Aries weekly horoscopes

Aries: 4/20 - 4/27/2015

You may find yourself having many “Ah HA!” moments! These little epiphanies will give you guidance that you are on the right path. Your intuition is sharp and keen. Listen to that ’still small voice within you’ for the answers you are seeking! You will seem to be at the right place, at the right time, to help others and guide them along. You are more self-empowered now, you should be able to feel it, so pay attention to how situations are flowing along in your life this week. You should begin to feel more optimistic, regarding almost every area of your life, especially this weekend while the Moon is in your fellow sign of Leo! Your goals are heading in the right direction. Many sentimental situations are taking place in your life now. These situations can create some special long-term memories for you. You are learning a lot through these experiences. Some situations may tug at your heart, while other experiences will be very joyful and exciting! Focus your mind towards some important goals that you would like to see begin to unfold! The more planning you can do now, the more these situations will begin to work out in your favor in the very near future!

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Aries: 4/13 - 4/20/2015

During the course of this week you may become more aware of what you feel you are lacking. This is not a bad thing though because when you know what you need, want and desire, you can then focus on what you truly desire to attract MORE of into your life! You may have a hard time believing that what you desire will truly happen for you BUT the upcoming NEW MOON energy in your sign of Aries, on Saturday April 18th at 2:57 pm EDT, IS the ABUNDANT New Energy that will open wonderful new doors of opportunity for you! At no other time, over the next 12 months, will your Attracting Energy BE more Positively Powerful! Be ready! Get out a pen and a special piece of paper where you can write down your own special list of what you desire! Start your sentences this way, “I Choose to attract _____ into my life!” and fill in the blank! Make yourself a positive list and then prepare yourself for all of the positive opportunities that will begin to come into your life soon! This is YOUR New Moon Aries! A New Moon is always a wonderful time of new beginnings for everyone, but this particular New Moon energy is very special for You because it is in your sign! Keep this in mind during the week when you may bump into situations that may bring you some grief. You may also feel a bit more depressed, or unsure that anything can ever get much better than it already is! The past is over. Let it be over. It’s time now to focus on what you feel most grateful for and choose to attract MORE of what truly makes you happy! It’s time now for you to take positive action by listening to your heart, focusing your thoughts positively, and creating your special “I Choose to attract____” list this weekend!

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Aries: 4/6 - 4/13/2015

Energy from the Sun, Mercury and Uranus are all flowing nicely through your life. They are INSPIRING you to make the connections, with the right people, who can help you to create the true success that you desire! Venus and Mars in the sign of Taurus are going to help your financial opportunities to grow, especially if you love what you do for a living and you use your personal talents in service towards others! Your sense of Faith, in yourself and in Divine Energy, is also getting stronger. What you thought you believed before may become transformed, in more positive ways, through the new information that you receive now! Be open to sharing your life stories to others. Be open to listening to positive and inspiring information coming to you from others. The Moon in Sagittarius, Wednesday through early on Friday morning, will help you to do this! Travel plans flow smoothly this week, especially once Jupiter goes back into direct motion on Wednesday afternoon! Positive energy is flowing to you in many amazing ways now! The happier you allow yourself to be, the greater your opportunities will be for everything to flow your way this week!

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Aries: 3/30 - 4/6/2015

Mercury, the great communicator, moves into your sign on Monday evening at 9:44 pm EDT! Energy from the powerful Sun, Mars (until Tuesday morning) and the inspirational planet Uranus are all in your sign on Monday, which can be a truly inspirational day for you! From Monday evening through April 14th you can literally ASK for what you desire and have your wishes granted! Lots of Good Luck indeed surrounds you now. You just have to be willing to accept what you desire without doubt. The upcoming Full Moon total Lunar Eclipse on Saturday (8:00 am EDT) will open your eyes to the possibility that true love can and does reside within you! As you come to this realization your relationships with others can greatly improve! How do you relate to others? What are your expectations from them? Happy Reunions are highlighted for you…along with some fabulous gifts and surprises! Your perceptions of the people around you will also begin to change because you will become more apt to perceive the good qualities within these people, which will also help you to understand the good qualities within yourself.

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Aries: 3/23 - 3/30/2015

Energy from the Sun, Mars and Uranus are all in your sign making this a very powerful, energetic, and inspiringly creative new cycle of your life! You can do things now that you never thought you could do before. The only words of caution are for you to be responsible and try not to go overboard! “Think” before you take action, make life-changing plans, or do anything too spontaneously that you might regret later. Yes this is a period of time that says, “Green light GO!” and move ahead with your plans you had pre-planned out well before. The more responsible you can be the better chance you have that your plans will be very successful. It’s only when you think you need to do things NOW, or purchase something expensive NOW, that you will run into problems. Stick to your vision. Believe in what you desire. Bide your time. Next week situations will work out so much better. For now, for this week, look for bargains and try not to get swept off your feet with instant desire for someone, or something, that you emotionally want right away. Pay attention to your feelings. What is meant for you will happen for you in any easy-going and affordable way. Your sense of generosity towards someone important to you in your life will pay off big in the long run. A Good Karma return is coming your way! Relationships are becoming more harmonious for you, which should make you feel pretty good about yourself! The energy of Love and Romance surround you now and will continue to increase over the next few weeks!

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Aries: 3/16 - 3/23/2015

You would be very wise to ‘ go with the flow’ and not take any situation too seriously, nor too personally, right now. The energy this week can lead you towards a wonderful spiritual awakening. Pay close attention to your dreams. Listen to your intuition. Your Higher Guides will show you the way if you pay close attention. It is much better for you to keep your personal and work schedules very light indeed. Spend quality time in meditation. Spend quality time with the people in your life who help you to feel comfortable. This is a time of great healing for you. The New Moon/Solar Eclipse energy on Friday morning (5:36 am EDT) will wash away your old feelings of guilt, past resentments, or any other emotional baggage that has been emotionally holding you back, and replace those negative feelings with a stronger sense of faith, hope, courage and inner fortitude! The Moon moves into your sign on Friday at 6:28 am EDT. The powerful Sun moves into your sign on Friday at 6:45 pm EDT! Hooray! Your personal power is being restored! New doors of luck, power and prosperous opportunity will begin to open for you!

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Aries: 3/9 - 3/16/2015

You can expect this to be a very High Energy week for you! Your heart and mind can be filled with much enthusiasm towards everyone and within every situation you encounter! You seem to have an uncanny way of ‘knowing’ what new ideas, new inventions, and new opportunities need to take place; for your Highest Good and the Highest Good of everyone around you…and for everyone all around the world! Don’t be afraid of sharing your ideas with those you know who can work with you as a team! Your life is changing in many splendid ways now. Mars, Venus and Uranus in your sign are asking you to ‘expect the unexpected’ with a loving heart and an open mind. You can be pleasantly surprised as long as you can keep your temper under control. It’s time for you to have courage and move forward in your life with the help of those who desire you to be happy and those who desire to see you succeed! Your life has been evolving since 2012! Are you ready to put your ideas into action? Of course you are! Take some time during the course of the week to reflect upon your life, and how far you have come in your life since the summer of 2012. Try to stay calm even when you feel a strong sense of urgency. Try not to move faster through your life, because you may then regret a decision. Try to think things through twice and then make up your mind before you take action. Love and great passion surround you now Aries! Listen to your heart more, let your thoughts rest, take good care of your physical body and then be ready to take action when you FEEL that you are ready!

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Aries: 2/23 - 3/9/2015

You are going through many personal transformations. This can be a very good thing if you BELIEVE that it is! The changes that happen in your life now can seem very deeply spiritual. You are being guided in the right direction. You may feel a sense of Fate taking over your life right now. Try not to get frustrated because you desire more personal control. It’s the energy of unconditional Love that propels you forward. The more charitable you can be right now, the happier you will be! Yes, you normally go for what you want, but right now you are being asked to be extra charitable, to relax and KNOW that what is meant for your Highest Good will take place in the future. You are being asked to care for others right now. You may feel like you’d like to retreat away from everyone else, but you will feel very good about yourself when you are helpful towards others. You don’t need to overexert yourself. In fact if you are stressed then you may feel resentful. If you take your time and listen to your heart you will be guided in the right directions. Pay attention to the smiles that you bring into the lives of the people around you. Direct your attention towards healing and releasing thoughts and beliefs that you know are no longer serving you. Situations can work out well in your favor if you give yourself permission to relax and take it easy.

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Aries: 2/16 - 2/23/2015

The first few days of this week is all about surrendering, letting go, “going with the flow” and noticing the direction life desires you to go into. The more flexible you can be, the happier you will be. Try not to have expectations regarding anyone or any situation. Don’t try to plan. It’s not time to do this just yet. Take your time and enjoy whatever is going on around you with an attitude of gratitude. Starting on Wednesday evening, under the New Moon vibrations, you will begin to realize that everything happens for very important reasons. On Thursday your ruling planet Mars moves into your sign! An energy of passion and motivation begins for you! Watch your temper though because you may be feeling an internal sense of ¬†’red light, green light…red light again’; which means that you may desire to DO something NOW but you still have to wait just a little bit longer. On Friday beautiful and loving Venus moves into your sign! This is wonderful news for you Aries! Many new beginnings, with lots of love, romance and passion (as well as financial abundance) are on the horizon for you! Whatever needs to be accomplished will be done with the help and assistance of someone very special to you in your life! The energy this weekend is filled with much enthusiasm! New doors of opportunity are being opened for you!

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Aries: 2/9 - 2/16/2015

You may desire to do things a little bit differently; to spice up your daily routines! You should have a strong urge to have more FUN in your life by surrounding yourself with people who enjoy the same types of things that you do. Taking care of daily routines is easy for you (and you usually do an excellent job with whatever you do), but right now you may not feel like working…you may feel more like ‘playing’ and that’s okay too! Lately you’ve been feeling a bit more fatigued than usual and still you have other people around you who desire your attention! How can you combine the ability to meet up to their requests, while at the same time having some fun and enjoying your life? You can do it Aries! If anyone can do it…You Can! You can actually help the people around you by letting them know that if they want your attention then they need to be in a playful mood too! It takes a lot less energy to be happy then it does to be sad, so take advantage of the fact that the people around you want you to lead them…so choose to Be Happy no matter what else is going on around you. You will receive a lot more cooperation by being in a good mood. Do yourself a favor this week and allow your happy and loving energy to shine through!

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