Gemini weekly horoscopes

Gemini: January 10th – January 17th 2017

You can take a deep breath and count your lucky stars that your ruling planet Mercury is now back in direct motion! All of that exhausting energy that you went through is now going to lighten up and allow you to feel more mentally renewed! Your ideas are always good ones, but it takes ambition, drive, motivation and determination to take an idea and turn it into a positive action. While Mercury was retrograde you may have felt like procrastinating more than anything else. Many Gemini’s remained ambitious but it was a lot more difficult to do. You may have also noticed that there seemed like more bad news everywhere you turned and the solutions that you desired seemed further out of reach. Well that was the past, that phase of time is over now. You know more certainly and clearly what you want now! Take a deep breath and get ready to begin to more productively move forward with your life once again! The Full Moon in Cancer energy arrives on Thursday, January 12th at 6:34 am ET. This Full Moon Energy will shine her bright light into the area of your life that has to do with your personal talents, your personal values, and how you earn your income! Are you ready to put your losses behind you and begin to attract more wealth into your life? Are you ready to feel more appreciated for your efforts? Are you ready to join together with others and create a dream team where you can all happily and productively create win/win situations with each other? Focus your attention on what feels best for you! If a situation feels good for you then it will be a good situation for others around you too! You have some really good ideas and great compassion that you desire to share, and if everyone can work in harmony and together make some good money along the way then that’s even better!

Gemini: January 3rd – January 10th 2017

You may not be feeling very excited about this New Year quite yet, but that’s because of the energy of your ruling planet Mercury still being in retrograde motion. Your attention may be more geared towards focusing upon all of the things that you dislike, especially regarding the people around you, for most of this week. You may feel more like, “Oh No! What are they doing now to bother me?” than anything else! You always do your best, no matter what situations are happening around you, but with Mercury in retrograde motion it’s as if your awareness, regarding these disturbing matters, has been amplified! Try to stay calm and keep in mind that when situations disturb you that it’s perfectly okay. It’s only your attention towards these matters that amplifies them. If you can have more of a ‘Whatever’ type of attitude, a more detached sort of mind set, then you may feel a lot better when someone gets your food order wrong or your loved one forgets to throw out the garbage. Try not to let the little things get on your nerves so much. Try to place your attention upon what you feel IS going right! Yes, so much easier said than done, but if you at least try then you’re going to be the one who wins! Try to be extra careful of what you say, especially to someone who you truly love, or you may say something that you end up regretting which can have long lasting effects upon your relationship. If this happens, and that’s okay too, you both can work out your differences and learn how to appreciate each other better from this point onward. The energies this weekend, just before Mercury goes direct on Sunday, can seem very frustrating. You may feel that you are not being given your fair share – of time, money, assistance or something else that you desire from a friend, coworker or your partner. Take a deep breath and know that the more you can remain calm the greater chance you will have of obtaining what you desire once Mercury moves back into direct motion on Sunday, January 8th at 4:43 am ET. Also on Sunday the Moon will move into your sign of Gemini at 5:06 pm ET. Starting then, and over the course of the next couple of days, is when you should focus your mind and your heart upon what it is that will truly make you feel happier! Once you know what it is that you truly desire THEN you will begin to receive much more cooperation. Your own mood will begin to improve too; which will help to greatly improve your relationships with everyone around you!

Gemini: December 27th 2016 – January 3rd 2017

You may strongly desire more cooperation from the people around you and the people in your daily life. Have you been feeling like you are the one who is taking care of everything, and yet you’ve been quiet because you want to keep the peace? You are truly stronger than you give yourself credit for. Body, Mind and Spirit you have much internal strength that you can tap into. You also deserve a lot of credit for everything that you do, especially for what you do for others so that they can have a better life. The New Moon in Capricorn arrives on Thursday, December 29th, which can help you to begin to feel more appreciated. Get ready to accept the assistance that will come your way. There may also be a few people who desire to give you something special for everything that you have done for them. You rarely ask for something that you need. You would rather be independent and take care of yourself; as well as those who you feel are your responsibility. As the New Year arrives your main focus should be on allowing others to do kind deeds for you. If you feel at a lack (for money, love, attention, support etc.) you will soon begin to see that what you desire the most begins to flow into your life more easily! But remember that it is you that has to accept it! It’s time for you to think more positively, more abundantly, and say, “Yes and Thank you!” when these special opportunities come your way!

Gemini: December 20th – December 27th 2016

You can’t be everything to everyone all of the time. Now comes an important time in your life for YOU to pick and choose how YOU desire to spend your time. It’s perfectly okay for you to choose to get away from your daily workload so that you can spend quality time with those you love the most! Those who love you will desire to help you and support you too. Don’t worry about that. Allow others to show their appreciation towards you as often as possible. You are naturally a very giving person who deserves to be treated well too! There is much love available for you now. The very best thing that you can do is to try to allow yourself to feel playful and be in a good mood! The kinder and more generous you are towards others, and their personal needs, the more that they will appreciate you and treat you the same way in return. Try not to worry about the debts you may owe right now. With Mercury being in retrograde motion you may be pleasantly surprised when someone special in your life helps you to take care of those. Learning how to receive doesn’t always come easy to you, because you are usually so independent, but now comes a very important time of your life for you to learn to accept and receive what others desire to so generously give to you! Relax and enjoy this special time of your life Gemini! Allow yourself to have some fun!

Gemini: December 13th – December 20th

You may be feeling a bit more tired and overwhelmed, but you are the BEST multitasker of the whole zodiac. Give yourself permission to take it easy whenever you get the chance. Your talents are in high demand! You can choose to say, “Yes!” or you can choose to say, “NO!” to situations that come your way and that beg for your attention. It’s always your choice, depending on how you feel, if you desire to participate or if you desire someone else to take care of a situation. The main thing is that you don’t push yourself too hard, or feel pushed into doing something that you’d rather not do because you are feeling guilty. The Full Moon in your sign on Tuesday night brought to your attention how truly blessed your life really is…even if you don’t feel that it’s quite perfect yet. Much beauty and love is in your life! Are you aware of what you enjoy most about your life? When you focus your mind and your feelings upon what makes you feel good then other situations, more difficult situations, in your life will begin to also work out in your favor. You are currently under the Mercury retrograde shadow. Your ruling planet Mercury will begin its true retrograde motion starting next Monday. This is a good week for finishing up your most important projects; otherwise you will find yourself redoing, re-wrapping, feeling more forgetful and wanting to retreat. Before the actual Mercury retrograde begins use the time this week to put your most important holiday plans into action! Starting next Monday give yourself plenty of time and allow yourself to take it easy. If you can get the major work done this week then starting next week you can hopefully lighten up your work schedule (great time for a vacation) and give yourself permission to relax and retreat as often as possible.

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Gemini: December 6th – December 13th 2016

You are very dedicated when it comes to keeping your part of the bargain; in your most personal relationships and within your career with others. Your word is your vow! When you say that you’re going to do something then you will do it with as much gusto as possible! The belief that you have in your abilities is getting stronger day by day. Even within situations, where you were unsure of what you can accomplish, you are proving to yourself – and everyone else – that you are more able and capable than ever before! You will be rewarded for all of your efforts! Keep up the good work Gemini! You are a leader and a teacher to many these days. Even if others don’t agree with your philosophies, or how you go about doing what you do, in the end you will show everyone that your grand ideas can pay off in big ways! Give yourself a little relaxing break this weekend by doing things that you enjoy. Any form of long distance communication and travel will definitely work out in your favor. When it comes to your love life situations are looking UP! The energies of love and romance are all around you. The key to your success is to allow yourself time away from your work so that you can step into the more fun energy of playfulness! It’s time to give yourself permission to have some fun!

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Gemini: November 29th – December 6th 2016

You have a strong desire for more cooperation, playfulness and happiness within your personal life. Those who help you to feel good will definitely be your favorite companions.  Your greatest challenges may come when you try to speak your peace of mind only to find that the other person isn’t really listening to you. Nothing bothers a Gemini more than not being listened to! You would rather debate with someone than to have the other person just say, “Whatever” and walk away. Again, what you truly desire is more harmonious cooperation; especially when it comes to joint projects and joint financial situations. If you feel that you are the one who has to do everything to keep the peace then you may find yourself feeling very resentful. But, on the other hand, if those around you DO cooperate then situations can begin to become more joyful once again. At times, for this week, you may need to lower your expectations of what others can do for you. When someone actually does something nice, just because (s)he wants to, then you’re going to be the first one to reach out with a big smile and say, “Thank You!”

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Gemini: November 22nd – November 29th 2016

Where your ruling planet Mercury flows is where your attention goes! Your ruling planet Mercury is now in the sign of Sagittarius; which places your attention upon your most important relationships! Energy from the Sun and Saturn are also in this sign; which can make situations seem more highly dramatic sometimes. Your personal sense of dedication, especially towards those who are most important to you, is gratefully appreciated now! You have a strong desire to see everyone get along nicely and peacefully. It’s through your own actions of support towards others that will determine how well they can get along with each other. The sign of Sagittarius, mentioned above, is ruled by the planet Jupiter; which is now flowing quite nicely through the area of your life that represents children, creativity, romance, playfulness and fun! You have the right attitude going on right now Gemini! The more fun and happiness that you can bring into situations the happier that everyone around you will be! Others around you may not seem as playful as you, but your energy can help lift up their spirits and put everyone in a much better mood!

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Gemini: November 15th – November 22nd 2016

You are standing strong in your Truth, no matter what anyone says about you. It’s through your integrity and your positive actions that those who disagree with you will begin to understand your personality better. A Gemini Motto is “I Think”; which is an excellent thing to do now before you speak. Instead of just saying whatever is on your mind, take some time to ‘think’ things through and then choose the right words that really mean exactly what you desire to portray to others. There are many new beginnings happening in your life, some are on the horizon (just a few months away) but now is the time to focus your attention on your most important hopes, dreams, and goals. When it comes to your love life there may be some uncertainty, but if you communicate your feelings correctly then your significant other will do all that (s)he can to show you that they care for you. If you are single then you may find that many new people are attracted to you now. In many ways you may also desire more time to yourself. The energies this weekend, while the Moon is in Leo, will give you a chance to practice your communication skills quite nicely. Those who get in touch with you will desire you to share your thoughts with them. Try to focus your thoughts on what makes you feel good. Your popularity soars when you are in a good mood! Others adore being around you when you are feeling good!

Gemini: November 7th – November 15th 2016

When you do your best you should congratulate yourself. If situations don’t turn out the way that you had planned then take a good look around you and focus your attention upon the people in your life who bring a smile to your heart! You may be very aware of what you feel that you lack, and yet you have so much in your life to be grateful for! Spend your time, after your work is done, with the important people in your life and have some fun! Starting on Saturday, November 12th, your ruling planet Mercury moves out of the sign of Scorpio and into the more fun-loving sign of Sagittarius! Instead of feeling doubtful you should begin to feel more optimistic! Your popularity can begin to soar and your personal relationships become more romantic! The Moon will be bright in the sign of Taurus from Saturday evening until it reaches its Super FULL MOON point of time early on Monday, November 14th, morning. Your energy over the weekend may be a little more melancholy. You may desire to be left alone, with your own thoughts and feelings, while others around you may desire your special attention. Whatever you feel may be getting you down, remember to take some quality time to count your blessings. When one door shuts another door opens that may make you feel even happier. Use your quiet time this weekend to retreat, relax, heal and rejuvenate your own emotional energy. Once you do this then you will find a stronger sense of positive energy and inspiration that will guide you towards living the type of life that you really desire!