In-Depth Professional Astrological/Spiritual Counseling Session with Me!

Full Hour Plus Session – $150.00

This is the BEST package deal yet! You will receive at least an hour session with me, sometimes even a bit longer – with no extra charge for the extra time we spend together! This session will provide you with insights into what you have been through in your life thus far and all of the experiences and lessons that you’ve learned, as well as what you are going through now and what paths and choices are ahead of you for your future. I’ll be able to guide you down the important paths in your life for your highest good, personal joy, financial success, good health, and even help you to obtain an abundance of unconditional love! You will learn about yourself in ways that you’ve never learned before! I can help you to make the most out of your life, no matter how challenging it may seem right now. You will also receive a copy of your natal chart and your current transit chart so that we can both take a good look at them together. Your personal charts will help me to tap into your vibrations since the time of your birth. I can also help you to understand your own natal birth chart a lot better! Any questions you may have pertaining to your life I will try to answer to the best of my abilities.

There are several ways in which you can obtain your personal session with me:

Phone session: We will set up a date and start time where you will contact me by phone and have your session right from the convenience of your own home. To give yourself the gift of this great session, email me at:, after you have made your payment and you are ready to set up your appointment with me, and please put the word “Appointment” in the header of your email so that it will catch my eye and I will reply back to you as promptly as possible. I will then send you a list of my available appointment dates for the near future. You can then choose which date and start time will work out best for you. All sessions will last at least an hour, but sometimes can last up to 2 hours depending on the topics we are discussing. There is no extra fee for the additional time we spend together. Time can fly by quite quickly when we are together. Being able to answer your important questions for you is what is most important to me.

Skype or Facetime Video Chat: If you would like to feel like you’re sitting right here in my office with me then this might be an excellent option for you! You already know how these video systems work and I have both! So just choose which one will work out best for you! Face to Face sessions are always fun and very enlightening! I enjoy seeing and meeting with my clients from all over the world through both Skype and Facetime! Choose the option below that will work out best for you! Once you are ready to set up your appointment then send me a direct email to: and put “Appointment” in the header of your email to me. I will send you an email with my available appointment dates and start times that you can choose from.

Yahoo Chat or Skype Messenger: Sometimes my clients enjoy the written dialog and enjoy chatting back and forth together using one of the above options. Choose which one will work out best for you! I look forward to connecting with you and doing your session for you through one of the above messenger options. Once making your payment for this option choice please send me an email to: when you are ready to set up your appointment. Put the word “Appointment” in the header of your email and I will promptly reply with a list of my available appointment dates and start times that you can choose from. It’s fun writing back and forth with each other and connecting this way. Receiving a session through one of the chat or messenger options can be a little more time consuming, but very enlightening and a fun way to receive the answers to your questions that you are seeking information about. It’s a bit more private than connecting via phone or through one of the video chat options, but none the less it’s very informative and I do enjoy doing chat sessions for those of you who enjoy them!

Email Session: If you desire me to take a look at your natal chart and transit chart and answer your questions, but you don’t have the personal time to connect directly with me (or you may speak English as a second language and you want to take time to read through my email session for you) then this is the perfect option for you! No appointment needs to be set up for me to do this. Just choose this option and then send me your birth information (along with any topics or questions that you may have) and I will then take my time to create this special email session report for you! I will send it to you as an email attachment once it’s completed.

Whichever way you choose to have your special Astrological/Spiritual Counseling Session will work out just fine with me! Take a good look at the PayPal box below and make sure that you choose the right option that will work out best for you!

*Special Note: Once your payment has been made there are no refunds. Once we set up a special appointment date it’s very important that you keep your appointment. I understand that sometimes a situation may come up where you need to reschedule. That’s perfectly fine. If this happens please send me an email at least 48 hours ahead of time (or as soon as you possibly can) with the title of your email being “I need to reschedule” I will then honor your request and email you with a new appointment date and time that will work out better for you. Thank you for understanding these important rules and I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Blessings Always and in All Ways!