Gemini weekly horoscopes

Gemini: 5/18 - 5/25/2015

Last Monday’s New Moon in Taurus has helped you to release your past emotional baggage. Now you can begin to think about moving forward with your life, but before you actually do you need to think and rethink about your options. What you desired before you may not actually desire now! Your ruling planet Mercury has gone into retrograde motion for the next 3 weeks (in your very own sign of Gemini) thus it is VERY IMPORTANT that you think things through ‘twice and maybe even 4 or 5 times’ before you actually make any decisions that would be life changing ones. You will be very intuitively creative during this phase of time, so you would be wise to take some quiet time for yourself and visualize the whole big picture, regarding your choices, before actually jumping into anything right now! You may desire to be spontaneous, due to Uranus being in the sign of Aries, but if you don’t think things through you may actually do something that you may regret later! THINK before you speak! THINK before you purchase anything expensive! THINK before you get involved with someone who may desire to be like a dictator over you! Also take some quality time to pay attention to how you are taking care of yourself and your health. You are a very important soul indeed! You are Important! You Do Matter! This Mercury retrograde period of time will show you how to create personal boundaries that are healthy and important for you! You may learn this through trial and error, but eventually you will understand how important you really are - not only to yourself but also to the people that you interact with often! On Thursday the Sun will move into your sign! Happy New Birth Cycle Gemini! The Power of the Sun will radiate upon you! Those old days of feeling tired and fatigued will be behind you!

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Gemini: 5/11 - 5/18/2015

You are more than aware of the energy of your ruling planet Mercury being in the shadow stage of going into retrograde motion on May 18th. You may have already had some new experiences where endings have taken place in your life over the past week or so. More than any other sign you will feel this Mercury retrograde, in your sign, the most. This is because Mercury is ruled by your sign (and the sign of Virgo). Mercury is the Messenger and rules over any type of messaging devices (computers, phones etc) and also rules over the way that your mind works and the ways that you choose to communicate with others. If any of these devices seems to slow down, or needs repair, or may just need to be shut down for a little while, this is perfectly okay. You know how super fast your own mind works and sometimes you are being reminded to give yourself a mental break for a little while too! On a very good note your intuitive sense is going to becoming a lot stronger! You can easily come up with new ideas that can be quite inspiring! For now, for this week, give yourself permission to relax. With Mars in your sign too you can easily become frustrated, so try to take some time off to rest and meditate instead of arguing with anyone. This weekend is excellent for spending some quality time with your favorite friends and family members. The more loving and healing energy that is around you…the happier you will feel! The happier you allow yourself to be, the less you will feel fatigued and depressed. This weekend is also wonderful for making some extra money with a natural talent that you possess. When it comes to partnerships this weekend is nice for spending some quality time with the one you love the most! The main thing to remember is to try to be kind and gentle towards yourself. You don’t need any more pressures. In fact you have been pressured for such a long time now that it’s time to relax. There is a shift going on, an important shift indeed, that is going to give you all of the time you desire, for the next few weeks, to review your life and all that you have experienced up to this point in time. Pay attention to the good memories that will pop up into your mind and release any frustrating feelings that you may have to a Higher Power that Divinely and unconditionally loves you!

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Gemini: 5/4 - 5/11/2015

You may feel like you are hub central, right in the middle of everyone else’s activities, where they desire YOU to think, do, and take actions for them; when actually they should be learning how to do things for themselves! But still you may say, “Yes” when you actually mean “NO” and yet you still are kindly there for them when they need advice and counsel. You are incredibly smart and efficient; and yet you also deserve some down time to rest and relax when you really want to. Don’t be afraid to take your time and say, “I can’t do this for you now, but I might be able to do it later.” A maybe answer is much better than a “yes I will do it” when you really don’t feel like it because then you will only feel resentful. With both Mercury and Venus in your sign, until Thursday evening, you can use the energies on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning/afternoon to speak only of lovely things! Mercury will remain in your sign, so your words do hold much power, but you are now in the shadow period of Mercury going retrograde on May 18th through June 11th. Try to “Think” before you speak and only say what you really mean; otherwise you may say “Yes” when you mean “No” and “No” when you mean “Yes” and feel really exhausted, confused, and/or say something that you may regret later. Honesty is the best policy! Pay attention to your feelings and feel free to honestly express to others how you feel inside. Don’t worry about what others may think of you. If they care about who you are, if they care about you feeling good too, then they will understand when you let them know that you can’t do something (even if you wish you could). They will love you more for being honest and sharing your feelings then if you said you would do something but you needed more time to take better care of your own life instead. Also, if you desire assistance from other people now please feel free to ASK because they will want to help you. The end of this week may find you in a very creative and dreamy mood. This weekend is excellent for reading a good book, watching a few good movies, and snuggling up close with someone you know who adores you!

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Gemini: 4/27 - 5/4/2015

You’ve desired to express what you feel is TRUE for you, but maybe you’ve felt that no one would listen to you. This is all about to change as your ruling planet Mercury moves into your sign on Thursday! Hooray! Communication will begin to flow a lot smoother! People will desire to listen to you! Beautiful Venus is also in your sign which will help you to lovingly communicate with others! Until then, from Monday through Thursday evening, pay close attention to what your guiding intuition is telling you. You have the cosmic support you desire! It’s always there for you! It’s during this phase of your life you can recognize more when special ‘out of the blue’ opportunities are presented to you! You may be trying to figure things out, but the answers you seek don’t mentally make any sense to you. Try to put your rational mind aside. Turn inward and meditate, or allow yourself to sleep and dream, to receive the intuitive and inspiring answers you desire! Starting late on Thursday evening, at 10:00 pm EDT, when Mercury moves into your sign, your mind and rational thoughts will become much clearer once again! The Full Moon energy this weekend will shine her bright LIGHT into the area of your life that has to do with your personal health and daily tasks! This is a time to celebrate everything that you have done well and the fact that you often try to take really good care of yourself! Even when you are feeling a bit stressed, and overwhelmed, you are the BEST at multi-tasking so please give yourself credit for everything that you’ve done well! When you give yourself credit for what you have already accomplished then you will begin to see that situations become easier for you. Future accomplishments are on the horizon! For now take it easy and allow much loving communication to flow through your life this week! Pay attention to what makes you happy, really happy, and put your energy towards only doing what makes you feel happy! The other stuff can wait, until next week, when you will begin to notice situations begin to really move forward in your favor!

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Gemini: 4/20 - 4/27/2015

Your ruling planet Mercury, in the sign of Taurus, is asking you to rest your mind and pay more attention to your inner visions. You can come up with some very good ideas when you take the time to relax and meditate. Mercury will move into your sign on April 30th, but until then try not to purposely think too much. Now is the time to heal your mind, and any past emotional memories, by ‘observing’ the thoughts and memories that pop up into your mind and give yourself credit for all that you have experienced in your life up to this point in time. This doesn’t have to be a painful process, especially if you allow the energy of healing to enter into your life. Energy from beautiful Venus is in your sign! You are looking good, even though you may not often feel that you are. The Sun has just moved into the sign of Taurus too, for the next 4 weeks, so allow yourself to become more introspective - take a vacation, if you desire - pay attention to the messages you may receive in your dreams! The more charitable you are towards others, the more abundant rewards are going to come your way. It’s time to be unconditionally loving towards others and towards yourself as much as possible. For those who desire to be unconditionally loving and helpful towards you just say “Thank You” and know that you deserve the assistance that others desire to give. Your sense of appreciation towards these special people in your life will make them smile and feel good!

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Gemini: 4/13 - 4/20/2015

On Tuesday your ruling planet Mercury moves into the sign of Taurus and stimulates the area of your life that has to do so seclusion. You may not feel like talking too much to those you don’t have to. You may only feel like talking to those who are closest to you. Your mind may wander back to your past, reminiscing about days gone by. Try to focus on your happiest memories as often as possible. This is the last full week that the Sun will be in the sign of Aries, which is asking you to positively focus on your most important ‘hopes, dreams, wishes and goals!’ You may be focusing and yet feeling that situations are not manifesting as fast as you desire them to, but there is much hope for your future with the arrival of the New Moon in Aries on Saturday afternoon! Get ready to learn how to RECEIVE! Situations are going to be moving in your favor! Those around you will desire to help you more without you even having to ask for anything! It’s time for you to use your Mind over Matter to create what you desire! Take some time to relax and visualize living your life in a more relaxing and easier manner!

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Gemini: 4/6 - 4/13/2015

This is the last full week that your ruling planet Mercury will be stimulating the area of your life that has to do with you positively focusing on your most important Hopes, Dreams, Wishes and Goals! You should definitely be taking advantage of this by keeping your mind focused ONLY on what you desire to attract into your life the most! Don’t allow doubts, or negative thinking, to get in your way! By allowing doubts, fears, or false beliefs to hinder your positive focus you will only create a delay in attracting into your life what you desire most! Use both your mind and your time wisely! You’re learning how to do this now! Good New arrives, starting on Wednesday when Jupiter goes back into direct motion! Your relationships with siblings and your friendships with neighbors will begin to improve! Instead of focusing what you feel you are lacking, or what aggravates you, will begin to turn around in your favor as you more easily notice the traits about others that you find appealing! On Saturday beautiful Venus will move into your sign bringing more beauty, love, and financial gain into your life! Starting on Saturday, and over the next couple of weeks, situations in your life can definitely begin to turn around in your favor!

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Gemini: 3/30 - 4/6/2015

Your ruling planet Mercury moves into the adventurous and friendly sign of Aries on Monday evening. This shift of signs with your ruling planet means that you too will desire more friendly and social interaction. Accept all social invitations that come your way! You can have lots of fun and receive the inspiration you desire from the people that you meet along the way! Someone may even give you a great idea on how you can enhance your career! People want to see you become even more successful and they will help you climb your ladder of success if you will let them! The Full Moon total Lunar Eclipse on Saturday at 8:00 am EDT will enhance the area of your life that has to do with how you choose to have fun and play! You may have been working very hard lately, or you may have been feeling a bit uninspired, but this is all about to change! The more you allow yourself to play and have fun…the happier you will be! Don’t worry about the work that needs to get done, someone else can do it, just try to relax and enjoy the special vibrations around you this weekend!

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Gemini: 3/23 - 3/30/2015

Think before you speak this week so that you don’t say something, possibly a bit personal and private, towards someone you thought you could trust, possibly a co-worker, who uses your private information in a way that causes you to mistrust this person. Avoid any gossip that you hear. Place your attention towards advancing within your career! Keep your ears open for new pieces of information that you can use within your personal life that can enhance your life in amazing ways! Within your most personal and trusted friendships you will find that these people support you more than you realize! The Moon moves into your sign early on Tuesday morning (9:32 am EDT) and will remain in your sign through Thursday afternoon (3:45 pm EDT). This is a special time when you can really tune into your own gut feelings and listen to how they are guiding you. A strong sense of inspiration can arrive out of the blue which will propel you towards new projects that will be very interesting for you! Your most personal relationships are also receiving a boost of positive energy! If you are single…get out there and be sociable. You can meet someone new and interesting! If you are already in a committed relationship then even you may be surprised when the two of you renew your feelings for each other in very loving and passionate ways! You may have been upset with this other person, for a variety of reasons, but those upset feelings will be put in the past when a renewal of love for one another begins to feel sooo much better! Your financial situation is definitely improving too! The more you are willing to GIVE of your energy, time and talents to others…the more you will RECEIVE in return!

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Gemini: 3/16 - 3/23/2015

You can choose to do things at your own pace. It’s through your sense of selfless service towards others that you will feel really good about yourself. Your ruling planet Mercury is in the sign of Pisces; making this a very auspicious time for you to connect with other people. They will desire to tell you their life stories. They will seek your assistance and counsel. Your intuition is very keen now, listen to it. Inspiring energy is flowing your way. Don’t block the good energy by getting into disagreements with anyone now. If someone desires to debate with you then try to be as compassionate as you can, smile, and gently walk away. It’s not in your natural energy to do so, but you will be wise if you do. The New Moon/Solar Eclipse early on Friday morning will help you to release any situations out of your life that you feel are not working out well for you. Job and Career situations can easily change. You can receive a promotion, change your schedule, train someone new, or move into a new position. Whatever changes take place you will be happier for them. The kindness that you have given to others will return to you 10 fold in regards to your work and financial prosperity. Those in authority positions around you will begin to notice the work that you do and desire to reward you! On Friday evening the Sun moves into the sign of Aries which kicks off our new season! Energy from the Sun, Moon, Mars and Uranus (all in the sign of Aries) stimulates the area of your life that has to do with enhancing your life through the people that you meet - giving you the right connections - to help bring your most important hopes, dreams, wishes and goals into your reality! The appreciation you give towards others will come back to you 10 fold! You can expect your schedule to be jammed packed with new activities! You may have to pace yourself though. You know that you can’t be in two places at the same time…or can you??? You never know what a brilliant Gemini can do! Those of your sign are quite amazing! Love, Good Health, social activities and financial prosperity are all highlighted for you!

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