Leo's weekly horoscopes

Leo: 6/29 - 7/6/2015

Dear Leo, you may be feeling a little bit frustrated but you don’t need to feel this way IF you can tap into the lucky and super loving energies of both Jupiter and beautiful Venus in your sign! With both the Sun and Mars moving through an area of your life that has to do with ‘retreat’ and ‘I just want to take a vacation’, you may feel that you just want to relax and not DO much of anything at all at this time. This is only natural so be good to yourself. Try not to push yourself too hard and pick and choose what you want to do. Keep your personal schedule as light as possible! The FULL MOON energy in Capricorn on Wednesday evening will shine her bright *LIGHT* into the area of your life that has to do with your daily duties and personal health. The energy from this FULL MOON should help you to understand that your “Wealth is in your Health!” From this point forward you can choose to take much better care of yourself from now on! You are a hard worker but you can’t get anything done if you are not feeling at your optimum! There is much Good Luck and an abundance of Love around you, but you may not be aware of it if you are feeling exhausted and cranky. Try to accept the assistance that others desire to give to you now. They may not do the job perfectly, but at least they are trying! Give yourself permission for things to be a little creatively chaotic. This is perfectly okay, so put your OCD tendencies away….at least for right now.

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Leo: 6/14 - 6/23/2015

Hi Friends and devoted readers,

I am on a family vacation from June 14th through June 27th. I will be away from my computer and the horoscopes etc won’t be updated for this period of time. But Please feel free to send me e-mails and put in your orders and requests for me to answer your special questions on my website here under My Services for You page. I will answer your questions once I return from our family vacation. May the New Moon in Gemini open new doors of opportunity for you in regards to enhancing your social life in a positive manner!

Many Special Blessings to you and all of your loved ones! ~ Michelle Anne Cox-Lomas Ph.D.

Leo: 6/8 - 6/15/2015

It may be so easy to get sidetracked when there is so much going on around you. Your mind may have a plan for you to follow - step A B C - but when you’re working on step A then something else happens and you can get detoured from your plan and then become forgetful about what is next on your agenda. Try to keep your schedule as light as possible. This is not a good week to plan anything new. If you have an appointment you need to keep then try to plan to get there a half hour earlier (or you may find yourself an hour behind and miss the whole thing!). Your intentions are good! You know what you want! You’re ready to do things in a BIG way! The problem is that there are many delays going on and when they happen you can feel STUCK and not know how to become unstuck. Day after day you desire to get unstuck and begin to move your life forward again, but you know that if your passionate heart isn’t into something, or someone, then your stubborn mind says, “Oh NO, forget it! I’m not getting involved!” If you are prone towards addictions (food, alcohol, drugs etc) you may feel more prone to turn towards them, to numb your mind, unless you have something healthy and positive to turn to instead. LOVE is the key energy that will make you happy Leo! Beautiful Venus in your sign, along with benevolent Jupiter, are trying to teach you this! Put your attention towards the people, things, projects and situations that you LOVE the most and watch your life turn around in ways that can seem quite miraculous!

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Leo: 6/1 - 6/8/2015

You dislike aggravations, frustrations and manipulations! You desire peace and serenity now - internally and externally from others - so that you can ENJOY your life to the fullest with Jupiter in your sign of LEO! You desire to be protective over those you love, but sometimes these people can drive you a bit crazy too. With Mercury being in retrograde motion you can expect these people in your life to change their minds (regarding most everything) over and over again! You would be wise to ‘observe’ and not absorb what is going on within them. Just nodding your head and saying, “Okay” is better than getting too personally involved in the drama’s that they are cooking up right now. With the Full Moon in Sagittarius you DESIRE to have some FUN in your life this week! On Friday beautiful Venus moves into your sign, which will help you to Look Good, Feel Great, attract people into your life that you will enjoy hanging out with, and strengthen your bonds of love with a significant other in your life! If you are single then it’s definitely time for you to put on your dancing shoes and strut your stuff! You can easily attract someone new into your life this weekend when Venus in Leo trines Saturn in Sagittarius! Whoever you meet this weekend can become a life-long dedicated good friend, or possibly even more! But you have to be in the right mood to attract a new mate into your life! Venus in your sign desires you to cultivate more self-awareness and more self-love! This is not selfish by any means, because the happier you are the more happiness you will be able to honestly share with everyone!

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Leo: 5/25 - 6/1/2015

It doesn’t matter how much time you need to put into an important project. The more time and energy you exert…the happier you will feel! Your life is transforming in many ways, healthier ways, but you need to stay positively motivated! If you aren’t keeping yourself productively busy then you may have a tendency to slip into an exhausting depression. You don’t want that! Okay then, focus each day on doing something productive so that at the end of the day you can feel proud of yourself for accomplishing something that needed to get done. The bigger the project the better for you! The current Mercury retrograde may make you unsure of what you really desire to attract, or even accomplish, in your life right now; but as long as you are moving your life in a forward motion you’re on the right track! This is also a good time to go inward and release any emotional trust issues that you have. Until you do you won’t be able to have that fantastic relationship that you dream about! Venus in the sign of Cancer is helping you to learn how to have much Unconditional Love towards yourself and others! The more genuine love that you give, the more you will receive in return!

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Leo: 5/18 -5/25/2015

You should be living your life in a BIG WAY with the energy of Jupiter flowing so nicely through your life! BIG is the key word with Jupiter in your sign! The New Moon last Monday has opened new doors of opportunity for you regarding your career! In what BIGGER and more ABUNDANT ways to you desire to enhance and enjoy your chosen career? The more grand ideas you can come up with, and put into action, the happier and more abundant you can become! The hardest part may be that you will have to choose from two different paths, two different careers, or you may feel that what you desired before may not be exactly what you desire now! The Moon moves into your sign early on Friday morning, 5:42 am EDT, and will remain in your sign throughout the whole weekend! You can really enjoy yourself this weekend by throwing a special party for everyone you love!

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Leo: 5/11 - 5/18/2015

We are now in the shadow period of Mercury moving into retrograde motion next week on Monday. You can easily feel the restraints of this energy, especially when you try too hard to get something accomplished. You are being asked to have a great deal of patience regarding every area of your life, but especially when it comes to negotiating with others and trying to accomplish getting your work done. Be extra careful on Friday when you may easily say something that you may regret later. You may not be able to stop yourself from expressing how you really feel, especially if you are feeling frustrated at someone for not being there for you! The energy on Saturday is much more creative and filled with much love for you Leo! Try to enjoy it! The energy on Sunday may seem a bit challenging when the waning moon in Taurus squares off with Jupiter in your sign. You may desire to be in an optimistic mood, but you may feel at a lack regarding not having enough money to do what you really want to do! This is just a passing phase so bide your time and wait. The energy on Monday will be much better once the New Moon in Taurus arrives at 12:13 am EDT! This New Moon in Taurus will open new doors for you, especially in regards to new opportunities within your career! With new opportunities comes more money! If you are in a committed relationship this energy can also help to increase opportunities for your mate to acquire more money too! For now, for this week, you just need to observe what is going on without taking anything too personally!

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Leo: 5/4 - 5/11/2015

For most of this week you can ASK and RECEIVE! The proper way to ask is through your feelings and thoughts! What you passionately FEEL inside of you, and what you think about most often, will determine the path of life you are on. If you don’t like your current path then that’s a sure sign that you need to choose to feel better feelings and choose to focus upon more optimistic thoughts! Jupiter in your sign now is helping you to do this! Expansion is happening in your life! What type of expansion (have you checked your waistline lately?) will depend upon how you feel and what types of thoughts you choosing to pay the most attention to! Right now you may wish for one type of thing to happen in your life that you ‘think’ will make you happy, but soon you may come to find out that you should have thought things through better…because what you wish for right now may not be exactly what you thought it would be later! Why is this? you might ask. It’s all because Mercury in its natural sign of Gemini is in the shadow period of moving into retrograde motion on May 18th, where it will remain until June 11th. Starting now and until at least an extra week past June 11th, you should be very picky (think things through twice) before making a wish, or taking any actions, that you may regret later. You may say, “I wish to eat two pizza pies” and then they appear, you eat them, and then your tummy says to you, “What have you done?!” So make sure that the thoughts you think, the wishes you make, and the actions you take are honestly and truly what you desire! What you love today may be gone tomorrow, unless you feel truly and honestly grateful for everything, and everyone, who makes you smile! Honest appreciation for the people, things, and situations in your life make you feel good is the key to your personal success and continued good fortune! Luckily the energy of Saturn in Sagittarius is helping you to be wise and strong in your optimistic beliefs so that you can create fun and loving commitments. If you desire others to be completely honest with you then it’s very important, (very, very, very important) that you are completely honest with them first! Sharing your true feelings may not come easily to you, but with beautiful Venus moving into the sign of Cancer on Thursday you may be quite surprised at how easily you will be able to share your deepest and truest sentimental feelings with others from now on. It’s perfectly okay to be a softie sometimes. In fact those around you will appreciate you, and have a more genuine relationship with you, for sharing your honest feelings with them.

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Leo: 4/27 - 5/4/2015

Jupiter in your sign can make everything seem BIGGER and more dramatic, but you are the luckiest sign of ALL with Jupiter in your sign until August 11th! For some Leo’s your biggest concern has been how to feel more balanced and optimistic within yourself while handling any challenging beliefs and/or situations that have been crossing your path. It may be quite easy to feel a bit overwhelmed, but you don’t have to be. You can choose to calm down, surrender a little bit, relax and focus more directly on what does make you feel more inwardly balanced and happy. The energy is going to shift a bit, in a very good way, when Mercury moves into its natural sign of Gemini on Thursday evening at 10:00 pm EDT! Hooray! Starting then and over the course of the next few weeks you can really begin to focus on your most important Hopes, Dreams, Wishes and Goals! You may even begin to see some of these begin to manifest into your life in the very near future! The FULL MOON energy this weekend, in the sign of Scorpio, will shine her bright light into the area of your life that has to do with your house, home and family life! Have you made any improvements there lately? Do you desire to? This is an excellent week, and weekend, to celebrate all of the accomplishments, even the smallest ones, that are moving in the right directions that make you feel happy!

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Leo: 4/20 - 4/27/2015

If you could change just one thing about your life, what would you change and why? This is an important question for you to ponder on this week, because with benevolent Jupiter in your sign (making many positive aspects towards your sign now) you CAN create positive change in your life when you know how! It’s very important not to allow your mind to be scattered in too many directions all at the same time. If you find that you desire to create many positive changes then do yourself a favor and create a written list for yourself! The more you can focus on one thing at one time, and completing each task in the best way possible, then you will see the positive results you desire begin to manifest in a much easier manner! There is much HOPE around you now! You can achieve whatever you set your mind upon! With each positive result that you see, give yourself credit for making the right choices and handling those sometimes difficult decisions in the correct manner! There is a very loving energy around you. Other people can feel it and they want to see you succeed! It is important though that you wisely pick and choose to spend your time with the people who are most in alignment with who you are! In other words, don’t waste your time hanging around people who have a tendency to complain, gossip, or drain you of your optimistic energy. It’s time to turn away from those people now and spend more quality time with people who wise and optimistic, motivated in positive ways to create positive changes, just like you are!

For more information regarding this week’s vibrations, and what they mean for you, read my special Astro Weekly Report!