Leo’s weekly horoscopes

Leo: July 18th – July 25th 2016

Your energy may not be up to speed just yet. In fact you may feel a bit lazy, or just tired, until the Sun moves into your sign on Friday July 22nd. From Monday through Friday you still have much going for you. Energy from beautiful Venus and communication orientated Mercury are both in your sign now. The love and good health you desire will be shown once you really begin to feel more energetically vibrant once again. Until that time, until the Sun moves into your sign on Friday at 5:30 am EDT, you should focus your mind and energy upon what changes you desire to see happen in your life once the Sun does move into your sign. Starting on Friday, and over the course of the next few weeks, focus your attention upon creating the BEST YOU that you desire to be! No matter what has happened in your past, do yourself a favor and allow yourself to be forgiving towards yourself and all others. Rid yourself of anything, or anyone, who has been hindering your happiness. A new chapter of your life will begin on Friday. You don’t want to bring along any past emotional and mental baggage into your new cycle do you? Starting fresh with a more optimistic attitude will definitely help to cure what ails you.

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Leo: July 11th – July 18th 2016

Are you ready for situations to begin to get better? Are you ready for some Good News to enter into your life? Are you ready for others around you to actually ‘listen’ to you? Are you ready to look in the mirror and see a smiling face looking back at you? Are you ready for your finances to improve? Are you ready for your love-life to also improve? Okay then, get ready Leo, this IS the week when both Venus (on Tuesday) and Mercury (on Wednesday) are moving into your sign! Yes, it’s true that your energy is quite low and at times you may not feel like getting out of bed to go to work, or do anything around the house, or off of the couch to answer the door…but this is the week when you should! Otherwise you may miss some Good News that is coming your way that can bring you more of a sense of personal freedom! You may do what you need to do for your children and/or your animals and then feel exhausted and want to get some rest. Very soon your energy will begin to revive…especially once the Sun moves into your sign on July 22nd. So, until then, start thinking more positively. Answer your phone, answer your door, check your email and text messages, and talk to people whose company that you enjoy. Take it easy, take it slow, but also be willing to Get Up and get your body moving so that you can begin to feel a bit more optimistic and healthier once again!

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Leo: July 4th – July 11th 2016

Have you been reminiscing about days gone by and certain situations in your life that you wish you could live over again? Would you really do things differently if you could? Would you have chosen to view things differently or possibly have a different type of attitude regarding certain situations? Whatever occurred in your past has made you the wiser person you are today! Give yourself credit for that! Now comes an important week for you to rest your mind, body and spirit. No matter what happened in your past, or is happening now, give yourself permission to just ACCEPT situations as they are, for now, just for now, just for a short period of time so that you can rest and heal and strengthen your own inner energy through some self-nurturing. Your most challenging situations may be taking place around your home and with your family members. There may be some secrets there that will be revealed. Try to keep your emotions as calm as you possibly can without feeling that you have to DO anything. If you do choose to do something important then put your attention towards cleaning, organizing and creating some comfortable space for yourself so that you can retreat and relax. Soon, very soon, situations can begin to turn around in your favor. In fact, by the middle of next week you may actually begin to feel a lot better! Take it slow for now, just relax. Keep your faith strong that whatever happened in your past, and/or is happening now, can actually turn out in your favor and be a blessing in disguise.

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Leo: June 27th – July 4th 2016

Situations around your home and with your family members may feel more stressful. Since energy from the Sun, Venus – and Mercury starting on Wednesday – are all moving through your life in a very quiet part of the sky, you may feel that you are not receiving the appreciation that you desire. You may also feel that no one is listening to your side of anything. This is a very important period of time for you to go within yourself and figure out what is really bothering you. There may be a temptation to avoid situations that you would rather not deal with at all, but this can also be a very healing period of time for you – a special time for you to release out of your life what you feel has been holding you back. Just try to avoid the temptation to reach for an extra drink, over eat, or medicate yourself so that you don’t have to feel or deal with what is going on. Honesty is truly the best policy now. Before you are able to reach out and nurture another you must take all of the time you need to learn how to care for and nurture yourself to the best of your abilities. If you find that a situation that you’ve put a lot of energy into isn’t working out in your favor then this is a sign for you to release the situation, at least for a while, so that you can have more time and energy to take better care of yourself. The New Moon energy on Monday July 4th will help you to put many situations in your life into a new perspective. What you thought you wanted before may not be what you desire now. Take it easy. Get some extra rest. The energy over the next few weeks is an important period of time for you that can help you to sort things out.

Leo: June 13th – June 20th 2016

Your popularity seems to be soaring! Energy from the Sun, Venus and Mercury are all working in your favor, especially regarding situations that have to do with your friendships and any special groups that you belong to. This is an excellent week to join a new group of interest for you. Have you always wanted to take a yoga class, but the timing wasn’t right? Now is definitely time to join any group that peaks your interest! You can meet many new friends now! If you are single then you definitely need to get out there and mingle! Don’t worry about the housework, it will always be there. Now is the time to get out of the house. Travel plans, near and far, will work out very well for you. The energy this weekend is absolutely perfect for having some creative fun! The Moon is growing brighter each evening towards its FULL MOON point of time on Monday, June 20th. All weekend long you can enjoy your life! Love, romance, laughter and fun are highlighted for you all weekend long!

Leo: 6/21 – 6/13/2016

I am writing this horoscope for the dates of June 1st through June 13th, which will give you much more information about the vibrations around you for the next 2 weeks. I have family coming to visit us here in Michigan from Washington State. I hope you will enjoy and feel enlightened by this special horoscope for your sign during this special phase of time.

Situations around your family and home life may be what brings you your greatest challenges. You may desire situations to be one way and they may desire situations to go in a different direction. This is not the time to try to control others. This is the perfect time to focus upon your own actions, reactions, and how honest you are being with these people and with yourself. Is it better to be right or is it better to try to keep the peace? How do you desire others to perceive you? This is also a good time to spend quality time with good friends who can inspire you. Who are your best friends? Who makes you smile? Who inspires you to be the best you that you can become? Who gives you a sense of positive motivation? Whoever that person is for you…this is an excellent time to spend quality time with that person! If you find that you don’t have a friend like this then you may be very surprised to meet someone new, who can do this for you, once the New Moon in Gemini arrives on June 4th. From this period of time onward you will begin to see that you can more easily focus on your most positive hopes, dreams, wishes and goals! You may also find that you can more easily inspire yourself! You should begin to feel better even when there are challenging situations taking place around you. When you are in a positive mood, you are extremely attractive, passionate and intelligent! Give yourself credit for every situation that you try to improve. More improvements will begin to take place in the not too distant future as long as, and this is very important, you take into consideration the needs, wants and feelings of the important people in your life.

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Leo: 5/23 – 5/31/2016

You have a love for adventure and excitement more than any other sign! You enjoy partners around you who are brilliant and come up with ideas that can enhance your life! You like to control situations, but you are learning (sometimes in difficult ways) that you really can’t control much of anything other than your own choices, decisions and desires in your own way! You have a strong urge and desire to SHINE BRIGHT like the Sun and have a good reputation that others admire! Your public reputation can shine brightly. Your work ethics are very good. You usually put 110% into everything you do! When it comes to your home life that can be quite a different story because you like your home life to be very private because it’s no one’s business what you choose to do there. If your home life is flowing nicely then you’re using your energy in a very creative way! As Mars moves back into the sign of Scorpio, starting on Friday at 9:51 am EDT, you will become more aware of what needs repair within your most personal relationships and within your home itself. Will you choose to be angry about these situations OR will you choose to be optimistically creative and cooperative? From May 27th through June 29th you can discover how your own attitude and choices can either hinder these situations or greatly improve them! Yes, it’s true, Leo’s love to have FUN! Lately though you may have been feeling that life isn’t as much fun as you desire it to be! You’re being asked instead to become much more responsible for your choices in this area of your life. If what you are doing is healthy for yourself and everyone you love then you’re on the right path! If not…then wham…here comes a dramatic problem that you have to solve. Don’t give up and don’t give into the feelings of depression. Just try to do your best for yourself and everyone who is involved in your life who you love and respect.

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Leo: 5/16 – 5/23/2016

Your main focus, over the past few weeks, has been on gaining the appreciation and financial abundance you desire within your chosen career. For those of you who are not out in the workforce, but who choose to work from home, such as with a home business, or within your home taking good care of your family members, your reputation is shining like gold. Those who you shower your positive energy and attention upon truly do appreciate you! At times some of these situations may have been quite challenging for you because you were being asked to be as honest and compassionate as you could be. There have been plenty of times when you desired to just have more fun in your life without the heavy responsibilities and hard work being involved. But for those of you who have met these challenges and have done very well, your good karma will return to you 10 fold in the very near future! Energy from the Sun is changing on Friday and will infuse the area of your life that represents your most important hopes, dreams, wishes and goals! You should begin to feel a greater sense of security when the right people at the right time show up in your life to guide you towards bringing your dreams into reality! The FULL MOON energy on Saturday evening will shine her bright light into the most passionate area of your life! You would be wise to plan on doing something that you really enjoy over the course of this weekend. Those of you who have children in your life will enjoy playing with them and taking them on outdoor adventures. When it comes to your romantic life, situations are improving in this area too. You have new ideas regarding what passionate romance means for you. Your desire for a stable, long lasting, lifetime enduring relationship is becoming more important to you now than ever before! Having a relationship like this may become one of your most important goals! If you are blessed to already be in such a relationship then your relationship is about to bloom forth with a new sense of being in love all over again energy! Keep your attention upon what FEELS best and most truthful for you. A special dream, wish, or goal can become your reality in the very near future!

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Leo: 5/9 – 5/16/2016

You may desire to have control over a situation that you know is out of your control. Sometimes you need to just have faith and relinquish control to a higher power and learn to let the situation go. Try not to dwell on situations that you know are not healthy for you. Try to focus your attention and willpower upon taking better care of your own health, your own life, and your own personal needs. If your expectations of another person are making you unhappy, because you desire this person to be a certain way and he or she is not acting in ways you desire, then this is a sign for you to respect yourself (and this other person) by letting the situation go and not dwelling upon it, or trying to control it, because right now you can’t do anything about it. Your attention should be on your own personal reputation and how you personally shine your own energy out into the workplace and the public eye. Being too concerned about what someone else is up to will only drain you of your own good health and emotional and mental well-being. Now that Jupiter is back in direct motion you would be wise to allow your sense of self-love to abundantly grow! If you can focus your attention upon what makes you feel happy, and not on what doesn’t, and not dwell upon what others are doing, but mind your own business, then you will be on the right path towards personal well-being and much personal success! Financially speaking you are at the very beginning of much financial success coming your way, especially by using your personal talents to achieve that success! You’re going to be very busy indeed! Knowing this you’re going to want to feel at your best so that you can be at your best and do your best each and every day! Whatever offends you try to let it go. Any situations that are out of your control, let them go. Let go of negative feelings like anger, resentment and regret. Starting on Wednesday evening the Moon will move into your sign Leo and will remain in your sign until Saturday morning. These are the perfect days for you to begin each day with a more positive outlook. You are realizing now, maybe more than ever before, that the only thing you are ever in personal control over is your own thoughts, actions and personal feelings. Some days this may even be hard, but you always have the choice to feel good or feel down. It’s your time now to work harder than ever before to prove to yourself that you are the person that you want to be and that the path to your future is always being created through your own self-control and creative willpower!

Leo: 5/1 – 5/9/2016

One thing at a time, one step at a time, no rush to do anything quickly. Energy from Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Saturn and Pluto are all in retrograde motion. What does this energy mean for you? It means that you should take life slowly AND enjoy the simple things in your life as often as possible. For some Leo’s your main concern may be on your career and your reputation. The key to your success is to work on projects that you’ve already started and try not to start anything new, or life changing, until after Mercury goes back into direct motion on May 22nd. Try not to get too frustrated if you need to redo, relearn, revise, repair, or relearn something that you thought you already knew. Going back over past projects and relearning something about them is a good thing to do. Focus your attention upon what you feel most passionate about doing. You can brush the other stuff, that you don’t want to do, over to the side for a little bit. Try to be a little cautious regarding any type of office romance that may come into your life during this phase of time. Yes it’s very good to receive assistance from someone who cares about you. Yes a little flirtation can take place right now, that’s just fine. Just be cautious regarding any type of office gossip that you don’t want to be a part of. If you can stick to your good morals and values you will be just fine. Respect is a good key word to keep in mind. The New Moon in the sign of Taurus will take place on Friday afternoon at 3:30 pm EDT. From this point of time onward you can begin to see improvements that can enhance your career and personal reputation! How do you desire others to SEE you? What about the way that you SHINE in the public eye is most important to you? From Friday afternoon onward allow your greatest assets to shine forth for all to see! By doing this your popularity will begin to soar. You also will be feeling pretty good about who you are too!