Aries weekly horoscopes

Aries: July 18th – July 25th 2016

You should feel a strong desire to help and nurture the important people in your life. Who are the people, in your life, who you feel that you couldn’t live without? Who are the people who are there for you when you feel that you don’t have anyone else to turn to? Who are the people who help to guide you and inspire you? Showing your appreciation and gratitude towards these people now will continue to enhance these important relationships. You will also feel very good too! Abundant blessings will return to you! The Full Moon in Capricorn has shown you the way. You are more aware now of what projects are important and which ones you can let go of. You may even see some of your projects, especially within your career, coming to an end or changing in some way. Tuesday evening through early on Friday morning are your BEST days and evenings for really focusing on your most important hopes, dreams, wishes and personal goals. Starting on Friday morning – and all through the weekend – give yourself permission to relax and take it easy. When it comes to your love life there are changes happening in this area of your life too. Your desire for more fun, peace, harmony and romance are all highlighted for you!

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Aries: July 11th – July 18th 2016

Tell yourself, “I AM Beautiful! I AM Nurturing! I AM Able and Capable of doing Anything that I set my mind upon doing!” and “I AM looking forward to some very positive and fun changes taking place in my life very soon!” Now that may have sounded quite defiant, but as you very well know, when you make up your mind about what you want and you stick to it…you can achieve remarkable things. Life itself, especially around your home life, may have seemed very challenging over the past few weeks. Situations are about to lighten-up and become more fun once energy from both Mercury and Venus move into the sign of Leo mid-week. You have a lot to look forward to Aries! Is love and romance on your agenda? You may not think so at the beginning of this week, but just wait to see what happens over the upcoming weekend! You are going to find that your words hold a lot of power. When you speak something, or even think about something, you can attract situations into your life like a magnet! Some of your ideas may seem a little bit ‘out there’ and yet…some of your ideas are quite brilliant indeed! You may desire to have more freedom, maybe become even more independent, and yet you are learning that you also enjoy having special people in your life who care about you deeply. Try not to rush through your daily life. Try to enjoy the special little things a lot more often.

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Aries: July 4th – July 11th 2016

What is more important to you, getting a lot of things accomplished or spending quality time with the important people in your life that you’re emotionally closest to? The answer to this question can easily change with the seasons, but for now – for the next couple of weeks – you should try to plan on spending as much quality time at home and with your family members as possible. Energy from the Sun, Venus, Mercury – and the New Moon that took place on Monday – are all suggesting that the more time you enjoy spending with your loved ones…the happier and healthier everyone will be right now…including You! You are naturally an action-orientated person, yes this is so true, and being a homebody can feel boring to you, so if this is the case then plan some special outings with the people in your life who enjoy being as adventurous as you are! Going places and doing things with your favorite people will be a lot of FUN and you can all create some wonderful memories together that you will all remember for a long time to come! If you do desire to hang out at home, this is the perfect week for moving things around and redecorating! How about a ‘Clean Up Party?!’ you might be very surprised at how many people will come! You have certain things you want to give away anyway, so play some games and put these things on the table as prizes that they can win! Having a yard sale now can also be fun and earn you some extra pocket money! When it comes to love you should begin to see that the more nurturing you are to others the more love and appreciation they will give back to you! Saying things like, “How are you doing? How can I help you? Would you like a cold drink? How have you been?” and then really tuning into their answers will bring you the adoration, appreciation and attention you desire!

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Aries: June 27th – July 5th 2016

Sometimes you may need to take some extra time to figure out what experiences and situations mean the most to you. Being mindful about what you desire to put your attention towards. When you do then you can reap extra benefits. Your energy is high and will continue to zoom higher once your ruling planet Mars moves back into direct motion on Wednesday June 29th. From this period of time onward you should begin to see improvements in the areas of your life that mean the most to you. Some Aries may have been feeling a bit more achy and fatigued than you usually are. Some may have been feeling more overwhelmed by dramatic circumstances over the past few weeks. There is much good news on the horizon for you. Get ready to feel a stronger sense of self-empowerment than you have felt in a very long time! The past is over. The path of your life is becoming clearer. The barriers that you have experienced are being removed. Your sense of motivation is becoming stronger! You will also feel a grander sense of love around you starting this week. Pay attention to those who have supported you through the difficult times. They may need your attention now so that they can feel happier, safer and more secure within their own lives. The New Moon energy on Monday, July 4th, will infuse your life with many new beginnings when it comes to your home and family situations. Keep your head held high Aries! Situations are definitely beginning to turn around in your favor!

Aries: June 13th – June 20th 2016

Your main focus should be towards those who are closest to you. Your desire to give love, and BE loved, is very important to you now. The more you are aware of how much others care…the more in tune you will be towards receiving the loving appreciation that others desire to bestow upon you now. Take a good look around you at everything that makes your heart sing. Take time to enjoy nature. Look in the mirror and realize what a wonderful spirit you truly are! The old days of trying to prove to others that you deserve their appreciation are over. All you have to do is just BE yourself, love yourself, enjoy your life, put a smile on your face and then others will more willingly desire to cooperate with you. Your own attitude will set the tone that can attract the people into your life that you desire to be around. Take caution though because with the wrong attitude you can also repel others away from you; but this might not be a bad thing if you are trying to rid yourself of some people in your life that you’ve outgrown. One thing is for sure, now that the Sun, Venus and Mercury are all moving so nicely through the area of your life that has to do with mixing and mingling with people, you will desire to enjoy your life more often and surround yourself with the type of people whose company you enjoy! As the Moon grows brighter each evening, moving toward its Full Moon point of time on Monday, June 20th, your belief in yourself and your own unique talents is also growing brighter! This is an excellent week to rid yourself of what you no longer want and to pay more attention towards the beautiful blessings in your life!

Aries: 6/1 – 6/13/2016

I am writing this horoscope for the dates of June 1st through June 13th, which will give you much more information about the vibrations around you for the next 2 weeks. I have family coming to visit us here in Michigan from Washington State. I hope you will enjoy and feel enlightened by this special horoscope for your sign during this special phase of time.

We start this new month of June with the Moon in your sign, giving you the opportunity to focus on your personal desires; not only for June 1st but all month long! Your main focus, over the next 2 weeks, should be on your personal values and enhancing your personal sense of self-esteem. How do you feel about yourself Aries? Are you truly happy being who you are? It is very important that you feel good about yourself and the direction that your life is heading. The New Moon vibration on Saturday evening, June 4th at 11 pm EDT, can greatly help you to begin to communicate better and also begin to feel more optimistic! Others around you will desire to give you more positive attention and appreciation. Those who don’t are being more self-absorbed than you desire them to be. Try to be kind and forgiving. Everyone has their own personal story that they are living. Try not to take situations too personally, especially in regards to situations that have to do with joint resources and negotiations. Within these types of situations you may feel that YOU are the one that is always giving. There can be a sense of sadness, a bit of melancholy, because you desire others to cooperate and generously give to you too. Don’t be afraid and try not to be angry. This is a passing phase that will improve once the energy of Mars retrograde comes to an end on June 29th. In the meantime, try to focus on being as kind to yourself as you naturally can be towards others. The more independent you feel, the happier you will be! As others notice how independently happy you are then they will be more apt to join your team!

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Aries: 5/23 – 5/31/2016

What are the issues that you have experienced in the past that have left you feeling uncertain if you could really trust anyone other than yourself? Sometimes you may even doubt that you are making the right choices, but this old false beliefs are totally based on the experiences that you have had in the past. Now comes a time to release old beliefs that no longer serve you. It’s time to renew your thoughts, feelings and beliefs in ways that make you feel happier and more self-empowered! There are no mistakes in life, only life experiences. It’s time to stop blaming yourself, or anyone else, for the thoughts and feelings that you are choosing. You are a brave soul indeed. A wonderful adventurer of life! Try to focus your mind, thoughts and feelings in ways that advance yourself and no longer hinder it. Today is a new day. The past is over. Focus your attention on the people, places and situations that make you feel really good about who you are! During certain times you may feel mentally energetic and yet physically tired. The reason for this is because the planet Uranus is in your sign trying to ‘Inspire’ you with new ideas; and yet your ruling planet Mars is in retrograde motion possibly making you feel energetically drained (and sometimes angry about that). Take it easy Aries. This is a perfect week to take some time to meditate upon what is most important to you! If you are unsure what that actually is then pay attention to how you’re feeling from Thursday morning through Saturday evening when a greater sense of mental clarity can be bestowed upon you. From Saturday evening through Monday night give yourself permission to focus your attention upon what you feel most grateful for. Also give yourself a physical break and try to relax a bit more. Taking good care of your mind, body and spirit will re-energize you as you move your life forward into early next week.

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Aries: 5/16 – 5/23/2016

You may have been struggling to keep your beliefs strong when certain challenging situations came along. Hang in there Aries situations are improving, even though it may not feel this way at certain times for you. The more you can strengthen your belief in yourself, and a higher power that loves you, the more self-empowered you will feel and the better the outcomes of your situations will be! No one can knock down your reputation when you’ve worked so diligently and honestly to obtain it! Now it’s time to prove this to yourself! The ideas you have are excellent indeed! If others don’t understand them, or you, then try to give them some time to catch up to your faster pace. It may, at times, feel like you are a wise genius surrounded by a class of kindergarten students. It’s okay, try to be compassionate and give them some time to understand your points of view. Once they do they will be on your side thanking you for your expertise! When the Full Moon in Sagittarius arrives this weekend you should be feeling a lot better and very grateful for everything and everyone who is in your life, especially for those who love you so dearly.

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Aries: 5/9 – 5/16/2016

You have more personal choice than you may realize. What you attract into your life will be determined by how good you allow yourself to feel now. If you feel held back in any area that relates to your work, your daily duties, or with your health then that is a sure sign that it’s time for you to realign your energy towards creating improvements. Try not to dwell on what you feel is upsetting you so much. Try to focus your attention on what you really enjoy about your task at hand. The more that you can energetically focus your mind and your feelings upon what you like…the more you will begin to see more positive expansions! You have much love around you now! Your mind should be filled with many new ideas and inspirations on a daily basis! If YOU like your ideas then others will too! Don’t be afraid to share them with the people around you. This is a week where you can truly begin to feel so much better than you had been feeling over the past months that you have already lived through. Are you ready for some positive changes? Are you ready for your life to begin to become more abundant? You are in the right place at the right time. Have no doubt about this! Very soon you will begin to see that it’s through your own sense of self-acceptance and self-love that is leading you in the right direction after all.


Aries: 5/1 – 5/9/2016

Energy from the Sun, Mercury and Venus are all moving through the area of your life that represents your self-esteem, self-value and how you use your unique talents to earn your personal income. There is much positive energy to use for these areas of your life. The key to your success is for you to BELIEVE in yourself! Since Mercury is now in retrograde motion you should take some time to meditate upon what you truly desire! Try to listen to that ‘still small voice within you’ and you will receive much inspiration! The guidance you seek is available for you, but you need to still your mind and body in order to receive it. Pay attention to the ideas and inspirations that you receive now. Some of your new ideas can be quite amazing! The New Moon energy on Friday afternoon at 3:30 pm EDT will open new doors of opportunity for you that can help you to begin to feel really good about yourself AND help you to earn more money! The personal appreciation and recognition you desire will begin to come your way! It’s always a very good feeling when someone says to you, “Good Job! Your ideas are wonderful! Thank You!” Hold your head up high and know that the time has come for you to move more confidently into your future!