Aries weekly horoscopes

Aries: 5/1 – 5/9/2016

Energy from the Sun, Mercury and Venus are all moving through the area of your life that represents your self-esteem, self-value and how you use your unique talents to earn your personal income. There is much positive energy to use for these areas of your life. The key to your success is for you to BELIEVE in yourself! Since Mercury is now in retrograde motion you should take some time to meditate upon what you truly desire! Try to listen to that ‘still small voice within you’ and you will receive much inspiration! The guidance you seek is available for you, but you need to still your mind and body in order to receive it. Pay attention to the ideas and inspirations that you receive now. Some of your new ideas can be quite amazing! The New Moon energy on Friday afternoon at 3:30 pm EDT will open new doors of opportunity for you that can help you to begin to feel really good about yourself AND help you to earn more money! The personal appreciation and recognition you desire will begin to come your way! It’s always a very good feeling when someone says to you, “Good Job! Your ideas are wonderful! Thank You!” Hold your head up high and know that the time has come for you to move more confidently into your future!

Aries: 4/4 – 4/11/2016

Your own personal beliefs will determine how any situation will work out for you. Are you naturally optimistic or are you more of a pessimistic type of person? What bothers you the most will continue to bug you until you choose to observe the situation from a new point of view! Once your perception of the situation begins to change then the situation itself will begin to turn around in your favor! The Sun is in YOUR sign until April 19th. This means that YOU have the power to create the changes that you desire the most! The spotlight is on YOU Aries! Use your power wisely! Starting on Tuesday beautiful Venus will move into your sign which will bring you new opportunities for financial prosperity and love! You’re looking good Aries! People will notice and desire to spend quality time by your side. The New Moon on Thursday morning is in your sign! Hooray for the New Moon in Aries! Focus your attention upon what you desire the most! You are planting seeds of success for the next 12 months! Think BIG! Dream BIG! If your mind can conceive it and you believe it then you most certainly can achieve it!

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Aries: 3/21 – 3/28/2016

The Lunar Eclipse energy is making you more aware of the changes that you desire to sincerely make in your life. Some of these important changes will be regarding yourself, your chosen attitudes and actions, and especially with what you desire most within the dynamics of your personal daily relationships with those around you. Are you aware of the areas of your life where you feel most dissatisfied? Are you aware of what you really want? Are you ready to begin to create the positive changes that you desire most? Most often it’s in knowing what you don’t desire any longer that propels you, really motivates you, towards creating the positive changes that you really want! Energy from the Sun and Mercury are both in your sign; stimulating your mind with new creative ideas and giving you the energy you desire to bring them into your reality! What you focus your attention upon the most IS what you will attract MORE of! Are your thoughts in alignment with what you desire or have you been spending more time dwelling on what you feel that you lack? It’s time to turn your feelings of lack into a life filled with much good health, abundance and happiness! Take time this weekend to sort and sift through what you want to keep in your life and what you can release and get rid of. With each item that you discard from your life you will create the space you desire for new wonderful experiences to enter into your life soon!

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Aries: 3/14 – 3/21/2016

You may have been feeling a bit under the weather energetically and emotionally, but your faith about your life is growing stronger every day! Be kind to yourself. Give yourself plenty of time to rest and reflect upon your past. Situations that are meant to leave your life will come to an end, but all that remains will grow stronger, prosperous and more abundant for you! You should begin to feel a renewed sense of energy once the Sun moves into your sign on March 20th. A new season will begin and so will a brand new cycle of your life! You have much to look forward to Aries! Again, in the meantime, while you’re waiting for the energy of the Sun to move into your sign, try to be extra compassionate to yourself for a little while. Whatever you had to release will turn out okay for you. You may have felt that you had to sacrifice a lot, but you will be rewarded for everything you’ve experienced. Focus forward in a more optimistic way! You’ve created the space you need for more positive opportunities to come your way in the very near future!

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Aries: 3/4 – 3/14/2016

You may be feeling a bit discontented regarding certain areas of your life. Try not to be too hard on yourself, especially regarding situations that have happened to you in the past. You did the best you could do with the wisdom that you had at that time. There are no mistakes in life, just learning experiences that can help you to become wiser. You have now entered into a very contemplative period of time in your life. At times you may have an urge to ‘run away’ or ‘escape to some far off land’ in order to find some inner peace. You really don’t need to go anywhere. What you need is some time to detoxify, relax, meditate and focus your attention upon whatever means the most to you and your own inner happiness. The New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse will take place in an area of your life that has to do with your past and your own subconscious mind. You may find that your dreams are quite vivid now and over the next few weeks while the Sun moves through the sign of Pisces. This is your time to retreat, relax and release any bad habits that you know are not healthy for you anymore. Starting on Saturday, March 5th, is also a good time to release any false beliefs that don’t serve your highest good any longer. This is a very good time to research, read and learn new topics that are of passionate interest to you. When it comes to your love life…you do have much love around you, but you need to be in the right mood in order to notice how much other people really do care about you. There is much healing taking place in your life now Aries. You should begin to feel this when the Moon moves into your sign starting on March 9th. It’s time for you to be kinder to yourself. Give to yourself the love that you desire from another.

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Aries: 2/22 – 2/29/2016

The Full Moon in Virgo Vibration highlights your week and asks you to release any stress you may be feeling. Can you come up with some new ideas on how you can enjoy your daily living in a happier and healthier manner? Are you able to stop ‘sweating the small stuff’ and choose to enjoy each day with more of a sense of happiness and play than you had been doing before? If you can focus your mind and heart on what makes you feel happy, without stressing over other situations that don’t make you feel this way, then you are on the right path indeed! Much Good Health and Good Fortune can be yours when you put your attention towards what makes you feel good! As for all of those other situations that may seem to throw your attitude and good health off track, give those situations to a Higher Divine Power and then just breathe and relax.

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Aries: 2/15 – 2/23/2016

It’s time for you to follow your dreams! What area of your life do you desire to improve? There is much love and good friendship around you. You would be wise to connect your energy and time with like-minded groups that have similar interests that you do! You can meet some new people who can become long lasting friends over the course of this week. The energies this weekend may have you feeling like you need a home staycation where you can snuggle close with someone you love (or maybe your cat or your dog) and watch a good movie together. You should be feeling in a very playful and romantic mood, but your energy may feel a bit lazier than usual. Try to keep your work schedule as light as possible over the next few weeks.

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Aries: 2/1 – 2/8/2016

You are becoming more deeply aware of what you truly desire! Is it freedom you seek? Maybe you desire the freedom to just be who you are! The key to your personal success is for you to always try to be true and honest to you! You have the inner power to do anything that you want to do! You have extreme determination and an eye for details. You may be involved in some task and desire to apply yourself totally with all of your heart into your work, or some other important project. This attitude will help you to increase your expertise and knowledge about the things that you are working on. You will be very careful and make sure that you do everything as perfectly as possible. The key to your happiness this week, and from now on, is in being completely honest with yourself and with everyone around you.

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Aries: 1/25 – 2/1/2016

You may feel a little bit down on your luck at the beginning of this week. People and situations may seem uncertain to you. You know what you want. You know how you want it to be, but others don’t seem to be cooperating with you properly. Your energy is high and quite inspiring, but your words may fall on deaf ears because others desire to do things in their own way. You’re going to have to try to be extra patient. If you can be patient with those around you then you may see that situations can begin to turn around in your favor this weekend. There is much work to do. You will be called upon to be of assistance to others. At times you may feel quite overwhelmed! Take a deep breath! Count to 100 and allow your mind to calm down. The more you can positive focus forward on what you desire, instead of focusing backwards upon the past and what you’ve done wrong, the more productive you will be! It’s time to let bygones be bygones. The more forgiving you can be, the more inner peace you will feel. There is much love around you Aries. You just have to continue to remain patient.

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Aries: 1/18 – 1/25/2016

You may feel a little bit frustrated about situations that seem out of your control. The best thing that you can do is choose to Rise Above them by knowing that you don’t need to control anything. Try to have faith that what is meant for your Highest Good, and the Highest Good of those around you, will take place and then focus your attention on something else, or someone else, that makes you feel better! Someone close to you may need some extra attention right now. That’s perfectly okay because what you do for another you also do for yourself. This is also an important week to try to be as forgiving as possible. There may be a few people who have gotten on your nerves lately, but arguing with them is not going to make the matter any better. The Full Moon energy on Saturday evening will help you to focus your attention on what and who you appreciate the most! Make sure that you give yourself lots of appreciation too! You’ve done pretty well in your life thus far!

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