Aries weekly horoscopes

Aries: October 16th – October 24th 2017

Your desire for more cooperation within your personal relationships has been heard. Your strong desire for more positive growth and expansion within them is very important to you now. Energy under the New Moon in Libra will begin to show you that what you had felt was difficult will now become easier. Try to focus your attention upon the good qualities of the people around you instead of focusing your attention upon their qualities that aggravate you. What you place your attention upon will grow more abundantly, so it’s up to you to choose which of their qualities that you desire to pay the most attention to. You should be inspired to focus on their good qualities now because you are more able to focus your own good qualities. Remember too that the most important relationship that you will ever have is your relationship with yourself. This is an excellent week for you to give yourself more compliments! As you begin to do this then you will see that others around you will be showering you with compliments too! You can get a lot accomplished this week, both inward and outward your life is becoming healthier and more organized. Yes it takes a bit of effort but you will begin to feel that your efforts were well worth it because of the rewards you will reap!

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Aries: October 3rd – October 10th 2017

You may be feeling a bit intense this week under your FULL MOON in Aries on Thursday afternoon (2:40 pm EDT; adjust for your time zone). Relationships play a major theme in your life over the next few weeks, but especially THIS WEEK! Focusing your attention upon all of the reasons ‘why’ you choose to be in the relationships that you are involved in will help you to learn more about yourself and how to improve them. If at all possible try to avoid arguments this week. If someone desires to argue with you try not to take situations too personally. You are being divinely guided in many positive ways. Pay attention to that ‘still small voice’ within you for the guidance you seek. Your personal beliefs will lead the way to how this week flows for you. Do you believe that you are an amazingly good person who has much to offer to others? Do you believe that others appreciate you, even if they don’t show it in ways that you desire? What are your beliefs about your self and about those you love? As you focus your attention upon your beliefs they will expand to show you that you are RIGHT! For better, or worse, your beliefs in yourself and how you genuinely feel about others will expand this week. If you don’t agree with a belief that you have (a belief is a thought that you think about over and over) then use the vibrant energies this week to transform your beliefs for the better!

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Aries: September 18th – September 25th 2017

If you have felt unhealthy at any period of time in your life, you can be rest assured that there was some type of stressful situation(s) that set it off and infected you in some way. I highly recommend that you read, “Heal Your Body A-Z: The Mental Causes for Physical Illness and the Way to Overcome Them” by Louise Hay. Your natural 6th house of health and daily duties is ruled by the sign of Virgo. Virgo energy desires to heal you and also to help you to heal others. With so many planets in the sign of Virgo now and with the upcoming New Moon in Virgo on September 20th, this is the perfect time for you to do research on positive alternative ways to heal yourself and assist others. As you focus upon what you desire to heal in regards to your body/mind/energy field and within your daily duties, you will begin to feel so much better in the very near future! What works for you, will work well for others too. With the planet Uranus in your sign you should be ready to live your life in some brand new inspiring ways! So first, start with yourself and positively heal what ails you…and then reach out to others with your experiences and information! Right now you are healing in so many ways Aries; not just physically/mentally, but also very deeply emotionally and spiritually too! Read, research, study and focus upon how you desire to feel and what you desire to put your attention upon. Where you place your attention is like fertilizer on a garden; it’s through your thoughts and feelings that you create your life! Your attitude about most everything is very important Aries! With your ruling planet Mars in the sign of Virgo too this is an excellent time of year for you to use your energy towards whatever feels best for you!

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Aries: May 16th until further notice

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Aries: May 9th – May 16th 2017

You may start this week off with a sense of uncertainty, but very soon you will feel more inner balance and mental clarity. A situation that you feel is challenging can turn around in your favor. You just have to have the right amount of patience. Try to bide your time and observe the situation before jumping to any conclusions. If you can allow yourself to Rise Above the challenge and focus upon the solution you desire, and have a bit more patience, then soon you will see this situation positively resolving without you feeling upset. You have more control over the outcomes in your life than you may realize. What you believe is what will become! Do your inner beliefs hinder or help you? It’s okay, sometimes, to feel trapped within a sense of fear over certain situations, but also know that you have the power to turn even the most difficult situation around in your favor. The Full Moon in Scorpio energy on Wednesday may bring a challenging situation to light; possibly within the area of your life that has to do with how you share your own resources with another. You can choose to feel angry or disappointed if you expect someone to act in a certain way or you can choose to remain calm and know that you own your own power and that everything can be okay. The personal healing and transformation you seek begins within you! It’s time to treat yourself with loving kindness! You can be the positive leader and teacher that can assist others to live a happier life. Give yourself credit for all that you do and all that you are!

Aries: May 2nd – May 9th 2017

Situations may not be perfect in your eyes, but you should have a deep feeling inside that they are improving. Even the most challenging situation can turn around in your favor, especially if you are willing to say, “Yes! I can do this!” Your personal sense of courage and bravery is being called upon so that you can FEEL your own inner power! The more you actually value yourself, the quicker situations turn around in your favor. You are also being called upon to appreciate your relationships. They may not be perfect either, but these important people in your life do appreciate you. Finding a harmonic balance between what you expect from them, and what they need from you, can create the types of relationships that will feel good for everyone. The energies for the weekend ask you to set aside some quality time to spend with the people who are most important in your life. The good memories that you spend together can last a lifetime! Life is really not about what you do each day to earn your precious income, but about finding that quality time to create those precious memories with the ones you love! Have Fun!

Aries: April 25th – May 2nd 2017

You start this week off right with the Moon in your sign, which can help you to feel more mentally clear. Your desire to understand what is happening in your life is very important to you. You want to be able to make the right choices and decisions that can bring better health and abundance into your life. Your desire to clarify what you desire, with other issues going on around you, and to keep your body, mind, and spirit healthy is what is most important to you now. If you’ve been feeling a little bit ‘less than’, in any way, the New Moon energy on Wednesday can help perk up your spirit! This New Moon vibration, in the sign of Taurus, can help you to become more naturally grounded, financially abundant, and healthier too as you begin to validate your own self-worth. As you begin to tell yourself, “Oh yes I CAN” – no matter what situations you are facing – the grander your chances of being a winner and turning even the most frustrating of situations around in your favor. Are you ready to begin a new chapter of your life; a chapter that is filled with much more happiness, better health, loving relationships and financial wealth? Of course you are Aries! Pay attention to the simple things that bring your life joy. Always remember that no matter you’ve experienced in the past, each day can be a better day when you truly believe in yourself!

Aries: April 18th – April 25th 2017

You are being asked to be patient and focus upon your personal values. Who and what is most important to you and why? Who and what you place your attention upon will grow in value for you. You may find that your mind becomes more self-focused once Mercury moves back into your sign on Thursday April 20th. Are your thoughts towards yourself complimentary and compassionate? Taking good care of yourself and your own life becomes your number 1 priority while Mercury is retrograde in your sign. Using the phrase, “I AM” is excellent for you. Any words that you put after that phrase will become a statement for you! That statement will become your reality! Make sure that you use positive words in your thoughts too! “I AM beautiful! I AM healthy! I AM talented! I AM successful!” You choose the thoughts and words that can help you to see that you can turn your life around quite magnificently! Mercury will remain retrograde in your sign until May 3rd when this planet will begin to move into direct motion once again. The thoughts and words that you use now can easily manifest into your life once Mercury goes back into direct motion. For some Aries you will see that you don’t have to wait until that date. Situations can begin to positively transform in your life now! You are learning, in some truly amazing ways, that you are the script-writer of your life starting today!

Aries: April 4th – April 11th 2017

It’s very important that you feel hopeful in regards to any situation that may be upsetting you at this time. Try to positively envision the results you’d like to experience. The Sun is shining down on you and giving ‘you’ the power to create your own reality! Your ruling planet Mars remains in earthy and healing Taurus until May 21st; which should give you a sense that you have your feet on the ground, remaining very practical, while at the same time you are allowing your spirit to grow! You may find yourself more interested in doing things in an easy and natural manner; which then brings more ease and good health to yourself, to your projects and within all of your relationships. Feeling good within yourself and within your life is a big theme for you right now. Your sense of self-value, self-respect and self-love is growing in many abundant ways. When you feel good within yourself then you will want to share your vibrant energy with others. At times you may find yourself to be a bit more humble, shy, or introverted while Mercury is in retrograde motion from Sunday March 16th through May 3rd. Take time to listen to your intuition because it is trying to guide you in many wonderful ways. The Full Moon energy on Tuesday March 11th will take place at 2:08 am EDT. This BEAUTIFUL Full Moon in your opposite sign of Libra will give you a wonderful chance to shower your appreciation upon the people in your life that you feel closest to. As you give others appreciation, they in return will show their appreciation towards you! You are learning now that you don’t have to control situations, but instead that you can more easily trust in life to lead you in the right directions.