Gemini weekly horoscopes

Gemini: 10/27 - 11/3/2014

Your mind will be focused on your most important relationships. You have a strong desire to make sure that the people in your life know that they are safe and secure. Are you also willing to accept assistance from others? The people who really love you also want you to feel safe and secure too! Together, with your loved ones, you can accomplish a great deal. This is an excellent week for love, passionate romance, happiness and joyful family gatherings! There will be many times that you may desire to do your own thing, while someone close to you desires to do something else. This is just fine as long as you know that you are appreciated for everything you do. Now that the energy of Mars has moved into the money making sign of Capricorn…financial situations are definitely looking UP for You!

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Gemini: 10/20 - 10/27/2014

You have been very aware of Mercury being in retrograde motion. But were you aware that this has been the most important time of your life to passionately celebrate the lives of the people you adore in your life? You should be enjoying your most precious memories of the people you have known and how they have helped you to learn and to grow. Reminiscing over your past, and possibly your past lovers, could have brought some very special memories up to the surface of your mind. Focusing lovingly on your children, grandchildren, family members and close friends, and spending quality time with them doing some fun things was also important. Retrograde Mercury always asks you to stop thinking about what is going on ‘out there’ in the world and instead meditate upon how far you have come in your life up through this point in time. You can say, during this particular Mercury retrograde, that you are being asked to create a beautiful mental scrapbook that you desire to keep. Out with the old bad picture/memories and IN with the beautiful ones. Focus only on what you appreciate the most. Delete any past negative experiences. The New Moon/Solar Eclipse on Thursday shifts your focus towards your daily duties and your personal health. Do you need some time away from the daily grind of life to rest and have more fun instead? Listen to what your body and emotions are bringing to the surface. An old wound can be healed. Your health can improve! Mercury will go back into direct motion on Saturday afternoon at 3:17 pm EDT. Starting then and over the course of the next couple of weeks you can begin to enjoy your life more and become more abundantly productive without as much effort.

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Gemini: 10/13 - 10/20/2014

You can easily attract some wonderful new customers and more financial abundance into your life! Everyone knows what a great job you do! The word of your good work is spreading around! People in authority positions are ready to increase your pay! You may be asked to teach others around you how to do their work in a better way! You are being moved from a regular working position to a teaching position, from a normal employee to more of a manager of sorts, which can also help to increase your reputation and bank account! Keep up the good work Gemini! You will be able to go home with a smile on your face and more money in your pockets. Your good mood is not deterred with the fact that your ruling planet Mercury is in retrograde motion right now. In fact this particular Mercury retrograde is helping you to ‘intuitively’ know what to do at the right moments! You are also more intuitively tuned into what your customers need, thus you are able to give to them exactly what they need (sometimes even before they actually know what they need themselves). If you are a Gemini who works in sales, or in another field where you have a lot of people that you need to serve in some way, this is going to be an exceptionally good week for you! You are able to listen to your heart, put yourself in your customer’s shoes, and know exactly what is best for him, or her, in just a matter of moments. Your sense of empathy is exceptionally strong, not only at your work place but also at home. Your sense of compassion is getting stronger. It will be like second nature to you to look at someone and know exactly how to make them happy. When you pay attention to what your intuition is telling you, you will hear it quite clearly and know exactly what to do. Take time this weekend to do something special with your family members who enjoy your good sense of humor. Reunions of all types are highlighted for you! Put your concerns away. Pay attention to the needs of the people around you, for when you do you will be repaid in many amazing ways!

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Gemini: 10/6 - 10/13/2014

You may feel that you are sacrificing much of your time and energy in order to take good care of your daily duties. You may be asked to do a lot of things that you don’t want to do. You may feel that you want to say “NO” but you will say “YES” because you know that it’s the right thing to do. Don’t worry Gemini, you will be rewarded. Life will become fun again once your ruling planet Mercury moves back into the sign of Libra on Friday (1:26 pm EDT). The Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday morning (6:51 am EDT) highlights the area of your life that has to do with your most personal hopes, wishes, dreams and goals. You may feel like you’re not accomplishing what you desire. You may feel a little depressed about this, but what is actually happening is that you are being asked to review these things and make sure that what you used to desire is still what you want. You are also asked to change the words, “‘I’ Want this” to “WE Want this!” Whatever you desire that is good for everyone around you will be attracted into your life in the not too distant future. For instance, if you want to be promoted and everyone around you wants you to be promoted too (because they know that you are a wonderful team leader) then you will be promoted soon. The more of a Team Spirit that you have, the more that your hopes, dreams, wishes and goals - for yourself and everyone around you - will positively happen in the not too distant future!

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Gemini: 9/29 - 10/6/2014

We are now in the shadow period of Mercury going retrograde on Saturday afternoon. You, more than any other sign, understands what this means for yourself and for everyone else around you. Plan for delays, try to avoid arguments, have a good sense of humor when your phone and computer go on the fritz. This is only natural during this phase of time. This is a time for ‘RE’ doing almost everything. Keep a good eye on your Money, Wednesday through Friday, when you may spend more than you had planned on because you saw something that ‘you just had to have.’ It’s nice to have nice things, but watch out for those ego addictions, which can peak during this phase of time. Then later you’ll wonder where all of your money went! You may feel a little more nervous, or worried, over the course of this weekend. Try not to be in a hurry. If you give yourself plenty of time then everything will turn out alright. Try to focus on what is going right, instead of what is going wrong, if you can do this, and make the best out of every situation, then you’ll be happier, wiser and feeling strong!

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Gemini: 9/22 - 9/29/2014

You are so ready to leave your work behind and have some FUN! Energy from the Sun and Mercury in Libra are moving through your 5th house of children, play, creativity, love affairs, games of chance and risk. You just want to leave the pressures of your daily grind behind and party to the fullest! You may feel a little frustrated on Monday and Tuesday when you will feel even more aware of the daily pressures that are around you. But starting on Wednesday, under the influence of the New Moon in Libra, you will definitely be able to ignore those daily pressures by having a new playful and joyful attitude! This weekend is excellent for long distance travel plans. Reunions are highlighted for you! It’s time for you to have some FUN Gemini…and no matter what else is going on YOU ARE GOING TO! Situations will continue to get better and better once beautiful Venus also moves into Libra next Monday. You can look forward to really having a great time next week! For now, try to relax and do some planning so that you can take some time off of your daily grind and really enjoy yourself! And, by the way, Love, Romance and some very Passionate nights are definitely highlighted for you!

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Gemini: 9/15 - 9/22/2014

Now that your ruling planet Mercury is in your fellow air sign friend of Libra, this is a very special time of the year for you where you can enjoy your creative ‘gift of gab’ with everyone! Situations regarding children, creativity, romance, fun and playtime are all highlighted for you! Good News arrives when you need it most! This is a special time of year when you can really begin to look forward to the weeks ahead. Are you planning something special? Are you going on a special trip, or planning on spending some quality time with someone extra special in your life? Mars, the planet of energy, is now transiting through your 7th house of personal relationships. This can be a very energetic and sensual period of time for you. This is also a time of conception! What are you conceiving? A new child or a new idea? Situations around your home and family are highlighted for the majority of this week. Have fun and enjoy the company of the people you love the most!

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Gemini: 9/8 - 9/15/2014

There’s no use in dwelling on what might have been, had you done this or that differently in your life in the past. When you allow your mind to dwell on what you wish could have been different you are only wasting your time and energy and often just making yourself depressed and upset. Instead use your inner wisdom to understand what you have learned through those past experiences and then use your new found wisdom to creatively focus on your goals for your future! The Full Harvest Moon energy in Pisces on Monday evening will set the emotional tone for this week. You may realize, more now than ever, that you’re not exactly happy with whatever you ‘think’ you are lacking right now. But, you see, it’s through understanding what you desire that you can then begin to attract those new situations into your life! Tuesday through Thursday allow others around you to advise, help and inspire you! Take some personal time for yourself on Friday and Saturday to release any old emotional baggage out of your life that you don’t need to carry around with you anymore! A great healing will take place for you during this phase of time. Relax and allow it to flow through you and your life. Starting early on Sunday morning the Moon will move into your sign of Gemini, where it will continue to be early into next week! This is the time to focus on yourself, what you desire most, and then get ready to take some positive actions towards creating a healthier and happier life for yourself!

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Gemini: 9/1 - 9/8/2014

It may be easy for you to feel disappointed, especially when you work so hard and feel that you’re not being appreciated and/or financially compensated for your efforts. After all, there is only so much 1 person can do - even though you are a brilliant and hardworking Gemini you deserve some personal rewards too! You are a great multi-tasker and maybe sometimes this is the problem. How difficult is it for you to chill-out and just relax once in awhile? Situations are about to improve for you because your ruling planet Mercury moves into your fellow air-sign Libra on Tuesday! Starting then, and over the next few weeks, you will be able to actually enjoy your life more often. Oh yes there will still be work that needs to get done, but you won’t mind doing it as long as you’re also having some fun! Starting on Friday, and over the course of this weekend, situations should begin to lighten-up a lot more for you. Take a deep breath, count to 10, and let go of the headaches that you have been having. Drink more water, get some fresh air, take a walk in nature and know that you will be greatly rewarded for all of your efforts in the not too distant future!

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Gemini: 8/25 - 8/31/2014

Energy from the Sun and Mercury in the sign of Virgo wants you to focus as much attention and energy as you can towards your home and family life. The New Moon in Virgo on Monday will help to bring you a boost of enthusiasm towards doing this. Situations that were upsetting you at home will begin to settle down and begin to work out in your favor. The area of your life where you will be tested the most will be in regards to how you use your energy at work. Do you do what you love and love what you do? If so, then you will do great! If you don’t like your job then there is a good chance that you may either change jobs soon, or choose to handle your job in a different manner. Listen to what your body is telling you in regards to your career. Do you mentally, emotionally and physically feel good about your job, OR do you feel achy, overwhelmed and energetically drained because of it? Making money is important, but you should also feel that you are being paid a fair share for your efforts. This could also possibly be the time that you should ask for a raise. After all, if your Boss feels that you are a valuable employee then you absolutely deserve it!

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