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Capricorn Men
Ruled by Saturn; element Cardinal Fire; known as The Old Goat

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This is the most dependable man of the zodiac. The only problem is that you may feel like you are falling in love with your father. He is determined and set in his ways from a very early age. His goal is to make as much money as possible and be as financially secure as he can be before he dies. Don't even say the word retirement around this man for that word is a sin. As long as a man has two hands and two legs to carry him then there is a job that he can do to make some money. He is very conservative with his money and even if he has a million dollars in the bank that just isn't enough to stop him from making more. Nothing stresses the Capricorn man out more than not having enough money to pay all of his bills on time. He wants money in the bank, money in a cash box, and money buried under a tree that no one knows about. He is good at investing and hates paying a penny more for a product that its worth. He is not the type of man who is going to settle down with just anyone, for status means a lot to the Capricorn man. He is often attracted to a woman who has a high social standing and will help him climb the ladder of success a bit quicker. He loves a woman who can make her own money and not have to count on him to take care of her. He loves his children and his wife and will do whatever he has to, to make sure that they have all that they need to be happy.but, he will expect them to appreciate him for everything that he gives to them, to learn to make their own money as soon as possible, and to be as conservative as possible too. In other words, he expects those people in his family to be just like him, nothing less will be tolerated. He can be extremely loving and sexual for these are also his strong manly traits. He has a strong sex drive and is "the" most faithful sign of the zodiac. He can have a strong temper and he has to learn to curb that temper. Often he won't express himself but will just walk away and stew by himself for days on end. His greatest fault is not to admit when he is wrong. He likes a scheduled and mundane lifestyle. He is too easily concerned about what others think about him. He cannot relax and float easily in life until he feels that he is established in life. Often when the Capricorn male reaches the age of 55 or 60 then he begins to look back upon his life and wonder what all of the stress was about. Then he begins to sit back, finally relax, and enjoy life. The lesson here, for the Capricorn male, is not to wait.learn to enjoy life, and the people in your life, while you are young too.

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