Capricorn’s weekly horoscopes

Capricorn: 11/23 – 11/30/2015

There’s no need to compete when you are so genuinely unique! You are realizing how truly valuable you are towards the people in your life that have your best interests at heart. Those that do not, those that only choose to use you for their own well-being, will be truly surprised by your actions and reactions towards them. You are spiritually growing now, more than ever before Capricorn! Your own intuition is growing stronger and stronger. You are realizing now what IS most important to you. What no longer holds value to you in your life will be discarded. What continues to grow in value each day will be greatly appreciated! On Wednesday the Moon will move into the sign of Gemini at 12:15 pm EST and remain in the sign of Gemini until Friday at 2:27 pm EST. During this phase of time, and especially at the FULL MOON on Wednesday evening at 5:44 pm EST, you will become even more aware of what situations are healthy (and what situations are unhealthy) for you. This could relate to the foods that you eat, the people you know, the habits you have, the lifestyle you live, certain things about your job that you don’t like that may be physically or mentally hurting you in some way etc. Whatever is brought to your attention that you FEEL is not healthy for you needs to be transformed in some way to become healthier for you. This take an adjustment on your part in the way that you do things so that you can feel better about living your life. You may even choose to release certain people out of your life, or choose to just not associate with them as much anymore. The LIGHT of this Full Moon will help you to become more aware of what areas of your life need adjusting. You may not need to DO anything at all for your life to begin to improve. You may actually begin to see that situations just become easier for you. The people who are not meant to be in your life anymore may actually just choose to go their own way without you having to say or do anything at all. Your main focus should be on your daily duties, personal health and on allowing your life to continue to positively transform without any resistance on your part. Energy from the Sun, Mercury and your ruling planet Saturn are moving through an area of your life that has to do with charitable work, taking a vacation, tuning into your intuition and receiving inspiration, sleeping and dreaming, meditation and understanding life from a more Divine perspective…you may be feeling more tired than you normally are. Your energy will begin to return once the Sun moves into your sign on December 21st. Until then focus your attention on taking good care of yourself and on the people and situations that bring you the greatest joy!

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Capricorn: 11/16 – 11/23/2015

Sometimes you need to slow down before you can pick up speed again. Sometimes you just need a nap, or possibly a little vacation, so that you can recharge your own inner batteries. Yes there is a lot that needs to be done, but you also enjoy doing things in a way that you know will be secure and long lasting. The way that you do things takes much thought, planning and determination. If you’re feeling exhausted then you know that if you try to do anything that you will only have to go back and do things over again. It’s better to get things right the first time then to stumble around wasting your time. Focus your attention on doing things one step at a time. The essence of Time itself is very important to you. No other sign is more aware of the fact that the amount of Time that we each have in our lives here on Earth is finite. You, more than any other, wants to make sure that the choices you make and the work that you do is worth your time. Sometimes you are asked to do things that you don’t want to do, but if there is a reward in it for you (even in a small way that you are happy about) you won’t mind doing what others ask. But, if on the other hand you are asked to do something that you don’t want to do and you see that there is no reward in it at all for you then it’s perfectly okay to say, “No” or “I’ll have to think about it and get back to you later.” This IS the last full week where you are being asked to honestly focus upon your most important ‘hopes, dreams, wishes and goals’ for your future! Starting on Friday when Mercury moves into the sign of Sagittarius (an area of your life that represents retreat) and then on Sunday when the Sun moves into the sign of Sagittarius too…well you’re not going to want to waste any of your time doing anything that you don’t want to do! Starting then and over the course of the next few weeks you may find that your mind is a bit day-dreamy and your energy is a lot lower than it has been in quite some time. Thus it is very important that you pick and choose carefully what you want to do. If you can take a vacation, or better yet a ‘stay-cation’ at home, this would be the perfect time for you to do that. Rest, retreat, relax, dream, you may feel a bit ‘other worldly’ at times and wonder why you can’t focus your mind upon what you are doing. Be careful when driving or putting yourself into situations where your full mental attention needs to be activated. At times you will feel a bit focused and then at other times your mind will begin to wander off to greener pastures. This is just a passing phase and you will regain your energy once the Sun moves into your sign on December 21st. Until then Capricorn try to take it easy. It’s time for those around you to be extra helpful and extra loving towards you!

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Capricorn: 11/9 – 11/16/2015

You should begin to see your career improve. You are becoming more aware of your life’s purpose too. Your life’s purpose may be to SHINE your energy and support onto the people in your life that you love the most! There is a very protective side to your personality that is shining through now. Those who love and appreciate you will be very blessed indeed! You will do whatever it takes to make sure that those you care about are taken care of. Those who desire to take advantage of your good nature had better get out of your way! You have much work that needs to get done. There will be much new activity, and possibly a pay raise or promotion, in regards to your chosen career. There will also be much activity going on around your home environment too! It’s very important that you try to prioritize what needs to be done and give yourself a much needed break when possible. The New Moon on Wednesday has opened new opportunities for you. It’s very important that you try to focus your mind upon your most important hopes, dreams, wishes and future goals! You are going to be able to prove to yourself that you are much smarter, wiser and more capable of handling situations than you had thought! There is much loving energy around you now Capricorn. You just need to tap into it! What is your grandest desire? Do you know what it is? Okay then focus upon it, really FEEL it, and know that if you can feel it then you can most certainly obtain it! You may not be able to control what others think and feel around you, but you can most certainly be in control of what you think about and choose to feel. If you desire to feel healthier and have more fun in your life then make it a priority and start doing what makes you feel good starting today!

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Capricorn: 11/2 – 11/9/2015

Your faith is getting stronger, especially in regards to how you feel about yourself and your own personal will power! You want to do what YOU want to do and you won’t want anyone getting in your way. If others object to your choices and decisions, or where you desire to go, then that is their problem…not yours! After all your life belongs to YOU! Those that sincerely care about you will want you to do whatever makes you happy! Those who have only their own interest at heart will become more argumentative. You will understand this and you’re not going to put up with it any longer. You may choose to be forgiving, you may choose not to argue, but you’re not going to be supportive towards those who desire to take advantage of you! When it comes to your financial career situations are looking UP, especially once beautiful Venus moves into its natural sign of Libra on Sunday morning! From that point in time and over the course of the next few weeks you should begin to see some wonderful opportunities come your way that will help you to enjoy your career a lot more! Financial improvements and more appreciation will certainly help you to want to cooperate and work even harder. If you are single there could be an office romance brewing. If you are in a committed relationship then be extra careful about flirting on the job. Someone may take your attention more serious than you may realize. Take it one step at a time Capricorn. Your life is slowly transforming in more positive ways. You just have to be willing to stand up for what you believe in and know that you are a wonderful person indeed!

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Capricorn: 10/26 – 11/2/2015

If time is money and money is time, how are you choosing to use both your time and money to enhance your life? Do you feel bogged down by other people’s personal issues? Are these people being helpful and kind towards you? You realize that some big changes are slowly taking place within You and within your life. Do you like the changes that you are feeling and experiencing? If so then you’re on the right path! If not then now is the time to reorganize your priorities and set stronger personal boundaries that others have to adhere to. The Super Full Moon last Tuesday brought great Illumination into your life in regards to the fact that you desire to have more time, money, and FUN in your life from now on! Anyone who agrees with you will help you to have this. Anyone who is holding you back from living the life you desire needs to step up or get out of your way! The energies this weekend, with the Moon in the sign of Cancer, will enhance your desire to spend quality time with the people you love the most! This can be a very enjoyable weekend! Plan on doing something enjoyable that you will remember for a long time to come!

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Capricorn: 10/19 – 10/26/2015

Pluto in your sign is very active this week. You, and your life, are transforming. You should have a clearer understanding about what you need to do in order to have better health and greater wealth in your life! Pluto makes some very nice aspects to Venus this week, which can instill a greater sense of faith and hope in your life! Be cautious on Thursday when Mercury in Libra squares off with Pluto at 5:22 pm EDT. This energy can cause heated arguments that can cause hurt feelings. You may feel that your feelings are not being validated by someone close to you. This is not a good feeling at all and the other person may not even realize that they hurt your feelings. This could be a lesson for you to learn how to speak up about your feelings. Talking about your feelings always seems a bit awkward for you, but in this situation you may need to learn how to. Once the other person understands your feelings they may be able to put your heart and mind at ease. But if they don’t know how you are truly feeling then confusion can set in and create more distance between the two of you. If this debate takes place at work then it may be that a Boss, or another authority figure, desires you to work up to your potential. But the hard part may be that you take this person’s words too personally and feel that you’ve been criticized in the wrong ways. Take a deep breath and pay attention. You may need a little push in a positive direction. The energy this weekend will bring improvements. The Moon in Pisces can help bring more healing and insight into your life. You can actually begin to feel more optimistic and begin to view your life from a more positive perspective. On Sunday beautiful Venus will join together with Jupiter in your fellow Earth sign of Virgo which can help to bring some very good fortune into your life very soon! If you’ve been feeling a sense of lack where it comes to your love life, or even with your finances in some way, this can be a sign that you’re holding on too tightly (how is your blood pressure?) and that you need to learn how to relax and have more faith that situations can, and will, begin to turn around in your favor. What you believe you will receive! For better, or worse, it’s up to you Capricorn to learn how to have a more optimistic outlook upon your life! By doing so, you can then begin to really enjoy your life more often.

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Capricorn: 10/12 – 10/19/2015

You are very aware of what you can and can’t do. You need to be able to take your time to do anything correctly. If you feel pushed by a boss, a mate, a friend, a family member or anyone else that may be in your life, you will feel a bit resentful because you desire to have more YOU time in your life now. You don’t mind helping, in fact you actually enjoy helping other people, but if you don’t feel appreciated then it’s time to step back and make those people become more responsible for their own lives. There is a fine line between assisting someone and being an enabler. If you feel that you are an enabler then that will lead you towards feelings of resentment that can cause you to become angry or very distant from the people that you care about. If you’ve been feeling dissatisfied within your career, the New Moon energy that took place on Monday evening is going to be bringing some new opportunities and good news to you soon! It’s important that you try to keep your faith strong! If you can continue to feel hopeful your hopeful feelings WILL pay off big time in the not too distant future! When it comes to your love life, and if you are single, you may easily find that someone is interested in you within your own neighborhood. If you are already in a committed relationship then the bond between the two of you will definitely strengthen over the next two weeks. With your ruling planet Saturn moving through an area of your life that is very quiet, you may find that you don’t have the patience to discipline anyone (even your own self-discipline may be a bit lacking), so just try – when you can – to remember to take good care of yourself. The people around you love you and want you to be healthy and feel happy as often as possible.

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Capricorn: 9/14 – 9/21/2015

You may dream of better places in far distant lands and desire to be there, when in all reality you know that you need to stay right where you are at. Dreaming is good and it can inspire you! Your dreams and creative imagination can inspire you to create a better environment within your own home. On Thursday your ruling planet Saturn is moving out of the sign of Scorpio and into the sign of Sagittarius; which stimulates the area of your life that has to do with dreams and your subconscious mind. Saturn will be in the sign of Sagittarius for the next 28 months. You may find that you feel very creative and intuitive during this phase of time. You may also feel a little more flirtatious, risky, and not as self-disciplined as you normally are. This is okay Capricorn. This energy gives you a chance to relax a bit more! For those of you who believe in Miracles and Good Luck (and many Capricorn’s usually don’t because they believe they have to work hard for what they get) you are going to be the luckiest Capricorn’s yet! With Saturn being in the sign of Sagittarius, which is ruled by the planet Jupiter, and with Jupiter being in your fellow Earth sign of Virgo for the next 12 months…many Miracles and Good Luck can come your way if you can tap into this very optimistic energy! It’s going to be through your own feelings and beliefs that you will be able to create the type of life that you truly desire most! For the past 2 1/2 years (and even a little bit longer) your most important hopes, dreams, wishes and goals have seemed delayed to the point that you may have even given up on ever obtaining them. Situations are about to turn around in your favor Capricorn! It’s time for you to learn to strengthen your faith in a Higher Power that unconditionally loves you and desires to see you happy! You can cooperate with this beautiful energy by focusing, daily, on what makes you feel truly happy in the precious NOW moments of your life!

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Capricorn: 9/7 – 9/14/2015

You are very aware of what the conditions are that need to change around your home and family life. Situations may seem a bit chaotic and you may feel that you don’t have enough time for yourself. But this doesn’t mean that you don’t have any control at all. Take a good look around you and realize what needs repair. Once you have a plan then you can start from there and make the improvements that you desire. You also need to have the follow through though, don’t just sit there and plan and then take no action towards bringing your plans into reality. If you do that then you just complain, hoping that someone else will take action for you. This isn’t going to happen, those around you are watching what you are doing (and not doing) and thus it’s through your own personal efforts that they will begin to help you. Create your plans and then take action when opportunities come your way. You may feel a bit crunched on time and feel that you don’t have enough time to get much accomplished. If you’ve been feeling this way then it’s very possible that you’ve formed a strong belief that what you see is what you get (and that it’s always going to be this way, and possibly get worse!) The New Moon partial Solar Eclipse on Sunday morning at 2:41 am EDT can help to rid you of those old false beliefs and transform your attitudes, beliefs and thoughts into becoming more optimistic! Hooray! Those old feelings of “Oh geez I feel stuck” can be transformed into “I have a great idea! Okay let’s get this done!” When it comes to your love life, oh boy someone around you has been feeling a bit overwhelmed and moody – but you’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed and moody too! If you can turn this around by becoming more playful the better situations will become for you. When it comes to your finances there can be some nice improvements after the New Moon/Eclipse takes place on Sunday morning. From that point of time and onward you may begin to see some new and better opportunities come your way. Be ready, willing and able to say, “YES!” to these opportunities! For those of you in a committed relationship, or you are living with someone who has an income, you should begin to see your partner’s income begin to improve. This will take a little bit of the financial pressure off of you because this other person will desire to become more independent and financially help you with the expenses more often. So go ahead and make those plans and then begin to make the changes when the opportunities are right and you’re in a more enthusiastic mood.

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Capricorn: 8/31 – 9/7/2015

If you wrote a book about your life what would be your favorite chapters? In the current chapter of your life are you allowing yourself to enjoy this chapter too? What do you think future chapters will be like? Are you missing ‘the good old days’ and allowing your mind and heart to live in the past OR are you focusing your mind, body and spirit on the precious moments that you are living right now? It’s a very wise Capricorn indeed that is focusing their mind on their most important hopes, dreams, wishes and goals that they accomplish each day. One day at a time, one step at a time, one hour at a time, even one minute at a time in the most productive and positive way possible. The more you can live in the NOW moments of your life the healthier and happier you will be! You can be a very intense person Dear Capricorn, but maybe you’ve been this way because you were afraid of what the future may bring. Well much Good Luck is on your side now that the Sun and Jupiter are in your sister Earth sign of Virgo! And with Venus going back into direct motion on Sunday morning…Whoo Hooo…situations are definitely looking UP for you! When it comes to financial opportunities (of all kinds), your personal relationships improving, your home and family matters finally become much better, and receiving the cooperation that you’ve needed…situations are definitely looking UP for you! Oh there will still be some stressful situations taking place now and then, but you’re going to feel that no matter what the difficulty is that you have the knowledge and means to be able to handle the situation in easier ways than you’ve gone through before! Don’t be lazy, but please remain patient. There is much wisdom in the virtue of patience. Sometimes it’s better to just do nothing and ‘go with the flow’ to see if other people around you can begin to become more responsible for themselves from now on. When you take some quiet time for yourself, to meditate upon what is most important for you, your own energy will rejuvenate – you will feel much better – and the inspiration that you desire can more easily flow to you. You should be experiencing many of those special “Ah HA!” moments that can passionately excite you! If you pay attention to what these new ideas are, and be ready to act upon them, every area of your life will begin to improve! Especially your finances and your love life! Get out a pen and some paper! A new and exciting chapter of your life has just begun!