Leo's weekly horoscopes

Leo: 4/20 - 4/27/2015

If you could change just one thing about your life, what would you change and why? This is an important question for you to ponder on this week, because with benevolent Jupiter in your sign (making many positive aspects towards your sign now) you CAN create positive change in your life when you know how! It’s very important not to allow your mind to be scattered in too many directions all at the same time. If you find that you desire to create many positive changes then do yourself a favor and create a written list for yourself! The more you can focus on one thing at one time, and completing each task in the best way possible, then you will see the positive results you desire begin to manifest in a much easier manner! There is much HOPE around you now! You can achieve whatever you set your mind upon! With each positive result that you see, give yourself credit for making the right choices and handling those sometimes difficult decisions in the correct manner! There is a very loving energy around you. Other people can feel it and they want to see you succeed! It is important though that you wisely pick and choose to spend your time with the people who are most in alignment with who you are! In other words, don’t waste your time hanging around people who have a tendency to complain, gossip, or drain you of your optimistic energy. It’s time to turn away from those people now and spend more quality time with people who wise and optimistic, motivated in positive ways to create positive changes, just like you are!

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Leo: 4/13 - 4/20/2015

Jupiter is now in direction motion in your sign, giving you a large boost of positive energy for whatever you desire! Opportunities can come to you seemingly out of the blue, but you would be wise to double check every situation that comes your way to ‘make sure’ that they are exactly what you desire, honest and true, without any unexpected faulty fine lines that may end up costing you more of your energy and time in the long run. If you need to pass up one opportunity for another, that’s perfectly fine. What is important is that you accept ONLY those opportunities that you FEEL totally in alignment with. Listen to your intuition because it will guide you! The New Moon on Saturday afternoon, in your fellow fire sign of Aries, will help to strengthen your faith and put you back on the right path of your life once again!

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Leo: 4/6 - 4/13/2015

Are you ready Leo for situations to begin moving positively forward in your life once again? Jupiter in your sign will begin moving in forward motion early on Wednesday! The energy of Jupiter can bring you much Good Luck indeed! It’s important to remember that Jupiter in your sign can expand everything! Do you desire for your life to be BIGGER than it is right now? In what ways do you desire this expansion to happen? You should have the answers to those questions, you’ve already been thinking about them a lot while Jupiter was in retrograde motion and you wondered WHEN things would get better! Okay, this is your week to honestly answer those questions! Remember though that the energy of Jupiter, in your sign, can expand everything! What I mean is that if you are naturally a dramatic person, but not in the most positive way, then you can expect even more drama to enter your life…unless…you start really thinking, acting, feeling and behaving in the most positive of ways! The happier you are, the more success you will achieve! The Moon moves into the sign of Capricorn early on Friday morning, where it will remain for most of this weekend. If you are on the right path, feeling optimistic, then you can honestly receive some good news that you will be very happy with! If, on the other hand, you desire to feel gloomy and blue then you can easily attract more chaos into your life too! You don’t want that, so don’t think about it so much! It’s time to turn your focus towards creating the life that you really want!

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Leo: 3/30 - 4/6/2015

No worries…no hurries Leo! This is actually a very lucky week for you! You may feel a bit frustrated with some communication situations, but very soon communication will improve between you and everyone you encounter on a daily basis. You must continue to be patient though. The Good News and much better communication you desire begins within yourself, with your own beliefs, in regards to the way that you communicate with others. You have a strong desire to be heard and listened to. You have a strong desire to be appreciated for everything that you give and everything that you do. This is understandable for sure, but it’s also important that figure out a good way to get your messages across without coming across to others as being to needy or demanding. The Full Moon total Lunar Eclipse will definitely help you with this! This special vibration takes place early on Saturday morning, 8:00 am EDT, which will help you to begin to learn new ways of communicating that will help you to get along with others a lot better! Lucky Jupiter is in your sign, thus situations may have been feeling a little dramatic and/or you have desired more passion and drama in your own life and you’re feeling this energy intensely within yourself. This Full Moon total Lunar Eclipse will help you to turn drama feelings into Joyful feelings! Instead of feeling a strong desire to be critical with others, you will have a much stronger desire to enhance your friendships and your most personal relationships. How can WE all get along a lot better? will be the question you will ponder on often. As you ponder on this important question you will be inspired with the answer and solutions that you have been seeking for a long time now. Get ready Leo your social life is about to become much more enhanced. Smile Leo! Put on your dancing shoes and get ready to Dance!

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Leo: 3/23 - 3/30/2015

You may have an urge to go overboard in a variety of ways now. Everything is fine for you, but Moderation is the key to your success. Whatever you choose to do can backfire upon you (emotionally, mentally and physically) unless you honestly KNOW why you are choosing to make the choices that you make and try not to allow a strong egotistical inner desire to make you act too spontaneously! If you want a piece of cake then have a piece of cake, but don’t get too carried away and eat the whole cake! Self-care is very important now. You may feel invincible, or wish that you were, until some over the top choice makes you realize otherwise. On the one hand you have a strong desire to have fun and on the other hand you desire to accomplish something important. You can have the best of both worlds if your thinking is smart and you budget your time well. Speaking of budgeting this is an important time to count your pennies and value what you have. Think twice before making a large purchase this weekend. If you can then wait until next week when what you desire may even be on sale!

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Leo: 3/16 - 3/23/2015

What were (past tense) your personal beliefs that were holding you back from living the life that you greatly desired? Those beliefs may resurface again this week to test you again in one way or another. Your desire to control situations may backfire upon you. You would be wise to try to relax and ‘go with the flow’ until after the upcoming New Moon/Solar Eclipse on Friday morning (5:36 pm EDT). After this important event takes place you will begin to abundantly regain your control over situations - but in a better and renewed type of way! Knowing this you would be very wise not to take situations, and the attitudes of others, too personally during the course of the week. You don’t want to say something that you will regret later, or hold onto resentments that will only make you feel terrible. Ride the wave, bide your time. Once the Moon and Sun move into the sign of Aries on Friday evening then it’s Full Steam Ahead for you towards much better relationships, personal happiness, and financial prosperity too!

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Leo: 3/9 - 3/16/2015

Your focus this week should be upon your personal beliefs regarding your work and family life. What changes do you desire to see happen that will make you feel that positive progress is being made? What changes can you creatively make yourself and what changes do you need others help with? Tuesday is your best day this week to begin to implement these changes! Watch your temper on Wednesday and Thursday when an unexpected situation can take place. The energy on Friday is a bit more harmonious for you, especially if your focusing forward on making important improvements. Take time this weekend to take care of your daily duties around the home. Give yourself a little bit more time, some quality time, to take good care of yourself. Your sense of satisfaction, or dissatisfaction, will depend upon your attitude. You would be very wise to keep your eyes on the prize and not allow the unnecessary small stuff to get on your nerves. What IS it that you really desire? Stay passionately focused on positive results!

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Leo: 2/23 - 3/9/2015

It’s important that you make the connections with the right people and even when you do you may need to contact them again and again. If you’re waiting for a loan, or some other financial information to come your way, you may be waiting a very long time unless you keep on reminding these people that you are serious about wanting to close on these projects. Be cautious when lending money to the wrong people. They may say that they are going to pay you back, but you need to get it in writing! Romantic situations will definitely work out in your favor! You may feel that you’re taking a risk, but this risk can feel sensual, sexy, and be a lot of fun! You may find that you are a lot more of a serious person now than you used to be. You may not want to just have fun with someone. You may desire a long term serious commitment. Take it easy Leo. You can have some fun too, if you give yourself permission to. You can set your boundaries and still have fun. In fact when you do then everything may work out even better for everyone. You can have what you want and still be nice. You will receive more of what you desire with a sugar-coated attitude and a charming persuasion.

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Leo: 2/16 - 2/23/2015

Jupiter in retrograde motion in your sign has you turning your attention inward to figure out what you really want! This is not a bad vibration - at all - actually it’s a wonderful vibration that is filled with much personal abundance! “What you BELIEVE you will RECEIVE” but you must check your thoughts and feelings often. Are they in alignment with what you really want? The New Moon on Wednesday evening stimulates your most personal relationships with a greater sense of love and hope that they can become much better from now on! This is a very special evening where the Sun and Moon will be in perfect alignment in the sign of Aquarius (6:47 pm ET) and then moments later (6:50 pm ET) the Sun and Moon will be in perfect alignment in their NEW sign of Pisces! This Lunar Phenomenon takes place so that you can let go, forgive, and then take a brand new step forward towards trusting and cooperating (and receiving positive cooperation) with important people in your life! Whatever was holding you back in the past is being released so that you can once again take a big step forward, a positive step forward, into your future! On Thursday evening Mars will move into your fellow fire sign of Aries! On Friday beautiful Venus will also move into the sign of Aries! You will receive a big BOOST of positive energy that will help you to feel more energetic and motivated once again! Personal relationships can sizzle with much Love and Passion! Financial situations are also looking UP, especially when you choose to GIVE first what you desire to receive in return!

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Leo: 2/9 - 2/16/2015

It’s time to use your unique creative talents to help you earn some extra cash! Your ability for self-promotion is exceptionally strong now. People will want to buy what you are selling, especially if you BELIEVE that what you are selling is what you would purchase too! Do you enjoy what you do for a living? If so then other people will appreciate your unique skills and talents. The key elements for your personal success are Creativity and Enjoyment! You can mix business with pleasure and make a great deal of money having a good time! Love and Romance are highlighted for you for this upcoming weekend! Valentine’s Day can be a treat for you and for someone special in your life! Try to put your worries aside. Negative feelings won’t get you anywhere. They will only depress your energy and delay your progress. Try to rise above your challenges by perceiving situations in a different way. What are you most grateful for in regards to your work and in regards to your most personal relationships? The more grateful you feel the happier you will be! The happier you are the more you can attract joyful and abundant situations into your life!

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