Gemini weekly horoscopes

Gemini: 2/23 - 3/9/2015

What are you searching for? What do you need? It’s important that you speak up now that Mercury is back in direct motion. You will receive the support you desire IF others around you know what you want. Career situations will work out in your favor. Promotions are possible. It’s time to focus now on your deepest desires. What are your ‘hopes, dreams, wishes and goals’ for your future? The more you can use your creative mind to focus on these things the better your chance of seeing these situations manifest into your reality! If you BELIEVE that situations will work out well for you then they will! But if you worry that situations won’t get better, and you’re feeling a bit desperate, then situations will still work out well for you but you’ll be putting yourself through a lot of frustration and aggravation for nothing. Use your mental energy to focus on what is already working out well in your life now. What do you desire MORE of? What do you feel that you are lacking? Could it be that you just desire to have more FUN in your life? If that’s the case you can most certainly have more fun. You just have to give yourself permission to put your worries aside and plan to spend some quality time doing what you really want!

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Gemini: 2/16 - 2/23/2015

You’ve been more than aware of what hasn’t been working out in your favor lately. You desire so much MORE for all of the energy and time that you have been putting into everything. Good News IS on the horizon for you Gemini; starting on Wednesday with the energy from the New Moon in your fellow air sign of Aquarius! Thursday and Friday are also wonderful days as both Mars and Venus move into the passionate sign of Aries! Starting then, and over the course of the next few weeks, you will begin to see how your dreams can begin to manifest into your reality! You aren’t alone either. It’s through your most important relationships that you will achieve your greatest Success! The people around you will want to see you grow and achieve what you desire most! Put your best foot forward and show them what you can do. Your Success will also be their Success because they will know that they were able to positively help you to achieve it! Day by day your life is improving. Your patience is about to pay off in bigger ways than you may have even imagined!

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Gemini: 2/9 - 2/16/2015

Mercury remains in retrograde motion until Wednesday, February 11th, at 9:57 am ET. Be extra careful when driving, and when communicating with people around you. You may feel that situations are a bit out of your control; but also keep in mind that there is always a bigger reason happening for every situation going on around you. This is a week of readjustment in regards to your home, family, with children, your daily duties/personal health and within your most personal relationships. It’s time to get your personal priorities straight. What is most important to you - making money/working long hours or spending quality time with those you love most? Take a good look at your personal daily schedule to determine how you desire to use your time. Are you using your time wisely? These are very important questions for you to answer in regards to your personal life now. You will know if you are using your time wisely IF you feel productive, happy and healthy. If you’re feeling more stressed, or overwhelmed, by your schedule then it’s definitely time to readjust your schedule. The energies this upcoming weekend are perfect for spending quality time with someone special! You can enjoy this Valentine’s Day by focusing on what you feel most grateful for. Who are the people in your life who you enjoy being around? It’s definitely time to spend more quality time with them!

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Gemini: 2/2 - 2/9/2015

Keep your eyes and ears open for information to come to you ‘out of the blue’. This information can help you to move ahead in your life in ways that may even amaze you! The Full Moon energy in Leo on Tuesday evening sends you a BOOST of Lucky Energy! Especially in regards to putting you in the right place, at the right time, for the right people to come along and INSPIRE you! Your creativity SOARS with this energy! Pay attention to when you’re feeling lucky! Your Good Fortune awaits you!

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Gemini: 1/26 - 2/2/2015

In many ways it’s time to let bygones be bygones. It’s just too exhausting for you to hold onto grudges and resentments any longer. Your energy can be used in a much better way. Through forgiveness you may even find that someone who you desired to eliminate from your friendship list may become an even better friend to you now. Try not to jump to conclusions regarding anything. Try to keep your personal judgements of others in check. Try to be as observant as you can be without taking anything too personally. The more flexible you can be, during this Mercury retrograde period of time (until February 11th) the happier you will be. Situations around your job will really begin to improve for you now that beautiful Venus (who stimulates your relationships and can bring you financial abundance) is in the sign of Pisces stimulating your career! If you work in some type of a humanitarian field, where you actually interact with many people on a daily basis, you most certainly will begin to see an abundant boost of good fortune coming into your life soon! The kinder, compassionate, and understanding you can be towards others - very helpful in a variety of ways - the happier everyone will be with you and they will want to shower you with appreciation! Sometimes money itself isn’t very important to Gemini’s, but why not open your heart and mind towards receiving abundance into your life today! This won’t be as difficult for you, as it normally may be, when the Moon is in your sign from Wednesday evening through Saturday morning! It’s time for you to say YES to your own personal Success! You deserve to be happy and financially abundant Gemini! You really do!

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Gemini: 1/19 - 1/26/2015

The New Moon in Aquarius brings you a new beginning to take a good look at your personal ‘beliefs’ and make sure that these beliefs are all for your Highest Good. Whether you believe you can, or you believe that you can’t, do something…either way you’re right! You will understand exactly what I mean during the phase of time when Mercury is retrograde from January 21st through February 11th. For most of you, you already understand what I mean because of situations that have already taken place in your life over the past 2 weeks. When you positively focus upon an important goal you have in mind, you know that you can achieve it! When you allow your mind to find reasons why you can’t do this or that and focus on past false beliefs you have been hanging onto for too long, you know that you feel that you can’t achieve what you truly desire! In your heart you desire all of those negative reasons and false beliefs to be put completely behind you! This Mercury retrograde will show you exactly what those false beliefs are. Once you realize them then you can choose to rise above them with a new more positive direction and attitude! An important part of you is gaining intuitive clarity regarding which areas of your life are most important to you. Take it slow and know that you can rise above any area of your life that you feel is holding you back from achieving the true success that you desire most! When you say, “I CAN achieve____ (you fill in the blank)” there are absolutely no valid reasons why you absolutely can’t! If you desire your life to be filled with more beauty, love, intellectual clarity, higher education, good communication, true love, financial abundance and happiness…oh yes, you most certainly can have all that! The more you can focus forward on your goals, keep your eyes on the prize of what you desire most, the easier you will overcome any challenges that cross your path from now on.

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Gemini: 1/12 - 1/19/2015

When your concerns for your own life seem frustrating and sometimes insurmountable to you, take a good look at the lives of the people in this world who have a lot less than you do. Now that your ruling planet is in your fellow air sign of Aquarius, stimulating your higher mind with wonderful ideas, and is conjuncting the loving planet of Venus, allowing your ideas to be filled with love towards all of humanity, you may be realizing it’s through your ideas and higher inspirations that you CAN make a wonderful difference in the lives of the people around you, within your community, and all around the world! Take some time to really pay attention to the personal needs of the people around you. Can you feel what they need most? Can you come up with a wonderful idea in regards to how they can improve their lives in an easier manner? If you believe that you can take action towards creating a special difference then you most certainly will do so! Energy from the planet Mars, now in the unconditional loving sign of Pisces, may bring you the energy and understanding that it may be your job, your life’s purpose, to do so! You are a remarkable Soul! A brilliant Soul! You have the ability to ‘think’ and visualize the bigger picture, a better world, and come up with remarkable solutions that can help the people around you, thus also helping your Self, to live a life filled with much more Abundance and Love!

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Gemini: 1/5 - 1/12/2015

Your ruling planet Mercury has moved into your fellow air sign of Aquarius for the next few weeks. This is wonderful energy for you! You can truly focus on your most important ‘hopes, dreams, wishes and future goals’ in the most positive way! Because both Venus and Mars are also in the sign of Aquarius, you are getting an energetic and loving boost of positive energy when it comes to being able to really focus positively on what you desire most! You should also begin to see the cooperation from those around you also working out in your favor. Situations regarding joint financial endeavors and any other personal transformation situation you are working on can be positively accomplished through the cooperation of those around you. What do you desire to attract into your life that you believe will make you happier, healthier and more successful? The more you positively believe in what you desire to attract into your life…the more successful you will become! The more successful you are, the more energy and resources you will have to share with everyone!

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Gemini: 12/29/2014 - 1/5/2015

It’s through the essence of ‘Give and Take’, the ability to cooperate with others for the Highest Good of everyone involved, that truly creates the deep and personal changes within your own life and within the lives of other people around you. Since the sign of Capricorn rules this area of your life (sexuality, joint financial agreements, deep and profound personal changes, life cycles such as birth, the aging cycles, life and death, also learning how to overcome fears and obtaining more cooperation and trust within yourself and your most personal relationships with others) these situations must always be handled with the Highest of intentions for the Highest Good of everyone involved. When handled in this manner Good Karma will always flow your way! Honesty, commitment, dedication, and often a bit of hard work will pay off well for you! Energy from the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto have been stimulating this area of your life lately. As you enter into the New Year of 2015, your focus should be on making sure that how you act, what you think, and what you expect from others is in positive alignment with what you desire to attract into your life. On Sunday your ruling planet Mercury will move into the sign of Aquarius to stimulate your Higher Mind and personal Beliefs. Are you ready to receive positive guidance in your life? Are you ready to rise above personal frustrations and begin to really focus on a more positive way of thinking and being? Also on Sunday the Full Moon Energy will take place, in its natural sign of Cancer, at 11:53 pm ET. This beautiful FULL MOON will shine her beautiful *LIGHT* into the area of your life that has to do with your personal self-values, your personal talents, your personal assets and how you choose to use your unique talents to earn your income. With an attitude of gratitude, do you appreciate who you are? Do you realize how your personal talents make a beautiful difference in our world? Do you realize how valuable your life is? This is a marvelous weekend to celebrate your life and share your wonderful communication abilities with others! It’s time for you to smile and begin to really enjoy your life more often! 2015 can be a wonderful New Year for you!

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Gemini: 12/22 - 12/29/2014

Those around you desire to abundantly bestow many special blessings upon you. With an attitude of gratitude you will gladly accept what they have to offer. You realize that it’s fun to give and to receive, especially with those who joyfully touch your heart so abundantly. Try to put your rational ‘thinking’ mind on hold for the majority of this week. Try to strengthen your faith and focus on all of the positive possibilities! The more you give what you desire to receive, the more abundant your life will become during the course of the next few weeks! Pay close attention to what your heart is telling you. You’re normally not a feeling type of person, but you would be wise to allow yourself to feel happier and more playful this week!

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