Libra’s weekly horoscopes

Libra: 2/1 – 2/8/2016

You may be feeling very challenged and unsatisfied with certain areas of your life. The energies of Mercury, Venus and Pluto in the sign of Capricorn are very challenging for you! These vibrations are asking you to be completely honest with yourself. How are you choosing to focus your thoughts? How are you choosing to focus your feelings? How are you choosing to focus your energy on a daily basis? Are you focusing more on what is going right in your life and making the personal transformations and improvements that you really want? Or have you been playing the blame game and not feeling satisfied about anything at all? Where you put your attention…energy flows and situations grow! Your energy is the fertilizer that can either improve or hinder your life. What will you choose to focus your attention upon from now on? You are really beginning to realize that you are the creator of your own life experiences. If you don’t like the circumstances you are living through now then it’s time to change certain situations into new experiences that you desire more of! Can you do it? Yes you can! Your life is all about how you perceive it to be. If you believe that the glass is half empty and evaporating quickly then you will see it this way. But, on the other hand, if you believe that the glass is always refillable and that you are in charge of filling it to the brim then you truly are being positively responsible and creating a beautiful life for yourself that you can be truly proud of! It’s all about your personal perception and having an honest attitude with yourself and with everyone around you. Give what you wish to receive!

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Libra: 1/25 – 2/1/2016

You may feel that your life is a bit hectic right now. Your moods will determine how well you feel or how overwhelmed you are. Situations around your home life will begin to improve now that the energy of Mercury has gone back into direct motion. There is also much love and good fortune for you now in regards to anything that has to do with home, family and real-estate issues. You can also begin to enjoy your life more now that the Sun has moved into your fellow air sign of Aquarius! You will begin to feel more playful and inspired! Your creative juices are flowing, which can only enhance your love life! If you are in a committed relationship then you and your special partner can begin to have more fun with each other. If you are single and desire to meet someone new, you will be surprised when a new person seems to just pop-up out of the blue! You can meet someone new in the most unexpected way! The key to your success, for this week and for the month of February, is for you to allow yourself to really feel optimistic and playful!

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Libra: 1/18 – 1/25/2016

You can focus your attention on many different situations that may have you feeling very dissatisfied, but do these feelings you have make you feel good about yourself and your life? Would you really choose to feel bad when you know that you can choose thoughts and feelings that can make you feel a lot better? The energies this week are asking you to use your power of choice to focus on the people, things and situations in your life that can help you to feel a lot better! As you raise your vibration into a happier place then your new perspective about your life can, and will, attract better and more peaceful opportunities into your life! Is the glass half full, or is the glass half empty? The truth is that the glass is always refillable! Do you desire someone else to fill up the glass for you, or are you so busy filling up other people’s glasses of happiness that you do not have time to fill up your own? This is the week for adjustments to be made, personal boundaries to be realized and set, and a stronger sense of self-value to become established. The energy of Mars in Scorpio is stimulating the area of your life that has to do with strengthening your self-esteem! As you do this you’re going to also notice that your personal income begins to rise! Are you ready for a raise in your life? Are you ready to begin to SEE some valuable improvements? Of course you are! The Full Moon energy on Saturday evening will shine her bright light into the area of your life that asks you to positively focus on your most important hopes, dreams, wishes and short term goals! Keep in mind how many you have already accomplished! Give yourself credit for those! Situations in your life are improving Libra! You just need to keep your mind and heart positively focused on what you truly desire!

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Libra: 1/11 – 1/18/2016

There is a great healing taking place in your life now, but you have to use your own willpower to choose to align your mind, feelings and behaviors with it. You can say, “I choose to be very healthy” (and you may actually mean this to be so) and yet you have cravings for certain foods, drinks or substances that you know are not good for you. It’s up to you to say, “I choose to be healthy!” and really mean it! The same holds true if you desire to attract more financial wealth into your life! If you desire more financial security then you must use your willpower to pay more attention towards your spending and make sure that your actions are in alignment with what you honestly want. The same holds true for your love life too! Are you allowing yourself to be the honest and loving person that you desire others to also be with you? There is a strong magnetic vibration around you now Libra. “Like attracts Like” means that through your thoughts, feelings and intentions – as well as your actions – you will attract into your life more of those same vibrations! Yes there is much responsibility with this vibration, but there is also great healing power and an ability to really turn your life around in the right direction! The changes that you desire to see manifest into your life begin within you first! Be wise and choose only thoughts and feelings that feel good for you. You really can overcome any type of negative addiction or self-doubt that you feel has a grip on you. Focus forward upon your life and in a positive way use your willpower to create the life that you honestly desire to live today!

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Libra: 1/4 – 1/11/2015

Try not to jump to conclusions or be tempted to blame someone else for your own circumstances. You have the power within you to use your self-discipline to keep matters positively balanced for yourself. If someone around you isn’t cooperating with you like you desire then this is a sure sign that you need to set some new personal rules and boundaries that you feel will be healthier ones for yourself. Situations around your home environment may seem a bit hectic for most of the week. The New Moon energy on Friday evening, starting at 8:31 pm EST, will open new doors of opportunity for you to create more balance and peace. Any repairs that need to be done, within your home and within your most personal relationships, can begin to turn around in your favor once the New Moon energy arrives. From this point of time onward you will need to focus on what you feel is most important and progressive for you. Those who truly and unconditionally love you will want to cooperate and assist you. You will become more aware of who is taking advantage of you. Those types of people will need to figure things out for themselves without your assistance. You’re more than ready to move your life forward in a more positive way. Anyone who delays you will need to get out of your way. For those who cooperate with you they will be truly blessed! You’re ready to live your life in a happier and more prosperous way from this point of time onward!

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Libra: 12/28/2015 – 1/4/2016

Your main focus as you move throughout this week and into the New Year of 2016 should be on your most private life, within your home and with your friends, neighbors and family members. There may have been a miscommunication issue that you desire to repair, or if this hasn’t happened yet…beware! You desire harmony and peace within your life, but someone around you may give you some extra stress and strife! You can choose to argue back, but I really wouldn’t advise it. It would be wise for you to be as compassionate and understanding as you can be or choose to just walk away from the situation. It’s your most private life that desires the majority of your attention. Whatever is happening around your home life will influence how you feel within your work-a-day world. If you can Observe what is going on without personally absorbing the energy too much then you can come up with the solutions you need to bring more calming and healing energy into these situations. But, on the other hand, if you find that you, or another, is playing a ‘blame game’ and the drama seems to get too intense then the whole situation can become too overwhelming. Try to be patient. Try to stay calm. Try to understand that YOU set the tone of the situation. Someone around you can be throwing a temper tantrum, but if you stay calm then the situation will defuse and will begin to calm down too. Mercury is in the shadow period of going retrograde on January 5th and will remain retrograde until January 25th. You can choose to focus on only what is wrong OR you can choose to stay calm and allow inspiring and healing energy to inspire you towards a positive solution. When it comes to your love life, and your relationships with any other person, whether these situations are good or bad will once again be completely determined by YOUR perception of the situation. Can you see the good within someone who frustrates you? Can you strengthen your faith that situations can work out in your favor because you want them to? Can you focus on what makes you feel happiest within any situation? What you put the majority of your thoughts and feelings towards is what will continue to abundantly grow! Are you nurturing the weeds or the flowers? Your thoughts and feelings are the fertilizer! As you begin this New Year of 2016, and for the majority of January, you’re being asked to focus your thoughts, feelings and attention towards what you desire the most!

Libra: 12/21 – 12/28/2015

Intuitively you know what you need to do, but you may desire more cooperation and support from someone else to help you. There is an opportunity happening now for you to obtain more freedom away from a situation that had been holding you back. You may not believe it. You may be resistant to it and you may be waiting for the other shoe to fall. You may believe that you can’t accomplish what you really desire, but Synchronicity is in motion and is helping you out. You may want to cling to the old ways of doing and being when new opportunities, better opportunities, are happening for you. What are you holding onto that you know you need to release? If some thing, some person, or some situation makes you feel GOOD then keep it. But if some thing, some person, or some situation is holding you back from your dreams and from you becoming the person that you want to be…then now is the perfect time to release it. The FULL MOON in Cancer on Friday morning will shine her bright light into the area of your life that has to do with your life purpose. Do you feel that you are doing what you are meant to do? If so then you’re on the right path. If not then it will be shown to you what you should be doing instead. You may feel a push and pull between your career obligations and your obligations at home. You know that you can’t be in two places at once, but you may desire to be. You are being asked to trust that what needs to be taken good care of will be. It’s time to focus your complete attention on what you are doing instead of allowing your mind to wander and wonder and worry so much. Don’t second guess your abilities and talents. What you choose to do and share with others, to earn your own income, should be done with a sense of pride and accomplishment. You’re ready to become more focused with your life and obtain what you desire most within your heart.

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Libra: 12/14 – 12/21/2015

You may desire to have a more active social life and yet those around you are feeling a strain on their financial budget. There are ways to have fun that won’t cost everyone a lot. Maybe you can come up with a good idea where everyone can gather together at your house for some fun! If you don’t want to entertain them, nor clean up their mess, and you want to go out to have some fun then do some research to see where everyone can get together in a less expensive way. Sitting there pouting that no one wants to do anything can make you feel sad and quite grumpy. It has to be you that comes up with an idea. What do you want to do? If you don’t know what you want to do and you want someone else to make a suggestion then you will be waiting a real long time before anyone gets back to you. Search your heart and try to figure out what would make you feel happier. Take some time to meditate upon this and then come up with a new idea! Once you have an idea then don’t be shy, call up your friends and let them know that you thought of something fun to do! Your good friends do want to hang out with you. In fact there’s some good news coming your way soon! The key to your happiness is for you to keep things easy going, free flowing, and as simple as possible this week.

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Libra: 12/7 – 12/14/2015

You have been learning a lot in regards to the ways that you communicate with others and how you perceive your life. If situations have been a bit extra frustrating to you lately, hang in there because situations should begin to improve very soon. The New Moon energy on Friday morning will infuse your mind, heart and spirit with a new sense of hope! You are truly a beautiful soul Libra and all you desire is to be appreciated for who you are. You don’t need to prove yourself to anyone, nor do you need to run to the rescue of someone who takes advantage of you. What you are learning now is to appreciate your self more! When it comes to your love life you can choose to strengthen a relationship you are already in OR choose to move on and attract someone new! If you’ve been single for quite some time then it’s up to you to allow your inner beautiful self to SHINE! You are learning to release and let go of any heartaches that you have suffered through in the past. Try not to compare what had happened then to a new and better relationship that you can have! The key to your success right now is in learning how to perceive your self and your life from a more optimistic perspective. Your life truly belongs to you! This is the week to choose to use your energy wisely. Think about what you desire and look before you leap into any situation. If a situation FEELS good for you then you are on the right path indeed!

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Libra: 12/1 – 12/7/2015

Monday through late on Friday evening are the very last days, and nights, that your ruling planet Venus will be in your sign. Have you given yourself the quality time that you desire to really feel good about who you are? Have you taken some quality time to pamper yourself and treat yourself in ways that you desire others to treat you? Have you been feeling more loving energy within you, towards yourself and for most everyone around you? Venus in your sign desired you to strengthen your sense of self-love, self-appreciation, and loving self-awareness. If you’ve been paying attention to this vibration then you should have some some wonderful improvements come into your life over the past few weeks. If nothing incredible happened, if you’re not feeling ‘in love’ with someone special, with yourself, and with life itself…then it’s time to jump on board and start feeling this beautiful and loving vibration of Venus in your sign! You are worthy of receiving the love that you desire, but the first step in receiving it is in giving that love to yourself! How you treat yourself will show others how they should treat you. Use the energy this week to give yourself permission to stand in front of a mirror and say, “I Love You! Your Beautiful!” On Friday the Moon will move into your sign at 5:34 pm EST. Your mind and heart should begin to feel more aligned. At 11:15 pm EST Venus will move out of your sign and into the sign of Scorpio! Venus in Scorpio will continue to enhance your life, especially when it comes to your personal talents and how you earn your income! Don’t be shy Libra! It’s time for you to SHINE! The more you believe in yourself and all that you do…the more love, abundance and prosperity will be attracted towards you!

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