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June 21st until further notice

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Capricorn: May 16th until further notice

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Capricorn: May 9th – May 16th 2017

Your planet Saturn, in the sign before yours (Sagittarius), is allowing you to free your mind of thoughts, memories, and feelings that no longer are healthy for you. Pluto in your sign is asking you to expand your mind and allow yourself to positive change yourself and your values. What you desired before may not be what you desire now. There’s a stronger yearning for a personal sense of peace and contentment than you’ve ever had before! The Full Moon in the sign of Scorpio (the sign that Pluto rules over) arrives on Wednesday at 5:42 pm EDT shining her bright light into the area of your life that represents your hopes, dreams, wishes, goals and the groups of people that you socialize with the most. You will either feel a sense of gratitude for everything and everyone who is in your life now, or you may desire to change your direction with new hopes and friends for your future. The most important thing is that you will receive more mental clarity about what you want now. This is very good for you Capricorn because then you can begin to take the right steps towards living the type of life that you really want. You may feel a little nostalgic while the moon is in the sign of Sagittarius, from Thursday through early on Sunday morning, but once the moon moves into your sign of Capricorn you will be ready to move your life forward! The Sun in Taurus is helping you to see that if life doesn’t feel naturally enjoyable to you then it’s time to make changes that feel good to you. Out with the old and in with the new is what will make you feel happier and healthier too!

Capricorn: May 2nd – May 9th 2017

Some situations around you may feel out of your control, but actually you can put your attention towards other things that feel better for you. In some ways you may not accept what is going on, but you can choose to ignore those things and do what feels better for you. Try to place your attention upon how you desire situations to become and know that it’s through your own thoughts, ideas, and visions that can help to begin to transform these situations. You are a very compassionate soul, especially where it comes to others who are near and dear to your heart. Situations around your home and with your family members can begin to turn around in your favor once Mercury moves back into direct motion starting on Wednesday May 3rd. Little by little, day by day, situations can become easier, more peaceful and more productive. Within your home life you are definitely the leader. Others around you can feel your attitudes and will copy them. Are your own attitudes peaceful, or frustrating? You can’t expect others around you to not to feel frustrated if you are. You may be just sitting there, not saying a thing, but feeling frustrated inside of you…then wham someone comes along and verbally acts out in ways that you had internally been feeling. If you desire the tone of your home-life to become more peaceful then the first step in the right direction is to allow yourself to be peaceful first. If you don’t like the environment tone then change it! Yes you have the power within you to do this now! If you need some help and support to do this then turn on some music that helps you to be in a better mood. As you pay more attention to the energetic tone within you then you will soon see that you can begin to transform any environment anywhere that you go! If you don’t like the tone of the song that you’re feeling then get up and change the station! Remember that it’s up to you now to set the tone within your most personal relationships and within your own life! With the Sun in your fellow earth sign of Taurus now you can have more fun in your life! Enhancing the creature comforts of your own home environment is the best place to start!

Capricorn: April 25th – May 2nd 2017

Your desire to actually ENJOY your life more often IS on the horizon for you! In fact, it’s going to happen sooner than you think once the New Moon in Taurus arrives on Wednesday morning! Starting on Wednesday, April 26th at 8:16 am EDT, and onward into your future, a new chapter of your life is beginning that will allow you to view every situation in your life from a more positive perspective! Your life is changing, you can feel that, but you are more ready now to allow these changes to happen. You also are wiser now and you know more clearly what it is that you desire. Like a captain who is at the helm of his ship, you know which direction in life you want to take. When the winds are stormy you allow yourself to calm down. When the winds are perfect for moving forward you will be telling yourself, “Full steam ahead captain!” Much good fortune is around you right now; more than you may even realize! Put your attention towards what FEELS best for you. If a situation has you feeling productively happy then do more of that! The key to your success is shown by you paying attention towards what makes you feel really GOOD! It IS creative playtime for you now Capricorn! The next 3 weeks of your life can be quite enjoyable! You are also allowed to ‘take your time’ – all the time you desire actually – with whatever you are doing, and whatever you desire to do, without anyone pushing you to do more than you want. Those in authority positions (bosses/parents/teachers etc) and those in your family (parents/children/relatives) have their own situations that they are taking care of now and they aren’t watching what you are doing, or wondering what you are up to. In other words, you are your own boss. If you desire to push yourself to work harder, you can do that but you don’t have to. If you desire to assist others with their daily chores you can, but you don’t have to. Do what you feel makes YOU HAPPY now Capricorn. Spend quality time outdoors. Let the sun shine on your face! Watch the flowers grow! It’s time to really enjoy this special time of your life to the fullest! Those who truly love and respect you will enjoy spending quality time with you; laughing, playing and having fun!

Capricorn: April 18th – April 25th 2017

The Moon in Capricorn conjuncts Pluto in your sign on Tuesday, April 18th, which can make you feel like you’re carrying a heavy emotional burden of some type that you would rather not be carrying. What situations in your life are pressuring you so much? Whatever they are your personal lesson is to release what is hurting you; or transform those situations into ways of doing things that feel better for you. You may feel that you are STUCK with a situation, when in reality you’re really not. You always have a personal choice to handle things in a different manner. Situations can become a bit more creative and fun once the Sun moves into your fellow earth sign of Taurus on Wednesday, April 19th at 5:27 pm EDT. The more you can focus your thoughts and feelings upon what makes YOU happy…the easier situations can become for you in the very near future! Starting on Thursday, April 20th, Pluto in your sign begins its retrograde motion which will last until September 28th. This vibration is all about you allowing transformations to take place within your life. How can you handle the changes when what you really desire is simplicity? The answer your seeking is within you! IF you can feel good about who ‘you’ are and if you allow yourself to focus on what makes you feel good…then the other situations can be handled easier and may even work out better than you had imagined. The biggest changes are taking place within you, so try to remain calm. It will be through your actions and reactions that will set the tempo of what takes place around you. Also starting on Thursday Mercury will move back into the sign of Aries; which rules over your home life and family situations. Using your energy towards creating renovations is a good thing to do. Even doing some spring cleaning can help you to feel good too. On Friday, April 21st, Mars moves into the sign of Gemini; which will give you a burst of new energy so that you CAN get your daily duties accomplished. The key to your success, and to your good health, is all about you choosing a good attitude that will attract good experiences and opportunities into your life very soon!

Capricorn: April 4th – April 11th 2017

There is much good fortune with you right now, although at times it may not feel this way. Just know that you are being blessed with magnificent opportunities if you desire to take them. Of course with these opportunities will come more responsibility, but Capricorns usually can handle responsibility quite efficiently! If you shy away from what comes your way, and you can always choose to do that, you may regret later not taking a chance to have what you truly desire! For most of this week you may be sifting and sorting through issues regarding the give and take necessary to keep everything in balance. You may desire to receive more of something and find yourself having to give more instead. Situations relating to home and family matters will take up much of your time. You may desire to play more, have more fun, instead of having to handle anything else that needs your attention. You can do both. You can take care of repairs and have some fun too. You become inspired on how you can more easily do this while the Moon is in Virgo from Friday morning through early on Sunday. Starting on Sunday, April 9th at 8:34 am EDT, the Moon will move into the lovely sign of Libra; which highlights some career changes in the very near future. The Full Moon in Libra arrives on Tuesday, April 11th at 2:08 am EDT, and shines her bright light into the areas of your life that have to do with both career and home/family matters. Starting next week you may find a huge pull between what you need to do at work and what you need to do at home. Time may seem a bit limited too due to your ruling planet Saturn being in retrograde motion from April 6th through August 25th. The very best quote for you right now would be one from Jimmy Dean who said, “I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”

Capricorn: March 28th – April 4th 2017

You know what you want and you are not afraid to make the right moves to turn situations around in your favor. You have the power within you to be the leader! An important situation that is taking place in your life right now may seem like a bit of a mystery to you. You may not be able to perceive the final outcome of what you’re trying to achieve. This is okay, try not to worry. Instead try to keep your mind focused on the reward that you’re trying to achieve. Other people around you may have their own agenda’s, but you can work around their schedules. The more you can tightly hold onto your dream, of what YOU really want, the greater chance you will have to magnetically attract the right opportunities into your life. The very best thing you can do right now is to sit back, set your intention, and then allow the right situations to unfold. Yes this will take a bit of faith and trust, but you are learning that you do have what it takes to remain patient. You may notice many different types of changes taking place within your life now, but most of these changes are actually for your own highest good and you are in control of all of them. Your control comes through your own perception of how you view them to be. Even the most difficult situation can turn around in your favor if you can see the good within it. Someone in your life may actually be pregnant, or just pregnant with some new ideas! Be willing to listen, with a bit of compassion, to what this person may need. The support you give will be returned to you when you need their support the most. It may also be you who is pregnant with some new ideas! Allow yourself to feel inspired!

* For more information regarding this week’s vibrations and what they mean for you, sit back, relax, and enjoy my Astro Weekly Report (click here)

Capricorn: March 21st – March 28th 2017

You may be feeling a little financial stress for the remainder of this month, but the month of April is going to flow nicely for you; especially financially! For this week, for right now, your main focus should be on your home and family matters. You may be feeling a bit of stress when it comes to the interactions that you have with those around you. You may desire them to do things your way, which is a good way that does create harmony and peace, and yet they may desire to do things their own way; which may seem more chaotic and stressful, but does allow them to feel more creative and playful! You may desire to feel more playful too, but someone needs to be the responsible one…right Capricorn? Well that’s not fair for you at all. Give yourself the time you desire to feel playful too! Situations regarding home, house, real-estate, and family matters will all get a boost of some new positive energy when the New Moon in Aries arrives on Monday evening, March 27th, starting at 10:57 pm EDT! From this point of time onward you should begin to see that these situations will work out very much in your favor! With an attitude of gratitude try to focus your attention upon what you feel most grateful for in your life. Try to be a little bit more flexible where it comes to what others around you desire. Friendliness matters greatly now. To have a good friend you need to be one first! To have a good lover, you need to be a good lover~ and fortunately for you, when you’re in the right mood, being a good friend and a good lover comes quite naturally for you!

Capricorn: March 14th – March 21st 2017

Where it comes to your relationships with others you are usually very compassionate and caring. You have a natural strong desire to make sure that everyone, especially within your close environment, is doing well. You are becoming more aware, day by day, of the improvements you wish to see take place within your community and your own home environment. You won’t mind helping if the projects are enjoyable, otherwise you will take your seat on the side-line and make sure that others are doing what they are supposed to be doing. The problem is that if you are just issuing commands, or giving critical suggestions, then the people who are doing the work might go on strike and stop doing anything productive. See what you can do about lending a helping hand as often as possible. Compliments will go a long way towards others becoming more productive! Where it comes to your love life you may see that someone from your past has been thinking about you a lot lately. Mars is moving through an area of your life that is giving an energetic boost to your love life! The happier you are and the more pleasant you are to be around…the more popular you will become! Can you put your work away for a while and come out and play Capricorn? If you said yes then you’re on your way to enjoying your life more often.