Capricorn’s weekly horoscopes

Capricorn: 9/14 – 9/21/2015

You may dream of better places in far distant lands and desire to be there, when in all reality you know that you need to stay right where you are at. Dreaming is good and it can inspire you! Your dreams and creative imagination can inspire you to create a better environment within your own home. On Thursday your ruling planet Saturn is moving out of the sign of Scorpio and into the sign of Sagittarius; which stimulates the area of your life that has to do with dreams and your subconscious mind. Saturn will be in the sign of Sagittarius for the next 28 months. You may find that you feel very creative and intuitive during this phase of time. You may also feel a little more flirtatious, risky, and not as self-disciplined as you normally are. This is okay Capricorn. This energy gives you a chance to relax a bit more! For those of you who believe in Miracles and Good Luck (and many Capricorn’s usually don’t because they believe they have to work hard for what they get) you are going to be the luckiest Capricorn’s yet! With Saturn being in the sign of Sagittarius, which is ruled by the planet Jupiter, and with Jupiter being in your fellow Earth sign of Virgo for the next 12 months…many Miracles and Good Luck can come your way if you can tap into this very optimistic energy! It’s going to be through your own feelings and beliefs that you will be able to create the type of life that you truly desire most! For the past 2 1/2 years (and even a little bit longer) your most important hopes, dreams, wishes and goals have seemed delayed to the point that you may have even given up on ever obtaining them. Situations are about to turn around in your favor Capricorn! It’s time for you to learn to strengthen your faith in a Higher Power that unconditionally loves you and desires to see you happy! You can cooperate with this beautiful energy by focusing, daily, on what makes you feel truly happy in the precious NOW moments of your life!

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Capricorn: 9/7 – 9/14/2015

You are very aware of what the conditions are that need to change around your home and family life. Situations may seem a bit chaotic and you may feel that you don’t have enough time for yourself. But this doesn’t mean that you don’t have any control at all. Take a good look around you and realize what needs repair. Once you have a plan then you can start from there and make the improvements that you desire. You also need to have the follow through though, don’t just sit there and plan and then take no action towards bringing your plans into reality. If you do that then you just complain, hoping that someone else will take action for you. This isn’t going to happen, those around you are watching what you are doing (and not doing) and thus it’s through your own personal efforts that they will begin to help you. Create your plans and then take action when opportunities come your way. You may feel a bit crunched on time and feel that you don’t have enough time to get much accomplished. If you’ve been feeling this way then it’s very possible that you’ve formed a strong belief that what you see is what you get (and that it’s always going to be this way, and possibly get worse!) The New Moon partial Solar Eclipse on Sunday morning at 2:41 am EDT can help to rid you of those old false beliefs and transform your attitudes, beliefs and thoughts into becoming more optimistic! Hooray! Those old feelings of “Oh geez I feel stuck” can be transformed into “I have a great idea! Okay let’s get this done!” When it comes to your love life, oh boy someone around you has been feeling a bit overwhelmed and moody – but you’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed and moody too! If you can turn this around by becoming more playful the better situations will become for you. When it comes to your finances there can be some nice improvements after the New Moon/Eclipse takes place on Sunday morning. From that point of time and onward you may begin to see some new and better opportunities come your way. Be ready, willing and able to say, “YES!” to these opportunities! For those of you in a committed relationship, or you are living with someone who has an income, you should begin to see your partner’s income begin to improve. This will take a little bit of the financial pressure off of you because this other person will desire to become more independent and financially help you with the expenses more often. So go ahead and make those plans and then begin to make the changes when the opportunities are right and you’re in a more enthusiastic mood.

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Capricorn: 8/31 – 9/7/2015

If you wrote a book about your life what would be your favorite chapters? In the current chapter of your life are you allowing yourself to enjoy this chapter too? What do you think future chapters will be like? Are you missing ‘the good old days’ and allowing your mind and heart to live in the past OR are you focusing your mind, body and spirit on the precious moments that you are living right now? It’s a very wise Capricorn indeed that is focusing their mind on their most important hopes, dreams, wishes and goals that they accomplish each day. One day at a time, one step at a time, one hour at a time, even one minute at a time in the most productive and positive way possible. The more you can live in the NOW moments of your life the healthier and happier you will be! You can be a very intense person Dear Capricorn, but maybe you’ve been this way because you were afraid of what the future may bring. Well much Good Luck is on your side now that the Sun and Jupiter are in your sister Earth sign of Virgo! And with Venus going back into direct motion on Sunday morning…Whoo Hooo…situations are definitely looking UP for you! When it comes to financial opportunities (of all kinds), your personal relationships improving, your home and family matters finally become much better, and receiving the cooperation that you’ve needed…situations are definitely looking UP for you! Oh there will still be some stressful situations taking place now and then, but you’re going to feel that no matter what the difficulty is that you have the knowledge and means to be able to handle the situation in easier ways than you’ve gone through before! Don’t be lazy, but please remain patient. There is much wisdom in the virtue of patience. Sometimes it’s better to just do nothing and ‘go with the flow’ to see if other people around you can begin to become more responsible for themselves from now on. When you take some quiet time for yourself, to meditate upon what is most important for you, your own energy will rejuvenate – you will feel much better – and the inspiration that you desire can more easily flow to you. You should be experiencing many of those special “Ah HA!” moments that can passionately excite you! If you pay attention to what these new ideas are, and be ready to act upon them, every area of your life will begin to improve! Especially your finances and your love life! Get out a pen and some paper! A new and exciting chapter of your life has just begun!

Capricorn: 8/24 – 8/31/2015

A solution to a major problem, either with your home or around your family in some way, can be more easily resolved this week. The Moon moves into your sign early on Tuesday (12:22 am EDT) and will remain in your sign until Thursday morning at 4:03 am EDT. The energies from early on Tuesday through Thursday morning are exceptionally LUCKY for you! Your intuition is very keen. You can come up with solutions to your issues and/or be guided towards someone who can help you make the repairs that are needed. On Thursday morning the Moon moves into the sign of Aquarius which will stimulate your own sense of personal value. The more confident and optimistic you feel within yourself, the more you will continue to keep your good fortune flowing! The Full Moon energy on Saturday can help you to perceive your life in a wonderful new way! Instead of feeling that life is always so difficult, but you don’t mind because you are always willing to work harder than everyone else for what you receive, you will begin to give your concerns to a Higher Power and feel less stressed and more blessed than ever before! From this point of time onward there is a grander sense of renewed hope within your heart! Much love surrounds you this weekend! Communication flows nicely. People you haven’t talked to in a long time will want to reach out and get back in contact with you. This is an excellent weekend to spend quality time with family, friends, siblings and neighbors. It’s time to enjoy your life and Have Fun!

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Capricorn: 8/17 – 8/24/2015

No one said that Life would be easy and no one knows this more than a Capricorn. You know that it’s through steady hard work and planning that you can live your life in ways that you want to. Slow and steady is the key to your personal success. If you find that you are doing anything in a rush then you’re heading in the wrong direction. This is not a good week for any type of gambling. Wait until next week when you’re luck will be more abundant. Situations regarding repairing, redecorating and enhancing your home life should be your main focus now. Put your money where your comfort zone is. The more you can turn your home into your castle the happier you will be! If there are people around you, people you are living with, that are driving you a bit crazy then it’s time to put your foot down a bit and make them either work with you as a team, and respect your rules, or find a new place to live! When it comes to your most intimate relationships you desire to have ONLY meaningful and long lasting honest and committed relationships! You will know who the people are that are true to you and you will recognize more efficiently those who are not. If you are already in a committed relationship then this is a wonderful week to show your appreciation! If you are a single Capricorn watch out for a situation where a past lover crosses your path once again. You would be wise to say NO to any situation where someone is asking you to be a friend with benefits. Just say, “Thank you, that’s flattering, but absolutely NO!” If you go down that path and reunite with someone from your past you will only end up feeling more regret than you had before. Release, let go, and focus your attention forward on creating the environment and attracting the types of friendships and relationships that make you feel good!

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Capricorn: 8/10 – 8/17/2015

There are some unexpected and very positively surprising financial opportunities coming your way! There may even be a windfall of money that you were not expecting to receive or win! There could also be a work bonus coming your way for all of the overtime and hard work you have been doing lately! Be open to RECEIVING whatever wonderful surprises come your way! It could be something small, like a good friend helping you out when you need it, or something really BIG like a lottery winning! Whatever the Good News is just accept it and know that you’ve definitely already earned it! You are learning a lot about yourself these days; like realizing that you can turn self-doubt into self-value! When it comes to your most personal relationships all you really desire is an honest, genuine, sincere, faithfully committed and dedicated person by your side to share your life with. Best Friendship comes first and anything else is an added bonus! Starting on Tuesday benevolent Jupiter moves into your fellow Earth sign of Virgo! This is wonderful for you Capricorn because this lucky energy will definitely help you to begin to feel much more Optimistic! Jupiter will remain in the sign of Virgo for the next 13 months! Are you ready to Believe that you can learn new things, have the money to travel to new places, enjoy having new adventures in your life and actually feel more Optimistic about life? Get ready because this is exactly the change that you need!

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Capricorn: 8/3 – 8/10/2015

Your ruling planet Saturn is now back in full-swing direct motion! This means that all of those deeply passionate hopes, dreams, wishes and goals that you desire most are about to begin to manifest! Stay focused Capricorn on what means the most to you! What do you desire to see manifest into your life starting now and over the next 12 months? If you BELIEVE that good things are coming your way then they most certainly will! If you believe that they won’t then you’re right to, but why would you want to think that? Do yourself a grand favor and take the high road with your thoughts, your feelings, your personal beliefs and especially with your attitude. Having an Attitude of Gratitude now will definitely work out in your favor! Bestowing appreciation and affection upon the ones who assist you and desire you to be happy and successful is very important! As you give this appreciation and affection it will begin to return to you 10 fold! This is actually a very lucky period of time for you where you can receive many rewards! Cooperation with those around you is the key to your personal success! As you cooperate with them, they will begin to cooperate with you, and the whole team of players will benefit greatly! Your social life is also going to pick up some steam. Say, “Yes!” to social invitations that come your way now!

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Capricorn: 7/27 – 8/3/2015

You may have been fluffing off for a little while by spending a bit too much money here or there – even though you worked hard for it. You may continue to do so until your ruling planet Saturn goes back into direct motion on Sunday, but until then you would be wise to count your pennies and save for an important upcoming matter that will need your attention in the not too distant future. On the other hand you’re also pretty lucky now when it comes to obtaining loans and mysteriously receiving the support you need when you need it the most. Energy from the Sun, Mercury, lucky Jupiter, and also Venus starting on Friday, are all moving through an area of your life that has to do with ‘other people’s money’. Thus situations regarding inheritances, loans and evening unexpected financial windfalls can come your way. But being the Capricorn that you are, you would be wise to also save for a rainy day! Speaking of rain makes me think of water, which is another issue that you may also run into. Water issues around your home may need your attention. You may find an unexpected leak that pops up that will need to be taken care of. When it comes to matters of the heart, those of you blessed to have children around may find yourself feeling playful and happier than ever because of their inspiring energy! Those of you in a committed relationship may desire more romantic attention. Those of you who are single may desire to attract into your life a wonderful new companion. All of this is very possible for you while all of these planets are in the sign of Leo! You’ve earned it! You deserve to be happy and energy from your ruling planet Saturn desires to reward you for all of your kindness towards others and your hardworking efforts!

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Capricorn: 7/20 – 7/27/2015

When the going gets tough the tough get going…and no one is more determined than you are Capricorn! You may feel a strong urge to learn something new or travel to a far away place where it’s quiet, serene and tranquil. You would be wise to take it slow. Venus is in the shadow period of going retrograde starting on Saturday. Situations regarding Higher Education, long distance travel (and long distance relationships) as well as joint financial matters will come into view with a feeling of more lack than you thought before. You may need to postpone any situations relating to these topics until Venus goes back into direct motion on September 6th. But, on a good note, this will give you plenty of time to reconsider what you really want in regards to these topics. This is not a good period of time to apply for a loan or purchase anything new; because you may easily change your mind later. You are being asked to be very patient indeed, but then again who could possibly be more patient than a Capricorn? There is much love around you, this is true, but there may be a need for you to understand these relationships a little bit better. Can you tap into your own intuition to guide you in the right direction? You would be wise to take some quality time each day to quiet your mind and try not to think about anything. It’s during these quiet moments that you can become inspired and understand the changes that are taking place in your life a lot better. You may not desire to cooperate with the changes. You may desire to resist. But what you resist will continue to persist! The healing begins within you, and in your whole life, when you learn how to ‘go with the flow’, relax and smile more often.

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Capricorn: 7/13 – 7/20/2015

Energy from the powerful Sun, energetic Mars, and thought provoking Mercury are ALL together in the sign of Cancer making you very emotionally aware of what you intensely FEEL that you are lacking in regards to your most personal relationships! You may strongly desire to have someone near you who understands you and your needs AND desires to joyfully fulfill them for you…especially sexually! The New Moon in Cancer on Wednesday evening at 9:24 pm EDT can open new doors of opportunity to either reunite, in a much more attractive way, with someone you are currently with or have been with in the past AND/OR stimulate a brand new attraction towards someone you normally communicate with (a friend turned into a lover), or with someone you’re naturally close to within your work place! “Think” before you leap into a situation you may regret later! If the two of you are meant to be then you can take all of the time you desire to become best friends first before going any further! There will be a temptation to jump right into the heated passion quite spontaneously, but if you do this (especially if you are already in a committed relationship, or the other person is) then you will only end up feeling guilty and more confused in the end. Take it slow Capricorn. Yes there is much intense love and energy around you now! Be wise, think twice before leaping into any situation that you may regret later. If you meet someone special, or already have someone special in your life, then again take things slow and plan on spending lots of quality time together before taking the relationship further. On Saturday, beautiful Virgo will move into your sister Earth sign of Virgo! Many special blessings are coming your way that will enhance your appreciation of your own life! There is also the possibility of a long distance relationship coming your way, although it might be a bit secretive! Keep in mind that your true home is where your heart is! It’s time to nurture the most important people in your life that truly make you feel happy!

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