Aquarius’ weekly horoscopes

Aquarius: October 16th – October 24th 2017

You will find yourself on the move quite a bit this week. Try to keep your personal and work schedules as flexible as possible. Any delays you come across can begin to move forward one the New Moon in Libra energy arrives on Thursday afternoon. From this point of time forward you can begin to feel more positive motivated and feel a grander sense of cooperation with important people in your life. There are some important opportunities coming your way, situations that you are thinking about now but haven’t happened yet, which will come into your life once the Sun moves into the sign of Scorpio starting next Monday. In the meantime, while you are waiting, this is an important week for you to ponder over what types of opportunities you would like to experience! Put your mind to good use by focusing your attention upon your most important hopes, dreams, wishes and goals! Try not to get frustrated this week when communication, and communication devices, may be a be a bit wonky or unreliable. Patience is the key to your success right now. Any frustrating news that you receive this week can actually turn around and work out in your favor later. Knowing this try not to get angry or frustrated over delays, but instead use this time to focus your attention upon how you desire situations to transform in ways that will work out better for you. For now, for this week, try to relax and visualize situations working out in ways that are more secure and long-lasting. The more you can Rise Above your worries and concerns, by focusing upon better feelings and ideas, the more you will be on the right path indeed towards better experiences and opportunities coming into your life in the very near future.

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Aquarius: October 3rd – October 10th 2017

The energy this week may have you feeling a little bit peeved at someone who should have made a financial contribution, or who owes you money, or who should be giving you some kind of a raise! Patience dear Aquarius, patience is the key. You will receive what is yours in the not too distant future. If you don’t feel this way about what someone owes you, then you may feel this way about what someone owes to someone close to you. You can be a fierce protector for the rights of your loved ones! Again patience is the key with all of these situations. The FULL MOON in Aries on Thursday afternoon at 2:40 pm EDT shines her bright light into the area of your life that has to do with all forms of communication. You could get frustrated if one, or more, of your electrical gadgets isn’t working correctly And/Or you could get frustrated by people around you who have a different opinion than your own. Is it better to be right or to keep the peace? Of course Aquarians desire to always be right, but for right now peace is much better than any heated argument. Starting on Friday and over the weekend your attention should be on your home and with your family members. Much better energy on Saturday and Sunday can help you to have a very enjoyable weekend indeed! Starting on Tuesday, October 10th, expansive Jupiter moves out of the sign of Libra (where it has been for a year) and into the sign of Scorpio (which highlights expansion within your career!) So yes, for now, for this week, patience is the key to your sanity and your personal success!

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Aquarius: September 18th – September 25th 2017

Your sign is one of the best at being able to use your common sense to solve some of the deepest mysteries of life. What seems complicated to another can seem like child’s play to you. The more challenging the concept the more your mind enjoys figuring out the answers. You are also a compassionate soul, although you don’t like everyone to know that, who desires to share your higher wisdom with others who you care about. You can also be a wonderful humanitarian who uses your inventive mind to creatively figure out how to help others to live better lives. And if one of your ideas can make you wealthy in the process that’s very good too; but it’s not about the money as much as it is about being able to help as many people as possible. Your genuine concern for others IS what will make you financially wealthy! You may not ask for financial abundance but it will find a way to come your way for deeds well done! Right now energy from the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars are all shining brightly in the area of your life that has to do with joint resources. On Wednesday morning at 1:30 AM EDT (adjust for your time zone) the New Moon in Virgo will join the above planets mentioned. You can look forward to receiving more cooperation in the areas of your life where you share your personal resources with others. Good News can come your way in regards to receiving what you need; whether that is financial (such as loans of any type or an unexpected financial bonus or inheritance) or sexual (finally you get the time that you desire to be intimate with someone you love) what you desire will be available to you when you need it the most. A very nice balance between giving and receiving will begin to take place starting with the energy of this New Moon in Virgo. On Friday the Sun will move into the lovely sign of Libra to bring in the beginning of our new Autumn season in the Northern Hemisphere; Spring season in the Southern Hemisphere. Libra is a cardinal signs of new beginnings; an air sign like yours but with the focus being more on personal relationships. For you this Libra energy will shine brightly in the area of your life that has to do with long distance travel and communications, legal matters; contracts etc, publishing, higher education and your own personal beliefs and philosophies! These are the areas of your life where you will shine over the next few weeks! Remember though, the ruling planet for Libra is Venus and she will remain in the area of your life that has to do with joint resources for quite some time yet. So no matter how far you may travel away from home, physically or just mentally in your own mind, someone special close to home desires your personal loving attention too.

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Aquarius: May 16th until further notice

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Aquarius: May 9th – May 16th 2017

What aspects of your career and your life do you like? Which aspects do you desire to transform? The Full Moon in Scorpio on Wednesday evening can help you to become more aware of what you really want! You may possibly desire a better income (Scorpio is a money sign) and now you’re more clearly understanding your personal worth which helps you to climb UP the financial ladder! If you feel that you already are at the top of your pay grade then you may either choose to do something else, or possibly supplement your income with a hobby that you’re passionate about! Listen to your heart Aquarius. What do you really enjoy doing with your time? Whatever that is you can also share your talents and earn some extra money! Good news comes your way when you follow your passions and choose to do what you enjoy more often each day! There is much dedication and strength around you now where it comes to your relationships. Those of you in a committed relationship will feel this good energy the most. Single Aquarians can meet someone new very unexpectedly and close to where you live. You don’t need to be on a dating site. Instead take a walk around your neighborhood! The energy this weekend is very good for all social engagements. Spending quality time with like-minded friends and loved ones can turn out to be a lot of fun!

Aquarius: May 2nd – May 9th 2017

Your communication abilities are about to get an upgrade when Mercury moves back into direct motion starting on Wednesday May 3rd. From this point of time onward you should begin to see that situations begin to turn around in your favor. Your main focus right now should be on creating improvements within your home and with your family members who mean the most to your heart. The more quality time that you can spend creating improvements the happier you will be within other areas of your life. Where it comes to your love life, if you are single, you can meet someone special within your own neighborhood. If you are in a committed relationship then it’s easy to creating improvements by choosing to spend more quality time together working on home improvement projects. Any previous misunderstandings will begin to go by the way side once Mercury moves back into direct motion. Communicating better with those around you will create the cooperation you’ve been seeking for quite some time now. Good news is coming your way too in the very near future! A once hopeless situation begins to turn around in your favor! You’ve learned so much about what you don’t want and begin to think more clearly on what you do desire! It’s through your thoughts, your ideas, and your new perceptions about life that will help you to create the life that you desire to live starting right now!

Aquarius: April 25th – May 2nd 2017

You are in a unique position to influence the lives of many people. Will your words be of a positive nature – honest and true – that can help them to enhance their lives? The answer to this question is determined by your own unique perspective about your own life. Is your glass half empty and evaporating quickly OR is your glass half full and you know that you can fill it to the brim anytime you desire? Are you feeling annoyed and depressed OR are you feeling blessed and more grateful than ever? The New Moon in Taurus energy arrives on Wednesday, April 26th at 8:16 am EDT. From this point of time onward you can begin to positively transform the area of your life that has to do with your home and family obligations. The more secure you feel that the foundation of your life is (your home, your family) the more positive your perspective about your own life will be! Those of you with children should begin to desire to spend more quality time with them. Those of you with children of your own may desire to spend more quality time with other people’s children; like your friend’s kids and your relative’s children. The energy of children, both very young and older, can enhance your life in many inspiring ways! You will also notice that your own playful nature comes to the surface as you spend time with them. Where it comes to your love life, which can be greatly enhanced, those of you in committed relationships will enjoy playing more with your significant other. Those of you who are single may meet someone special within your own neighborhood, or bump back into someone from your past from your childhood neighborhood. Much love is around you. Reunions are highlighted. Will you allow yourself to have more fun in your life from now on? If you find that your thoughts are too serious and your mood a bit too dreary now is the time to turn that frown upside down and learn how to SMILE more often!

Aquarius: April 18th – April 25th 2017

How well your life moves forward now depends on the foundations you have set. If you feel that you have a solid foundation – within your home and within your career – then situations will continue to flow nicely for you! If, on the other hand, you know that some work needs to be done, in order for you to feel more secure and stable within your own life, then now is the time to face those challenges and do whatever it takes in order for you to feel more independent and secure. You can feel inspired this week on how you can do this. Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings while the Moon moves through your sign on Wednesday morning through Friday evening. These are very important days, not only for you but for everyone too, because of some BIG changes going on with other planets changing signs; all during the time while the Moon is in YOUR sign. On Wednesday the Sun moves into Taurus. On Thursday morning Pluto in Capricorn goes retrograde. Thursday afternoon Mercury moves out of Taurus and back into Aries. On Friday morning, while the Moon is still in your sign, Mars enters into the sign of Gemini! Wow…that is A LOT of changing energy, ALL happening while the Moon is in your sign! What does this mean for you in particular? This means that you are facing your future and personally ‘choosing’ – through your own thoughts and intuitive feelings – the direction YOU desire your future to flow! YOU are truly the script-writer of your life Aquarius! How will YOU choose to write this new chapter of your life? What do you desire the most? Are you ready to use your will-power, self-determination, self-discipline and self-awareness to create and attract new opportunities for yourself? These are some powerful times indeed for everyone all around the world. It will be through your own unique ideas and actions that you can begin to transform ‘your’ life quite marvelously and then choose to BEcome the change that you wish to see in the world; and set your life as a personal example for others to follow.

Aquarius: April 4th – April 11th 2017

You can say, “I AM the authority in my life, whether anyone likes it or not!” Your need for approval from others is waning, but your need for approval from yourself is growing stronger! You know what you want and you’re going after it with all of the gusto you can muster! You can be a shining star within your own life, but you need to also remain self-reliant and responsible. Your words hold much power. You need to be responsible for them too. Say what you mean and mean what you say; also taking into account how others will react to them. Both your thoughts and your words can create the right vibrations to attract into your life what you desire the most, but they can also have the opposite effect if you use them unwisely. What do you desire to create, both personally and professionally? Others will enjoy being on your team if you share your ideas with them. On Thursday, April 6th, Saturn will begin its retrograde motion until August 25th, in an area of your life that represents your hopes, dreams, wishes and goals. It’s during this phase of time that you will be re-evaluating what those are for you. What you desired before may not be what you actually desire during this phase of time. Feel free to try out your new ideas, but don’t make any solid commitments. Give yourself room to change your mind and adjust your situations accordingly. On Sunday, April 9th, Mercury will begin its retrograde motion until May 3rd in the area of your life that relates to your home environment and family obligations. Use your intuition to guide others around you in ways that they can comfortably relate to. By doing this you can receive more support and possibly avoid arguments. Also avoid purchasing any electrical and/or tech equipment for your home (computers, TVs, washer/dryer, kitchen appliances etc.) But if you do then make sure that you have a good warranty. Also on Sunday the Moon will move into the sign of Libra. This beautiful Moon is growing brighter in *Light* until it reaches its Full Moon point of time on Tuesday, April 11th 2:08 am EDT. This Full Moon in Libra shines her bright light into the area of your life that relates to your personal ambitions and philosophies! You know what you know, but could you learn more? There is always room for improvement! Listen to what your mind and heart tell you and follow your dreams to the fullest!