Aries weekly horoscopes

Aries: 2/1 – 2/8/2016

You are becoming more deeply aware of what you truly desire! Is it freedom you seek? Maybe you desire the freedom to just be who you are! The key to your personal success is for you to always try to be true and honest to you! You have the inner power to do anything that you want to do! You have extreme determination and an eye for details. You may be involved in some task and desire to apply yourself totally with all of your heart into your work, or some other important project. This attitude will help you to increase your expertise and knowledge about the things that you are working on. You will be very careful and make sure that you do everything as perfectly as possible. The key to your happiness this week, and from now on, is in being completely honest with yourself and with everyone around you.

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Aries: 1/25 – 2/1/2016

You may feel a little bit down on your luck at the beginning of this week. People and situations may seem uncertain to you. You know what you want. You know how you want it to be, but others don’t seem to be cooperating with you properly. Your energy is high and quite inspiring, but your words may fall on deaf ears because others desire to do things in their own way. You’re going to have to try to be extra patient. If you can be patient with those around you then you may see that situations can begin to turn around in your favor this weekend. There is much work to do. You will be called upon to be of assistance to others. At times you may feel quite overwhelmed! Take a deep breath! Count to 100 and allow your mind to calm down. The more you can positive focus forward on what you desire, instead of focusing backwards upon the past and what you’ve done wrong, the more productive you will be! It’s time to let bygones be bygones. The more forgiving you can be, the more inner peace you will feel. There is much love around you Aries. You just have to continue to remain patient.

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Aries: 1/18 – 1/25/2016

You may feel a little bit frustrated about situations that seem out of your control. The best thing that you can do is choose to Rise Above them by knowing that you don’t need to control anything. Try to have faith that what is meant for your Highest Good, and the Highest Good of those around you, will take place and then focus your attention on something else, or someone else, that makes you feel better! Someone close to you may need some extra attention right now. That’s perfectly okay because what you do for another you also do for yourself. This is also an important week to try to be as forgiving as possible. There may be a few people who have gotten on your nerves lately, but arguing with them is not going to make the matter any better. The Full Moon energy on Saturday evening will help you to focus your attention on what and who you appreciate the most! Make sure that you give yourself lots of appreciation too! You’ve done pretty well in your life thus far!

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Aries: 1/11 – 1/18/2016

You will have an abundance of energy this week and yet you may desire to use your energy for fun and games that you enjoy. You may not feel like working much at all, but you know that there are certain important things that you must get done. See what you can do about creating a fun game out of the projects that you are working on. The more fun you feel that you are having, the easier it will be to get your work accomplished! When it comes to your love life you may need to be a little extra patient with your special mate. Not everyone can keep up with your energetic intensity. If your significant other is not in a good mood then you may desire to move your attention away from that person and onto something, or someone, else that makes you feel a lot better. It’s very possible that you can bring some fun and enjoyment into your love life by being the one who creates the fun and playful times in the first place. If you are single and desire to meet someone new then this is an excellent week to keep that smile on your face and pay positive attention to the people who are being attracted towards you. There is also a possibility that someone around your workplace has their eyes on you. You may already know who this person is, or you may be completely unaware that someone there has a tremendous crush on you!

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Aries: 1/4 – 1/11/2016

It’s time for you to make up your mind about what you really want. Are your actions, moods and priorities in a positive alignment with your desires? The New Moon vibration on Saturday evening will open new doors of opportunity for you in regards to enhancing your reputation for the better! Have you been feeling that others should take more time to get to know you better? They will desire to do just that once the New Moon vibrations arrive this weekend! Remember though that’s it’s up to you to allow your charming, fun and passionate side to shine through!

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Aries: 12/28/2015 – 1/4/2016

You can expect your life to become busier than ever now that the planet Uranus, in your sign of Aries, is back in full swing direct motion! You should focus upon your life with energy and optimism to be able and ready to positively handle any situation that you encounter. It’s time to put on your Super Cape and be ready to take part in many unexpected, exciting and unique situations. You can come up with many new and inventive ideas regarding projects that you desire to accomplish. You should be feeling very inspired to begin to abundantly move forward in your life once again! The beginning of this New Year is the perfect time to put your mind towards your work, career and your personal life purpose. When you feel good about who you are then the people around you will desire to jump on board and assist you with any cause or project that you are involved in. The important thing is that you stay focused and know that you are able to do anything that you set your mind upon doing now. The energy this weekend is especially nice for spending quality time with someone special in your life. If you are single and desire to meet someone new then the energies this weekend urge you to visit places that interest you. Like attracts Like in both physics and metaphysics, thus if you desire to meet someone with interests like your own make it a point to schedule in some quality time visiting these places that you enjoy! You may be delightfully surprised when someone special walks up to you and says, “Hi!”


Aries: 12/21 – 12/28/2015

Your ruling planet Mars remains in the sign of Libra and asks you to put your attention and energy towards those who are closest to you. The more of a peacemaker you can be…the more abundance and opportunity will flow your way. When it comes to your career you should begin to see that any new changes can lead you towards a future of more security and prosperity! You will be asked to do your best though and sometimes it may not be easy, but the harder you desire to work…the more financially abundant you will be! The Full Moon energy on Friday morning at 6:12 am EST will bless your day and evening with much love, joy and happiness when it comes to your family! Remember that you are being asked to be the peacekeeper. The more loving, forgiving and joyful your attitude is…the happier everyone will be! You may even be surprised at how others around you want to accept you and include you and appreciate you more from this point onward. Also on this same evening the planet Uranus, in your sign of Aries, moves into direct motion once again! Instead of feeling stuck, or uncertain about anything, you’re going to become much more intuitively inspired from now on! Good News is definitely coming your way!

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Aries: 12/14 – 12/21/2015

You can overcome the most difficult of challenges by staying focused on your most important hopes, dreams, wishes and goals. Situations in the past need not hold you back from living the life that you desire. Try to put the past behind you. Stand up tall and realize that those who love and support you really do care about you. You don’t need to prove yourself to anyone. Your own words and actions will show everyone who you are. If you desire to reinvent yourself and allow your more attractive side to shine then take a good look in the mirror and begin to enjoy being who you are! Energy from your ruling planet Mars is moving through the area of your life that has to do with your most intimate relationships. Are you putting your most positive energy towards improving these relationships? If you do then you’ll be happier too! If you don’t then you might not be feeling to good. Your personality shines when your most personal relationships feel happy and harmonious to you! This is also a good week to enhance your social life. If social invitations come your way be ready to say, “Yes” to them. You may feel a little more sentimental from Wednesday morning through Friday afternoon. This is the time to share your deepest heart-felt feelings with those who are closest to you. Starting on Friday afternoon at 4:26 pm EST the Moon will move into your sign for the majority of the weekend. What would you like to do that would be fun for you? Figure out the answer to this question and then ask your closest friends to come and join you. If you have some projects that you would like to take care of and complete then this is an excellent weekend for taking care of some personal business.

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Aries: 12/7 – 12/14/2015

You may need to try to do certain things in a new way. You are aware of how the old ways of doing things are not working for you anymore. Situations that frustrate you need to either be forgiven or handled in a different manner. You may need to forgive yourself for what you’ve been through and start each day with a more positive attitude about who you are. The more honest you can be with yourself and others, the happier you will feel! There’s no need to put yourself down about anything that you think you’ve done wrong, or could have done differently, the past is over and you are wiser now than you were then. The New Moon energy on Friday morning will infuse your heart with a new sense of hope and a stronger sense of faith once more! You may have had your doubts regarding hope and faith, you may have thought at times that it was useless to have either one of those, but once the New Moon arrives on Friday you will remember how important both hope and faith, especially in yourself as well as a Higher Power, really are! Get ready to Rise Above the doubts and circumstances that were making you feel doubtful. There is a renewed energy that is coming your way that can begin to make you feel a lot better! “If your mind can conceive it and you believe it then you most certainly can achieve it Aries!” It’s time to lift yourself UP from any uncertainty that you were feeling and prepare yourself to see a much brighter life happening all around you!

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Aries: 12/1 – 12/7/2015

You should be feeling quite enthusiastic as our new month of December begins! Try to hold onto those “Good Feelings” of Optimism! The more you can do this the luckier you will be! Even the most challenging of situations can begin to turn around in your favor! As you focus on what is most important to you, for all of the right reasons and with great passionate vision, you will begin to see how magical your own sense of “Mind over Matter” really works! This is an excellent week to align your heart and your mind for the positive personal results that you really desire most!

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