Aries weekly horoscopes

Aries: 7/21 - 7/28/2014

Your main focus should be on situations around your home environment, and with the people and pets living there with you. Energy from Jupiter in Leo can enhance your romantic nature and allow you to have more fun now too! With energy from the Sun and Jupiter, both in the sign of Leo, situations in your life can feel more joyful than ever before! The New Moon in Leo on Saturday will allow you to focus on what you feel most grateful for! It’s time for you to visualize what you desire most! New doors of opportunity are opening up for you Aries! Your creative energy is flowing!

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Aries: 7/14 - 7/21/2014

You are currently in the shadow period of the planet Uranus, in your sign, moving into retrograde motion on July 21st. This isn’t a bad thing at all. In fact you may find that you desire to ’slow down’ a bit more. Being calm can be a good thing. Both your mind and your body desire you to slow down. Uranus will be in retrograde motion from July 21st through December 21st. You will find yourself being more in a meditative state during this period of time. Since Uranus is still in direct motion, for now, you would be wise to put any new ideas that you have into motion this week. In fact, you’re actually coming into a very lucky period of time with Jupiter moving into your fellow fire sign of Leo on Wednesday morning! Jupiter in Leo will ignite your sense of fun and play! You can look forward to more JOYFUL moments starting then and over the next 12 months! The more you give, the more you will receive! It’s time for you to feel sexy, happy and abundant!

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Aries: 7/7 - 7/14/2014

The energies this week will give you much insight into your life’s purpose. You should begin to feel more aligned - mentally, physically and spiritually - towards following your path with more enthusiasm! Take a good look around you at the things, situations, and especially the people in your life! On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the BEST) how truly blessed do you feel about your life right now? If you’re feeling kind of low then this is the week to do whatever it takes to focus on a stronger sense of gratitude for everyone, and every thing, that IS going right in your life right now. If you’re feeling pretty great, pushing a 10, then you’re definitely on the right track Aries and situations will continue to get better and better! The Full Moon energy on the morning of July 12th (7:25 am EDT) should make you feel especially content, even if there are any challenges going on around you with your career and within your family. There is a stronger sense of determination, dedication and commitment that is happening in your life right now. By the end of this week you will KNOW what you want and you will do whatever it takes to make sure that everything works out just fine! Focus on the good virtues of the people you love the most. When you do they will desire to appreciate you too, with great sincerity and love from their hearts!

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Aries: 6/30 - 7/7/2014

Your physical vitality and positive interest in life is growing stronger and stronger by the minute. Whatever was holding you back from fully enjoying your life is now being revitalized in a positive way! “Out with the old and IN with the New” is definitely your motto. The only challenge that you may have is that you need to continue to be patient with the people around you. Your attitude should be very good and that’s all that matters. The happier that you are, the more that your plans will work out in your favor. Try not to think too far into the future. Try to enjoy each day as it comes. Before you know it there will be new and exciting situations going on in your life and you won’t have as much time to relax as you do now. Mercury goes back into direct motion starting on Tuesday (July 1st at 8:50 am EDT), which will then begin to bring you a lot of Good News in the not too distant future! Creativity, Fun, Love and Romance are highlighted for you. This is also an excellent week to organize your living and working spaces. The less clutter that you have around you the happier and healthier you will be. This weekend is excellent for celebrating life with someone special and super sweet! Have Fun!

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Aries: 6/23 - 6/30/2014

You may be feeling a bit overwhelmed because you want to get your house and life in order. Try to be patient Aries. Situations are working out exactly as they should be, although you may be feeling a bit anxious to get the ball rolling and begin to see some positive results. Take some time this week to meditate upon what it really IS that you desire most. The New Moon energy on Friday morning will help you. It’s possible that you may feel a bit more emotional than you usually are. Your attention should be upon those who are closest to you and making sure that their particular needs are met. You are normally a “ME” person, but with your planet Mars in your opposing sign of Libra this is an important time of your life to focus much more on paying attention to the “WE” vibration of being a Team player in the active lives of those around you. You are a leader, you always will be, but you can try to relax a little bit more now by keeping your faith strong that no matter what is going on around you everything will turn out alright. Let those around you communicate more to you now. All you have to do is try to cooperate and listen to what they are saying. Being a good listener will help you to become even more successful! Once you understand what everyone needs then you can take action and create a happier and more peaceful home environment.

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Aries: 6/16 - 6/23/2014

Sometimes in life you need to try something new. Don’t worry about what other people think about what you are doing! More than any of the other signs, Your Life Belongs to You! You are definitely the trend-setter! People enjoy seeing the new things that you are up to! With the planet Uranus in your sign, until March 7th 2019, YOU are the one who will rebel against the old ways of doing things and create a new path for yourself…and for others to follow! Sometimes it’s good to be a rebel so that changes can be made that will benefit yourself in a more joyful way! Just make sure that you think about what you are doing so that you don’t do something today that you may regret tomorrow. Most of the time you’ll know exactly what you are doing and you’re brave enough to try what others would be too afraid to try. Some people may say things because they don’t understand, but in all reality they may just be a little bit jealous of your bravery and personal success. On Thursday the Moon will move into your sign where it will remain until late on Saturday night. During this phase of time it’s perfectly fine for you to take some time out for yourself, focus on what is most important to you, be a little bit more moody if you choose to be AND meditate upon the path of your life to make sure that you feel that you are heading in the right direction. If you feel pretty good about yourself, and your life, during this phase of time then you are certainly heading in the right direction! Give yourself a Big pat on the back and keep on doing what makes you feel great! The energies this weekend may seem a little bit more challenging for you, especially if someone close to you needs a lot more of your personal attention!

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Aries: 6/9 - 6/16/2014

You may notice that your thoughts are deeper and your dreams are becoming more vivid. This is because energy from the planet Neptune is now in retrograde motion. You can use this creative energy to ponder over your life and actually tap into higher energies that can send you the answers that you’ve been seeking. You’d be wise to take some time to meditate upon your life and pay close attention to any forms of inspiration that you receive. Neptune will remain in retrograde motion for the next 5 months which will give you plenty of time to pay attention your intuition and choose to understand your 6th sense better. Your intuition can help to you to understand situations from your past and guide you in many positive ways! In any areas of your life where you’ve experienced hurtful situations, and you’ve been carrying the pain of these experiences and memories, the energy of Neptune in retrograde motion can unconditionally send you love and healing energy! Your ruling planet Mars is in the sign of Libra and asking you to balance your most personal relationships with the energy of love and peace. The Full Moon energy on Friday morning at 12:11 am EDT (adjust for your time zone) will LIGHT UP the area of your life that has to do with your most important personal beliefs. Do you beliefs emotionally serve you well? Do you feel good about them? If so then you should feel pretty grateful that you have come this far in your life, obtained the wisdom that you have, and feel quite hopeful that you’re future is going to be even better! You should understand now that “What you conceive through your thoughts, feel passionately in your heart and believe is true for you…is exactly what you will attract into your life!” The happier you believe that you are now, the happier you’re going to continue to be!

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Aries: 6/2 - 6/9/2014

When it comes to an argument you don’t like to back down, nor should you, but just make sure that what you are standing up for is exactly how you are feeling. Situations around your home base may have you feeling a bit challenged. You are being asked to set a good example, to be a Teacher, and not a doormat for others to walk on. Some people around you may find you to be a bit hyper and you may feel that these people are moving a bit too slow for you. Try to find a happy medium by either going off and doing your own thing, or slowing down a little bit so that others can catch up with you. In fact it might be good for you to spend some quality time exercising or working on another activity where you can use your extra energy in a positive manner. Your social life is picking up steam, but you may find too many people complaining about things instead of just enjoying themselves with you. Try not to become too aggravated by their emotions right now. Focus your mind more on doing things that you enjoy and becoming more productive at work. The energies this weekend ask you to pay close attention to your most personal relationships. What do you desire from another? What do others desire from you? Truthful communication is the key towards balancing your relationships where everyone receives what each person needs.

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Aries: 5/26 - 6/2/2014

You may start out this week feeling a bit depressed because you want your life to be filled with more easy going fun and a lot more happiness! It’s not that you’re discontent in some way; it’s just that you really want to FEEL that everything that you desire IS going to manifest exactly like you want it too! No worries Aries, no worries at all! Situations are going to turn around in your favor in the very near future! Your main focus right now shouldn’t be on yourself. If you want to feel happier then extend a helping hand towards someone else! Your ruling planet Mars IS back in direct motion, but it’s stimulating the part of your life that has to do with your most personal relationships. This isn’t a bad thing, not at all, it’s just that your focus has to be on these people and not as much on yourself. You know how you are. Aries wants what Aries wants and that’s IT in a nutshell! There’s nothing wrong with this except that it can’t always be this way all of the time; and this is the most important lesson that you’re learning right now. Thus if you don’t get your way, or you’re not having as much attention paid upon you as you truly desire, then you can get a bit cranky…but hold on because this is going to turn around in your favor! The more appreciation and attention to pay towards those who are most important to you…the more appreciation and attention you will receive in return! The New Moon energy, in the mentally stimulating sign of Gemini, occurs on Wednesday afternoon at 2:40 pm EDT. This New Moon is very fertile towards bringing much better communication opportunities (Good News) into your life in the very near future! Situations, in the past, where there might have been a verbal quarrel will be totally forgiven under this special New Moon. There is a deeper understanding taking place within your mind, and the minds of those around you, which can help to bring loving reunions into your life. Beautiful Venus moves into the area of your life that represents how you earn your personal income on Wednesday too…thus keep your eyes open for financially abundant opportunities to come into your life very soon! Your focus should remain on improving your home and with your family members, especially when Mercury moves into the sign of Cancer on Thursday and over the next few weeks. Situations are looking up in regards to what you want the most! You’d be wise to listen to your inner passions, your intuition and your heart desires. Your emotional guidance system will lead you towards more personal happiness and success!

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Aries: 5/19 - 5/26/2014

Good News Aries your ruling planet Mars goes back into direct motion on Monday at 9:31 pm EDT (adjust for your time zone). This is Very Good News indeed because you will begin to receive abundant energy coming into your Mind, Body and Soul…as well as into your most personal relationships starting this week! Instead of feeling like a pressure cooker that is boiling beneath the surface and being asked to wait and wait - and wait some more - for anything, or anyone, that you want…finally situations will begin to turn around in your favor quite quickly! Instead of feeling anxious and uncertain you WILL know what you want and people will be knocking at your door to give you what you desire! Now it is important for ‘you’ to know what it IS that you would like to receive. Take some time this week, especially when the Moon is in your sign (Friday afternoon 12:01 pm EDT and throughout this weekend) for you to listen to the passions of your heart. What are your most important hopes, dreams, wishes and goals? Make yourself a list! When you actually write them down you will attract them into your reality - here on Earth - a lot quicker! With both the Moon and Uranus in your sign you will be inspired in so many ways. Listen to that ’still small voice within you’ to Inspire you in many abundant ways! “If you’re mind can conceive it and your heart desires it…you can receive it and achieve it!” This is an excellent week for you to forge ahead in your life! You deserve some Good News Aries! You’ve been extremely patient for so long!

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