Capricorn’s weekly horoscopes

Capricorn: 6/1 – 6/13/2016

I am writing this horoscope for the dates of June 1st through June 13th, which will give you much more information about the vibrations around you for the next 2 weeks. I have family coming to visit us here in Michigan from Washington State. I hope you will enjoy and feel enlightened by this special horoscope for your sign during this special phase of time.

What makes perfect sense to you may not make any sense at all to someone around you. This may make you feel a bit crazy at times. You try and try to get your point of view across to this person, but to you it feels like you’re talking to a wall! Is this just one person in your life OR does it feel like there are a lot of people around you like this? You may also feel like not talking at all, after all it feels like no one is listening, let alone cooperating with you! There is hope on the horizon Capricorn. Energy from the planet Mercury is now out of its shadow period of being retrograde. Slowly, oh so slowly, way too slowly for you, communication situations will begin to improve! You’ve been trying so hard to get everyone on the right team, for everyone to work together and get things accomplished, but it feels to you like everyone is on their own agenda and they would rather play and make a big mess for you to clean up! Hang in there, if you can without getting to steamed up and angry about everything. The New Moon energy in Gemini on Saturday evening, June 4th (11 pm EDT) will bring you the hope of communication improvement that you’ve waited a long time for! Again, slowly, slowly, day by day, small improvements will be shown so that you can breathe a sigh of relief that FINALLY you’re being listened to! If you’ve been feeling angry because you can’t focus on what YOU WANT TO DO because you’ve been so busy taking care of others around you (UGH!!!) very soon you’ll receive the time you need to put towards your own hopes, dreams, desires and goals! You should begin to feel healthier and become in a better mood, which is always very good for those around you and for yourself too!

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Capricorn: 5/23 – 5/31/2016

Your most personal relationships are always guided by your deepest emotions. Your emotions may fluctuate with the changing of the Moon, so you would be wise to keep a Moon journal around you. For this week, starting on Monday, you may feel more sleepy and relaxed. Starting on Tuesday morning the Moon moves into your sign of Capricorn so for the next couple of days your mind and emotions are aligned with what YOU want! When you positively focus on a personal desire during this phase of time, then you can more easily attract what you desire in quite mysterious and surprising ways indeed! Situations will just ‘pop up’ that will be in alignment with what you are thinking and feeling! Try to keep your thoughts and feelings focused on what you desire to receive! On Thursday morning the Moon will shift into the sign of Aquarius. From Thursday morning through Saturday evening you should find yourself being very busy indeed! You may feel a stronger sense of pressure to get things accomplished, especially if these things are being asked of you from a boss or another authority figure. You may say, “This is not fair” but you know that once you get everything accomplished that your sense of self-value will soar! You will be appreciated for what you do! Try to stay focused! On a very good note indeed…if you have been having any re-occurring health issues, these annoying health issues should begin to clear up and begin to heal over the next week or so. What you focus upon will grow abundantly, so why not focus on your healing instead of your pain? Focus some self-love on these areas of your body and watch some miraculous healing energy begin to take place! On Saturday evening the Moon will shift into the sign of Pisces. This energy will allow you to communicate more lovingly with the people around you. Travel plans, both near and far, will work out wonderfully for you! Try to plan on doing something FUN this weekend! Starting early next week your attention will shift back to your home and family. Happy reunions can take place this in area of your life too!

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Capricorn: 5/16 – 5/23/2016

You are quite lucky in so many ways. Situations will happen around you that you can’t explain. These situations can be quite good indeed. You may call them miracles, which they may be! The vibrations now are asking you to get out of your own way and allow wonderful situations to take place in your life. You have a strong ‘Mind over Matter’ going on right now. If you don’t mind what is going on, then it won’t matter to you so strongly. If you can focus your mind upon what is most important to you then situations will easily flow in your favor. The main thing is for you NOT to push yourself too hard during this phase of time. You will know if you are because you won’t be feeling energetic or as healthy as you desire. If this happens then it’s a red flag for you to take some time off from your daily routines and allow yourself to rest and relax until a point in time when you’re feeling much better. Starting this week and over the course of the next few weeks is an excellent time for you to get a medical check-up. Any stress you’ve been through since your birthday last year, and possibly a lot longer than that, has built up. It’s time for you to learn some healthy relaxation techniques. You are excellent with the work that you do, there’s no doubt about that, but you also know that you can’t do your best when you’re not feeling at your best. It’s time for you to realize how important your life is to yourself and also to the people who love you so much. Do yourself a favor, and the people in your life too, by being kinder to yourself by getting more rest and not pressuring yourself so much. It’s time to lower your blood pressure and get healthy! Besides when you’re feeling healthy you are quite sexy! With the Sun moving into the sign of Gemini on Friday and the FULL MOON moving into the sign of Sagittarius on Saturday…you will become more aware of how to do your daily tasks in a more efficient and less stressful type of way. You don’t have to stress out your body and mind to prove how exceptional you are at doing everything. You are allowed to take your time and enjoy your duties and earn a good income while you’re enjoying your chosen career. Focus on what you find enjoyable about your duties and allow yourself to have some fun as often! Playtime is very healthy for you Capricorn! Laughter can be your best medicine! Try to connect with the people in your life that make you smile! They enjoy your company as much as you enjoy theirs!

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Capricorn: 5/9 – 5/16/2016

There are many good times ahead for you Capricorn! Your life is optimistically expanding in so many ways! You have a strong desire to focus upon what makes you feel happy (and ignore the rest or push the more negative stuff away). You’re not wrong for doing this. Your life belongs to you! And with the Grand Earth Trine Energy taking place now you deserve to live your life in ways that make you feel really happy! Spending lots of time outdoors in nature can really perk up your spirit! If you have children around you they will certainly teach you how to let your hair down and play for awhile! You may also have a strong desire to travel to far distant places, learn something new, take some college classes, publish a book or join a group of people who have similar interests as you. Communication near and far needs to feel like fun for you! You may take up an interest in social media or live video games to meet some new friends who desire to play along with you. One thing is for certain…you have a strong desire to ENJOY your life now and not wait for tomorrow! And when tomorrow comes you want to ENJOY that day too! Keep focusing on becoming more optimistic Capricorn. Everyone enjoys this side of your personality. When you are in a good mood everyone enjoys spending time with you! When it comes to your love life yours is the sign that can have the best time of all! Energy from the Sun, Mercury and beautiful Venus are all shining their loving energies down upon you! If there happens to be a break-up, you can kiss and make up. Mercury is in retrograde motion which can bring up disagreements, but they won’t last long. If you are single it is very possible that an old flame from the past may look you up and desire to get back in touch with you for a special loving reunion in the very near future!

Capricorn: 5/1 – 5/9/2016

You should be feeling pretty good about your life Capricorn. Energy from the Sun, Venus and Mercury are all in your fellow earth sign of Taurus and flowing through an area of your life that has to do with creativity, conception, children, fun, play, love and romance! You enjoy the simple, earthy, sensual things about life. You enjoy using your human senses to the fullest. When you eat a good meal you really want to taste it! When you wear certain fabrics against your skin you enjoy the feeling of the material. You like to hear sounds that are pleasing to you; like the sounds in nature and the beautiful music that appeals to you. You like the smell of fresh air after the rain and other smells that are natural and pleasing to you. Well NOW comes the time when you can enjoy your life in ways that make you happy! Any situations that are not appealing to you need to be pushed out of your way for another time. This IS your time to enjoy your life! The New Moon energy in Taurus will take place on Friday afternoon at 3:30 pm EDT. This New Moon energy will open new doors of opportunity for you to begin to enjoy your life better! Also, starting next week, on Monday May 9th to be exact, lucky expansive Jupiter will begin going back into direct motion in your other sister earth sign of Virgo…which will also bring more good luck, good fortune and a greater sense of optimism back into your life! There are many improvements ahead for you Capricorn. You just need to allow yourself to receive them! What do you feel most passionate about Capricorn? What would truly make you happier? Once you know the answers to these questions then the next steps are to Ask, Allow and Receive! Try not to focus your mind just back on the ‘good old days’ and the experiences that you had then. Try to focus your mind on the ‘right now’ moments and live your life in ways that can make you feel even happier with the current experiences you are living through ‘right now’. Situations may not be as perfect as you desire them to be…but they are improving!

Capricorn: 4/4 – 4/11/2016

No one knows more than you about how much you desire more TIME to do whatever it is that you want to do! “I’ll play when I’m retired!” was the old Capricorn motto, but these days you Capricorn’s realize how fast time flies by and you desire to have some fun while the Sun is still shining! For some Capricorn’s these days, fun would be sitting in a lazy-boy chair and just enjoying a really good movie without any interruptions. You work really hard for what you’ve obtained and you will continue to work hard for as long as you are able. But you also desire to have the TIME to enjoy your life in ways that make you happy! Energy from the Sun, Venus (starting on Tuesday), and Uranus are all moving through the area of your life that has to do with your home and family! Mercury is there too, but it will move on Tuesday to the area of your life that has to do with creativity and FUN! Spending quality time at home, possibly redecorating, repairing, renovating and renewing your castle should be at the top of the priority list when it comes to where you desire to spend your time. You’re very aware of what needs to be changed, but there doesn’t seem to be the time or the money to do what you want. Hang in there Capricorn! Your good karma is about to pay off! The New Moon in Aries on Thursday morning will infuse you with many new opportunities that will help you to do what you want in the near future. From Thursday morning onward you can begin to make the changes and improvements you desire! Little by little, day by day, in many wonderful and mysterious ways, the right people at the right time will show up in your life to assist you. You can have the time and financial assets, as well as the right assistance, to begin making the changes to your home that are so very important to you. As the structure of your home begins to improve…the relationships that you have within your home will also begin to improve! Even the smallest change can create a big difference! If the project doesn’t seem like fun for you then don’t do it, but if you feel enthusiastic about doing something new then by all means…go for it! Have Fun!

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Capricorn: 3/21 – 3/28/2016

You are moving towards greater success! You just need to continue to stay positively focused! You can use your mind over matter to move your life forward! The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse that took place on Wednesday has made you aware of what you like, and what you don’t like, in regards to your home and family matters and within your career. This is perfectly okay. When you know what you don’t like then you can make plans to create the changes that will make you happier! First and foremost it’s about your attitude, mood and the plans and ideas that you desire to implement so that situations in your life (both home and career) can begin to feel more secure and productive for you! Much Good Fortune is with you Capricorn! If you BELIEVE that the changes you desire will take place then you will begin to see synchronicity moving in your favor to help you to create the changes that you desire most!  Some changes in your life may feel like Fate has taken the reigns of what is going on. But in all actuality you have paved the way towards creating these changes with your thoughts and ideas that you have been thinking about for quite some time now. Your past hard work and good deeds are about to be rewarded! You know what you want and you will be cosmically supported! There may be some tough conversations going on, especially between you and a significant other in your life. This person could be a spouse, a lover, or another family member, or a co-worker, or even with your boss! Whatever these conversations are, and no matter how heated they may seem to be, there is much energy moving situations forward towards where you truthfully desire them to be. You are also asked to be a little more patient. Learn to Observe what is going on without Absorbing what is going on so personally. Some situations won’t have anything to do with YOU at all, but may be happening with someone around you who you care about. The best thing you can do is to relax and set a good example of what they should do by your own behaviors. When it comes to love there is much around love around you. You won’t have to look far. The love that you desire may be with someone special in your own backyard. This weekend you will receive lots of special attention. Focus upon what you really want! Have Fun!

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Capricorn: 3/14 – 3/21/2016

The projects you are working on will turn out in your favor. Make sure that you read between the lines and read all of the fine print before signing on the dotted line. You need to make sure that you completely understand everything when it comes to any agreement that you desire to make. If communication is good, and all of the right questions have been asked, then your important projects will turn out in your favor. There is a need to feel in charge, feel like the boss, be the one who makes the final choices and decisions when it comes to most everything now. You may have an urge to splurge when it comes to your money, but try to resist spending because of emotional spontaneity. It’s very good that you know what you want, but think twice before spending your hard earned money. Know what you want but then take two steps back. Take the time you need to figure out if this is what you really want. If so then proceed with caution and make sure that you are receiving the best long lasting quality for your money. When it comes to home projects, such as renovations, repairs, and new season decorations, these situations will work out in your favor once the Sun moves into the sign of Aries early on Sunday morning. From this point of time onward, over the next few weeks, you can easily turn your home into the safe and comfortable place that you desire it to be. There are people you know and people you will meet who will help you with your spring cleaning and other home projects. Take some time to focus on what you really want. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance when you need it the most. Those that help you will be very blessed indeed! Those who are resistant had better get out of your way. You will enjoy rewarding those who are helpful!

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Capricorn: 3/4 – 3/14/2016

How do you choose to perceive your life Capricorn? What you put your attention towards, and the attitude you have behind your attention, is exactly what you will receive MORE of coming back in your direction! Energy from the Sun, Mercury, Chiron and Neptune are all infusing your life with a deeper sense of compassion and unconditional love. You may be very aware of the sacrifices that you’ve made and continue to make towards the people in your life – both at home, within your community and around your work place – but be assured that situations will begin to turn around in your favor once the New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse takes place on Tuesday evening March 8th. After this phase of time passes you should begin to see, day by day, that situations begin to turn around in your favor. Again, how well and how quickly situations begin to go your way will be determined by your own attitude and where you choose to place your attention. If you see situations as dire and dim then they will be for sure! On the other hand, if you begin to see these situations as healing and improving then you will be right too! It’s going to totally be ‘mind over matter’ for you! Use your mind to focus upon what matters to you the most! If a situation occurs where you receive what seems like bad news, don’t jump to the conclusion right away that it IS bad news. Bide your time and wait for a little bit and then you may begin to see that what you at first perceived as bad news actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise! Pluto in your sign can make things seem like they are changing too quickly for you. You may begin to feel uncertain and fearful, but actually positive change is good for you! Pay attention to your feelings. How do you desire things to become? When you know the answer to this question then you will begin to script-write your future! Try to keep your mind and heart focused on what is most important to you! Now through the next couple of weeks your emotions will lead the way. They can inspire you, if you allow them too! Yes you are a practical down to earth person who often doesn’t trust the emotional realm, but soon you will begin to see that how you feel is directly related to your own true inner spirit. Don’t ignore your feelings. They will lead the way! There is much unconditional love, healing and good fortune coming your way!

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Capricorn: 2/22 – 2/29/2016

Relax Capricorn, relax. Only when you make your life plans with a relaxed mind and heart can you then come up with the inspiring ideas that you desire. If you feel pushed and pulled by the energies and demands of those around you then your mind and emotions will be all over the place and it won’t be easy for you to focus on what is most important to you. The time has come to make some people around you more responsible for their own life’s choices. You don’t have to be there to clean up their mess. Just nod your head, like your listening to their complaints, and then walk away. It would be best for you to say, “Maybe, I’ll get back to you later” and then walk away. Your mind, heart and body desire to have some healing peace and quiet right now. For your own healing and good health give yourself permission to allow others to take care of their own needs right now. Of course, if there are small children involved you will want to do whatever you can to help them to feel healthy and happy. But when it comes to the adults around you…walk away, relax, take a nap. The key to your success this week is for you to put a bit of Time and Distance between you and anyone who brings you aggravation. You don’t have to accept their aggravating energy. Let them keep it for themselves. When they feel aggravated enough they will begin to become motivated and do what is right for their own lives without you having to provide so much for them. Now of course there will be some very special people in your life right now that won’t ask anything from you other than for you to just be yourself and enjoy their company…for you! Spend as much quality time as you can with people who can uplift your spirit! Laughter is good medicine Capricorn! Spend quality time with the people who truly care about YOU!

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