Capricorn's weekly horoscopes

Capricorn: 5/18 - 5/25/2015

GET READY for some really big changes happening in your life soon Capricorn! When you least expect something to happen…it will! The more flexible you can be the happier you will feel. If you are strict and stern, stubborn and too serious, you may feel a little side swiped when these situations occur. The New Moon in Taurus last Monday morning opened some new doors of opportunity for you! It’s going to be easier for you to become more open-minded about being playful, attracting romantic partners, and obtaining new children into your life! The happier people are around you, the happier you will become! Also on Monday, and over the next 3 weeks, Mercury is in retrograde motion stimulating the area of your life that has to do with your daily duties and personal health. “Re” is the Key to what your experiences will be! Any word that starts with ‘re’, such as; retreat, return, redo, repair, renegotiate, revise, re-plan, rebuild, reprocess etc. will come into play. You would be wise to RELAX as often as possible. An old illness, or wound, may bother you again so that you can re-heal it the right way this time! Try to focus on positive action orientated ‘re’ words, such as having a positive response to situations that come your way! Luckily beautiful Venus is moving through the area of your life that has to do with your most personal relationships! A beautiful energy of LOVE surrounds you and all those you love! For you single Capricorns you can easily meet someone new from now through June 5th! For those of you in a committed relationship you can easily ‘fall in love’ all over again with your special mate! On Thursday, May 21st, the Sun will move into the sign of Gemini which will greatly help to energize you so that you can get your daily work done! You may find, at times, that you’re feeling angry and intense (Mars is in the sign of Gemini too) because other people around you are not taking care of their daily duties; which makes it seem like you have to take care of everything! Your main ailment, over the next few weeks, may be because of the extra stress you are under. Again, you would be wise, to relax and retreat! Otherwise you may say something, and it won’t be nice, that you may regret later. Try to refrain from feelings like revenge and resentment. It won’t be easy at times, but if you keep in mind that everyone is going through their own personal trials then maybe feelings like compassion and understanding can replace those more angry feelings that will come to the surface. It’s obvious that you are not going to like the way that other people do things and the ways that they communicate during this phase of time. Try to listen to your intuition, which will be very strong now, for the inspiration and guidance you will need to maintain your patience during those frustrating moments of your life.

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Capricorn: 5/11 - 5/18/2015

Is Time your enemy or is it your friend? Have you figured out a comfortable schedule for yourself that you feel happy with? Are you feeling pressured now more than ever before? Are you willing to change something about yourself (maybe your perception about life, or your attitude regarding your life) so that you can handle your life in an easier manner? Pluto in your sign is breaking down old rules and helping you to create new personal values. Your attention this week is going to be mostly on your home environment and within your career, both challenging at times unless you can focus on WHY you enjoy these areas of your life! You can so easily find reasons to complain, but can you also find reasons to feel more grateful? The upcoming New Moon in Taurus, on Monday May 18th at 12:13 am EDT, will definitely help you to enjoy your life more often by learning how to become more playful! Until then this can be a very introspective week for you Capricorn. Try not to let anyone push your emotional buttons on Friday when Mars opposes Saturn! If someone tries to make you feel guilty, because they desire something from you but you don’t want to give them what they want, and you allow this person to pressure you and push your emotional buttons you may end up feeling quite ill! If someone around you is in an angry mood, or you feel this way yourself, you would be wise to bide your time and walk away. You can have this discussion with this person again, if you want, but wait until next week! For now take it easy and be good to yourself. Those that truly love you understand when you’re feeling pressured and will stay out of your way! The energy on Saturday and Sunday will feel a bit better, maybe even a bit romantic! For those of you who have a very creative nature this can be a weekend when you’re allowed to laugh at situations that would normally make you upset. This is a wonderful weekend for spending quality time with children you love and with your best friends!

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Capricorn: 5/4 - 5/11/2015

You may like to sit on the sidelines while other people take care of most of the heavy thinking and responsibilities, but by doing this you will feel ‘out of the loop’ when they celebrate their victories! It’s time for you to ‘get in the game’ and stop sitting on the sidelines hoping that you won’t be called in to play! Your loving assistance is needed by someone close to you. Pay attention to what needs to be done and don’t wait for someone else to do it! Your desire for closer intimacy is noticed, but you need to have the right attitude or no one will choose to be close to you. Are you treating others as you desire to be treated? Are you communicating with others in ways that you desire to be communicated with? Pay attention to how much you are talking ‘to’ others and how much you are talking ‘with’ others. Pay attention to how much you choose to talk, just to hear yourself talk, and how much you are actually ‘listening’ to what others are saying. If you desire communication to flow more smoothly for you then this IS the week to pay attention to how you are communicating. Mercury, now in shadow motion, will bring to your attention what needs to be transformed. A wise person around you will give you the inspiration! This inspiration may come from a young child, an elder, or even from a stranger. The more you ‘listen’ the more you will learn new ways of directing your life in an easier and more efficient manner. The Moon in your sign from Thursday afternoon (2:16 pm EDT) through Saturday evening (7:22 pm EDT) will help to bring your mind and emotions more into balance. Also on Thursday at 6:52 pm EDT Beautiful Venus will move into the sign of Cancer and beautifully and lovingly enhance the area of your life that has to do with your most personal and intimate relationships! There is much good fortune on the horizon for you Capricorn, but it’s up to you to pay attention to where it is coming from!

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Capricorn: 4/27 - 5/4/2015

You have a strong desire for others to work with you as a TEAM so that you can get some rest and spend quality time doing your own thing! You should be more open now to receiving assistance from others, instead of feeling that you have to do everything yourself. You’re in the mood now to have the financial abundance that you need so that you can pay someone else, possibly someone more knowledgeable than yourself, to take care of the daily duties (chores), repairs, that you don’t want to take care of yourself. You are well aware of how fast “Time” itself is flying by so quickly. You’re at an age, a stage of your life, where you desire to have more quality time to do what you enjoy most! What you desire, to obtain more money, is on the horizon for you. Good News arrives to you once Mercury moves into its ruling sign late on Thursday evening! Starting then, and over the course of the next few weeks, you can begin to see the improvements that you’ve waited so long to see! The key to your success is to learn to Trust others when they appear in your life to assist you; and not to negatively believe that they are going to create more problems (which could happen if you BELIEVE it to be so), and so it’s up to you to choose to view these situations from a more positive perspective! The beautiful bright Moon moves into the sign of Scorpio on Saturday evening at 9:47 pm EDT and will continue to grow brighter until she moves into the FULL MOON point of time on Sunday at 11:42 pm EDT! This beautiful Scorpio FULL MOON stimulates the area of your life that has to do with your most important Hopes, Dreams, Wishes and Goals! Before you can move forward with these important things you need to look back upon your life and CELEBRATE every situation that has already went quite well for you! The grateful you are for the good things, good people and good situations that you have already had in your life…the more apt you will be to create new experiences that will be even more ABUNDANT!

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Capricorn: 4/20 - 4/27/2015

Lucky, Lucky, Lucky YOU…energy from the Sun, Mercury and Venus are all flowing joyfully through the area of your life that has to do with great creativity, love, fun, play and romance! This is the time of your life when you should be having FUN! Of course it is always up to you to CHOOSE to do so, so try to do that NOW and enjoy your life to the fullest! What your mind can conceive you can achieve now! Your ruling planet Saturn is stimulating the area of your life that has to do with what you believe, thus if you believe that you can have a good time…then you WILL no matter what else is going on! Saturn is in retrograde motion and Pluto in your sign is retrograde too, thus you may find your own creative intuition is soaring! Pay close attention to the signs you may be receiving through your thoughts and dreams! You can almost magically envision something and have it come true - not within weeks, but within minutes! Be careful with that magic wand though because if you use it in the wrong way what begins to manifest into your life may come back to haunt you. Try to keep your thoughts as pleasant as possible. Situations around your family members and around your own home are spontaneously changing! Will these changes be for the better or the worse? This will depend on your own dreams, thoughts, feelings and visions of what you desire most for your future!

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Capricorn: 4/13 - 4/20/2015

Your fantasies can become your reality under the upcoming New Moon in Aries energy on Saturday afternoon! But before you get to that point in time you may notice that your attention is more on your own personal self-value, how you earn your income, and figuring out new ways of gaining more financial security into your life soon. Luckily Jupiter is back in direct motion in the area of your life that has to do with joint help and support! Also Mercury moves into your fellow sign of Taurus on Tuesday which will attract more fun-loving communication into your life soon. Don’t be surprised if someone stands by your side and hands you a really good deal! “I’ll do this for you!” or “I’ll pay that for you!” can easily happen for you! It can happen in the subtlest of ways, but you’re going to feel very grateful! When these occurrences happen it’s your sign that your life is flowing along just fine and you are very blessed indeed! Try not to allow stress that is caused at work affect your health in negative ways. Is there a way you can do your job with a little less stress? Is there a way to perceive your job in a more optimistic way? If you need help…just ASK! Mercury in Taurus will send the right people joyfully to you aid! It’s time for you to be extra good to yourself first and then use your energy towards accomplishing the duties that need to take place. As this week progresses and you get closer and closer to the New Moon in Aries on Saturday afternoon, your mind should begin to focus on the new ways you can enhance your home and create a more comfortable living space for yourself and everyone around you! Let your imagination soar Capricorn! You can create wonderful small improvements this weekend and over the course of the next 6 weeks! These improvements don’t need to be expensive, but if they are…remember you’re financially lucky right now, people do want to help you, so the money will be available for you to make these improvements…especially if your attitude is joyful and optimistic!

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Capricorn: 4/6 - 4/13/2015

Situations around your home, and with your family members, is where your focus should be now and over the next couple of weeks! What improvements can you make in these areas of your life? If you’re not sure than you may find that others around you create the changes that need to take place without your assistance. You have a desire to participate, you know that you do, so try to take some time to focus on enhancing the comfort of your home (repairs, redecorating, de-cluttering etc) and spending quality time with the ones you love the most! Jupiter is going back into direct motion early on Wednesday afternoon which will enhance the area of your life where you cooperate, and desire more cooperation, with others! What you give, of yourself/time/energy/finances, can return to you 10 fold from assistance from others. In regards to your job/career there must be a balance where you can enjoy what you do and also make a good living from it. If you are in the right career you will know it because there will be improvements to this area of your life in the not too distant future. The Moon will move into your sign early on Friday morning, where it will remain for most of this upcoming weekend. Try to align your emotions and your mind with your true soul purpose. How do you feel about your life? Are you happy with your life? Do you feel a sense of appreciation and gratitude? If so, then you’re on the right path. If not then it’s up to you to create some positive new changes in the near future!

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Capricorn: 3/30 - 4/6/2015

Emotions can run high on a week like this. You may feel a sense of urgency to get important projects accomplished! You will want these projects out of your way so that you can enjoy your weekend. Energy from Venus and Mars (starting on Tuesday morning) will enhance your love life in many abundant ways! This is a feeling of passion and romance on steroids! You will enjoy this special energy, starting Tuesday and over the next couple of weeks, especially if you are already in a very close relationship and especially if you have little children in your life because this is a wonderful vibration that will enhance your own inner desire to have fun and play too!  Try to put your work aside and get ready to really enjoy your weekend! The Full Moon total Lunar Eclipse, on Saturday morning at 8:00 am EDT, will enhance the area of your life that has to do with your work and career. If you’ve been feeling frustrated and/or overwhelmed in regards to this area of your life, you can now begin to relax and even enjoy the events that will take place within your career more often! You will really begin to understand your purpose there. You can begin to do things in your own way and receive the support you desire so that you can have more fun! Your home life is also about to improve in a variety of ways too! You won’t have to work harder, no not at all, in fact your life will improve the more you give yourself permission to feel optimistic, enjoy your life more often, and take time out of your normal busy schedule to smile and play with your favorite friends and loved ones as often as possible!

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Capricorn: 3/23 - 3/30/2015

Out of all of the zodiac signs you have the most self-discipline to make the wise decisions that are good for everyone. There are only a selected few Capricorns that don’t have the self-discipline to handle their lives well. For the majority of Capricorns this will be a very good week to spend quality quiet time doing what whatever you want to do. The more seclusion you allow yourself to have, the more healing will flow through your body, mind, emotions and spirit. For those of you who enjoy meditation, this is an excellent week to practice meditating often. Creative energy also surrounds you. Take the time you desire to remodel your home, enhance your comfort zone and create a sacred space for yourself. Energy from beautiful Venus is enhancing your romantic life! Energy from Jupiter can bring some Good news this weekend regarding a parent and/or a child that is close to you. Financial situations are also improving. An unexpected financial windfall, such as a financial gift and/or an inheritance may be coming your way soon. For this week, try to be conservative with your money. Soon, very soon, starting next week actually, financial situations really begin looking UP for you!

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Capricorn: 3/16 - 3/23/2015

Yours is one of the zodiac signs that is going through a HUGE personal transformation, especially in regards to who you are and what you honestly desire for your future. Pluto in your sign is very slow moving, but is removing out of your psyche the old beliefs, rules, regulations, dogmas that you grew up with, even your ancestor’s old beliefs that no longer serve your Highest Good anymore. If you say to yourself, “This is the way that it’s always been done and the way that it should always continue to be done” then you’re setting yourself up for some intense personal frustration. The more flexible you can be and the more you allow yourself to learn (especially spiritually about who you are and what your mission is here on Earth) the happier you will become! The energy of Mercury in Pisces is compassionately helping you to open your mind and learn in a new way. The energy of Uranus in Aries, which challenged the energy of Pluto in Capricorn, is actually helping you to transform and renew your home environment in many wonderful new ways! The best thing that you can do is pay attention to what needs to be repaired and then put your energy into being a Team player, not the Boss of the situations, but a special Team player towards rejuvenating, redecorating, and enhancing the environment. “Out with the old and IN with the New” is going to be a special energetic motto, especially within you and around your home life, starting this weekend and over the next 4 weeks. Luckily energy from beautiful Venus is going to bring you the fun-loving energy that you need to keep you pleasantly motivated in the right mood; for love, romance, fun, playfulness with children, and creatively inspired to work on new projects that you didn’t want to even think about before. Abundant opportunities are coming your way Capricorn! Don’t grumble and be moody about anything. Try to have fun and really enjoy this special new season of your life!

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