Gemini weekly horoscopes

Gemini: 7/28 - 8/4/2014

Your sense of self-value has very much to do with your home and family. If you feel appreciated and loved there then you can be very successful out in the world. If, on the other hand, you feel unloved - or someone (even in childhood) said something to you that pushed your self-esteem down - then now comes the time when you can heal old wounds by forgiving these people and believing more in who you really are! Gemini’s, more than any other sign, take the words people say quite seriously, especially when they are talking about you. You are wise enough and flexible enough to understand that sometimes people say things without thinking about them first. It’s your own reaction to what people say that will either increase your self-value or make you feel at a lack in some way. Speaking of lack, this is another important issue, now is the time to attract financial abundance into your life! If, in childhood, you were told that there was never enough - of this or that, especially regarding money - then you may be struggling with attracting enough money into your life now. It doesn’t have to be this way when you realize how valuable your personal talents are! It’s time for you to say YES to your own personal success! You can have what you desire when you believe that you can!

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Gemini: 7/21 - 7/28/2014

There is absolutely no reason for you to hold a grudge. When you do it only hurts you more than anyone else. Let bygones be bygones. Try not to allow yourself to have trust issues. Keep in mind that not everyone can be as flexible and as brilliant as you can be! Mercury, your ruling planet, is in the sign of Cancer. You can be very compassionate towards others when you want to be. In fact, the more compassionate you are the more successful you will be. If you really want to get your way then BE a compassionate person! With the Sun in Leo and Jupiter too, you can pretty much ask for anything that you want and people will want to give it to you. Good luck is with you when you communicate correctly. On the other hand if you complain about anything situations can easily backfire! On Saturday there will be a New Moon vibration in the sign of Leo. Starting then you can choose to learn how to communicate with others better. Don’t give them the cold shoulder, or only talk to people who you know will agree with you. It’s time to become more sociable with everyone and more compassionate too. Mars in Libra, for most of the week, will enhance your sensual and romantic personality. Mars moves into the sign of Scorpio on Friday evening. Starting then you can easily mix business with pleasure! Have Fun!

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Gemini: 7/14 - 7/21/2014

If situations seem a bit chaotic around you, this is only natural under the astrological weather for this week. It’s not you that is causing the drama, but other people and their situations may need your attention. They don’t seem to know the right answers, but you do! You’re in a prime position to help them, if you desire, but even if you just want to sit back and observe what is going on, without getting too personally involved, in some ways you’ll be called upon to help them. You’re sense of compassion is growing stronger. You seem to have the right words to say at the right time. Your words hold a sense of comfort to those who need them most. Your sense of confidence regarding your communication skills are growing stronger. People want to hear what you have to say, which makes you a valuable asset to them indeed! Situations around your career are getting better. When you understand how valuable your personal talents are then you will begin to see your bank account growing more abundant!

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Gemini: 7/7 -7/14/2014

Beautiful Venus is in your sign until July 18th. You can tap into this beautiful energy by realizing how truly beautiful You Are and focusing on the positive traits of the people around you. The energy from Venus is helping to enhance your relationships as well as your finances! The more abundant your own attitude is…the more abundant your life will be! The Full Moon energy on Saturday morning (7:25 am EDT) really begins on Thursday evening (11:24 pm EDT) when the Moon moves into the sign of Capricorn. From Thursday evening through late on Saturday night (before the Moon moves into the sign of Aquarius) is the perfect time for you to feel abundantly grateful for everything, and everyone, who makes you feel secure and stable. Once this phase passes, you will be ready to strengthen your faith about Life itself in a brand new way. Situations are improving around you Gemini! Pay attention to everyone and every situation that makes you feel happy. Don’t let the little feelings of lack get the best of you. Have faith that situations ARE improving!

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Gemini: 6/30 - 7/7/2014

Good News Gemini! Your ruling planet Mercury goes back into direct motion on Tuesday, July 1st, at 8:50 am EDT (adjust for your time zone). Whew…it’s been difficult while Mercury was in retrograde motion. You may have had a hard time thinking of new ideas for future things you wanted to do, because you first had to repair other problems that kept popping up all around you. No matter what you tried to do to focus on what you wanted, there were many delays…you had to wait and wait. It seemed like other people’s needs and desires came before your own. Well this is all about to turn around for you. Your patience is going to pay off…Big Time…in the not too distant future! With Mercury back in direct motion, in your sign, feel free to say what is on your mind! People are listening. They want to hear what you have to say! Your brilliance is going to be shining through! If you were having headaches just trying to think about anything, and you felt like no one was listening to you no matter how loud you were talking, and you felt really dreamy and foggy-brained…this Mercury retrograde energy is almost over…hang in there! Slowly, slowly, day by day situations will begin to improve for you. In fact, I suggest that you slow down a bit and try to enjoy your life a bit more. This is an excellent week for organizing your home and spending quality time with the ones you love. Finish your hard work before the weekend starts. This weekend is excellent for creative projects, shopping, partying and passionate romance. Good times are highlighted for you! Someone you haven’t talked to in a long time desires to get back in touch with you. Put your workload and worries aside, at least for this weekend, and have fun!

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Gemini: 6/23 - 6/30/2014

Financial situations may have been frustrating you, although you continued to give to others whatever you could. Your sense of generosity will begin to earn you some big rewards once the New Moon in Cancer arrives on Friday morning! From that point forward in time situations can become easier and easier for you. Continue to focus on what you can do for others in the most genuine, empathetic and kindest ways possible. As you treat others in ways that you desire to be treated your good karma will abundantly return to you! Your personal talents are being noticed. The life promotions you seek are not that far away. Have no fear your patience is going to pay off in a Big Way! Keep your faith strong. Focus on what you desire most. Every area of your life is going to be receiving a positive boost of energy in the not too distant future!

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Gemini: 6/16 - 6/23/2014

All work and no play can make you quite cranky, especially with your ruling planet Mercury in retrograde motion moving back in your sign on Tuesday. Retrograde Mercury will remain in your sign until July 1st! You are being asked to review your life and make adjustments that will clear your mind and your life of the people and situations that seem to bug you the most. You know this, so try to take some extra time to do what you desire to do…with all of the time that you desire to do it in! The calmer you can be the more abundant and productive you can be! With Jupiter in the sign of Cancer, until 7/14/2014, you ARE Abundant, especially when it comes to your personal talents and how you earn your money! Your life can expand in any way that you desire it to be! Keep in mind though that if you are cranky then Jupiter’s energy will turn it into more abundant crankiness! Oh dear, you don’t want that! Focus on what makes you happiest, helps you to feel beautifully sensational and sexy, and focus forward towards your own personal success! In regards to your career, you may feel a lot of responsibilities riding on your shoulders, that’s okay…you can handle it IF you take your time and pay attention to the details. Try to focus on completing the task at hand before jumping into doing something else. Doing one thing at a time, to the best of your ability, will help you greatly. If you feel that someone is pressuring you, especially with your time, that person can respect you enough to patiently wait. If this person gets upset and walks away, that’s okay too, you’ve got many other people who need you and plenty of things that you need to do. It’s time to have great respect for your self and take good care of yourself FIRST. Those that do cooperate with you will be very blessed and lucky to receive your services and personal attention.

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Gemini: 6/9 - 6/16/2014

The energy from the powerful Sun remains in your sign until June 21st. You should use your time before then to focus on what it IS that you truly desire! Mercury in retrograde motion may put some delays on receiving what it is that you want and you are being asked to be very patient, which may have you feeling a bit frustrated. Still it’s important that you focus on what you desire and don’t allow your frustrations to get the best of your mind and heart. In other words, don’t give up Gemini! With the Sun in your sign and the energy of Mars in Libra you are being asked to have FUN no matter what is going on! Situations, such as not getting your birthday present on time, are small matters as compared to what you will receive once Mercury goes back into direct motion again - in your sign - starting on July 17th. Yes this is a long time to wait, and you will receive a little bit of what you want in the meantime, but the bigger pay off will happen once Mercury goes back in direct motion. You’d be wise to limit your frustrating feelings and continue to be patient. If you can listen to your intuition to guide you and inspire you then situations can be FUN for you in small ways. You may desire to gamble, or take a risk, but I wouldn’t advise you to do this for now. The FULL MOON energy early on Friday morning at 2:11 am EDT (adjust for your time zone) shines her bright LIGHT into your life regarding your most personal relationships. With a sense of gratitude for these special people in your life, you should feel lucky that they are with you…that they love you…and having them in your life IS something very special indeed! Spending quality time with them over the weekend can make you feel good. It’s through these special relationships that you realize how important you are! You are very important to them so try to play and have a lot of FUN with them whenever possible!

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Gemini: 6/2 - 6/9/2014

You ARE Important! You DO Matter! You may feel a little frustrated because many people around you seem to be focusing on their own needs instead of yours. You try and try to communicate well, especially regarding how YOU feel, and yet your words may fall on deaf ears because those around you are so consumed with their own needs and feelings. Keep in mind that energy from the powerful Sun is shining on YOU and it’s up to you if you choose to use this abundant energy in productive ways to enhance your own life. Even if others around you aren’t listening to you in the ways that you desire…you can choose to listen to yourself and fulfill your own needs without anyone else doing anything for you. You are extremely independent now! You don’t need anyone’s permission to do what You want to do! Your ruling planet Mercury is going into retrograde motion on Saturday, thus you may not feel like talking much to anyone anyway. At the same time the Moon will be in Libra and your passionate attention will be on your own needs and what you feel is FUN for yourself. Anyone who joins you in having some fun will become near and dear to your heart. Anyone who desires to just complain about what they don’t have you will want to run away from. It’s not your duty, especially at this time of year, to run to their rescue and give them what they want. Who could blame you Gemini? It’s at this time of year that it’s your time to SHINE! Try to focus on allowing yourself to have more FUN with your life! When you are happy then everyone should be. Those who are not may need to seek some type of therapy. Keep Smiling Gemini! You Are Amazing!

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Gemini: 5/26 - 6/2/2014

You start out this week with the Moon growing dimmer in the sign of Taurus. You may try to have fun on Monday and Tuesday and yet, no matter what is going on, you may feel a little depressed. You are very aware of what you feel that you are lacking. It may just be emotional energy, or energy period, and with your energy feeling a bit zapped you’ll just be feeling a bit cranky and tired. This is perfectly okay. Take it easy at the beginning of this week. Try to lighten up your schedule and get as much rest as possible. Starting early on Wednesday morning, 12:47 am EDT., the Moon moves into your sign - growing dimmer and dimmer- until it reaches its famous New Moon energy degrees at 2:40 pm EDT. This New Moon in Gemini kicks off your New Birth Cycle for the next 12 months! This New Moon is very fertile and it’s time for you to plant your most important hopes, dreams, wishes and goal seeds - that you desire to see manifest into your life over the next 12 months - on this particular day! Pay close attention to your feelings and your thoughts! You hold the magic key towards becoming as successful as you desire to BE so make those feelings and thoughts positive ones! Also on this important Wednesday beautiful Venus is still in the sign of Aries (which represents YOU) so if you desire to be a little more selfish (Self Aware of what you desire) you have complete permission to! The energies of the Universe and Life itself WANTS You to BE this way; not in a negative way at all (so be careful of that) but in the most positive ways possible! No matter what your actual birth day is, if you are a Gemini Sun sign, have a Gemini Moon or have a Gemini Ascendant in your chart…this IS a very special day for you! Energy from the Sun, New Moon and from your ruling planet Mercury are all on your side - because they are ALL in your sign! Your mind should be sharp and focused on what you truly desire. Make yourself a list because when you actually write things down you can take your thoughts out of your head and bring them into your reality a lot quicker! Once you have your thoughts down on that special piece of paper - and your ruling planet Mercury moves into the ‘feeling’ sign of Cancer early on Thursday morning…all you have to do is nurture your desires with a great deal of passion! If you can do this then it’s certain that what you desire most, for your own highest good and the highest good of those around you, will begin to manifest in the not too distant future! “Happy Happy New Birth Cycle Gemini!”

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