balance out of whack. Acceptance is important for you. Yes, it’s hard to accept certain situations and how certain people think and act, when you know that you would handle the situations differently…and you most certainly wouldn’t think or act like those people do. But that’s what makes you a very special person Libra. Focus more positively on your own life Libra. Create the changes that you desire to see in the world by first creating the changes in your own life. Then you’ll be in the perfect position to set a good example, for others, with your own life. With the Sun in Pisces now your main focus should be on your daily duties and your personal health. Taking good care of yourself - mentally/emotionally/physically - in the best ways that you know how IS your top priority. Beautiful Venus, your ruling planet, has been in the karmic sign of Capricorn for quite some time. Thus you are creating your own good or bad karma depending on what thoughts you choose to think, what you choose to do most often, and through the words that you speak to yourself and to others. Avoid gossip! This is very important! You don’t want to attract into your life the very same situations that others may be gossiping about. On Wednesday, 3/5, Venus moves into Aquarius! This energy should help you greatly, especially if you can surround yourself with positive people who enjoy talking about the positive side of life instead of the negative. Continue to be as creative as you can be. Make those delicious cookies, surround yourself with some good friends and chat about some good times while staying warm with some hot cocoa or yummy tea. Good times are ahead for you Libra. With Mercury back in direct motion and Venus also in the sign of Aquarius…creativity, children, love affairs and some delicious fun are all highlighted for you!

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Libra: 2/24 - 3/3/2014

If you love to cook then you should do more of that! If you love to create crafts then you should do more of that! The main thing is to find something that you really enjoy doing and keep yourself as creatively busy as you can. When you do this then you won’t have time to fret over the small stuff. You’ll be constructing something that is much more important! Mercury turn direct on Friday in the sign of Aquarius. Connections with friends and some new social invitations will be coming your way. You may desire a new love affair to happen in your life, but before you do please make sure that you feel healthy enough to enjoy it. With energy from the Sun, Neptune, Chiron and the New Moon on Saturday all in the sign of Pisces…it’s at this time of year that your focus should be on taking better care of your daily duties and your personal health. Because Mercury was retrograde (and will still be from Monday through Friday at 9:00 am EST) you may have felt more mentally drained than anything else. What have you been thinking about that was of a negative nature? Are your thoughts based on reality, or more on a fictional story line that you’ve been thinking about to yourself? Once Mercury goes back into direct motion your mind should become clearer and what you thought was so important before, what you dwelled upon, can be deleted (if you desire). All of those thoughts about the past, and past relationships, and what the people in your life haven’t done right for you…can be replaced by a renewed sense of hope that situations can become better for you in the near future. Again, stay busy doing what you love to do because then your mind won’t have time to dwell upon what’s been upsetting you.

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Libra: 2/17 - 2/24/2014

If you could have done just one thing differently in your past, what would that have been? If you could do just one thing differently now, what would that be? The energies this week are asking you to ‘lighten UP’ and try to see your life as a personal adventure. Do you desire your adventure to be filled with stress and strife, or do you desire an adventure filled with love, romance and happiness? With energy from the energetic planet Mars in your sign, YOU are the one who is totally in charge of your own life! The only problem, at all, with Mars in your sign is that YOU have to ‘choose’ how to exert your energy - towards feeling angry OR feeling happy, healthy and just fine! How will you choose to use the energy of Mars? On Monday the Moon will be in your sign, where it will remain until late on Wednesday evening (EST time). Focusing on yourself and how you choose to live your life IS an important theme during this phase of time. Thursday through Saturday morning give yourself credit for all of your personal talents and how you earn your income. The more credit you give to yourself for the beautiful person you are, the more you will desire to share your unique energy with others. This weekend is excellent for fun types of communication. In fact the word FUN should be written on your calendar, or wear it on a T-shirt, to remind yourself that when you are in a fun-loving mood then you can abundantly attract wonderful situations into your life!

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Libra: 2/10 - 2/17/2014

Your ruling planet Venus, in the sign of Capricorn, asks you to lovingly focus on your home and family matters because they truly are your foundation. If the foundation of your life is strong and supportive then you can build your life upwards from there with few problems. Mercury is in retrograde motion, in the sign of Pisces, asking you to reorganize the way that you take care of your daily tasks, your career, and your personal health. If you do what you love and love what you do then you can feel very healthy and happier too! Mercury moves back into the sign of Aquarius on Wednesday, 2/12, where it will remain until 2/28. During this phase of time you may find that past relationships, and memories regarding these relationships, pop back up to the surface of your life. How will you handle them this time? Be careful that you don’t repeat past karmic lessons. For those of you with children there may be some repair of your relationship with them. Healing can take place when you choose to spend quality time with them. The sign of Aquarius is known for its cold and logical energy. Do you feel that you will enjoy your children, and your lovers, once they grow up? If so then you’re going to be disappointed because so much important time is going to pass. Why wait to enjoy the important people in your life? They may be different from you, yes this is true, but you need some enjoyment in your life…don’t you? The Full Moon energy on Friday is a time to celebrate your life, and the lives of those who are closest to you. You may have a strong desire to go out and socialize! The more others pay attention to you, whether you know these people or not doesn’t matter, the happier you’ll feel! An inner need to be recognized is what will motivate you. You can have fun! You can dance the night away, but at the end of the night you’ll have to say good-bye and go your own merry way - unless, of course, you bump into someone from your past then you need to ask yourself IF you want to repeat a lesson from your past. Be smart, be wise, and realize that the way that you take care of yourself NOW will determine how you’re future will become. You may feel tempted Wednesday afternoon through early on Saturday morning, but once the Moon moves into Virgo (2/15 2:26 am EST) some logic should set in. Emotionally you’ll become more distant. You’ll desire to analyze your choices better, because now you realize that for every action there is a reaction thus you’ll want to make sure that your actions are positive ones!

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