Capricorn's weekly horoscopes

Capricorn: 10/27 - 11/3/2014

Good News comes your way once the Moon moves into your sign early on Tuesday! The Moon will be in your sign from Tuesday morning (6:03 am EDT) through early on Thursday morning (9:52 am EDT). During this phase of time you should listen to what your intuition is telling you and where it desires to guide you. Take a moment to calm your mind and meditate upon any situation where you desire guidance. Try not to analyze the feelings you may have, nor the ideas and inspirations that will be given to you. Just try to observe this inner guidance. By doing this you can become very inspired to move your life in the right direction! Financial situations will become more secure because of the energy of Mars being in your sign now. For the past month you’ve been feeling very tired, but now you’re being given the energy you need to more easily get your work accomplished! New opportunities are also coming your way! Without as much effort as it took before you will be able to say, “YES” to these good opportunities! All you have to do is be ready to take action when they come along. These opportunities will be in regards to every situation - love, romance, travel, work advancements, and feeling lucky when it comes to almost everything! You’re being given a second chance to live your life the way that you really want to! The happier you allow yourself to be, and grateful too, the more quickly you’ll begin to see all kinds of new improvements going on around you!

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Capricorn: 10/20 - 10/27/2014

Your ruling planet Saturn has been in the sign of Scorpio. Starting on Thursday Saturn will be joined by the Sun, Venus and the Moon. But not any old New Moon…this is going to be a very special New Moon/Solar Eclipse that will take place on Thursday evening at 5:57 pm EDT. All of this Scorpio energy will stimulate the area of your life that has to do with your most important ‘hopes, dreams, wishes and goals!’ Dearest Capricorn you are now able to tap into some very creative energy indeed! A new chapter of your life will begin! At first you may feel a bit upset about situations in your past that didn’t work out as well as you had hoped that they would, but by this weekend you should begin to feel more future directed, more hopeful, that situations WILL begin to turn around and work out in your favor! You understand the vibration of Saturn (karma and time) more than any other sign! Are you ready to put your best foot forward towards creating the type of life that you desire! You really won’t have to physically DO too much, but you will have to use your creative mind to positively visualize what you desire as often as possible! As you do this you will begin to see the right people, at the right times, showing up and guiding you towards manifesting your highest dreams! This will all be because of your ruling planet Saturn saying, “You’ve earned it, you deserve it, now enjoy it and make the best out of these opportunities!” Of course it’s up to you to continue to make wise choices and do the right things. You know how the energy of Saturn is…you can’t get too greedy or you’ll lose everything! But for the sincere of heart and those of you who have worked so hard to get where you are the rewards will be wonderful! Keep on focusing positively and passionately on your hearts desires!

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Capricorn: 10/13 - 10/20/2014

You can be quite a patient person, when you want to be, but no one had better hold you back from the people that you love, nor take your money when you don’t want to give it to someone. You’ve worked hard to receive what you have. You cherish your good friendships, love relationships, and family members. Situations recently may have seemed quite strenuous for you, especially regarding the push and pull you’ve been feeling between your career and your home life. The Moon in Cancer, for the beginning of this week, asks you to focus your loving energy towards those who mean the most to you. Starting on Thursday morning, and over the course of the next couple of days, your emotional attention should be sharing your resources (time, energy, money, sexuality) with someone who means the most to you. For those of you not in a personally committed relationship you may find that you need to share your resources with a bank, or another financial institution, through the payment of a bill or two. You may also have some unexpected money come your way, through a loan from a friend or even a lottery winning! Your personal resources, and other people’s personal resources, (time, energy, money, sexuality) are highlighted from Thursday morning through Saturday night. Starting on Saturday evening, and over the course of the next few days, a feeling that you had, a belief that you had, a flash of intuition that came to you in some way, will have you saying, “I knew it!” about a particular situation going on in your life (or possibly in the life of someone close to you). Your intuition is right on target! The Moon in Virgo will help to heal this situation in ways that YOU ‘Believe’ that they should be healed. Whatever has been bothering you, about any situation, will come out of the secret closet and be revealed! Once you know what this situation IS then you can do something to make it better. Until then, try to listen more closely to your intuition which will guide you in the right direction!

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Capricorn: 10/6 - 10/13/2014

Situations around your home and with your family members can be very challenging, now and over the course of the next 2 weeks. Energy from the Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse in Aries will reveal to you all of the problems that need fixing. Now this doesn’t mean that you need to repair these situations all by yourself. In fact, you shouldn’t! There is a Team Effort that needs to take place! You may be a Team player, but if your other Team Mates don’t want to do their share of the effort, especially if they caused the problems in the first place, then you may find a new Team to go and play with! Only those who are willing to compromise with you, and do their fair share of the work, will receive your positive attention. With anyone who doesn’t desire to take personal responsibility for their own choices and actions, you will easily be able to detach from quite quickly. With both Mercury retrograde and your ruling planet Saturn in the sign of Scorpio, you are very aware of the people who are stopping you from achieving your most important hopes, dreams, wishes and goals! It’s time now for you to bring this to their attention, not by arguing (for that doesn’t help you in any way), but by detaching yourself from these people and eliminating them out of your life! You can easily do this, without even saying a word. When they come to you for assistance in the future you will just easily say “No” without any further explanation. Saturn will remain in the sign of Scorpio until December 23rd. Mercury moves back into the sign of Libra on Friday afternoon at 1:23 pm EDT. Remember that those who cooperate with you, friends/family members/coworkers etc will receive your cooperation and friendship. But those who don’t had better watch out. You’ve had enough of putting your own dreams and goals on the back burner for everyone else!

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Capricorn: 9/29 - 10/6/2014

You start this week off being in the shadow period of the upcoming Mercury retrograde. Your mind may feel a bit hazy. Your personal plans may go awry. You are just going to have to expect the unexpected during this phase of time. The more flexible you can be, the happier you will be. A certain hope, dream, wish or goal that you desire is being put on hold right now. The Moon will move into your sign on Tuesday morning and will remain in your sign through early Friday morning. During this phase of time you may feel more emotionally drained. Try to be kind to yourself. It won’t do you any good to complain. Technically Mercury goes into retrograde motion on Saturday afternoon at 1:02 pm EDT. Starting then you will begin to re-evaluate WHY you have certain hopes, dreams, wishes and goals; and if these are the still the same things that you desire to attract into your life…or not. This process of thinking this way and re-evaluating the WHY’s will continue until October 10th when Mercury will move out of Scorpio and into the sign of Libra. Also the groups of people that you are around most often may not be of any support. In fact, you have to keep in mind that everyone is going through some kind of personal trial and lesson during this phase of time so you’re going to have to become even more independent, do more things yourself, and at the same time these people will desire to count on you to assist and help THEM. Even if you don’t want to, you know that you will. The reason is because your ruling planet Saturn is going to conjunct this Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio! No other sign understands more about Karma than you do Capricorn. “Do Good Deeds, Get Good Rewards” is definitely your signs motto. So, even if you don’t want to help those who are not helping you, you will feel obligated to assist them in some helpful way, even if that’s just because you want them to stop bothering you. The main thing to remember is that this is a re-evaluation period of time in your life. WHY do you have certain ‘hopes, dreams, wishes and goals’? Are they as important to you during this phase of time? It just might be time to set some new goals that will be much better for you in the long run.

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Capricorn: 9/22 - 9/29/2014

A good piece of apple, cherry, pumpkin or pecan pie, smothered in ice cream of course, may be just what the doctor ordered to help you feel happier about your life once again. You deserve something sweet for all of the hard work that you do. Speaking of work, oh my, now that the Sun and Mercury are both in the sign of Libra you can expect to become very busy indeed! Monday and Tuesday are your most challenging days when the attitudes of some coworkers around you may get you a bit upset. Try to remain calm and don’t take anything anyone says or does too personally. The New Moon in Libra arrives just in the nick of time early on Wednesday morning. This energy will help you to open new doors of opportunity regarding your career reputation and attracting more financial wealth into your life! Even if some attitudes of the people around you are getting on your nerves, you won’t be upset if you feel that you have more money in your pocket! The best thing that you can do is set a good example for them, by setting your standards high and setting a good example for them. If any new opportunities come your way you should definitely take them. You will have an easier time learning new skills now so open your higher mind and expand it! You may actually have some fun while learning something new! The more skills you have, the more of a valuable employee you become. The more valuable you are to your company…the more you will be smiling all the way to the bank!

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Capricorn: 9/15 - 9/22/2014

Yes, it’s true, that the energy of Pluto is in retrograde motion in your sign right now, which can make you feel a bit under the weather - or in some way just a bit more gloomy than normal. But, on a positive note, beautiful Venus is making a beautiful trine energy to Pluto; which means that beauty and love surround you and can help to enhance you and your most personal relationships! Try to focus on what you feel most grateful for, the things and people you enjoy, and try not to focus on the situations that make you upset. In other words, try not to sweat the small stuff during this phase of time. What you focus on most you will attract more of, thus it’s important to focus on what makes you feel happiest right now!

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Capricorn: 9/8 - 9/15/2014

The Harvest Full Super Moon occurs on Monday evening in the sign of Pisces! Pisces is a sign that you can get along with quite easily. This Beautiful Moon shines her *LIGHT* in the area of your life that has to do with how you communicate with others. This Pisces Full Moon is also HIGHLY emotional, thus you will be communicating about emotional issues, your own and the emotions of others, during most of this week! It can seem like quite a dramatic week filled with much emotional communication. Please try to be willing to listen to others about what they are going through, even though you desire to communicate your own emotions to them. Try not to “One UP” the other person. Such as if someone tells you about a personal life situation that is happening to them, you shouldn’t then say, “Well that’s nothing really…pay attention to what is happening to ME!” This type of communication will only make people feel angry and frustrated, because they won’t feel that you genuinely care about their feelings . Good communication should be honest and flow back and forth between each person easily. There is a great energy of healing that can take place, for yourself and those around you, by sharing good communication with each other as often as possible. The lesson for you is about really listening, hearing what the other person has to say, and really feeling empathetic towards what that other person is going through (by putting yourself in the other person’s situation) and really FEELING as if you are going through these situations yourself. Only then will you be able to learn to selflessly care about another individual and send this person unconditional loving and healing energy - which in return they will also give to you! For those of you who have a quick wit, your good sense of humor will greatly help matters. Laughter can often be the best medicine for yourself and everyone else around you!

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Capricorn: 9/1 - 9/8/2014

The Sun in Virgo is bringing you HOPE and stimulating your personal beliefs in a more positive way! Situations that seemed difficult, only a few weeks ago, will now begin to turn around in your favor. Your life is changing in many practical ways. You are becoming more sociable with others, but you are also becoming much more selective about the types of people you will allow into your private circle. You’ll be nice to almost anyone these days, but it’s only to a few selected trusted friends that you will share your private life. You may find that those who are closest to you, your family members and those you share your home with, seem quite moody and have a hectic lifestyle that drives you a bit crazy at times. The best thing that you can do is be supportive, while also making sure that you’re not being taken advantaged of. If they desire something from you then you need to set a good example by making them earn it. Just because they are family members doesn’t mean that you have to go out of your way, all of the time, to make sure that they don’t become moodier than they already are! Sometimes saying NO will make them respect you more and appreciate you more when you give them something in the future. You are learning to set your own boundaries and you will not reward bad behavior. But good behavior, on the other hand, will always be rewarded generously! When you receive more cooperation from those around you then you’ll begin to feel more appreciated and less rejected and taken advantaged of. This is an important life-changing goal for you right now. Your current personal success will depend upon the cooperation that you receive from those around you.

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Capricorn: 8/25 - 8/31/2014

It’s your personal beliefs that are creating your future. If you believe that situations will improve then the most certainly will! If, on the other hand, you don’t believe that, but you believe that situations are only getting worse and worse by the minute…well then you’re right again! Do you beliefs serve a positive purpose? Do they help to improve your life? If the answer is yes then put your passion behind them and walk forth towards your own personal success! Try to listen to what your intuition is telling you. Your intuition can be quite keen. It can inspire you, if you will only listen to it, and try to avoid the negative ego talk within you. Tell yourself, “I am open to all channels to receive positive inspiration!” When you say this to yourself then you will begin to see the signs, feel positive feelings, and hear the internal ideas of inspiration coming to you easily! The New Moon energy in the sign of Virgo on Monday is going to help you to realize which beliefs help you and which ones do not. This is very healing for you as your higher mind begins to open up towards the truth for yourself. When you know what the problem is then you can begin to heal it and fix it properly. Your life is improving Capricorn. All you have to do is openĀ  your mind and accept the positive opportunities! Your most challenging experiences this week will be with the groups of people that you associate most often. You may notice their attitudes being a bit more about doom and gloom than ever before. Try not to get pulled into their negative ways of being and thinking, and their own belief systems, when you are just beginning to positively improve your life more than theirs. Don’t get pulled into any form of negative gossip about topics that you know you don’t want to talk about. Focus on the beauty of life. Hold your head up high and set a good example for others to follow!

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