Gemini weekly horoscopes

Gemini: 12/15 - 12/22/2014

Sometimes situations may seem a bit strange around you, but at least it will be interesting if you detach a little bit and just observe what is going on. Energy from both Venus and Pluto are helping to transform your life by bringing certain people into it that desire to financially and emotionally support you now. All you have to do is put on a happy face and feel grateful for the special people who appreciate you in many special ways. Wednesday through Friday afternoon you may feel a bit lazier than usual, even though you know you have a lot of work that needs to be done…you would rather just sit back and take it easy. That’s okay. You deserve to rest sometimes. Try to lighten up your personal schedule so that you can create more relaxing time for yourself. If you push yourself too hard, especially during this period of time, you might end up feeling ill and then you will have a good excuse for staying in bed longer. You don’t have to feel sick though in order to rest. You just need to give yourself permission to slow down and relax. It’s time for you to learn to ASK for what you need, desire, want or anything else for that matter. You will begin to see that by asking you may actually begin to receive! As the Sun moves into Capricorn on Sunday, joined also by the Moon, this NEW MOON energy will open new positive opportunities for you in regards to joint financial opportunities! Your sex life will also begin to become more secure and passionate too! Your wild child days of long ago, of taking risks before even thinking about the repercussions, are over now. But don’t put on a frown because what you are receiving now is a life with safety, security, commitment, dedication and passion! The more effort you put towards creating a stable life the happier you’re going to be. Your hard work is going to pay off quite abundantly!

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Gemini: 12/8 - 12/15/2014

It’s very important for you to ‘think’ in the HERE and NOW moment, to stay focused on what you are doing right in front of you without allowing your mind to wander back into the past and far into the future. The more you can stay focused on the here and NOW moment the more productive you will be and the healthier - mentally, physically and emotionally - you will feel! You are a wonderful planner and excellent multi-tasker, but if you feel too overwhelmed - too self-pressured - this is never good for you. Make it a point to listen to what your mind, body and emotions are telling you. Give yourself permission to relax whenever you feel that you need to. The people around you will wait for you, they know how unique you are, so take all of the time you need to do things at your own pace so that you can feel a lot better. Some stress is motivating for you, but too much stress is never good for you. The energies this week are asking you to value yourself a lot more; to take good care of yourself, and your health, because when you do you will get a lot more accomplished in an easier manner. The energy of Jupiter in retrograde motion (now through April 8th 2015) is asking you to perceive your life, and the people and situations around you, in a more positive and expansive way. Do you desire to attract more dramatic situations into your life OR do you desire to attract more positive opportunities? However you perceive things is what you will attract much MORE of into your life in the very near future. It’s time to change your thoughts, be a bit more mentally flexible (which you can do) and try to SEE the happy side of life as often as possible. Soon you will be walking on the happy side of the street where many wonderful situations and opportunities will be available for you!

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Gemini: 12/1 - 12/8/2014

Situations in your life haven’t always been easy, but being the incredible Gemini that you are you are able to make the best of almost any situation! You have an ability to RISE ABOVE the nonsense that others dwell upon. You can easily focus your mind on the HERE AND NOW without dwelling on what has happened in the past or what will happen in your future. You know that you are the true captain of your own life. You are willing to be responsible for your own mistakes and make everything turn out alright. There are some times though where your mind will wander back into the past, with a feeling of nostalgia - wishing things could have been different - but you don’t like to stay in this mood for too long. You may feel this way when the Moon is in the sign of Taurus from early on Wednesday morning through early on Friday. Past memories may pop up when you least expect them too. Someone from your past may cross your path in some way to talk to you about those ‘good ole’ days. If you are smart, and you know that you are, you can handle these memories and situations with an air of good humor. Where those good old days really that great? They may have been but what you want is for the moments of your life NOW - the HERE and NOW moments - to be even better! The Moon will move into your sign early on Friday morning and continue to get brighter and brighter until it reaches it’s FULL MOON in GEMINI point of time at 7:27 am EST on Saturday morning! The energy on Friday and Saturday are absolutely perfect for you to smile, have fun, and celebrate your life! You know that there really IS a lot to be grateful for! With a wonderful Attitude of Gratitude you will easily share your personal stories with everyone around you! The people around you will want to listen to what you have to say. They would love to know your secret about how you can so easily maintain your youthful and often brilliant energy! Have Fun!

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Gemini: 11/24 - 12/1/2014

Your attention now should be on your most personal relationships. You should feel a sense of gratitude towards those who are closest to you. Energy from the Sun and Venus are really bringing energy and love into this area of your life. Starting on Thursday evening your ruling planet Mercury will also join them! Until then, your mind may be very concerned on your work-a-day world and all of the duties you need to accomplish, but starting on Saturday - and over the course of the next few weeks - you will begin to relax your mind and allow others to help you more often. Co-workers, friends and even your most intimate mate will desire to cooperate with you more often. You set the tone of their attitudes towards you by the attitudes that you have towards them. Knowing this you should be on your best behavior in order to gain the rewards that you desire. Just smile and be nice Gemini! Soon you will see that all of the hard work that you’ve been doing is definitely going to pay off well!

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Gemini: 11/ 17 - 11/24/2014

You have been really active these days! Your mind is active thinking about ways that you can solve any type of situation and make it better for everyone involved. Physically you should be quite active too - running here and there - taking care of important business and personal matters. The question is ‘are you enjoying yourself?’ or are you pushing yourself too hard and feeling a little overwhelmed? No one can allow you to take a break, except yourself! When you feel that things need to be accomplished, but you’re feeling low on your energy then you need to get some rest and not worry about what anyone else thinks about anything! Situations will begin to lighten up for you once the Sun and Moon move into the sign of Sagittarius on Saturday! Once this beautiful New Moon arrives you will begin to see that ‘other’ people around you desire to actually do more for YOU! Hooray! Won’t that be a refreshing change of pace? Of course it will be! Oh you can continue to do whatever you desire, but with the loving assistance of those around you then you will also begin to have more time for yourself…to do whatever you want that really makes you happy!

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Gemini: 11/10 - 11/17/2014

All work and no play can easily wear you down. It’s very important that you take good care of your health during this phase of time. You are ambitious, you can give yourself plenty of credit for this, but if you’re not feeling well then you have to ask yourself, ‘Was it all worth it?” Take some time this week to value yourself - mind, body and soul - by realizing what your personal needs are; instead of just taking care of everyone else. Allow others to help you too, especially when you need it the most. If you need to talk to someone about how you are feeling then do that. Don’t be afraid that someone will see you as being weak. Everyone knows you’re not! But you don’t have to be a Superman/Superwoman all of the time! Take some time out for yourself to relax and just have a good time! If you find that your mind is on overload, way too often, you could be prone to getting colds and having headaches during this phase of time. You can creatively rise above your daily challenges by doing things in a different way; like not caring as much about daily duties, or what other people think about you if things don’t get accomplished. If those around you really care about you and love you then they will want you to feel well. All you have to do is ’stop’ doing so much! Your good luck actually will arrive in your life if you get out of your own way. The more you allow yourself to relax…the more good luck will come your way! Relationship situations will begin to turn around in your favor once the energy of beautiful Venus moves into the sign of Sagittarius on Sunday! In the meantime, try to focus on taking good care of yourself and allow those around you to pamper and take care of you a little bit more often.

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Gemini: 11/3 - 11/10/2014

Try not to push yourself too hard. Allow other people to help you. Monday through Wednesday afternoon you would be wise to surround yourself with people who are supportive towards you. This is a special time when you should take a good look at yourself, your life, and focus on your ‘hopes, dreams, wishes and goals’ for your future. Communicate what these are to those who are closest to you. You may find that by telling others what you desire most will put them in the perfect position to gift you with what you desire! On Wednesday afternoon the Moon will move into the sign of Taurus, growing ever brighter until it reaches its FULL MOON point of time on Thursday evening at 5:23 pm EST. This Full Moon in Taurus shines her bright healing and nurturing light into the area of your life where you keep your emotions suppressed. Whatever your emotional fears have been can be released, healed, and put behind you once and for all in a very positive way! Don’t be afraid of how you may feel. The right people at the right time will be there for you now. “What you face, you erase” so that you can begin to move more positively forward in your life from now on! In time you will celebrate this phase of time; knowing that whatever was holding you back holds you back no longer. You can feel free of past insecurities with a new sense of inner fortitude that you haven’t had in a very long time. The Moon will move into your sign on Friday evening at 8:45 pm EST and remain in your sign all weekend long! This is YOUR weekend to focus on yourself, improving your health, and doing whatever it is that you enjoy doing! Allow the healing energy to flow through you. A new better path of life for you has just begun. Enjoy it! Relax and Have Fun!

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Gemini: 10/27 - 11/3/2014

Your mind will be focused on your most important relationships. You have a strong desire to make sure that the people in your life know that they are safe and secure. Are you also willing to accept assistance from others? The people who really love you also want you to feel safe and secure too! Together, with your loved ones, you can accomplish a great deal. This is an excellent week for love, passionate romance, happiness and joyful family gatherings! There will be many times that you may desire to do your own thing, while someone close to you desires to do something else. This is just fine as long as you know that you are appreciated for everything you do. Now that the energy of Mars has moved into the money making sign of Capricorn…financial situations are definitely looking UP for You!

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Gemini: 10/20 - 10/27/2014

You have been very aware of Mercury being in retrograde motion. But were you aware that this has been the most important time of your life to passionately celebrate the lives of the people you adore in your life? You should be enjoying your most precious memories of the people you have known and how they have helped you to learn and to grow. Reminiscing over your past, and possibly your past lovers, could have brought some very special memories up to the surface of your mind. Focusing lovingly on your children, grandchildren, family members and close friends, and spending quality time with them doing some fun things was also important. Retrograde Mercury always asks you to stop thinking about what is going on ‘out there’ in the world and instead meditate upon how far you have come in your life up through this point in time. You can say, during this particular Mercury retrograde, that you are being asked to create a beautiful mental scrapbook that you desire to keep. Out with the old bad picture/memories and IN with the beautiful ones. Focus only on what you appreciate the most. Delete any past negative experiences. The New Moon/Solar Eclipse on Thursday shifts your focus towards your daily duties and your personal health. Do you need some time away from the daily grind of life to rest and have more fun instead? Listen to what your body and emotions are bringing to the surface. An old wound can be healed. Your health can improve! Mercury will go back into direct motion on Saturday afternoon at 3:17 pm EDT. Starting then and over the course of the next couple of weeks you can begin to enjoy your life more and become more abundantly productive without as much effort.

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Gemini: 10/13 - 10/20/2014

You can easily attract some wonderful new customers and more financial abundance into your life! Everyone knows what a great job you do! The word of your good work is spreading around! People in authority positions are ready to increase your pay! You may be asked to teach others around you how to do their work in a better way! You are being moved from a regular working position to a teaching position, from a normal employee to more of a manager of sorts, which can also help to increase your reputation and bank account! Keep up the good work Gemini! You will be able to go home with a smile on your face and more money in your pockets. Your good mood is not deterred with the fact that your ruling planet Mercury is in retrograde motion right now. In fact this particular Mercury retrograde is helping you to ‘intuitively’ know what to do at the right moments! You are also more intuitively tuned into what your customers need, thus you are able to give to them exactly what they need (sometimes even before they actually know what they need themselves). If you are a Gemini who works in sales, or in another field where you have a lot of people that you need to serve in some way, this is going to be an exceptionally good week for you! You are able to listen to your heart, put yourself in your customer’s shoes, and know exactly what is best for him, or her, in just a matter of moments. Your sense of empathy is exceptionally strong, not only at your work place but also at home. Your sense of compassion is getting stronger. It will be like second nature to you to look at someone and know exactly how to make them happy. When you pay attention to what your intuition is telling you, you will hear it quite clearly and know exactly what to do. Take time this weekend to do something special with your family members who enjoy your good sense of humor. Reunions of all types are highlighted for you! Put your concerns away. Pay attention to the needs of the people around you, for when you do you will be repaid in many amazing ways!

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