Capricorn’s weekly horoscopes

Capricorn: August 22nd – August 29th 2016

You are becoming more aware, day by day, what it IS that you’re supposed to be doing, in order to become more fully aligned with your true soul’s purpose – which is to have a happier and healthier life without all of the stress that you imagine that others put on you. How much of the stress that others put on you is factual and how much can you turn away from and just ignore? Everyone is in charge of their own life’s journey. If you desire to assist them in order to receive and have an easier life with their assistance too then that is your choice or if you desire for them to become more independent then you can turn away and focus your attention upon something else. The main lesson for you right now is to stop complaining about the way things are and realize that you can slowly transform situations by first transforming your own attitudes and make choices that feel good for you. This year you’ve been prone, (but maybe it’s been your whole life thus far?), to say “Yes” when you really mean NO and “No” when you really want to say Yes! Now comes a time when you can say what you mean and mean what you say without being so concerned about anyone else’s opinion. With so many wonderful planetary energies moving through an area of your life that represents your own personal beliefs, it’s up to YOU to choose what you want that fulfills your own happiness! Energy from both Mars and Saturn are moving through an area of your life that is very introspective, thus it’s time for you to relax your body and tune into some very powerful healing energy that is now available for you. While you are resting you can meditate and ponder over what you like about your life and what you don’t. Whatever it is that you desire to heal and transform put more of your attention towards ‘how’ you desire these situations to become for you in your not too distant future.

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Capricorn: August 15th – August 22nd 2016

Someone from afar is calling out to you. Do you know who this person is? This could be a person from long ago that you haven’t been in touch with for quite some time. This could be a person who lives far away from you. This could be a person who has crossed over into the heavenly plane. Whoever this person is you will become more aware of this person through your own connection with them in your dreams, thoughts and memories. It’s also possible that you will actually receive a phone call, text message, email or letter from this person. You may even unexpectedly bump into this person, when you least expect to, in a very unexpected place. Happy reunions are highlighted for you Capricorn! The FULL MOON energy on Thursday morning shines her bright light into the area of your life that has to do with your own sense of self-esteem, your own creative talents and how you earn your personal income. Some very good news can come your way very unexpectedly too; especially in relation to real-estate, home and family matters. There is also a need to place your attention upon the people who mean the most to you in your life. Who nurtures YOU more? Who cares about you? Who is there for you when you need a helping hand? It’s these people in your life who are dearest to your heart and who you should give the most attention to. Yes there will always be others in your life who will bring their troubles to your door, but it’s the people in your life who genuinely care about YOUR well-being who you should spend the most time with now. The more time that you spend with the people who love you…the better you will feel about yourself.

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Capricorn: August 8th – August 15th 2016

Someone in your life may desire you to lend a helping hand and may possibly desire a financial hand-out. Before you make any snap decisions take your time to ponder over the situation. Is there another way that this person can obtain the money that they need? Did this person get themselves into a pickle of a situation without thinking about the consequences? If so then this person should take personal responsibility for their actions. You are often a generous person who likes to SHINE your personality forth by being the best person to help others when they need it. For now, for this week, try to weigh the pros and cons regarding anyone close to you who desires something from you. Ask yourself, “What is this person willing to do for ME in return?” If you receive some benefit from helping then “Yes” can be the answer; and if not then “No” should be the answer. Try to keep it simple. When it comes to your career there may be much communication happening and possibly a lot of long distance traveling. There may also be a lot of overtime that you can receive now. Financial opportunities are looking up! The real question that may be on your mind is, “Do I desire the overtime pay OR do I desire to spend more quality time at home?” Time flies by so very fast. There may be some people at home who desire your attention. Both your friends and loved ones really do miss you!

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Capricorn: August 1st – August 8th 2016

At the beginning of the week you may feel that you are not receiving the assistance that you need. Hang in there! Try to keep your good sense of humor. Try not to feel self-defeated. The New Moon in Leo arrives in the nick of time on Tuesday afternoon. This New Moon will open new doors of opportunity where it comes to receiving more support. Financially and emotionally situations will improve. Once you begin to see the improvements you will know that you can begin to trust in the people around you. Some Capricorns can receive very good news when it comes to inheritances, bank loans and financial winnings. Just when you thought that you were feeling depleted along comes an unexpected surprise that can make you feel very happy! Whatever good surprises come your way will help to strengthen your beliefs and your faith. Once your beliefs and faith are strengthened then every area of your life will receive a positive boost of healthy energy! Be a little cautious on Saturday morning when you may find yourself being a little too nit-picky over a situation. Try not to say something that you may regret later. This is a passing phase which could have you looking back and wishing that you had remained silent. The energy on Sunday and Monday may also be a bit stressful for you, but you know – oh yes you do – that much Good Fortune in smiling on you!

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Capricorn: July 25th – August 1st 2016

You are a true person of service towards others. Those who are grateful for your friendship and kindness will be very blessed indeed! Your sense of compassion is very genuine. There is nothing you won’t do to make sure that your family and friends are doing well. NOW comes a very important time in your life when YOU need to think about your own important hopes, dreams, wishes and goals. This is not selfish by any means. This is Self-Awareness at its best! Your life is transforming in many positive ways now Capricorn! Life itself may seem quite hectic, but you can still remain calm, cool and collected! You are a natural giving type of person. Soon you will see your Good Karma returning to you 10 fold. Some of you may have already seen some signs of this happening in your life. Get ready for more opportunities to come your way that will show you that you are appreciated! Don’t be shy. Just say, “Yes and Thank You!” when these opportunities come your way. There are many pleasant surprises coming your way very soon!

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Capricorn: July 18th – July 25th 2016

You just had a beautiful FULL MOON take place in your sign on Tuesday evening. Did you feel the beautiful energy? Did you feel appreciative and grateful for your life and for who you are? Did you feel your own powerful beautiful energy within you? If not then take a moment, right now, to give yourself credit for the beautiful person that you ARE! Don’t doubt it! Just know that YOU ARE A MAGNIFICENT PERSON INDEED! The more you genuinely love you, for who you truly are, right now, just as you are, the more positive energy will abundantly flow into your life! It’s through your personal beliefs about yourself that will transform your life in many mystical and wonderful ways! Take a good look in the mirror and who do you see? Do you see a beautiful soul smiling back at you? If so then you’re on the right path indeed! If not then you’re being too serious with yourself and that can’t feel very good at all. When you’re too serious this can affect and infect your health, your love life and your ability to be productive so please start believing in yourself and loving yourself for the wonderful person that you are! When it comes to your love life this has A LOT to do with your self-confidence too. If you desire to be with someone special then you most certainly can be. If you desire to be more appreciated by the people in your life then all you have to do is smile more often. When you are in a happy mood then they will wonder what you’re up to! Keep them guessing and soon you will see that they will desire to smile along with you!

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Capricorn: July 11th – July 18th 2016

Doing things at your own pace is very important to you. No matter how much other people around you desire to rush around you and create drama in their own lives…you are able and capable of maintaining your own sense of calm that makes you look like the cool cat in town. Others, around you, may desire to be calm and cool too but they don’t have a clue how to do it and that’s when they will want to hang around you! You have a natural ability right now to help others to feel safe, secure and at peace; even though they can throw your own nerves out of whack because they don’t do this for you. But once again, you have it within you to calm yourself down and maintain your inner sense of inner peace. The key to your success, both within your career and within your personal life, is to NOT allow others to push you and rush you and overwhelm you when you don’t want to be. For instance, if someone around you says, “Hurry up…we have to go NOW!” That is your sign to slow down even more. You can avoid a lot of accidents and arguments by staying calm, cool and collected and by moving at your own natural pace to do whatever it is that YOU want to do. If others get upset that is their problem because before you know it they will still want to hang around you. YOU are teaching them, not the other way around. You are going through your own personal changes and they should respect that! You should feel more clarity regarding your personal situations once the Moon moves into your sign on Sunday at 3:33 pm EDT. The Moon will remain in your sign of Capricorn into early next week and move into a FULL MOON position on Tuesday July 19th! This Full Moon in Capricorn can help you to feel quite amazing! You should feel a strong Attitude of Gratitude for everything that IS going very well for you in your life!

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Capricorn: July 4th – July 11th 2016

Doing things the ‘old fashioned way’ can often be very beneficial for you. There are many people these days that desire to know how to do things the old fashioned way – in ways that feel more stable, safe and secure. At times you may feel like you’re caught between two different worlds; the world of long ago and the fast-paced world of today. You are learning, at your own pace, which ways of doing things works out best for you. The key to your success is to learn from your past and adapt to change when you’re ready. Melding the energies of the old and the new, so that both can be used and respected, is your duty while Pluto moves through your sign; which will last until March of 2023. You aren’t meant to just faithfully adapt to the new ways of doing things, with all of the new tech toys and attitudes, but you’re also not meant to be as rigid as a tree branch that won’t bend with the wind either. You are meant to hang onto your morals and values while becoming interested in what is going on these days. Is there a way that you can combine the BEST of the old with the BEST of the new and just disregard what doesn’t feel right for you? Absolutely! You can be quite intuitive yourself. Always try to listen to your intuition for guidance. When you feel that you are not able to…you will find that the right people, at the right time, show up in your life to guide you. The key to your success is to really ‘listen’ to that ‘still small voice within you’ and also to listen to what other people are saying around you, without becoming too emotionally attached to doing things ‘your way’ vs doing things ‘their way’. Creating Win/Win situations for everyone is often your job to do. Don’t give in and don’t give up. Nurture others and also allow them to nurture you! Now that Mars is back in direct motion, moving slowly but still moving in the right direction, focus your attention upon what you really desire most within your own private life and within the groups of people you associate with each day. Situations are improving for you, you just need to know when to observe and when to take action!

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Capricorn: June 27th – July 4th 2016

Sometimes you need to know what you don’t want in order to know what you do. Contradiction has been serving a purpose in your life for quite a while. This has a lot to do with the energy of Mars being in retrograde motion, in the often ‘think of the worst thing, just in case it happens then you will be prepared’ sign of Scorpio. If you found yourself thinking this way then some situations in your life may have become a self-fulfilled prophesy. You can begin to turn these situations around, in a very positive way, once the energy of Mars moves back into direct motion on Wednesday! From this point of time onward you can begin to create the important self-transformations that you desire to feel; within your body (healing), with your finances (budgeting, savings, investments and possible raises), within your family (better relationships), and in the area of recreation, fun, romance and your love life. Just about every area of your life can begin to turn around in your favor once the energy of Mars moves back into direct motion! Instead of worrying, “What is going to go wrong now?” you can begin to focus your attention upon your most important hopes, dreams, wishes and goals! You realize now, more than ever before, that what you think about most often and what you put your passionate feelings towards is exactly what you attract into your life! Instead of being angry about what isn’t working out well, you can now begin to focus your attention upon what makes you feel better! The New Moon energy on Monday, July 4th, will open new doors of nurturing opportunity within your closest relationships. Can you feel the Love Capricorn? Hmmm….not yet? Oh you will very soon! Be happy! Get Ready! Have Fun!

Capricorn: June 13th – June 20th 2016

Someone in your life may be trying to bring you down. This could be a coworker, neighbor, friend or an extended family member. Try to observe what is going on without taking anything too personally right now. Who do you feel is not appreciating you? Is someone trying to compete with you? Is someone getting on your nerves? Is there someone around you who doesn’t have the same morals and values that you do and you’re becoming impatient with their attitude? Whoever it is you do not have to play their game, nor do you have to pick up their slack or pay their way. Those who are near and dear to you, those who are on your team, those who genuinely show their appreciation towards you…those are the people you should spend quality time communicating with. Monday through Wednesday morning your mind will be focused upon your work. Starting on Wednesday you may find that you feel an inner rebellion; you won’t want to do much of anything that others ask you to do. On Friday evening you may have a stronger desire to sit back and relax all weekend long. Don’t reprimand yourself if you feel lazier. This will be a natural feeling for you while the Moon moves through the sign of Sagittarius. The FULL MOON in Sagittarius arrives on Monday, June 20th at 7:02 am EDT. This FULL MOON shines her bright light into a very quiet part of your life that has to do with past memories. You may have found that all weekend long you were feeling more nostalgically sentimental. Memories from days gone by can easily come to the surface. Sometimes they will be happy memories and sometimes not so happy, but this is a good time to review your life and through forgiveness let bygones be bygones. Shortly after the Full Moon on Monday the Moon will move into your sign of Capricorn at 7:55 am EDT. Once the Moon is in your sign you will be better able to focus upon yourself and your own needs. In the meantime, for this week, do what needs to be done and then give yourself the permission you need to take it easy more often for now.