Leo’s weekly horoscopes

Leo: August 22nd – August 29th 2016

There’s a more serious and responsible air around you now Leo. The Sun has moved into the sign of Virgo joining the planetary energies of Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and the Moon’s North Node! It’s time to focus your energy and attention upon ALL of your BEST qualities! What do you admire about yourself? What personal talents do you have that you enjoy sharing with others? You can be abundantly rewarded now for being of personal service towards others. In fact, the more you are able to help other people that need your assistance the healthier and happier you will feel! Also be willing to accept all of the Thank You words and gifts and financial abundance that can come flowing your way now! When it comes to your love life you may find that your significant other needs you most of all! Situations may be a bit chaotic in the life of your loved one. Try to bring more clarity and calm energy into this person’s life whenever possible. If you are single and desire to meet someone new, it is very possible that you can meet someone special within your own neighborhood. The main thing to keep in mind for this week is that your devotion and service towards others IS deeply appreciated!

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Leo: August 15th – August 22nd 2016

This is the last full week that the Sun will be in your sign. The Sun will move into the sign of Virgo next Monday afternoon on August 22nd. Use the energy that is going on this week to continue to empower your own sense of Self! Of course, your relationships ARE a mirror reflection to you of who you are and the qualities that others admire about you. When you admire a quality of another, you can bet that you have that same wonderful energy and quality within yourself! You are going to notice this more and more, in both positive and negative ways, as the Moon grows fuller in the sign of Aquarius from Tuesday morning through early on Thursday afternoon. Try not to blame another if you notice a quality about a person that you don’t like at all. Again, try to remember, that ALL of the qualities that you notice within others are a mirror reflection of the qualities that you hold within yourself. Your lesson this week is to focus upon the admirable qualities more often! By doing this you are appreciating yourself, and others, in a more heart-felt way. What you put your thoughts and attention towards will continue to grow abundantly! It’s time to pull out the weeds and appreciate the flowers! It’s through your most personal relationships that you will learn the most about yourself this week!

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Leo: August 8th – August 15th 2016

The Sun will remain in your sign until August 22nd. Powerful Energy from the Sun is infusing you with an ability to transform who you are into who you desire to become! Try not to be too hard on yourself, or expect yourself to transform overnight. Day by day, slowly at first, it’s time for you to give yourself more credit for being the wonderful person you already are! It may be easy to have high expectations for yourself and for others around you. Try not to be too nit-picky about the details of what you’ve experienced in the past and about who you ‘should’ve been’ or ‘should’ be now. Make a plan and take baby steps towards creating the life you desire. You start out with step A, take that to step B…not all the way to step Z without the steps in-between. If you try to take short cuts you will only have to go back and redo the steps you’ve jumped over. This will be especially true once Mercury moves back into retrograde motion starting on August 30th. You can begin to feel better about yourself, your life, your finances, your career, your health, your family and every other area of your life that means a lot to you. Again, take it easy and make a solid plan that you can stick too. One day at a time your life IS improving, especially when you are positively committed and dedicated towards this being so.

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Leo: August 1st – August 8th 2016

The Good News is ALL about YOU Leo! Energy from the Sun, Venus and the Moon are ALL in your sign at the beginning of this week! The NEW MOON in your sign LEO takes place on Tuesday afternoon at 4:45 pm EDT! Focus your mind and heart upon what you desire the MOST! The King (the Sun) and the Queen (the Moon) join together to create and conceive a brand new path of life for you! Are you ready to have more stability and security in your life? Are you ready to make wise choices that will be life-changing and long lasting? Are you ready for your personal relationships to feel more REAL? The old days of one night stands are over for you. The new days of being in a dedicated and long lasting relationship are about to begin! If you are already in a committed relationship then you should begin to notice how you desire to be more dedicated and also how your partner shows his or her dedication back to you in return. There is much fun and passionate romance on the horizon for you, but also along with the fun and romance comes a strong sense of honesty and truth. You may have to work a little harder to prove how dedicated you can be, but you can also have some fun and enjoy your new sense of self-confidence! You will also see that when it comes to the children in your life that you will desire to spend more quality time playing with them. Your own inner child desires to come out and play, only this time you may notice that you can play while you’re also learning something new. When it comes to your career there is also a big positive burst of energy in this area of your life! It’s time to put your mind, heart and energy forward in a very positive and productive way!

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Leo: July 25th – August 1st 2016

Monday through Saturday morning and early afternoon are the last full days that the Sun, Venus and Mercury will ALL be in your sign together. This means that for most of this week YOU have the power, the good looks and the strong communication abilities to pretty much get what you want! Now don’t be rude or egotistical about it, but YES the Power of the Sun, the Beauty of Venus and the passionate messages from Mercury are all being direct to you and through you to share with others! Starting on Saturday afternoon, 2:18 pm EDT, Mercury will move out of your sign and into its natural sign of Virgo. Also on Saturday the Moon will be in its natural sign of Cancer, which means that you may find yourself going into a secluded emotional shell for the majority of the weekend. You may be thinking of memories from the past and the good old days that you miss. There is a strong feeling of nostalgia in the air around you. You are more aware of how fast time flies by. This may be a good weekend for you to spend at home and also a good weekend to call up a family member that you haven’t talked to in a while. On Monday, August 1st, the Moon will move into your sign at 9:12 pm EDT; a very dark moon (which can mean dark emotions) until it reaches its NEW MOON point of time on Tuesday, August 2nd at 4:45 pm EDT. This New Moon in your sign will give you a wonderful chance to positively focus on the changes you desire to manifest into your life! A brand NEW window of abundant energy and opportunity will open for you and it only happens once a year! You should really look forward to this wonderful New Moon in your sign! Keep this energy in mind as you move through the days and evenings of this week. Place your attention upon your most important hopes, wishes, goals and dreams!

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Leo: July 18th – July 25th 2016

Your energy may not be up to speed just yet. In fact you may feel a bit lazy, or just tired, until the Sun moves into your sign on Friday July 22nd. From Monday through Friday you still have much going for you. Energy from beautiful Venus and communication orientated Mercury are both in your sign now. The love and good health you desire will be shown once you really begin to feel more energetically vibrant once again. Until that time, until the Sun moves into your sign on Friday at 5:30 am EDT, you should focus your mind and energy upon what changes you desire to see happen in your life once the Sun does move into your sign. Starting on Friday, and over the course of the next few weeks, focus your attention upon creating the BEST YOU that you desire to be! No matter what has happened in your past, do yourself a favor and allow yourself to be forgiving towards yourself and all others. Rid yourself of anything, or anyone, who has been hindering your happiness. A new chapter of your life will begin on Friday. You don’t want to bring along any past emotional and mental baggage into your new cycle do you? Starting fresh with a more optimistic attitude will definitely help to cure what ails you.

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Leo: July 11th – July 18th 2016

Are you ready for situations to begin to get better? Are you ready for some Good News to enter into your life? Are you ready for others around you to actually ‘listen’ to you? Are you ready to look in the mirror and see a smiling face looking back at you? Are you ready for your finances to improve? Are you ready for your love-life to also improve? Okay then, get ready Leo, this IS the week when both Venus (on Tuesday) and Mercury (on Wednesday) are moving into your sign! Yes, it’s true that your energy is quite low and at times you may not feel like getting out of bed to go to work, or do anything around the house, or off of the couch to answer the door…but this is the week when you should! Otherwise you may miss some Good News that is coming your way that can bring you more of a sense of personal freedom! You may do what you need to do for your children and/or your animals and then feel exhausted and want to get some rest. Very soon your energy will begin to revive…especially once the Sun moves into your sign on July 22nd. So, until then, start thinking more positively. Answer your phone, answer your door, check your email and text messages, and talk to people whose company that you enjoy. Take it easy, take it slow, but also be willing to Get Up and get your body moving so that you can begin to feel a bit more optimistic and healthier once again!

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Leo: July 4th – July 11th 2016

Have you been reminiscing about days gone by and certain situations in your life that you wish you could live over again? Would you really do things differently if you could? Would you have chosen to view things differently or possibly have a different type of attitude regarding certain situations? Whatever occurred in your past has made you the wiser person you are today! Give yourself credit for that! Now comes an important week for you to rest your mind, body and spirit. No matter what happened in your past, or is happening now, give yourself permission to just ACCEPT situations as they are, for now, just for now, just for a short period of time so that you can rest and heal and strengthen your own inner energy through some self-nurturing. Your most challenging situations may be taking place around your home and with your family members. There may be some secrets there that will be revealed. Try to keep your emotions as calm as you possibly can without feeling that you have to DO anything. If you do choose to do something important then put your attention towards cleaning, organizing and creating some comfortable space for yourself so that you can retreat and relax. Soon, very soon, situations can begin to turn around in your favor. In fact, by the middle of next week you may actually begin to feel a lot better! Take it slow for now, just relax. Keep your faith strong that whatever happened in your past, and/or is happening now, can actually turn out in your favor and be a blessing in disguise.

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Leo: June 27th – July 4th 2016

Situations around your home and with your family members may feel more stressful. Since energy from the Sun, Venus – and Mercury starting on Wednesday – are all moving through your life in a very quiet part of the sky, you may feel that you are not receiving the appreciation that you desire. You may also feel that no one is listening to your side of anything. This is a very important period of time for you to go within yourself and figure out what is really bothering you. There may be a temptation to avoid situations that you would rather not deal with at all, but this can also be a very healing period of time for you – a special time for you to release out of your life what you feel has been holding you back. Just try to avoid the temptation to reach for an extra drink, over eat, or medicate yourself so that you don’t have to feel or deal with what is going on. Honesty is truly the best policy now. Before you are able to reach out and nurture another you must take all of the time you need to learn how to care for and nurture yourself to the best of your abilities. If you find that a situation that you’ve put a lot of energy into isn’t working out in your favor then this is a sign for you to release the situation, at least for a while, so that you can have more time and energy to take better care of yourself. The New Moon energy on Monday July 4th will help you to put many situations in your life into a new perspective. What you thought you wanted before may not be what you desire now. Take it easy. Get some extra rest. The energy over the next few weeks is an important period of time for you that can help you to sort things out.

Leo: June 13th – June 20th 2016

Your popularity seems to be soaring! Energy from the Sun, Venus and Mercury are all working in your favor, especially regarding situations that have to do with your friendships and any special groups that you belong to. This is an excellent week to join a new group of interest for you. Have you always wanted to take a yoga class, but the timing wasn’t right? Now is definitely time to join any group that peaks your interest! You can meet many new friends now! If you are single then you definitely need to get out there and mingle! Don’t worry about the housework, it will always be there. Now is the time to get out of the house. Travel plans, near and far, will work out very well for you. The energy this weekend is absolutely perfect for having some creative fun! The Moon is growing brighter each evening towards its FULL MOON point of time on Monday, June 20th. All weekend long you can enjoy your life! Love, romance, laughter and fun are highlighted for you all weekend long!