Aquarius’ weekly horoscopes

Aquarius: January 15th – January 31st 2018

The Sun is moving into your sign on Friday January 19th! “Happy New Solar Return” to all Aquarians! Your energy will begin to positively come back to you once again! Beautiful Venus is also in your sign, allowing you to look good and attract an abundance of love and money! What you choose to do with these energies is up to you. But one thing is for certain, you won’t want to just sit around the house anymore! It’s time for you to get up and be active…as well as very attractive! Your power of persuasion is also abundantly stronger. You could sell ice to an Eskimo if you wanted to! It’s important that you be honest with all of your business dealings so that you feel good within yourself for what you are achieving! The energies of LOVE and PASSION are all around you! Day by day you should begin to feel better and better! You may also feel that you desire to change your life in some way, or possibly yourself in some way (a new haircut or wardrobe?), because you want to feel your best and look your best every day! A stronger sense of humanitarianism and spirituality is also rising from within you. Some Aquarians may desire to create or participate in their local community centers more often. Pay attention to what your inner desires are! Your own inner passions will certainly rise to the surface when the FULL MOON (lunar eclipse) in the sign of Leo arrives on January 31st (8:27 AM Eastern Time). From this point of time onward you should begin to notice that your focus is upon others in your life who mean so much to your heart!

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Aquarius: December 29th 2017 – January 3rd 2018

Your assistance towards others is greatly appreciated! There are two types of Aquarians, ones that are tuned into the planet Saturn and have great patience and self-discipline AND those who are more tuned into the planet Uranus, who have little patience but a great amount of spontaneity! Which type of Aquarian do you choose to be? Maybe a nice mixture of both vibrations? Energy from the Sun/Venus/Saturn and Pluto are moving through a very quiet and private part of your sky right now; which may have you yearning for quiet days and restful nights in the privacy of your own bedroom. This is an excellent time for you to take a stay-cation (where you take a vacation at home), otherwise you may not feel very motivated to do much of anything else. Those of you who work from home have the perfect set-up. Those who have to travel long distances can become very cranky which can lead to you not feeling very well. Take it slow – even if you are usually spontaneously active. This is a time of year for you to heal and become renewed and rejuvenated. The kind charitable deeds you do for others will be greatly appreciated during this phase of time, and may be the only types of deeds that you really feel like doing. The FULL MOON in the sign of Cancer arrives on January 1st at 9:24 PM Eastern Time. This beautiful FULL MOON will shine her bright *LIGHT* into the area of your life that represents your strong sense of appreciation towards yourself for everything that you’ve accomplished. Celebrate the experiences that you’ve been through throughout your life up to this point in time. Give yourself credit for everything that you have done for your family members and others. Realize how much you have accomplished before you begin to focus your mind forward on how you desire to move on with new projects in your near future.

Aquarius: December 19th – 26th 2017

This is your time of year to just relax, kick back, and take some quiet time out for yourself. Abundant Jupiter is moving through an area of your life that will really begin to enhance your social life now that Saturn has moved out of this area after 2 1/2 years! Energy from the Sun (starting on December 21st), Saturn, Pluto and Venus (starting on December 25th) will all be moving through the area of your life that has to do with bed pleasures, charitable works, enhancing your spirituality and relaxation! Now it’s very possible too that you may desire to drink more than usual. But be cautious with this because you may find that you don’t need as much alcohol to make you feel high as you were used to before; in fact you may find that instead of feeling happily high you just want to go to bed. If you desire to be a social drinker that is just fine, but if you want to maintain your ability to socialize well then just sip off of one little drink for a while. Most of the vibrations listed above will be moving through that area of your life for the next 4 weeks, although both Pluto and Saturn will remain there for years to come; which means that you want to also focus your attention on being more dedicated with your spiritual practices like meditation and yoga. Otherwise you may find that your sense of self-will, your responsible habits fly right out the window! It’s important for you to continue to be as responsible as you can be, even if at times you forget to dot your i’s, cross your t’s, or balance your checkbook. Where it comes to your love life if you are already in a committed relationship then this is a good time for snuggling up to the one that you love. If you are single you may find that you don’t have much of a desire now to connect with anyone, but this will change once the Sun moves into your sign on January 19th so for now just allow yourself to relax and retreat.

Aquarius: November 28th – December 5th 2017

Your ability to look beyond the scope of what is happening right now, and see the bigger picture of what really IS going on, can be truly amazing! Your ability to be and feel inspired is exceptionally strong with your ruling planet Uranus in retrograde motion in the sign of Aries! You would be wise to take some time each day to meditate, or write in your journal, and allow a higher sense of inspiration to flow your way. Your main focus right now should be on your personal ‘hopes, dreams, wishes and goals’ while the energy of the Sun/Mercury/Saturn (and starting on Friday Venus too) stimulating your ability to become more aware of what you desire and what the needs and desires are of all of humanity. You are a humanitarian at heart. Your mind can be very productive and future-orientated. On Sunday, December 3rd, Mercury begins to move into retrograde motion. During this phase of time you may see that you begin to re-evaluate and review what your hopes, dreams, wishes and goals really are. What you desired before may not be exactly what you desire now. You would be wise to take your time and not make any life-changing snap decisions until Mercury moves back into direction motion on December 22nd (even then it would be wise to wait another 2 weeks until Mercury is back in full-swing forward motion in the New Year of 2018). Also on Sunday, December 3rd, the Super FULL MOON in Gemini will take place at 10:47 AM Eastern Time (adjust for your time zone). This SUPERMOON will shine her bright light into the area of your life that has to do with what you enjoy! A deeper sense of appreciation for topics such as: children, creativity, conception of new opportunities, romance, playfulness and feeling more like a kid yourself all come into play. You can have an exceptionally excellent weekend if you can put your concerns away and allow yourself to do things you enjoy! As you know, time is of the essence and the time in your life is your own to choose how you desire to use it! Now comes the time for you to plan to enjoy your life more often!

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Aquarius: November 21st – 28th 2017

You may desire situations to be different than what they are right now. Please know that your patience is appreciated. Try to stay calm and keep your faith strong! A situation that you had hoped would move forward a bit quicker seems to only be delayed a bit longer. Stay focused on your vision of what you desire while maintaining your sense of inner-calm if possible.The south Node of the Moon is in your sign and your ruling planet Uranus are both retrograde right now; which means that if you can maintain your patience then situations can begin to turn around in your favor. If, on the other hand, you begin to feel angry or you try to rush through situations then they could backfire. Your ideas are very good, very inspirational, it’s just going to take some time for others to come up to speed with what you are trying to accomplish. Being angry is like stabbing yourself in the back, or drinking poison and hoping that your enemy will die. That’s just not the right way to be right now. The more inner-calm that you have the better! You have many people in your life who love you and support you. Try to focus your attention upon spending quality time with the people in your life who you love the most. If you can’t actually physically be with them then use your mind to remember the good times that you have had with them and know that they miss you too.

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Aquarius: November 16th – 21st 2017

What do you desire to transform in regards to your career? If you have been feeling stressed, feeling that situations are harder than they should be, or you desire to DO something differently, then you will be feeling a new burst of creative optimism once the New Moon in Scorpio arrives early on Saturday morning! Try to wrap up old projects, or choose to be rid of them, so that you will be ready to begin some new projects that you will enjoy! Where it comes to your love life you are the King/Queen of how you desire situations to be. Your energy sets the tone within these situations, so you must first BE the type of person you desire your mate to become. If you feel that your love life is flowing well then you’re on the right path. If you feel that it isn’t then the first step in the right direction is to take a good look in the mirror and cultivate more self-love. Your mind is very future orientated Aquarius, but these are the days when you are learning how to focus upon these precious NOW moments of your life with a greater sense of enjoyment. How you communicate with yourself and others will greatly determine the path you are on for your near future.

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Aquarius: November 6th – November 14th 2017

You are very aware that there is only so much time in any given day for you to get your work completed, for playtime and rest. Your energy is vibrant most of the time. Your desire to travel is very strong now. You desire to experience ‘more’ of what you enjoy. This may be difficult for you to do if your personal and work schedules are overwhelming you. Try to cut back on ‘doing’ too many things, or expecting too much from yourself. Focus your attention upon what you enjoy doing more often. Try to listen to what your heart is telling you that you need. Using your energy properly is the key to your personal success, both financially and within your relationships. Your ruling planet Uranus is in retrograde motion so many Aquarians are finding that their electrical and tech devices are acting a bit wonky. The lesson with this is to put your devices down for awhile and enjoy what mother nature has to offer. Go for a walk, eat some good nutritious foods, and spend quality time with your loved ones cooking up some good meals. Verbal communication, other than communication on tech devices, will flow quite nicely for you now that Mercury has moved into the sign of Sagittarius! This is a good time for you to accept social invitations of all kinds because your desire to meet new people and have some new experiences is at an all time high! Have Fun!

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Aquarius: October 16th – October 24th 2017

You will find yourself on the move quite a bit this week. Try to keep your personal and work schedules as flexible as possible. Any delays you come across can begin to move forward one the New Moon in Libra energy arrives on Thursday afternoon. From this point of time forward you can begin to feel more positive motivated and feel a grander sense of cooperation with important people in your life. There are some important opportunities coming your way, situations that you are thinking about now but haven’t happened yet, which will come into your life once the Sun moves into the sign of Scorpio starting next Monday. In the meantime, while you are waiting, this is an important week for you to ponder over what types of opportunities you would like to experience! Put your mind to good use by focusing your attention upon your most important hopes, dreams, wishes and goals! Try not to get frustrated this week when communication, and communication devices, may be a be a bit wonky or unreliable. Patience is the key to your success right now. Any frustrating news that you receive this week can actually turn around and work out in your favor later. Knowing this try not to get angry or frustrated over delays, but instead use this time to focus your attention upon how you desire situations to transform in ways that will work out better for you. For now, for this week, try to relax and visualize situations working out in ways that are more secure and long-lasting. The more you can Rise Above your worries and concerns, by focusing upon better feelings and ideas, the more you will be on the right path indeed towards better experiences and opportunities coming into your life in the very near future.

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Aquarius: October 3rd – October 10th 2017

The energy this week may have you feeling a little bit peeved at someone who should have made a financial contribution, or who owes you money, or who should be giving you some kind of a raise! Patience dear Aquarius, patience is the key. You will receive what is yours in the not too distant future. If you don’t feel this way about what someone owes you, then you may feel this way about what someone owes to someone close to you. You can be a fierce protector for the rights of your loved ones! Again patience is the key with all of these situations. The FULL MOON in Aries on Thursday afternoon at 2:40 pm EDT shines her bright light into the area of your life that has to do with all forms of communication. You could get frustrated if one, or more, of your electrical gadgets isn’t working correctly And/Or you could get frustrated by people around you who have a different opinion than your own. Is it better to be right or to keep the peace? Of course Aquarians desire to always be right, but for right now peace is much better than any heated argument. Starting on Friday and over the weekend your attention should be on your home and with your family members. Much better energy on Saturday and Sunday can help you to have a very enjoyable weekend indeed! Starting on Tuesday, October 10th, expansive Jupiter moves out of the sign of Libra (where it has been for a year) and into the sign of Scorpio (which highlights expansion within your career!) So yes, for now, for this week, patience is the key to your sanity and your personal success!

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Aquarius: September 18th – September 25th 2017

Your sign is one of the best at being able to use your common sense to solve some of the deepest mysteries of life. What seems complicated to another can seem like child’s play to you. The more challenging the concept the more your mind enjoys figuring out the answers. You are also a compassionate soul, although you don’t like everyone to know that, who desires to share your higher wisdom with others who you care about. You can also be a wonderful humanitarian who uses your inventive mind to creatively figure out how to help others to live better lives. And if one of your ideas can make you wealthy in the process that’s very good too; but it’s not about the money as much as it is about being able to help as many people as possible. Your genuine concern for others IS what will make you financially wealthy! You may not ask for financial abundance but it will find a way to come your way for deeds well done! Right now energy from the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars are all shining brightly in the area of your life that has to do with joint resources. On Wednesday morning at 1:30 AM EDT (adjust for your time zone) the New Moon in Virgo will join the above planets mentioned. You can look forward to receiving more cooperation in the areas of your life where you share your personal resources with others. Good News can come your way in regards to receiving what you need; whether that is financial (such as loans of any type or an unexpected financial bonus or inheritance) or sexual (finally you get the time that you desire to be intimate with someone you love) what you desire will be available to you when you need it the most. A very nice balance between giving and receiving will begin to take place starting with the energy of this New Moon in Virgo. On Friday the Sun will move into the lovely sign of Libra to bring in the beginning of our new Autumn season in the Northern Hemisphere; Spring season in the Southern Hemisphere. Libra is a cardinal signs of new beginnings; an air sign like yours but with the focus being more on personal relationships. For you this Libra energy will shine brightly in the area of your life that has to do with long distance travel and communications, legal matters; contracts etc, publishing, higher education and your own personal beliefs and philosophies! These are the areas of your life where you will shine over the next few weeks! Remember though, the ruling planet for Libra is Venus and she will remain in the area of your life that has to do with joint resources for quite some time yet. So no matter how far you may travel away from home, physically or just mentally in your own mind, someone special close to home desires your personal loving attention too.

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