Gemini weekly horoscopes

Gemini: 4/21 - 4/28/2014

Your creative mind is working overtime which can be great fun and pleasurable. This is a special time when you should keep a dream journal by your bedside. The messages that are being revealed to you, through your dreams, can be quite inspiring and very vivid. In your waking state you may find yourself daydreaming quite a bit. Your mind is being pulled into a Higher state of thinking so that you can live in a Higher state of BEing! You need not worry about anything right now. If there is a challenge in your life the best thing to do is to sit back and meditate upon it. The answers that you desire to solve these issues will be revealed to you quite easily. All you have to do is be willing to relax and allow the answers to come to you. Even you will be amazed at the new and positive ideas that can come into your mind now. What you think about most often will be attracted into your life. Often in a much quicker way that you anticipate. Make sure that your thoughts and feelings are positive ones. If you find yourself dwelling on something negative then it’s up to you to take the time, relax, and change your thoughts. This may take a little bit of self-discipline on your part, especially if you are the type of person who enjoys dwelling on negative situations and/or allows negative gossip and political issues to overwhelm you. Try to focus on your own life more often. How are you able to transform your own life in positive ways? Observe, don’t absorb, what you hear going on around you. Tune into what’s going on in your own mind and within your own feelings more often. Focus on what makes YOU Happy!

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Gemini: 4/14 - 4/21/2014

You may have second thoughts about wanting this or that. You may find that you can’t make up your mind by having too many choices or too many things going on in your life all at the same time. Try not to overwhelm yourself at the beginning of this week, especially during the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse energy early on Tuesday morning. This energy is pretty intense and may last through most of the week. Try to stay calm. Try to slow down and take your time. Avoid arguments and watch out for accidents (which won’t happen if you focus on what you are doing). Try to have compassion for the people around you who are going through their own stuff too. Try to talk about what you are feeling, especially with the people who love you and who you trust the most. As this week comes to an end and the Sun moves into the sign of Taurus on Saturday evening, you may find that your usually abundant energy slows down quite a bit. This is actually a very good thing for you, although you may not think that it is. You deserve to have some time to rest your body and mind. Relax Gemini! Come on you can do it!

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Gemini: 4/7 - 4/14/2014

If you can positively focus on what is most important to you, think about these things and put your passionate heart behind them then you’re going to see some marvelous changes taking place in your life, not next year…but right NOW! Having an Attitude of Gratitude for what you feel is going well will attract even more abundance into your life in the very near future! The people around you want to assist, help, support and guide you towards your own personal success! The more you reach out and help others the more good karma you’ll earn! With beautiful Venus in Pisces now this energy will definitely help you within your career. If you work, as Gemini’s usually do, within a customer service, humanitarian type of field…you will succeed in many ways over the course of the next couple of weeks! People in authority positions are paying attention to what you are doing and are very grateful for your assistance! Financial rewards will continue to come your way! If you don’t dwell on what you feel that you lack and instead focus on attracting more love, happiness, good health and financial wealth in your life, then you’ll know that you’re on the right track as many special surprises will begin to arrive! You’ve earned them! You deserve them! Be happy Gemini! This IS a very special time of your life!

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Gemini: 3/31 - 4/7/2014

You may find that your personal time is taken up by the people and situations that need your assistance. You may wish that you had more time for yourself, to do what YOU want to do, and yet the planetary energies are helping you to ‘take action’ towards helping others and taking care of your daily duties. Now you must remember that you have to also take care of yourself. If you aren’t feeling well then you won’t be able to assist anyone with anything. Try to pace yourself, don’t overwhelm yourself, with all you are being called upon to do. You do have the right to choose how you would like to do something and when you want to do it. Please know that your assistance towards others is deeply appreciated. In fact, you may already ‘know’ when someone is going to call upon you (and what they are going to ask you to do) before they even see you or pick up the phone. Your intuition is very strong now because your ruling planet Mercury is in the naturally intuitive sign of Pisces. The Moon will move into your sign on Thursday morning, where it will stay until Saturday night. During this phase of time you should be able, and are allowed to, focus on your own feelings and needs a bit more. Mercury will move into the sign of Aries on Saturday morning; which can help you to focus a bit more on your own life and your own personal hopes, dreams, wishes and goals. So, you see, the pressures that you have been going through regarding other people’s needs will lighten up quite a bit as you move through the energies of this week. Your duties are done. You can feel proud of yourself for what you have accomplished. As this week comes to a close it will be time for you to ask others for assistance when you need it most. Good karma will return to you for all you have done for others. The more giving you are at the beginning of the week, the more benefits you will reap in the not too distant future.

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Gemini: 3/24 - 3/31/2014

Your ruling planet Mercury is in the sign of Pisces, which is helping you to advance in the areas of your life that have to do with your home and career. The more you are selflessly willing to be of service to others…the more good karma you will earn…and the more good karma you earn…the quicker you will see a positive return! This should all come quite easily to you now. Follow your heart and listen to what your positive intuition is telling you. You usually ‘think’ so much (up in your brain) but now with Mercury in the sign of Pisces you should more easily be able to ‘feel’ with your heart. You are being INSPIRED Gemini, truly INSPIRED, to do things for others…just because you want to. Oh yes you will be rewarded whether you desire the rewards or not. You will quickly see a positive return on your time and energy that you put towards others. With the Sun in Aries, over the next few weeks, you should be positively focusing on your most important hopes, dreams, wishes and goals!  The New Moon in Aries on Sunday afternoon (2:45 pm EDT) will also help you to focus more positively on what you desire. Your desires won’t be selfish. You’ll desire what is in the best interests of yourself and those around you. As you abundantly include everyone you love into the circle of your life, in the most positive ways possible, you’ll begin to see your own life become miraculously abundant! :)

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Gemini: 3/17 - 3/24/2014

With the Sun in your face and the wind in your hair, you can accomplish anything that you set your mind upon doing. If you find yourself in a dreary or dark place then your mind will desire to be depressed and not focus on anything important for too long. If you find yourself feeling mentally challenged that’s a sign that you need to step away from what you are doing and go do something else that you know that you will enjoy more. Your ruling planet Mercury is now in the sign of Pisces, the same sign that the Sun is in until Thursday March 20th. For the beginning of this week, until Thursday at 12:57 pm EDT, try to give your mind a break by focusing more on doing things that are more fun and can stimulate you more spiritually and creatively. You can look forward to the Sun moving into the sign of Aries on Thursday afternoon, bringing in the energy of the Spring Equinox - new beginnings - which can begin to stimulate you towards focusing more on your most important hopes, dreams, wishes and goals that you desire to see manifest in your life over the next 4 weeks.  You may also begin to notice a lot more cooperation from the people around you, especially within your place of work. You can expect to receive many compliments and even a raise! You can expect yourself to be very busy, which you won’t mind because you’ll be focused on your goals, and you’ll notice that there doesn’t seem to be much time to ‘do’ anything else that you really enjoy doing. Remember that it’s always your choice how you desire to spend your time, so don’t complain about the extra work…especially when you’re on your way to cash your paycheck at the bank! You can, however, choose how you will handle your career, your home responsibilities, and the other important things you need to accomplish. You can choose to take a little bit of time just for yourself and do what you want to do without feeling so overwhelmed. If you do what you love and love what you do (which can be accomplished by ‘mind over matter’ for you) then you’ll feel much happier by the end of the week. It’s all about how you perceive the situations going on around you.

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Gemini: 3/10 - 3/17/2014

Situations around you need to make more sense to you. A situation that is either going on with someone around you, or within your own mind, may have you a bit confused. This is the week for you to give yourself the time you need to really focus on what is most important to you. The goals you want to achieve can be achieved IF you have a solid plan that you are willing to stick to. Do you have the confidence within yourself to turn your plan into reality? Of course you do, if you believe in yourself and know that you can truly choose to make things happen in a positive manner. It is possible that you may be having some trust issues going on with either a person around you, who you desire to help you more, or within yourself. Whatever these trust issues are you can overcome them by knowing that you are more capable of handling situations than you have been giving yourself credit for. On Friday the Moon will move into the organized sign of Virgo, growing brighter each moment until it reaches its Full Moon point early on Sunday afternoon. This Full Moon in Virgo shines her bright and healing light into the area of your life that has to do with your home and family matters. With an attitude of gratitude, counting each of your blessings along the way, you should begin to see more cooperation and support from those around you. When you have an idea of how you desire things to be, and you share your ideas with those around you, you may be surprised at how willing everyone is to help you. The important thing is for you to communicate what is on your mind without believing that everyone should already know what you want. If, for some reason, difficulties come your way all you have to do is smile and know that if ‘you’ have a better plan on how improvements can be made then situations can become much better. Think Gemini! You are often so much smarter than you give yourself credit for being. You can create the positive changes that you desire to see in the not too distant future.

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Gemini: 3/3 - 3/10/2014

Your ruling planet Mercury is now back in direct motion in your fellow air sign of Aquarius which can help you greatly. What you BELIEVE you can Receive is definitely your motto now. All you have to do is ’say’ what is on your mind and watch your words turn into your reality. Do you remember the famous word coined by magicians? Abracadabra; which has its origin from the Hebrew language and means “I create what I speak!” This can certainly be your own magic word now. The planetary energies are moving in your favor to create the life that you desire without many challenges and interferences. If you find that you are being challenged then it’s time for you to pay closer attention to the thoughts you are thinking and the words that you are saying. Are your thoughts and words in alignment with what you desire to manifest into your life? If so then you are on the right track towards much more personal success. If not, then NOW is the time for you to pay closer attention to them and change them! Yes it’s going to take some practice, but once you begin to see how positive changes are attracted into your life then you will begin to passionately say, “Abracadabra” all of the time with a smile!

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Gemini: 2/24 - 3/3/2014

Patience has certainly been a virtue for you over the past few weeks, while your ruling planet Mercury has been in retrograde motion in the sign of Aquarius. Good News IS on the horizon when Mercury goes back into direct motion on Friday, February 28th at 9:00 am EST. You should receive a stronger sense of mental clarity when it’s back in direct motion once again! What you have been so patient about, waiting and waiting for, you’ll begin to see some progress about and you’ll realize why you were so smart and waited so long. Opportunities will come to you in a much more productive way! That car you wanted to buy, or any other situation for that matter, will definitely begin to work out in your favor! The New Moon energy in Pisces, early on Saturday morning, will also help you to handle situations so much easier than before. Instead of feeling so challenged, wondering what will become of what you desire, an opportunity will come to you through a flip of your wrist and a wave of your magic wand. Don’t give up. Keep on being patient. You’ll be surprised at how much assistance you will receive, which will lead you towards attracting and accomplishing even more than you had desired before! The important thing, for this week for you, is to have faith that very soon situations ARE going to turn around in your favor! In the meantime, while you are waiting, keep on being kind and generous to others who are going through some difficult times themselves. Focus on what you’re most grateful for in the NOW moments of your life. As you do then you’ll know without any doubt that you’re on the right track towards creating even more happiness and abundance into your life!

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Gemini: 2/17 - 2/24/2014

Think twice before purchasing an expensive item. Make sure that it is exactly what you want. Make sure that you also receive a good warranty just in case anything happens to this item in the future. With your ruling planet Mercury in retrograde motion until February 28th, if you can postpone your purchase that would be even better. It’s possible that you might find yourself in a situation where you can’t wait, because maybe your car or computer or phone broke down, and if this is the case then you may think that it’s not a good idea to fix what is broken and just get a new one. I’d wait if I were you. I would try to fix the old one. Even if the repair that takes place just gets you by until this Mercury retrograde period of time is over. Anything new that you purchase now could easily have issues too; so once again make sure that you get a good warranty of you don’t want to wait any longer. Situations regarding your most personal relationships can also feel quite tense. Try to avoid arguments if possible. If an argument does occur please try not to take situations too personally, because if you do then you could be throwing the baby out with the bathwater! And you may say, or do, something that you might regret later. As the Sun moves into Pisces on Tuesday, and remains in this sign for the next 4 weeks, your attention should be on your work, career and home life as much as possible. Feeling aggravated doesn’t make anything better. If you can try to keep your cool, relax a bit more, then you will have the energy and receive the inspiration that you need in order to keep everything balanced in your life a bit better.

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