Aries weekly horoscopes

Aries: 4/14 - 4/21/2014

You may feel a big push and pull between what YOU want to do and what someone else expects from you. You may wish that you were somewhere else, or with someone else, other than being happy just where you are. The lesson for you this week, especially under the Full Moon/Lunar eclipse on Tuesday, is for you to appreciate and feel grateful for what is going on right in front of you at this time. The more gratitude you have in your heart for the places and people who are in your life NOW, the more you will attract more positive opportunities into your life in the not too distant future. Try not to dwell on what you feel that you don’t have yet. Try to be patient and focus on what makes you feel happiest in the moment. Your sense of self esteem and self-empowerment IS getting stronger. Use your creative mind to imagine, focus, ponder and visualize what you desire to attract into your life. Since your ruling planet Mars is in retrograde motion, you would be wise to give yourself time to relax and just enjoy your life more often. Once the Sun moves into the sign of Taurus on Saturday, the intense feelings that you’ve been having will begin to lighten up a little bit. Try not to overwhelm yourself by rushing through your life too fast. It’s the little things in life that are the most important. Enjoy them while they last. You’re never going to be younger than you are at this moment. Be good to yourself, take good care of your health and hug those around you more often. Your intuition is very keen. Listen to what it is telling you. The inspiration that you seek IS inside of you if you will only pay attention to it. Have you noticed your dreams being more vivid now (even if you can’t remember them). Allow yourself plenty of time to pay more attention to what you feel most grateful for. Each day is an opportunity to create wonderful moments that will become heart-felt memories later. This weekend’s energies are perfect for working on a project that is important to you and for spending quality time with those who love you the most.

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Aries: 4/7 - 4/14/2014

Many wonderful changes are taking place within your life. The energy of Love surrounds you and it’s up to you how you desire to accept it, or reject it, depending on how you’re feeling at any given time. Mercury, the planet of communication, is now in your sign; which allows you to speak up, speak out and tell everyone what is on your mind. People will be eager to hear what you have to say. You know how much you love sharing your personal experiences with others, and you love being listened to, so now is the time to enjoy the extra personal attention! Family matters are a priority on Monday. Tuesday through Thursday evening you can have LOTS of fun! Thursday evening through Sunday morning are excellent days for taking care of your personal chores, duties and work obligations. Starting on Sunday your focus will turn towards your most personal relationship. Pay close attention to how people react when they are around you now. YOU are the STAR of the show now! Everyone you meet will want to get to know you better.

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Aries: 3/31 - 4/7/2014

On Sunday, March 30th, there was a New Moon in Aries; which now helps you to step into a brand new cycle of your life! The past is over and a new day has dawned. Will you create this new chapter of your life in the most positive way possible? You start this week off right with the waxing Moon in your sign! Energy from the Sun in Aries and Moon in Aries opposing your ruling planet Mars in Libra asks you to focus your attention, as positively as you can, on your most personal relationships. You may have found, during the course of last week, that it was time to put some former friendships in the past (which is where they belong). The people who are in your life now are here to stay IF you desire them to continue to be in your life. The choice, regarding your close encounters, is totally up to you. You’ll find that you are more selective now about who you choose to spend your time with. This is the last week that beautiful Venus will be shining in the area of your life that has to do with your most important ‘hopes, dreams, wishes and goals.’ You would be wise to focus on these topics now with all of the passion you can muster from your heart. What is it that you really desire to attract into your life? What opportunities do you desire for your future that you know will bring you personal happiness? You have the power to transform your life in so many wonderful ways! This is the week to celebrate your life, as it is now and how you desire it to become over the next 12 months! Even if situations aren’t as perfect as you would like them to be, you can use the energies this week to visualize and meditate upon how you would like them to be. It’s through the feelings of lack that bring to your attention what you truly desire. Don’t fret over what you feel that you are lacking. Passionately visualize how happy you will be once situations really DO begin to turn around in your favor! By doing this you are tapping into The Universal Law of Attraction, which is exceptionally powerful around you this week. What Do you desire? The Powers that BE are listening!

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Aries: 3/24 - 3/31/2014

Now that the energy from the Sun is shining down on YOU, situations can begin to improve in your life because of a renewed new energy that is shining strongly inside of you! You should begin to notice that your attitude is becoming much more optimistic! It’s through your optimistic attitude that you can now begin to attract many new positive opportunities into your life! For some of you there may be a little delay until you really begin to feel the power of the Sun’s energy. But on a very good note, a very optimistic note indeed, the New Moon energy in your sign (on Sunday at 2:45 pm EDT) IS the beginning of a new chapter in your life that you’ve waited a long time to begin! For this week, especially while the waning Moon is in the sign of Pisces (Thursday evening at 8:10 pm EDT through Saturday evening at 9:54 pm EDT) take it easy, release any old emotional baggage and/or fears that you are still clinging too and then prepare yourself for a brand new beginning once the Moon moves into your sign on Saturday evening…and especially ON Sunday afternoon with the beautiful New Moon in your sign! From Saturday evening through early on Tuesday morning the Moon will remain in your sign, which will give you plenty of time to focus most positively on your most important hopes, dreams and wishes! The New Moon in your sign IS your special new cycle time when you can focus on what YOU desire to manifest into your life over the next 12 months. The past is over, a new chapter of your life is just beginning. Can you focus on what is most important to you? Are you ready to step into a much happier and brighter future? Of course you are! May this new cycle of your life BE your best one yet!

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Aries: 3/17 - 3/24/2014

If you feel uncomfortable about any situation, take a step back from it and try to perceive it in a different manner. What are you afraid of? You are a warrior you know. You are courageous and yet you’ve been learning lately that you can also feel quite vulnerable. Situations regarding your past may seem right on the surface of your mind. Go ahead…allow them to flow…re-evaluate them and then you will know that you learned something important through experiencing them. Once you understand the lessons, or at least learn how to feel better about them, you’ll be ready to move forward in your life when the Sun moves into your sign on Thursday! You are preparing to step into a brand new cycle of your life. You are more than ready to feel a return of positive energy! Your ruling planet Mars is in retrograde motion asking you to “take it easy” and “try not to take anything too personally.” Not easy lessons for one who desires to be on the move and have things taken care of quickly so that you can move onto something else that you would like to do. Patience is a virtue that you have been learning about for quite some time now. Give yourself a break, simplify your life and allow yourself to enjoy the NOW moments of your life more often! The most difficult thing for you to handle is that your mind and imagination may feel a bit more scattered. If you are worried about anything you may need to take a step back and realize that your imagination is just a bit over stimulated right now. If you can replace fear with faith then you’re on the right path towards happiness!

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Aries: 3/10 - 3/17/2014

Your ruling planet Mars is now retrograde in the sign of Libra; the sign that rules over your most personal relationships. Mars will continue to be retrograde until May 19th. During this phase of time it is very important for you to slow down and spend quality time with the ones you love in a calm and enjoyable manner. Instead of going outdoors to go ice skating, sledding or running together it would be much better to cuddle up with each other and watch a good movie. ‘You’ may feel a bit rushy because of the energy of Uranus in your sign, but it’s the calm quality time that you spend together, talking about your experiences and feelings for each other that really matters the most now. It’s time to listen to what those around you are telling you, about the experiences that they are going through, that can help you to understand their lives and their personal goals a lot better. Then you can take action to help them in ways that you may have never thought about doing things for them before. Tuesday through early on Friday morning should be pretty good days, and nights, for you to do what you really want to do. Starting on Friday morning, as the Moon increases in energy towards its Full Moon point on Sunday morning, you will begin to feel a stronger sense of determination towards taking care of your daily tasks and career obligations. You will want to feel really good about yourself and proud of the time you are spending creating improvements around you. The energy of Venus is helping you to bring your most important hopes, dreams and personal goals into your reality. This is the time to focus positively on what you desire to see manifest into your life in the near future!

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Aries: 3/3 - 3/10/2014

The stronger your faith is that everything will turn out alright, the more you will begin to see that everything will be the way that you desire it to be. With both the power of the Sun in Pisces and energy from creative Neptune (the ruler of the sign of Pisces) transiting through the sector of your life that has to do with your personal beliefs…you truly ARE the imaginative script writer of your own life these days! Yes, “What will be will be” but you now have more, much more, creative potential to visualize what you desire and then begin to see situations manifest in ways that you ‘knew’ that they would turn out to be. With this power comes great responsibility. Make sure that what you are thinking about the most, and putting your passion behind, is exactly what you desire to manifest into your life. If you fret then Life will bring you more situations to fret over! But, if you can rise above what you’ve thought for so long as your reality and begin to creatively script write how you desire things to become…in the not too distant future (and maybe even much quicker than that) you will begin to see how your thoughts DO become your reality! It’s also important at this time of year for you to forgive situations, and the people related to them, that have emotionally wounded you in the past. Now that Mercury is back in direct motion, in the social sector of your life, the more you can surround yourself with positive people (and the more positive you can be within yourself) the more you will begin to see your life positively transform. The help and support that you desire from these people will be there for you now. They are learning that the more successful you are…the happier that they will feel because they were help to assist you. This is the time of your life to be grateful for everyone and every little thing that makes you smile! Your future is about to become so much brighter for you, as long as you release your past emotional baggage and don’t choose to take it with you into your future. Be good to yourself Aries. You may find yourself to be a little more fatigued. Allow yourself to dream a bit more and get plenty of extra sleep until the Sun moves into your sign on March 20th.

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Aries: 2/24 - 3/3/2014

Stop…settle down…it’s time to cultivate more patience. It may seem a bit impossible when you desire to be stimulated, which you will be with a variety of different activities going on around you. It’s at this time of year, every year, that you need to give yourself permission to rest a bit more, and then again, for this year, with Uranus in your sign this may be more difficult than ever before! If you can use the inner tension that you feel to work on creative projects then you can be very successful, but if you allow this inner tension to brew inside of you - without a productive outlet - then you may feel like a wound up top that is out of control. Relax Aries! Oh please try to relax. This is an excellent time to meditate, ponder, strengthen your belief that what will be will be - and know that what is meant for your highest good is being taken care of through the power of Synchronicity. Everyone knows that patience isn’t always one of your greatest virtues, but this is the time of year for you to practice, practice, practice. You can be patient when you want to be, as long as you’re not allowing yourself to stress out over the little stuff. Your dreams can be quite vivid now and over the next few weeks. I highly suggest that you keep a dream journal. The New Moon in Pisces early on Saturday morning at 3:00 am EST. (adjust for your time zone) can activate your inner sense of creativity 10 fold! Even if you don’t think that you have a creative artistic bone in your body and you’ve never tried being creative before this energy of the New Moon in Pisces allows you to try something new and enjoy it! “Out with the old and in with the New” is definitely a fantastic new motto for you!

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Aries: 2/17 - 2/24/2014

You may find that there needs to be a little re-adjustment to your mental focus regarding what you truly desire and what your personal future goals are. What you desired before may not be exactly what you want now. There is a delay period of time for you, until February 28th, so that you can re-evaluate what your most important hopes, dreams, wishes and goals are for your future. Take your time. Relax. Try to allow life to naturally unfold around you without feeling overly anxious. Try to replace feelings of disappointment with a renewed sense of hope that situations can and will improve for you in the not too distant future. Again, just a reminder, starting on Tuesday and over the next 4 weeks is a very special, and very blessed, period of time for you to retreat, relax and renew your faith in a power that is greater than yourself. Take it easy and allow the natural powers of Life to heal you and manifest some special blessings into your life.

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Aries: 2/10 - 2/17/2014

There is a very subtle inner awareness and enlightenment taking place within you. You are now able to release and completely let go of any past emotional issues that you have been through. You realize that living in the NOW moments of your life is all that matters and in order to do this well, with happiness in your heart, there’s no longer any need to hold onto the past. You desire to use your full energy towards what is going on in your life NOW. You desire to look forward to what is in front of you, instead of looking back over your shoulder. The Full Moon energy in Vibrant Leo on Friday evening will stimulate your sense of fun, joy, passion and creativity! From Wednesday afternoon through early on Saturday morning, your urge to really enjoy your life is all that matters! If you are blessed to have a special partner in your life then this person will feel very blessed too by being around you. You can truly have fun together in ways that you may not have been able to in a long time. If you are a single then this is definitely the time to make contact with others and let them know you’re available. Situations begin to look up for you this week Aries! You can have fun, and still get your work done, in many more joyful ways!

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