Aries weekly horoscopes

Aries: January 15th – January 31st 2018

Situations around your workplace may seem a bit hectic, but you must know that situations will be transforming in your favor. The bigger question is, “Do you feel in a good alignment with the type of work that you choose to do?” If your answer is “Yes!” then you most definitely are on the right path. If your answer is “No” then the new question is, “What type of job, or career, would you rather have?” The time is now for new opportunities to come your way, especially regarding work, but you must know – within your mind and heart – how you desire situations to flow. Your own chosen moods and temperaments can act like a mirror reflection regarding the attitudes and temperaments of the people around you. Even if you are naturally a calm person, and others around you are acting a bit wonky, take a few moments to figure out where within yourself you feel a bit temperamental too. The calmer and more confident you are…the calmer and more confident others can be too. What you truly desire is for everyone to be on the same page and get along well. You are leader Aries! Especially right now! Others around you are looking for direction on how they can feel safer and more secure. Pay attention to any new ideas that come to you. Your new ideas can be very inspirational! Where it comes to your love life you may find that the same holds true as above. The people around you need your guidance and will pick up on your moods more than anything else. How you desire another to be around you, you must first feel within yourself. By the end of this month, when the FULL MOON (lunar eclipse) in Leo arrives on the 31st (8:39 AM Eastern Time) you will be more than ready to adjust your schedule so that you can spend more quality time being around other people with similar interests as your own. Your desire to live a happier, healthier, and more enjoyable life arrives just in the nick of time when this beautiful FULL MOON (lunar eclipse) in Leo arrives!

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Aries: December 29th 2017 – January 3rd 2018

Your main focus should be on your career and personal reputation, making sure that how you present yourself IS the way that you desire to be seen and acknowledged. You may desire ‘more’ of something from someone and feel a bit upset if you don’t receive what you expect. Try to stay calm and remind yourself that others can only give what they feel that they have enough of within themselves. You can’t expect a person to be nice if they are naturally grumpy. You are going through a period of time, with the upcoming New Year, where you can choose to transform yourself in ways that may even surprise you! Hopefully these transformations will be good ones! You can choose for them to be good when you set positive intentions. Your desire to be recognized, for the good person you are, is extremely important to you now; but don’t become angry if others don’t treat you exactly like you want because that will only create more irritation. Can you accept yourself just as you are? Do you really NEED the recognition from others so badly that it makes you feel bad within yourself when they can’t give you what you need? Is there a way for you to allow yourself to be more forgiving towards others while at the same time giving yourself  that positive recognition? As you begin this New Year you can put the past behind you and begin a new chapter of your life with more personal independence and positive energy than you had before!


Aries: December 19th – 26th 2017

You may be able to receive more than you are hoping for now that Mars is moving through the sign of Scorpio. What do you feel most passionate about Aries? You actually have quite a lucky streak going on with both Mars and Jupiter moving through the area of your life that has to do with sharing and receiving. It will be through the attitudes that you choose that will help others know how to relate and respond to you. The calmer and more compassionate that you can be towards others can easily return to you 10 fold when you desire it the most. There is a sexy and sensual vibration to you now that others will definitely be attracted to. How do you feel within yourself Aries? Can you feel that your life is changing now in many positive ways? What you believed before was an impossibility can become possible for you now. Whatever you put your mind and energy towards you can achieve! Just make sure that you’re putting your attention towards what you know that you really want to receive! Your lesson right now is to put your past limiting beliefs behind you and concentrate more on what is going on in your life right now, from moment to moment, which can more positively help you to create a life that feels healthier, happier and more abundant for your future!

Aries: November 28th – December 5th 2017

Your desire to expand your mind, to think of topics relating to your life and life in general, and your ability to feel more uniquely inspired is heightened now that you are in Sagittarius season. You may feel quite serious about what you desire to learn. You desire to understand a Higher Truth and what your life purpose is! Communication will flow quite easily for you now, but watch out for misunderstandings because of Mercury moving into retrograde motion this week. Others around you may not be able to see the bigger picture of life, like you can right now, so try to be patient with them. Avoiding arguments is the right thing to do. You can easily feel aggravated if others don’t agree with you, but is it more important to prove that your right or to keep the peace with this person? You really don’t need to prove yourself to anyone else. Your own opinion of yourself is what matters most! Where it comes to your love life you are the leader who sets the tone within any situation. If you feel in an aggravated mood then others around you will feel, and react, in this way too. This is a very good time to spend some quiet time in deep contemplation and meditation regarding your life and the direction you are heading. What are your most important future goals Aries? Once you know then you can take the right steps towards bringing your dreams into reality!

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Aries: November 21st – 28th 2017

You may be feeling a bit aggravated right now because you desire others in your life to be more cooperative. Everyone around you may have their own complaints, but you really don’t want to hear about what they are! You just desire everyone to get along well and enjoy their lives without bringing their griefs into your life! Can’t they see that you have your own agenda that you’re trying to take care of? Don’t they want to see you feeling happier and healthier too? Most of what you’re feeling has to do with the planet Uranus being in your sign (currently in retrograde motion) opposing your ruling planet Mars in your opposite sign of Libra. This is a passing phase that is asking you to come up with new ideas where everyone, including yourself, can feel more optimistic! It’s up to you really to set the tone of how you desire yourself to feel and then no matter what is going on around you to keep singing your own song! It’s time for you to be creative and listen to your heart. What are your emotions telling you that you need? Whatever you need in order to feel better is an inner-calling for more self-awareness and self-love.

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Aries: November 16th – 21st 2017

Your desire to get ahead in life and share your life with someone special has been heard by the Universal Energy of Attraction! Any difficulties you’ve had in the past, especially regarding topics of giving and receiving within your relationships, are about to become positively transformed under the New Moon in Scorpio vibration! Now it’s up to you to focus your mind and heart upon allowing these positive transformations to take place. Instead of feeling frustrated, or even worse angry, try to focus your attention upon all of the good qualities that you appreciate within yourself and within the people who you are around daily. Do you have a significant other? If so you can more easily fall in love all over again! Are you single and desire someone in your life? That person could be closer to you than you think! It’s also possible that someone from your past desire to reunite with you! You appreciate your freedom and you don’t want to be smothered by constant attention, but your desire to be shown more genuine appreciation is coming your way! If you were ready to give up on your current relationship, or you’ve just felt pretty frustrated by everyone, a new and better energy is coming your way that can help you to feel more optimistic!

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Aries: November 6th – November 14th 2017

Your main focus should be on your primary relationships right now with a positive perspective on all of the giving and receiving that it takes to create the best relationships. Do you trust that the people in your life are doing the best that they can? They may not be doing as well as you, but as long as they are trying their best that should make you happy. For those around you who are down on their luck, or just not believing in themselves as much as you wish that they would, your kindness and compliments towards them can help to inspire them to take a better look in the mirror and see themselves differently. When you show them that you believe in who they are then they can see themselves through your eyes and begin to believe in themselves. Your words are very inspiring right now, but they can also cut like a knife if you are angry with someone. Keep this in mind so that you can choose to say what you mean and mean what you say without any future regrets. Also keep in mind that the thoughts you choose to pay attention to and the words that you say to yourself are also very important. Are you taking the time to encourage yourself? Give yourself a big pat on the back Aries! You’ve come a long way over some incredible bumps along your life journey so far! You’re doing quite well and will continue to well if you desire to.

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Aries: October 16th – October 24th 2017

Your desire for more cooperation within your personal relationships has been heard. Your strong desire for more positive growth and expansion within them is very important to you now. Energy under the New Moon in Libra will begin to show you that what you had felt was difficult will now become easier. Try to focus your attention upon the good qualities of the people around you instead of focusing your attention upon their qualities that aggravate you. What you place your attention upon will grow more abundantly, so it’s up to you to choose which of their qualities that you desire to pay the most attention to. You should be inspired to focus on their good qualities now because you are more able to focus your own good qualities. Remember too that the most important relationship that you will ever have is your relationship with yourself. This is an excellent week for you to give yourself more compliments! As you begin to do this then you will see that others around you will be showering you with compliments too! You can get a lot accomplished this week, both inward and outward your life is becoming healthier and more organized. Yes it takes a bit of effort but you will begin to feel that your efforts were well worth it because of the rewards you will reap!

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Aries: October 3rd – October 10th 2017

You may be feeling a bit intense this week under your FULL MOON in Aries on Thursday afternoon (2:40 pm EDT; adjust for your time zone). Relationships play a major theme in your life over the next few weeks, but especially THIS WEEK! Focusing your attention upon all of the reasons ‘why’ you choose to be in the relationships that you are involved in will help you to learn more about yourself and how to improve them. If at all possible try to avoid arguments this week. If someone desires to argue with you try not to take situations too personally. You are being divinely guided in many positive ways. Pay attention to that ‘still small voice’ within you for the guidance you seek. Your personal beliefs will lead the way to how this week flows for you. Do you believe that you are an amazingly good person who has much to offer to others? Do you believe that others appreciate you, even if they don’t show it in ways that you desire? What are your beliefs about your self and about those you love? As you focus your attention upon your beliefs they will expand to show you that you are RIGHT! For better, or worse, your beliefs in yourself and how you genuinely feel about others will expand this week. If you don’t agree with a belief that you have (a belief is a thought that you think about over and over) then use the vibrant energies this week to transform your beliefs for the better!

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Aries: September 18th – September 25th 2017

If you have felt unhealthy at any period of time in your life, you can be rest assured that there was some type of stressful situation(s) that set it off and infected you in some way. I highly recommend that you read, “Heal Your Body A-Z: The Mental Causes for Physical Illness and the Way to Overcome Them” by Louise Hay. Your natural 6th house of health and daily duties is ruled by the sign of Virgo. Virgo energy desires to heal you and also to help you to heal others. With so many planets in the sign of Virgo now and with the upcoming New Moon in Virgo on September 20th, this is the perfect time for you to do research on positive alternative ways to heal yourself and assist others. As you focus upon what you desire to heal in regards to your body/mind/energy field and within your daily duties, you will begin to feel so much better in the very near future! What works for you, will work well for others too. With the planet Uranus in your sign you should be ready to live your life in some brand new inspiring ways! So first, start with yourself and positively heal what ails you…and then reach out to others with your experiences and information! Right now you are healing in so many ways Aries; not just physically/mentally, but also very deeply emotionally and spiritually too! Read, research, study and focus upon how you desire to feel and what you desire to put your attention upon. Where you place your attention is like fertilizer on a garden; it’s through your thoughts and feelings that you create your life! Your attitude about most everything is very important Aries! With your ruling planet Mars in the sign of Virgo too this is an excellent time of year for you to use your energy towards whatever feels best for you!

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