Leo's weekly horoscopes

Leo: 11/24 - 12/1/2014

Are you more than ready for situations to begin to improve in your life? Are you ready to let your creative energy soar? Are you ready to put your worries behind you and begin to have some FUN? Of course you are! Energy from the Sun and Venus in your fellow fire sign of Sagittarius are both igniting the more joyful side of your life! You may still be a little concerned about situations going on in your family, but starting on Thursday eveningĀ  (9:26 pm EST) Mercury will also move into the sign of Sagittarius giving you a much more care-free attitude regarding everything! Starting now and over the next few weeks you can really enjoy your life. In fact, make it a point to make sure that you do! These vibrant energies around you now won’t return until next year at this time. You can have a Very Happy Holiday Season filled with much fun and love!

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Leo: 11/17 - 11/24/2014

You may need to walk away from a situation that is not working out well for you, or turn your back on a situation and give it a rest for now. Try to look at the situation from a higher perspective to see if you can view the situation in a different manner. If you can focus on what you feel most grateful for, and ignore the rest of what is going on - at least for now - then the situation may just turn around in your favor without you having to DO anything at all. The New Moon energy on Saturday morning will help to shift your attitude and focus towards enjoying your life more often. The new Sagittarius energy stimulates the area of your life that has to do with children, creativity, fun, play, games of chance and of course…passionate romance! If ever this is a time for you to have FUN it’s when the Sun is in Sagittarius! You really can enjoy your life and make it a priority to do so…starting on Saturday and over the course of the next 4 weeks!

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Leo: 11/10 - 11/17/2014

This is a week for you to pay close attention to what you feel most grateful for. Instead of focusing on what is NOT going right, try to focus on what’s working out fine right now! Jupiter in your sign can either bring you much good luck, or more personal drama, depending on what you’re focusing on. Situations regarding your past; such as childhood experiences etc. can easily be brought back up into your mind. You may have desired situations to be better than they were, but why fret over them? What did you learn through these experiences? Do you realize what a courageous person you really are? When you start giving yourself credit for all you’ve done well, then you can give those who gave you grief credit too for teaching you how to be as independently strong as you are! You don’t need to fight, or rant and rave about anything. You just need to feel peaceful inside of yourself and share your loving energy with the people in your life who matter the most to you. This is an important time of your life for you to show everyone that we all can get along; as long as we stick together and work as a team for the benefit of everyone! You have some unique ideas, and personal beliefs, that can help turn even the most difficult of situations around in order to benefit everyone. Some people will listen to you, others may judge you, but as long as you stick to what you believe in…everything will turn out just fine!

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Leo: 11/3 - 11/10/2014

Energy from the Sun, Venus, Saturn (and starting on Saturday Mercury also), all in the sign of Scorpio, stimulates the area of your life regarding your home, family, and childhood experiences. You may find some of these current experiences quite challenging, but they don’t have to be IF you try to make the best out of every situation that is going on around you now. Try not to compare what happened to you in the past to what is going on in the present moments of your life. With the upcoming FULL MOON on Thursday evening (5:23 pm EST) this is a wonderful time to celebrate your life and the lives of the people around you! Positive transformations are taking place. Remember that Jupiter is in your sign! You can either use the energy of Jupiter in one of two ways; to either create more drama OR to focus on the ‘good stuff’ and attract even more wonderful situations into your life! The Moon moves into the sign of Gemini starting on Friday evening (8:45 pm EST) where it will remain for the entire weekend. During this phase of time you would be wise to positively focus on your most important ‘hopes, dreams, wishes and goals’ for yourself and for the betterment of the important people in your life! Together you can make some very significant changes that can enhance everyone’s life! It all starts with you Leo! It’s time to rid yourself of your negative thoughts and take action upon the positive ones! What you focus on most will expand while Jupiter is in your sign until August 11th 2015! Make your thoughts and feelings positive ones!

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Leo: 10/27 - 11/3/2014

There is a surge of joy and hope around you! This is the energy of Jupiter in your sign! Some situations may seem quite dramatic, and yet you have a strong sense that situations will get better in the not too distant future. In many ways you are very right, situations will improve around you, just as long as you stick to your strong inner sense of morals and values because then, and only then, will situations begin to turn around in your favor. Honesty is the best policy. With energy from the Sun, Venus and Saturn in the sign of Scorpio all hidden secrets will be revealed! Knowing this it is very important that you are completely honest, especially with someone close to you, about how you are feeling and with what you are doing otherwise this person won’t feel that he/she can trust you. Situations regarding children are moving forward and will work out in your favor. You need not be too disciplinary. In fact, the more you allow your own childlike nature to come to the surface, in a fun-loving way, the happier you will be this week!

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Leo: 10/20 - 10/27/2014

Situations around your home and with your family members may begin to be quite challenging this week, especially on Thursday under the vibration of the New Moon/Solar Eclipse in the sign of Scorpio. Luckily beautiful Venus will be helping you to bring more beauty, love, harmony and fairness towards these situations. Jupiter in your sign is making situations seem overly dramatic, but are they really? Or are you just feeling very dramatic inside of yourself? Good Luck is with you when you focus with gratitude on what IS going right, instead of dwelling on what isn’t. What is more important, your career or your home life? Whatever area of your life you put the most attention towards will be the area that grows more abundantly. Is there a way that you can have the best of both worlds, by putting your attention towards your career (when you are at work) and towards taking good care of your family and environment when you are at home? Many Leo’s, starting this week and over the course of the next few weeks, will choose to bring their work home with them OR they may choose to start a brand new home business! This can be a very good idea indeed, especially because Mercury will be going back into direct motion on Saturday! The New Moon/Solar Eclipse, along with Venus (money/love) and Mercury going back into direct motion on Saturday can easily help you to open brand new chapters of your life. Anything new that you start over the weekend, and into early next week, can easily begin to work out in your favor!

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Leo: 10/13 - 10/20/2014

You may have a tendency to feel a little bit more hyper than you normally are. The reason for this is because of the Grand Fire Trine that is going on between Uranus in Aries/Jupiter in Leo/Mars in Sagittarius! You want things done and you want things done NOW! But hold your horses, for just a little bit, while Mercury is in retrograde motion until October 25th. The faster you go, the more you may need to redo what you have already done. Why waste your precious time? Slow down, pay attention to what you are doing and make sure that you did a good job the first time. Pay close attention to your attitude too, because you may have a tendency to more easily get upset with the people around you. This is an extremely sensitive time for everyone all around the world. If you can remember this and understand that the people around you are feeling super-sensitive, about almost everything, then you may choose to feel more compassionate towards them. No one can ever tell you what to do, but you can choose to be a bit more compassionate if you desire to. Energy from the Sun, Venus and Mercury in Libra are all asking you to focus your ‘mind’ on the happy, loving, good situations that are going on in your life. If your natural nature is to focus on what is not going right, or only on the negative stuff, then you may find that you are feeling more absent-minded and have a hard time concentrating on anything. If you desire your mind to improve then you must focus on the good things that are happening around you! People will listen to you when you talk in a positive way, but of course you must ‘think’ this way in the first place. Try to put your criticism on the back-burner for just a little while and focus on the small improvements on a day-to-day basis. As you do this your mind will begin to feel more positively balanced. New ideas will flow to you intuitively. The people around you will desire to help you in an easier manner. You should become more aware of this as the Moon moves through your sign, starting on Thursday morning through Saturday night. This weekend is excellent for healing and taking it easy. You may desire to pick up on an old hobby that you used to enjoy doing. You may even have some ideas on how you can take a hobby and turn it into a new part-time career for yourself. When you focus on what you enjoy doing then you can attract more love and financial wealth into your life!

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Leo: 10/6 - 10/13/2014

You may need to detach from an intense personal situation that seems out of your control. You may want to blame someone else for your personal trials, but what you need to do is step away from the situation and try to view it from a different perspective. Mercury retrograde in Scorpio has been bringing up issues regarding your home and family. Everything is temporary, but can feel intense. Stay calm. Let this phase pass. Don’t jump to any negative conclusions, because they will only hurt you more. Situations will begin to lighten up if you can just detach from these situations for just a little while. Situations will really begin to turn around in your favor once Mercury goes back into direct motion on October 25th, and shortly after the shadow period ends around November 3rd. Whatever is going on, just give it some time. The Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday morning asks you to focus on what is best for ‘everyone’ involved and not just what YOU want. Jupiter in your sign can make everything seem SO dramatic, but if you focus on the good luck that you will receive (instead of the negative drama) then everything is going to turn out alright. Hang in there!

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Leo: 9/29 - 10/6/2014

Situations around your home and with your family members will be a high priority. No matter how much you may feel frustrated with everything now is the time to try to create, and recreate, more balance and harmony. How you communicate with them will be very important. Try not to lose your cool, and say something that you really don’t mean. It may make you feel good at the time, to say what is on your mind, but you may only regret it later. The old saying, “If you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything at all” should be your motto, but it won’t be an easy motto, in fact it might be very challenging. The reason for this is that we are in the shadow of Mercury going into retrograde motion on Saturday, where it will remain until October 25th. With Jupiter in your sign you can choose to either make the best of everything, in a happy-go-lucky good sense of humor way, OR you can easily choose to create more drama and blame everyone else for getting in your way! Which path will you choose? Do you desire to attract more drama OR do you choose to have more peace and happiness around you? The way that you choose to communicate with other will determine the path that you are on. Be wise and ‘think before you speak’.

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Leo: 9/22 - 9/29/2014

Welcome to the last full week of this month of September Leo! The Sun, your ruling STAR, has now moved into the sign of Libra; which stimulates your desire for self-promotion and communication even more! Friendships are important to you, but you may have to be a little patient, especially at the beginning of this week when someone you are trying to get in touch with may be too busy to get back in touch with you. Bide your time and wait a little while longer, without getting angry or feeling too lonely, because once the New Moon in Libra arrives (early on Wednesday morning) many people will desire to get in touch with you in a variety of ways! Your popularity will begin to SOAR in many amazing ways! Be aware of the words you use and how they affect those around you. When you are kind then they will be kind to you in return. You may also have a strong desire to learn many new things. This is an excellent time to study a topic that you have felt passionate about for quite some time now. Your emotional focus this weekend should be towards your home and with your family members. Situations may seem a little bit challenging, but only if you desire those around you to do what you want them to do - and do it YOUR way only! Try not to be controlling, try not to be demanding. The more you can be compassionate and loving the more those around you will feel that you understand them. “Balance” is an important key word for you right now. Try to have a “Balance” between making people do things your way and you doing things their way once in awhile. A positive sense of forgiveness, compassion and understanding is what it will take to create the types of relationships you desire in an easier manner.

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