Aries weekly horoscopes

Aries: 2/23 - 3/9/2015

You are going through many personal transformations. This can be a very good thing if you BELIEVE that it is! The changes that happen in your life now can seem very deeply spiritual. You are being guided in the right direction. You may feel a sense of Fate taking over your life right now. Try not to get frustrated because you desire more personal control. It’s the energy of unconditional Love that propels you forward. The more charitable you can be right now, the happier you will be! Yes, you normally go for what you want, but right now you are being asked to be extra charitable, to relax and KNOW that what is meant for your Highest Good will take place in the future. You are being asked to care for others right now. You may feel like you’d like to retreat away from everyone else, but you will feel very good about yourself when you are helpful towards others. You don’t need to overexert yourself. In fact if you are stressed then you may feel resentful. If you take your time and listen to your heart you will be guided in the right directions. Pay attention to the smiles that you bring into the lives of the people around you. Direct your attention towards healing and releasing thoughts and beliefs that you know are no longer serving you. Situations can work out well in your favor if you give yourself permission to relax and take it easy.

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Aries: 2/16 - 2/23/2015

The first few days of this week is all about surrendering, letting go, “going with the flow” and noticing the direction life desires you to go into. The more flexible you can be, the happier you will be. Try not to have expectations regarding anyone or any situation. Don’t try to plan. It’s not time to do this just yet. Take your time and enjoy whatever is going on around you with an attitude of gratitude. Starting on Wednesday evening, under the New Moon vibrations, you will begin to realize that everything happens for very important reasons. On Thursday your ruling planet Mars moves into your sign! An energy of passion and motivation begins for you! Watch your temper though because you may be feeling an internal sense of  ’red light, green light…red light again’; which means that you may desire to DO something NOW but you still have to wait just a little bit longer. On Friday beautiful and loving Venus moves into your sign! This is wonderful news for you Aries! Many new beginnings, with lots of love, romance and passion (as well as financial abundance) are on the horizon for you! Whatever needs to be accomplished will be done with the help and assistance of someone very special to you in your life! The energy this weekend is filled with much enthusiasm! New doors of opportunity are being opened for you!

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Aries: 2/9 - 2/16/2015

You may desire to do things a little bit differently; to spice up your daily routines! You should have a strong urge to have more FUN in your life by surrounding yourself with people who enjoy the same types of things that you do. Taking care of daily routines is easy for you (and you usually do an excellent job with whatever you do), but right now you may not feel like working…you may feel more like ‘playing’ and that’s okay too! Lately you’ve been feeling a bit more fatigued than usual and still you have other people around you who desire your attention! How can you combine the ability to meet up to their requests, while at the same time having some fun and enjoying your life? You can do it Aries! If anyone can do it…You Can! You can actually help the people around you by letting them know that if they want your attention then they need to be in a playful mood too! It takes a lot less energy to be happy then it does to be sad, so take advantage of the fact that the people around you want you to lead them…so choose to Be Happy no matter what else is going on around you. You will receive a lot more cooperation by being in a good mood. Do yourself a favor this week and allow your happy and loving energy to shine through!

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Aries: 2/2 - 2/9/2015

The Full Moon in Leo on Tuesday kicks off your week with lots of Good Luck, Passionate Romance and Happiness! Those of you who are blessed to have children around you will have a wonderful time with them! You can allow yourself to really enjoy yourself and feel youthful yourself once again! Those of you who desire to conceive a child can easily do so under the influence of this Full Moon. Those of you who desire to begin a new project, together with someone you love, will do really well. This can be a week filled with many unexpected joyful surprises! All you have to do is make a personal commitment to really enjoy yourself! No matter what other situations may be going on around you that tilt your emotions away from being happy, all you have to do is remember the commitment that you made to yourself and observe those situations without getting too personally involved in them. This is your joyful week to celebrate your life Aries! If you’re lucky to have someone around you that you love…so much the better!

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Aries: 1/26 - 2/2/2015

Energy from the Mars, Venus, Chiron and Neptune are all flowing through the area of your life that represents dreams and spiritual awakening. You are becoming more aware now, understanding the bigger picture, of why you went through some of the major life experiences that you have lived through. Are you wiser? Are you stronger? Are you now in a place in your life where you feel very blessed for what you have and for the people who are closest to you? The energy from these planets may also have you feeling very sentimental and reflective. A grand sense of healing is taking place that can help you to move past any feelings of resentment or guilt, due to past experiences - possibly even childhood experiences, that you no longer need to dwell upon any longer. This is a slow process that may take until early Spring for you. Pay attention to your dreams. Keep a dream journal. Some of these dreams can be quite healing and revealing for you now.  In many ways you may energetically feel stuck, while at the same time social invitations will also be coming your way. If on any given day you’re feeling more introverted by all means spend quality time alone by yourself. Even in social events, and even with your closest friends, you may feel that you would rather listen to what is going on in their lives then share your own personal thoughts and feelings with them. Listening is good. You can receive some new ideas that can help you begin to plan your own happier future. Be good to yourself Aries. Get some rest. Meditate often. Good News will arrive to you, as well as some joyful presents and surprises, just when you need them the most!

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Aries: 1/19 - 1/26/2015

The New Moon on Tuesday stimulates the area of your life that has to do with your most important ‘hopes, dreams, wishes and future goals.” You may have felt a little depressed that situations weren’t working out in your favor as quickly as you had desired them to before. It’s time to keep your faith strong and KNOW that situations can turn around in your favor, as long as you are willing to BELIEVE that they can! Don’t ever give up hope! Stay positively focused on your future! You may also begin to notice that your dreams are more vivid now! You would be wise to keep a dream journal. These dreams can be quite revealing; bringing to the surface of your mind the areas of your life that need healing. You may not normally be an emotional person, or maybe only in private you are, but now it may seem like you are wearing your heart on your sleeve. Being more emotional now is very natural for you. You would be wise to go with the flow and allow your true emotions to shine through. Now that your ruling planet Mars is in the sign of Pisces you may feel a bit more fatigued. Allow yourself all of the time you desire for more rest, relaxation, meditation and yoga practices. Your faith is growing stronger each day. The inspiration you desire from a Higher Guide within you is there for you now if you take the time to listen. Your intuition is very keen. You would be very wise to pay attention to it. Situations regarding your love life may seem a bit challenging. That’s okay, you can handle these situations by being as honest as you can be with yourself and everyone else around you.

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Aries: 1/12 - 1/19/2015

This New Year of 2015 has many special surprises in store for you! What will they be? Whatever you focus upon most abundantly! The energies this week are asking you to reach out and help those in need. Who do you know that could use your assistance, your kindness, your support, your loving energy? For every person that you reach out to, give of your loving heart to, the more rewards will return to you 10 fold! With your ruling planet Mars, now in the spiritual, unconditionally loving and healing sign of Pisces, NOW is the time for you to tap into this natural side of your self. How do you feel about helping others? You know that it will bring your heart JOY! Now, and over the course of the next 6 weeks, is your time to feel the inner peace and great spiritual JOY that comes from sharing your unique personal talents and resources with others.

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Aries: 1/5 - 1/12/2015

Less is More. Now is the time to try to simplify your life. Make it a point to consciously become more aware of the resources you are using (electricity, food consumption, gasoline, paper products etc.) Do you really need to use as much of anything as you may have been using in the past? Is there a way you can use just a little bit less and appreciate what you are using even more? This is an excellent week for you to pay closer attention to the choices you are making in regards to every area of your life. Before taking action on anything, ask yourself, “Is the choice that I am making right now the choice that I really desire to make?” By slowing down for just a few moments and consciously making the right choices for yourself, and the correct choices and decisions for the important people in your life, you will feel much more in control. You will feel that you are truly being the Boss of your own life! You will also find that you actually enjoy what you are doing; instead of just racing through your life without really being aware of what you are doing. Happiness comes in many forms. For you, for this week, it’s all about slowing down (your mind, emotions and actions) so that you can really begin to enjoy your life to the fullest!

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Aries: 12/29/2014 - 1/5/2015

Energy from the planet Uranus in your sign can inspire you towards creating a much better future - for yourself and everyone around you! Your conscious and subconscious mind is quite active now. Pay attention towards how you feeling. When you have a problem then take a moment to sit back, meditate upon it, and pay attention to the guidance you are receiving before taking any physical action. You are going to be quite surprised at how much you can positively accomplish! Every area of your life is getting a positive boost of energy! Even with situations that may frustrate you, you will be able to rise above them and know exactly how to turn these situations around in your favor! As you enter into the New Year of 2015 you should feel positively inspired! This upcoming weekend is a very special time for you because the energies of Mars (your ruling planet), Mercury (thought and communication) and Venus (love and financial improvements) will all be moving wonderfully through the area of your life that has to do with your most important ‘hopes, dreams, wishes, goals AND social co-operation!’ As you begin talking about what it IS that you desire to attract into your life The Universal Law of Attraction will begin to put the right people and situations into your life to help bring your ‘hopes, dreams, wishes and goals’ into your reality! The New Year’s resolution you may desire to focus upon should be “Out with sadness and IN with gladness for each and every day of my life from now on!” The Full Moon energy on Sunday evening will shine her bright *Light* into the area of your life that has to do with how much you appreciate your home and family members! With an attitude of gratitude this is the perfect time to celebrate who you are, where you have come from (your family roots) and the lives of the people in your life who mean so much to your heart!

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Aries: 12/22 - 12/29/2014

Situations may not turn out exactly as you desired, but they may turn out even better once the evening arrives. Try not to put too much time into making everything so perfect. Try to ‘go with the flow’ and enjoy whatever is happening around you at the right moment. The more sociable you are the happier you will be! You can have a wonderful holiday season with your good friends and with your family! Work situations may seem a bit challenging, but you’re allowed to take all the time you need to do things just right. This can be a wonderful week for you to focus on everything, and everyone, you feel most grateful for. Take a good look around you; situations regarding your home and with your finances will be greatly improving for you in the not too distant future!

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