Capricorn’s weekly horoscopes

Capricorn: 2/1 – 2/8/2016

You are showing others, through your personal example, how you desire them to live their lives. The past few weeks may have been extra challenging for you while the planet Mercury was in retrograde motion. At times you may have felt very unclear and your mind may have been scattered. You may have been more aware of how you desire to change your life and yet you may have felt like there was no hope in sight to do so. This is the very last week that Mercury in your sign will be in shadow motion. Starting next week you should begin to think and feel much more certain about the direction your life is heading. Beautiful Venus is in your sign which is helping you to attract more love and feel more beautiful and loving towards yourself. Yes there is much healing that is taking place within you and within your life too. You are also extremely intuitive right now. You can easily pick up on the energy of others around you; which at times may have you feeling a bit uncomfortable. Try to focus on what matters most to you! No matter how stressful you have felt over the past few weeks, that intense stressful energy is almost over! You should be more aware of what you REALLY want now. Starting next week it’s full steam ahead towards more financial prosperity and a great improvement within your relationships. The Moon will also be in your sign from Thursday evening through Sunday morning. This is a time when you will become even more aware of how important you are to your own life! Take good care of yourself Capricorn! Focus on what you truly desire! Put your attention towards the people, places, things and situations that you desire to attract more of! Much Good Fortune is on the horizon for you! In order to receive it you will need to be in a happy, healthy and receptive mood! It’s full steam ahead starting next week!

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Capricorn: 1/25 – 2/1/2016

For a few weeks there in the month of January you probably felt like climbing under the covers and not coming out until you felt a lot better. Now that the energy of Mercury in your sign is back in direct motion you can come out! Beautiful Venus is in your sign too…helping you to look wonderful and also helping to attract much love and financial wealth too! There is no reason to look back upon your life and wish you had done this or that differently. Let it go! Don’t dwell upon these experiences. It’s time for you to enjoy the right NOW moments of your life in a much better way! How can you make the best of each day? You can do this by focusing upon what makes you happy! The past is over. Forgiveness towards yourself and others is what is most important. By forgiving others you are also forgiven, which gives you the new energy you desire to become more positively motivated! The key to your success is about how you choose to perceive your life! Do you choose to perceive life in general from a depressing point of view OR do you choose to perceive life with a more positive and renewed sense of optimism now? However you choose to perceive your life is exactly what you will receive more of! Whether you perceive life as good or bad…either way you are right and either way you will attract more of the vibration of what you put out! Isn’t it time for you to desire to attract more, lots more, of the energy and opportunities that you honestly desire? Of course it is time for you to transform your life in a more forward moving motion! Come on Capricorn…You can do it!

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Capricorn: 1/18 – 1/25/2016

You may need to make a few little sacrifices here and there in order to prove to yourself how able, capable and deserving you are of allowing your life to change in ways that will definitely help you to feel better! What might these sacrifices be? #1) You don’t need to prove yourself to anyone, other than yourself. #2) You don’t have to please others in order to maintain your relationships with them. #3) You are on your own person and you deserve to use your time to make your own choices that you feel are most important to you. #4) Setting boundaries and rules regarding your life doesn’t diminish how others feel about you. In fact they will appreciate you and respect you even more! How are the above rules personal sacrifices at all? They don’t have to be, unless you feel that you have to give up and give in to the demands of others and it feels awkward to yourself to set these important boundaries. A sacrifice is doing something that you don’t want to do. Do you desire to set strong personal boundaries, or do they feel difficult for you? The more you honor yourself Capricorn, the wiser you become! The more you honor who you are, the more true love, respect and financial abundance you will receive! The Full Moon energy on Saturday evening will shine her bright LIGHT into the area of your life that has to do with giving and taking. You are recognizing that there needs to be more of a balance in this area of your life. It’s time to say, “Yes” to receiving more and “No” towards those who you feel have been taking advantage of you. It’s also time to eliminate any trust issues you may have when it comes to your most personal relationships. Allow others to make their own mistakes without you always running to their rescue. You may be doing these people the greatest of benefits by saying, “No” to them once in a while. It’s time for those around you to become more personally responsible. Learn the art of detachment and choose to use your own personal time to do what you enjoy!

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Capricorn: 1/11 – 1/18/2015

You may find that other people around you right now have their own personal drama’s going on AND they want to pull you into taking care of their responsibilities for them. It’s time for you to know when to say, “Yes” and when to say, “NO” and when to say, “Maybe, I’ll get back to you later about that!” You may find that by saying, “Maybe” that some people figure out their own dilemmas before you get back to them. They are able and capable of taking care of their own issues, but for some reason they desire you to take care of these situations for them. You desire them to learn. You desire them to become more independent. You have your own agenda and issues of your own that you need to take care of. Don’t be concerned about what others will think about you when you choose to say, “Maybe” when they are used to you saying “Yes”. This is the very last full week that the power of the SUN is in your sign. Use this energy for yourself, for your own agenda, and allow others to take care of their own stuff. When it comes to your workplace you may also see that YOU are the one that everyone desires to put all of the work upon. Taking on the workload of other people, along with your own workload that you need to do, may have you feeling more frustrated than ever! Why should they just sit around doing nothing while you’re doing everything? If you overwhelm yourself then your blood pressure will rise and you won’t feel well. Now is the time to get your own priorities straight and do what you FEEL is best for your self! Situations around your home environment may also need your attention. Your home is YOUR castle, your private spaces are YOUR retreats. If something needs repair you will take care of it as quickly as possible, but then you will want to do what you desire without anyone bothering you. When it comes to your love life there is much abundant energy around you for being close to someone special that you adore! Put your attention towards those in your life, especially if you have a significant other, who make you feel happy and bring great enjoyment to your heart!

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Capricorn: 1/4 – 1/11/2016

It may take a lot of diplomacy on your part to keep situations around the work place, and within your home environment, flowing smoothly. There may be some people that you work around who want to fluff off, while others may desire to quite bossy and opinionated. You may need to detach from the group and just do your own thing. You know that you do a wonderful job and you don’t need anyone to give you their opinion on what you should or shouldn’t be doing. The Sun is currently in your sign and it’s giving you the power to do what you want to do and be your own boss for a little while. If others respect you then they will follow your lead and appreciate the work that you are doing. You may find that you have a desire to be quite opinionated yourself, especially when you see your fellow coworkers not doing their job as you desire them to. Why should you have to work so hard when others around you are not doing their share of the work? The answer to that question is because you, more than any other sign, know how karma works! You know that when you do a good job that you will be rewarded! You like to do your best! Doing your best makes you feel good! You may actually enjoy working alone while the Moon is in the sign of Sagittarius from early on Wednesday morning through Friday morning at 10:07 am EST. The Moon will move into your sign on Friday morning and continue to grow darker in light until it reaches its New Moon point of time at 8:31 pm EST. This wonderful New Moon is in your sign Capricorn! It’s YOUR time to create your focus and wish list! Focus your mind, emotions and spirit on what you desire to see manifest into your life over the next 12 months! The more you can FEEL what you desire the more of an alignment you will have with actually being able to receive what you desire the most over the next 12 months! Focus your attention on yourself and on your life with Gusto! Create a really BIG Focus and Wish list for yourself! What DO you desire the most? It can be an easy list, it doesn’t have to be difficult to do. Start out with words like: Good Health, Financial Wealth, Happiness and an Abundance of Unconditionally Loving Relationships! Of course you can be as specific as you desire! The main thing is to use this important time to focus on your self, your life and what you passionately desire! When you actually write this special list, by putting your ideas onto paper, you are taking your passionate desires out of your heart and mind and bringing them into your reality! Keep this paper somewhere handy where you can view it often. As situations begin to manifest into your life (and they will) your personal sense of Faith is going to strengthen! Synchronicity is working in your favor right now Capricorn and it will continue to show you, so that you can actually SEE, that your hard work is going to be rewarded starting in the very near future!

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Capricorn: 12/28/2015 – 1/4/2016

The focus is on you now Capricorn! The powerful Sun is in your sign! Mercury is also in your sign which gives you a chance to speak up and have others listen to you. Mercury is now in its shadow period of going retrograde on January 5th. But before it actually moves into retrograde motion you can use the energy of Mercury to share your personal stories and talk about yourself and your experiences. As the New Year of 2016 begins you will find yourself feeling quite nostalgic. You may be thinking about days gone by and how far you have come in your life. Starting on Wednesday, and throughout the majority of January, you may desire to keep your feelings to yourself. You may be harboring some secrets that you don’t want others to find out about. You don’t need to worry. Your personal secrets may bother you, but they really won’t bother others as much as you may think that they will. Honesty is always the best policy. You’re actually quite lucky Capricorn! With benevolent Jupiter in your fellow earth sign of Virgo, what you BELIEVE is what you will ACHIEVE so try to keep your thoughts and feelings as honest as possible. You are realizing now, probably more than ever, that you desire your life to change – and it IS changing – and so it may be best to ‘go with the flow’ and make the BEST out of every experience and situation! When you use your creative imagination to visualize what you desire then you will be quite amazed at the opportunities that will come your way in regards to obtaining good health, greater love and financial abundance! Yes you’re a realist and you’re used to working very had for what you obtain, but this New Year of 2016 will show you that from now on there may be an easier way to live your life that may make you even happier!

Capricorn: 12/21 – 12/28/2015

The power of the Sun and the communication abilities of Mercury are bringing much Good News and Good Fortune your way! It’s through the people you have given so much of your time and support towards who will surprise you the most! Your dedication towards them will be greatly rewarded! Synchronicity is in motion all around you now Capricorn! The FULL MOON in the sign of Cancer on Friday morning at 6:12 am EST shines her bright *LIGHT* into the area of your life that has to do with your most intimate and personal relationships! With an attitude of gratitude you should feel exceptionally blessed this year! Allow others to nurture you as much as you’ve nurtured them! The whole weekend should feel quite amazing for you! Much love, good fortune and romance are highlighted for you!

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Capricorn: 12/14 – 12/21/2015

This is the very last week that the Sun will be moving through your previous sign of Sagittarius. You may be feeling a bit under the weather or just plain exhausted. Take it easy Capricorn. Get some extra rest when you need to. Don’t feel guilty about not keeping up with everyone else. This is a time of year when you are meant to rest and heal. There are actually some very good vibrations going on around you all week long. The only real challenging day you have is very early on Thursday morning. You may desire to sleep and dream instead of getting out of bed at all. But once you’re up and progress through your day you will begin to feel better and better. This is a very good weekend to take it easy, go see a movie or hang out with some family and friends. On Monday, December 21st, the Sun will move into your sign at 11:48 pm EST. It’s so close to midnight on Eastern Time that we can actually say that the Winter Solstice actually begins on December 22nd; although many people will actually celebrate it on the 21st too. Well how about 2 really special days to say that the Sun is going to enter your sign and then is actually going to be IN your sign! This period of time kicks off a really special time for you when others around you will want to hear what you have to say and will desire to spend some quality time with you! Good News is on the horizon for you Capricorn! For now you can rest and take it easy. In the very near future your energy is going to pick up and there will be LOTS of new activities going on in your life! One things for sure…you are going to feel more self empowered!

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Capricorn: 12/7 – 12/14/2015

You are learning a great deal about yourself now. You are learning that there is more to life than just what has happened to you in the past. You may find yourself in a sentimental and nostalgic type of mood and you may be dwelling over some situations that you wish had turned out differently, but all in all through your reminiscing you are becoming more aware of what you appreciate most in your life now. One day you will look back upon ‘this’ time of your life and remember the good times. So why not start today to really focus your mind and heart on enjoying all of these ‘right now’ moments to the fullest? The ‘good old days’ where good in some ways, but these ‘right now’ moments of your life can be even better! The New Moon energy on Friday morning will help you to focus your mind and heart forward towards the future and the upcoming times when you will feel re-energized once again! You should really begin to feel a lot better, and more hopeful too, once the Sun moves into your sign on December 21st! Until then take it easy. You may feel a bit more sleepy and dreamy. This is a period of time to allow yourself to sleep and dream and slowly move through your days, and nights, with an attitude of gratitude towards everyone and every thing that makes you feel that life is worth living!

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Capricorn: 12/1 – 12/7/2015

Your feelings towards others around you in your life will greatly depend on what sign that the Moon is in on any given day. Some days you will love these people and other days you will desire your own space and freedom. On Monday and Tuesday your own attitude will depend on how cooperative other people are around you. Those that treat you well and are supportive will be greatly rewarded. As for those who you feel are taking advantage of you, well they will have to fend for themselves without your support for the time being. The energy on Wednesday will shift a bit when the Moon moves into your fellow Earth sign of Virgo. If situations around you feel calm and organized then you won’t criticize, otherwise you have two choices: 1) Be upset until situations improve OR 2) Spend your time away from the people who are annoying you. You have faith that situations will improve on their own, but your patience may be wearing thin and thus your own moods may feel upsetting. You would be wise to spend some quality time on your own; doing something that YOU enjoy doing! On Friday evening at 5:34 pm EST the Moon will move into the sign of Libra. Also on Friday evening at 11:15 pm EST the planet Venus will move into the sign of Scorpio. You will be in the right mood, all weekend long, to be out and about and socializing with people who’s company you enjoy the most! Venus in Scorpio will help you to visualize your most important ‘hopes, dreams, wishes and goals.’ Those who appreciate you will help you to achieve them!

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